The Best Episodes Directed by Michael Zinberg

Life Sentence

#1 - Life Sentence

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 22

Ellenor defends a deaf woman who shot and killed the man who allegedly murdered her young daughter. The client's crime is captured on video in front of dozens of witnesses, leaving no doubt as to who committed the act. The only to way to exonerate the client is to manipulate the jury's heartstrings. Meanwhile Lindsay learns that Bobby hates weddings and decides to spring a surprise elopement.

star 9.81
30 votes
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Pro Se

#2 - Pro Se

The Practice Season 6 - Episode 13

Ellenor is ordered to appear as co-counsel for murderer Ray McMurphy, who insists on defending himself in his latest trial. The trial turns ugly for everyone involved, as McMurphy will do whatever it takes to keep himself from going back to prison. Meanwhile, the firm try to support Bobby as he comes out of hospital and he tries to come to terms with being victimised.

star 9.80
29 votes
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Goodbye (2)

#3 - Goodbye (2)

The Practice Season 7 - Episode 22

Shocking twists in the trial of an accused wife-killer rattle Jimmy and Rebecca. Bobby's news to the firm devastates Eugene and has an impact on Lindsay.

star 9.75
30 votes
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#4 - Initiation

Mr. Belvedere Season 4 - Episode 1

Kevin has begun college and decides to join a fraternity. Part of his initiation includes, donning women's clothing bringing the worst looking girl to a frat party. Coincidentally, Kevin meets a girl whom he thinks fits the bill, but wants to spare her feelings. However, he finds himself trapped and hurting her feelings seems to be the only way out.

star 9.20
5 votes
Turkeys Away

#5 - Turkeys Away

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 7

Feeling left out at the station, Mr. Carlson comes up with a top-secret Thanksgiving promotion involving twenty live turkeys.

star 9.05
232 votes
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Simka Returns

#6 - Simka Returns

Taxi Season 4 - Episode 15

Latka is eagerly anticipating a reunion with his ex-girlfriend from the old country, Simka. She arrives at the garage and while Latka is in the bathroom, Alex warns her of Latka's multiple personalities. Sure enough, at Latka's apartment later, Vic Ferrarri makes his appearance and seduces Simka. Much to Latka's dismay, soon his alter-ego, Vic, and Simka seem to be an item. Alex encourages Latka to fight Vic for Simka, which he does in hilarious fashion and Vic never returns.

star 8.81
57 votes
Tony's Lady

#7 - Tony's Lady

Taxi Season 4 - Episode 14

Tony takes a second job working as a chauffer for a wealthy but friendly woman named Christina. The two of them hit it off while he's driving her around, and Tony develops a crush on her. By the time Tony finally gets up the nerve to ask her out, it's too late-- she has just become engaged.

star 8.72
57 votes
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New Evidence (1)

#8 - New Evidence (1)

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 12

Lindsay takes the firm to Los Angeles to defend an acquaintance who's on trial for murdering his on-line girlfriend. As evidence mounts against their client, Bobby and the rest deal with a controlling judge, an antagonistic detective and the victim's sister, a nun with issues.

star 8.52
60 votes
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Caroline and the Secret Bullfighter (2)

#9 - Caroline and the Secret Bullfighter (2)

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 26

On the eve of their moving in together, Caroline leaves Trevor alone as she dashes off to Spain, with Annie in tow, in an attempt to repair the damage she has done to Richard and Julia's marriage. Lunching at Remo's, they have seen Remo's new waitress wearing a diamond bracelet and realized it was she making love to José during the party. Richard arrives in Spain and the hotel maid, who hates Julia, directs him to the ""matador bar"" on the corner; but when he demands to speak to a ""worthless matador named José,"" every man in the bar stands up. By the time Caroline and Annie arrive, Richard has traced Julia to Pamplona, where she has gone to see the running of the bulls; unaware of the event, and distracted by the arrival of Caroline, Richard flees for his life and is trampled by the bulls - only mildly, as we discover. Meanwhile, Del suffers through endless bad pitches thrown by Monica's son while Charlie explains why he won't let the hopeless kid into the game, and discovers an unexpec

star 8.50
2 votes
The Leap Home (2): Vietnam

#10 - The Leap Home (2): Vietnam

Quantum Leap Season 3 - Episode 2

April 7, 1970: As a Navy SEAL in his own brother's squad, Sam must determine whether he is there to save Tom's life or ensure the success of the mission on which his brother was killed. Also Al from 1970 was a P.O.W.

star 8.47
414 votes
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#11 - Homewreckers

Coach Season 2 - Episode 15

Hayden seeks Luther's companionship while Christine works on the weekend, and while she is away nearly destroys her apartment.

star 8.39
16 votes
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Hunk of the Month

#12 - Hunk of the Month

Who's the Boss? Season 2 - Episode 8

After posing for a calendar, Tony becomes the object of a seductive woman's affections. Angela doesn't want him to date her, but her views change when one of the calendar's other stars takes an interest in her.

star 8.27
84 votes
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The Leap Back

#13 - The Leap Back

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 1

June 15, 1945: Struck by lightning, Sam and Al find their roles reversed, as Sam returns to the future, and to a long-lost love, while Al leaps back to 1945 to prevent the death of a returning World War II hero and his former girlfriend.

star 8.21
340 votes
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Double Date

#14 - Double Date

Who's the Boss? Season 1 - Episode 18

Samantha is looking forward to the upcoming school dance, but Tony spoils her evening by constantly taking pictures of her and her date, working at the dance as a chaperone, and getting caught kissing her teacher in front of the entire class.

star 8.15
113 votes
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Good Morning, Peoria

#15 - Good Morning, Peoria

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 6

September 9, 1959: Rock 'n' roll is about to become big, but not in Peoria. That is, unless Sam, as DJ Howlin' Chick Howell, can manage to keep the radio station where he's employed from being shut down by overly conservative town elders.

star 8.14
275 votes
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What They Become

#16 - What They Become

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 - Episode 10

Whitehall and Coulson's forces take part in an explosive confrontation that changes everyone. Skye uncovers some truths about her past.

star 8.13
4721 votes
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Apocalypse Not

#17 - Apocalypse Not

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 21

When a vanquishing spell goes awry while the Halliwells try to destroy the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Prue and one of the Horsemen become trapped in a vortex. Piper and Phoebe enlist the help of the three remaining Horsemen to free Prue and the fourth Horseman before the vortex closes, and both are killed.

star 8.10
404 votes
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#18 - M.I.A.

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 22

April 1, 1969: When Sam leaps into the life of an undercover cop, Al explains that his mission is to convince a navy nurse that her MIA husband is still alive, and to prevent her from marrying a lawyer she meets on the day Sam leaps in. But a series of coincidences causes Sam to wonder about the true nature of his mission.

star 8.02
314 votes
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#19 - Commentary

Mr. Belvedere Season 4 - Episode 11

George is nervous when he is assigned to do editorials during his sports broadcasts at the television station. At first he is not quite sure what to do and starts off with something tame (protective sports gear), but quickly jumps to the controversial when he calls to eliminate the singing of the National Anthem at sporting events. However, George's intention soon gets him in hot water as his opinion proves very unpopular and he finds himself being forced into doing humiliating jobs by the station manager, who wants George to quit.

star 8.00
3 votes

#20 - Berlin

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 21

After discovering the truth behind her father's death, Liz refuses to work with Red, just as his situation grows desperate.

star 7.99
5780 votes
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Sailor Man

#21 - Sailor Man

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 3

Shortly after sailors invade the streets of Boston for Fleet Week, a young girl is found dead. Frost's father, a Navy Admiral, comes to town, causing tension with his son. And, Maura goes on a date with Angela's mechanic.

star 7.98
1332 votes
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I Fought the Law

#22 - I Fought the Law

The Good Wife Season 4 - Episode 1

A state trooper targets Zach, putting Alicia on the offensive; Kalinda decides to face her problems; Diane and Will explore the firm's financial issues.

star 7.97
1594 votes
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An Old Accustom'd Feast

#23 - An Old Accustom'd Feast

Star-Crossed Season 1 - Episode 8

Roman invites Emery inside the sector to celebrate Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday that celebrates the family. Emery asks Sophia for tips on how to impress her mother. Vega tells Drake that with Zoe missing, they’ve tapped him to be their new undercover operative, which means he’ll be leaving town and getting his markings removed. When Roman goes to Vega and asks her to reconsider sending Drake away, she offers him a way out. Meanwhile, Eva approaches Julia with an offer. When Julia refuses, Eva takes her mission to a dangerous place. Finally, Grayson confronts Emery about her feelings for Roman.

star 7.96
706 votes
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#24 - Control

Franklin & Bash Season 3 - Episode 7

Peter and Jared attempt to silence a relentless heckler who’s singled out a major league prospect. Rachel reluctantly handles her family’s litigation against a bull semen distributor, and Karp’s quest to judgeship hits a roadblock when his mentor is found dead on a golf course. Meanwhile, Peter’s future with Charlie takes a back seat to her potential career commitments.

star 7.96
418 votes
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The Brotherhood

#25 - The Brotherhood

JAG Season 1 - Episode 12

During a simulated attack a seriously wounded Marine is found on the beach. JAG is called in to investigate. Harm and Meg follow two ways: An executed Code Red or a brawl. Locations: Camp Pendleton and area; Los Angeles

star 7.95
348 votes
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President Trump

#26 - President Trump

The Carmichael Show Season 2 - Episode 13

Joe and Maxine clash over politics and elections are debated when Joe chooses to vote for Donald Trump, to Maxine's chagrin, and some important news gets overshadowed. Also: Jerrod sets out to hear all sides of the election debate.

star 7.92
256 votes
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Two Steps Back

#27 - Two Steps Back

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 22

When evidence reveals an NCIS team member is a hitman’s latest target, the team must search through old case files to determine who is seeking vengeance.

star 7.92
1356 votes
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Burning Down the House

#28 - Burning Down the House

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 15

When a warehouse fire kills a firefighter, Jane and Maura must investigate whether it was arson or an accident. But the investigation hits a snag when a hit-and-run leaves someone in the hospital. FBI Agent Gabriel Dean returns, hoping to rekindle his relationship with Jane.

star 7.90
1445 votes
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New Neighbors

#29 - New Neighbors

The Carmichael Show Season 2 - Episode 6

Jerrod and Maxine clash over his parents' behavior after a Muslim couple moves in next door. The problem intensifies when his parents see their new neighbors receive a mysterious package and they become determined to investigate.

star 7.89
261 votes
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The Next Day

#30 - The Next Day

The Good Wife Season 5 - Episode 6

Alicia and Cary represent a client who changed firms and Will and Diane delay turning over the case files. Marilyn tries to give advice to Alicia.

star 7.89
1514 votes
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We Don't Need Another Hero

#31 - We Don't Need Another Hero

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 1

After taking a bullet during a siege of the precinct, Jane Rizzoli is honored as a hero at a public event. The celebration is short-lived, however, when disaster strikes. The ensuing case reunites Jane with an old high-school flame, Sgt. Major Casey Jones, who may be just the person she needs to heal her emotional scars.

star 7.87
1494 votes
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Book 27

#32 - Book 27

Evil Season 1 - Episode 13

David, Kristen and Ben assess whether a pregnant woman is possessed when she claims one of the twins she’s carrying is evil. Their investigation leads to a fertility clinic where they discover a connection to all of their encounters throughout the season. Kristen questions one of her daughters’ capacity for evil upon realizing that she also used the same fertility clinic.

star 7.87
989 votes
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Blood in the Water

#33 - Blood in the Water

NCIS Season 19 - Episode 1

As the NCIS team searches for Gibbs after wreckage from his boat is discovered, they find out he was tracking a serial killer with journalist Marcie Warren, who wrote an exposé on him.

star 7.87
489 votes
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Parting Shot

#34 - Parting Shot

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 - Episode 13

Bobbi and Hunter become ensnared in an assassination plot after tracking Malick to Russia. As S.H.I.E.L.D. races to save the lives on the line, the team is changed forever

star 7.86
4462 votes
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Mr. Monk Is the Best Man

#35 - Mr. Monk Is the Best Man

Monk Season 8 - Episode 13

Monk must determine who is trying to ruin a friend's wedding.

star 7.84
621 votes
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Matthew 5:9

#36 - Matthew 5:9

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 - Episode 6

Lasalle hopes to avenge his brother’s murder by tracking a drug ring in Alabama he believes is responsible. When Pride assists with the case, he crosses paths with Eddie Barrett, an elusive individual who knows more than he is sharing.

star 7.83
417 votes
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Life's a Beach

#37 - Life's a Beach

90210 Season 5 - Episode 16

Liam decides to open his own custom surfboard shop for women, but things get complicated when he becomes romantically involved with his first investor. Naomi tries to convince Mark to stay in Los Angeles after he receives an offer to be head chef at a restaurant in New York, while Dixon convinces Silver to direct Michaela’s first music video before she gets pregnant.

star 7.82
263 votes
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#38 - Bloodlines

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 - Episode 7

Jane and the team investigate what appears to be a modern-day witch hunt in Salem. Meanwhile, Frankie's old girlfriend returns to town with a surprise, and Jane has no problem speaking her mind about the situation.

star 7.82
1436 votes
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Hail & Farewell

#39 - Hail & Farewell

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 20

NCIS investigates the murder of a Marine Major believed to have been killed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon after human remains are discovered at a construction site. A personal history with the victim drives Gibbs to solve her crime.

star 7.82
1017 votes
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The Bit Bucket

#40 - The Bit Bucket

The Good Wife Season 5 - Episode 2

Unaware that Lockhart &Gardner's communications are being monitored, Cary and Alicia sue the NSA on Chumhum's behalf. Alicia receives support from her mother. Eli tries to secure Diane's Supreme Court nomination.

star 7.82
1556 votes
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Alienation of Affection

#41 - Alienation of Affection

The Good Wife Season 3 - Episode 12

Lockhart & Gardner faces trouble when a recently divorced couple claims they influenced their separation for their own personal gain.

star 7.81
1986 votes
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Hell on the High Water

#42 - Hell on the High Water

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 12

After Pride travels to a deep sea oil rig for a murder investigation, the team uncovers a gas leak that's on the verge of causing a catastrophic explosion. Also, Sebastian starts his NCIS special agent training at FLETEC.

star 7.80
1225 votes
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#43 - Kale

The Carmichael Show Season 1 - Episode 3

Jerrod encourages his parents to lead healthier lifestyles, but his efforts backfire and cause a family debate about health, aging and death.

star 7.80
347 votes
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Someone Else's Shoes

#44 - Someone Else's Shoes

NCIS Season 17 - Episode 4

The NCIS team links a bizarre crime scene at Arlington National Cemetery to a string of attacks on homeless veterans.

star 7.80
921 votes
Babes In Toyland

#45 - Babes In Toyland

90210 Season 4 - Episode 17

Naomi’s sister Jen arrives with her son for a surprise visit. Adrianna and Dixon land a meeting with a major movie producer to discuss music on his next film, but are sabotaged by Vanessa. Meanwhile, Silver gets accepted into New York University and Ivy attracts attention in the underground scene when she switches to a less conventional style of art..

star 7.79
415 votes
Let's Spend the Night Together

#46 - Let's Spend the Night Together

The Guardian Season 3 - Episode 6

Nick & Lulu move into his place and find out how hard it is keep their love life out of the office. Jake learns his mom and dad want to divorce. Jake is about to lose control of his life when he finds out the secret his father has hidden for years. Lulu's dad drives her crazy when he finds out that his daughter is seeing Nick, her dad asks Lulu to take over his painting business.

star 7.79
77 votes
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#47 - Cooked

The Good Wife Season 7 - Episode 3

Alicia and Lucca work together on a complicated case involving a designer drug dealer. Meanwhile, Eli persuades Alicia and Veronica to participate in a mother-daughter cooking show to help Peter's campaign, but things don't go as planned.

star 7.78
1364 votes
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Suspicious Minds

#48 - Suspicious Minds

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 2

Pride faces further backlash from the FBI when he helps former Navy Intelligence Analyst Elvis Bertrand, who is the lead suspect in a multiple homicide case.

star 7.78
1235 votes
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The Accidental Occidental Conception

#49 - The Accidental Occidental Conception

The Middleman (2008) Season 1 - Episode 2

Wendy and The Middleman attempt to stop a revived Terracotta Warrior from unleashing a hail of fire upon Earth.

star 7.78
222 votes
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Music to My Ears

#50 - Music to My Ears

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 8

After a petty officer and member of the prestigious United States Navy Band is murdered in her home, Pride takes temporary custody of the victim’s nephew who is the sole witness to the crime.

star 7.77
1194 votes
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You Can't Win 'Em All

#51 - You Can't Win 'Em All

90210 Season 5 - Episode 20

Jordan calls in a favor from his mother to help out Mark, but in exchange must end things with Naomi. Annie must deal with the betrayal Liam feels from being in her book and Michaela catches Navid and Adrianna during an intimate moment.

star 7.76
292 votes
What Child Is This?

#52 - What Child Is This?

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 10

The team’s holiday plans are put on hold when the murder investigation of a Navy veteran includes the discovery of a newborn baby who has no identification and no apparent ties to a family.

star 7.76
1063 votes

#53 - Conspiracy

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 16

A mysterious death captures Jordan’s attention. Meanwhile, Dr. Macy revisits his past with a current case involving a former friend.

star 7.76
188 votes
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Robert Needs Money

#54 - Robert Needs Money

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 7 - Episode 6

After deciding to lend Robert $1,000 when he complains he's struggling with finances, Ray and Debra are surprised when Robert uses the money for a vacation to Las Vegas.

star 7.75
309 votes

#55 - Fragments

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 5

After a 50-year-old tape recording left by a murder victim is found, the NCIS team tries to exonerate Ray Jennings, the Marine serving a life sentence for the crime.

star 7.75
1143 votes
But Not as Cute as Pushkin

#56 - But Not as Cute as Pushkin

Gilmore Girls Season 5 - Episode 10

Lorelai's attempt to do something nice for Luke backfires. At Headmaster Charleston's request, Rory happily gives Anna, a Chilton student and prospective Eli, the Yale grand tour.

star 7.75
1038 votes
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A Many Splendored Thing

#57 - A Many Splendored Thing

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 16

Bishop is more determined than ever to seek revenge for the murder of Qasim, her late boyfriend, after Gibbs and the team find a new lead in the Chen case. Also, Torres teaches the agents the art of pickpocketing.

star 7.74
2324 votes
One Man's Trash

#58 - One Man's Trash

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 17

Gibbs and Ducky are watching TV when they see the host handling a 200-year-old war stick that could be a match from a decade-old cold case.

star 7.74
1389 votes
Madeline Pratt

#59 - Madeline Pratt

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 14

A femme fatale from Red's past leads the FBI on a snipe hunt.

star 7.73
6082 votes
Real Deal

#60 - Real Deal

The Good Wife Season 2 - Episode 13

While Alicia races against Louis Canning to round up the most clients for an Erin Brockovich-style class action lawsuit, a mole is detected in LGB law firm, who seems to be working for Louis.

star 7.73
2137 votes
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Darkest Hour

#61 - Darkest Hour

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 9

The fiancé of Pride's daughter's friend goes missing during a blackout; and the team locates the man's dead body, which holds clues to the cause of the blackout.

star 7.73
942 votes
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Fighting In-Laws

#62 - Fighting In-Laws

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 5 - Episode 9

While celebrating Thanksgiving, Debra discovers that her seemingly contented parents are really not very happy with each other. When Ray accidentally overhears his in-laws going at it with each other, he relays the news to Debra... who has always believed her parents' relationship to be a lot healthier than Frank and Marie's. But, when things come to a head at the Thanksgiving table, it's apparent that there really isn't that much of a difference between the two older couples – much to Debra's dismay.

star 7.73
405 votes
Sub Rosa

#63 - Sub Rosa

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 7

A decomposed body is discovered in a tub of acid at a naval base and Ducky and Abby learn that the victim was a submariner. Gibbs discovers that there have been no reports of a sub crewmember missing, so he deduces that one of the subs has an imposter on board. With this new information, the team must find out which sub the man posing as the victim is in and what intentions he may have towards the sub.

star 7.73
1674 votes
Day 464

#64 - Day 464

The Good Fight Season 2 - Episode 9

Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart represent a Russian woman who claims she being deported because she may or may not have participated in a Trump sex tape.

star 7.73
1055 votes
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One Strobe Over the Line

#65 - One Strobe Over the Line

Quantum Leap Season 3 - Episode 4

June 15, 1965: Sam is a photographer who must protect a fashion model from a growing dependency on amphetamines and a predatory manager's ambitions.

star 7.73
312 votes
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#66 - Requital

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 - Episode 10

Pride is cut off from the team and backed into a corner after the investigation into Eddie Barrett uncovers a malicious plot.

star 7.73
391 votes
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Poker, Faith, and Eggs

#67 - Poker, Faith, and Eggs

Young Sheldon Season 1 - Episode 3

When George Sr. is rushed to the emergency room, Meemaw comes to babysit, and the kids have an adventure getting to the hospital on their own.

star 7.72
3652 votes
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Missing Persons

#68 - Missing Persons

Terriers Season 1 - Episode 7

Hank and Britt help an amnesiac college student with the case of his missing identity.

star 7.72
509 votes
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#69 - Delinquent

Lie to Me Season 2 - Episode 16

Torres and her family reach back to the bad old days after a prison incident involving her sister.

star 7.72
3939 votes
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Secret Santa

#70 - Secret Santa

Lie to Me Season 2 - Episode 8

During the holiday season, Lightman goes to Afghanistan to assist in a mission to rescue two captured marines, and his only source of intelligence is an American expatriate.

star 7.72
3076 votes
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#71 - Fallout

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 23

While Gibbs attends the memorial service for a friend who was lost at sea, he discovers that the deceased, Navy Captain Phillip Brooks, has been hiding in a fallout shelter after his boat was attacked and he swam to shore.

star 7.71
1278 votes
Crossing the Line

#72 - Crossing the Line

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 15

The NCIS team investigates a man overboard fatality from a Navy destroyer at sea. Also, Torres is frustrated with Vance’s assignment to mentor three high school students.

star 7.71
988 votes
Don't Haze Me, Bro

#73 - Don't Haze Me, Bro

The Good Wife Season 4 - Episode 4

An opposing lawyer keeps Alicia and Diane on their toes by constantly changing tactics; Eli is successful in protecting Peter's image.

star 7.71
1557 votes
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The Seven Day Rule

#74 - The Seven Day Rule

The Good Wife Season 4 - Episode 13

Alicia is presented with a career-changing offer that includes a substantial financial risk. Diane and Will confront their creditors. Eli and Jordan don't agree on a possible attack on Maddie's campaign.

star 7.71
1583 votes
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Hoodlum Rock

#75 - Hoodlum Rock

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 4

Andy arranges for the station to sponsor a concert by a rowdy English rock group.

star 7.71
243 votes
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Meant to Be

#76 - Meant to Be

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 5 - Episode 4

Robert finds himself in the most unlikely position of having to choose one of three women girlfriend Amy, ex-wife Joanne or Italian bombshell Stefania to share the future with him. Robert decides that "honesty is the best policy" when it comes to his relationship with Amy, so he foolishly tells her about his recent reunion with ex-wife Joanne. To make matters worse, when Amy runs to Debra for consolation, Debra mistakenly spills the beans about Robert's recent tryst with Stefania. Suddenly, Robert is not in a position to decide which woman he wants. It's a matter of which one, if any, is going to want him.

star 7.71
463 votes
A More Perfect Union

#77 - A More Perfect Union

The Good Wife Season 4 - Episode 21

As a favor to her mother, Alicia represents software coders in a contract dispute. Peter asks Alicia to renew their wedding vows.

star 7.70
1592 votes
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#78 - Verdict

The Good Wife Season 7 - Episode 21

As Peter's trial begins, Alicia works desperately to keep her husband from returning to jail. Also, Diane and Lucca move aggressively to expand the law firm, but face serious opposition from David Lee.

star 7.70
1700 votes
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Desperate Navy Wives

#79 - Desperate Navy Wives

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 12

While undercover, Gregorio joins a social club for military wives after one of the members is contacted by an ex-boyfriend on the FBI Most Wanted List.

star 7.70
549 votes
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I Kissed a Girl

#80 - I Kissed a Girl

Rizzoli & Isles Season 1 - Episode 6

Jane and Maura investigate what appears to be a hate crime, the brutal assault and murder of a woman leaving a lesbian bar. With Jane going undercover, they hope to lure the killer out in the open. Off the job, Maura hooks Jane up with a handsome yoga instructor.

star 7.70
1532 votes
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#81 - Sheepdogs

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 7

Following a deadly car explosion in the French Quarter, the NCIS team interrogates a professor and former member of a student protest organization. Also, Tammy discovers a secret about Hannah’s personal life.

star 7.69
575 votes
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Tale of Two Cuties

#82 - Tale of Two Cuties

Cheers Season 6 - Episode 15

Annie Tortelli fills in for Carla at Cheers and Mr. Drake makes Rebecca turn green by personally hiring a pretty young woman to work at Cheers.

star 7.69
146 votes
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Sticky Content

#83 - Sticky Content

The Good Wife Season 6 - Episode 9

The Feds want Cary to work with them as they build a case against Lemond Bishop.

star 7.68
1273 votes
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Musical Chairs

#84 - Musical Chairs

NCIS Season 17 - Episode 8

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a musician in the Navy’s most elite band that performs at diplomatic events around the world.

star 7.68
797 votes
Chapter Fifty-Four

#85 - Chapter Fifty-Four

Boston Public Season 3 - Episode 10

Anne Archer plays willful and sultry Patricia Emerson, whose daughter Becky is a student in an English class taught by Colin Flynn. At a home-tutoring session for Becky, Mrs. Emerson comes on to Flynn. It's an attempted seduction that really heats up when Emerson---who says she's related to the poet-essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson---begins interpreting Emily Dickinson's ""The Sea"" for him as a poem rich in sexual metaphors. Elsewhere, Winslow's basketball coach denies charges that he illegally recruited a star player---who's enamored of Harper's daughter.

star 7.67
12 votes
Kelly and the Professor

#86 - Kelly and the Professor

Coach Season 1 - Episode 2

Kelly tells Hayden she had a date with a faculty member, and he wants to know who.

star 7.67
38 votes
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But I'm a Gilmore!

#87 - But I'm a Gilmore!

Gilmore Girls Season 5 - Episode 19

Rory finally realizes that she's not a casual dater and tells Logan that she wants to be friends. Luke fills in as Head Chef at the Dragonfly while Lorelai looks for a temporary replacement for Sookie, who must remain in bed. Paris learns the real reason why Doyle hasn't returned her calls lately.

star 7.66
994 votes
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A Portrait for Troian

#88 - A Portrait for Troian

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 11

February 7, 1971: Sam leaps into a renowned parapsychologist where he must prevent a young widow from joining her husband at the bottom of a lake, while proving that she's not crazy, despite her claims of hearing her dead husband calling to her.

star 7.65
250 votes
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Pilot, Part 2

#89 - Pilot, Part 2

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 2

While Andy tries to come up with a publicity stunt to get the station in the news, a group of irate former listeners demands a return to the old format.

star 7.65
283 votes
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#90 - Contact

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 1 - Episode 19

After seven young women in a six month time span are raped by a flash and dash assailant on the city subways, the brass calls in a psychiatrist to help the team get into the head of the perp. When he is caught, he possesses the driver's license of a new victim who could put him away. Jeffries decides to keep a very close eye on the man they believe is guilty of the crimes until the others can talk to her.

star 7.64
379 votes
A New Dawn

#91 - A New Dawn

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 14

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a petty officer who was in town to help a refugee family being recruited by terrorists. Also, Wade works on the special election campaign for Mayor Zahra Taylor that takes place during Mardi Gras.

star 7.63
814 votes
Working Girl

#92 - Working Girl

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3 - Episode 22

When Debra gets a job Ray isn't too happy because it means he has to help around the house. But she gets fired on first day so Ray goes and gets her job back. Debra isn't happy about this at first but seems okay with it at the end.

star 7.62
395 votes
Whistle Stop

#93 - Whistle Stop

In Plain Sight Season 3 - Episode 4

Mary and Marshall try to help FBI Agent Mike Faber convince his informant to enter WITSEC. Despite their best efforts, the informant refuses their protection and gets himself into a heap of trouble. After Mary, Marshall and Agent Faber save the informant from certain death, he and his family join Witsec.

star 7.62
342 votes
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The Royal We

#94 - The Royal We

Lie to Me Season 3 - Episode 2

Lightman puts himself between an innocent man and family torn apart by crime.

star 7.61
3546 votes
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Reddick v Boseman

#95 - Reddick v Boseman

The Good Fight Season 1 - Episode 8

Carl Reddick makes a surprise return to the firm; a local pastor needs the firm's help. Lucca unexpectedly meets Colin's parents. Henry attempts to reconnect with Maia.

star 7.61
2035 votes
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Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System

#96 - Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System

Young Sheldon Season 1 - Episode 2

To appease his worried mother, Sheldon employs the techniques of a self-help book to try and make a friend.

star 7.60
3958 votes
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Louie Moves Uptown

#97 - Louie Moves Uptown

Taxi Season 5 - Episode 13

Louie decides to buy a luxury co-op apartment with some help on the down payment from the newly wealthy Jim. Unfortunately, Louie first has to convince a snooty co-op board that he is right for their building (as he comes in, they are rejecting actress Penny Marshall because they don't approve of the actress lifestyle). Bringing Alex for support, Louie has his work cut out for him when he sees that the board is bigoted. Alex goes on a tirade against their discriminatory process, and the board accepts Louie just to spite Alex.

star 7.60
24 votes
The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation

#98 - The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation

The Middleman (2008) Season 1 - Episode 8

Wendy goes undercover as a sorority sister to investigate ghost sightings at a university. Meanwhile, Tyler resurfaces and mistakes Lacey for the woman he met on the day of the Lucha Libre attack.

star 7.59
139 votes
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Pulp Friction

#99 - Pulp Friction

Gilmore Girls Season 5 - Episode 17

Rory and Logan are still dating, however not exclusively. Emily and Richard assume that since Emily gave instructions to Luke to get back together with Lorelai everything must be all set now. However, they are surprised to see only Rory show up for Friday dinner.

star 7.59
1046 votes
Spirochete and Santeria

#100 - Spirochete and Santeria

Rosewood Season 2 - Episode 5

When a man stumbles into Magic City Lab requesting to pay in advance for his own autopsy, the team is confused and skeptical - until that same man turns up dead the very next day.

star 7.58
843 votes
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From the Earth to Starbucks

#101 - From the Earth to Starbucks

Psych Season 1 - Episode 10

When Lassiter doubts his own crime-solving ability, Shawn tries to boost his confidence by helping him solve an astronomer's mysterious death.

star 7.58
1221 votes
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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

#102 - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

Psych Season 1 - Episode 3

Shawn and Gus become wedding crashers at a posh ceremony in order to retrieve a stolen antique engagement ring inexplicably taken from an inpenetrable vault under surveillance. And theft turns to murder when things start to come unraveled.

star 7.57
1425 votes
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Maybe Baby

#103 - Maybe Baby

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 20

March 11, 1963: Babysitting a kidnapped tot and a flaky, compulsively lying stripper keeps Sam busy as they cross Texas, on the run from the legal father and a squad of cops.

star 7.57
319 votes
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#104 - Afterboom

Gilmore Girls Season 4 - Episode 19

Luke finalizes his divorce. When Jason decides to sue Richard after discovering his treachery, Lorelai breaks up with him.

star 7.56
892 votes
Every Picture Tells A Story

#105 - Every Picture Tells A Story

The Pretender Season 1 - Episode 2

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - Miss Parker and Sydney once again miss Jarod at the Y.M.C.A., who is now posing as a member of the Coast Guard trying to figure out the truth behind the death of a man who died at sea waiting for rescue. Jarod also befriends a hermit who lives out at sea and refuses to come back to land.

star 7.55
293 votes
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Gloves Come Off

#106 - Gloves Come Off

The Good Wife Season 3 - Episode 18

Alicia once again faces Louis in court, but recent financial concerns lead her to reconsider his standing job offer. Diane reconnects with the enigmatic Jack Copeland.

star 7.55
1825 votes
House of the Rising Sun

#107 - House of the Rising Sun

Lost Season 1 - Episode 6

Walt and the others are shocked when Michael is brutally beaten, but only the non-English-speaking Jin and Sun know the truth behind the attack. Meanwhile Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid argue about where the survivors should camp -- on the beach, where they're more likely to be seen, or in a remote inland valley where fresh water abounds.

star 7.55
4121 votes
The Penalty Box

#108 - The Penalty Box

The Good Wife Season 3 - Episode 21

Alicia defends a judge against misconduct charges stemming from his days as a prosecutor. Cary makes a career decision and Kalinda deals with the repercussions of Agent Delaney's investigation.

star 7.54
1927 votes
Red Meat

#109 - Red Meat

The Good Wife Season 6 - Episode 16

Alicia’s political future is on the line when Peter gives an interview that could influence voter turnout on Election Day. Meanwhile, a weekend getaway with Kurt and his affluent hunting buddies could lead Diane to a prosperous new client for the firm.

star 7.54
1130 votes
VIP Treatment

#110 - VIP Treatment

The Good Wife Season 2 - Episode 5

Alicia and the partners must decide whether to take on the case of a VIP massage therapist who accuses a Nobel Peace Prize winner of sexual assault. Peter and Eli try to figure out what Wendy's candidacy means for their campaign.

star 7.53
2296 votes
Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather

#111 - Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather

Monk Season 3 - Episode 5

When five members of the West Coast Mafia are shot down in a barbershop, Monk is pressured by mob godfather Salvatore Lucarelli and his nephew "Fat Tony" to solve the case. But the FBI in the person of Agent Colmes is pressuring him, too. Despite Captain Stottlemeyer's insistence that Colmes is not to be trusted, Monk accepts his offer of reinstatement on the police force if he can bring down the whole gang. The only clues are a partially completed crossword puzzle and a gumball machine that was apparently used to break a back window so the killer could escape. With a Mafia bodyguard named Vince as their "babysitter", Monk and Sharona interview the sole witness, Phil Bedard, a young U.S. mint employee who tells them that he saw three men running from the scene, one of them wearing a jacket with a strange-looking number 15 on the back. Bedard also explains the heightened security at the mint: someone has stolen five double-headed pennies. Associating the numbers on the jackets with a Ch...

star 7.53
618 votes
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And the Détente Had a End…

#112 - And the Détente Had a End…

The Good Fight Season 5 - Episode 8

Julius fights to defend himself in Wackner’s court in a surreal and harrowing effort to reclaim his car and his dignity--all because of an alleged parking violation. After focus group feedback threatens to sink Del Cooper's reality show about Wacker, both Marissa and Wackner embrace different tactics to help revive the court.

star 7.52
343 votes
Wait and See

#113 - Wait and See

Private Practice Season 2 - Episode 17

Addison suspects that Archer is up to his old tricks; a patient's child is born with male and female reproductive organs; Violet and Sheldon co-lead a therapy group for couples.

star 7.50
295 votes
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Mr. Monk and the 12th Man

#114 - Mr. Monk and the 12th Man

Monk Season 2 - Episode 9

When a rash of unusual attacks and murders strike, Monk is called upon to find the link between the victims and stop the killer before the next murder.

star 7.49
589 votes
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The List

#115 - The List

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 18

After a sailor is murdered in the champagne room of a strip club, the NCIS team links the murder weapon to two additional unsolved cases and discovers that the names of all three victims appear on a mural in a dilapidated part of town. Also, Brody’s ex-fiancé pays her a surprise visit.

star 7.49
839 votes

#116 - Blackbird

Aquarius Season 2 - Episode 10

Ken and Emma reconcile but Emma wants to find Charlie. At the expense of Charmain's career, Hodiak is determined to find the truth behind Bunchy's murder. Meanwhile, Shafe sees an old friend at rehab.

star 7.47
294 votes
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And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

#117 - And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

Psych Season 2 - Episode 5

Gus and Shawn's childhood nemesis, now a horse jockey, asks the duo for help in discovering why his horses never win. But the investigation develops into a murder case after a jockey dies while racing.

star 7.46
1223 votes
Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever

#118 - Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever

Monk Season 7 - Episode 3

Monk has to help out Natalie when she becomes involved in a lotto scandal.

star 7.46
624 votes
React to Contact

#119 - React to Contact

Lie to Me Season 2 - Episode 14

Lightman races to save the life of man who served in Iraq while trying to outrun his own military past.

star 7.46
3663 votes
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A Change Is Gonna Come

#120 - A Change Is Gonna Come

Aquarius Season 1 - Episode 5

A South Central murder investigation ratchets up tension with the Black Panthers; Emma goes MIA; Hodiak loses control... and Shafe comes to the rescue.

star 7.45
572 votes
Musician Heal Thyself

#121 - Musician Heal Thyself

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 1

A case involving the murder of a petty officer, who is a former gang member and later mentored by agent Pride, is investigated. Meanwhile, agent Brody is still trying to get acquainted with New Orleans and doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard also offers some insight.

star 7.45
1396 votes
Oz (2)

#122 - Oz (2)

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 5

Bobby acts as Raymond Oz's co-counsel while Oz persists in forging ahead with a self-defense strategy.

star 7.44
60 votes
Sturgeon Season

#123 - Sturgeon Season

NCIS Season 18 - Episode 1

Gibbs and Fornell attempt to track down the leader of a drug ring who supplied drugs to Fornell’s daughter. The team deals with the case of a missing cadaver from the NCIS autopsy room.

star 7.43
618 votes
Yours, Mine and Ours

#124 - Yours, Mine and Ours

Private Practice Season 2 - Episode 22

As Violoet chooses between Pete and Sheldon, she must also deal wtih a grief-stricken patient. Meanwhile, Dell worries about his daughter when Heather returns to town and Naomi debates moving to Pacific Wellcare.

star 7.41
457 votes
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Home Is Where You're Happy

#125 - Home Is Where You're Happy

Aquarius Season 1 - Episode 4

Hodiak investigates Art Gladner's murder through his late wife Lucille, who runs a burlesque club. Manson hides Emma but Hodiak, under pressure from Grace, ultimately finds her and brings her home.

star 7.40
614 votes
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The Conduit

#126 - The Conduit

The Unit Season 4 - Episode 4

Bob and Mac both find themselves in trouble when they each take assignments undercover. Bob as a chemist who hides cocaine by converting it to paint and Mac as a fighter trying to bust an illegal betting ring.

star 7.40
673 votes
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Young Girl

#127 - Young Girl

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 5 - Episode 8

Robert starts to date a 22-year old woman and Marie and Debra don't think it's right. They break up when he finds out that she's really only 19 and she finds out that he's really 43.

star 7.40
430 votes
Travels with My Dad

#128 - Travels with My Dad

Taxi Season 5 - Episode 9

Tony's dad, a merchant seaman who Tony hasn't seen much of, arranges to bring Tony on a sea trip with him. Tony is hesitant but doesn't want to disappoint his dad, so he goes along. On the trip, Tony spends much of the time seasick, but bonds with his dad and they engage in a bar brawl in Singapore, and almost get matching tattoos until they think better of it.

star 7.39
28 votes
Policies and Ponies

#129 - Policies and Ponies

Rosewood Season 1 - Episode 6

Hornstock is a murder suspect when his third ex-wife is killed, so he turns to Rosewood and Villa to help him clear his name.

star 7.39
659 votes
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The Prisoner

#130 - The Prisoner

JAG Season 1 - Episode 20

On a sailing trip near Hong Kong, Harm is captured by the Chinese military. They want him to reveal the United States' position in case the Chinese should take two islands (which are claimed by Taiwan) by force. To get this information, the Chinese employ various mind games including placing Harm's father in a adjacent cell. Cdr. Krennick and Lt. Austin are offered a deal which includes Harm's freedom and asylum for a Chinese military person. Locations: Hong Kong; Nantou, China

star 7.39
328 votes
We've Got Magic to Do

#131 - We've Got Magic to Do

Gilmore Girls Season 6 - Episode 5

Rory organizes a fabulous D.A.R. party for Emily but the evening doesn't turn out so well when Richard confronts Mitchum Huntzberger, Logan's father, about his opinion on Rory's journalistic talents. Emily and Richard find out Lorelai was right about Logan's parents.

star 7.39
912 votes

#132 - Manhunt

The Unit Season 2 - Episode 4

The men are working on tracking down a known terrorist before he can launch an attack. At home, the women must face their own danger when a stranger approaches one of the children.

star 7.38
692 votes
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Noble Causes

#133 - Noble Causes

Burn Notice Season 3 - Episode 12

Michael is caught off guard by a visit from his drug dealing neighbor Sugar. But to Michael’s surprise, Sugar isn't looking for trouble; He needs Michael's help fending off a crew of notorious thieves. Meanwhile, Michael struggles with working beside an unexpected partner.

star 7.38
2237 votes
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Mr. Monk and the Blackout

#134 - Mr. Monk and the Blackout

Monk Season 3 - Episode 3

Three deaths during a city-wide blackout result in a joint investigation by Stottlemeyer, Monk, Sharona, and Disher, with the unprecedented cooperation of the FBI and the help of power company spokeswoman Michelle Rivas, an attractive brunette who is inexplicably attracted to Monk. While Sharona and Dr. Kroger pressure Monk to call Michelle, Disher follows up on Monk's suggestion that the power outage is connected to a '90s radical named Winston Brenner. Everything fits--the handwriting in the note, the phrasing, even a pair of photographs. Everything except one small detail at the end of the report--Brenner died in 1995. When the FBI acknowledges the possibility that Brenner may have faked his own death to avoid a trial, Captain Stottlemeyer presents a tree-hugging former friend of Brenner's with the evidence that Brenner is still alive and reminds him that this particular power outage is also a homicide. When the tree-hugger is murdered, it becomes clear that the killer is indeed Bre

star 7.36
609 votes
Stand Up

#135 - Stand Up

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 21

April 30, 1959: Sam, as the singing half of a comedy team, soon finds that trying to convince two people that they're truly in love is no laughing matter, especially when one of them is the object of a sleazy casino owner's desire.

star 7.35
233 votes
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Dark of the Moon

#136 - Dark of the Moon

The Unit Season 2 - Episode 17

The Unit is sent to Pakistan to retrieve three suspected terrorists when they run into trouble with the local forces. They find a U.S. base with a small force of troops that do not respect their commanding officer. Jonas takes control of the combined group and prepares them for the impending attacks.

star 7.35
565 votes
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Heartbreak City

#137 - Heartbreak City

Charmed Season 2 - Episode 10

A demon named Drasi steals Cupid's ring, which brings couples together. Now Cupid must convince the Halliwells to help him get it back before Drasi breaks all of the relationships, thus killing Cupid.

star 7.34
480 votes
Enter Mrs. Peeper

#138 - Enter Mrs. Peeper

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 1

Bob receives a telegram saying that his old college chum, "The Peeper," is coming to Chicago and bringing a surprise. The surprise turns out to be a brand-new bride.

star 7.33
14 votes
Happy Trails to You

#139 - Happy Trails to You

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 22

Bob gives up his psychological practice in Chicago to become a professor at a small college in Oregon.

star 7.33
5 votes
Carol's Wedding

#140 - Carol's Wedding

The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 - Episode 6

A blind-date-initiated, 12-hour romance culminates in Carol Kester's civil marriage to a handsome travel agent.

star 7.33
15 votes
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Caroline and the New Neighbor

#141 - Caroline and the New Neighbor

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 20

Things get a little stiff when an demanding elderly new neighbor, who is driving an initially sympathetic Caroline nuts, asks Caroline and Annie for a really big favor - to help out with the removal of her dead, naked husband. Meanwhile, Richard tries to sell his car, but the only bidder is Louis, a bizarre individual claiming to be a minister and promising eternal life in exchange for the vehicle. Charlie, smitten with Sophia, the beautiful new waitress at Remo's, offers Richard $500 (which he makes driving the car as a gypsy cab) so he can give the car to Sophia as a love token; but Richard decides to keep the car and drive it as a cab himself. Through all this, Del is obsessed with the idea that he is losing his hair and his looks.

star 7.33
3 votes
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Jim and the Kid

#142 - Jim and the Kid

Taxi Season 4 - Episode 16

Jim befriends a runaway child, who has stowed away in Tony's cab, and soon has "adopted" him. When the gang gets wind of this, they find the kid's parents and reunite them.

star 7.32
31 votes
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Kim Just Wants to Have Fun

#143 - Kim Just Wants to Have Fun

Yes, Dear Season 1 - Episode 21

Kim asks Jimmy for lessons on how to loosen up around other people after Greg tells her she's not fun like Christine.

star 7.32
50 votes
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As if by Fate

#144 - As if by Fate

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 5

Jordan tries her hand at dating and is later called to the scene of her would-be suitor’s apparent suicide. A near death experience leaves Nigel asking lots of questions. Dr. Macy sets out to help validate a recently departed jazz legend’s personal image.

star 7.31
192 votes
Get Me Through the Holidays

#145 - Get Me Through the Holidays

Taxi Season 5 - Episode 12

Alex's ex-wife, Phyllis, depressed and lonely, comes to see Alex, who takes pity on her and includes her in his holiday plans. This turns ugly, when she manages to bring the whole gang down with her self-pity. Her Christmas present to Alex is that she won't bug him for New Year's, which turns out to be the best gift she could give him.

star 7.30
27 votes
The UnGraduate

#146 - The UnGraduate

Gilmore Girls Season 6 - Episode 3

While Rory plays spy for her grandmother at her new job, Lorelai can't decide on a date for the wedding.

star 7.29
924 votes
Always Kiss Them Goodbye

#147 - Always Kiss Them Goodbye

The Unit Season 3 - Episode 3

The Unit is back together and ready to take on their next assignment when a bomb filled with a nerve agent stolen from a nearby base is discovered to be on its way to their home. On the home front, Jonas and Molly make plans to spend time together, Mack is ordered to move out of his home, and Kim proposes a new show for the station but ends up handling a crisis.

star 7.27
582 votes
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Chapter Twenty-One

#148 - Chapter Twenty-One

Boston Public Season 1 - Episode 21

Steven's remarks prevent Scott from getting a job as a headmaster. Lauren finds out Daniel is stalking her. Marla worries when a convicted sex offender asks a younger girl to the senior prom. Marilyn suspects Jeremy has done something to his mother.

star 7.23
44 votes
Another Second Chance

#149 - Another Second Chance

Private Practice Season 3 - Episode 11

Desperate to help his pregnant daughter, Mark (Eric Dane) follows Addison back to Oceanside Wellness, Dell and Naomi struggle to raise their children under the same roof, and Violet and Cooper heatedly disagree on how to treat a patient on.

star 7.20
700 votes
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Send This Boy to Camp

#150 - Send This Boy to Camp

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 7

Bob and his friends host an orphan contingent for a wildly improbable camping-out experience.

star 7.20
41 votes

#151 - Raped

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 6

June 20, 1980: It's up to Sam to try to bring a rapist to justice when he leaps into the perp's victim, a young woman who may have been unwilling to press charges against the young man - the son of the pillar of the community.

star 7.17
271 votes
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What's It All About, Albert?

#152 - What's It All About, Albert?

The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 - Episode 8

Bob is depressed by his seeming lack of success as a psychologist. He seeks help from his old college professor, who manages to heighten his despair by informing him that psychology is all nonsense.

star 7.15
12 votes
The Article

#153 - The Article

The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 - Episode 13

When she's given an assignment to see what makes a bunch of doctors tick, inquiring news reporter Ellen Hartley gives Bob and his medical cohorts the tell-it-like-it-is treatment.

star 7.15
12 votes

#154 - Junk

The Pretender Season 4 - Episode 15

Jarod goes undercover as a junkie in a rehab clinic to help a woman regain custody of her son. Meanwhile, Miss Parker and company find Jarod's connection to the woman through her father and the Centre.

star 7.14
129 votes

#155 - Homefront

The Pretender Season 3 - Episode 7

Jarod steals millions from the Centre, then poses as an arms dealer selling missile launchers to a weapons merchant in Venezuela.

star 7.14
109 votes
I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend

#156 - I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 3

Peer pressure to shun the opposite sex causes 9-year-old Jennifer to give up her friendship with Justin Perkins, but thanks to her mother Elyse, the kids come together at a jitterbugging "Nifty Fifties" birthday party. Jennifer is upset by threats from little girls who say they won't be her friend as long as she associates with Justin. Finally she capitulates. In a mother-daughter talk with Jennifer, Elyse explains the importance of developing good friendships with boys. Jennifer's "Nifty Fifties" birthday party begins with the boys on one side of the room and the girls on the other, but with a little encouragement from Steven and Elyse and a ladies' choice dance, the kids get into the swing of things.

star 7.12
51 votes
The Slammer

#157 - The Slammer

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 9

Bob and his friend "The Peeper" take a trip down Memory Lane and wind up in the slammer.

star 7.09
10 votes
The Visitors

#158 - The Visitors

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 13

Dick and Joanna cant wait for their 'fun' friends to visit, but soon become perturbed after their friends treat the Loudons not as friends, but innkeepers.

star 7.07
58 votes
Ex-Con Job

#159 - Ex-Con Job

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 2

Bob's attempt at treating convicts who are about to be released has him climbing the walls.

star 7.03
35 votes
Caroline and the Secret Bullfighter (1)

#160 - Caroline and the Secret Bullfighter (1)

Caroline in the City Season 3 - Episode 25

Now that they are planning to move in together, Caroline and Trevor hold a rummage sale on Caroline's doorstep, but she can't bear to part with her things and winds up buying them back at a loss. All she manages to sell is Del's softball glove, which he needs because he is helping Charlie coach a Little League team; this surprises everyone until they meet Monica, the attractive mother of one of the boys. Meanwhile, planning to spend the summer in Spain, Richard and Julia throw themselves a bon voyage party (described by Caroline as a ""Eurotrash compacter""). While Julia shops, a distracted Richard is indifferent to the cook's ""perfect Bernaise sauce,"" so the indignant chef quits (and Remo gets the job on two hours' notice, with the new waitress from his restaurant as staff). Julia has celebrated by buying herself a flashy new diamond bracelet; and during the party, when Caroline and Annie sneak into the en suite bathroom, they accidentally overhear a man with a distinctive laugh making

star 7.00
1 votes
Collateral Damage

#161 - Collateral Damage

Hack Season 2 - Episode 4

While Mike identifies the man who shot Marcellus as someone who escaped from a drug dealer take-down long ago, a second attempt on Marcellus's life points to the possibility of two different shooters; forced to hide out from some bad guys, Jamie temporarily moves in with Mike, and Liz teaches him how to be a good neighbor.

star 7.00
1 votes
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First Episode

#162 - First Episode

She Spies Season 1 - Episode 1

The Spies take on their first mission - saving a former politician and talk show host from being assassinated on his own program.

star 6.97
37 votes
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Elyse D'Arc

#163 - Elyse D'Arc

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 22

In her zeal for good causes Elyse devotes so much energy to committee work that a neglected Steven feels shortchanged. Ecstatic to have won an award for his public television documentary, Steven arrives home eager to celebrate, but every effort is foiled by Elyse's obligations to her various projects. Finally, the over-extended wife-mother-architect-committee volunteer begins to realize she's neglecting her most important committee.

star 6.94
18 votes

#164 - Preacher

WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 - Episode 22

WKRP's Sunday morning evangelist (and former wrestler) may be a fraud, but no one has the nerve to fire him.

star 6.93
99 votes
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A Jackie Story

#165 - A Jackie Story

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 3

Jerry is terrified of losing his new dream girl.

star 6.86
7 votes
Death Be My Destiny

#166 - Death Be My Destiny

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 19

Bob strikes out against a friend's fear of falling, but succumbs to the same phobia himself when he is subjected to a harrowing elevator experience.

star 6.80
4 votes
Son of an Ex-Con Job

#167 - Son of an Ex-Con Job

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 15

Bob counsels a quintet of jovial ex-convicts to help them find honest employment.

star 6.75
8 votes
Caroline and the Perfect Record

#168 - Caroline and the Perfect Record

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 12

Caroline's romance is beached when Joe's ex returns from an environmental mission.

star 6.67
3 votes
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Peeper Two

#169 - Peeper Two

The Bob Newhart Show Season 4 - Episode 24

Cliff Murdock, Bob's old laugh-a-minute college buddy, affectionately known as The Peeper, pays a return visit.

star 6.64
13 votes
The Mentor

#170 - The Mentor

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 22

A despondent friend accepts Bob's suggestion and turns the psychologist's reception area into a mini-Polynesian village.

star 6.57
7 votes
The Brothers Grimm

#171 - The Brothers Grimm

L.A. Law Season 2 - Episode 5

Sifuentes represents a traumatized woman suing a cop for not intervening as he witnessed her rape, and her boyfriend's murder, during an armed robbery in a bar; Markowitz's request for a prenup backfires on him badly; when an old case resurfaces, Brackman discovers his father's secret life, complete with a mistress and another son; members of the firm support Stulwicz when his mother dies; over Kuzak's strong objections, Van Owen meets with Palmer and then decides to move back to her house; Perkins and Kelsey patch up their differences.

star 6.33
3 votes
Group on a Hot Tin Roof

#172 - Group on a Hot Tin Roof

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 16

Bob advises a patient named Mr. Plager to realize his human potential by writing a play based on his own experiences. But when Plager writes, directs, and produces an actual World War I drama whose characters bear a startling resemblance to the rest of Bob's patients, the warfare really begins.

star 6.29
7 votes
The Metamorphosis

#173 - The Metamorphosis

Aliens in America Season 1 - Episode 4

All the guys suddenly get angry at Raja for encouraging the hottest girl in school to dress more decent. Meanwhile, Claire suddenly becomes the head of the A-List crowd and Franny decides to focus her attention to Gary's wardrobe once Justin tells her it's time for him to get his own clothes.

star 6.07
61 votes
Friends and Ex-Lovers

#174 - Friends and Ex-Lovers

The Practice Season 5 - Episode 10

Despite a restraining order, William Hinks continues to harass Lindsay, as more questions arise as to whether or not he's the real serial killer. Meanwhile, Bobby blames himself for Scott Wallace's latest offense.

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Going Home (1)

#175 - Going Home (1)

The Practice Season 8 - Episode 13

When his best friend from childhood is accused of murdering his mistress, Alan Shore returns home to defend him.

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#176 - Signature

Hack Season 1 - Episode 19

After Mike convinces Marcellus to help him work to free a man they incorrectly helped send to prison, he incurs the further wrath of his father; Mike has mixed feelings when he discovers that Heather is seriously dating Ryan, who begins to provide Mikey with perks that are way out of Mike's league; Grizz assures Mike of his son's love, and Mikey confirms that for his father.

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Of Thee I Sing

#177 - Of Thee I Sing

The Practice Season 7 - Episode 3

A resolution reached in Lindsay's murder conviction has emotional repercussions; and First Amendment issues figure oddly in Jamie's first trial, the defense of an accused flasher.

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Caroline and the Bad Trip (1)

#178 - Caroline and the Bad Trip (1)

Caroline in the City Season 2 - Episode 23

Caroline and Annie are overjoyed to learn that Caroline's agent has arranged for her to promote her new book on the Jay Leno show; then Annie reminds Caroline that she will need an entertaining story to tell. Enter Richard's mother Natalie, carrying a jacket that belonged to Jerry Garcia and revealing that the dead rocker was Richard's real father. But Richard, hiding in the stairwell until his mother leaves, isn't impressed: there's hardly a celebrity that Natalie hasn't maintained fathered him. While Caroline and Annie fly to Los Angeles, Del tries to teach Richard how to pick up women during Happy Hour at Remo's (Richard: ""I'm not sure I can do that - I mean, be happy for a whole hour.""), and Charlie goes in search of his father, whom an adoption agency locates instantly: a bumbling waiter in a fashionable restaurant who is overjoyed to meet Charlie, even though their reunion gets him fired two weeks before his retirement. While waiting to appear with Leno, Caroline is warned that s

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#179 - Singles

Lou Grant Season 2 - Episode 9

Lou clashes with the new media consultant who believes that the paper should do more trashy stories to cater to the younger crowds. One of those stories has Billie and Rossi investigating the "singles" scene by going out on dates through a computer service. While Rossi has trouble finding time with his date, Billie has trouble getting rid of her date.

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