The Best Episodes Directed by Sheldon Epps

How to Rock a Birthday Party

#1 - How to Rock a Birthday Party

How to Rock Season 1 - Episode 11

Kacey and Nelson have to share a birthday party, but Kacey takes control of the party planning and doesn't want Nelson's input.

star 9.59
41 votes
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It's My Party

#2 - It's My Party

Sister, Sister Season 5 - Episode 5

The twins heed an uncle's birthday advice to "seize the day" by skipping school and flying to Chicago for a hip-hop concert instead of celebrating with their parents, but a series of misfortunes turns their dream day into a nightmare - especially when Lisa and Ray uncover the truth.

star 9.23
12 votes
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George Helps Ernie See the Cellu-Light

#3 - George Helps Ernie See the Cellu-Light

George Lopez Season 5 - Episode 18

George helps Ernie lose weight before he loses his job.

star 9.18
19 votes
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Give Me Some Credit

#4 - Give Me Some Credit

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 4 - Episode 8

After his credit card is denied while clothes shopping with Fancy and her well-to-do parents, Jamie must prove to her father that he will be able to provide for her. Meanwhile, Braxton is forced to cut the hotel's budget.

star 8.83
12 votes
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Smells Like Teen Sellout

#5 - Smells Like Teen Sellout

Hannah Montana Season 1 - Episode 25

Hannah Montana agrees to endorse a new perfume, only she can't stand the smell because it brings back bad memories. Meanwhile, Jackson tries out for a television survival program.

star 8.50
74 votes
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How to Rock a Tennis Ball

#6 - How to Rock a Tennis Ball

How to Rock Season 1 - Episode 25

Mr. March's beloved tennis ball gets ruined while Kacey is manning his flea-market booth, so she enlists her band and the Perfs to help her find a replacement for it.

star 8.33
3 votes
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Working Girls

#7 - Working Girls

Sister, Sister Season 5 - Episode 3

Tamera and Ray have a falling out over his new girlfriend Vivica who, she says, has turned him into a "gallivanting, promise-breaking Romeo." Meanwhile, Tia lands a job at a mall bookstore and becomes enamored of a mysterious customer.

star 8.27
11 votes
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Ladies in Waiting

#8 - Ladies in Waiting

Sister, Sister Season 5 - Episode 15

Tamera decides to make her family proud of her in order to overcome her feelings of inferiority.

star 8.22
8 votes
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The Wedding

#9 - The Wedding

Out of Practice Season 1 - Episode 8

As the family attends the wedding of one of Oliver's old girlfriends, Lydia frets over feeling awkward at the ceremony since she is now divorced. Meanwhile, Oliver wants to show up the bride by bringing a hot date to the ceremony, but his companions keep leaving him.

star 8.20
5 votes
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The Backslide

#10 - The Backslide

The Upshaws Season 1 - Episode 10

With Bennie back in the house and bonding more with the kids, Regina's frustrations start to show. After she takes the GMAT, the family comes together.

star 8.18
28 votes
...and I'll Cry If I Want to

#11 - ...and I'll Cry If I Want to

Out of Practice Season 1 - Episode 3

The whole hospital finds out about Stewart and Crystal's relationship, much to Lydia's dismay. So to prove to them she is moving on with her life, she throws a party. However, things don't turn out quite like she planned them.

star 8.17
6 votes
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And Baby Makes Four

#12 - And Baby Makes Four

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 7

William convinces Joan to host a baby shower for his sister, Linda; and her partner, Kira. Kira's water breaks during the event. William wants to take her to the hospital, but they insist on having a midwife conduct a home delivery, which ends up taking place at Joan's house. Joan constantly worries that the water from the birthing pool will seep out and ruin her floors. Lynn drives everyone crazy as she suggests possible baby names and reads off their meanings. William fears that parenthood (and being a lesbian) is all just a phase for Linda, and they get into an argument. Linda threatens to keep William away from his nephew/son, so he says that he will not sign the papers relinquishing his parental rights. William's friends try to convince him to change his mind. He eventually apologizes and admits that the reality of having to sign away his rights had just hit him. He and Joan agree to have a baby together if neither is married or has a child in ten years. They soon come t

star 8.09
11 votes
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Viva Las Vegas

#13 - Viva Las Vegas

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 8

After Brock invites Joan to join her for a weekend in Las Vegas, she is convinced that he plans to pop the question. She brags about this constantly to her friends, but isn't so sure that she is really ready for marriage. She drives Brock crazy as she constantly makes him turn back to Los Angeles and then toward Vegas again, and even after he says that he is anxious to marry her, she continues to battle cold feet. Meanwhile, William carries around a baby doll to try to prove to his sister that he can handle the responsibilities of caring for a child.

star 8.07
15 votes
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On the Couch

#14 - On the Couch

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 16

Toni continues to see her therapist, Dr. Miller. Rather than following the doctor's advice and writing a letter to her mother detailing her grievances against her, Toni instead brings her mother to her sessions. Veretta stays with Toni and Todd and monopolizes the house. Todd tries to tolerate her rude and thoughtless behavior, but insists that she stop smoking in the house. Veretta refuses, and says that she doesn't have to listen to Todd because her daughter paid for the house. They get into a heated confrontation, and wind up ordering Toni to choose between them. Meanwhile, William worries that the fact that he and Donna have such different backgrounds (she cleans bed pans for a living and insists on travelling by bus) will impede their chances of having a future together. He vows to try his best to keep the relationship going, because he considers Donna to be special. Joan obsesses over whether to resume sessions with her own therapist after Lynn and Maya make several deris

star 8.06
17 votes
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Mysteries of Maggie

#15 - Mysteries of Maggie

Instant Mom Season 3 - Episode 2

Aaron learns that Maggie has a secret career as a romance novelist, but when she denies it, the family tries to get her to reveal her secret identity.

star 8.05
22 votes
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George Doesn't' Trustee Angie's Brother

#16 - George Doesn't' Trustee Angie's Brother

George Lopez Season 5 - Episode 17

Angie's brother, Ray, comes around when he find out that his daughter, Veronica, is going to inherit the family inheritance. But George is the first to see through Ray's scheme when Ray asks Veronica to tap into her inheritance to invest in a new company.

star 8.00
28 votes
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It's Hard Being Kelly Pitts

#17 - It's Hard Being Kelly Pitts

The Game Season 1 - Episode 11

When Kelly attempts to please Jason, take care of her daughter and impress Jason's parents who visit from out of town, she overworks herself and has a breakdown, Meanwhile, Malik starts to worry about winning the playoff game and enlists Derwin as his new practice partner. Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson also star.

star 8.00
9 votes
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The Bowling Show

#18 - The Bowling Show

My Wife and Kids Season 2 - Episode 26

The Tylers and The Kyles go at it in a game of bowling. All this is going on during Star Trek night. Junior meanwhiles develops a crush on The Tyler's daughter.

star 7.95
124 votes
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Guilt Trip

#19 - Guilt Trip

Out of Practice Season 1 - Episode 10

Lydia becomes jealous when the kids befriend Crystal, then makes them go with her to visit their former housekeeper.

star 7.91
33 votes
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A Kiss Before Lying

#20 - A Kiss Before Lying

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 19

Sean grows uncomfortable with Joan's relationship with Davis, as he feels that she flirts with him too much. After she confesses that they once shared a kiss, Sean upsets Joan by ordering her to stay away from Davis and 847 for good. Meanwhile, Toni angers Greg by displaying some of his paintings at the restaurant; and Darnell becomes impatient when Maya is reluctant to resume sexual relations with him after her surgery.

star 7.87
15 votes
Friends, Colleagues, Brothers

#21 - Friends, Colleagues, Brothers

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 16

Joan becomes fed up with the ""boys' club"" mentality at work, as her opinions are ignored and she is passed over for important cases. When she believes that William has deliberately stolen her idea, she blows up at him in front of everyone, leading to a rift between them. Meanwhile, Maya discovers that Toni and Lynn's yoga instructor is a little too ""hands-on"" in his approach toward his students.

star 7.86
21 votes
Where Everyone Knows My Name

#22 - Where Everyone Knows My Name

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 20

Maya makes her friends feel guilty about leaving her alone as they spend time with their significant others. She convinces them to accompany her to a hangout in her old neighborhood, where she runs into Darnell. She is disturbed to learn that he has failed to tell her that he has gotten a small business loan to open a car repair business, and by the fact that he has a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, William plans to return to the law firm, but first tries to complete a list of things he wants to do before he dies--including becoming a Soul Train dancer.

star 7.86
14 votes
Home Sweet Dorm

#23 - Home Sweet Dorm

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 1

It's a brand new school year and Tia and Tamera are entering college at the University of Michigan with high expectations. They meet up with Diavian, Jordan and Tyreke (who also attend) and learn that their new dorm room is an athletic dorm in which they must share a private bathroom with two college jocks. Wanting to find an available dorm room in the same building as their friends, they go to campus housing and learn that there aren't any vacant rooms. Diavian meets her new roommate, Simone Flosser, a bossy senior whose first impression turns sour. Meanwhile, Ray tries to turn Tamera's bedroom into his personal den room much to the chagrin of Lisa.

star 7.83
23 votes
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Never a Bridesmaid

#24 - Never a Bridesmaid

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 10

Maya and Darnell plan to renew their wedding vows, and Joan agrees to hold the event at her house. However, Joan constantly disagrees with Maya's choices and tries to mold the event into her own dream wedding. Maya tells Joan that she no longer wants her to be a bridesmaid, and later rebuffs her apology and takes her to task for constantly looking down on Maya. Meanwhile, Toni grows concerned by the tendency for black men to marry outside of their race. She determines that she and Lynn must do what they can to bring William ""back to the fold.""

star 7.83
23 votes
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Handling Baggage

#25 - Handling Baggage

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 8

Maya's cousin Ronnie and his boyfriend, Peaches, tell Maya that they have spotted Darnell in a compromising position with a woman at the Red Lobster. It is the same woman that Joan once saw with Darnell years earlier. Maya confronts Cecily and learns that she is having an affair with Darnell. This leads the distraught Maya to declare that she and Darnell are now ""even"" and move back to the house, where she and Darnell make a decision about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, William obsesses over the fate of a missing suitcase.

star 7.80
15 votes
Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?

#26 - Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 14

On the eve of their wedding, Yvonne learns that William hasn't told his mother about their relationship.

star 7.78
18 votes

#27 - Diss-regard

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 18

Maya checks into the hospital to undergo surgery for the removal of a fibroid tumor. Joan's friends (especially Lynn) question her priorities when she decides to leave Maya's bedside to attend an important business dinner with Sean. Toni continues to clash with Greg over his lack of income. At the hospital, she takes an immediate interest in Maya's doctor, the wealthy and handsome Dr. Clay Spencer.

star 7.75
20 votes
My Mother, Myself

#28 - My Mother, Myself

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 20

Maya is stunned to learn that her mother has decided to sell her house and move away with her boyfriend. Toni's mother surprises her by coming to town for Joan's Mother's Day brunch. William eagerly anticipates a visit from his mother, who comes bearing a cake from his aunt's award-winning recipe.

star 7.75
20 votes
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Marie's Vision

#29 - Marie's Vision

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 10

While Raymond, Robert and Frank don't want to bring up the fact that Marie is having vision trouble, Debra decides to level with her and suggests she visit an eye doctor. When Marie winds up with a pair of specs just in time for the holidays, she winds up putting the family on edge when she starts seeing them for better and for worse! Meanwhile, Robert gets back together with Amy and invites her to a Thanksgiving dinner.

star 7.74
321 votes
Leggo My Ego

#30 - Leggo My Ego

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 14

Joan's procrastination puts her job in jeopardy when she doesn't act quickly enough toward securing donations for a charity auction, which she has agreed to arrange for her boss. She turns to Toni to use her connections to the area's finer merchants to bring in an item that can help Joan meet the auction's $60,000 goal. However, Toni forgets to help Joan because she is obsessed with tracking down her ""best friend,"" supermodel Beverly Johnson (with whom she has never actually had any contact). Joan launches into a verbal tirade about Toni, which she overhears. Toni accuses her friends of being ""jealous, ugly bitches"" and continues on her quest to meet Beverly Johnson. She eventually meets Beverly, who is perplexed by her claims that they are soulmates and mistakes Toni for a schizophrenic. Toni reluctantly sees a therapist, where she initially raves about her life, but soon breaks down and admits that she fears no one would miss her if she died. Meanwhile, William seeks revenge a

star 7.73
15 votes
In Sickness and in Health

#31 - In Sickness and in Health

Sister, Sister Season 5 - Episode 12

The twins try to reunite Lisa with her younger sister Darcy, whom she hasn't spoken to in years. Lisa refuses, until Darcy announces that she's in need of surgery.

star 7.73
11 votes
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The One Where Emma Cries

#32 - The One Where Emma Cries

Friends Season 9 - Episode 2

Chandler falls asleep during an important work meeting. Emma won't stop crying after Rachel interrupts her nap.

star 7.71
3072 votes
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Big Plans

#33 - Big Plans

The Upshaws Season 1 - Episode 4

As Regina tries to land a better job at a different organization, Bennie's friends get in his ear about her looking to level up her life without him.

star 7.71
34 votes
High Holidays

#34 - High Holidays

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 11

Frasier is shocked when Frederick comes to visit sporting his new "goth" look. Meanwhile, realising that he never rebelled in his adolescance, Niles decides to try marijuana...with unexpected results.

star 7.70
670 votes
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Best Policy

#35 - Best Policy

Sister, Sister Season 5 - Episode 9

Tamera accepts Tia's wager that she can't tell the truth for one week, but she faces a dilemma when she spies Ray's girlfriend Vivica cheating on him; a prominent client asks Lisa's opinion about the fit of a gown, forcing her to decide if honesty is really the best policy.

star 7.69
12 votes
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X Does Not Mark the Spot

#36 - X Does Not Mark the Spot

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 19

Joan engages in surprisingly risky behavior after she begins dating a younger man, Chris. However, her friends urge her to re-consider the relationship after she inadvertently takes ecstasy at a night club. Meanwhile, Toni hires William as her attorney and tries to monopolize all of his time with trivial matters.

star 7.68
19 votes
Two Guys and a Gabby

#37 - Two Guys and a Gabby

Instant Mom Season 3 - Episode 14

Gabby uses a childhood friend to make Noah jealous; Stephanie tries to correct Aaron when he accidentally calls her "Mom."

star 7.68
25 votes
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Take Me Out After the Ballgame

#38 - Take Me Out After the Ballgame

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 16

Joan is the subject of office gossip and jokes after she begins dating a younger man who works in the mail room. She is embarrassed by the attention, and winds up hurting Chris's feelings. William is upset when Chris usurps his spot as pitcher on the company softball team. Maya fears that the persistent Stan will expose their involvement to Darnell.

star 7.67
18 votes
Prophet and Loss

#39 - Prophet and Loss

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 12

A stranger stops Joan on the street and tells her, ""You made the right decision."" He claims to be a psychic, and manages to convince Joan that he is for real. She takes his words as a sign that she was right to break up with Brock. However, she soon re-considers after she runs into Brock on the street. She observes him playing with his young niece and concludes that she might be satisfied having children in her life without being a mother for a while. However, a visit to her gynecologist gives her pause when she is forced to face the fact that her child-bearing years are limited (because many older women face complications in their pregnancies). Meanwhile, a dream prompts William to confront Lynn about annulling their marriage. He accompanies the skeptical Maya when she tries to confront the psychic. After the man tells him that ""she's right in front of you,"" he mistakenly believes that he is destined to be with Lynn. The psychic later directs him toward a woman waiting for a

star 7.67
15 votes
Old Dog

#40 - Old Dog

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 15

Joan decides to waive her ""three-month rule"" and sleep with Sean, but finds that the results are extremely disappointing. She seeks her friends' advice on how to help Sean improve his performance. Maya, with help from Toni, seeks medical attention after she and Darnell have difficulty conceiving a second child. William keeps having the misfortune of approaching every time Maya is discussing her gynecological situation with one of her friends.

star 7.65
20 votes
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The Fallout

#41 - The Fallout

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 1

Joan forgives Toni for slapping her in Jamaica and trying to seduce Sean, much to the shock and dismay of Maya and Lynn (who has returned from Jamaica). When Joan's hair begins to fall out due to stress, she sees a therapist, who recommends that she cut Toni out of her life for good. However, this proves difficult when Toni seeks Joan's shoulder to lean on after a setback at work. Meanwhile, Darnell is upset by Maya's bixini wax, and accuses her of changing as the result of her association with the girls.

star 7.63
27 votes
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Sex, Lies and Books

#42 - Sex, Lies and Books

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 16

Maya becomes depressed and lonely after moving into a new apartment, despite the presence of a handsome and friendly neighbor. Toni and Todd take her on a double date with a friend of his, with disastrous results. William takes Monica on a romantic Italian vacation, where he plans to break the news that he has quit his job. Sharon invites Joan to her book club, then proceeds to humiliate her.

star 7.63
16 votes
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The One Where Rachel Tells...

#43 - The One Where Rachel Tells...

Friends Season 8 - Episode 3

Chandler and Monica leave for their honeymoon. Rachel prepares to break the news to the father of her baby.

star 7.62
3151 votes
The One with the Soap Opera Party

#44 - The One with the Soap Opera Party

Friends Season 9 - Episode 20

Joey doesn't tell the gang about his plans to throw a party on the roof of the building. Ross meets a new colleague and is instantly attracted to her.

star 7.62
2863 votes
Bug Out

#45 - Bug Out

Instant Mom Season 3 - Episode 22

Stephanie blames the family for Aaron's alleged funk; they try to change their habits for a week but this only results in more trouble.

star 7.60
15 votes
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Sweet Talk

#46 - Sweet Talk

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 14

Tamara is host of a campus radio-show on relationships.

star 7.57
7 votes
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I Know What You Did in Drama Class

#47 - I Know What You Did in Drama Class

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 16

Tia has Diavian partner with Tyreke for drama class; Tamera and Jordan attempt to hook up cable in Tia and Tamera's room; Lisa's friend sets her up with somebody.

star 7.57
7 votes
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Snoop, There It Is

#48 - Snoop, There It Is

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 3

After nine months of celibacy, Lynn becomes fed up and grows suspicious of Sivad. She contacts his ex-girlfriend in the hopes of gaining some insight into his behavior. Meanwhile, despite her debt, Toni is determined to acquire a $17,000 bag. Joan and William try in vain to convince her to moderate her behavior and live within a budget.

star 7.57
21 votes
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Crock Tales

#49 - Crock Tales

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 22

As Frasier prepares for a dinner party, he considers throwing away an old broken crock pot. However, the crock pot stirs many memories of past experiences with his friends and family. Among the times he recalls are getting accidentally super-glued to a blind date after Martin tried to repair the pot; a birthday party for Roz that found Niles and Daphne feeling especially amorous.

star 7.57
636 votes
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Just Dessert

#50 - Just Dessert

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 21

Lynn moves in with William, and soon suggests that they take their minds off their recent break-ups by becoming ""sex buddies."" Joan is adamantly opposed to this, and warns that it will soon blow up in their faces. Shelby recommends that Toni adopt a more ""honest"" hairstyle to try to improve her business. Maya has difficulty finding child care for Jabari in the aftermath of her mother's move.

star 7.55
20 votes
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A Mile in Her Loubous

#51 - A Mile in Her Loubous

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 3

Maya's cousin Ronnie is offended after she hires an agent. Upset that Maya refuses to acknowledge his role in her success, Ronnie demands ten percent of her $25,000 advance for writing the book. Joan has an awkward run-in with William and Monica at the cafe. She mistakenly believes that William is bringing Monica to Maya's birthday party, and tries to retaliate by bringing her own date, a boring shoe salesman. Meanwhile, Toni battles constant morning sickness.

star 7.55
22 votes
Love Thy Neighbor

#52 - Love Thy Neighbor

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 22

Maya's neighbor, Jalen, tells her that he would like to begin dating. She turns him down because she feels that she has to much going on in her life for a relationship. Lynn expresses an interest in Jalen and asks Maya's permission to date him. Maya gives her approval, but then confesses to Joan that she only did this because she is sure that Jalen will reject Lynn. Much to her surprise, Lynn and Jalen being seeing each other. A jealous Maya continually makes up excuses to barge in and try to break up their date. She eventually admits that she is interested in Jalen. She and Lynn ask him to choose between them, but Maya fears the repercussions on their friendship. They decide that neither of them will date Jalen. Todd tells Toni that he has been offered a job interview in New York. He is very upset when she tells him to go for it without even asking him for any details. He gets the job as a plastic surgeon on a reality show, and tells Toni that he doesn't want her to come wi

star 7.53
15 votes
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Driving Ms. Crazy

#53 - Driving Ms. Crazy

Instant Mom Season 3 - Episode 6

When a ticket means that Stephanie must ride with Gabby for her to drive, Stephanie begins to get too comfortable with Gabby's friends.

star 7.52
21 votes
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Everything Fishy Ain't Fish

#54 - Everything Fishy Ain't Fish

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 7

Joan sees Maya's husband, Darnell, in a possibly compromising situation with another woman. Her gut tells her that something may be going on, but she agonizes over whether to share this information with Maya. Meanwhile, Toni begins dating a white city councilman who is also running for mayor. He becomes fascinated with her hair after she reveals that she wears a weave.

star 7.52
23 votes
Mom's the Word

#55 - Mom's the Word

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 10

Joan hooks up with a famous actor at the bar, but her friends tease her about the fact that he will only give her his pager number. Joan manages to pry his home number from him, but panics when he doesn't immediately call her back, and makes the mistake of repeatedly calling his number to let her friends hear his answering machine message. Meanwhile, Toni begins dating a single father and grows surprisingly attached to his young daughter. Maya uses her friends as a cover so that she can spend time with her ""friend"" Stan. Lynn tries to avoid Vosco.

star 7.50
22 votes
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Taming of the Realtess

#56 - Taming of the Realtess

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 18

Toni opens her real estate office and hires Lynn as her temporary assistant. However, Lynn quits after Toni proves to be too demanding a taskmaster. Toni quickly finds a very efficient replacement, but she also leaves when Toni won't let her have everything her own way. With her grand opening just days away, Toni becomes desperate to find someone to help her out. Meanwhile, Joan fears dire consequences from her boss after a judge throws out an important motion for a seemingly insignificant reason.

star 7.50
20 votes
Last Straw

#57 - Last Straw

The Upshaws Season 1 - Episode 6

When Tasha gets into an accident, Bennie comes up with a solution — without telling Regina. Meanwhile, conflicts erupt between other family members.

star 7.48
29 votes
Star Mitzvah

#58 - Star Mitzvah

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 6

As Frasier prepares for Frederick's bar mitzvah, Noel offers to translate Frasier's speech into Hebrew in exchange for an autograph from a science fiction convention. However, when Frasier doesn't keep his end of the bargain, Noel uses his wealth of Star Trek knowledge to take revenge.

star 7.48
675 votes
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#59 - Jamaic-Up?

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 22

Toni remains in a state of despair over her split with Greg, while a guilt-ridden Joan continues to keep her involvement in the break-up a secret. She confesses to Greg, who still wants nothing to do with Toni. William worries when Yvonne heads off to Jamaica to attend Sinbad's music festival. The girls decide to go to Jamaica as well, as Joan hopes that Toni will meet someone and get out of her funk. Sean and Joan argue, as he feels she should either confess the truth or mind her own business. Maya gets her groove back after a bikini wax, and Lynn falls in love with a bellhop and decides to stay in Jamaica. William shows up and surprises Yvonne with a marriage proposal. Toni hits it off with NFL star Terrell Davis and accepts his proposal, although she admits that she still loves Greg. Joan finally confesses that she told Greg about Toni's engagement to Clay, prompting Toni to attack her and storm off. Joan returns home to find Sean and Toni in a compromising position.

star 7.47
19 votes
Love, Peace and Hair Grease

#60 - Love, Peace and Hair Grease

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 17

Joan grows increasingly bored with her job. William notes that she doesn't hold the passion for the law that is required to truly succeed in their profession. She feels rejuvenated as she helps re-decorate Lynn's apartment. As Lynn returns some items she ""borrowed"" from her friends, Joan is furious to discover that Lynn forgot to send in Joan's application to the Fashion Institute many years ago. Joan had believed that she had been rejected, and had decided to go to law school because she didn't think she could make it as a designer. She lashes out at Lynn and blames her for changing the course of her life. Joan confides in Sharon about her dissatisfaction at work, and Sharon quickly takes her gripes to Swedelson. Joan assumes that she is about to be fired and tries desperately to get her job back. Much to her surprise, she receives a promotion. However, she realizes that her new success hasn't changed her feelings about her job, and decides to quit. Meanwhile, Maya receives

star 7.47
19 votes
Just Say No

#61 - Just Say No

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 2

Joan lies to Dr. Bales about ending her relationship with Toni, but he runs into them having lunch together. Toni is furious to learn that Joan has been talking to a therapist about her, and orders Joan to end their sessions. Joan continues to keep her appointments, and Dr. Bales suggests that she be more assertive with her friends. Lynn's boyfriend, Vosco, arrives from Jamaica, and Lynn hides him in Joan's house. William suddenly becomes more attractive to women after becoming engaged. Maya is upset by his insistence on flirting with all of his new admirers.

star 7.47
17 votes
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Just the Three of Us

#62 - Just the Three of Us

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 21

Toni has an apparent breakthrough in therapy. When Dr. Miller asks with whom she would want to be stranded on a deserted island, she picks Joan and realizes from her explanation that it is because she loves her. She is excited to realize that she is capable of love. However, Todd is miffed when she explains this to him. He doesn't like the idea that she didn't know about love before, and sees her decision to choose Joan over him as another example of her tendency to not take his feelings into consideration. William tells Toni that she was wrong to talk about her session with Todd, and recommends that she do something to show how much she appreciates him. She plans to surprise him with a picnic lunch, but sees him dining with an attractive colleague and assumes they are having an affair. Although he insists that she is mistaken, Toni is worried, and the tension between them escalates. Maya completes her manuscript and asks Lynn to read it and give feedback. She asks her not to

star 7.47
15 votes
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The Importance of Being Frank

#63 - The Importance of Being Frank

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 11

Joan begins dating a client, Frank Anderson. Everything seems to be going well until a crazed woman shows up at the office looking for Joan. She tells Maya and Lynn that she trailed her husband to Joan's house. Joan angrily breaks up with Frank in public. She later learns that Toni has been using her house to rendezvous with her married boyfriend and assumes that she was wrong to suspect Frank of wrongdoing. However, Toni's boyfriend soon delivers some surprising news that sheds new light on the situation.

star 7.46
24 votes
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The Rabbit Died

#64 - The Rabbit Died

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 2

Toni's friends refuse to believe that she is pregnant, as they are certain it is all part of a ploy to win back Todd. Even after Toni shows them an ultrasound and experiences morning sickness, they still believe that she is lying and insist on tagging along to her doctor's appointment. After her pregnancy is confirmed, an apologetic Todd comes home to help care for her, but remains unsure about their relationship. Meanwhile, William grows fed up with Maya's poor performance at the office and places her on probation after her antics with client Rev. Al Sharpton (including giving him a copy of her book) prompt Sharpton to give William a lecture.

star 7.46
24 votes
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To Baby...Or Not To Baby

#65 - To Baby...Or Not To Baby

The Game Season 1 - Episode 12

Melanie and Derwin discover that Melanie might be pregnant. Melanie realizes she is not ready for parenthood and puts off taking the pregnancy test. Excited about the possibility of a baby, Derwin plans to surprise Melanie with a half-time proposal during the game, but Melanie tries to stop him when she discovers she is not pregnant. Derwin proposes anyway and Melanie accepts, feeling pressured on national television. Wendy Raquel Robinson, Coby Bell, Brittany Daniel and Hosea Chanchez also star.

star 7.44
39 votes
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Lilith Needs a Favor

#66 - Lilith Needs a Favor

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 13

Lilith comes to Seattle, and tells Frasier that she would like to have another child. She wants him to father the child through artificial insemination so that Frederick could have a full-sibling. Frasier is hesitant to go along with this, so Lilith tries to manipulate him by bringing up touching stories from Frederick's childhood. She says that creating another person as wonderful as Frederick would be the best possible legacy they could leave. Frasier agrees to do it, much to the surprise of his family. When Frasier and Lilith argue at the clinic, he begins to fear that their second-born could inherit all of their worst qualities. He believes that they are trying too hard to re-create the past. He doesn't feel this would be a good reason to bring a child into the world. Frasier worries that Lilith is missing something from her life. However, she seems to make a connection with a fellow passenger, whom she had first met on the trip to Seattle, during her flight home. Meanwhile, Daphne, Roz, Mrs. Moon and Alice embark on a road trip to a Canadian amusement park, with disastrous results. Niles obsesses over a blurry photograph at the end of a roll, which he believes to be an illicit photo of Daphne. He is more than a little disturbed when he discovers the truth.

star 7.42
645 votes
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Wieners and Losers

#67 - Wieners and Losers

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 18

The newly unemployed Joan cannot stand the idea of just sitting back and relaxing, and drives her friends crazy by constantly cooking and knitting for them. She goes to the mall, and winds up taking a job at Wienercycle. Her friends tell her that this is a very stupid idea and convince her to quit. She tries to do this, but is inspired by the teenage shift manager's take-charge attitude and decides to stay and help her. Joan tries to defend her bizarre actions as the result of her work ethic, but experiences a wake-up call when she learns that the manager isn't really as gung-ho about her job as she had appeared to be. Meanwhile, William annoys Toni, Lynn and Maya by flaunting his new $6000 pen. Toni gets revenge by swiping the pen, and the girls enjoy watching William behave like a madman as he tries to find it.

star 7.41
17 votes
Coming to Terms

#68 - Coming to Terms

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 1

Joan fears she has hit an all-time low after she holds a ""Bring Your Ex"" party, but doesn't get a single phone number. She eventually winds up swearing off men to train for a marathon. Maya still struggles to get Darnell to talk to her after a month apart. William threatens to throw Lynn out of his house unless she lands another job. Toni laments the lack of drama in her life.

star 7.41
27 votes
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#69 - Un-Treatable

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 4

Darnell is upset with Maya for buying an expensive dress at her friends' behest, and again when she returns it. He sees this as a sign that she doesn't trust him to provide for her financially. Sean has difficulty battling his sex addiction. Joan tries to help him out over the phone, and ultimately flies to New York to see him. He says that having sex only a few times a month is too difficult for him in his condition, and asks her to move to New York. Joan cannot do this, so they break up. Yvonne finally placates William by quitting the police force.

star 7.40
20 votes
Rooferman, Take One

#70 - Rooferman, Take One

Smart Guy Season 2 - Episode 13

T.J. thinks his dad's business would benefit from a TV commercial, but when the station airs it at 3:00am, T.J. sneaks in and repositions it - during the Super Bowl.

star 7.40
10 votes
Moons Over Seattle

#71 - Moons Over Seattle

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 24

Niles eventually persuades the reluctant Mr. Moon to come to the U.S. and talk with his wife. He is prepared to leave immediately after Mrs. Moon rejects him, but Niles convinces him to stay for a while. Daphne is furious at Niles for interfering, as she feels her parents would eventually work out their problems on their own. She criticizes Niles for acting without consulting her. Niles and Daphne convince the Moons to join them for a romantic dinner. The plan works initially, but the couple soon gets into a brawl. Mr. Moon talks with Daphne and tells her that he and Gertrude are not going to reunite. A devastated Daphne fears that there is no point to marriage, but her father assures her that Niles is the right man for her. He cites the lengths Niles was willing to take to please Daphne as proof that he loves her much more than Mr. Moon ever loved Gertrude. Daphne realizes that he is right, and heads over to see Niles. She stuns him by telling him that she wants to marry imm

star 7.38
673 votes
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He Loves Her, He Loves Me Not

#72 - He Loves Her, He Loves Me Not

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 19

Joan feels bad about the way the girls have treated William's past girlfriends and decides to go out of her way to make Donna feel welcome. She hosts a dinner to give them a chance to get to know her. Donna is unnerved by the closeness between Joan and William, particularly when they take it upon themselves to help her organize a Cinco de Mayo party for the convalescent home where she works and get really excited about it. Donna confronts William during the ride home and offers the opinion that he is in love with Joan. He insists that this is not true and tries to provide reassurance. He then angers Joan by backing out of plans to do a song and dance together at the Cinco de Mayo party. Donna observes William's reaction to Joan's ridiculous performance and again opines that he loves her. William tells her about the psychic, but Donna believes that her purpose might actually have been to force William to face his true feelings for Joan. Meanwhile, the girls are furious when they

star 7.38
16 votes
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See J-Spot Run

#73 - See J-Spot Run

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 16

Joan struggles to take care of last-minute details for the opening of her restaurant, including trying to secure a celebrity to make an appearance. Things grow more complicated after her publicist quits. Although she claims to be fine, Joan also grows upset over seeing William with another woman--especially when she discovers that their relationship is not what she believed it to be. She worries that she has lost William's friendship forever. Meanwhile, Maya, Toni and Lynn fear that they haven't been supportive of Joan. They go to great lengths to try to convince actress/comedienne Mo'Nique to attend the opening of J-Spot.

star 7.35
17 votes
Into the Woods

#74 - Into the Woods

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 22

Joan decides to waive her ""three-month"" rule and sleep with Chris, but then receives a phone call from Sean. When she learns that Sean is back in town, she dumps Chris and expects to reunite with Sean. However, he stuns her by revealing that he is engaged. William expresses an interest in Lynn's co-worker, only to find that she is a lesbian with a crush on Lynn. Maya considers telling Darnell about her affair with Stan, but her friends talk her out of it. He soon discovers the truth in an unexpected way.

star 7.35
23 votes
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First, Do No Harm

#75 - First, Do No Harm

Frasier Season 6 - Episode 5

Martin fixes Frasier up with Duke's gorgeous daughter, Marie. Frasier soon begins to fear that the only reason Marie is dating him is to obtain free psychiatric advice.

star 7.34
852 votes
My Father's House

#76 - My Father's House

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 9

Jordan suffers Tamera's wrath when he refuses to go to church; and Lisa turns Ray's living room into a "holy sweat shop" after she offers to sew new choir robes.

star 7.33
9 votes
The Bridges of Fresno County

#77 - The Bridges of Fresno County

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 20

Toni is surprisingly excited about a visit from her mother, as she hopes to be pampered before having her baby. However, she soon learns that her mother actually came to town because she recently received a letter from an ""old friend""--and is considering having an affair with him. Meanwhile, William and Joan panic when J-Spot has trouble bringing in customers. They hope to correct this by giving the place an air of exclusivity.

star 7.31
16 votes
Radio Wars

#78 - Radio Wars

Frasier Season 7 - Episode 3

Frasier is the butt of station shock-jock pranks.

star 7.31
779 votes
The List

#79 - The List

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 12

The girls and William make lists of the qualities they want in their ideal partners. When everyone goes to an art gallery, Joan is amazed to find a man who meets all of her qualifications, but her friends later warn her that she may have frightened him with her aggressiveness. At the same gallery, Toni runs into an ex-flame who is tending bar; and William has another meeting with possibly unstable cop Yvonne and considers giving her a try. Lynn, meanwhile, becomes obsessed with a painting of a red triangle.

star 7.30
20 votes
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Single Mama Drama

#80 - Single Mama Drama

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 14

Maya befriends a fellow single mother, a janitor at the law firm's building. They quickly make a connection, but Joan finds the woman's attitude irritating; and fears that her example could negatively impact Maya's relationship with Darnell. Meanwhile, William pretends to work at Lynn's office because he misses the camaraderie of a workplace; and Lynn tries to scam her co-workers out of money by pretending it's her birthday.

star 7.30
20 votes
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Cheerful Goodbyes

#81 - Cheerful Goodbyes

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 21

On his show one day, Frasier tells his caller Jeremy that Niles used to wet the bed. Although he doesn't mention Niles by name, Niles and most of Seattle realize who Frasier was talking about. Niles is of course angry with Frasier. A few days later the Cranes, plus Daphne, head to Boston. Frasier is giving a speech at a conference and Niles will be making the introduction. At the airport, Frasier meets his old friend Cliff Clavin, who thinks Frasier has come for his retirement party. Not wanting to disappoint Cliff, Frasier says that's what he's here for...much to Niles' annoyance, as he has booked seats at an exclusive restuarant. At the party, Martin bonds with Frasier's friend Norm Peterson, Daphne is fascinated with Cliff's stories and Frasier is enjoying telling everyone what it is like to be famous. Only Niles is not having a good time, until Carla, the waitress from Cheers, tells him some embarrasing stories about Frasier, which Niles decides to use in his introduction.

star 7.30
679 votes
Between Brock and a Hard Place

#82 - Between Brock and a Hard Place

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 9

Joan's enthusiasm about her new engagement is tempered when she learns that Brock doesn't want to have children, but she decides to relax and just focus on the immediate future. However, the issue continues to gnaw at her. Brock explains that, although his behavior may seem selfish, he believes it is wrong for someone to have children that they don't truly want. Joan tries desperately to change his mind; but he insists that they could be around kids by playing an active role in the lives of the children of family and friends. Joan ponders this for a while, but ultimately decides that she wants to have children of her own. Brock insists that they can have kids, but Joan fears that he would grow to resent her. They have a tearful break-up. William, determined to beat Joan to the altar, proposes to Lynn. He promises to support her financially and let her live at his place. Lynn learns that Joan and Brock have split, but keeps it to herself until after she has married William. Me

star 7.29
17 votes
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I Have a Dream House

#83 - I Have a Dream House

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 12

Yvonne accuses William of trying to control her after he surprises her by buying a house for the two of them. Joan objects to the firm's policy regarding Martin Luther King Day, as they insist on remaining open for the day. She goes out of her way to try to change Swedelson's mind about the topic. Maya continues to spend time with Stan, and William warns her about what he sees as Stan's true intentions.

star 7.29
21 votes
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Bristle While You Work (1)

#84 - Bristle While You Work (1)

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 7

Niles becomes concerned about a lingering toothache after his dentist assures him that there is nothing wrong with the tooth. He tells Roz that there is a chance that he may be suffering from referred pain; and that the pain could actually be a sign of a heart condition. Roz mocks him upon learning that there is only a one in 10,000 chance of this. However, Niles worries even more after experiencing a series of astonishingly improbable events--such as having his car struck by lightning, and twice winning a contest from a bottled water company for which there is only one winner in 10,000. He goes to see a doctor, who confirms his worst fears by telling him that he must be hospitalized immediately due to an irregularity in his EKG. Meanwhile, Frasier has difficulty finding a suitable housekeeper to replace Daphne. Martin is impressed by a young woman who is a sports fan; and insists on hiring her, in spite of Frasier's objections. However, she proves to be totally irresponsible, and rarely even shows up for work. Martin tries to handle all of her duties himself so that he won't have to admit that Frasier was right about her.

star 7.27
708 votes
Mother Load (1)

#85 - Mother Load (1)

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 12

When Daphne and Niles decide to move in with each other, Daphne's mother and Simon arrive on a surprise visit. Daphne and Niles decide to put off moving in together until her visiting relatives are gone. Meanwhile, Frasier feuds with Cam Winston, his neighbor, over where Cam parks his large vehicle.

star 7.27
756 votes
A Partnerless Partner

#86 - A Partnerless Partner

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 20

William is made a senior partner in the law firm. He is thrilled about this, as is Maya, who will now get a substantial raise. He brings a beautiful date to the party honoring his promotion. Joan comments that he now has everything he wants, but William still feels as though something is missing. He talks with Swedelson at a strip club. Swedelson says that William should not pursue a relationship with Joan and instead advises him to go after Sharon, who had earlier seemed to be sending William signals. However, William discovers that Sharon is involved with the building's security guard. He goes to Joan's house and tries to share his feelings with her, but backs down after she talks about thinking of him as her ""big brother."" Meanwhile, Toni, Maya and Lynn enjoy the benefits of an especially friendly masseuse.

star 7.27
15 votes
L.A. Bound

#87 - L.A. Bound

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 1

Joan tries to confess her feelings for William, but knocks on the wrong door and winds up on the run from a crazed lesbian who thinks that Joan stole her girlfriend. Joan is repeatedly thwarted in her efforts to try to share her feelings with William, and gives up after he ignores her to have a tryst with Monica in the airplane's bathroom. Lynn returns to her birth father's house and admits that she is his daughter. Todd refuses to believe that Toni is pregnant unless she takes another test. She refuses, and orders him to be on the plane back to Los Angeles the next day. When he does not show up, she tries to hold up the plane to make everyone wait for him.

star 7.26
23 votes
Sweet Dreams

#88 - Sweet Dreams

Frasier Season 5 - Episode 24

Frasier refuses to comply when the new station manager mandates that on-air talent must read commercials during their programs. Frasier leads his forces to "The Black Tower" to protest, reckoning that the might of the on-air talent will force management to accede to their demands.

star 7.26
666 votes
The Other Woman

#89 - The Other Woman

What I Like About You Season 1 - Episode 11

Holly becomes pals with Jeff's ex-girlfriend, Dana when they both go to a U2 concert with Jeff, even though Val warned Jeff and Holly not to go with Dana, and Jeff never even wanted Holly and Dana to be friends. Meanwhile, Gary saves the life of a real-estate magnate at the concert.

star 7.26
47 votes
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Greek to Me

#90 - Greek to Me

Sister, Sister Season 6 - Episode 8

Tamara's plans are upset when Jordan goes under cover for the newspaper to expose hazing and, in a rush to get the scoop on fraternity hazing, forgets about his anniversary dinner with Tamera. Meanwhile, Lisa and Ray try to persuade Tia into joining their favorite sororities.

star 7.25
8 votes
Book Smart

#91 - Book Smart

Smart Guy Season 2 - Episode 8

T.J.'s classroom behavior irritates a teacher who feels it's preventing the other students from learning. Meanwhile, Mo and Marcus try to meet girls in a female self-defense class.

star 7.25
12 votes
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A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find

#92 - A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 17

Toni and Todd's relationship is thrown into flux after she inadvertently mentions marriage. When Toni goes into hiding, Todd seeks the assistance of her friends, who convince him that Toni loves him and help him confront his own feelings for her. Meanwhile, William finds himself extremely attracted to Sharon, leading to an odd face-off with Monica.

star 7.24
17 votes
The Mother of All Episodes (1)

#93 - The Mother of All Episodes (1)

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 7

Joan's mother makes a surprise visit and constantly criticizes her, particularly anything regarding her decision to open the restaurant. Joan grows fed up with her lack of support and tells her off, prompting Carol to leave. Joan also grows tired of fighting with William about the restaurant. She decides to buy him out to preserve their friendship, but he refuses to accept the check. They discuss his previous love confession, and William angers Joan by saying that he was ""desperate."" A ranting Joan winds up admitting that she tried to go to his New York hotel room to confess her feelings. They kiss and admit their love for each other, but Joan collapses when her mother emerges in a bathrobe. Meanwhile, Maya is concerned when she discovers that Jabari has been watching pay-per-view porn.

star 7.24
17 votes
Fraternal Schwinns

#94 - Fraternal Schwinns

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 16

KACL organizes a bike-a-thon to raise money for AIDS research. Frasier plans to just make a financial donation, but is goaded into participating after Julia announces her intention to take part. Daphne suggests that she and Niles also enter the event. Frasier and Niles try to hide the fact that neither of them knows how to ride a bike, and hope that they can figure it out before the bike-a-thon. After the truth comes out, Daphne tries to help them, but finds that it isn't easy. Meanwhile, Martin receives a frosty response from Cam Winston's mother, Cora, when she comes to the building to visit her son. When he asks why she never called, he learns that Mrs. Moon posed as his girlfriend and scared her away. Martin explains the situation, but Cora already has a boyfriend. A furious Martin gives Mrs. Moon the silent treatment, but she eventually goes to Cora to make amends.

star 7.23
644 votes
Big Crane on Campus

#95 - Big Crane on Campus

Frasier Season 7 - Episode 14

Frasier goes on a date with a high school classmate who has a short temper.

star 7.22
620 votes
Loose Lips Sink Relationships

#96 - Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 21

After Toni accepts Clay's marriage proposal, a disapproving Joan advises her to look into her heart, as she believes that Greg is the one she really loves. Toni comes to agree with her, and tells Clay that she cannot marry him. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Joan (unaware that Greg and Toni are even still together) accidentally tells Greg that Toni is engaged to another man, prompting him to dump her. Meanwhile, William issues an ultimatum to Yvonne after she is shot in the line of duty; and Maya continues to try to avoid having sex with Darnell.

star 7.20
15 votes
Good News, Bad News

#97 - Good News, Bad News

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 17

Following a fight with his father, Lynn's brother Matthew shows up and asks to stay with her while he pursues his music career. She tries to help him when he freezes during an audition, but winds up being offered the job as lead singer instead of him. Meanwhile, Toni is extremely reluctant to give up her massive closet to make room for the baby; and William is confused by a thank-you gift from Maya.

star 7.19
16 votes
The Wizard and Roz

#98 - The Wizard and Roz

Frasier Season 8 - Episode 20

Frasier catches his mentor in a bathrobe with Roz. Niles doesn't believe Daphne is psychic, so she calls a spookologist.

star 7.18
617 votes
Maybe Baby

#99 - Maybe Baby

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 5

Toni repeatedly tries to seduce Todd when he returns to L.A. for her three-month check-up. He instead tells her that he has consulted a lawyer and wants a divorce. Joan suggests that she re-consider her priorities and face the fact that she may be a single mother. Toni instead begins to question whether she wants to have the baby at all. Meanwhile, Joan learns that William is seeing more than one woman and does her best to try to sabotage the situation. William accuses her of jealousy.

star 7.18
17 votes
P.D.A. - D.O.A.

#100 - P.D.A. - D.O.A.

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 12

Maya and Toni question William and Joan's relationship because of their refusal to show affection in front of others. The couple gives holding hands in public a try, but soon runs into Joan's ex Brock. William is perturbed when Joan fails to tell Brock that they are dating, and suspects that she still has feelings for him. Maya and Toni back up this theory, and Joan is forced to admit this is true. Joan later gets into an argument with Brock and reaffirms her relationship with William. Meanwhile, the mother of Lynn's ex-boyfriend Lenny goes all out to try to reunite him with Lynn.

star 7.18
17 votes
I'm Listening

#101 - I'm Listening

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 6

Frasier overhears Ronee making a date with another man. He tells Martin, who is furious at him for eavesdropping. Ronee later breaks the news to Martin herself, explaining that she didn't think they had an exclusive relationship. He covers by claiming to be dating a woman named Sheila. Frasier gets stuck in the kitchen and overhears the conversation, and Martin accuses him of being a chronic eavesdropper. Martin runs into Ronee and her date at Cafe Nervosa, and tries to make her jealous by having Roz pose as the fictional Sheila. Frasier urges Martin to tell Ronee how he feels about her. Ronee comes over to talk to Martin, and Frasier leaves to give them some privacy. However, Roz inadvertently drives Ronee away, and Frasier somehow finds himself listening to another private conversation as Ronee and Martin sort things out in her car.

star 7.16
645 votes
The J-Spot

#102 - The J-Spot

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 4

Joan decides to open her own restaurant. William is offended when Joan fails to share the news with him, as he instead hears it from two junior partners at the firm. Joan responds by taking William to task for reuniting with Monica so soon after declaring his love for Joan. They get into a heated argument and decide to end their friendship. Joan finds the perfect space for her restaurant, but doesn't have the money to lease it immediately. Toni suggests that she get an investor, then tries to arrange a truce (for business purposes only) between Joan and the one person she knows who can supply enough capital for the restaurant: William. Meanwhile, Joan and Maya grow concerned by Lynn's behavior after she begins performing on the streets while painted up as a robot.

star 7.16
19 votes
...With a Twist

#103 - ...With a Twist

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 22

Following Darnell's drunken love declaration, Maya enlists the help of Joan and William as she plans to break up his wedding. However, she soon has second thoughts. Joan tries to talk some sense into Darnell in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Toni gives birth to a baby girl before she is able to get in touch with Todd or the girls. Following the surprisingly easy delivery, Toni begins to wonder whether she really needs Todd in her life. Unable to hold back her feelings any longer, Lynn lashes out at Finn and quits the band.

star 7.16
19 votes
The Way We Were

#104 - The Way We Were

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 15

Maya has her first book signing, and her friends and family come to the store to offer their support. Joan, Lynn and Toni also read excerpts from Oh, Hell Yes. Maya is surprised and pleased when Darnell stops by to get a copy of the book signed. Although her friends believe she is overreacting, Maya insists that Darnell wants her back and determines that she must make a move on him. Meanwhile, Joan cannot handle being around William in the aftermath of their break-up.

star 7.15
13 votes
Good Samaritan

#105 - Good Samaritan

Frasier Season 6 - Episode 11

Frasier doubts humankind's goodness when several charitable acts go wrong...including rescuing a woman from the pouring rain.

star 7.13
647 votes
The Placeholder

#106 - The Placeholder

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 5

Roz tries to convince Frasier to go out with her friend Ann. She feels that Frasier is too particular about who he dates, and adds that there is nothing wrong with continuing to date around until the right person comes along. Frasier is reluctant, but soon grows tired of tagging along with Niles and Daphne and Martin and Ronee or hanging around the apartment alone. He agrees to a date with Ann, which proves to be a disaster. In the middle of the evening, he runs into Kenny, who is trying to persuade his beautiful and interesting cousin, Liz, to take a job in Seattle. Liz is leaving town the next day, so Frasier tries to ditch Ann so that he can spend time with her. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne suspect that their maid is stealing from them.

star 7.13
597 votes

#107 - Frasier-Lite

Frasier Season 11 - Episode 12

KACL employees face off against another station in a weight-loss competition, with the winning team to receive a trip to Las Vegas. Tensions rise among the staffers, who become extremely cranky due to hunger as the contest proceeds. Noel starves himself and repeatedly faints after Roz suggests that he might get lucky with her in Vegas if they win the trip. Frasier refuses to get into the competitive spirit until he discovers that their opponent's general manager is a man who bullied him in high school (stealing his chess set). Meanwhile, Niles and Martin try to nurse an injured pigeon back to health; and Niles repeatedly suffers injuries of his own because the pregnant Daphne rolls over onto him in her sleep.

star 7.12
616 votes
Stop the Presses

#108 - Stop the Presses

Smart Guy Season 2 - Episode 14

T.J. decides he wants to be a reporter, but since answering to Yvette as the editor of the school paper is more than he can take, he starts his own rival publication.

star 7.12
34 votes
Santa v. Monica

#109 - Santa v. Monica

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 11

William agrees to dress as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in the hopes of restoring Jabari's belief in Santa (something that seems to concern Joan just a little too much). However, Monica arranges for him to host the annual Christmas party for the senior partners and important clients on the same night, and pressures him to blow off Jabari and his friends. As they argue, Monica makes a startling revelation about the way the met. Meanwhile, Todd gives Toni a unique Christmas gift: a doll of herself, which has a bizarre effect on her.

star 7.06
17 votes
Mother Load (2)

#110 - Mother Load (2)

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 13

Daphne and Niles continue to try and hide the fact that they have moved in with each other from Mrs. Moon. She makes such a mess of things that the only way she will leave is if Simon takes care of her, but Simon has left for California. Meanwhile, Frasier's neighbor Cam drapes the American flag over his balcony, and Frasier cannot complain because it would seem unpatriotic.

star 7.03
707 votes
The Bad Son

#111 - The Bad Son

Frasier Season 8 - Episode 3

When Frasier's car breaks down, he and Roz decide to take the bus. There, Frasier spots an attractive woman whom he tries to start a conversation with, but unfortunately he slips and falls and the woman leaves the bus. But Frasier won't give up so easily: he overheard her conversation with a friend and now he knows her name and job, so he goes after her. She works in a retirement home, where Frasier takes his father to, pretending they're interested in having Martin live there. Frasier scores his date, but spends the entire time worrying about his father when Miranda tells him his father filled an application – later to be discovered that it was only done so Martin could play poker with the residents. Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne are separated during their romantic dinner on the roof when Niles gets locked in the hall.

star 7.01
703 votes
Joey and the Big Audition

#112 - Joey and the Big Audition

Joey Season 1 - Episode 10

A discouraged Joey is just looking for an audition for a good show. At Alex's Northwestern alumni party, he's mistaken for a fellow alumni, and introduced to the Northwestern Mafia. They help him get an audition for a show called Deep Powder, described as "Baywatch on skis." Joey's a little depressed that he's auditioning for the father of 2 teenage characters.

star 7.00
81 votes
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Joey and the High School Friend

#113 - Joey and the High School Friend

Joey Season 2 - Episode 11

Joey's best friend from high school is visiting. Gina has a big surprise for Michael.

star 7.00
135 votes
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Getting Our Act Together

#114 - Getting Our Act Together

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 2

Maya and Darnell seek marriage counseling from their minister. They find the counseling pointless, but engage in an afternoon tryst that has an overly enthusiastic Maya convinced that they are going to reunite soon. Lynn finds work as a bartender, despite the fact that she has no idea what she's doing. William tries to prove to Swedelson that he has the toughness required to be a partner in the firm.

star 7.00
19 votes

#115 - Finn-ished

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 19

After sleeping with bandmate Finn, Lynn believes that she can deal with an open relationship, but becomes extremely jealous whenever she sees him with other women. Meanwhile, Joan forces William to attend Toni's baby shower, although he believes such events should only be for women. He gives Toni an heirloom cradle that he expects to get back in the future for his own kids, only to learn that Toni has given it away to her cleaning lady (before firing her).

star 7.00
16 votes
All's Fair in Love and War

#116 - All's Fair in Love and War

In the House Season 4 - Episode 20

Marion denies having feelings for Natalie, as he and Tito throw a bachelor party for Maxwell.

star 7.00
1 votes
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Hot Pursuit

#117 - Hot Pursuit

Frasier Season 7 - Episode 18

Frasier and Roz are forced to room together at a broadcasting conference. Niles worries when Martin accepts a surveillance job from Donny.

star 6.98
604 votes
War of the Words

#118 - War of the Words

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 18

Frederick wins the National Spelling Bee, but the judges find that Frasier was mouthing the letters of the words during the competition.

star 6.94
687 votes
Loose Lips

#119 - Loose Lips

What I Like About You Season 1 - Episode 19

Upon learning that Val has a reputation for being antisocial at work, Holly encourages her sister to mingle with her colleagues. However, an evening out becomes fodder for office gossip when Val finds herself in a compromising position with her boss Vic. Meanwhile, Jeff meets the attractive Olivia-but is shocked to find out that she is Gary's mother.

star 6.93
41 votes
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Wedding on the Rocks

#120 - Wedding on the Rocks

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 21

After Darnell reveals that he has failed to get a band for his wedding (which is just two days away), Maya recommends that he hire Lynn's band. However, Lena is not impressed after hearing the group perform, and lashes out at Darnell. He turns around and blames Maya for the fight, accusing her of trying to sabotage the wedding. Darnell shows up at Maya's apartment drunk after the bachelor party and says that he loves her. Meanwhile, Lynn continues to battle her feelings of jealousy regarding Finn. William begins to complain about the restaurant, prompting Joan to suggest that he is actually dealing with issues about their break-up. After going into false labor, Toni vows to live life to its fullest in the short time left before she gives birth.

star 6.89
18 votes
The Truth About Nerds and Dogs

#121 - The Truth About Nerds and Dogs

Out of Practice Season 1 - Episode 4

Regina and Oliver begin fretting over Ben's new obsession with comic books and his new slacker friends. So the two come up with a plan to end the situtation by setting Ben up on blind dates. Elsewhere, Lydia is convinced that her dog likes Stewart more than her and is none to happy.

star 6.83
6 votes
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Joey and the Temptation

#122 - Joey and the Temptation

Joey Season 1 - Episode 22

Just as Joey and Sara become exclusive, Joey has to do a love scene with Carmen Electra for Deep Powder. Meanwhile, Alex struggles with the knowledge that Eric kissed another woman.

star 6.80
135 votes
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Good Catch or Bad Hop?

#123 - Good Catch or Bad Hop?

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 15

Maya and her friends enjoy perks such as limo rides and entry to exclusive clubs, courtesy of her baseball player beau, Alex. She is reluctant to refer to him as her boyfriend, and bristles when he repeatedly makes up excuses to avoid spending time with her. She also objects when he surprises her with expensive new furniture. Alex convinces her to allow him to shower her with gifts, as he enjoys doing this and doesn't think of her as a groupie. However, when the girls show up at a party, Alex refuses to allow them to come inside. Toni forces Maya to face the fact that Alex only wants her as arm candy, to see when he sees fit while he continues to play the field. William continually bothers Alex for autographed memorabilia, while his friend Dan (who suddenly appears after learning that William knows a baseball star) can't seem to get the idea that Lynn isn't interested in him. Lynn, meanwhile, works on a documentary about single mothers. She pays them for their time by babysitti

star 6.79
14 votes
The Headmaster

#124 - The Headmaster

Stacked Season 2 - Episode 14

Gavin and his ex-wife bring their son to the school for his interview and they're worried that the haircut he got might not make a good impression on the head master. So they bring Skylar along who was the one who brought their son for his haircut to explain. But when the man meets her he can only think about hooking up with her. Later when they go to his place, he makes a move which she rebuffs. And when Gavin and his ex hear about it, they're worried this ruins their son's chances.

star 6.60
10 votes
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Too Big for Her Britches

#125 - Too Big for Her Britches

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 6

After learning that her agent has secured her a three-book deal, Maya becomes even more negligent in her duties as William's assistant. He finally ends up firing her. Maya then learns that her publishing company is being bought out and her deal is not going to happen. William refuses to re-hire her because he cannot bear to let go of her incredibly efficient replacement. Maya turns to Joan for help, but isn't too happy about becoming her assistant again. Meanwhile, Toni frets about her weight and her friends' seeming indifference to her concerns; and Lynn joins the ranks of the paparazzi.

star 6.53
17 votes
How to Rock a High School Sensation

#126 - How to Rock a High School Sensation

How to Rock Season 1 - Episode 20

Gravity 5 and the Perfs make an audition tape for a TV show; Kevin tries to track down a TV host after he forgets to mail the group's audition tape.

star 4.50
2 votes
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The Fifth of Prankuary

#127 - The Fifth of Prankuary

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 2

Mr. Madigan tells everyone about an annual pranking holiday and challenges all to outdo him. The next day, Miss Park is out sick and "Mr. Maffigan" fills in. Assuming it's Mr. Madigan, True and Lulu throw out the class's surprise exam, and must get it back.

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True Disaster

#128 - True Disaster

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 7

True and Lulu try to sneak out of the office to get B.o.B tickets, while doing that they must be absolutely quiet not to disturb Amanda who has a serious migraine. True then agrees to let her Uncle Troy's girl soccer team have a birthday party at Mad Style. Meanwhile, Ryan, Jimmy and Max spend the day at a comic book store in New Jersey.

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