The Worst Episodes of The Drew Carey Show

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017

This long-running sitcom stars comedian Drew Carey as a sort of blue-collar everyman. The show chronicles Drew's working life, the ups and downs of his romances and his strong relationship with his long-time friends Lewis, Oswald and Kate.

Girlfriend, Interrupted

#1 - Girlfriend, Interrupted

Season 9 - Episode 16

In the aftermath of his disastrous marriage, Drew heads off alone on his honeymoon to try to define his feelings for Kellie. Oswald and Lewis head to Mexico ahead of Drew, where Oswald accidentally falls for a hooker, unaware of her identity because he doesn't know how to speak Spanish.

star 6.63
8 votes
Directors: Bob Koherr
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

#2 - Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

Season 9 - Episode 17

Mimi encourages Drew to make friends with the gay parents of Gus's friend. However, Drew winds up inadvertently splitting up the couple and finds himself as the "other man."

star 6.78
9 votes
Directors: Sam Simon
The Passion of the Wick

#3 - The Passion of the Wick

Season 9 - Episode 25

Drew comes up with a plan to open a retro store, and seeks a partnership with the now-wealthy Wick. However, all of Wick's funds come through his father-in-law, so Drew must help cover up Wick's extra-marital affair or lose his financial backing.

star 6.80
10 votes
Directors: Shelley Jensen
Drew's Best Friend

#4 - Drew's Best Friend

Season 9 - Episode 10

Kellie tries to convince Drew to become friends with a new neighbor, but it all blows up in her face when the man turns out to be a clingy pest who just will not leave Drew alone.

star 6.89
9 votes
Directors: Bob Koherr
A Very Special Drew

#5 - A Very Special Drew

Season 5 - Episode 26

The cast laments the show's inability to pick up even a single major Emmy nomination. Hoping to win over Emmy voters, they decide to make a "very special" episode filled with tragedy and controversial issues. Drew and Lewis deliver a homeless woman's baby in the living room. She promptly pulls a gun on them and tries to rob them. Drew responds by buying a gun and making an over-the-top speech about his right to own it. Some latchkey kids move into the neighborhood, and the gang acts irresponsibly around them. Oswald becomes a kleptomaniac. Mimi suffers a recurrence of obsessive-compulsive disorder after losing her clothes in a fire. Wick becomes bulimic. Kate gets a headache, and quickly winds up in the hospital with an incurable illness. Lewis repeatedly makes insensitive comments, and follows each with a spotlit monologue in which he tries to psychoanalyze himself. The doctor gives Drew a medical book and suggests that he might be able to find a cure for Kate...but Drew ca

star 6.91
22 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Baby Face

#6 - Baby Face

Season 9 - Episode 15

Drew has trouble getting romantic with Kellie after a photo of the baby puts a lot of very strange ideas in his head.

star 7.00
8 votes
Directors: Bob Koherr
What's Wrong with This Episode II

#7 - What's Wrong with This Episode II

Season 4 - Episode 22

While Steve and Drew are getting their hair cut, their longtime barber suddenly dies of a heart attack. Drew plans to throw a party for his parents' 45th wedding anniversary, but his mother comes to town a week early. The gang is just about to leave for Phil's funeral when she arrives. Beulah is visibly shaken by news of his death, and insists on coming along. She had lunch with Phil whenever she was in town. Oswald, Kate and Lewis notice Beulah giving a kiss to Phil's corpse, and also witness a nasty exchange with the widow. They suspect that Beulah had an affair with Phil. Drew doesn't believe this, but remembers once seeing Beulah and Phil go off to the back room of the barber shop after she came to pick up the boys. Drew accuses his mother of betraying his father, and doesn't want to attend the anniversary party. Steve tells him that George actually had an affair with Phil's wife; Beulah and Phil just became friends while discussing their mutual problems. The Careys thoug

star 7.05
19 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back

#8 - How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back

Season 7 - Episode 8

Drew's parents come to visit, but decide to stay with Steve and Mimi so that they can spend more time with the baby. Beulah confesses to Mimi that George has never satisfied her in bed. Mimi tells her to talk to George about this problem. He becomes furious and shows up at Drew's house with his bags to announce that he is leaving Beulah. After Mimi persuades a horrified Drew to give George some advice, he and Steve have a very awkward talk with their father. Lewis and Oswald build a killer robot in the hopes of winning $1000 in the Warsaw's Battle of the Bots.

star 7.07
14 votes
Directors: Sam Simon
No Booze for Drew

#9 - No Booze for Drew

Season 9 - Episode 9

As a sign of support, Drew pledges to stop drinking for the duration of Kellie's pregnancy, but soon finds it very difficult to keep his promise. Meanwhile, Mimi has the hots for a handsome delivery man; and Oswald becomes part-owner of the Warsaw.

star 7.11
9 votes
Directors: Shelley Jensen
Drew and Kate Boink

#10 - Drew and Kate Boink

Season 5 - Episode 25

With Drew having finally healed, he and Kate prepare for their first night together. She goes to the Warsaw and stumbles across a support group of her ex-boyfriends, including Oswald and Jay (who actually left her, not the other way around). After discovering how miserable she has made the guys, she worries that the same thing could happen to Drew. She decides not to sleep with him. Meanwhile, Mimi and Steve decide to consult a fertility clinic, as it is the only way for them to have a child. The clinic suffers refrigeration problems, and Mimi learns she must have the zygote implanted immediately. Steve is out of town, so she begs Drew to drive her to the clinic. She notes all of the problems she and Steve have had conceiving and sees it as a sign that she shouldn't have children. Drew assures her that she will be a "fierce, protective mother." He convinces her to go to the appointment. Kate calls Drew and tells him that she needs some time alone. Drew concludes that she neve

star 7.14
22 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Love, Sri Lankan Style

#11 - Love, Sri Lankan Style

Season 9 - Episode 23

Drew's plans to reunite Mimi and Steve (and get Mimi out of his house) face a hitch due to the appearance of Steve's lover.

star 7.22
9 votes
Directors: Bob Koherr
Bananas (2)

#12 - Bananas (2)

Season 6 - Episode 27

Kate, Lewis and Oswald search for Drew. Mimi fails to share his whereabouts with Mr. Wick, and gets him to appoint her the new manager of the women's store. Lewis and Oswald learn that Drew is in the institution. Only family is allowed to visit, so they check themselves in as patients so that they can talk to him. Drew plots to escape and reclaim his job. He leaves a message on his machine telling Kate what has happened to the guys and asking her to show up with a van the next day. Although they have stolen the master keys, Oswald and Lewis insist on breaking out by building a bomb and blowing a hole in the wall. Most of the other patients escape with them, but a large patient restrains Drew and keeps him from leaving. Kate doesn't think that he has made it to the van, but Oswald insists otherwise. Drew finally makes it to the store opening in his hospital gown. When he learns that Mimi has taken his job, he loses it and starts seeing everyone as Mimi. He attacks Wick and ha

star 7.23
13 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse

#13 - Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse

Season 7 - Episode 3

Drew is finally released from the mental institution. On the day of his release, he runs into Nicki at the Warsaw. She reveals that she is divorced, and feels she made a mistake in letting Drew go. Kate worries that Nicki is going to hurt Drew again. Kate, Lewis and Oswald try to create a distraction to help Drew get away, but he assures them that he is all right. After his friends leave, Drew suddenly proposes to Nicki. She accepts, and they marry in Pennsylvania. Drew's friends cannot find him for several days. Kate admits to Lewis and Oswald that it made her very jealous to see Drew with Nicki. She realizes that she still loves him. She calls Drew on his cell phone and arranges to meet him at a bar near City Hall. Drew returns home with Nicki and announces their marriage. He leaves to meet Kate before Lewis and Oswald can warn him of her intentions. She proposes to Drew, who immediately accepts. Meanwhile, Steve refuses to forgive Mimi for driving his brother insane.

star 7.26
23 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Drew and the Activist

#14 - Drew and the Activist

Season 6 - Episode 24

A woman approaches Drew at the Warsaw and asks him for a date. Lewis comes downstairs and has words with her. He reveals that she is an activist protesting a secret DrugCo project for which he is serving as foreman. He assumes that she is using Drew to get information, then describes the project in detail for no apparent reason. Drew plans to call off the date, but Rachel insists that she didn't know that he was Lewis's friend. Rachel infuriates Mimi by throwing out some of her make-up because it is tested on animals. After sleeping with Drew, Rachel pleads with him for information on Lewis's project. He agrees after she tells him that Lewis may be in danger because DrugCo allows employees to work with toxic waste without informing them of the risk. The EPA shuts down the project, and Lewis gets bumped back down to janitor. Mimi discovers that Rachel works for one of DrugCo's competitors. Drew goes to DrugCo to apologize. The gang turns off the bathroom lights to talk withou

star 7.27
22 votes
Directors: Sam Simon
Still Life with Freeloader

#15 - Still Life with Freeloader

Season 9 - Episode 18

Drew resorts to drastic action after Mimi's latest boyfriend moves into the house and begins mooching off of him.

star 7.29
7 votes
Directors: Drew Carey
Asleep at the Wheel

#16 - Asleep at the Wheel

Season 9 - Episode 14

After Tony the bus driver gets into an accident, he pleads with Drew to keep it a secret because he is close to retirement and doesn't want to risk being fired and losing his benefits package. Drew cannot do this because he fears for the passengers' safety, so he tries to convince Scott to give Tony another job.

star 7.30
10 votes
Directors: Shelley Jensen
Knot in the Mood

#17 - Knot in the Mood

Season 9 - Episode 24

Drew reconsiders proposing to Kellie after her parents split up and her mother suddenly takes up with Lewis.

star 7.30
10 votes
Directors: Shelley Jensen
Hush Little Baby

#18 - Hush Little Baby

Season 6 - Episode 17

Mimi and Steve cannot get their son to stop crying. He becomes quiet instantly when Drew comes for a visit and interacts with him. Steve becomes ill, and Mimi orders him to leave so that he doesn't infect the baby. He stays at Drew's house, where Oswald and Kate look after him. He convinces the reluctant Drew to stay at his house and help Mimi with the baby until he recovers. The baby will only stop crying when Drew is holding him, and refuses to eat. Much to his horror, Drew must hold the baby while he breast-feeds. He then learns that Steve has strep throat and cannot return for two weeks. Drew finally becomes fed up and says that Mimi and Steve will have to learn to take care of their child on their own. Mimi, disheartened by her inability to bond with the baby, tries to leave him with Drew. When a still-ailing Steve comes over to visit, the baby stops crying after Mimi yells at Steve to get out. Drew concludes that the baby had grown used to Mimi's irascible behavior whi

star 7.32
22 votes
Directors: Sam Simon
Married to a Mob

#19 - Married to a Mob

Season 7 - Episode 4

Oswald, Lewis and Steve are shocked to learn that Drew is married to both Nicki and Kate. Drew intends to clear up the situation immediately, but puts it off for two weeks. He alternates between wives, telling each woman that he is away in Toledo on business when he isn't with her. Unfortunately for Drew, Mimi finds out what is going on. Drew begs her not to rat on him. He tells her that he loves both women and is abstaining from sex until he can narrow it down to just one wife. Mimi still feels that his behavior is sleazy, and tries to set him up for a fall. Kate calls while Drew is with Nicki, and he ends up having to agree to a dinner with both of them. He tells Nicki that Kate has gone crazy and thinks that she is married to him. He then tells Kate that Nicki has gotten hooked on anti-depressants. He manages to keep them at bay until Kate finds wedding cake in the freezer that says "Drew and Nicki." Oswald and Lewis decide to look for a house because women are turned off

star 7.33
21 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Drew Live III

#20 - Drew Live III

Season 7 - Episode 9

Drew awakens to find himself handcuffed to former Cheers star John Ratzenberger in a Tennessee dog pound. John says that he saved Drew from jumping off a bridge in a drunken stupor as he ranted about some terrible thing that he had done. Drew tries to re-trace his steps and figure out what happened. He headed to Nashville for a convention, and Oswald and Lewis tagged along to visit Dollywood. Mimi and Steve used the absent Wick's ticket to take the trip, and decided to have sex on the train. Drew became ill after drinking a beer and stumbled into the wrong cabin. He remembers that Mimi entered the cabin as the train went through the tunnel. Drew finds blue paint all over himself and fears that he had sex with Mimi. Oswald and Lewis tell him that Mimi discovered that it was Drew and left him alone. The Blue Man Group then covered him in paint as part of one of their experiments. Drew discovers that John Ratzenberger drugged his beer and led him to the wrong cabin. He and the

star 7.33
18 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Assault with a Lovely Weapon

#21 - Assault with a Lovely Weapon

Season 9 - Episode 22

Drew lies to Kellie about going out to a strip club, but the whole thing may come out after an injured Lewis decides to sue one of the dancers.

star 7.33
9 votes
Directors: Shelley Jensen
Y2K, You're Okay

#22 - Y2K, You're Okay

Season 5 - Episode 1

Doreen, a "little person" who works at the store, chooses Mimi as her idol and begins emulating her dress and behavior. Mimi is a little freaked out, but soon takes to the idea and has Doreen help her play pranks on Drew. Sharon takes note of the fact that Kate can get Drew to do whatever she wants without having to make much of an effort. The store's computers fail a test for Y2K compliance, and a glitch causes excerpts from Drew's diary to appear on all the computer screens. A panicked Drew seeks the aid of the store's computer expert, Hal. He convinces Drew that there will be a massive computer failure and total chaos on New Year's Eve. Drew and the gang ask Sharon to build them a bomb shelter. Lewis carries his life savings ($37,000) around in a garbage bag. Mimi and Doreen print out copies of Drew's diary and sell them at the Warsaw. Sharon discovers that in the passage where Drew described sleeping with her for the first time, he accidentally wrote Kate's name. She conc

star 7.33
27 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Drew and the Singles Union

#23 - Drew and the Singles Union

Season 3 - Episode 2

A major storm approaches Cleveland. Winfred-Louder employees with families are allowed to leave work early to spend time with their children, but Wick forces the single workers to stay. Drew, Kate, Mimi and other single employees complain about their fate. Drew proposes that they start a union for singles. Mimi agrees, but feels that she should be named president. A tornado approaches, and the group seeks refuge in the store's basement. Wick gets caught in the store when the twister hits. Mimi finds him curled up in a ball on the floor the next day, and takes him to her house. Drew's friends accuse him of starting a singles' union as an excuse to meet women. Larry shows up at Drew's house and warns that the married employees will hurt him if the new union affects their benefits package. Drew appears to be on the verge of winning the union presidency when Mimi suddenly claims that she can get Wick to sign off on new benefits. With their demands now met, the other singles deci

star 7.36
39 votes
Directors: Gerry Cohen
Arrivederci, Italy

#24 - Arrivederci, Italy

Season 9 - Episode 11

Drew turns to a shady travel agent for help when he is unable to put together the funds to finance Kellie's dream vacation in Italy.

star 7.36
11 votes
Directors: Bob Koherr
Nature Abhors a Vacuum

#25 - Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Season 1 - Episode 4

Drew fires Suzie, an incompetent employee, only to learn that she had been involved with Mr. Bell. Drew worries about Mr. Bell's reaction. Kate goes to Bell with the proposal that the store start a day spa to increase sales in the cosmetics department. Bell is very impressed with the idea, and wants to meet with Drew and Kate at the Warsaw to further discuss the proposal. However, Drew learns that Bell is really trying to make Kate his latest conquest. She insists that she can take care of herself, but needs some help from Drew when Bell begins hitting on her. After she leaves, a drunken Bell makes Drew stay at the bar and sing with him all night. He tries to force Drew to help him get a date with Kate. Drew re-hires Suzie so that Bell will leave Kate alone. He is unaware that Kate has already confronted Bell, who agreed to stop hitting on her and asked her to run the new spa. After Suzie's re-hiring, he gives her the job instead. Kate realizes that Drew was just trying to h

star 7.37
65 votes
Directors: Michael Lessac