The Best Episodes Directed by Joey Banaszkiewicz

Meet Lance Sackless

#1 - Meet Lance Sackless

Cow and Chicken Season 2 - Episode 19

Cow and Chicken decide to get on Canada's Funniest Home Vidiots; so they glue each other to their heads, and send the tape in. They then meet the host of the show, The Red Guy (who portrays Lance Sackless). After Cow and Chicken win the grandprize, The Red Guy trashes them with insults about how stupid they look, so Super Cow takes out The Red Guy.

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12 votes
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Who's Afraid of the Dark?

#2 - Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Cow and Chicken Season 2 - Episode 20

Mom and Dad are upset that Cow and Chicken aren't afraid of the dark, so they call in a specialist on fear: The Red Guy (who portrays Dr. Lackslacks). He tries everyway he can to make Cow and Chicken afraid, only succeeding in making himself afraid of everything.

star 7.56
9 votes
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