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Last Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Network: BET

Three women, all dating professional football players, learn the rules of the game.

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Move Trick, Get out of the Way

#1 - Move Trick, Get out of the Way

Season 5 - Episode 21 - Aired May 29, 2012

Derwin and Melanie's long distance relationship; Malik's success; Tasha becomes a surrogate; Jason and Chardonnay's conflict

star 9.25
40 votes
Cold Swine Sucks...And So Does Falling in Love

#2 - Cold Swine Sucks...And So Does Falling in Love

Season 5 - Episode 20 - Aired May 22, 2012

Tasha's discovers a text message; Derwin pushes Irv.

star 9.22
9 votes
The Rules of the Game

#3 - The Rules of the Game

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 8, 2006

As a favor to Derwin, Melanie attends the first Saber Sunbeam meeting of the season, only to learn that unlike the wives, football players' "girlfriends" are not considered legitimate and are treated as such by the other wives. On the same day, Derwin attends his first rookie seminar where he is given a lecture about gold diggers, STDs and is hazed by the other players. Later that night, Melanie and Derwin attend a party where Melanie, has a conversation with another player and is perceived to be flirting with him. When the player's girlfriend confronts Melanie, she realizes the rules of the game in the pros will take some getting use to.

star 8.25
85 votes
Directors: Ted Wass
Writers: Mara Brock Akil
The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode

#4 - The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 27, 2006

When Melanie (Tia Mowry) learns that Derwin (Pooch Hall) is still upset about the bad publicity caused by her continuing friendship with an old football rival, she tries to find various ways to make it up to him. However, when Derwin refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, Melanie calls her mother and starts packing. Meanwhile Kelly (Brittany Daniel) and Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) persuade Malik (Hosea Chanchez) and Jason (Coby Bell) to talk some sense into Derwin.

star 8.18
17 votes
Writers: Kenny Smith
Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer

#5 - Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer

Season 5 - Episode 9 - Aired Mar 6, 2012

Melanie tries to connect with Janay by pushing Derwin closer to her fiancé. Elsewhere, Tasha forges ahead in her newfound relationship with a male escort.

star 8.14
14 votes
The Trey Wiggs Episode

#6 - The Trey Wiggs Episode

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 20, 2006

When Derwin's image consultant ( guest star Shanti Lowry), tells Derwin her idea to pair him with football player Trey Wiggs (guest star Chaz Lamar Shepherd), his former college teammate, he objects, saying he and Trey were more like rivals than teammates. Meanwhile, Derwin learns that Melanie had lunch with Trey, though she insists that it is strictly platonic. However when a local paper secretly photographs Melanie having a second lunch with Trey, things heat up. Coby Bell and Brittany Daniel also star.

star 8.08
12 votes
Directors: Ken Whittingham
Writers: Kenny Smith
The Right to Choose Episode

#7 - The Right to Choose Episode

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Aired Mar 29, 2011

Melanie and Tasha clash over the direction of Derwin and Malik’s careers, resulting in Melanie firing Tasha from her position as Derwin’s manager.

star 8.03
29 votes
Mi Casa Es Su Casa

#8 - Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 13, 2006

When Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) returns early from a trip she finds Malik (Hosea Chanchez) throwing a wild party at their house and shuts it down. Fed up with his mom running his personal life, Malik asks her to move out and find her own place. Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall, Coby Bell, Brittany Daniel, Rocky Carroll also star and rapper Too Short guest stars as himself.

star 8.00
14 votes
Directors: Salim Akil
Writers: Kenya Barris
It's Hard Being Kelly Pitts

#9 - It's Hard Being Kelly Pitts

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 22, 2007

When Kelly attempts to please Jason, take care of her daughter and impress Jason's parents who visit from out of town, she overworks herself and has a breakdown, Meanwhile, Malik starts to worry about winning the playoff game and enlists Derwin as his new practice partner. Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson also star.

star 8.00
9 votes
Directors: Sheldon Epps
Writers: Erica Montolfo
The Ghost of Derwin Past

#10 - The Ghost of Derwin Past

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 10, 2007

Dionne ditches sympathetic Melanie, who decided to stay in San Diego after learning that Dionne would be spending Christmas alone, after she learns that an endorsement opportunity she pitched for Derwin has been resurrected. She decides to take back Derwin as her client and spend her holidays in St. Barts. Meanwhile, Kelly and Jason argue over his frugal spending during the holidays and Malik begins to question Tasha's allegiance to him.

star 8.00
11 votes
Directors: Salim Akil
Writers: Erica D. Montolfo
Fits and Starts

#11 - Fits and Starts

Season 5 - Episode 16 - Aired Apr 24, 2012

Tasha and Pookie explore their friendship; Janay goes out of town; Melanie and Derwin stay busy.

star 8.00
13 votes
Breakthrough, Breakdown? Break- Through

#12 - Breakthrough, Breakdown? Break- Through

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired May 8, 2012

Melanie does some soul searching; Malik's relapse.

star 8.00
14 votes
The Preseason Game Episode

#13 - The Preseason Game Episode

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired May 21, 2013

Blue struggles with his feelings after learning that Keira was a virgin before she slept with him. Meanwhile, Jason’s suspicions of Chardonnay cheating with Rick comes to a head, resulting in a huge confrontation between Tasha, Jason, Chardonnay and Pookie.

star 8.00
16 votes
Death Becomes Her

#14 - Death Becomes Her

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired Mar 22, 2011

Melanie is eager to have sex with Derwin so that she could finally conceive a child of her own.

star 7.98
45 votes
The Championship Game Episode

#15 - The Championship Game Episode

Season 5 - Episode 22 - Aired Jun 5, 2012

It's down to the wire Game fans! Can the Sabers pull off a championship win? Will Derwin and Melanie settle on a resolution to their potential long distance relationship? Will Malik cut ties with Jenna in order to maintain his professional success? Jason sends Chardonnay on a rollercoaster ride.

star 7.98
44 votes
Blank Canvases

#16 - Blank Canvases

Season 6 - Episode 9 - Aired May 14, 2013

Blue helps Keira prepare for an audition, resulting in an intimate “first” moment for the couple. Meanwhile, after Tasha tells Rick her intentions to break things off with Pookie, she is caught off guard by an impromptu proposal instead. And Malik must prove himself worthy of doing business

star 7.95
19 votes
A Woman's Right to Choose Herself

#17 - A Woman's Right to Choose Herself

Season 5 - Episode 17 - Aired May 1, 2012

Tasha's struggle with being a surrogate; Jason helps Chardonnay with her finances; Melanie's discontent with Derwin.

star 7.92
12 votes
Derwin's About to go H.A.M

#18 - Derwin's About to go H.A.M

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired Apr 10, 2012

Derwin suffers consequences; Melanie's surrogate; Derwin's drama as a professional athlete.

star 7.90
10 votes
Party in a Box

#19 - Party in a Box

Season 5 - Episode 15 - Aired Apr 17, 2012

Chardonnay grumbles that her relationship with Jason is purely physical, so Jason tries to make amends by introducing her to his friends. Meanwhile, Derwin faces the reality of Kwan's season-ending injury.

star 7.85
13 votes
A Swan Song For Rick And Tasha…

#20 - A Swan Song For Rick And Tasha…

Season 6 - Episode 16 - Aired Aug 6, 2013

Rick and Tasha’s relationship reaches a fork in the road; Blue struggles with game performance.

star 7.83
18 votes
There's No Place Like Home

#21 - There's No Place Like Home

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 11, 2006

Melanie goes home to Connecticut to spend Christmas with her parents, while Derwin stays in San Diego, where he anxiously waits to see if the Sabers will make the playoffs. Meanwhile, Malik worries the team will discover he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

star 7.82
11 votes
Writers: Kenya Barris
Insert Car Here

#22 - Insert Car Here

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 16, 2009

Seeing Kelly with a date causes Jason to feel jealous. Tasha faces the insecurities between her relationship with Rick Fox. Melanie would like to find a connection with Derwin which isn't physical.

star 7.80
10 votes
Whip It, Whip It Good

#23 - Whip It, Whip It Good

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Mar 8, 2011

Jason tries to avoid his responsibilities as a parent by asking Melanie to take care of his daughter Brittany

star 7.79
43 votes
Beach Chairs

#24 - Beach Chairs

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 11, 2011

Derwin and Melanie are now two years married with Melanie being a housewife and a step-mom to Derwin’s son. If you remember, she spent the previous few seasons studying to become a doctor. Of course, she has some suspicion that Derwin’s son isn’t really his so she decides to get a DNA test behind his back. Tasha Mack dating a much younger guy named Donte. She tries to keep her true feelings for him low but ends up breaking out emotionally when she discovers his ex-girlfriend was Sheree from the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Meanwhile, we see Malik’s success getting to his head. He is currently sleeping with the majority owner of his team’s girlfriend (played by the hot Meagan Good) and he is pushing his best friend to the limits. He eventually gets caught by his friend Terrence who walks in on Malik in a Jacuzzi with the owner’s girlfriend and Terrence’s girlfriend. Lastly, the ongoing battle between Jason and Kelly continue. They just got out of their divorce and they spend the entire episode trying to get each other even more upset.

star 7.78
127 votes
Media Blitz

#25 - Media Blitz

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 12, 2007

Malik becomes the whopping boy for a cartoonist after making a politically incorrect statement. Things take a change for the worse when Malik tries to make amends and ends up punching the cartoonist. Malik turns to Tasha to help him but she's out signing a new client to Tasha Mack Management. Meanwhile, guilt stricken Jason confesses to Derwin about this lies to Kelly about his use of steroids.

star 7.78
9 votes
Directors: Salim Akil
Writers: Hale Rothstein