The BEST Episodes of NewsRadio

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Network: NBC

"NewsRadio" showcases the hilarious antics of the whimsical #2 news radio station in New York City. The corral of characters are eccentric and witty, and they surprise each other with their back-and-forth banter. Their workplace humor also supplies an abundance of laughs amidst this unlikely bunch of colleagues.

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

#1 - Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Season 4 - Episode 4

Andrea forces the staff to take lie detector tests. Lisa fears she will not pass the test due to her extensive criminal past. Jimmy has his book, which failed in the U.S., translated into Japanese then back into English.

star 8.48
48 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Josh Lieb

#2 - Jumper

Season 4 - Episode 1

Bill tries to get an exclusive on-air story when a suicidal man is perched outside Dave's window.

star 8.30
44 votes
Directors: Tom Cherone
Writers: Paul Simms

#3 - Coda

Season 2 - Episode 20

Dave, Bill and Mr. James work on a promotional spot. Lisa helps Joe study for a test. Matthew tries to sign up people for a summer house in the Hamptons.

star 8.29
55 votes
Writers: Brian Kelley, Lewis Morton
The Public Domain

#4 - The Public Domain

Season 4 - Episode 3

Dave tries to get Matthew rehired amidst chaos. Andrea hires a man to share Dave's Job, Jimmy brings a camera crew into the office to film a documentary, and Bill prepares for a new career as a singing political satirist a la Mark Russell.

star 8.28
46 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Joe Furey

#5 - Review

Season 3 - Episode 2

A new coffee shop is opened on the first floor of the Criterion Building. Matthew becomes obsessed with Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoon.

star 8.25
60 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Josh Lieb
Led Zeppelin

#6 - Led Zeppelin

Season 2 - Episode 18

Dave and Lisa announce they're breaking up. Lisa insists any further communication be done in memorandum format. Dave tries to keep his 24-page memo private. Mr. James continues his wife search.

star 8.24
58 votes

#7 - President

Season 3 - Episode 1

Mr. James decides to run for President of the United States while Lisa declares to expose all of his secrets. Matthew grows a 70's style moustache to ""get chicks"".

star 8.22
68 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Paul Simms
The Crisis

#8 - The Crisis

Season 1 - Episode 4

Dave's first news crisis is compounded when everyone learns he bought Matthew a new desk.

star 8.21
94 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Josh Lieb
The Secret of Management

#9 - The Secret of Management

Season 4 - Episode 9

Bill hire's a gentleman's gentleman, Cadbury, to oversee his life. Mr. James teaches Lisa 'The Secret of Management'. Matthew feels left out when Bill doesn't congratulate him on being rehired.

star 8.21
41 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Joe Furey

#10 - Smoking

Season 1 - Episode 3

To get Bill to comply with a new no-smoking ordinance, Dave agrees to give up drinking coffee.

star 8.21
99 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Brad Isaacs, Josh Lieb, Paul Simms
The Cane

#11 - The Cane

Season 2 - Episode 9

Bill's new cane, which he carries for no particular reason, annoys Dave. After it's stolen, Dave is the target of Bill's wrath. Jimmy's all-night office brainstorms stokes Dave and Lisa's competitive fires. Matthew and Joe get on each other's nerves.

star 8.21
82 votes
Directors: Alan Myerson
Writers: Brad Isaacs

#12 - Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

On his first day as WNYX's news director, Dave finds that he must fire his predecessor.

star 8.20
133 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Paul Simms
French Diplomacy

#13 - French Diplomacy

Season 4 - Episode 5

Dave and Lisa breakup. Bill gets himself into trouble when he advocates the beating of foreign diplomats. Matthew opens his own dentistry practice.

star 8.20
41 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Paul Simms
Our Fiftieth Episode

#14 - Our Fiftieth Episode

Season 3 - Episode 20

Bill is committed to an asylum when he's judged mentally incompetent. Lisa is forced to do the 'McNeal Perspective' with Joe in Bill's absence.

star 8.19
42 votes
Writers: Paul Simms, Joe Furey
Movie Star

#15 - Movie Star

Season 3 - Episode 8

James Caan visits WNYX to study Bill and prepare for an upcoming film role, but gets distracted and ultimately enthralled by a nervous Matthew. Dave decides to buy a television for Lisa, revealing his passion for Green Acres. Jimmy takes Beth and Catherine to a Knicks game.

star 8.18
55 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Lewis Morton

#16 - Zoso

Season 2 - Episode 15

Bill enlists Joe and Matthew's support to try to convince his girlfriend that he's British. Beth tries to sell 'Fat Albert'-style hats to a department store. Lisa uses Mr. James negotiating tips to ask Dave for a raise.

star 8.18
58 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Joe Furey, Josh Lieb, Lewis Morton, Paul Simms
Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show

#17 - Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show

Season 4 - Episode 8

Dave unveils a previously hidden talent to compete in a charity talent show. If a WNYX staff member wins, Mr. James will re-hire Matthew in this incredibly hilarious episode.

star 8.18
40 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Alan J. Higgins
No, This is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life

#18 - No, This is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life

Season 2 - Episode 1

Beth takes erotic photographs or herself to energize her relationship with her boyfriend. Joe booby traps the refrigerator when someone continually steals his daily gelato.

star 8.16
85 votes
Directors: Alan Myerson
Writers: Paul Simms
Padded Suit

#19 - Padded Suit

Season 5 - Episode 19

Dave vents aggression on the staff, threatening to fire someone. Matthew wears a padded suit to learn Joe's karate-like martial art, Joe-jitsu. Mr. James leads a crusade against Mother's Day.

star 8.16
25 votes
Directors: Dave Foley
Writers: Ron Weiner

#20 - Apartment

Season 5 - Episode 12

Dave and Lisa fight for an apartment, which Max decides he wants; Joe and Beth ""fix-up"" the show's website.

star 8.14
30 votes
Directors: Skip Collector
Writers: Tom Saunders, Kell Cahoon
The Real Deal

#21 - The Real Deal

Season 3 - Episode 22

When Bill and producer Lisa's new show 'The Real Deal' is on the verge of cancellation, they do everything in their power to recruit Jerry Seinfeld to appear. Matthew reveals that he's never gone 'all the way' before.

star 8.14
43 votes
Directors: Tom Cherones
Writers: Joe Furey, Paul Simms

#22 - Injury

Season 3 - Episode 25

Matthew faces a large medical bill when he's injured while goofing off around the office. A sympathetic Dave claims it was a work related mishap, earning Matthew Workman's comp. Mr. James and his lawyer, Roger, search for the truth. Meanwhile, Bill takes offense at a rival stations' use of the word 'penis' and air several McNeal reports using the same word.

star 8.13
32 votes
Directors: Rick Beren
Writers: Paul Simms

#23 - Sleeping

Season 3 - Episode 21

Jimmy suffers a heart attack. His lawyer insists Jimmy stay in the break room while recovering from his coma. Lisa realizes she hasn't completed all her goals in life, and decides to have a baby.

star 8.12
41 votes
Directors: Judi Elterman
Writers: Brian Kelley
Xmas Story

#24 - Xmas Story

Season 2 - Episode 10

Matthew is upset when he realizes Mr. James gave everyone except him a new convertible for Christmas. Meanwhile Bill is stalked by a homicidal Santa Claus.

star 8.12
77 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Lewis Morton
Copy Machine

#25 - Copy Machine

Season 4 - Episode 18

The office mourns the loss of Ted, from accounting, until Dave realizes that nobody knew him, at all.

star 8.11
36 votes
Directors: Joe Furey
Writers: Drake Sather