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Last Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Network: NBC

After many years spent at the "Cheers" bar, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) moves back home to Seattle after his policeman father Martin Crane (John Mahoney) gets shot in the hip on duty. After Martin struggles with living alone after the incident, he moves in with Frasier in his luxury apartment at the Elliot Bay Towers along with his dog Eddie (played by Moose and later Enzo). Hired by Frasier, Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves) also moves in as Martin's personal physiotherapist. Also living nearby is his younger brother Niles Crane (David Hyde Pierce), who is also a Psychiatrist.

Goodnight, Seattle (2)

#1 - Goodnight, Seattle (2)

Season 11 - Episode 24

In part 2 of the finale of Frasier, Eddie is taken to the vet by the family during Martin and Ronee's wedding rehersals, Niles and Daphne have very good news. Martin prepares to move out of appartment 1901 and Frasier decides on the offer put to him by his agent.

star 8.31
104 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Joe Keenan, Christopher Lloyd
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)

#2 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)

Season 7 - Episode 24

Frasier does not see Daphne again until everyone arrives at the hotel for her wedding. He offers his sympathy about Niles, but she claims that she was just suffering pre-wedding jitters. Frasier doesn't believe her. Martin warns him not to interfere unless he is absolutely sure that it is the right thing. Frasier observes Niles and Daphne sharing a dance after the rehearsal dinner, and realizes that they are obviously in love. He takes Niles upstairs to talk, and tells him about Daphne's feelings. A panicked Niles is unsure of what to do. He tries to talk to Daphne alone, but everyone keeps interrupting them. He finally tells her that he loves her and would leave Mel to be with her. Just as he asks how she feels about him, her family bursts in and takes over the room. Niles and Daphne take refuge on the balcony. She kisses him passionately and admits that she loves him, but then rejects him because she thinks it would be too hard to undo their commitments. The next day, Nil

star 8.12
114 votes
Directors: Pamela Fryman
Writers: Christopher Lloyd (II), Joe Keenan
Goodnight, Seattle (1)

#3 - Goodnight, Seattle (1)

Season 11 - Episode 23

In part 1 of the finale of Frasier, Frasier struggles to put together a wedding for Martin and Ronee, Some of Daphne's brothers come to Seattle and Frasier gets an offer from his agent that he is considering whether to take or not.

star 8.08
180 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Joe Keenan, Christopher Lloyd
The Ski Lodge

#4 - The Ski Lodge

Season 5 - Episode 14

The Crane household and Daphne's good friend Annie take a weekend trip to a ski lodge, leading to romantic misunderstandings.

star 8.01
278 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Joe Keenan
The Doctor is Out

#5 - The Doctor is Out

Season 11 - Episode 3

Frasier and Niles suspect that Roz's new boyfriend, Barry, is gay. They see Barry on the street and believe that he has gone into a gay bar. Frasier, worried that Barry is leading Roz on, goes inside to confront him. Niles discovers that Barry actually went into an apartment building next door to the bar. He goes into the bar to tell Frasier, and a misunderstanding causes the patrons to believe the Crane brothers are actually lovers. A caller then "outs" Frasier on his show the next day. Martin feels very uncomfortable about the public thinking his son is gay. Alistair Burke, the head of the Seattle opera guild, befriends Frasier and begins spending a lot of time with him. The rest of the family realizes that Alistair thinks of Frasier as his boyfriend, but Frasier insists that this is not true. Frasier, Niles and Daphne attend a party, where Frasier discovers that everyone in attendance thinks that he and Alistair are a couple. Frasier is finally forced to come clean with Alistair about his sexuality after learning that Alistair expects to take their relationship to the next level very soon.

star 8.00
20 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Joe Keenan
The Two Mrs. Cranes

#6 - The Two Mrs. Cranes

Season 4 - Episode 1

When Daphne's ex-fiance comes to visit, she tries to let him down easy by pretending to be married to Niles. However, when Frasier, Martin, and Roz get involved in the charade, the evening spirals out of control.

star 7.99
303 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Joe Keenan
Ham Radio

#7 - Ham Radio

Season 4 - Episode 18

Frasier's ambitious plans to put on a "classic" radio drama are foiled after the actors, perturbed by Frasier's tyrannical style, revolt.

star 7.99
265 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: David Lloyd
Moon Dance

#8 - Moon Dance

Season 3 - Episode 13

Daphne gives Niles ballroom dancing lessons, as he prepares for the annual "Snow Ball". When his date falls ill, Niles takes Daphne to the ball, providing him with the night of his life.

star 7.92
274 votes
Directors: Kelsey Grammer
Writers: Joe Keenan, Christopher Lloyd (II), Rob Greenberg, Jack Burditt, Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano, Linda Morris, Vic Rauseo
Shutout in Seattle (2)

#9 - Shutout in Seattle (2)

Season 6 - Episode 24

Niles is lonely and desperate when he realizes he has no romantic prospects while Daphne, Frasier and even Martin are all happy. Niles dates a younger woman and adopts her trendy culture. Meanwhile, Roz takes up with Bulldog, but can't bring herself to dump him after he loses his job at the station.

star 7.89
90 votes
Directors: Pamela Fryman
Writers: David Isaacs
Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)

#10 - Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)

Season 7 - Episode 23

Daphne becomes extremely depressed the week before her wedding, and cannot stop crying. Niles tells Frasier that he is having second thoughts about his relationship with Mel.

star 7.88
240 votes
Directors: Pamela Fryman
Writers: Christopher Lloyd (II), Joe Keenan

#11 - Deathtrap

Season 9 - Episode 19

Frasier and Niles return to their childhood home and recall what they believe to be a murder.

star 7.85
199 votes
Directors: Kelsey Grammer
Writers: Jon Sherman
Daphne's Room

#12 - Daphne's Room

Season 2 - Episode 17

Daphne decides to move out of the Crane residence after Frasier continually invades the privacy of her room.

star 7.84
265 votes
Daphne Hates Sherry

#13 - Daphne Hates Sherry

Season 4 - Episode 21

Sherry's meddling in Daphne's personal life hits a new low when she hands out Daphne's phone number to strangers. Daphne makes Niles' dreams come true when she seeks refuge from Sherry at his home.

star 7.83
218 votes
Directors: Kelsey Grammer
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano
To Kill a Talking Bird

#14 - To Kill a Talking Bird

Season 4 - Episode 14

Niles hosts a party to break in his new apartment. Unfortunately, his new pet bird, Baby, picks the night of the party to attach itself firmly to Niles' head.

star 7.83
241 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Jeffrey Richman
To Thine Old Self Be True

#15 - To Thine Old Self Be True

Season 7 - Episode 20

Frasier tries to throw a bachelor party for Donny.

star 7.83
209 votes
Directors: Robert H. Egan
Writers: Dan O'Shannon
The Good Son

#16 - The Good Son

Season 1 - Episode 1

Six months after moving back to Seattle to start his career as a radio psychiatrist, Frasier is forced to take in his father Martin, a disabled former police officer, and his dog Eddie, and to hire Daphne Moon, a housekeeper and physical therapist.

star 7.81
577 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee
Star Mitzvah

#17 - Star Mitzvah

Season 10 - Episode 6

As Frasier prepares for Frederick's bar mitzvah, Noel offers to translate Frasier's speech into Hebrew in exchange for an autograph from a science fiction convention. However, when Frasier doesn't keep his end of the bargain, Noel uses his wealth of Star Trek knowledge to take revenge.

star 7.81
225 votes
Directors: Sheldon Epps
Writers: Sam Johnson
Room Service

#18 - Room Service

Season 5 - Episode 15

Lilith comes to Seattle after her husband leaves her for a man, and throws herself at Frasier. Frasier uses all his willpower to resist, but Niles isn't as strong.

star 7.81
270 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Ken Levine, David Isaacs
Frasier Crane's Day Off

#19 - Frasier Crane's Day Off

Season 1 - Episode 23

Frasier comes down with the flu, so food critic Gil Chesterton fills in for him. When paranoid Frasier believes both Gil and subsequent fill-in host Niles are after his job, he's more determined than ever to get back on the air.

star 7.80
299 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Chuck Ranberg, Anne Flett-Giordano
Sleeping with the Enemy (1)

#20 - Sleeping with the Enemy (1)

Season 3 - Episode 6

The staff go into open revolt after Kate cancels their annual raise. Frasier, chosen to represent the employees, marches into Kate's office to demand raises and finds himself locked in a passionate embrace.

star 7.80
19 votes
Directors: Jeff Melman
Writers: Linda Morris, Vic Rauseo
Murder Most Maris (2)

#21 - Murder Most Maris (2)

Season 11 - Episode 8

Niles is questioned by the police because he loaned Maris the murder weapon--an antique crossbow--for use in a play. Maris insists that she acted in self-defense. She continually calls Niles from jail, leaving Daphne extremely angry. The media scrutiny surrounding the Cranes intensifies after Frasier--the self-appointed family spokesman--accidentally says that Niles and Maris will be "executed" rather than "exonerated." Niles and Daphne have to come stay with Frasier, and Daphne makes Niles sleep on the couch. Frasier worries that Niles is reacting too calmly, as he believes that the anxiety will build up and eventually lead to a breakdown. Overcome with stress and sleep deprivation, Niles winds up stripping off all his clothes in Cafe Nervosa. Roz and Frasier manage to handle the situation. Niles finally begins to display some anger about his predicament, and asks Maris to back off and stop calling him so often.

star 7.80
220 votes
Directors: Scott Ellis
Writers: Sam Johnson
Taking Liberties

#22 - Taking Liberties

Season 8 - Episode 5

Frasier hires an authentic English butler after his original boss passes away, a tick in the life achievement box.

star 7.79
264 votes
Directors: Kelsey Grammer
Writers: Chris Marcil, Sam Johnson
Perspectives on Christmas

#23 - Perspectives on Christmas

Season 5 - Episode 9

Each member of Frasier's family tells a masseuse all about their eventful day, which includes Martin's participation in a church Christmas pageant and Niles' experience being trapped in an elevator.

star 7.79
268 votes
Directors: David Lee
Writers: Christopher Lloyd (II)
Death and the Dog

#24 - Death and the Dog

Season 4 - Episode 12

Eddie feels blue, so Martin hires a dog psychiatrist to determine the cause of his depression.

star 7.76
252 votes
Directors: James Burrows
Writers: Suzanne Martin
Daphne Does Dinner

#25 - Daphne Does Dinner

Season 10 - Episode 14

Niles and Frasier plan a party to celebrate the unveiling of a painting that Niles has just purchased. However, Daphne notes that every event the brothers host inevitably ends in disaster. She suggests that Niles instead host the party with her. Frasier is hurt to learn that he will be excluded, and says that he will not even attend the party. Daphne believes that she has everything under control, but things quickly begin to unravel. Alice writes her name in crayon on the painting. Daphne remains calm, and gives Roz the name of a man whom Niles uses to restore artwork. However, the game hens catch fire in the meantime. The caterers are too busy to replace them, so Daphne must turn to Frasier for help. He comes over to assist with the food preparation, but must hide in the pantry whenever Niles comes in the kitchen so that his role will remain a secret. Frasier becomes angry when he overhears Niles and others complimenting the food and saying how much better off they are without Frasier's involvement. Mike Shaw, the artist responsible for the painting, shows for the party after earlier declining his invitation. He doesn't care for the stuffy guests, and decides to go upstairs and watch pay-per-view boxing with Mrs. Moon. Niles hears a couple's description of Shaw (white-haired man in a flannel shirt using a cane) and assumes they have him confused with Martin. The couple who met Shaw has to leave. Martin arrives to bring Frasier some dishes, and winds up having to pose as Shaw for the other guests. Roz asks Daphne to stall the unveiling because the art restorer is painfully slow. Niles insists that dinner must be served immediately. He discovers Frasier, and they begin to argue, leading to more chaos. Daphne tries her best to salvage the evening, but an unexpected event prompts her to give up. Frasier consoles her by telling her that the disastrous party means she is officially part of the family.

star 7.75
210 votes
Directors: Katy Garretson
Writers: Heide Perlman