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Last Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Network: ABC (US)

Based on the Archie comic book series of the same name. The show stars Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman, an American teenage half-witch who, on her sixteenth birthday, discovers she has magical powers. She lives with her 600-year-old aunts, European witches Hilda and Zelda, and their magical talking cat Salem in the fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts through most of the series.

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The Halloween Scene

#1 - The Halloween Scene

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 27, 2000

After she learns Hilda and Zelda won't be home for Halloween, Sabrina decides to throw a party at their place- and soon regrets the decision when she must repair the love of two monsters Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein when Roxie get's in the way of their meaningful relationship. Meanwhile Salem stalks a college girl and Hilda Zelda's outfits may not seem to be all that for the galaxy opening.

star 8.27
146 votes
Writers: Jon Vandergriff
The Whole Ball of Wax

#2 - The Whole Ball of Wax

Season 6 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 26, 2002

Sabrina's joy over her mother's unexpected visit quickly diminishes when the witches council's decree that the two must never come face to face and turns Diana into a ball of wax.

star 8.22
102 votes
Directors: Henry Winkler
Writers: Laurie Gelman
Deliver Us from E-mail

#3 - Deliver Us from E-mail

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 18, 2002

Sabrina is a candidate for a writer's position at the local newspaper but her in-box is filled with annoying e-mails from her evil Other Realm twin. She responds by asking for the junk mail to stop, but her correspondent gets angry and sends Sabrina an e-mail virus that turns her into an airhead causing Mike & Josh to doubt her intelligence.

star 8.16
124 votes
Directors: Anson Williams
Writers: Dan Kael
Good Will Haunting

#4 - Good Will Haunting

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 30, 1998

A thoroughly ridiculous Halloween episode finds Aunts Hilda and Zelda having run out excuses (after 500 consecutive years) not to attend their Aunt Beulah's Halloween party.

star 8.09
177 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips
Mom vs. Magic

#5 - Mom vs. Magic

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Aired May 15, 1998

Sabrina must renounce one of the two things she holds most dear in this exciting season finale. The teen's dreadful dilemma develops when she must decide whether to date Harvey or new love Dashiell. She needs advice, but her loved ones are busy celebrating Mother's Day---leaving lonely Sabrina longing for her mom's guidance. Rules prohibit the unlicensed witch from seeing her mortal mother until she's certified, so Sabrina writes her a letter instead. Unfortunately, all contact is forbidden, so the Witches' Council hands down a devastating decree: Sabrina must choose between her magic and her mom and between Harvey and Dashiell. Meanwhile, Salem's mother is also coming to visit and he hasn't told her he's spending the next hundred years as a cat.

star 8.07
171 votes
Directors: Linda Day
Writers: Sheldon Bull
My Nightmare, the Car

#6 - My Nightmare, the Car

Season 2 - Episode 20 - Aired Mar 20, 1998

Since neither Val's parents nor Sabrina's aunts will allow them to have a car, the two teens cook up an ingenious scheme to share the costs and responsibilities for a single vehicle. Working their timetables to fit puts an intolerable strain on their friendship, however; and when the car conks out, Sabrina gives in to Salem's suggestion and buys a car for a ridiculously low price in the Other Realm. Trouble is, this old clunker has a mind and a voice of its own, which makes hiding it from Sabrina's aunts a real problem, particularly when it keeps transporting itself to her bedroom. Meanwhile, Hilda and Zelda are distracted by their own problems: they are being audited, and discover that their trusted accountant Marty has skipped town with all of their magic.

star 8.05
153 votes
Directors: Peter Baldwin
Writers: Charlie Tercek
Welcome Back, Duke

#7 - Welcome Back, Duke

Season 4 - Episode 16 - Aired Feb 25, 2000

Salem's war-criminal buddy Duke visits after completing his sentence as a cat, and finds his powers have grown a little hairy.

star 8.03
145 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Miriam Trogdon
You Can't Twin

#8 - You Can't Twin

Season 5 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 13, 2000

While attending an Other Realm amusement park, Sabrina runs into her shifty evil twin, Katrina, who's set on sabotaging Sabrina's life.

star 8.03
145 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Ruth Bennett
Witchright Hall

#9 - Witchright Hall

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 6, 2001

Sabrina's heck-raising cousin Amanda is sent to live in the Mortal Realm for a year. Rather than have her stay at the Spellmans', though, Hilda and Zelda arrange for Sabrina to help get Amanda into a special school called Witchright Hall for maladjusted young witches.

star 8.02
132 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Bruce Ferber, Marley Sims
The Wild, Wild Witch

#10 - The Wild, Wild Witch

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Mar 31, 2000

Sabrina resents living by the rules when she is grounded for breaking curfew, so a magic prospector zaps her to the Wild West, where, as the new sheriff, she happily declares a formerly rule-ridden town rule-less.

star 8.02
139 votes
Directors: Sheldon Bull
Writers: David Saling, Sheldon Krasner
When Teens Collide

#11 - When Teens Collide

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Mar 6, 1998

Sunspot activity causes molecular instability for the witches present in the moral realm: Zelda's left arm attaches itself to Hilda, who is auditioning to become part of a classical trio, and a black hole forms in their kitchen sink. Because Sabrina is half mortal, they are not sure how she will be affected. Participating in a charity drive to collect food for the homeless, Sabrina is at first relieved to experience no worse symptoms than temporary hair loss; but when she protests at Libby's conniving with Mr. Kraft to turn the drive into a competition, things take a turn for the worse: Sabrina and Libby bump into each other and exchange personalities. While Libby become sweetness and light, Sabrina becomes a teenage terror who soon rules the school and - with the connivance of Salem - begins to plot world domination. When she is arrested and brought to trial, it's up to a repentant Salem to find a way to save her.

star 8.01
194 votes
Directors: Gary Halvorson
Writers: Sheldon Bull
I Fall to Pieces

#12 - I Fall to Pieces

Season 6 - Episode 22 - Aired May 10, 2002

Hilda is on the rebound after she breaks up with her boyfriend, so she meets a guy named Will. They instantly fall in love and want to get married. Though Sabrina and Zelda think this love should not be, they plan to break the couple. As soon as Zelda throws herself at Will, Hilda breaks up with him but then she turns to stone and falls to pieces. Once knowing Hilda's love was true, Sabrina takes Stone Hilda to a place where she can come back to life. Sabrina must gamble her true love to save her aunt's life. Sabrina then turns to stone and falls to pieces.

star 8.00
130 votes
Writers: Jon Vandergriff
Sabrina and the Beast

#13 - Sabrina and the Beast

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 27, 1998

Sabrina and Harvey decide to compete against Libby and her boyfriend for the title of cutest teen couple.

star 7.99
176 votes
Directors: Sheldon Bull
Writers: Danita Jones
Aging, Not So Gracefully

#14 - Aging, Not So Gracefully

Season 4 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 12, 1999

Sabrina zaps on a skin cream to appear more mature after college-guy Josh shoots down a romance because of her age, but the fast-acting lotion ends up being a rapid-aging potion.

star 7.99
146 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips
Salem and Juliette

#15 - Salem and Juliette

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 10, 1999

Sabrina enlists Dreama's gorgeous but totally selfish cat Juliette (a witch turned into a cat for trying to take over the universe) to escort Salem to his dreaded high-school reunion.

star 7.99
113 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips
Third Aunt From the Sun

#16 - Third Aunt From the Sun

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 8, 1996

Sabrina's zany Aunt Vesta pays her a visit and soon hatches a plot to entice her niece into moving to the Other Realm.

star 7.96
351 votes
Directors: Gary Halvorson
Writers: Nick Bakay
The End of an Era

#17 - The End of an Era

Season 4 - Episode 22 - Aired May 5, 2000

Josh and Harvey are fighting for Sabrina's affection, so she feeds them magic friendship bread to bring peace between the two, but they become too close and ignore her. When a frustrated Sabrina undoes the spell, the fighting between the boys worsens. As a last resort, she forces them to compete for her in a magical obstacle course--then learns that it is a fight to the death. Harvey's unselfish concern for Josh prevents disaster, but Sabrina has used up her quota of magic on Harvey: Josh will think it is all a dream, but Harvey arrives at Sabrina's house demanding what will happen to their relationship now that he knows she's a witch.

star 7.96
145 votes
Writers: Frank Conniff
No Place Like Home

#18 - No Place Like Home

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 24, 1999

Sabrina's father asks her to move to Paris. Now that Libby has gone to a private school, and Valerie has moved to Alaska with her parents, an anxious Sabrina becomes conviced that Harvey and her aunts don't really care for her, and sets out for her new life in France. Only when a heart-broken Salem plots to get his "Sabreeny" back by starting a civil war does she return to her senses and her real home.

star 7.95
168 votes
Directors: Linda Day
Writers: Dan Berendsen
Spoiled Rotten

#19 - Spoiled Rotten

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 22, 1999

Credit-card carrier Sabrina catches get-itis and begins to spoil herself...literally, and tries to cure it by donating magic mementos to a yard sale.

star 7.95
155 votes
Directors: Linda Day
Writers: Dan Berendsen
She's Baaaack!

#20 - She's Baaaack!

Season 4 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 14, 2000

Sabrina's bratty cousin Amanda shows up with plans to steal one of Sabrina's men.

star 7.94
145 votes
Writers: Renee Phillips
Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years

#21 - Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 31, 1997

When Sabrina is disappointed that her aunts won't let her stay out late to see a famous rock band (Violent Femmes), Hilda and Zelda decide to transform themselves into teenage chaperones as a compromise. But they're the ones causing the trouble when "Hillary" clashes with a security guard (played by Bubba Smith) and a high-school boy falls for "Zellery." After proving that even teenage aunts can be embarrassing, they apologize by giving Sabrina her very first flying lesson -- aboard a vacuum cleaner.

star 7.94
264 votes
Directors: Peter Baldwin
I Think I Love You

#22 - I Think I Love You

Season 6 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 15, 2002

When Sabrina can't find her own voice to tell Josh she loves him, she turns to the Other Realm's relationship guru, the "Love Doctor" who instructs her that she must be honest and truthful with Josh about her true identity before she can say the "L" word.

star 7.94
131 votes
Directors: Bill Layton
Writers: Barry Vigon, Tom Walla
To Tell a Mortal

#23 - To Tell a Mortal

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 21, 1997

It's Friday the 13th, which Sabrina learns is the day witches can tell mortals the truth about themselves because everyone's memories will be wiped clean once the day ends. Despite warnings from her aunts about bad consequences, Sabrina decides she can trust Valerie and Harvey to take the news in stride, and grants them each a wish: Valerie gets to dance with Drew Carey, and Harvey gets to meet baseball giant Mark Langston. But there's inevitably trouble: Libby overhears the news and alerts both the PTA and the media. Happily, Valerie and Harvey save Sabrina's bacon, proving that they are true friends even though they will now forget her secret again.

star 7.93
271 votes
Directors: Peter Baldwin
Writers: Carrie Honigblum, Renee Phillips
Sabrina's Choice

#24 - Sabrina's Choice

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Aired May 1, 1998

When Sabrina plays one aunt against the other to get her way, Hilda and Zelda decide it's in Sabrina's best interest if they live in separate homes. However, the situation becomes a great deal more complicated when the witches' council rules that Sabrina must choose between her aunts.

star 7.92
173 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Sheldon Bull
Sabrina's Got Spirit

#25 - Sabrina's Got Spirit

Season 5 - Episode 21 - Aired May 11, 2001

Miles brings a paranormal-energy detector into the house so that he can identify spirits, and it goes berserk near Sabrina.

star 7.92
160 votes
Directors: Kenneth R. Koch
Writers: Dan Kael, Grant Nieporte