The BEST episodes directed by Gregg Heschong

Houses of the Holy
187 votes

#1 - Houses of the Holy

NewsRadio - Season 2 - Episode 16

Joe does an admirable job filling in for an ill Catherine, much to Bill's dismay. Beth dates Mr. James' nephew who is a depressed motivational speaker, in a form of a magician.

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Revenge of the Nerd
61 votes

#2 - Revenge of the Nerd

Family Matters - Season 8 - Episode 14

Laura plans to join a sorority and learns Steve is their favorite target.

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Pain in the Aspirin
183 votes

#3 - Pain in the Aspirin

Becker - Season 2 - Episode 10

As Becker continues to recoup from his gunshot wound, he's caught off guard when Elizabeth claims that she doesn't have any aspirin -- although he found a bottle of them among her things while earlier snooping through her purse. Becker, of course dismissing his own bad behavior, is miffed at her actions and begins to think that she may not have an honest bone in her body. Meanwhile, Bob wins the lottery.

Who's the Boss? (1)
187 votes

#4 - Who's the Boss? (1)

NewsRadio - Season 4 - Episode 12

After Bill pesters Lisa once again, Dave and Lisa hatch an evil plan to make Bill the boss to teach him a lesson. Bill's reign is eerily efficient. Joe goes on a sympathy strike to support another of Mr. James companies.

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The Buddy System
215 votes

#5 - The Buddy System

Becker - Season 4 - Episode 9

John believes he is finally in a perfect relationship after seeing Laura for several months. Their no-strings, no-pressure friendship is just right for him: it's filled with casual sex and devoid of responsibility. Unfortunately for John, it's no longer ideal for Laura. She wants a commitment, which is something John just isn't ready to make. Elsewhere, Bob boasts about finding a Super Bowl ring in the backseat of a cab and plans to sell it rather than try to find its rightful owner; and Linda tries to talk her parents out of getting a divorce.

Margaret's Dream
226 votes

#6 - Margaret's Dream

Becker - Season 3 - Episode 10

Margaret has an erotic dream about Becker; Jake accidentally signs for a keg of beer, so Reggie can't return it. Since Reggie also doesn't have a liquor license and therefore can't sell it, she, Jake, and Bob decide to drink it all.

6 votes

#7 - Heatwave

True Jackson, VP - Season 2 - Episode 19

Max gives True the responsibility of coming up with brand new design for a winter coat by the end of the work day. She uses Ryan as a model for the coat, but he can not stand the unbearable heat, they then move their work to company's arctic room. Unfortunately, Max's private ice cream stash was stored there and it all melts after Ryan blows up the air conditioner when he invites students from school. True then races to find the ice cream recipe before Max finds out. Meanwhile, Amanda's hair gets way too frizzy from the heat just as she is about to model for a magazine.

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