The Best Episodes of Cow and Chicken

The Laughing Puddle

#1 - The Laughing Puddle 8.57

Season 2 - Episode 2

Chicken, Flem, and Earl play a game of kickball. Cow's udders kick the ball into the bushes, where Chicken, Flem and Earl discover a laughing puddle. After Flem and Chicken run back out, they forget the ball, and go back to discover that Earl is in the puddle. Chicken sends Flem after him, and he is stuck too. Chicken then gets Mom and Dad, who jump into the puddle, and Chicken drops Cow in there to save everyone. Chicken is then the only one left, until he discovers the puddle is a doorway to Boneless Chicken's nightclub.

Directors: David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Michael Longden
Free Inside

#2 - Free Inside 8.33

Season 2 - Episode 15

Chicken finds a credit card as his ""free inside prize"". Dad tells him that with the credit card, he can buy all the neat stuff he wants. So Cow and Chicken run down to the weenie emporium, where he learns he can only buy products with the value of 25 cents or less. With that, he buys a stick of weenie bubblegum for 20 cents, then The Red Guy shows up to collect his 5 cent interest.

Directors: Dave Brain, David Feiss, Brian Hogan
Grizzly Beaver Safari

#3 - Grizzly Beaver Safari 8.29

Season 2 - Episode 10

Cow, Chicken, Mom, and Dad go on a safari in Africa, where they run out of gas. Cow and Chicken then find themselves at the mercy of laughing hyenas, and man-eating giraffes. Super Cow comes to the rescue, only to find that she has actually been defeated by the Grizzly Beaver, who has eaten the giraffe, who has eaten Chicken.

Directors: Frank Weiss, Dave Brain, David Feiss, Bill Reed

#4 - Comet! 8.29

Season 2 - Episode 8

Cow and Chicken's class go on a field trip to the Cometorium, where Chicken is bored stiff. After getting hit by one of Dad's golf balls (he was golfing right next door), Chicken hangs it in front of the telescope; soon, the whole town is in panic of the arrival of ""Dad's Ball Comet"".

Directors: Dave Brain, Robert Alvarez, David Feiss, Brian Hogan
Sargeant Weenie Arms

#5 - Sargeant Weenie Arms 8.00

Season 3 - Episode 7

After Earl gets the new Sergeant Weenie Arms action figure, he, Flem and Chicken go to Dead Skull Cave to meet the soldier himself, and become full-fledge weenie marines. After they do so, they learn that weenie marines are sissies.

Directors: Ron Myrick, David Feiss, Rumen Petkov, Dave Brain
Sumo Cow

#6 - Sumo Cow 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 7

Cow, Chicken, Flem, and Earl try out for the school's sumo wrestling team. For being big and fat, Cow is the new team member. Soon, everyone fears her, and she feels degected, but it benefits Chicken, because now no one will beat him up.

Directors: Dave Brain, Robert Alvarez, David Feiss, Brian Hogan
Halloween with Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast

#7 - Halloween with Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 4

The Red Guy hosts a new late night talk show called ""Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast"", and reminds the viewers that tonight's Halloween. Chicken calls in, and is instructed to dress as a human being. So, Cow and Chicken go trick or treating as Mom and Dad, only to find that the neighbors assume that a grown man and woman are trick or treating. With that, Super Cow and Chicken teach The Red Guy a lesson.

Directors: Ron Myrick, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Bill Reed
Fluffy the Anaconda

#8 - Fluffy the Anaconda 7.88

Season 2 - Episode 1

Mom and Dad decide to let Cow have a pet. She choose an anaconda, after it eats Chicken, and she hears his voice from inside the snake, and assumes the snake can sound just like Chicken. Cow names the anaconda, Fluffy, and Fluffy soon grows attached to Chicken, as its full-coarse dinner.

Directors: David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Michael Longden
Buffalo Gals

#9 - Buffalo Gals 7.80

Season 2 - Episode 13

A group of female bikers break into Cow and Chicken's house, and start gnawing on their carpet. One of the bikers has a crush on Cow, and invites her to join the Buffalo Gals. It's up to Chicken to save his sister.

Directors: Robert Alvarez, David Feiss, Bill Reed
Part-Time Job

#10 - Part-Time Job 7.73

Season 1 - Episode 4

Cow wants to earn money to buy the new Crabs the Warthog Doll. So she gets a part-time job at the milk farm, where her milk is superb. Chicken decides to get a part-time job too, and is refered to the Chicken farm as a ""temporary employee"". I Am Weasel: ""I.R. On Sun""

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Robin Steele
Cow and Chicken Reclining

#11 - Cow and Chicken Reclining 7.67

Season 2 - Episode 14

Dad is sick of his high-tech reecliner always malfunctioning, so he decides to dump it. Before he does, Cow and Chicken decide to see what it's like to sit in ""The Chair"". They, and they get stuck, and are taken away to museums, and in stolen vans, and finally back at home, where Dad waits for his ""new chair"".

Directors: Robert Alvarez, David Feiss, Bill Reed
Dirty Laundry

#12 - Dirty Laundry 7.60

Season 2 - Episode 9

The school's newspaper editor has been fired. Teacher then brings in The Red Guy, as reporter Geraldo Rearviewa to advise. He decides to produce a new school-news show, and makes Chicken the anchorman, and Cow the editor. But soon, Red Guy's false stories makes Chicken loses friends.

Directors: Frank Weiss, Dave Brain, David Feiss, Bill Reed
Pirate Lessons

#13 - Pirate Lessons 7.57

Season 2 - Episode 3

The Red Guy is now Captain Butz Pirate, and wants to give Cow and Chicken pirate lessons. He takes them aboard his pirate ship in the middle of the duck pond, and teaches them how to say ""argh"", carve peglegs, hold worms for ransom, and sink Flem and Earl's boat. But after that incident, Cow, Chicken, and their flag/man Jolly Roger declare mutiny.

Directors: Ron Myrick, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Bill Reed
The Cow with Four Eyes

#14 - The Cow with Four Eyes 7.50

Season 1 - Episode 15

Cow has a new pair of glasses, and suddenly becomes the smartest person in school. Chicken decides that two can play at that game and gets glasses himself, but since he already has perfect vision, the glasses make everything look blurry. He soon becomes the new smartest kid in class. Because of his new intellect, he is placed in charge of tearing down the new ""dungeon"", which was really a new indoor swimming pool.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Robin Steel
Dream Date Chicken

#15 - Dream Date Chicken 7.50

Season 2 - Episode 6

Chicken is tired of always having to do chores, so he chews Mom and Dad out, and runs away to be a bachelor with Cousin Boneless Chicken. One at Boneless's Chicken attracts the attention on Boneless's blind-date, Linda. Linda falls head over heals for Chicken, which makes Boneless disgusted.

Directors: Dave Brain, David Feiss, Brian Hogan, Robert Alvarez
The Cow and Chicken Blues

#16 - The Cow and Chicken Blues 7.50

Season 4 - Episode 25

When Cow and Chicken get depressed, their parents suggest them to go to a mysterious swamp, and find a blind blues singer to fight their depression.

Boneless Kite

#17 - Boneless Kite 7.40

Season 2 - Episode 12

Boneless Chicken teaches Cow and Chicken how to properly fly kites at Lava Park. When Cow's kite tangles with The Red Guy's Kite, he then uses Boneless as his new kite, and has a kite tug-of-war against the Asswipe tribe, over the hot-boiling-molten-lava river. Cow and Chicken come to Boneless's rescue, and the Asswipe tribe wins, while Red Guy takes a dip in the lava river.

Directors: Bob Jaques, David Feiss, Brian Hogan

#18 - Confused 7.36

Season 1 - Episode 7

After Cow and Chicken get one measly little crumb on the floor, Mom and Dad send them to military school, where they become emotionless, hard-boiled soldiers. Mom and Dad then send them to sensitivy school, where they become girlies.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Robin Steele
The King and Queen of Cheese

#19 - The King and Queen of Cheese 7.33

Season 1 - Episode 25

Cow goes to Arkansas to meet The Red Guy, who is trying to become the King and Queen of Cheese. The problem is that his method of making cheese is sucking the cheese out of things such as buckets, water towers, weasels, haystacks, silos, grandmas, horses, dogs, lizards, hyenas, ducks, and now Cow. Chicken rescues Cow and the other animals, who then turn the cheese suckers to The Red Guy.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez
Supermodel Cow

#20 - Supermodel Cow 7.29

Season 1 - Episode 3

Cow wishes to be a famous supermodel, and gets her 15 minutes of fame, when The Red Guy discovers her. She soon appears in magazines and buildboards, but soon becomes yesterday's news.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Robin Steele
The Babysitter

#21 - The Babysitter 7.20

Season 3 - Episode 4

Mom and Dad go out of town, leaving Cow as the babysitter, because she's the biggest, and not the oldest. Pretty soon, Chicken is at the mercy of his sister's babysitting technique: eating marshmallow soup for supper, doing homework with Crabs the Warthog doll, Piles the Beaver doll, and Manure the Bear doll, taking a bath and being scrubbed with dishsoap, and wearing diapers.

Directors: Ron Myrick, David Feiss, Robert Alvarez, Bill Reed
The Legend of SailCat

#22 - The Legend of SailCat 7.20

Season 1 - Episode 23

Flem's Dad takes Chicken, Flem, and Earl on a camping trip in the woods. Cow shows up with Chicken's forgotten hairbrush, only to be kicked out by him, Flem and Earl. Flem's Dad then sings a ballad to the kids about a flattened cat, who can act like a frisbee, and cut things down like trees and trucks. Later that night, the kids find their cans of Sugar Frosted Weenies cut open by Sailcat.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robin Steele
Which Came First

#23 - Which Came First 7.20

Season 2 - Episode 11

The Red Guy sneaks a crow egg under Chicken's covers while he sleeps. The next morning, Cow and Chicken find the egg, and Chicken comes to the conclusion that he is actually a girl. So, it's egg sitting for Cow and Chicken, until the egg hatches and a baby crow comes out. Now Chicken comes to the conclusion that he isn't even a chicken.

Directors: Bob Jaques, David Feiss, Brian Hogan
The Ugliest Weenie

#24 - The Ugliest Weenie 7.18

Season 1 - Episode 9

Cow writes a poetic play about a weenie, who is an outcast because he's not delicious looking as the other weenies. Chicken, Flem, and Earl think it's a crazy idea, but Mr. Fleur, the school's drama teacher decides to produce the play. Cow and Chicken's class get ready for the play, Flem has been cast as the Ugliest Weenie, a role was original given to Chicken. When Chicken sees that Flem get to play off the leading lady, Wee Wee, Chicken decides he wants Flem out of the way, so he can resume the part. But everytime he tries to get rid of Flem, he ends up hurting Mr. Fleur, until he's wheelchair-bound. The night of the play begins, and the cast and crew learn that Flem has been struck with chicken-pocks, so Chicken gets the role, while Cow is the new leading lady, since Wee Wee caught the pocks too. The play goes on, and all the weenies cast out the Ugliest Weenie, but soon learn that ugly is good, because it means that he won't get bar-b-qued, and eaten. I Am Weasel: ""I Are Big Star""

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Monte Young, Robin Steele
Time Machine

#25 - Time Machine 7.14

Season 1 - Episode 13

Cow and Chicken go to the arcade, and play the time machine. They find themselves back in a deserted time, where The Red Guy introduces them to the primortial soup. But when Cow accidentally drops her quarter into it, everyone in the present time has quarters for heads. Cow and Chicken must go back into time again to stop her.

Directors: Deane Taylor, David Feiss, Robin Steele