The Best Episodes Directed by Craig Zisk

Leslie and Ben

#1 - Leslie and Ben

Parks and Recreation Season 5 - Episode 14

Leslie and Ben are getting married, and have to cram months of planning into two hours. Ron's temper gets him in trouble.

star 8.44
2339 votes
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#2 - 9/11

The Looming Tower Season 1 - Episode 10

September 11, 2001 and no one can get a hold of O’Neill. Soufan’s evacuation from Yemen stops short as the CIA Station Chief gives him all the answers he has been asking from the CIA for months. Schmidt is reinstated into Alec Station. Soufan finally interrogates Abu Jandal.

star 8.39
655 votes
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Light Years

#3 - Light Years

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 3

This time, the team searches for a delusional appearing Sci-fi fanatic who disappeared from his appartment after ranting on about those "out to get him" (before peeling back the tinfoil covering his windows). Jack also has to deal with the consequences of his actions in the affair and how it affected the rest of the team.

star 8.25
122 votes
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 Winter Warz

#4 - Winter Warz

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 1 - Episode 2

With Divine on the sideline, Dennis and Bobby step up to handle his responsibilities.

star 8.23
269 votes
From This Day Forward

#5 - From This Day Forward

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 12

On the day of Charmaine and Nick's wedding, long-held secrets come to light, while Kate and Marshall accidentally make a discovery of consequence.

star 8.20
757 votes
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#6 - Impossible

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 1 - Episode 6

A bird's eye view of Wu...

star 8.14
203 votes
Cherry Peck

#7 - Cherry Peck

Nip/Tuck Season 3 - Episode 14

Christian finds out that Kimber didn't ditch him at the altar but was abducted by the carver. Quentin is a Carver suspect. Julia has bad dreams about her pregnancy. Sean is threatened into doing pro bono work on the transgender woman who was beat up by Matt.

star 8.11
450 votes
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A Spy in the House of Me

#8 - A Spy in the House of Me

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 12

When Maya's first love John Kenny pops back into town, she becomes as happy as she's ever been, as the two find their old spark back in full force. However, Jack is angry about the whole thing, as he still has not forgotten when he walked in on the two of them fooling around one time. Maya then learns the true horror of the situation- the only reason they were separated in the first place was because Jack had pulled strings to get him into the Royal Shakespeare Company, and she becomes instantly fearful that he will once again begin to interfere with their relationship. Meanwhile, Finch uses a "tough love" method to train a new intern while Nina's television appearance is ruined when an old allergy acts up.

star 8.11
89 votes
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 Can It Be All So Simple

#9 - Can It Be All So Simple

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 1 - Episode 1

Staten Island, NY. The birth of Wu-Tang starts with a bang--literally.

star 8.10
312 votes
Sex Education

#10 - Sex Education

Parks and Recreation Season 5 - Episode 4

An STD outbreak amongst Pawnee seniors prompts Leslie to conduct a sex education class. Ron helps Tom adjust to life without technology. Ben and April meet Congressman Murray for the first time.

star 8.08
2279 votes
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I Declare War

#11 - I Declare War

Wu-Tang: An American Saga Season 1 - Episode 9

The Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous.

star 8.05
206 votes
Lies & Dolls

#12 - Lies & Dolls

Just Shoot Me Season 3 - Episode 13

Maya becomes smitten with a United States Senator, but loses him to Nina through a series of deceptions on Nina's part. Nina convinces him that she is an old-fashioned Southern belle with no vices whatsoever, and that Maya is a drug addict. Also, when it is revealed that Elliott stole a Six Million Dollar Man doll as a kid, he becomes racked with guilt over it while Finch can only think of the potential collector's value of the item. Finally, Jack decides to see what life is like from his employees' point of view and moves his desk into the center of the office.

star 8.05
84 votes
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#13 - Bailout

Parks and Recreation Season 5 - Episode 16

Leslie is determined to help a local video store stay in business. Chris offers Tom advice on how to deal with a difficult employee. Ann resorts to blackmail to get April to be her friend.

star 8.02
2297 votes
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Most Hopeless Romantics

#14 - Most Hopeless Romantics

Miss Match Season 1 - Episode 17

Courtesy of Kate attends a high school reunion where she meets Tamara an old classmate who is getting married next year to Henri, a man she fell in love with while in France. We learn that Kate is now single. She notices Dave Hillman, the guy she had a big crush on in high school. Nick also attends the reunion. Jerry and Serena are still seeing each other but Jerry is starting to feel old around her. Tamara asks Kate if she knows of a good immigration lawyer for Henri. Kate wants Tamara to sign a prenup. At the firm, Kate meets with both of them to set up the prenup but Henri is there only because Tamara wants the prenup not because he wants to… will this lead to the end of their couple? Lianne goes on a date with 30-year-old Jew named Josh. Kate and Jerry help Josh with the settle agreement he has with his ex about cooking kosher food for their children. Kate and Dave will go to dinner and in a bar. Kate has Jerry, Serena, Dave, Josh, and Lianne over for dinner. Kate su

star 8.00
2 votes

#15 - Tuesday

The Looming Tower Season 1 - Episode 9

The CIA becomes aware that Hazmi and Mihdhar are gone and must relay that to the FBI. O’Neill accepts a job as head of security at the World Trade Center. Soufan is sent back to Yemen. Hazmi, Mihdhar and Atta head to Vegas for a final indulgence.

star 8.00
613 votes
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Career Days

#16 - Career Days

This Is Us Season 1 - Episode 6

Kate interviews for a new job that seems just about perfect, although it comes with a catch. Randall doubts his career choice and wonders if he followed the right path. Kevin and Olivia's relationship moves in a new direction. Rebecca and Jack are conflicted on what to do when Randall tests as a gifted child.

star 7.98
5218 votes
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To Have And To Hold

#17 - To Have And To Hold

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 11

Tara and Charmaine pay a woman who appeared in Tara's memories a visit, while Kate tries to change herself for her new and much older boyfriend.

star 7.97
754 votes
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#18 - Kali

Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 - Episode 9

Left reeling by the launch of a rival, Mutiny takes measures to ensure its survival. Meanwhile, Gordon pays a price in an attempt to quell his paranoia.

star 7.96
1555 votes
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Animal Control

#19 - Animal Control

Parks and Recreation Season 5 - Episode 18

Leslie decides to give the Animal Control Department a much-needed makeover. Ann tries to get Ron the medical attention he needs. Ben, Tom, and Andy recruit donors for their charity foundation.

star 7.96
2466 votes
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Code Silver

#20 - Code Silver

New Amsterdam (2018) Season 2 - Episode 10

With the hospital on lockdown after the Rikers patients escape, Sharpe and Max find themselves in a situation that could cost them their lives. Bloom must put aside her pain to help a patient. Iggy is forced to face his marriage's issues.

star 7.93
786 votes
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Magda and Jeff

#21 - Magda and Jeff

Nip/Tuck Season 5 - Episode 10

Sean's role on Hearts & Scalpels is expanded after he takes on an agent. A suspicious Christian questions Gina's motives for moving to Los Angeles and working at McNamara/Troy.

star 7.92
462 votes
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Love Child

#22 - Love Child

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 15

In the season finale, Lily is horrified when she learns that she was born before her parents were married, until she gets the whole story

star 7.91
56 votes
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#23 - Go

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 15

As the wildfire approaches, everyone must evacuate. Nancy tells her family to pack up, while Conrad and Heylia must say goodbye to the growhouse. The authorities question Sullivan and Celia, while Shane continues to ask Nancy about Pittsburgh. As Andy deals at the evacuation center, Silas realizes the truth about Tara.

star 7.91
1672 votes
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The Fallout

#24 - The Fallout

Smash (2012) Season 2 - Episode 2

Back from a successful run in Boston, Eileen, Julia and Tom are blindsided by both personal and professional obstacles as they seek to take "Bombshell" to Broadway. Karen consults her new mentor, Broadway star Veronica "Ronnie" Moore, as she finds herself on the brink of fame, but her success may come at cost to Ivy. A new talent is discovered in an unexpected place. Meanwhile, Derek copes with a damaging accusation.

star 7.91
161 votes
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A Very Special Relationship

#25 - A Very Special Relationship

The Looming Tower Season 1 - Episode 8

Everyone adjusts to a new president and, with it, a shift in threat priority. Soufan learns of the importance of UBL’s bodyguard and is refused access to him. O’Neill is denied re-entry into Yemen and forced to resign. The terrorists in the U.S., Hazmi, Mihdhar and Atta, are lost by their U.S. handler.

star 7.88
633 votes
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Full Boyle

#26 - Full Boyle

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 - Episode 17

Detective Boyle's new romance has upped his swagger, but Jake intervenes before his colleague goes "Full Boyle" and gets too serious, too soon, with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rosa and Amy have trouble taking a costumed citizen crime-fighter seriously, and Captain Holt has a new opponent.

star 7.88
3869 votes
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Windbreaker City

#27 - Windbreaker City

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 - Episode 15

Jake is heartbroken over Sophia, but his spirits are lifted when the squad is invited to a Homeland Security terrorist training simulation. That is, until the agent in charge assigns them the lame role of playing hostages. Meanwhile, Gina administers a psychological exam to Holt, and Amy and Rosa compete for a day off from work.

star 7.87
2909 votes
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Naomi Gaines

#28 - Naomi Gaines

Nip/Tuck Season 2 - Episode 7

When local model Naomi Gaines is raped & disfigured by an attacker named "The Carver", Sean decides to repair her injuries on a pro-bono basis, thrusting McNamara/Troy into the local media spotlight, trying to overcome the slander caused by Bobbie Broderick. After getting caught sneaking into the house late at night, Matt lies by telling his parents he was studying with Ava's son Adrian. Adrian is forced to play along with the subject when Julia invites them all to dinner. Adrian reveals Matt & Ava's relationship, causing Julia to lash out at Ava & Matt. When Matt becomes uncomfortable with his increasingly demanding relationship with Ava, she reveals to him the secret that his mother is keeping from him.

star 7.87
359 votes
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Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast

#29 - Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast

The Exorcist Season 1 - Episode 4

Angela grows restless as her daughter's condition continues to deteriorate, and the demon turns its attention toward innocent victims. While Father Tomas is paid a visit by a familiar face from his past, Marcus journeys to an unexpected destination and receives guidance from a most unlikely source. With time quickly running out, the two priests must decide whether to defy the church by performing an unsanctioned exorcism.

star 7.87
2653 votes
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Strange or Just Inconsiderate?

#30 - Strange or Just Inconsiderate?

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 - Episode 7

With the cops looking for Dan, Sheila dines on the evidence. But that's a lot of evidence. Meanwhile, Joel stops to smell the coffee.

star 7.84
1915 votes
Two Funerals

#31 - Two Funerals

Parks and Recreation Season 7 - Episode 11

Ben and April conduct a series of interviews, while Andy and Donna help Ron adjust to a life change.

star 7.82
1725 votes
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#32 - Perspectives

New Amsterdam (2018) Season 2 - Episode 16

Max, Bloom and Reynolds frantically recount a patient’s past encounter that could throw them into a massive lawsuit. Iggy confronts a local middle school about its teaching policies. Kapoor lets his superstitions take over.

star 7.82
696 votes
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Out of Sight

#33 - Out of Sight

Charmed Season 1 - Episode 19

When Prue witnesses a kidnapping in the park, a reporter sees her using her powers. Phoebe and Piper attempt to learn more about the demons who stole the child and stop the reporter from exposing Prue. Meanwhile, Andy finally learns about Prue's powers.

star 7.82
430 votes
Ms. Hellfire

#34 - Ms. Hellfire

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 9

An assassination attempt on the sisters' lives forces Prue to go undercover as the woman who tried to kill them, known as Ms. Hellfire. While undercover, she becomes romantically involved with the man who hired the original Ms. Hellfire.

star 7.82
613 votes
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#35 - Santa

New Girl Season 2 - Episode 11

When the gang attempts to juggle multiple holiday parties in one night, Jess tries to avoid a remorseful Sam, Nick tries to keep up with a sexually adventurous Angie and Winston panics when he gets a cranberry stuck in his ear.

star 7.82
3127 votes
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#36 - Crackerjack

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 2

Her psychology professor humiliates Tara when she transitions in his class. Meanwhile, Kate considers giving English lessons in Japan and Max gets a business offer.

star 7.81
623 votes
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The Full Fuck You Finger

#37 - The Full Fuck You Finger

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 3

The stress of juggling school and Charmaine's baby shower causes Tara to transition, with negative consequences for Charmaine. To sell the family business, Max must get the approval of his eccentric mother. Kate meets a flight attendant who inspires a new idea about her future.

star 7.80
672 votes
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Chapter 10: Forgiveness

#38 - Chapter 10: Forgiveness

Tell Me a Story (US) Season 1 - Episode 10

Hannah takes the fight to Katrina, culminating in a final showdown as she tries to free Gabe. Afraid of what an unhinged Josh is capable of, Kayla breaks off from Tim and the police to try and save Colleen. Jordan reaches his breaking point with the third pig.

star 7.79
265 votes
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#39 - Simulations

Kingdom (2014) Season 2 - Episode 2

Alvey deals with Ryan's reckless decisions and Lisa introduces her newest fighter, Alicia, to Navy St. Nate gears up for his return to the cage. Jay meets a photographer, Laura, who presents professional and personal opportunities.

star 7.79
460 votes
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Killshot (1)

#40 - Killshot (1)

Emergence Season 1 - Episode 12

Jo makes a high-stakes deal to take down Helen and keep Piper safe. Helen attempts to replicate Piper's powers for herself. Benny struggles to earn back Jo's trust before it's too late.

star 7.78
599 votes
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Astral Monkey

#41 - Astral Monkey

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 20

The doctor that treated Piper when she was critically ill discovers, and gains, the Haliwells' powers. After being twisted by the magic now within him, he goes on a sadistic organ-harvesting spree, targeting criminals in the streets.

star 7.78
475 votes
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Pontiac Bandit

#42 - Pontiac Bandit

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 - Episode 12

Jake is interested in one of Rosa's perps, Doug Judy who has information about the "Pontiac Bandit," a car thief whom Jake has been tracking for years. Meanwhile, the station tries to accommodate a scooter-bound Charles' every need when he returns to work, but he proves to be too much to handle. And Captain Holt struggles to find a home for two puppies.

star 7.78
4188 votes
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The World's Columbian Exposition

#43 - The World's Columbian Exposition

Timeless (2016) Season 1 - Episode 11

Lucy's situation grows desperate after she's captured by Flynn and taken to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. In their dogged pursuit of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus fall into a sinister trap.

star 7.78
2984 votes
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Reckless Abandon

#44 - Reckless Abandon

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 11

The sisters must find a way to vanquish a ghost who is intent on killing all of the men in a family line, including the last male, a baby.

star 7.77
547 votes
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If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

#45 - If You Work for a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 13

The DEA brings Nancy in for questioning and then she must explain things to Esteban. Celia travels deep into Mexico to make amends with estranged daughter Quinn. Meanwhile, Silas meets Lisa's ex-husband and Doug finds a reason to live. Nancy makes a shocking revelation to Esteban.

star 7.77
1832 votes
Guns & Hoses

#46 - Guns & Hoses

NYPD Blue Season 9 - Episode 15

The detectives begin looking into the fire-bombing of an abortion clinic that killed a security guard. While waiting to talk with the woman in charge of the clinic, Clark Jr. asks Sipowicz if Theo has an interest in blondes, intimating that he is aware that Sipowicz and McDowell appear to spending time together. When they ask the woman in charge of the clinic to open her record books to help them get a lead on who may have committed the crime. Citing the need for patient confidentiality she denies their request. McDowell & Ortiz catch their own case and go off to investigate the homicide; meanwhile Sipowicz and Clark Jr. question the leader of an anti-abortion group that leads them nowhere. Medavoy and Jones look into gun that a guy found in a car he obtained from his late uncle. Ortiz recognizes their homicide victim as the woman her husband Don was having an affair with. This makes them interested in looking into the whereabouts of the victim's husband and Ortiz's husband. The

star 7.77
64 votes
New Money

#47 - New Money

Kingdom (2014) Season 2 - Episode 1

Ryan contends with illness on the day of his title defense, Jay's opponent presents him with an unexpected challenge, and Lisa recruits a new fighter. Alvey oversees it all while opening up a new gym.

star 7.76
473 votes
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Lovesick Ass

#48 - Lovesick Ass

Wonderfalls Season 1 - Episode 10

As Jaye and Eric verbally spar over their relationship, or more precisely, lack of one, they encounter and help a Russian mail order bride, Katya, and Peter the 12 year old that ordered her.

star 7.75
117 votes
Crunchy Ice

#49 - Crunchy Ice

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 11

When Bryce takes over, Tara's new alter threatens to destroy the whole family. When Tara's other alters disappear one by one, Max decides to fight off Bryce before it's too late for Tara.

star 7.74
640 votes
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Sal's Pizza

#50 - Sal's Pizza

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 - Episode 9

When Sal's Pizza burns down and the fire marshal quickly assumes that the owner is the prime suspect in the investigation, Jake does everything in his power to prove him wrong, even if it means stepping out of his jurisdiction. Meanwhile back at the precinct, chaos ensues when a computer virus publishes everyone's browser history.

star 7.74
4353 votes
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No Man is Pudding

#51 - No Man is Pudding

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 5

Guillermo gives Nancy a new job and she soon finds working retail isn't as mundane as it appears on the surface. Celia's deal with Captain Till brings her dangerously close to the action. Meanwhile, having been left in the desert by Nancy, Andy finds himself with a pack of immigrants and a very unfriendly Coyote. Back at home, the boys battle an infestation of bees.

star 7.74
1630 votes
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I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day

#52 - I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day

Shameless (US) Season 2 - Episode 3

Fiona hopes her moral compass isn't leading her astray when she reconnects with her married high school crush, but when she finds an abandoned purse with over five hundred dollars inside, she assumes her luck is finally changing; Frank is willing to do just about anything to stay in Dottie's good graces, even marry her; after Harry's passing, Debbie becomes obsessed with death; Kevin thinks about buying the Alibi; Lip meets with a colonel to glean information for Ian about West Point; Jody asks Frank for Karen's hand in marriage.

star 7.74
3846 votes

#53 - ...youwillnotwin...

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 1

Max is worried when Tara returns to college to finish her college degree. Meanwhile, Charmaine with a baby on the way is avoiding a commitment to Neil, Kate tries to figure out a plan for her future and Marshall and Lionel sign up for a filmmaking class.

star 7.73
650 votes
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Chicken 'n' Corn

#54 - Chicken 'n' Corn

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 8

A new alter comes to light that puts Charmaine's new baby at risk. Soon after, Alice visits Dr. Hattaras and intrigues him in Tara's case again. Kate, Max and Marshall fly to New York where they get to meet Kate's new friend Evan and his son.

star 7.73
705 votes
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#55 - Firebomb

Alias Season 2 - Episode 16

A mysterious Rambaldi device's powers are finally revealed and Sloane has its secrets. Meanwhile, Vaughn begs Dixon to aid the CIA in rescuing Sydney, Will is called upon to participate in a crucial CIA briefing session, and Sydney senses that Francie is keeping secrets.

star 7.70
628 votes
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#56 - Continuum

American Horror Story Season 2 - Episode 12

A deadly new inmate threatens Sister Jude's chance of release. Grace's obsession with the aliens turns violent.

star 7.70
3461 votes
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A Pool and His Money

#57 - A Pool and His Money

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 2

Sanjay has a new experience. Nancy gets bruised. Conrad won't do what U-Turn wants him to. Lupita still won't follow orders. Heylia's out to handle a few things. The Amber Alert is still out on Shane. Andy gets in trouble with a couple who make him for a child molester. Silas gets to talk to Shane. Celia is still having problems with her husband and daughter. Doug begs Celia to forgive him.

star 7.70
1734 votes
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Cooking with Jesus

#58 - Cooking with Jesus

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 2

Nancy does her best to cope with the loss of Conrad's help, who runs into some trouble while venturing out on his own. Andy is still trying to get into rabbinical school by writing an essay on what being Jewish means to him. And Silas deals with Megan's acceptance to Princeton in his own unique way.

star 7.70
1874 votes
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The Darkest Day

#59 - The Darkest Day

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 12

As Cathy prepares for her trip to Italy, she receives an amicable call from Lee. Elsewhere, Paul uncovers a secret about Myk while Adam discovers one about Poppy.

star 7.70
476 votes
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Power Outage

#60 - Power Outage

Charmed Season 3 - Episode 7

In an attempt to destroy the Charmed Ones, Cole enlists the help of Andras, a demon who magnifies anger into rage. Meanwhile, when the sisters lose their magic after using their powers against each other, they are left defenseless against attacks from the Triad and Belthazor.

star 7.69
563 votes
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#61 - Library

Veep Season 6 - Episode 2

Selina attends the opening of President Hughes’ library. Jonah gets advice on how to rise in the political ranks. Dan suffers through Jane’s whims. Amy releases an attack ad.

star 7.69
1309 votes
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Muffin Buffalo

#62 - Muffin Buffalo

Wonderfalls Season 1 - Episode 6

Jaye performs an unethical act, proposed by the animals, that ultimately improves the lives of her neighbors.

star 7.68
117 votes
The Atomic Job

#63 - The Atomic Job

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 5

As Jarvis’ precision and quick-thinking skills are put to the ultimate test, Peggy must find a way to stop an atomic explosion that threatens to destroy all of California.

star 7.67
2835 votes
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The Fury

#64 - The Fury

Sneaky Pete Season 1 - Episode 4

Lured by the promise of a big payday in the bail bonds office's safe, Marius tries to work the angles with Pete's family. However, he finds it more difficult than he expected to manipulate Taylor, who harbors both a vicious temper and a dangerous secret of his own. Back in the city, Vince struggles with a difficult client at the poker table and takes his frustrations out on his crew.

star 7.67
1870 votes
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Witch Trial

#65 - Witch Trial

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 1

On their first anniversary of becoming witches, the sisters face a cloven-hoofed demon called Abraxas, that steals the Book of Shadows and undoes the spells they've cast.

star 7.67
563 votes
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The Tagger

#66 - The Tagger

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 - Episode 2

When Jake is late for roll call, Captain Ray Holt assigns him to a graffiti case that Jake feels is below his level. However, when the culprit turns out to be the Deputy Commissioner’s son, the case becomes a major problem. Meanwhile, Gina’s psychic friend visits the precinct and gets inside Charles.

star 7.66
5379 votes
Yeah, Like Tomatoes

#67 - Yeah, Like Tomatoes

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 11

Peter isn't happy about the nickname "Agent Wonderbread" and he lets Nancy and Conrad know so with a convinving threat. Nancy looks to other people in the business for help. Kat's got a secret and Shane's girlfriend doesn't like her. Heylia has a plan.

star 7.66
1722 votes
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Attention to Detail

#68 - Attention to Detail

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 - Episode 6

Joel and Sheila try dividing up the tasks, Eric and Abby stumble onto something big, and Dan learns that a realtor can only be pushed so far.

star 7.65
1946 votes
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Dunder Mifflin Infinity (2)

#69 - Dunder Mifflin Infinity (2)

The Office (US) Season 4 - Episode 4

In a special hour long episode, Ryan returns to Scranton with a plan to bring Dunder Mifflin into the digital age by launching a new website - Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Michael is worried about ageism and attempts to win back clients using old fashion business skills. Relationships are on the forefront as Ryan returns to an eager Kelly, Jim and Pam are outed to the office, and Angela is still upset with Dwight about her cat.

star 7.65
1374 votes
The Good Parts

#70 - The Good Parts

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 12

Tara re-emerges but the task now is to repair broken family relationships, particularly with Marshall who is fed up with it all. Rather than go into a local mental health facility, she decides to follow Dr. Hatteras' advice and see a specialist in Boston. Neil and Charmaine are moving to Houston and offer to take Marshall with them. Kate receives an offer to move to St. Louis. As a new family dynamic emerges, everyone contemplates and wonders what the future may hold.

star 7.64
476 votes
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Life of the Party

#71 - Life of the Party

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 - Episode 6

When Peggy realizes she needs help saving Wilkes, she turns to an unexpected adversary for help while Whitney tries to control the deadly Zero Matter.

star 7.64
2802 votes
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The Lost Generation

#72 - The Lost Generation

Timeless (2016) Season 1 - Episode 14

Flynn disappears to 1927 France on the day that Charles Lindbergh completes his transatlantic flight, so Rufus, Lucy and their new soldier scramble through the City of Lights and team with a young reporter to keep history intact. Locked in an undisclosed location, Wyatt gets a visit from Agent Christopher, and the pair is left wondering if their enemies are closer than they realize.

star 7.64
3207 votes
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My Nightingale

#73 - My Nightingale

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 2

J.D., Elliot and Turk find themselves alone in the hospital night shift and face responsibilities without supervision for the first time. Luckily, they have Carla there to support and guide them through the night. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox doesn't know what to do, when he realizes that he has feelings for his ex-wife Jordan and is asked (forced actually) to introduce Dr. Kelso at a social event, where he will be receiving an award from the medical board.

star 7.64
2052 votes
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Monster Swamp

#74 - Monster Swamp

Preacher Season 1 - Episode 4

Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can't refuse; and Cassidy works to fend off the angels. Meanwhile, Tulip tries to bring justice to Annville.

star 7.63
5608 votes
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My Tormented Mentor

#75 - My Tormented Mentor

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 15

Jordan's friends Allison and Maddie come to town to provide moral support for Jordan after her brother's death – however, their constant presence does not provide any relief to Dr. Cox. Meanwhile, Turk tries to impress the new female surgeon, Dr. Miller, but his first encounter serves only to leave him baffled by the opposite sex yet again. Attempting to reinforce the policy on sexual harassment at Sacred Heart, Carla is forced to teach a course where Dr. Kelso is the number-one student.

star 7.63
1940 votes
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Trouble Junction

#76 - Trouble Junction

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 2

Tara realizes her alternate personalities are emerging again, but keeps it a secret. Newly engaged Charmaine asks to move in with Tara and her family. Max decides to take on a new project by buying the neighbor’s house to flip it. Kate meets a mysterious older woman, Lynda (Viola Davis), while Marshall begins a new relationship… with a girl

star 7.63
800 votes
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Command: Delete

#77 - Command: Delete

Elementary Season 7 - Episode 6

Tech billionaire Odin Reichenbach presents Sherlock and Joan with an extraordinary offer to help him with a program that can predict future crimes. Sherlock and Joan assist Bell when he tries to prevent a future crime of his own, as he races to locate a fellow NYPD officer planning a sniper shooting.

star 7.63
1388 votes
My Two Dads

#78 - My Two Dads

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 5

J.D. points out what seems to be a technical mistake to Dr. Kelso, but it was really an attempt of Dr. Cox to save a woman without insurance using a dead guy's insurance. Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox show J.D. their different ways of looking at medicine. Meanwhile, the Janitor intimidates J.D., Elliot discovers the healing powers of her boobs and Turk gives Carla a pen he thought he took from the Lost and Found box.

star 7.62
2745 votes
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#79 - Flashpoint

The Closer Season 1 - Episode 5

Brenda enters the high-stakes world of pharmaceutical research, when a drug trial for new anti-addiction medication lead to the death of one of the principal investigators. Nothing is quite as it seems as she investigates the high-powered president of the drug company sponsoring the trial, the seemingly easy-going psychiatrist and the teenaged participants in the study. Too soon, one of the teenagers falls victim to manipulation of the medication, and Brenda untangles a web of exploitation of the young victims leading to an unlikely criminal. Meanwhile, Flynn ratchets up his efforts to undermine Brenda's authority, first by going over her head to Pope, and then, when that fails, by unearthing a groundless ethics investigation Brenda faced in Atlanta. On the personal front, Brenda's relationship with Fritz heats up, much to Provenza's delight!

star 7.60
318 votes
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Derek, Alex and Gary

#80 - Derek, Alex and Gary

Nip/Tuck Season 3 - Episode 3

Matt is getting out of control, and Sean, Julia and Christian are trying to find a solution. Quentin and Christian help two students whose faces are glued to the behind of a third student. Christian starts losing interest in the threesome relationship between Kimber, Kit, and himself. He asks Quentin to get involved with Kit to take her off his hands.

star 7.60
357 votes
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Trust Me

#81 - Trust Me

Alias Season 2 - Episode 2

Sydney must decide whether her mother's goodwill gesture was sincere or an attempt to kill her. Will witnesses Francie discussing her restaurant plans with a man whose affiliations are questionable, and Sloane is made a full partner in the malevolent Alliance of Twelve.

star 7.59
719 votes
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My Hypocritical Oath

#82 - My Hypocritical Oath

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 15

J.D. has a crush on a girl, who he met at a club, and he's torn about telling her, that her boyfriend has gonorrhea. Elliot decides to take a stand against Dr. Kelso with one of her patients. And Dr. Cox is blackmailed by the Janitor for a basketball game's score, after he spoils the end of "The Sixth Sense."

star 7.59
1789 votes
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#83 - Upgrade

Manifest Season 1 - Episode 14

When Saanvi goes missing, Ben suspects a fanatical group who have become obsessed with the passengers from Flight 828. Michaela must face the consequences of her reunion with Jared. Zeke returns to New York and has an ominous calling.

star 7.58
1679 votes
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Everybody Happy Now!

#84 - Everybody Happy Now!

Brave New World (2020) Season 1 - Episode 3

Danger awaits Bernard and Lenina in the Savage Lands, where the world is flipped on its head. John grapples with staying true to himself as paths entwine.

star 7.57
742 votes
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Megan O'Hara

#85 - Megan O'Hara

Nip/Tuck Season 1 - Episode 6

Someone is vandalizing Christian's possessions, and he attempts to find the culprit. A chemotherapy patient who is considering breast implants brings excitement to Sean's life, and Matt finds himself in a threesome with Vanessa and Riley.

star 7.56
451 votes
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#86 - Payback

The Good Wife Season 7 - Episode 5

Jason uses aggressive investigative tactics while working on a student loan case with Alicia and Lucca. Howard points to Cary as the primary offender when he alleges ageism at Lockhart, Agos & Lee. Eli creates drama among the Florricks.

star 7.56
1275 votes
Lady's a Charm

#87 - Lady's a Charm

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 2

After settling her family in Ren Mar, Nancy turns her attention back to business. Later, Guillermo gives her a much-needed crash course in "running" across the border. Meanwhile, Celia gets further acquainted with life in prison. Lenny leaves Silas and Shane to care for Bubbie while he goes to the track. When Lenny returns, Andy confronts him about some family history.

star 7.55
1582 votes
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My Roommates

#88 - My Roommates

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 18

J.D. is thrown out of the apartment. Turk and Carla continue to struggle to keep the romance alive. Dr. Cox has reason to believe that the son of an old buddy is autistic.

star 7.55
1731 votes
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The License

#89 - The License

The Tick (2001) Season 1 - Episode 4

When it is revealed to Arthur, Captain Liberty and Batmanuel that The Tick is working without a superhero license, he and Arthur go down to the DMV to obtain one. Only one problem -- The Tick doesn't know his date of birth, his social security number or his real name. In a quest to find out whom he really is, Arthur does a search, which unites The Tick with a woman who claims to be his wife -- but is she the real thing? Meanwhile, Captain Liberty tries dating as a regular woman. And Batmanuel attempts to make the papers.

star 7.54
90 votes
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#90 - Détente

Alias Season 4 - Episode 7

While Sydney and Nadia argue about Nadia's acceptance of Sloane's fatherly concerns, Sloane worries about Nadia's well-being when she and Sydney go undercover as wealthy, irresponsible young heiresses to uncover the whereabouts of a deadly chemical.

star 7.54
645 votes
Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

#91 - Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 5

Isabelle is auditioning for the Huskeroo ads afterall. Once Celia sees that Isabelle has an opportunity to go national she may change her mind about Isabelle's involvement. Celia is still campaigning and is starting to wonder what Nancy does during all of her "free time" as a widowed housewife. Conrad lays out the details of the operations of their Armenian neighbors and Nancy comes up with a plan. Silas may have more to deal with than a baby on the way. Shane finally starts to fit in at school. Heylia prepares for her first date with Joseph.

star 7.54
1900 votes
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Doing the Backstroke

#92 - Doing the Backstroke

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 1

After being threatened by U-Turn and The Armenians, Nancy goes in search of Silas and her hijacked pot. Meanwhile, Celia has Silas arrested for stealing her "Drug Free Zone" signs. Nancy visits him in jail only to discover that the pot is still in his car - the one that Celia has just driven away in.

star 7.54
1841 votes
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Mile Deep and a Foot Wide

#93 - Mile Deep and a Foot Wide

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 10

Heylia treats Nancy like the trash that she thinks she is. Peter's captain looks over his notes on the DEA bust. Celia and Doug's relationship hasn't changed since last week. Andy's ex-girlfriend, Kat, shows up.

star 7.52
1795 votes
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Bill Sussman

#94 - Bill Sussman

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 5

After going AWOL from the military Andy turns up in camouflage. The city council works with Sullivan. Shane goes to summer school in Majestic. Nancy's involvement with U-Turn becomes more entrenched and Silas has business ideas. Sullivan asks Nancy to hold a cocktail party.

star 7.51
1746 votes
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MILF Money

#95 - MILF Money

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 8

Conrad and Nancy take their product to be tested in the market. They run into some upscale clients on the way. Celia tries to get Dean to help her with a speech that she must give in front of some kids as the new City Councilwoman. Celia wants to close a dog park. Nancy goes to invest some of her cash in jewelry. Heylia finds out that Nancy and Conrad are working together on their own seperate venture and she lets them know that she knows.

star 7.51
1785 votes
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Good Shit Lollipop

#96 - Good Shit Lollipop

Weeds Season 1 - Episode 3

A mountain lion is on the prowl in Agrestic, but it's the medical marijuana facility that is causing the most havoc in Nancy's life. Faced with the dilemma of having to compete, Nancy has to get cooking. Silas makes a move on Megan causing him some colourful problems of his own and Celia and Isabel's war over weight issues gets dirty.

star 7.51
2604 votes
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The Pursuit of Happiness

#97 - The Pursuit of Happiness

American Dreams Season 1 - Episode 13

In the aftermath of his confession to Beth, JJ struggles to put their relationship back together again, but quickly realizes that it might be too little too late. Elsewhere, Meg strikes up a musical friendship with Sam as they decide to save money by sharing records - causing problems with JJ who quickly reminds his sister about the trouble she faced after her previous interactions with Sam. Meanwhile, Jack entrusts his new employee -- Nathan, the nephew of Henry with delivery duty, but later questions his decision when Nathan fails to return. Helen volunteers to baby-sit for her professor and gets to know him better while Roxanne fights for a coveted position writing the ""Backstage on Bandstand"" column for Teenzine magazine.

star 7.50
7 votes
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Playing the Cancer Car

#98 - Playing the Cancer Car

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 4

Cathy, eager to try on a carefree, impulsive persona, drains her 401K, buys a convertible and imagines what life would be like if she were Dr. Todd's girlfriend. At his therapist's urging, Paul reignites his passion for rugby. Sean goes to great lengths to knock out a tooth without the help of a dentist. Meanwhile, Adam gets caught stealing and is surprised when Marlene comes to his rescue, until he finds out there are strings attached.

star 7.50
728 votes
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Little Boats

#99 - Little Boats

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 9

Despite their busy schedules, Nancy and Esteban try to find some time for each other. After finding out about Shane's fantasies and Silas's new and much older girlfriend, Nancy also has to talk to both of her sons. With their relationship going on, Lisa and Silas add some special offerings to her cheese shop.

star 7.49
1559 votes
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#100 - Swallow

Brave New World (2020) Season 1 - Episode 4

Bernard introduces John to New London. Lenina struggles with reintegration after their visit to the Savage Lands.

star 7.49
697 votes
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Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

#101 - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Las Vegas Season 2 - Episode 1

Danny returns from the war, much to the surprise and joy of everybody, particularly Mary. However, he is acting strangely as the memories of the war haunt him. He begins to worry everybody, particularly Ed and Mary. The guys of the casino are also contending with two of the dumbest guys on earth, one of who has a microchip in his arm. The new guy Leo has a thing for Delinda, and Sam and Delinda are at odds as Sam wants to hire out Mystique to a group of rich morticians.

star 7.48
490 votes
My Rule of Thumb

#102 - My Rule of Thumb

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 10

Carla and Elliot try to help a patient, Maggie, lose her virginity as she prepares to die. Walking in on her sister and Dr. Cox prompts Danni to move in with J.D. Dr. Cox attempts to convince Turk to do a kidney transplant for a patient he has "moved up" the list. But a personal grudge seems to stand in the way and may decide whether the patient lives or dies.

star 7.48
1783 votes
Unclaimed Baggage

#103 - Unclaimed Baggage

Manifest Season 1 - Episode 4

When a mysterious message leads Saanvi to the flight attendant of 828, she enlists Ben's help in uncovering a secret about the plane. Meanwhile, Michaela begins to question the nature of the callings when one goes horribly awry, leaving Jared to suffer the consequences.

star 7.47
2457 votes
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Devil with a Plaid Skirt

#104 - Devil with a Plaid Skirt

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 4

Jimmy's claim of demonic possession and Lily's skirt length prompt Sean's perceived battle with school head Sister Helen

star 7.46
108 votes
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The Whole Blah Damn Thing

#105 - The Whole Blah Damn Thing

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 3

Nancy makes her first successful smuggling run across the border with both drugs and human cargo. Meanwhile, Captain Till strikes a deal with Celia to get her out of jail. In return, she must gather evidence to incriminate Nancy and Guillermo. Back in Ren Mar, Andy tries to convince the family, including his father, to put Bubbie out of her misery.

star 7.46
1628 votes
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#106 - Captive

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 5

Alicia works toward reuniting with her family. Travis comes across a familiar face. Madison and Nick try to save their family against all odds.

star 7.46
7007 votes
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#107 - Leslie

Mad Dogs (US) Season 1 - Episode 6

Emotions run high while the guys are trapped in an international quarantine, forced to reconcile with their past actions while waiting for life changing test results. Outside the tent, Lawrence (Phil Davis) works to track down the boys at the request of the notorious and dangerous Jesus.

star 7.45
316 votes
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The Bells and Whistles

#108 - The Bells and Whistles

Smash (2012) Season 2 - Episode 8

Ivy brings Sam back to New York City which makes things uncomfortable for Tom. Jimmy finds himself at odds with Derek regarding "Hit List". Ana and Karen struggle with being assertive.

star 7.45
339 votes
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Head Cheese

#109 - Head Cheese

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 11

Nancy must deal with the aftermath of Shane's exploits, her Ayahuasca trip, and more confrontation with Guillermo. Celia's struggles with her rehab partner, Barry, force her to find a new rehab facility. Doug and Maria's relationship quickly goes south and they both turn to Andy for help. Meanwhile, Silas's "sandwich" business has grown too big, forcing him to turn to Nancy for help.

star 7.45
1635 votes
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The Paper Chase

#110 - The Paper Chase

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 15

Felicity worries that Ben is drifting away after she observes his reaction to a sonogram of his son. She has trouble concentrating as she works on a term paper for art history. The thirty-page paper is due the following day, but she has not even picked a topic. Meghan suggests that she just copy a dissertation from the library, and assures her that she could never get caught. Ben agrees to attend Lamaze classes with Lauren in the hopes of convincing her to stay in New York. Felicity becomes very depressed and decides to copy a paper. She fears that she is busted after the professor asks to speak with her. However, Professor Carnes instead tells Felicity that she loves the paper and has submitted it for publication. Meghan advises Felicity to destroy the dissertation and tell the professor that she doesn't want to be published. A library worker catches Felicity trying to throw out the book, but Meghan later cuts a deal with him and steals it. Professor Carnes informs Felicity

star 7.44
72 votes
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Corn Snake

#111 - Corn Snake

Weeds Season 2 - Episode 1

After repeatedly having her suggestions ignored by the likes of Doug Wilson and having an eye-opening car accident Celia decides to run for city council. Nancy tries to break things off with Peter because her life is currently too illegal to be dating the DEA. Things gets even more hectic when Sanjay screws up at the bakery. Andy is still trying to get into a Rabbinical school so that he doesn't get shipped off to Iraq.

star 7.44
1909 votes
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Guys and Doll

#112 - Guys and Doll

Entourage Season 3 - Episode 4

Dom, who has now become a part of Vince's posse, ends up telling Vince a story that helps him get his dream role in the film, Medellin.

star 7.44
1518 votes
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Mr. Monk Gets Married

#113 - Mr. Monk Gets Married

Monk Season 2 - Episode 15

When Randy's mother gets married to an antiques store dealer (Nestor Carbonell), Randy becomes suspicious of his new stepfather and asks Monk and Sharona to look into him.

star 7.43
576 votes
Van Hickey

#114 - Van Hickey

My Name Is Earl Season 2 - Episode 5

Earl tries to make amends with Tom (number 50), the older man they let be the lead singer in his band but then kicked out before their first performance. While trying to arrange a reunion show Earl must also deal with Number 51, "Slept with Ralph's mom."

star 7.42
950 votes
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#115 - Ch-Ch-Changes

Popular Season 1 - Episode 18

Everyone must face changes in life, and some are destined to cause havoc. Beloved shop teacher Mr. Don, makes the shocking announcement that he is becoming a woman, leaving the class very confused. Despite a possible social downfall, Harrison along with Sam, Carmen, and Lily support the transformed Ms. Debbie. Meanwhile, Cherry Cherry becomes the new home economics teacher and teaches her class a positive lesson which teaches the popular kids to accept Ms. Debbie as well.

star 7.42
38 votes
The Two Mrs. Scottsons

#116 - The Two Mrs. Scottsons

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 8

Celia and Sullivan step up their relationship. Andy gets more involved in a different business. Silas and Tara begin working together. Shane and Isabelle spend time together. Nancy meets Peter's other ex-wife, Valerie.

star 7.42
1636 votes
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#117 - Yes

United States of Tara Season 2 - Episode 1

Season two opens with a bang as the Gregsons' neighbor commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house. Now well and dissociation-free for several months, Tara sets out to make new friends with Max's help. Marshall struggles to fit in at school while Kate lands a new job. Nick pops the question to Charmaine

star 7.41
858 votes
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#118 - Dichotic

Smallville Season 2 - Episode 9

A Smallville student, Ian, displays the ability to make clones of himself and uses his power to date both Chloe and Lana. Meanwhile Lex goes to anger management class and meets an attractive local doctor.

star 7.41
897 votes
Blue-Eyed Iris

#119 - Blue-Eyed Iris

The Big C Season 1 - Episode 5

Cathy meets someone new to feel sexy again. Meanwhile, Cathy's eccentric brother Sean tries to keep his building and Adam is caught while watching pornography.

star 7.40
868 votes
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Oops...Noel Did It Again

#120 - Oops...Noel Did It Again

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 6

Ben learns that his father is being hospitalized with liver failure. He reluctantly goes to the hospital and meets Lauren, a friend of Mr. Covington's from A.A. She tells Ben that his father does not have long to live. Mr. Covington gives Ben power of attorney, and declares that he does not want to be hooked up to machines. He also insists that he will not take any pain medication because he has been sober for 67 days and does not want to use drugs of any kind. Ben postpones a ski trip that he and Felicity had planned for her birthday after his father's condition worsens. Ben is surprised to learn that Mr. Covington was very helpful to Lauren when he served as her sponsor. She says that his dad talks about Ben all the time. Ben goes against his father's wishes and puts him on a ventilator because there is a slim chance that he could regain enough strength to undergo a transplant. Felicity suspects that Professor Cavallo is coming on to her. He denies this, but she grows uneas

star 7.40
78 votes
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The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas

#121 - The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas

Las Vegas Season 1 - Episode 13

Sin City screeches to a halt as a massive power outage brings down the light of the strip, locking down the Montecito, while a mysterious hotel guest is shot on the casino floor. In the midst of the blackout, super sleuths Nessa and Delinda attempt to find the casino killer, while a semi-delirious Sam flirts with paranoia as she suspects the murder to be part of an elaborate cover-up. Elsewhere, a trapped Danny and Mary spend the blackout rehashing some old feelings, while a claustrophobic Mike works tirelessly to free Ed and himself from the lockdown surveillance room.

star 7.38
407 votes
Didn't Pay Taxes

#122 - Didn't Pay Taxes

My Name Is Earl Season 1 - Episode 17

Earl attempts to cross off another deed of his list. This time trying to repay the government after failing to pay his taxes in the past.

star 7.37
1040 votes
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Chicken Soup

#123 - Chicken Soup

Nurse Jackie Season 1 - Episode 3

An elderly patient checks in who has been treating his heart disease with chicken soup; Jackie discusses her daughter's anxiety with Dr. O'Hara; Eddie learns that he is to be replaced by a pill-dispensing machine.

star 7.37
933 votes
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Cereal Killers

#124 - Cereal Killers

Battle Creek Season 1 - Episode 6

When someone attempts to assassinate Battle Creek’s mayor during the annual “Breakfast Day” celebration, Russ and Milt must protect the unorthodox politician while trying to track down the attacker.

star 7.35
347 votes
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Roy Till Called

#125 - Roy Till Called

Weeds Season 3 - Episode 10

Nancy's up and running again until someone betrays her and sends in the DEA. Celia spends more time with Dean. Doug has ethics decisions to make.

star 7.34
1713 votes
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Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her

#126 - Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 1

Nancy has relocated to the border in search of a new life but she soon finds her past to be inescapable. Both problems and people follow her on her journey, but some have finally been left behind.

star 7.34
1527 votes
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#127 - Mothwoman

Las Vegas Season 3 - Episode 9

The Montecito hosts a comic book convention. Mary is checking into the Montecito for a while. Sam is after the black book of one of the world's greatest casino hosts, who just died. Monica wants Danny to be less like Ed. Danny is worried about the Montecito and calls somebody behind Monica's back.

star 7.33
337 votes
Tiny Bubbles

#128 - Tiny Bubbles

Nurse Jackie Season 1 - Episode 6

Jackie is caught off-guard when a nurse (Judith Ivey) she used to work with, who is dying of lung cancer, asks Jackie to help end her life. Meanwhile, Coop’s mother (Blythe Danner) is admitted with a gall bladder attack. We learn that he is the only son of lesbians…a fact that delights Jackie and O’Hara.

star 7.31
987 votes
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Three Birds and a Baby

#129 - Three Birds and a Baby

Birds of Prey Season 1 - Episode 4

When Helena rescues an abandoned baby boy and brings him back to the Clocktower, Barbara and Dinah try to help, but to everyone's surprise, the baby, Guy, is only happy when Helena is holding him. Even more surprising is the fact that Guy wakes up from his nap as a walking, talking 5-year-old and is soon a teenager. Now in a race against time, the Birds of Prey discover that Guy is programmed to live his entire life in three days, and to kill the first person he attaches to, putting Helena in grave danger.

star 7.27
199 votes
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The Binx Ultimatum

#130 - The Binx Ultimatum

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 6

Tiger uses Stu’s fondness for her to help her track down Athena. Josh is now a “Smasher” remanded to a labor camp, where the Pointed Circle comes after him. Wolf, vowing to improve the NAG, faces off against Supreme Overlord Vice.

star 7.18
827 votes
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The Brain Game

#131 - The Brain Game

Popular Season 2 - Episode 18

Desperately seeking to be popular again, Mary Cherry fails in an audition to a teen talent show. But that didn't stop her, and she decides to put a team of students together to be in "The Big Head Challenge". Everybody is studying for the SATs and they all think it would be a nice way to test their knowledge at this competition. Cherry Cherry, who has become a student at KH (trying to beat her 50 points score in her SAT), also tries to get in, but loses the very last spot to Josh, who surprisingly know a lot more about chicken than we thought. Meanwhile, Carmen decides to take salsa lessons, and has her heart broken by the instructor, whom she had a crush for. But after he realizes how bad he made Carmen feel, he goes to KH to ask her out. At the competition, the gang is first relieved to be against the John Ashcroft Private School for Special Needs Children, but then surprised when they see that Cherry Cherry has bought the entire team.

star 7.16
37 votes
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Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

#132 - Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 4

As Tiger gets to know her doppelganger Ty-­Anne, Wolf acclimates to the NAG, and Josh wanders the desert. Josh is brought to the NAG and remanded to indentured servitude as a technology smasher. Tiger sneaks into the NAG and wants out of this timeline.

star 7.15
853 votes
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Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?

#133 - Great Sausage or Can I Call You Dick?

Hung Season 1 - Episode 2

Tanya enlists the help of a former colleague Lenore, who is now a professional shopper, so Ray can offer his services to her clientele of rich older women.

star 7.14
1764 votes
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Conor McNamara, 2026

#134 - Conor McNamara, 2026

Nip/Tuck Season 4 - Episode 11

It's the year 2026. Conor is getting the whole family together. In the present, Julia and Sean's marriage is at a crossroads.

star 7.13
311 votes
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Misery Loathes Company

#135 - Misery Loathes Company

Popular Season 2 - Episode 8

Harrison is checked in a hospital for treatment for his leukemia. His roommate is a religious fanatic, which makes him quite uncomfortable. Harrison doesn't want anybody's help and yells at Brooke. Brooke is faced with the ghost of her anorexia and fears coming back to the clinic she once was. Sugar Daddy feels miserable for his looks and checks into a clinic for food disorders (which happens to be the same hospital where Harrison is.). Mike hears somebody throwing up in the bathroom. First he thinks it might be Jane, but he realizes it's Brooke and puts her in the clinic. Sugar feels very depressed and has a fight with Brooke. Later she advises him to talk to one of the girls at the clinic, and she plays cupid slipping a love letter under her door. But the clinician gets the letter instead. Sugar feels guilty and tells Ashley that he didn't write the letter, without knowing that she never got the letter in the first place. Harrison's roommate has a seizure.

star 7.11
38 votes
Fight or Flight

#136 - Fight or Flight

The Big C Season 2 - Episode 11

After an argument with Lee and a revealing dinner with Dr. Sherman, Cathy (Laura Linney) comes to a major crossroads. Elsewhere, Adam searches for his AWOL uncle and an impulsive Andrea makes a decision about Myk.

star 7.10
392 votes
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#137 - Survivor

Medical Investigation Season 1 - Episode 16

Split cases find Connor, Natalie, and Powell in New York City trying to cure victims who are presenting paralysis as a result of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, and Miles and Eva down south trying to figure out what is causing the pregnant wives of military men to miscarry.

star 7.09
87 votes
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Sweet 'n All

#138 - Sweet 'n All

Nurse Jackie Season 1 - Episode 2

Jackie and her husband, Kevin, become concerned that their older daughter Grace is suffering from anxiety disorder; hospital administrator Mrs. Akalitus drinks Jackie's Percoset-laced coffee.

star 7.08
1209 votes
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The Sweetest Taboo

#139 - The Sweetest Taboo

Popular Season 2 - Episode 4

Nicole, desperate to get back to the Glamazons, tries to bribe and blackmail Principal Krupps. Her attempts fail and she gets Mary Cherry and Sugar Daddy to help her make a fake video about him. As a result, she gets terminated from the cheerleaders forever. A new kid joins Kennedy High and gets a spot on the football team. Josh, jealous of him, tries to put everybody else against him. He gets his mom a job at school and she starts to date the football coach, and Josh's life falls apart. Sam misjudges George but realizes that friendship is more worth than an article. Josh finds Nicole crying, a proof that she still has a human side. They console each other.

star 6.89
35 votes
Susan's Ex

#140 - Susan's Ex

Suddenly Susan Season 4 - Episode 12

Susan's ex thwarts her plan to join the ""mile high club"" with Oliver; Vicki cons the gang into painting her apartment.

star 0.00
0 votes
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