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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Network: NBC

Raymond "Red" Reddington, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, surrenders in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He claims that he and the FBI have the same interests: bringing down dangerous criminals and terrorists. In the last two decades, he's made a list of criminals and terrorists that matter the most but the FBI cannot find because it does not know they exist. Reddington calls this "The Blacklist". Reddington will co-operate, but insists that he will speak only to Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler.

The Director: Conclusion (2)

#1 - The Director: Conclusion (2)

Season 3 - Episode 10

As The Cabal prepares to assassinate Liz, Red calls upon the task force to combine efforts to outmaneuver The Cabal to exonerate her. Red delivers a final ultimatum.

star 8.33
4,251 votes
Directors: John Terlesky
Writers: Lukas Reiter
Berlin: Conclusion (2)

#2 - Berlin: Conclusion (2)

Season 1 - Episode 22

With the crashing of the mysterious prisoner transport plane, the city is on lock down as the authorities are on the hunt for all the escapees. Meanwhile, with Red in custody, Liz uses her power to get him out since he is their best chance at finding all the suspects. Elsewhere, their main objective is to track down Berlin, a prisoner on the plane who is somehow involved.

star 8.31
3,299 votes
Directors: Michael Watkins
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter, J.R. Orci, Richard D'ovidio
Anslo Garrick (1)

#3 - Anslo Garrick (1)

Season 1 - Episode 9

An assassination attempt on Red brings the FBI under siege.

star 8.30
3,771 votes
Directors: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Joe Carnahan
Anslo Garrick (2)

#4 - Anslo Garrick (2)

Season 1 - Episode 10

Liz and a mysterious stranger fight to save Red and Ressler.

star 8.27
3,614 votes
Writers: Lukas Reiter, J.R. Orci
Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (2)

#5 - Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (2)

Season 3 - Episode 23

As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for the recent tragedy, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.

star 8.27
5,240 votes
Directors: Bill Roe
Writers: Lukas Reiter
Tom Connolly

#6 - Tom Connolly

Season 2 - Episode 22

Liz realizes she is being framed by The Cabal, forcing Red to use his connections to help her clear her name. As Cooper receives shocking news, Ressler, Samar, and Aram must decide who on the task force can still be trusted.

star 8.26
2,842 votes
Directors: Michael Watkins
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp
Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion (2)

#7 - Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion (2)

Season 4 - Episode 22

In the conclusion of the season finale, Red sets a risky plan in motion to save the Task Force and himself as Mr. Kaplan launches the final phase of her assault on his criminal empire. With the future of the Task Force in jeopardy, Liz confronts the biggest questions about her past.

star 8.23
5,066 votes
Directors: Michael Watkins
Writers: Lukas Reiter, J. R. Orci, Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Daniel Knauf
The Director (1)

#8 - The Director (1)

Season 3 - Episode 9

While Red creates a crime scene to retrieve his care package, friends of the truth rally around Liz, whose life is in danger now that she is in custody.

star 8.20
4,213 votes
Ian Garvey (1)

#9 - Ian Garvey (1)

Season 5 - Episode 8

Tom goes missing and Liz desperately tries to find him. Red's hunt for the suitcase of bones puts him on a collision course with Tom that will change everyone's lives forever.

star 8.15
3,490 votes
Directors: Bill Roe
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath
Sutton Ross

#10 - Sutton Ross

Season 5 - Episode 22

Liz and Red face off in a climactic race to find a Blacklister in possession of the duffel bag of bones, forcing the truth about the bones to finally come to light.

star 8.14
2,329 votes
Directors: Bill Roe
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter

#11 - Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

A criminal mastermind surrenders to the FBI with a stunning offer - but he'll only talk to a rookie profiler.

star 8.13
5,580 votes
Directors: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp
Berlin (1)

#12 - Berlin (1)

Season 1 - Episode 21

After discovering the truth behind her father's death, Liz refuses to work with Red, just as his situation grows desperate.

star 8.12
3,337 votes
Directors: Michael Zinberg
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp

#13 - Requiem

Season 4 - Episode 17

Memories of the past set Red on a dangerous collision course with an enemy determined to destroy his criminal empire.

star 8.11
5,299 votes
Directors: Terrence O'Hara
Writers: Daniel Cerone
Robert Diaz

#14 - Robert Diaz

Season 6 - Episode 22

As the president’s true plan comes into focus, Liz and the task force fight to avert disaster. Red meets in secret with a man who holds information about his past.

star 8.10
1,774 votes
Directors: Bill Roe
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Lukas Reiter
The Pavlovich Brothers

#15 - The Pavlovich Brothers

Season 1 - Episode 19

While the FBI searches for a Serbian family of kidnappers, Red uses them in a scheme to out Tom, leading to a fateful confrontation with Liz.

star 8.07
3,302 votes
Directors: Paul A. Edwards
Writers: Elizabeth Benjamin
Mr. Solomon: Conclusion (2)

#16 - Mr. Solomon: Conclusion (2)

Season 3 - Episode 18

After a tragedy puts a member of the team in grave danger, the task force must rely on Red and his unconventional methods to survive. Meanwhile, Tom and Liz face an unexpected complication that could affect their baby's future.

star 8.06
4,989 votes
Directors: John Terlesky
Writers: Daniel Cerone
The Troll Farmer

#17 - The Troll Farmer

Season 3 - Episode 1

With the FBI hunting Liz for the murder of the attorney general, she and Red go on the run; Red reaches out to a contact for help fleeing the city.

star 8.05
4,152 votes
The Good Samaritan

#18 - The Good Samaritan

Season 1 - Episode 11

A serial killer from Liz's past strikes again while Red hunts for his betrayer.

star 8.05
3,582 votes
Directors: Dan Lerner
Writers: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier
The Decembrist

#19 - The Decembrist

Season 2 - Episode 8

Red’s motives for Berlin take a sudden turn when he learns Berlin was manipulated by the latest Blacklister to avenge Red. Red and Berlin travel to Moscow to track down a high ranking Russian official who they believe is responsible. Liz struggles to keep her secret from unraveling.

star 8.05
2,958 votes
Directors: Michael Watkins
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp

#20 - Ivan

Season 1 - Episode 17

While chasing a cyber-terrorist, Liz investigates Jolene's disappearance.

star 8.05
3,355 votes
Directors: Randy Zisk
Writers: J. R. Orci, Amanda Kate Shuman
The Cyprus Agency

#21 - The Cyprus Agency

Season 1 - Episode 13

On the eve of Liz's adoption, Red puts her on the trail of an adoption agency gone evil.

star 8.04
3,437 votes
Writers: Lukas Reiter
The Scimitar

#22 - The Scimitar

Season 2 - Episode 7

A plot for revenge emerges after an Iranian nuclear scientist is assassinated. Liz and Ressler wind up in a predicament.

star 8.04
3,005 votes
Directors: Karen Gaviola
Writers: J.R. Orci, Lukas Reiter
Leonard Caul

#23 - Leonard Caul

Season 2 - Episode 19

As Red fights for his life, he pleads with Liz to track down Nicholas Caul — a mysterious figure from his past with knowledge of The Fulcrum. It's a race against time for the task force to locate Caul before Red's life is threatened again, while Tom proves helpful in an unexpected way.

star 8.04
3,020 votes
Directors: Michael Waxman
Writers: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier, Kristen Reidel, Jim Campolongo
Marvin Gerard

#24 - Marvin Gerard

Season 3 - Episode 2

With Ressler in hot pursuit, Liz only has Red to trust; Red asks a lawyer named Marvin Gerard for help with a hostage situation; the FBI wants to force Cooper out of the task force.

star 8.03
3,971 votes
Dembe Zuma

#25 - Dembe Zuma

Season 4 - Episode 16

After weeks of hunting for Dembe, Red and the Task Force finally get a lead on his whereabouts when Aram goes missing. Meanwhile, Dembe takes a calculated risk as Red closes in.

star 8.03
5,332 votes
Writers: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier