The Best Episodes of Charmed

Forever Charmed

#1 - Forever Charmed 8.53

Season 8 - Episode 22

Piper and Leo, with help from Coop's ring, must travel back in time to change the events that lead to the deaths of Piper's sisters. Meanwhile, Billie uses her power of Projection to do the same thing; many familiar faces gather to help Piper in her time of need.

Directors: James L. Conway
Oh My Goddess (2)

#2 - Oh My Goddess (2) 8.52

Season 5 - Episode 23

Now all powerful Greek goddesses, the Charmed Ones must try to not be seduced by their new powers and stay focused on vanquishing the Titans before they destroy all the whitelighters. Meanwhile, Leo must decide whether to become an elder or stay with Piper & Wyatt.

Directors: Joel J. Feigenbaum
That '70s Episode

#3 - That '70s Episode 8.39

Season 1 - Episode 17

A powerful warlock shows up claiming that he made a pact with the sisters' mother in which he spared her life in exchange for the girls' powers. Fleeing him, the three sisters go back in time to the 1970s when their mother was still alive and they try to prevent the pact.

Directors: Richard Denault
Charmed Again (2)

#4 - Charmed Again (2) 8.38

Season 4 - Episode 2

Mourning the death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe must now come to grips with the loss of their oldest sister, and the loss of the Power of Three. However, The Source discovers an unknown sister - the daughter of Patty and her whitelighter Sam, who had been kept hidden, Paige, the now-youngest Halliwell can restore the Power of Three and reunite the sisters' strength as witches.

Directors: Mel Damski
Imaginary Fiends

#5 - Imaginary Fiends 8.32

Season 7 - Episode 20

Unbeknownst to the sisters, baby Wyatt's new ""imaginary"" friend is actually a demon named Vicus who is trying to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evil. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to be able to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt back from the future.

Directors: Jonathan West
Déjà Vu All Over Again

#6 - Déjà Vu All Over Again 8.29

Season 1 - Episode 22

As a warlock makes plans for his attempt to kill the Charmed Ones, he receives a visit from Tempus, a demon who will turn back time until the warlock succeeds in killing all the sisters. Meanwhile, because of the endless loop, Phoebe has a number of strong cases of dejà vu, and she even sees Andy's death at the hand of a warlock.

Directors: Les Sheldon

#7 - Awakened 8.28

Season 2 - Episode 12

When Piper contracts a life-threatening tropical virus that leaves her in intensive care, and to try to save her life, Prue and Phoebe cast an 'awakening' spell. However, since the spell was used for personal gain, the sisters can no longer sleep, and Piper's sickness spreads into an epidemic as a direct consequence. Meanwhile, Prue quits her job at Bucklands and Phoebe enrolls in university.

Directors: Anson Williams
All Halliwell's Eve

#8 - All Halliwell's Eve 8.27

Season 3 - Episode 4

On Halloween, the sisters are pulled back in time to the 1600's to save a witch and her soon-to-be-born child from the hands of an evil witch who wants to raise the child evil. The sisters later discover that this situation may have more personal implications than they first imagined.

Directors: Anson Williams
Pardon My Past

#9 - Pardon My Past 8.23

Season 2 - Episode 14

Phoebe experiences flashes of one of her past lives when she and her sisters were cousins in the 1920s. However, in this past life, Phoebe was evil and power mad and a curse was bestowed upon her that could affect future Phoebe's life.

Directors: John Paré
Vaya Con Leos

#10 - Vaya Con Leos 8.22

Season 8 - Episode 10

The Angel of Death returns to visit the Charmed Ones but they're shocked to learn that he's there for Leo. To try to stop him from taking Leo, Piper casts a spell that backfires, making every man a Leo lookalike, forcing Piper to take drastic measures and ask the Elders and the Avatars for help. Meanwhile, Billie continues her search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance.

Directors: Janice Cooke-Leonard
Oh My Goddess (1)

#11 - Oh My Goddess (1) 8.21

Season 5 - Episode 22

When the mythic Gods, the Titans, are released and kill all the elders, Leo is forced to take over. Meanwhile, a mysterious Whitelighter from the future guides the Charmed Ones when Leo gives the girls the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by their vast new powers.

Directors: Jonathan West
Centennial Charmed

#12 - Centennial Charmed 8.19

Season 5 - Episode 12

In his twisted attempt to win Phoebe's heart back, Cole casts a spell that alters reality, that eliminates Paige as a Halliwell and destroys the Power of Three. Meanwhile, Paige suddenly finds that her sisters have no knowledge of her existence and that past villians have come back to haunt them.

Directors: Jim Conway
All Hell Breaks Loose

#13 - All Hell Breaks Loose 8.18

Season 3 - Episode 22

When the Halliwell sisters are exposed as witches on nation-wide television, they form a pact with The Source to reverse time and undo the damage. However, in the process, one of the sisters makes the ultimate sacrifice, placing the Power of Three in mortal danger.

Directors: Shannen Doherty
Astral Monkey

#14 - Astral Monkey 8.18

Season 2 - Episode 20

The doctor that treated Piper when she was critically ill discovers, and gains, the Haliwells' powers. After being twisted by the magic now within him, he goes on a sadistic organ-harvesting spree, targeting criminals in the streets.

Directors: Craig Zisk
Something Wicca This Way Goes

#15 - Something Wicca This Way Goes 8.18

Season 7 - Episode 22

When the sisters try to divert Zankou's attention from the Nexus, he hatches a plan to absorb all their powers. But when the girls realize what Zankou is up to, they are forced with a life-altering decision: sacrifice their powers or their lives.

Directors: James L. Conway
Apocalypse Not

#16 - Apocalypse Not 8.18

Season 2 - Episode 21

When a vanquishing spell goes awry while the Halliwells try to destroy the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Prue and one of the Horsemen become trapped in a vortex. Piper and Phoebe enlist the help of the three remaining Horsemen to free Prue and the fourth Horseman before the vortex closes, and both are killed.

Directors: Michael Zinberg
Charmed Again (1)

#17 - Charmed Again (1) 8.16

Season 4 - Episode 1

Mourning the death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe must now come to grips with the loss of their oldest sister, and the loss of the Power of Three. However, The Source discovers an unknown sister - the daughter of Patty and her whitelighter Sam, who had been kept hidden, Paige, the now-youngest Halliwell can restore the Power of Three and reunite the sisters' strength as witches.

Directors: Michael Schultz
Gone with the Witches

#18 - Gone with the Witches 8.15

Season 8 - Episode 20

In an attempt to destroy the reputation of the Charmed Ones, Billie & Christy resort to trying to make the magical community see that the Halliwells only care about themselves. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to lust after Coop; Paige cannot hear her charges' call for help; Piper becomes the perfect 1950s housewife.

Directors: Jonathan West
12 Angry Zen

#19 - 12 Angry Zen 8.15

Season 8 - Episode 14

During Chinese New Year, a demon attempts to steal a mystical wooden staff, that's protected by the Zodiacs and they enlist the aid of Piper. Meanwhile, Phoebe enjoys her new place by throwing a housewarming party that gets out of control; a monk teaches Billie how to use her power of projection to find her sister; Paige tries to get through to Henry about her magical abilities.

Directors: John Paré
The Day the Magic Died

#20 - The Day the Magic Died 8.14

Season 5 - Episode 15

Phoebe and Paige go to a summit meeting with the leaders of evil and discover that all magic - both good and bad - has disappeared enabling the leaders to steal Piper's about-to-be-born baby and welcome the twice-blessed child into the kingdom of evil.

Directors: Stuart Gillard
Kill Billie: Vol. 2

#21 - Kill Billie: Vol. 2 8.14

Season 8 - Episode 21

Forced to hide from Billie and Christy, the Charmed Ones find themselves stuck in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Leo appears to Piper and offers demonic approval; Coop searches for Phoebe; Billie & Christy resort to summoning the Hollow to stop the Charmed Ones and the Charmed Ones do the same.

Directors: John Paré
The Seven Year Witch

#22 - The Seven Year Witch 8.14

Season 7 - Episode 16

Piper is attacked by demons and winds up in a coma, and as she hovers between life and death, her spirit meets a familiar face who wants to help restore Phoebe's faith in love. Phoebe, Drake & Paige rush to save Piper by attempting to locate Leo, who's memory has been wiped clean by the Elders in attempt to allow him to choose his own destiny: be an Elder forever or choose Piper, and become mortal.

Directors: Michael Grossman
Little Box of Horrors

#23 - Little Box of Horrors 8.13

Season 7 - Episode 18

The sisters scramble to recover Pandora's Box when it falls into the hands of a shapeshifting demon who intends to open it and fill the world with all of its sorrows. Meanwhile, Paige's Whitelighter side rises to the surface, when she begins hearing calls from the Elders, and Leo and Piper clash over parenting issues - namely raising magical children.

Directors: Jon Paré
Ms. Hellfire

#24 - Ms. Hellfire 8.13

Season 2 - Episode 9

An assassination attempt on the sisters' lives forces Prue to go undercover as the woman who tried to kill them, known as Ms. Hellfire. While undercover, she becomes romantically involved with the man who hired the original Ms. Hellfire.

Directors: Craig Zisk
Love Hurts

#25 - Love Hurts 8.12

Season 1 - Episode 21

Leo is shot by the arrow of darklighter, and ask the sisters to help to protect a girl that is being targeted by the darklighter. Piper casts a spell to swap her powers with Leo's but mistakenly the spell causes Prue and Phoebe's powers to swap. Meanwhile Andy leaves his job to help protect Prue's secret from being exposed by an Internal Affairs investigation.

Directors: James Whitmore Jr.