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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Network: CBS

The Good Wife is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who must assume full responsibility for her family and re-enter the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.

Hitting the Fan

#1 - Hitting the Fan

Season 5 - Episode 5

A desperate battle to retain clients begins when Cary and Alicia's plan to leave the firm is exposed.

star 8.71
965 votes
Directors: James Whitmore
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Dramatics, Your Honor

#2 - Dramatics, Your Honor

Season 5 - Episode 15

Alicia enlists Cary as her lawyer when Nelson Dubeck approaches her to participate in a deposition regarding his investigation into election rigging. Meanwhile, Will continues the difficult defense of Jeffrey Grant as he faces off against a new prosecutor who proves to be a formidable adversary.

star 8.51
961 votes
Directors: Brooke Kennedy
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
What's in the Box?

#3 - What's in the Box?

Season 4 - Episode 22

When Zach thinks he has witnessed vote tampering, Will, Alicia and Diane race to a series of emergency court proceedings on the night of the gubernatorial election. An unexpected source offers to help Cary start his own firm.

star 8.30
745 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Another Ham Sandwich

#4 - Another Ham Sandwich

Season 3 - Episode 14

With her investigation complete, Wendy presents her evidence against Will to the grand jury in hopes of sending him to prison for bribery. Eli and Stacie Hall square off once again.

star 8.28
647 votes
Writers: Leonard Dick
A Weird Year

#5 - A Weird Year

Season 5 - Episode 22

An open feed from a camera mistakenly left on after a teleconferenced deposition between the lawyers of Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner reveals a threat to the firm that Alicia and Cary never saw coming. Meanwhile, the fate of Lockhart/Gardner hangs in the balance as Louis Canning vies for a larger role. Also, Alicia entrusts Zach's high school graduation party to Jackie and Veronica.

star 8.26
848 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
The Decision Tree

#6 - The Decision Tree

Season 5 - Episode 10

Alicia is shocked to learn that a former client bequeathed her millions, but Lockhart/Gardner quickly contests the will on behalf of the deceased's wife. Meanwhile, Diane asks Kalinda to look into Damian's background. Also, Eli and Marilyn are concerned about Peter being seen with Alicia's more disreputable clients at the Florrick/Agos holiday party.

star 8.26
857 votes
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Hail Mary

#7 - Hail Mary

Season 6 - Episode 11

Cary hires a prison consultant to prepare him for incarceration while the team at Florrick/Agos/Lockhart does everything in its power to help him. Alicia practices for the State’s Attorney candidates’ debate.

star 8.18
648 votes
Directors: Brooke Kennedy
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Red Team/Blue Team

#8 - Red Team/Blue Team

Season 4 - Episode 14

Office politics come to a head when Will and Diane ask Alicia and Cary to face off against them in a mock trial, only to get more than they bargained for. Eli tries to avoid losing his role in Peter’s campaign to Jordan, as he continues his fight with the Justice Department.

star 8.17
683 votes
Directors: Jim McKay
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Closing Arguments (2)

#9 - Closing Arguments (2)

Season 2 - Episode 23

Despite their tense relationship, Alicia and Kalinda rush to prove their client's innocence in a murder trial. The timing may finally be right for Alicia and Will to pursue their relationship.

star 8.16
671 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Corinne Brinkerhoff, Robert King, Michelle King
Everything Is Ending

#10 - Everything Is Ending

Season 5 - Episode 1

Alicia works to prevent the execution of a convicted murderer as she plans her exit from the firm with Cary. Eli helps Peter put together his staff.

star 8.16
860 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
The Last Call

#11 - The Last Call

Season 5 - Episode 16

Alicia searches for answers as she tries to make sense of Will’s death in the aftermath of the courthouse shooting. Meanwhile, Diane delivers the somber news to the partners at Lockhart/Gardner who must decide how to move forward.

star 8.14
889 votes
Directors: Jim McKay
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Outside the Bubble

#12 - Outside the Bubble

Season 5 - Episode 4

Alicia tries to obtain Lockhart & Gardner files as she prepares to exit the firm. Faced with a sexual harassment lawsuit, the firm hires Elsbeth Tascioni.

star 8.12
808 votes
Directors: Felix Alcala
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
I Fought the Law

#13 - I Fought the Law

Season 4 - Episode 1

A state trooper targets Zach, putting Alicia on the offensive; Kalinda decides to face her problems; Diane and Will explore the firm's financial issues.

star 8.09
684 votes
Directors: Michael Zinberg
Writers: Michelle King, Robert King
The Line

#14 - The Line

Season 6 - Episode 1

Despite pressure from Eli, Alicia is determined not to run for State's Attorney. Diane considers joining Florrick/Agos. A crisis threatens to tear the firm apart.

star 8.09
907 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Je Ne Sais What?

#15 - Je Ne Sais What?

Season 4 - Episode 12

Will, Diane and Alicia help Elsbeth Tascioni when she is arrested. Eli and Jordan give Peter conflicting pieces of advice.

star 8.07
685 votes
Directors: Jacqueline Hoyt
Writers: Matt Shakman
Trust Issues

#16 - Trust Issues

Season 6 - Episode 2

As the firm deals with an internal legal crisis, Alicia tries to hold onto their biggest client. Diane plots her move.

star 8.05
871 votes
Directors: Jim McKay
Writers: Ted Humphrey
The Next Day

#17 - The Next Day

Season 5 - Episode 6

Alicia and Cary represent a client who changed firms and Will and Diane delay turning over the case files. Marilyn tries to give advice to Alicia.

star 8.05
818 votes
Directors: Michael Zinberg
Writers: Leonard Dick
Alienation of Affection

#18 - Alienation of Affection

Season 3 - Episode 12

Lockhart & Gardner faces trouble when a recently divorced couple claims they influenced their separation for their own personal gain.

star 8.05
641 votes
Directors: Michael Zinberg
Writers: Corinne Brinkerhoff
Nine Hours

#19 - Nine Hours

Season 2 - Episode 9

When Alicia gets a vague tip from a courthouse clerk in the appeal case of a death row inmate, the law firm races to secure a stay of execution. Peter Florrick prepares for his first debate with Glenn Childs and Wendy Scott-Carr.

star 8.04
657 votes
Directors: Julie Hébert
Writers: Meredith Averill
The Dream Team

#20 - The Dream Team

Season 3 - Episode 22

Will and Diane scramble when Louis and Patti team up to bankrupt the firm. Alicia faces conflicted feelings regarding her relationship with Peter. Kalinda's past catches up to her.

star 8.03
641 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Corinne Brinkerhoff, Meredith Averill
Oppo Research

#21 - Oppo Research

Season 6 - Episode 4

Eli asks a respected campaign manager to help Alicia explore the option of running for State's Attorney.

star 8.02
846 votes
Directors: Matt Shakman
Writers: Luke Schelhaas
Blue Ribbon Panel

#22 - Blue Ribbon Panel

Season 3 - Episode 19

Alicia is assigned to be on a blue-ribbon panel that is investigating a police shooting, but she soon begins to question the actions of the panel chairman.

star 8.00
615 votes
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Death of a Client

#23 - Death of a Client

Season 4 - Episode 18

When an erratic and litigious client is murdered, Alicia is convinced to waive attorney/client privilege to help the police when she learns that the killer may also be targeting someone close to her. Peter and Mike Kresteva vie for an influential endorsement. Diane receives a stunning offer.

star 8.00
717 votes
Directors: Robert King
Writers: Robert King, Michelle King
Parenting Made Easy

#24 - Parenting Made Easy

Season 3 - Episode 10

A routine arbitration turns into a battle of wills between Alicia and Louis, but the pair makes an unexpected connection when a personal crisis interrupts the proceedings.

star 8.00
628 votes
Writers: Courtney Kemp Agboh, Robert King, Michelle King
The Next Week

#25 - The Next Week

Season 5 - Episode 7

Zach makes a discovery that leads Alicia and Cary to believe that the firm is spying on them. Will helps one of Alicia's former clients. Clarke Hayden offers financial advice to Florrick/Agos.

star 8.00
804 votes
Directors: Fred Toye
Writers: Craig Turk