The Best Episodes Directed by Leonard R. Garner Jr.

The Assistant

#1 - The Assistant

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 2

Maya's new assistant Cindy is certainly eager, but also incompetent, and Maya's work suffers because of it. Jack wants to fire her, but Maya is determined to give her a chance. However, the more time that passes, the more Cindy screws up, and the more Maya's resolve is tested. Meanwhile, Finch and Elliott sabotage Nina's radio appearance by giving her a phony Word-a-Day calendar.

star 9.00
103 votes
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Daddy in Overdrive

#2 - Daddy in Overdrive

One On One Season 2 - Episode 4

Breanna tries to get her learner's permit, so Flex decides to teach her how to drive. All seems to go well until he freaks out and becomes overprotective of Breanna on the open road. Meanwhile Duane is interested at a woman at his gym but she only likes to date built men so he takes diet pills. Breanna, annoyed by her dad gets Arnaz, Duane, and her Grandparents to teach her how to drive but they all react just like Flex. Flex then realizes how overprotective he is but he tells Breanna it's because he loves her. Flex suggest that maybe she should get a proffessional teacher who doesen't know her and Breanna agrees. Duane gets off his diet pills and wins the woman's heart in the end.

star 9.00
1 votes
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Creepy Connie's Curtain Call

#3 - Creepy Connie's Curtain Call

Jessie (2011) Season 1 - Episode 23

Jessie directs a play she's written and casts Luke as the male lead; the play is a love story, and 'Creepy Connie' is the female lead. Meanwhile, Zuri job-shadows Bertram for her school report.

star 8.53
94 votes
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Failure to Communicate

#4 - Failure to Communicate

My Wife and Kids Season 2 - Episode 19

Michael's parents come to visit him, but Michael is worried about the way they treat each other and how that is reflecting on his own children. After a disastrous attempt to fix things, Michael and Jay finally decide to let things the way they were. Meanwhile, Jay and Michael worry about Jr.'s rush to have sex and his new girlfriend. Note: This episode was originally intended to air in season one, but for unknown reasons, ABC pulled back to season 2 Episode 19. Which is why Jazz Raycole portrays Claire, making this episode her very final appearance in the series .

star 8.50
132 votes
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Cattle Calls & Scary Walls

#5 - Cattle Calls & Scary Walls

Jessie (2011) Season 1 - Episode 24

Jessie decides to pursue acting, so she auditions for a TV show.

star 8.48
105 votes
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You Make Me Sick

#6 - You Make Me Sick

Reba Season 1 - Episode 4

Cheyenne is experiencing morning sickness for the first time and Van is tired of her vomiting. Reba suspects that a neighbor does not want her son hanging out at Reba's house with Jake because of all the objectionable things that go on. Brock convinces Van that Cheyenne's morning sickness is mental and that she just needs to get over it — after all, Barbra Jean only had one day of queasiness and now she's fine. He suggests that Van and Cheyenne come over to his place for a nice dinner. Cheyenne agrees to go but still doesn't feel well. BJ takes her aside and tells her that she just needs to lie. BJ feels terrible and has morning sickness too, but she hides it from Brock to keep him happy. Cheyenne attempts to act happy but finally breaks down and admits to Van that she feels awful. They agree to be honest with each other. Reba's neighbor admits that she doesn't want her son at Reba's house so Reba denies Jake permission to go on a campout with his friend. She tries to cheer Jake up wit

star 8.39
180 votes
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Pass the Salt

#7 - Pass the Salt

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 13

A surprise visit from his fireman father leaves Finch puzzled, since the two had always been emotionally distant from one another. When Red Finch suggests that he and his son spend some quality time together, Finch can only surmise that his father is either dying or having an affair. The truth turns out to be even more shocking- Red has finally come to accept the fact that his son is gay. He isn't, of course, but Finch has a hard time convincing him of that. Meanwhile, Maya invites Jack to her apartment to dinner in order to convince him that the neighborhood she lives in is not as bad as he thinks, but a robbery there that afternoon complicates the task.

star 8.24
85 votes
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Sweet Charity

#8 - Sweet Charity

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 8

Maya's attempts to get her coworkers involved in her favorite charity are met with overwhelming indifference. Only after the PR-minded Jack goads them to help to Finch, Elliott, and Nina contribute. And only after Maya pleads with him does Jack finally contribute. Rather than giving his time or effort to the charity, he helps in the usual Jack Gallo fashion- by giving a giant check for $50,000. When he consequently wins an award for Humanitarian of the Year, Maya's jealousy gets the better of her. Meanwhile, Elliott tries to figure out why the office's nickname-happy gopher keeps snubbing him.

star 8.22
86 votes
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B.S., I Love You

#9 - B.S., I Love You

Wings Season 7 - Episode 12

Joe and Brian are thrilled at the return of Grandpa Hackett, but Helen isn't so sure he is who he claims to be. Meanwhile, Antonio refuses to continue a chain letter, which everyone else gets and passes along, and begins to suffer for it.

star 8.21
76 votes
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The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode

#10 - The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode

The Game Season 1 - Episode 9

When Melanie (Tia Mowry) learns that Derwin (Pooch Hall) is still upset about the bad publicity caused by her continuing friendship with an old football rival, she tries to find various ways to make it up to him. However, when Derwin refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, Melanie calls her mother and starts packing. Meanwhile Kelly (Brittany Daniel) and Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) persuade Malik (Hosea Chanchez) and Jason (Coby Bell) to talk some sense into Derwin.

star 8.18
17 votes
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First Birthday

#11 - First Birthday

Guys With Kids Season 1 - Episode 8

Chris plans a nontraditional celebration for Ernie's first birthday; Manny and Gary try a kale-only diet; Sheila tries to deal with her breakup.

star 8.14
171 votes
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#12 - Steamed

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 2

Jack wants the tenants on the floor above Blush to move. Maya is taken in by Finch's lie that he wants them to move so he can build a free daycare center. The real reason: a steam room. Meanwhile, Nina meets with her former model roommate, who is now fat.

star 8.12
86 votes
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The Withholder

#13 - The Withholder

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 6

Finch returns from Jamaica after a failed attempt at romance with Courtney, who played him, as it turns out. Elliott steps in to try to prove what a friend he is to Finch by giving her a dose of her own medicine--getting her hooked on him and then telling her to kiss off. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry when he ends up liking her and they start dating for real. Meanwhile, Jack makes another bet with Donald Trump--whoever loses less weight has to wear a dress during their golf game. However, he makes the mistake of asking Nina for help with his diet.

star 8.11
85 votes
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#14 - Bravefinch

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 19

Finch's complaints about doing petty errands bring an unexpected response from Jack- he hires a personal assistant, Kenny. Having his territory infringed on soon becomes the least of Finch's worries, as Kenny threatens Finch violently when Finch speaks up. To make matters worse, no one believes Finch because Kenny is all brightness and sunshine to everyone else. Meanwhile, Nina's attempts to quit smoking backfire in two ways: Nina becomes even more amorous than usual toward everyone, while Maya, mistaking Nina's nicotine patch for a Band-Aid, gets unwittingly hopped up on nicotine and becomes relentlessly hyper.

star 8.10
83 votes
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Jack's Old Partner

#15 - Jack's Old Partner

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 20

While writing his memoirs, Jack suddenly contracts a horrible case of writer's block. He then realizes why- he has come to the place in his memoirs where he fired his old partner Herb just before Blush took off. Discovering that his old partner has been toiling in a toyshop in Connecticut for 30 years earning a meager living only worsens the guilt. In an attempt to make it up to him, Jack gives Herb a high position in the magazine only to rediscover the reason he let Herb go in the first place- Herb is terrible at the magazine business. Meanwhile, Nina's problems with an IRS audit seem to be over when the female auditor takes a liking to Elliott, but in fact, they're just beginning.

star 8.09
85 votes
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What the Teddy Bear Saw

#16 - What the Teddy Bear Saw

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 1

Jack enlists Finch to stop off at his house and check up on his new nanny. However, Finch ends up having sex ("Twice!") with the nanny. But his joy may turn to embarrassment after he discovers Jack had a hidden camera installed in the room that they used. Meanwhile, Elliott neglects a favor Maya asked him to do, and Nina joins a cult.

star 8.09
93 votes
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How Nina Got Her Groove Back

#17 - How Nina Got Her Groove Back

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 9

Nina gets into a catfight with modeling rival Margo Langhorne, then becomes upset when Margo decides to retire from modeling. Jack is upset that Donald Trump has a sandwich named after him and gets Finch to attach his name to a park. Maya's new boyfriend enjoys taking his shirt off in public. And Elliott's wearing new shoes to please his girlfriend, but they only make him slip.

star 8.08
84 votes
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#18 - Coach-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 3 - Episode 11

A new coach arrives to take charge of the girls' basketball team and immediately butts heads with Maddie. When Liv agrees to help Parker with his art project, her date with Holden takes an unexpected turn.

star 8.08
86 votes
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Funny Girl

#19 - Funny Girl

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 4

Not impressed with Maya's lame attempt to play a prank on him, Finch claims that women just aren't as good at practical jokes as men are. To prove him wrong, Maya tries to convince Elliott he's being stalked, but it turns out the joke's on her-in a big way. Meanwhile, Jack fears that he's really beginning to look his age, so he decides to look into plastic surgery.

star 8.05
86 votes
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Trick or Truth

#20 - Trick or Truth

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 7

Toni suffers a breakdown after Greg cheats on her, then reveals that he only took her back so that he could get revenge against her. Lynn and Maya try to help her pick up the pieces, but Joan is less than sympathetic. Without Toni to round up male guests, William finds himself as the only man at Joan's Halloween party, and becomes overwhelmed by all of the female attention.

star 8.05
22 votes
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Death Becomes Him

#21 - Death Becomes Him

Wings Season 7 - Episode 3

The sad news of Richard Kingsbury's death in Miami is occasion for celebration at Sandpiper, as Kingbury's oldest daughter hires the Hackett's to bring the body back to Nantucket for the Memorial. But the brother's fly the wrong body back to the island, and it's up to Joe to impersonate the late Kingsbury at the funeral.

star 8.03
73 votes
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Joe Blows (2)

#22 - Joe Blows (2)

Wings Season 5 - Episode 8

With Joe MIA, the burden of running Sandpiper Air falls all on Brian. As he struggles to keep things in the air, he gets a clue to where Joe ran off to.

star 8.00
46 votes
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No More Wire Hangers

#23 - No More Wire Hangers

One On One Season 3 - Episode 20

In order to escape his mother Cheryl's drinking, Arnaz hides out in Breanna's room, but after Arnaz turns to Flex for support, his mother physically abuses him, forcing Flex to convince Cheryl to get some help for her problem.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Prodigal Brother

#24 - The Prodigal Brother

One On One Season 3 - Episode 21

When his career as ""hairdresser to the rap stars"" ends abruptly, Flex's younger brother Kevin returns home hoping to take over the family barbershop, but after Flex sells it out from under him, he agrees to let Kevin stay on as manager. Later, Flex and Kevin team up to confront Kevin's former employer, a gangster rapper, in order to get the money he owes Kevin. Meanwhile after Flex grounds her Breanna tries hard not to break her punishment.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The List

#25 - The List

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 8

Jack fears for his reputation when he falls to #100 on the Power 100 list. Nina's idea to improve his standing by sending out a special collection of Blush covers to remind people how important the magazine has been backfires, as Elliott is made #100 because of his brilliant photography. Meanwhile, Finch meets idol Mark Hamill at Bartini's and annoys the hell out of him.

star 7.99
85 votes
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#26 - Home-Run-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 3 - Episode 15

Holden and Liv try to help Parker pass his show choir class. Josh and Maddie finally go on their first date.

star 7.97
115 votes
Super Dupers

#27 - Super Dupers

The Thundermans Season 4 - Episode 13

Max and Phoebe use their powers to give their friend a confidence boost, but the gesture backfires when he recklessly starts to think he that he has superpowers of his own.

star 7.97
112 votes
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Truth and Consequences

#28 - Truth and Consequences

Becker Season 1 - Episode 19

Becker's cousin Barry invites him over to his house for dinner, and Becker learns first-hand than Barry and his wife are having major marital problems. However, Becker makes the situation worse by letting it slip that Barry once had an affair.

star 7.97
211 votes
2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten

#29 - 2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten

Wings Season 5 - Episode 9

When news arrives that Sandy Cooper is returning to Nantucket, Joe fears her high school obsession with him will return but the others think he's imagining things. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to raise money to send to his family and Roy is worried about a visit from his cranky mother.

star 7.96
76 votes
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The End of an Era

#30 - The End of an Era

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Season 4 - Episode 22

Josh and Harvey are fighting for Sabrina's affection, so she feeds them magic friendship bread to bring peace between the two, but they become too close and ignore her. When a frustrated Sabrina undoes the spell, the fighting between the boys worsens. As a last resort, she forces them to compete for her in a magical obstacle course--then learns that it is a fight to the death. Harvey's unselfish concern for Josh prevents disaster, but Sabrina has used up her quota of magic on Harvey: Josh will think it is all a dream, but Harvey arrives at Sabrina's house demanding what will happen to their relationship now that he knows she's a witch.

star 7.96
145 votes
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The Wedding Dress

#31 - The Wedding Dress

Two Guys and a Girl Season 3 - Episode 15

Pete searches for a woman he slept with only to find out she's getting married and he was her last one night stand. Ashley gets her arm stuck in the garbage disposal while trying to fix it herself and Sharon goes shopping for wedding dress on sale.

star 7.95
115 votes
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She's Baaaack!

#32 - She's Baaaack!

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Season 4 - Episode 20

Sabrina's bratty cousin Amanda shows up with plans to steal one of Sabrina's men.

star 7.94
145 votes
Strike Out

#33 - Strike Out

The King of Queens Season 3 - Episode 7

Doug and Deacon, who are out of work because of a strike, resort to playing sophomoric pranks, along with Arthur, to keep from going stir crazy. But they're driving Carrie and Kelly nuts. Eventually, Doug and Deacon return to work leaving Arthur alone.

star 7.94
902 votes
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When a Man Loves a Donut

#34 - When a Man Loves a Donut

Wings Season 7 - Episode 8

Spurned by Joe (who's too busy with his new wife to spend time with him), Brian turns to food, but ends up trying to deal with his problems at a meeting of the "Eat-A-Holics." Meanwhile, Antonio tries to get used to tight shoes, after he pays $200 for them, and Casey gets hired by the Nantucket Tourism Board.

star 7.94
47 votes
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Parks & T-Rex

#35 - Parks & T-Rex

The Thundermans Season 4 - Episode 7

While preoccupied with the Z-Force training, Phoebe and Max discover that they have forgotten special family events.

star 7.94
156 votes
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Whose Wife is It Anyway?

#36 - Whose Wife is It Anyway?

Wings Season 6 - Episode 1

After their night together,Helen tells Joe that it was all a big mistake and she goes to New York to marry Davis.While bemoaning his loss with Brian (Who has sorrows of his own,when news comes that Alex has left the island for good.),Joe comes to realize he has to win Helen back.He follows her to New York and finally catches up to her in the Elevator on the way to Davis' penthouse.Joe asks Helen to marry him, and she says yes.

star 7.92
74 votes
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Dana Dates Jim

#37 - Dana Dates Jim

According to Jim Season 3 - Episode 7

It's Halloween and Cheryl is trying to host "the" party so she can own Halloween in the neighborhood. Dana brings in her newest date, Hank, who carries an awful lot of similarities to Jim. While refusing to admit she's dating Jim, Dana realizes the truth when she accidentally pinches Jim's butt thinking it was Hank. The next day she and Cheryl have a fight over the whole situation, which leaves it up to Jim and Andy to fix the friendship between the two sisters.

star 7.90
428 votes
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Miss Jenkins

#38 - Miss Jenkins

Wings Season 6 - Episode 8

The return of 9th grade English teacher Laura Jenkins to Nantucket reawakens the Hackett's schoolboy crushes.For Brian fantasy becomes reality when he spends the night with her,but to his embarrassment,he doesn't perform. Meanwhile,Roy deals with a con man interested in marrying his mother for her social security check.

star 7.90
49 votes
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The Spark and How to Get It

#39 - The Spark and How to Get It

Wings Season 6 - Episode 4

After his therapist pronounces him fully recovered from his break-up with Alex,Brian plunges back into the dating world.His efforts at the Club Car yield nothing of interest (despite Antonio's assistant with the "Good Cop,Bad Cop" Routine),so he follows the advice of others and starts dating casual friend Joan.That elusive "Spark" that is missing from their first three dates finally comes to life when Brian breaks up with her,but for the "Spark" that was there during their dates is now gone. Meanwhile,Lowell prepares a commencement address for his alma mater and Casey has trouble getting a good haircut.

star 7.89
75 votes
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The Hot Wife

#40 - The Hot Wife

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 2

Cheryl feels down when she can't use her sexuality to get a dinner table at a restaurant, so Jim tries to cheer her up by writing letter as a 'water delivery guy', but his plan soon makes Jim doubt if Cheryl is attracted to him or the delivery guy.

star 7.89
363 votes
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Nina's Birthday

#41 - Nina's Birthday

Just Shoot Me Season 1 - Episode 4

Fed up with Maya and Nina's constant bickering, Jack asks Maya to throw Nina a birthday party as a goodwill gesture. Maya tries her best to be nice, but Nina's relentless barbs push Maya to her limits. Also, Finch claims that Elliott's success with women is entirely due to his glamorous job, so he comes up with a bet to prove it: Elliott must pick up women, same as always, except he must do it under the pretense of a different job title assigned to him by Finch.

star 7.88
172 votes
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Let's Talk About Sex

#42 - Let's Talk About Sex

Wings Season 8 - Episode 12

Roy falls for talk show host Mary Pat Lee,but discovers she used confidential information to ambush her Joe and Helen on her show. Meanwhile,Brian pays Casey to run errands for him.

star 7.88
42 votes
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Jim Almighty

#43 - Jim Almighty

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 1

Crazed about the fact that Cheryl joined a dinner party club, Jim insults the very creator of women, God, who then gives Jim the power to try to do a better job, but Jim ends up making women behave like Jim would. Also, when Andy tries to make guys more like women, he turns himself and Jim into oversensitive girly guys.

star 7.88
401 votes
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Rare Breed

#44 - Rare Breed

Guys With Kids Season 1 - Episode 16

Gary struggles to keep up with his successful new career and his responsibilities as a dad; a missing toy makes a sound that keeps Emily and Nick up at night; Ernie is held back at his play group.

star 7.87
118 votes
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Secretary's Day

#45 - Secretary's Day

Just Shoot Me Season 1 - Episode 3

Finch gets extremely annoyed when everybody wishes him happy Secretary's Day- he despises being known as a mere secretary. He storms out of the office and ends up in the arms of a gorilla at the zoo. Also, Maya tries to talk Nina out of getting breast implants.

star 7.86
170 votes
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Single and Hating It

#46 - Single and Hating It

Wings Season 8 - Episode 4

As a furious storm rages outside,Joe and Helen stop by the "Singles Mingle" to drop off Brian's wallet,intent on leaving as soon as possible to begin celebrating the first anniversary of their wedding.But news soon comes that the roads are closed due to high water and everyone is trapped.Not wanting to let everyone know they are married,for fear of their reaction,Joe asks Helen to be his bride again. Meanwhile,Fay,Roy and Casey mingle,while Antonio is offered his money back and asked to wait in the office till the party is over.And Brian tries to convince the only woman in the place he's attracted to,the sexy Bartender,that he's not a pathetic as he seems.

star 7.85
41 votes
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#47 - Anec-Dont's

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 6

Cheryl, upset that Jim thinks her daily anecdotes are boring, steals Dana's story about meeting Oprah. Jim, now determined to out-do Cheryl, makes up a story about his construction office catching fire. But when Cheryl take the kids to see the damage, Jim and Andy, who are scrambling to make it look authentic, end up setting a real fire.

star 7.85
343 votes
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El Matrimonio Loco

#48 - El Matrimonio Loco

Two Guys and a Girl Season 3 - Episode 24

Irene throws Sharon and Johnny a wedding on the roof after Sharon cancels some of the plans, Pete and Marti go off to fireman boot camp and Berg and Irene hook-up.

star 7.85
93 votes
The Garage Door

#49 - The Garage Door

According to Jim Season 4 - Episode 4

Cheryl and Dana are forced to smash their way out of a locked garage, because they ignored Jim's lesson on how to open the door from the inside.

star 7.85
372 votes
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Apartment Halloween

#50 - Apartment Halloween

Guys With Kids Season 1 - Episode 6

Nick goes to war with the new co-op board president, Lydia (Marissa Jaret Winokur), when she forbids his annual Halloween decorations.

star 7.85
289 votes
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The Shrink

#51 - The Shrink

Wings Season 6 - Episode 3

After Brian's depression over Alex's departure results in a near break-down during a flight,Joe suggests he go see a Psychiatrist. Once there Brian makes a partial recovery,but Joe is the one with the true breakthrough,as he relizes that his earlier acceptance of Helen's suggestion of an earlier wedding date may result in trouble for him in the marriage.When confronted,Helen agrees on the original wedding date,until Casey sparks some doubts.Misunderstanding's ensue,which results in the wedding being called off.But Dr. Greyson appearance at the airport for a flight lead to a reconciliation. Meanwhile,Lowell attempts to find the hat that Antonio lost for him.

star 7.85
73 votes
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Heartache Tonight

#52 - Heartache Tonight

Wings Season 8 - Episode 20

Roy invites Joe and Helen over to his house on an important night for him:the introduction of his girlfriend to his mother.But when he's dumped before the fateful evening,Helen reluctantly fills in. Meanwhile,Brian passes on his cold to Casey before her big date.

star 7.85
39 votes
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The Clock

#53 - The Clock

According to Jim Season 4 - Episode 22

Jim and Cheryl adjust the clocks to get the kids to bed earlier so they can have more quality time together.

star 7.84
391 votes
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Give Me a Break-Up

#54 - Give Me a Break-Up

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 10

Phoebe's relationship with her superhero boyfriend is put to the test when he is offered an assignment overseas.

star 7.84
128 votes
The Experiment

#55 - The Experiment

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 1

Determined to prove that good-looking people have an unfair advantage in the job market, Maya concocts an experiment. She'll send two people to interview for the same job- one is unattractive but perfect for the job; the second has the brains of a Stegosaurus but is gorgeous. She soon falls victim to the very prejudice she is trying to fight when she and the good-looking guy start dating. Also, Nina begs for the chance to participate in an office prank on Finch while Jack struggles with the complicated assembly instructions to his baby daughter's dollhouse.

star 7.82
105 votes
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The Gift of Life

#56 - The Gift of Life

Wings Season 8 - Episode 6

When a medical courier leaves his package in the terminal on Halloween Eve,the gang scramble to find him before time runs out.

star 7.82
44 votes
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There's No Place Like Home

#57 - There's No Place Like Home

The Game Season 1 - Episode 10

Melanie goes home to Connecticut to spend Christmas with her parents, while Derwin stays in San Diego, where he anxiously waits to see if the Sabers will make the playoffs. Meanwhile, Malik worries the team will discover he has an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

star 7.82
11 votes
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Play Ball

#58 - Play Ball

Melissa & Joey Season 1 - Episode 27

Mel recruits Joe to play on her office softball team, as she is determined to beat her rival's team (Tom Wilson). Meanwhile, Ryder wants Lennox to feature Holly's short story in the school blog.

star 7.81
406 votes
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Gary's Idea

#59 - Gary's Idea

Guys With Kids Season 1 - Episode 15

Marny is dismayed when Gary comes up with a business idea; Chris decides to reinvent himself and starts a new hobby.

star 7.81
83 votes
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A Big Bust

#60 - A Big Bust

Rules of Engagement Season 6 - Episode 9

When Audrey thinks her maid needs help getting money to fix her limp, she asks her neighbours to help contribute, only to find out she misunderstood what the maid needed the money for.

star 7.81
642 votes
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Et Tu, Antonio?

#61 - Et Tu, Antonio?

Wings Season 6 - Episode 24

When Antonio's cousin Dominic and his fiancee Teresa visit Nantucket,Antonio finds himself struggling to ignore his feelings for Teresa.He succumbs to temptation during supper at his apartment,after Teresa voices concerns over problems with her relationship.But he ultimately helps his cousin win Teresa back. Meanwhile,Helen's side of the family outshines Joe's when the wedding gifts start to arrive.

star 7.81
77 votes
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The Wrong Stuff

#62 - The Wrong Stuff

Wings Season 6 - Episode 10

To counteract Roy's Aeromass promotions,the Hackett's woo famous astronaut Ace Calvin as a celebrity spokeman for Sandpiper.Joe and Brian soon discover that Ace is as charming and persuasive in public as he is irratating and annoying in private life.Any thoughts of signing him up are dashed when Roy beats them to the punch,but Roy quickly discovers just how obnoxious Gavin can be.

star 7.80
45 votes
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A Tale of Two Sister Cities

#63 - A Tale of Two Sister Cities

Wings Season 7 - Episode 20

On the verge of losing her job with the Tourism Board, Casey sees a solution when her sister city idea is accepted. But things go downhill when Brian sleeps with the visiting princess of prospective sister city Khirinan. Meanwhile, Antonio offers to take the little princesses for their hair care appointment. It turns out to be two dogs, which he promptly loses.

star 7.80
45 votes
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If It's Broke, Fix It

#64 - If It's Broke, Fix It

Girlfriends Season 4 - Episode 2

Toni refuses to speak to Todd because she is up in arms about his debt and feels betrayed by the fact that he failed to disclose this information sooner. While at the spa with Joan, Toni's ring is apparently repossessed by a woman on behalf of Harry Winston. A furious Toni plans to divorce Todd, but seems to soften as she discusses the situation with William. However, she still tries to throw Todd out of the house. After she explains that her greatest fear is becoming poor again, Todd says that he is afraid of losing her, and points out that he accumulated his debt trying to court her. Toni learns that Todd did not buy her ring at Harry Winston; the woman simply stole it after overhearing her conversation about debt. Todd gets Toni to agree to work on the marriage, and they reach a compromise about the insurance settlement for the stolen ring. Meanwhile, Joan confides in her new assistant, Peaches. She says that Ellis is away in New Zealand working on his movie, but she has dec

star 7.80
20 votes
One Night Stand?

#65 - One Night Stand?

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 2

After Joan reveals that she hasn't had sex in a year, her friends push her to go for a one-night stand. Joan is reluctant because she generally doesn't sleep with anyone until she has been in a relationship for three months, but tries to make a move on Davis Hamilton, a handsome man who owns the restaurant the girls frequent. She convinces Davis to drive her home and makes a pass at him, only to learn that he is engaged. Although nothing happens between them, Joan tells Toni and Lynn that she slept with him. When the girls blab the news around town, Davis' fiancée dumps him, leaving Joan to struggle for a way to clean up the mess.

star 7.80
49 votes
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The New Boss

#66 - The New Boss

Men at Work Season 2 - Episode 3

A new editor is picked up at Full Steam Magazine, and the boys all do their best to impress. Gibbs' game gets shaky, Neal experiences a colossal confidence boost and Milo tries to get noticed. Meanwhile, Tyler tries to change up his dating style, and it doesn't go quite as well as he'd like to think.

star 7.78
459 votes
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First Word

#67 - First Word

Guys With Kids Season 1 - Episode 11

Nick and Chris argue about who brought Sheila into their life; Gary talks about the origin of his chipped tooth; Sheila and Chris wait for Ernie's first word.

star 7.78
152 votes
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Roll Model-A-Rooney

#68 - Roll Model-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 4 - Episode 8

Liv and her fellow female co-stars of "Sing It Louder!!" attempt to break the stereotype that boys are better than girls at 'boy stuff' by organizing a woodblock derby race against the boys. Meanwhile, Maddie and Willow take part in a challenge at their local restaurant which has only been won by men before.

star 7.78
114 votes
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The One Without Dialogue

#69 - The One Without Dialogue

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 6

Pete tries to locate a woman he saw on the subway, Johnny tries to fix Ashley's bathroom plumbing and he has to turn off the building's water supply, which leaves Berg with a head full of shampoo. A dog follows Sharon home and she has him lick the dishes clean but he accidentally eats her wedding ring. Ashley refuses to give up her seat on the subway to a pregnant woman so four pregnant women hound her.

star 7.78
123 votes
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The Customer's Usually Right

#70 - The Customer's Usually Right

Wings Season 4 - Episode 10

Joe is irritated about getting charged a rewind fee for a returned video tape which he believes was rewound.

star 7.78
49 votes
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#71 - Dreamgirl

Wings Season 8 - Episode 19

When Fay goes on vacation,the Hackett's hire a beautiful woman to fill in at the counter.Brian finds her distressingly distractiving,while Joe and Helen have uneasy dreams about her. Meanwhile,Casey helps Antonio get a job at the department store,only to see him promoted ahead of her.

star 7.77
39 votes
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All's Fare

#72 - All's Fare

Wings Season 6 - Episode 7

To pay of a $1500 IRS fine,Antonio becomes the driver/errand boy/personal assistant to Gavin Rutledge,a business visiting Nantucket for a week for a real estate deal.Uncomfortable at seeing Gavin dating Casey,Antonio faces a major delemma when he finds out Gavin is married.At the price of his job,Antonio tells Casey about Gavin,and Casey shows her gratitude by giving Antonio a jewelry gift she recieved from Gavin. Meanwhile,Joe is Irked that Brian had an erotic dream about Helen.

star 7.77
47 votes
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Foul Ball

#73 - Foul Ball

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 1

The fifth season premieres with Jim sneaking off to a Cubs game with Kyle instead of taking him to his first day of kindergarten.

star 7.77
375 votes

#74 - Falcon-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 4 - Episode 9

Joey's popularity at school is threatened when an old nemesis from Wisconsin returns and Maddie feels the need to keep a close eye on Parker's new friend.

star 7.76
109 votes
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Ms. Write

#75 - Ms. Write

Wings Season 8 - Episode 18

Brian falls for "R",after reading her love letters,mistakenly sent to a former occupant of the house. Meanwhile,Joe and Helen ask Antonio to install a new security system in their house.

star 7.76
38 votes
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Too Much, Too Late

#76 - Too Much, Too Late

Becker Season 4 - Episode 19

To Jake's horror, Reggie is obsessed with assisting him reach a goal he made up in the sixth grade. Reggie's persistence only causes pain and embarrassment for Jake, and she refuses to listen to John's pleas to leave Jake alone. Meanwhile, Linda drives the office crazy when she saves a patient's life and now thinks she can skip medical school and go straight to telling John and Margaret what to do.

star 7.76
181 votes

#77 - Hosed

Wings Season 8 - Episode 13

Joe and Helen deal with a crooked Vacuum cleaner salesman charging them for a vacuum originally sold with an "eternal" guarantee. Meanwhile,Brian gets close to Roy to get closer to his niece.

star 7.76
42 votes
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Period Peace

#78 - Period Peace

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 7

When Ruby and Gracie can't seem to stop fighting, Jim is "forced" to read their diaries to determine the cause, only to realize that he needs to give out delicate motherly advice to them, while Cheryl is still away.

star 7.75
333 votes
Love Overboard

#79 - Love Overboard

Wings Season 7 - Episode 25

Casey finally catches up with the husband who abandoned her, but her rage lessens as he professes his heartfelt remorse at his desperate act. She's understanding to his sad stories of being bankrupt and shame causing him to leave in the first place...until she sees him on his yacht. Meanwhile, Roy teaches Antonio how to dance.

star 7.74
50 votes
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The Waxman Cometh

#80 - The Waxman Cometh

Wings Season 6 - Episode 5

After receiving 20,000 dollars from the family trust fund,Lowell invests the money in an old wax museum.Despite everyone's doubts about it,Lowell renovates the museum,but at the lackluster grand reopening of "Lowell Mather's House O' Wax",he comes to realize it won't be easy.When news comes of a disastrous fire at the museum,Lowell is determined to start again from scratch,but when he realizes that the place is fully insured against fire,he's thankful just to have his money back.

star 7.74
76 votes
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The Fast Track & the Furious

#81 - The Fast Track & the Furious

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 23

Lynn persuades Toni to accompany her to Virginia, where she seeks Sandy's help before a presentation aimed at receiving a grant for her AIDS documentary. During the visit, Lynn meets her grandmother and learns a shocking secret about Sandy's health. After discovering how much money William is now earning, Maya tries to become his assistant in the hopes of improving her salary and returning to school. However, William will only sign off on the arrangement if Joan gives her approval.

star 7.71
14 votes
The Team Player

#82 - The Team Player

Wings Season 7 - Episode 15

A publicity disaster occurs when Antonio (running the desk while the brothers go to a hockey game) bumps the Bruins abrasive star goalie Danny "Dead End" Connelly off a Sandpiper flight to a critical game, causing the Bruins to lose. Meanwhile, winter tourism on the island takes an upswing when Casey welcomes the International Society of Masochists to Nantucket.

star 7.71
49 votes
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Lean On Me

#83 - Lean On Me

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 10

Cheryl encourages Jim to meet a former girlfriend wants to discuss business for lunch, and then regrets it when she becomes convinced that the old flame has romantic intentions.

star 7.71
361 votes
Office Feud

#84 - Office Feud

NewsRadio Season 3 - Episode 19

Joe engages in office warfare with the new noisy environmentalists upstairs. Catherine takes offense at Bill's newest sponsor, Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor. Lisa covers a White House Easter Egg hunt.

star 7.70
154 votes
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Maybe It's You

#85 - Maybe It's You

Wings Season 8 - Episode 3

Brian's vows to find a deeper,more meaningful relationship is tested by beautiful but dumb Dani. Meanwhile,Joe tries to deal with the fact that one of his best friends didn't invite him to his wedding.

star 7.70
47 votes
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Call of the Wild

#86 - Call of the Wild

Wings Season 5 - Episode 23

When Brian's old friend shows up and they resume their wild, partying lifestyle every night, Alex grows increasingly neglected. Lowell takes in his idol, over-the-hill television superhero Big Strong Man, who takes advantage of his hospitality.

star 7.69
45 votes
Gone But Not Faygotten

#87 - Gone But Not Faygotten

Wings Season 6 - Episode 18

When Fay decides to retire,Joe and Brian hire Casey to replace Fay at the counter.To the Hackett's surprise,Casey works wonders for their business.When Fay asks for her old job back,the brother's face a predictament.Rather than fire Casey,they decide to keep both at the counter,and sparks soon fly between the women.Casey's demands that they get rid of one of them is soon fulfilled.She gets fired.

star 7.69
48 votes
Safety Last

#88 - Safety Last

According to Jim Season 7 - Episode 3

When Cheryl takes a greater interest in general safety and health, Jim feels stifled by her new rules and regulations. Just after Cheryl forces Jim to wear an I.D. badge during his morning jog, Jim is head-butted by a bull on a side road. While Cheryl learns that one can't anticipate every danger out there, Jim realizes that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make his family feel secure.

star 7.68
338 votes
Eat, Pray, Date

#89 - Eat, Pray, Date

Melissa & Joey Season 2 - Episode 9

Mel's date thinks Joe's cooking is something Mel made; Lennox's friend has a crush on Ryder.

star 7.68
394 votes
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Fried Turkey

#90 - Fried Turkey

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 9

Joan finds herself alone on Thanksgiving after everyone makes other plans for the holiday. After dining at 847, she meets Davis's friend Preston Hall, a handsome and highly successful attorney. Joan invites him back to her place for a home-cooked meal before he has to leave on the red-eye, but her friends suddenly begin appearing and she can't seem to get them to leave.

star 7.67
21 votes
Childs in Charge

#91 - Childs in Charge

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 17

Toni plans to open her own real estate office, but Joan's efforts to encourage her to be practical wind up putting a damper on her enthusiasm. Toni accuses Joan of failing to support her dreams, although Joan insists that she just doesn't want her friend to get hurt. Meanwhile, Swedelson, disappointed by William's recent performance at work, encourages him to remedy what ails him by going on a ""booty call.""

star 7.67
18 votes
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World Wide Web of Lies

#92 - World Wide Web of Lies

Jessie (2011) Season 1 - Episode 14

Jessie competes with another nanny named Agatha who forbids her from taking the Ross kids to Central Park. She ends up putting pictures of Jessie online that makes her look like a bad nanny.

star 7.65
96 votes
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Sunday in the Apartment

#93 - Sunday in the Apartment

Two Guys and a Girl Season 3 - Episode 5

Sharon and Johnny fight over wedding plans, Berg and Ashley also fight and Pete runs into a crazy ex-girlfriend.

star 7.65
99 votes
Toe Sucking

#94 - Toe Sucking

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 1

Joan Clayton, a successful attorney, prepares to celebrate her 29th birthday (although she claims to be 26 to make her achievements seem more impressive). Toni, Joan's best friend, begins dating Charles, a venture capitalist with a propensity for toe-sucking who dated Joan until he freaked out at the prospect of marriage. Toni tries to hide the truth, but their friend Lynn forces her to confess to Joan. Joan claims she has no problem with Toni bringing Charles to her birthday party; but then brings her friend and colleague, William, to try to make him jealous. Joan is furious to learn that Charles is now interested in settling down, and the evening comes to a screeching halt. Meanwhile, Toni constantly clashes with Maya, Joan's sassy assistant.

star 7.64
61 votes
Making the Grade

#95 - Making the Grade

My Wife and Kids Season 1 - Episode 5

Jr. gets an F in Algebra and forges it into an A. Claire finds out about it and soon starts to blackmail Jr. so she won't tell their parents. But Michael and Janet are smarter than that and decide to teach Jr. a lesson by ""toying"" with him. After numerous attempts, Janet decides to take her own actions on Claire, while Michael still tries to make Jr.'s guilt speak out. That only happens when Michael has Jr.'s teacher over.

star 7.64
266 votes
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#96 - Friend-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 3 - Episode 18

Liv is not too happy when Joey lands a part on "Voltage". When Karen finds out that Andie's dad disapproves of Dump Truck, they team up to change his mind.

star 7.63
98 votes
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Zuri's New Old Friend

#97 - Zuri's New Old Friend

Jessie (2011) Season 1 - Episode 6

Jessie gets worried that Zuri may have imaginary friends her whole life, so she tries to find her an actual friend at the park. Zuri meets Nana Banana, a former clown with a colorful personality, but Zuri begins to favor Nana Banana over Jessie. Jealous, Jessie throws Nana Banana out after a banana peel is left on the stairs, which upsets Zuri. Meanwhile, Mr. Kipling falls in love with a plastic toy animal at the park, so Luke, Emma and Ravi rob it from the park, while trying to avoid Ranger Bill, the park security guard. When they accidentally break the toy and try to return it to the park, they are caught. However, Nana Banana saves them from getting in trouble, which makes Jessie realize her mistake and apologize to Nana Banana, leading to all of them becoming friends.

star 7.62
156 votes
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Insanity Claus

#98 - Insanity Claus

Wings Season 6 - Episode 11

On Christmas Eve,when Antonio buys Helen's last jelly donut,new air traffic controller Bob snaps,pulls out a gun and takes Antonio hostage.Matters for Antonio only get worse when it is revealed that his new girlfriend is also Bob's wife.Joe is finally able to talk Bob into surrending his gun,but the others are not very appreciative of the means by which he does it.

star 7.62
53 votes
Still Hangin' Out

#99 - Still Hangin' Out

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 20

When Lauren and her friends start hanging out in the Halversons' cool ""teen scene"" basement, Judy becomes jealous and starts a competition by creating a cooler teen hang-out in the Millers' garage. But when Bill discovers the real reason the neighborhood boys think the Millers' house is the better place to be, the Millers are forced to abandon their dream of being the neighborhood hangout and apologize to the Halversons for competing with them.

star 7.60
79 votes
Cookies for Santa

#100 - Cookies for Santa

Reba Season 2 - Episode 10

Reba is disappointed to learn she'll be spending Christmas Eve alone, but while paying a visit to the local homeless shelter she meets a special person who teaches her the true meaning of the holiday season. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van's plan to start a new holiday tradition backfires; and Reba and Brock argue over who will be the one to give Jake his first bike for Christmas.

star 7.57
164 votes
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The Remains of the Date

#101 - The Remains of the Date

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 6

Joan plans an elaborate scheme to get revenge on William for the latest in a series of Halloween pranks. Toni is put off when her date asks her to engage in a threesome--with a stuffed animal.

star 7.56
25 votes
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My Dinner with Irene

#102 - My Dinner with Irene

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 8

Berg and Irene decide to go on a date to see if they could an actual couple and not just sex buddies but when Iren sees Pete sad she asks him out instead. They go to dinner and Berg tags along but Irene dumps Pete. Johnny doesn't like all the time that Sharon is spending with Ashley.

star 7.55
87 votes
Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo

#103 - Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo

Two Guys and a Girl Season 2 - Episode 11

Pete enlists the help of a TV love guru to help Berg and Ashley when Berg calls Ashley to tell her that he thinks they shouldn't see each other anymore. She doesn't take very well and breaks down and cries. And for Sharon and Johnny because Sharon is jealous of Johnny's friend Sean when she finds that Sean is a woman.

star 7.55
119 votes
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#104 - Choose-A-Rooney

Liv and Maddie Season 3 - Episode 17

Maddie is torn between Diggie and Josh. Gemma and Johnny Nimbus ask Liv to plan a wedding in under a week.

star 7.53
121 votes
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Of Breasts and Basketball

#105 - Of Breasts and Basketball

My Wife and Kids Season 1 - Episode 4

Michael (Damon Wayans) doesn't take it well when he loses at basketball; Claire (Jazz Raycole) buys a padded bra

star 7.52
304 votes
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The Set Up

#106 - The Set Up

Rules of Engagement Season 5 - Episode 19

Russell finds Timmy has a sister and wants to date her. Audrey and Jeff play match maker for their neighbour Liz.

star 7.51
913 votes
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#107 - Downshift

Men at Work Season 2 - Episode 4

Gibbs reluctantly falls into puppy love. Milo gets caught up in a relationship that is moving too fast for everyone to handle. And Neal teaches Tyler a lesson about the perfect hamburger.

star 7.49
433 votes
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A Little Romance

#108 - A Little Romance

My Wife and Kids Season 1 - Episode 10

Michael's brother Ken comes to visit and brings his newest girlfriend. While Jr. is mainly interested in seeing parts of her body, Michael envies his brother because his own sex life became a little boring - Jay keeps asking for more spontaneity and Michael doesn't know what to do. His brother tells him to innovate and Michael ends up catching a cold when he dances naked in the backyard for Jay. Meanwhile, Claire is worried about winning a dancing contest. She's not satisfied with Jr. being the only one with trophies to show around, and despite her father's dissatisfaction with her dance moves, she manages to get a second place - which is not exactly what she hoped for.

star 7.49
216 votes
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The Monitor Story

#109 - The Monitor Story

Two Guys and a Girl Season 3 - Episode 14

Sharon and Johnny discover a hidden room in their apartment, which contains a TV monitor that is hooked up to every apartment in the building. Berg and Ashley get back in the dating swing. Pete discovers that Irene has been taking his stuff and making a dummy of Pete.

star 7.47
123 votes
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Breaking Up and Breaking It

#110 - Breaking Up and Breaking It

My Wife and Kids Season 1 - Episode 9

Claire develops her first real crush on a boy, and Michael does everything to break them up. But instead of threatening the guy like he would usually do, Michael become friends with him, to the point where the boy wants to spend more time with Michael then with Claire. After Claire dumps him, Jay makes Michael dump him too, which is a little hard because he is listens to Michael. Jr., on the other hand, has been busier playing with himself. Ever since those hormones kicked in, Jr. spends most of the day in the bathroom, until he ""breaks"" his toy and has to take some time out.

star 7.46
223 votes
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Kiss Me, Nate

#111 - Kiss Me, Nate

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 14

Max is nervous when his girlfriend auditions for the romantic lead in the school play opposite a cute boy, so he convinces Phoebe to audition for the same role.

star 7.46
142 votes
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I Pity the Fool

#112 - I Pity the Fool

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 5

Joan grows tired of the clingy Marcus and plans to break up with him, but only winds up complicating the situation by having ""pity sex"" with him. The girls try to help her out by bombarding Marcus with negative facts about Joan in the hopes that he will dump her. Meanwhile, Maya gets involved in a get-rich-quick scheme.

star 7.45
29 votes
The Bear

#113 - The Bear

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 1

A bear mauls Pete and he thinks Marti doesn't care for him when she doesn't rush to go see him. Berg and Irene try to keep what they did after the wedding a secret but they end up sleeping together again. Johnny shows Sharon the house he bought for them and it's in serious need of repair. Nomar breaks up with Ashley because of something Pete told him.

star 7.43
99 votes
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Terminal Jealousy

#114 - Terminal Jealousy

Wings Season 5 - Episode 2

Roy gets bored and decides to have some fun at everyone else's expense.

star 7.42
48 votes
The Gift of Maggie

#115 - The Gift of Maggie

According to Jim Season 5 - Episode 11

When Cheryl and Dana's mother, Maggie, visits for the holidays, Jim and Cheryl compete with Ryan and Dana for her affection

star 7.41
366 votes
The Big Surprise

#116 - The Big Surprise

The Big Show Show Season 1 - Episode 7

Lola's best friend from Minnesota comes out for a visit. Mandy and Taylor debate in front of the school, and the Big Show gets back in the ring.

star 7.40
52 votes
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Bye-Bye, Bunny

#117 - Bye-Bye, Bunny

Wings Season 5 - Episode 3

Lowell and Bunny make their separation final by signing the divorce papers only to start sleeping together again. Meanwhile, Antonio consoles a woman who's cheating husband left his cellphone in Antonio's cab.

star 7.40
45 votes

#118 - Harassment

Rules of Engagement Season 4 - Episode 12

A new employee with an axe to grind against Audrey files a sexual harassment claim against her. Meanwhile, after being teased for playing cricket, Timmy challenges Jeff to a game to prove the sport is not for wimps.

star 7.39
725 votes
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Strike Too

#119 - Strike Too

The King of Queens Season 3 - Episode 6

With no end to the IPS workers strike in sight, Doug tries substitute teaching at his sister Stephanie's school.

star 7.36
961 votes
Prescription for Love

#120 - Prescription for Love

Just Shoot Me Season 4 - Episode 11

Finch has been sleeping at the office. Elliott's new girlfriend is a cover girl AND student at Yale medical school. Nina starts sleeping at the office too after Binnie kicks her out. Maya is jealous of Kaylene but after she accidentally causes Kaylene to break up with Elliott, she must find a way to get them back together. Finch and Nina have fun together but he feels betrayed when Binnie invites her back.

star 7.35
54 votes
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The James Bond

#121 - The James Bond

Living Single Season 3 - Episode 6

Khadijah and Synclaire learn that a $500 savings bond they opened as teenagers has matured, and is now worth $2700. Khadijah is anxious to use all the money to purchase a new computer for Flavor, and doesn't realize that Synclaire wants to use her half to attend a Harvey Keitel acting seminar. Synclaire spends her money without consulting Khadijah, who is unaware of her actions until the new computer is repossessed. Khadijah spends her share on a raise for Russell, and is furious at her cousin. She later learns that, although she had always considered Flavor their dream, Synclaire does not feel this way. She agrees to support Synclaire's aspirations. Kyle is outraged when he learns that Max has one more name in her little black book than he does. Max accuses him of being childish, but he isn't pacified until he discovers that he hasn't included Max in his book, while he is in hers. Tag: Overton watches Synclaire's naked acting demonstration.

star 7.33
21 votes
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Remember Grace Under Fire?

#122 - Remember Grace Under Fire?

Family Reunion Season 1 - Episode 5

The family's religious role model, Auntie Grace, reveals her secret passion. When a kitchen fire erupts, Moz teaches the kids the importance of honesty.

star 7.33
48 votes
Jack Gets Tough

#123 - Jack Gets Tough

Just Shoot Me Season 4 - Episode 10

With Jack's autobiography out on shelves, a problem is discovered: he claims to have beat up Robert Conrad, only because he thought the actor was dead and couldn't say otherwise. Unfortunately, the actor stops by the office. Finch and Elliott deal with a good saleslady who uses compliments to sell clothes. Nina is upset that she's only mentioned 4 times in Jack's book.

star 7.29
52 votes
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War and Sleaze

#124 - War and Sleaze

Just Shoot Me Season 2 - Episode 25

Maya senses trouble when Nina proposes a double date for the two of them. She is proved right when her date, after throwing his back out in her apartment, is revealed to be a United States Congressman - and a married one. Afraid of a scandal, he forces Maya to harbor him in her apartment while newspapers overflow with news of his disappearance and rumors of where he might be, and his friends, family, fellow Congressmen, and the police relentlessly search for him. Meanwhile, a friendly game of paintball causes a major office tiff when a fear-crazed Finch shoots Jack a few seconds into battle.

star 7.28
60 votes
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#125 - Hip-Ocracy

Girlfriends Season 1 - Episode 4

Joan, Toni and Lynn set up dates with men they met over the Internet. Lynn's guy never shows up (his parole was denied), while Toni rejects hers because his skin is too dark. Although conspiracy theorist Maya warns that he will turn out to be a serial killer, Joan is pleased with her date, Marcus. Joan freaks out after discovering that Marcus wears a girdle because he has large hips, prompting Toni (who had taken heat from the girls over her treatment of her date) to take her to task for her behavior. Meanwhile, William also uses the Internet in an attempt to find love. He finally gets a date, but the woman seems to be completely crazy.

star 7.28
36 votes
Come Fly with Me

#126 - Come Fly with Me

Wings Season 5 - Episode 10

Joe, Brian, Helen, and Lowell head to Boston for a night on the town but end up at a party that's more than what it seems. Roy, Fay and Antonio pool their resources to win a radio contest.

star 7.27
48 votes
Still Stressing

#127 - Still Stressing

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 18

In order to pay for a tutor to help him study for the PSAT, a stressed-out Brian takes a job with Bill and runs circles around Bill and his slothful co-workers. Meanwhile, Linda uses Lauren to nab a divorcee with a son.

star 7.24
80 votes
A Full Court Conspiracy

#128 - A Full Court Conspiracy

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 3

Joan takes shots from her friends and is labelled a ""sell-out"" by the black community after she and William represent a beverage company suing a basketball star for accusing it of racism. Joan faces a larger moral dilemma after uncovering disturbing information about her client. Meanwhile, Lynn reluctantly takes a waitress job and moves with Vosco into a garage apartment managed by Maya's mother.

star 7.23
22 votes
Business or Pleasure

#129 - Business or Pleasure

Wings Season 5 - Episode 4

When Joe flies in a potential investor, he's more interested in Helen than Joe's airline.

star 7.22
45 votes
The One About Mikayla's Friends

#130 - The One About Mikayla's Friends

Pair of Kings Season 2 - Episode 9

When Mikayla’s watchful eye keeps Brady and Boomer from getting into mischief, they host an island-wide search to find Mikayla a friend to keep her busy. The Kings soon regret the set-up when her new friend’s ‘beauty over safety’ mantra, puts all of their lives in danger.

star 7.22
37 votes
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Car Trouble

#131 - Car Trouble

Sister, Sister Season 1 - Episode 7

When Tamera damages Ray's car, Tia is in on the coverup, but Ray blames Lisa for the scratch. Meanwhile, Lisa wants Ray to help bake 80 loaves of bread for a fund-raiser

star 7.21
14 votes
Tea and Antipathy

#132 - Tea and Antipathy

Reba Season 1 - Episode 7

Cheyenne and Reba argue over whether or not Cheyenne should do laundry and grocery shopping. Cheyenne returns from ""grocery shopping"" with no bags, but an application for an apartment that she and Van found. The only problem is they don't have the money to support themselves. Cheyenne asks Reba and Brock for money and they turn her down. She then tells Van to ask his parents. After all, they must be over the whole wedding thing by now and feeling guilty on top of it. Van returns with a new truck and his parents offer for them to move in. Van and Cheyenne pack up and are ready to move to the Montgomery's house. When they take over their first load of stuff in their new truck Van's father asks to speak with him alone. The Montgomerys make it clear that they asked Van to move in, not Cheyenne. The truck and the offer were a bribe to get him to leave his new bride. Van knows how much this will crush Cheyenne, she was so excited about living in the Montgomery's mansion, maid and all. Kyra l

star 7.20
156 votes
God Bless The Girl That's Got Her Own

#133 - God Bless The Girl That's Got Her Own

The Game Season 1 - Episode 17

When Melanie gives temporary shelter to a Sunbeam whose boyfriend has left her high and dry, Melanie begins to feel uncomfortable about being completely dependent on Derwin for financial security. Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell, Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez also star.

star 7.18
38 votes
Sister, Sistah

#134 - Sister, Sistah

Girlfriends Season 2 - Episode 13

Lynn's sister Tanya comes to town to help celebrate the anniversary of Lynn's adoption. Tanya, who is white, has immersed herself in African-American culture. Maya quickly befriends Tanya, but Joan and Toni grow annoyed with her for acting ""too black"" and get into a confrontation with her. Maya and Lynn defend her, but Tanya later takes things too far at the salon. Meanwhile, Joan tries to organize William's bachelor party.

star 7.05
19 votes
Halloween 2: Mind Over Body

#135 - Halloween 2: Mind Over Body

Two Guys and a Girl Season 3 - Episode 6

A mad scientist switches Pete's brain with Ashley's brain and Berg's brain with Sharon's brain and the only who can help them is Johnny.

star 7.01
96 votes
Think Fast

#136 - Think Fast

The Wayans Bros. Season 2 - Episode 10

When Marlon quits the family basketball team, Pops turns to Monique, who can make his son jump through hoops. It's the basketball game of the season for the Williams brothers when they go up against the Jones brothers -- their life-long arch rivals. But before the match begins, Shawn and Marlon begin arguing over strategies, and a disgusted Marlon storms off the court in disgust. A forfeit seems inevitable, until Monique steps in and convinces Marlon to express his own individual style while following Shawn's game plan.

star 7.00
9 votes
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Remember When I Lost My Sister?

#137 - Remember When I Lost My Sister?

Family Reunion Season 1 - Episode 4

Cocoa's unconventional beliefs shock M'Dear's Bible-study group. Jade uses sisterly bonding for quality time with Drew -- until she forgets about Ami.

star 6.98
44 votes
Porn to Write

#138 - Porn to Write

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 10

With her bills piling up, Maya is forced to consider a job writing for a porn publisher (which already employs Lynn). She turns down the position due to moral objections and resumes selling her book on the street. When she has little success--due in part to bootleg sales--Maya decides to give up on her dream and go back to working as a legal secretary. This does not work out, and she winds up accepting the job at the porn publisher. Fortunately, she is soon able to quit after her writing aspirations get a boost from a surprising source. Meanwhile, William and Joan quarrel after he goes home for Thanksgiving without her; and Toni vows to not talk too much about her pregnancy.

star 6.95
19 votes
The Mommy Returns

#139 - The Mommy Returns

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 9

Lynn meets her biological mother, Sandy, who suddenly appears at Joan's house. Although the two initially become friends, Lynn soon becomes embarrassed by some of Sandy's behavior. However, Lynn becomes intrigued by a documentary project about sexuality, and quits her job to help her work on it. Meanwhile, Joan and Maya drive each other crazy as Maya and Jabari stay with Joan while Maya looks for an affordable apartment.

star 6.92
13 votes
A Little Romance

#140 - A Little Romance

Girlfriends Season 3 - Episode 10

Toni realizes she has fallen for Todd after he protects her during an altercation with a man on the street, but is still reluctant to date him because of his size. Joan is appalled when Ellis rates her only a 5.5 on looks on a scale of one to ten.

star 6.89
19 votes
All the Creatures Were Stirring

#141 - All the Creatures Were Stirring

Girlfriends Season 5 - Episode 11

William surprises Joan with a romantic Christmas getaway in Puerto Rico, but they wind up stuck at a seedy motel after a blizzard strands them in Cincinnati during a layover. Meanwhile, Lynn, Maya and Toni take advantage of Joan's absence to enjoy the holiday at her house without all of her strict Christmas rules and other demanding behavior.

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True Luck

#142 - True Luck

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 1

True's Uncle Troy who has a history of bad luck takes over as the receptionist at Mad Style, but after True touches him, She now believes that she has inherited his bad luck in exchange of Uncle Troy receiving True's lucky streak. This all comes at a bad time, due to True working on a fragrance for the company. Meanwhile, Lulu begins to have romantic dreams about Ryan, which causes her to be uncomfortable around him. She then tells Mikey J. who challenges Ryan to a boxing match.

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True Drive

#143 - True Drive

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 6

True is overwhelmed with tasks for the day from taking her driving test, to designing a dress for girl's sweet 16 party, picking up Jimmy's father from the airport as well as also planning a surprise birthday party for Jimmy. Meanwhile, Max is unaware that a "lucky" pair of pants that he has shared with friends is not lucky at all. Also, Ryan is worried about a marble-sized growth growing on his arm.

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True Fame

#144 - True Fame

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 8

True appears in the local paper and is asked out by the famous actor Leon Thomas (Leon Thomas III) to accompany him to a movie awards show, which makes Jimmy jealous. Meanwhile, Max and Ryan try to get a famous dog model to be face of Mad Style's new dog bow tie line.

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Not in This Life

#145 - Not in This Life

Suddenly Susan Season 2 - Episode 18

A stranger claims to have known Susan in a past life, so she undergoes hypnosis; Luis and Todd lose Jack's dog while using the pooch as a prop for meeting women.

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Wedding-Bell Blues

#146 - Wedding-Bell Blues

Suddenly Susan Season 3 - Episode 12

After a brief vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, Luis astounds everyone by announcing that he married a pretty Honduran woman, Rosie. Meanwhile, Susan is still recovering from recently ending her relationship with Jack. When Susan observes Rosie secretly meeting a man and tells Luis about it, he accuses Susan of being influenced by her own bad luck in love. But Rosie soon admits that the man is her boyfriend and that she only married Luis to gain U.S. citizenship. Susan commiserates with Luis. After Maddy cancels a coveted appointment with an extremely exclusive hairstylist, Lukaro, Vicki tries to convince him to work on her hair instead. Lukaro punishes Vicki for her stubbornness by styling her hair to look exactly like Maddy's. Also, Todd enrolls in a program to help fatherless youths. Unfortunately, his protégé is a childish 35-year-old man, Andy. Todd helps Andy mature by introducing him to a real youngster who needs guidance.

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On a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever

#147 - On a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever

Suddenly Susan Season 3 - Episode 13

When Nana almost has a car accident because she can't hear an ambulance's siren, Susan insists that Nana get a hearing aid. This makes Nana feel old, and she becomes lethargic and uninterested in anything. Meanwhile, free from his responsibility to Susan, Jack overcompensates by indulging in more and more dangerous sports. Susan reinvigorates Nana by convincing her to go skydiving with Jack -- and Jack forces Susan to jump from the airplane as well. Meanwhile, Luis and Vicki become jealous of Maddy's super efficient new personal assistant, so they hire one. For the small amount of money Luis and Vicki can pay, they get a moron. However, Todd and Luis gloat when Maddy's assistant turns out to be a con artist who robs Maddy's apartment, steals her car and empties her bank accounts. Also, Todd makes an ill-advised attempt to establish a career as a mime-imitating passerby.

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Class Election

#148 - Class Election

True Jackson, VP Season 3 - Episode 5

True and Shelley team up and run in a school election, and Lulu and Mikey J. run against them.

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