The Best Episodes Directed by Don Thorin

Mr. Kaplan

#1 - Mr. Kaplan

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 21

In part one of the season finale, facing a crippling siege on his criminal organization, Red tracks a high-end thief enlisted by Mr. Kaplan for a mysterious assignment. Aram faces a difficult choice when Agent Gale takes extreme measures in his investigation into the Task Force's conduct.

star 7.99
5489 votes
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Greyson Blaise

#2 - Greyson Blaise

The Blacklist Season 5 - Episode 2

Liz and the Task Force join Red on an international adventure in pursuit of a billionaire who moonlights as a high end art thief. Dembe chases a lead. Tom seeks outside help in identifying the remains in the suitcase.

star 7.78
4613 votes
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Dr. Bogdan Krilov

#3 - Dr. Bogdan Krilov

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 19

Red sets the Task Force on the trail of a Blacklister with the tools to manipulate memories, causing Liz to question her own experiences. As Gale intensifies his investigation, Ressler receives a new lead on the disappearance of Justice Department official Reven Wright.

star 7.77
5428 votes
Lipet's Seafood Company

#4 - Lipet's Seafood Company

The Blacklist Season 4 - Episode 9

An investigation into an international terrorist operating on American soil tests the allegiances of the Task Force. As Aram faces the consequences of his girlfriend hacking into the FBI computer systems, Red cashes in on a favor.

star 7.72
5815 votes
Stomping Grounds

#5 - Stomping Grounds

Blue Bloods Season 6 - Episode 13

When a well-regarded, newly retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of shooting a group of potential muggers on the subway and then disappears, Frank must deal with the fallout. Also, when a drug dealer returns to Baez’s old neighborhood, she and Danny must figure out how to arrest him for a murder that Baez witnessed as a child.

star 7.51
783 votes