The Best Episodes Directed by Bill Roe

Countdown (2)

#1 - Countdown (2)

Castle (2009) Season 3 - Episode 17

With time running out, Castle and Beckett must put aside their differences with Agent Fallon to avert a city-wide catastrophe.

star 8.28
4556 votes
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Alexander Kirk: Conclusion

#2 - Alexander Kirk: Conclusion

The Blacklist Season 3 - Episode 23

As Reddington and the task force close in on the person responsible for the recent tragedy, a shocking betrayal leaves them racing to save one of their own.

star 8.26
5991 votes
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Target (1)

#3 - Target (1)

Castle (2009) Season 5 - Episode 15

In the first of a two-episode story arc, Castle and Beckett begin a murder investigation that also exposes a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. FBI Agent Harris (Dylan Walsh), an even-keeled professional is brought in to help find the kidnappers.

star 8.24
3488 votes
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Sutton Ross

#4 - Sutton Ross

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 22

Liz and Red face off in a climactic race to find a Blacklister in possession of the duffel bag of bones, forcing the truth about the bones to finally come to light.

star 8.16
2634 votes
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Ian Garvey

#5 - Ian Garvey

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 8

Tom goes missing and Liz desperately tries to find him. Red's hunt for the suitcase of bones puts him on a collision course with Tom that will change everyone's lives forever.

star 8.14
3845 votes
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Robert Diaz

#6 - Robert Diaz

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 22

As the president’s true plan comes into focus, Liz and the task force fight to avert disaster. Red meets in secret with a man who holds information about his past.

star 8.11
2177 votes
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Undead Again

#7 - Undead Again

Castle (2009) Season 4 - Episode 22

When Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a man with human bite marks on his body, Castle’s wild theories start flying. But none are as wild as what their only witness insists happened – a Zombie attack. As the evidence pointing towards an undead assailant piles up, the team plunges into New York’s Zombie subculture to find the killer and bring him in — dead, undead or alive.

star 8.11
3870 votes
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#8 - 3XK

Castle (2009) Season 3 - Episode 6

When a beautiful woman is found dead in an alley, all clues point to her being a victim of the notorious Triple Killer. The Triple Killer, or 3XK, terrorized New York City four years ago, then mysteriously disappeared. Now he's back. In a deadly battle of wits, Castle and Beckett race against time to stop 3XK before he claims his next victims.

star 8.06
4600 votes
Room 147

#9 - Room 147

Castle (2009) Season 6 - Episode 16

When a guilt-ridden young woman confesses to the murder of a struggling actor -- knowing details only the killer could know -- Beckett and Castle seem to have an open-and-shut case, until they uncover proof that their suspect couldn’t possibly be the killer. When a second person confesses, equally convinced they committed the murder, the team realizes the case is far more mysterious than they thought.

star 7.97
2898 votes
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The Osterman Umbrella Company

#10 - The Osterman Umbrella Company

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 14

Red directs Liz to investigate a secret organization of assassins hired by global intelligence agencies to eliminate former agents, a case with ramifications that will change the Task Force forever.

star 7.95
2190 votes
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The Hunt (2)

#11 - The Hunt (2)

The Rookie Season 2 - Episode 20

Nolan’s discovery goes much deeper than he expected and could put his life and career in jeopardy.

star 7.94
858 votes
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#12 - Consequences

The Rookie Season 3 - Episode 1

Nearing the end of his training, Nolan now faces his biggest challenge as a police officer yet when he must come to terms with the choices he has made in pursuit of the truth.

star 7.90
682 votes
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The Capricorn Killer

#13 - The Capricorn Killer

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 16

As Liz investigates new details in a cold case from her early work as an FBI profiler, she explores her darker impulses in therapy with Dr. Fulton. The Task Force takes action to bring down Tom's killers within the legal system, while Red takes a different approach to closing in on Ian Garvey.

star 7.90
3102 votes
The Debt Collector

#14 - The Debt Collector

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 20

When Liz becomes the target of a mercenary known as the Debt Collector, Red turns to an unlikely source for help. Ressler faces an unexpected complication in his efforts to stay ahead of Agent Gale's investigation.

star 7.89
5343 votes
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Louis T. Steinhil

#15 - Louis T. Steinhil

The Blacklist Season 7 - Episode 1

After being abducted by Katarina Rostova, Raymond finds himself alone in hostile territory unsure of who—if anyone—he can trust. With few leads to go on, Liz and the Task Force venture into unknown danger as they race to find him.

star 7.87
2181 votes
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The Dark Side

#16 - The Dark Side

The Rookie Season 2 - Episode 10

Nolan and team are charged with escorting a notorious female serial killer to the graves of her previously unrecovered victims. However, when they arrive, they unearth even more than they expected. Chen meets a seemingly perfect man who sparks her interest, and Lopez worries about Wesley as his PTSD continues to increase.

star 7.86
997 votes
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#17 - Limelight

Castle (2009) Season 6 - Episode 13

When a rising young pop star is found dead in an alley, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim's out-of-control hard-partying lifestyle, but as they dig deeper, a shocking revelation threatens to rock their investigation.

star 7.86
3025 votes
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A Murder Is Forever

#18 - A Murder Is Forever

Castle (2009) Season 6 - Episode 8

When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated – and dangerous – than they thought.

star 7.84
3157 votes
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Resurrection (1)

#19 - Resurrection (1)

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 14

When clues in a murder implicate Castle and Beckett's nemesis, Dr. Kelly Nieman, Castle is called in to consult on the case.

star 7.83
1708 votes
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The Human Factor

#20 - The Human Factor

Castle (2009) Season 5 - Episode 23

When Homeland Security inexplicably seals the crime scene of a car bombing, Castle and Beckett find themselves with two mysteries on their hands: who murdered the victim, a government whistleblower, and why are federal agents trying to take over the case? The plot thickens when they discover that the victim wasn't killed by a car bomb but by a missile from a military drone.

star 7.80
3258 votes
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#21 - Demons

Castle (2009) Season 4 - Episode 6

Castle and Beckett confront the possibility of paranormal foul play when a world renowned ghost hunter is mysteriously murdered while investigating a haunting at a legendary New York mansion.

star 7.79
4201 votes
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The Limey

#22 - The Limey

Castle (2009) Season 4 - Episode 20

A devilishly handsome detective from Scotland Yard, Simon Hunt, teams up with Castle and Beckett to find the person responsible for the murder of his friend's daughter. Enter Nigel Wyndham, the Deputy General at the British Consulate whom Castle and Beckett suspect is up to more than just ambassadorial balls and diplomatic luncheons. Meanwhile, Lanie convinces Beckett that she needs to make a move on Castle before it is too late.

star 7.78
3973 votes
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Heartbreak Hotel

#23 - Heartbreak Hotel

Castle (2009) Season 4 - Episode 8

During the investigation of the murder of an Atlantic City casino owner at an abandoned warehouse, strong leads emerge for the team in both New York and Atlantic City. As Beckett and Capt. Gates work the New York leads together, Castle naturally chooses to join the detectives for the road trip to "America's Playground," hoping to help solve the case while throwing an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan.

star 7.78
4169 votes
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Saving Face

#24 - Saving Face

S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 2 - Episode 4

Hondo suspects an ulterior motive when Eric Wells, a U.S. marshal who is the estranged husband of his romantic interest, Deputy District Attorney Nia Wells, requests the S.W.A.T. team’s help with apprehending a fugitive who is robbing drug cargo shipments. Also, Jessica is forced to implement departmental budget cuts, and Street makes a heartbreaking discovery about his mother, Karen.

star 7.77
1047 votes
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#25 - Still

Castle (2009) Season 5 - Episode 22

Beckett's life is on the line when she steps on a pressure sensitive bomb. While the team searches for a way to disarm the explosive, Castle distracts Beckett by arguing with her about who fell for whom first.

star 7.77
3346 votes
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Alistair Pitt

#26 - Alistair Pitt

The Blacklist Season 3 - Episode 13

Red and Liz work with the taskforce to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced to unite two rival crime families. Tom reconnects with a former flame.

star 7.75
5018 votes
Wrapped Up in Death

#27 - Wrapped Up in Death

Castle (2009) Season 2 - Episode 19

The investigation into the shocking death of a museum curator, crushed by a falling gargoyle, takes a bizarre turn when Castle and Beckett learn that he isn’t the first member of a recent archeological expedition to die. It turns out there was a legend inscribed over the burial chamber the team unearthed warning that "all who gaze upon the face of the mummy are doomed." Was the curator just the latest victim of "The Mummy’s Curse?" And if so, what does that mean for Castle, who snuck a peek at the mummy when no one was looking?

star 7.75
4040 votes
Dr. Hans Koehler

#28 - Dr. Hans Koehler

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 1

Red presents the Task Force with a Blacklist case searching for a plastic surgeon who creates new identities for wanted criminals. Liz and her sister, Jennifer, secretly investigate the events that took place the night the real Raymond Reddington died.

star 7.74
2384 votes
Lady Luck

#29 - Lady Luck

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 16

Liz and Ressler investigate a Blacklister who offers to erase gambling debts at a deceptively high price. Dembe grows concerned as Red tests the loyalties of their business associates in search of the individual who turned him in to the police.

star 7.74
2133 votes
Smokey Putnum

#30 - Smokey Putnum

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 1

Red enlists Liz in an unlikely plan to simultaneously earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force. Liz faces the new reality of working alongside her father. Ressler finds himself in a precarious position. Tom weighs his options.

star 7.74
4899 votes
Independence, U.S.A.

#31 - Independence, U.S.A.

The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 - Episode 3

After a plane crashes in the Ural Mountains, Tom and Nez go undercover in Russia to infiltrate a mysterious, top-secret military facility. Meanwhile, Scottie enlists Mr. Solomon to find answers about her husband.

star 7.72
2530 votes
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Marko Jankowics

#32 - Marko Jankowics

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 8

Liz and Jennifer find themselves in the cross-hairs of a ruthless smuggler. Red mediates between two rival gangs in prison.

star 7.72
2120 votes
The Ethicist

#33 - The Ethicist

The Blacklist Season 6 - Episode 6

When Red is sent to a federal medical institution following his request to the court for a psychiatric evaluation, Liz and Jennifer use his time away to search for a Blacklister they believe may have valuable information about Red’s past.

star 7.71
2162 votes
Death Wish

#34 - Death Wish

Castle (2009) Season 8 - Episode 17

The murder of a man connected to smuggling Turkish relics sends Castle, Beckett and the 12th Precinct on a search for a stolen antique believed to be Aladdin’s lamp, in hopes that it can lead them to the killer.

star 7.67
1948 votes
Meme Is Murder

#35 - Meme Is Murder

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 5

When a web celebrity is murdered, Castle and Beckett explore the flashy world of internet fame. But when the killer posts pictures from the crime scene on a photo-sharing site, they realize they are up against a social media sociopath who may strike again.

star 7.65
2241 votes
Dead Again

#36 - Dead Again

Castle (2009) Season 8 - Episode 19

When a mild mannered safety inspector for the city miraculously survives a poisoning, it might be luck; but when he survives another, it's a mystery Castle and Beckett will have to solve.

star 7.65
1845 votes

#37 - Gaia

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 4

As Red sets Liz and the Task Force on the trail of an eco-terrorist with a mysterious connection to Alexander Kirk, Tom takes matters into his own hands.

star 7.64
5946 votes
The Harem

#38 - The Harem

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 11

Liz must prove herself to the leader of an elite group of female thieves in order to infiltrate their organization as they prepare for their next heist. Meanwhile, Red contends with unexpected problems in his operations, and Tom channels his energy into fatherly duties.

star 7.64
5484 votes

#39 - Scars

Helstrom Season 1 - Episode 7

With a powerful demon looking for a new host and Ana struggling to control her darker urges, Daimon is offered a proposition from The Blood. Caretaker finds himself in hot water, and Dr. Hastings rattles Daimon with new revelations about his past.

star 7.62
525 votes
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Victoria Fenberg

#40 - Victoria Fenberg

The Blacklist Season 7 - Episode 11

With the help of the Task Force, Red tracks a gifted art forger who has thwarted his plans to sell stolen pieces. Aram’s love life becomes increasingly complicated. Liz and Ressler confide in each other.

star 7.62
1609 votes
Witness for the Prosecution

#41 - Witness for the Prosecution

Castle (2009) Season 8 - Episode 10

Castle finally gets his day in court when he takes the stand as the key witness to a murder from five months ago. But when new information suddenly arises, he and Beckett must race against the clock to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

star 7.61
1783 votes
El Puente

#42 - El Puente

The Last Ship Season 5 - Episode 3

With nations being rapidly occupied, Chandler tries his hand at diplomacy to unite two hostile countries so they can fight a common enemy.

star 7.60
1497 votes
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Death Gone Crazy

#43 - Death Gone Crazy

Castle (2009) Season 5 - Episode 12

When Beau Randolf, the founder of hit adult video franchise "College Girls Gone Crazy," is murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a lengthy list of husbands, fathers and ex-college girls who all have motive. So to find the killer, they must delve deep into the victim’s life, where they find surprises at every turn. Also Alexis starts a video blog, but Castle is not happy that personal and intimate details about her life are being made public.

star 7.56
3425 votes

#44 - Feast

The Last Ship Season 4 - Episode 7

The search continues with a reconnaissance mission but things turn violent when an old foe resurfaces.

star 7.54
3068 votes
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Bad Santa

#45 - Bad Santa

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 10

When an ER physician is gunned down in the street, Castle and Beckett soon discover that the victim was a mob doctor to a Mafia family run by an old friend of Castle's. Also, against this backdrop of Christmas, Esposito and Lanie reach a defining moment in their relationship.

star 7.52
2138 votes
In Plane Sight

#46 - In Plane Sight

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 21

As Castle and Alexis travel to London, their routine flight turns deadly when the plane’s Air Marshal is found murdered. With the help of Beckett on the ground, Castle and Alexis race against time to find the killer before he carries out his fateful plan.

star 7.50
1924 votes
At Close Range

#47 - At Close Range

Castle (2009) Season 7 - Episode 18

Detective Kevin Ryan is on the security detail of a charismatic congressman attending a charity event when shots suddenly ring out. Driven to apprehend the killer, Ryan must revisit the events that led up to the shooting, with the help of Castle and Beckett.

star 7.36
1997 votes
True Crime

#48 - True Crime

The Rookie Season 3 - Episode 7

The team gets the true crime docuseries treatment when they analyze a recent case featuring a former child actor whose adult life has garnered him a cult following.

star 6.24
532 votes
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