The Best Episodes Directed by Michael W. Watkins

Rubble with a Cause

#1 - Rubble with a Cause

In Plain Sight Season 2 - Episode 4

A building collapses on one of Mary's witnesses, leaving him exposed to outside threats, so Mary has to risk her life in order to keep her witness safe.

star 8.53
53 votes
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Sacrificial Lam

#2 - Sacrificial Lam

In Plain Sight Season 5 - Episode 7

Having slipped through the fingers of the FBI, James Shannon is on the run again and heading for the border, but first he must stop to take care of a little unfinished business. Agent O'Connor, convinced that she was somehow involved in James' escape, places Mary under investigation, but when he refuses to listen to her suggestions about the possible whereabouts of her father.

star 8.42
66 votes
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#3 - Decoy

Justified Season 4 - Episode 11

Boyd and the gang from Detroit Mob use dirty tricks to keep Raylan and Drew Thompson alive.

star 8.39
862 votes
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Anslo Garrick (2)

#4 - Anslo Garrick (2)

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 10

Liz and a mysterious stranger fight to save Red and Ressler.

star 8.28
3578 votes
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Kiss Me, Kate

#5 - Kiss Me, Kate

Fairly Legal Season 2 - Episode 9

Judge Nicastro enlists Kate and Ben to mediate a contract dispute. Lauren looks for a painting to hang in the lobby of the firm.

star 8.24
105 votes
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The Eye and the Prime Object

#6 - The Eye and the Prime Object

The Lost Room Season 1 - Episode 3

After discovering the existence of the Occupant of Room 10, Joe attempts to find him and another object that will allow him to access the Vault. Kreutzfeld hatches a plan that could destroy the world. Ruber has a vision while in the desert.

star 8.21
241 votes

#7 - Jailbait

In Plain Sight Season 2 - Episode 11

The barely legal daughter of Mary's witness – a Miami racketeer – finds herself in a dangerous romance, just as Raph's mother visits to prepare an engagement feast for the surprised Mary.

star 8.12
55 votes
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I'm a Liver Not a Fighter

#8 - I'm a Liver Not a Fighter

In Plain Sight Season 4 - Episode 7

A terminally ill father wants to reconcile with his children.

star 8.07
64 votes
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The Cyprus Agency

#9 - The Cyprus Agency

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 13

On the eve of Liz's adoption, Red puts her on the trail of an adoption agency gone evil.

star 8.05
3407 votes
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Dreamland II (2)

#10 - Dreamland II (2)

The X-Files Season 6 - Episode 5

Mulder is thrown in jail at the Area 51 compound but is released when it is discovered that the flight data recorder he stole was a fake. Scully comes to her senses and realizes that the Mulder she sees isn't who he really is and heads back to Nevada to help the real Mulder. Meanwhile, the mechanism that caused the body swap is rapidly snapping back, undoing everything in its wake, and Mulder and his alter ego must race to put themselves back where they belong.

star 8.03
507 votes
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#11 - Cottonmouth

Justified Season 2 - Episode 5

Raylan's hunt for a killer puts him on a collision course with the Bennett clan, while Boyd plots a heist with treacherous new partners.

star 8.03
786 votes
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Coma Chameleon

#12 - Coma Chameleon

In Plain Sight Season 3 - Episode 3

ATF agent Wade Guthrie is shot and left for dead by gun trader Jasper Malone. After three years in a coma, he wakes to find the world he left behind has drastically changed.

star 8.02
57 votes
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Mako Tanida

#13 - Mako Tanida

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 16

As a Yakuza crime lord seeks deadly revenge on Ressler Tom and Jolene face off.

star 8.01
3301 votes
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Lord Baltimore

#14 - Lord Baltimore

The Blacklist Season 2 - Episode 1

While continuing to battle Berlin, Red faces a new threat in the form of Lord Baltimore. A figure from Red's past returns. Liz tries to move on after her showdown with Tom.

star 7.97
3507 votes
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A Little Miracle

#15 - A Little Miracle

Quantum Leap Season 3 - Episode 10

December 24, 1962: On Christmas Eve, Sam leap into Reginald Pierson, valet to a wealthy contractor, who is in danger of losing his soul in an attempt to demolish a Salvation Army mission, so he can build his "Blake's Plaza." Seeing a similarity to the Dickens's character, Sam and Al decide to "Scrooge" the greed out of the man.

star 7.97
59 votes
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Last Grimm Standing

#16 - Last Grimm Standing

Grimm Season 1 - Episode 12

A bizarre double homicide leads Nick and Hank to a boxing gym, which Nick discovers is a supplier for a darker, ritualistic fight club in the creature world. When Monroe lends a hand and gets in over his head, Nick must dig deep and find his inner “Grimm” to defend him.

star 7.96
1143 votes
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#17 - Strain

The Event Season 1 - Episode 18

The White House is rocked by the sudden illness of one of their own, leaving Chief of Staff Peel and Sterling to investigate possible conspirators. Michael Buchanan comes to the aid of Leila, but it leaves them both at risk of Sophia's wrath. Across the globe in Russia, Sean and Vicky race to stop Sophia's weapon from being loaded onto a plane heading to the United States.

star 7.94
302 votes
Luck Be a Lady

#18 - Luck Be a Lady

Las Vegas Season 1 - Episode 8

Ed's ex-CIA partner heads security for a diva. A full-comp VIP gives no gaming action. Penn & Teller have a cameo.

star 7.93
122 votes
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#19 - Hurricane

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 3

August 17, 1969: Sam meets Camille, and possibly a killer, when he leaps into a deputy sheriff in a small Mississippi town, lying in the path of a deadly hurricane.

star 7.90
49 votes
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Groundhog Summer

#20 - Groundhog Summer

Las Vegas Season 1 - Episode 5

Danny and Ed hunt for a sexual predator targeting hotel guests.

star 7.89
139 votes
Rock Bottom

#21 - Rock Bottom

SEAL Team Season 2 - Episode 20

The tension between Jason and Ray comes to a head, and Lisa faces her final test in officer candidate school.

star 7.89
758 votes
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Day Three

#22 - Day Three

5ive Days to Midnight Season 1 - Episode 3

J.T. is determined to save his life, and attempts to erase every suspect's motives for killing him. To stop Carl, he has him locked away in the psychiatric ward, unable to escape. He allows Brad to collect the briefcase on Monday, which will bring Brad the money he desperately needs, and he organises a meeting with Roy Bremmer to try and reason with him. But not everything goes to plan as Carl somehow escapes, someone gets to the case before Brad, and Roy Bremmer isn't interested in reasoning. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to find little things to stop her dad's death on Friday night.

star 7.88
26 votes

#23 - Wujing

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 3

Liz and Red go undercover to take down an assassin who's been decimating the ranks of the CIA.

star 7.86
4235 votes
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#24 - Duped

Warehouse 13 Season 1 - Episode 8

Pete and Myka go to Las Vegas to fetch an artifact that is helping a couple of gamblers, but the mission goes awry when Myka becomes trapped in a famous author's mirror.

star 7.86
591 votes
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#25 - Tithonus

The X-Files Season 6 - Episode 10

Assistant Director Kersh tries to tear Scully and Mulder apart when he partners Scully with a New York agent investigating Alfred Fellig, a freelance police photographer who conveniently shows up to document the scene of a death as soon as it happens. While the young hotshot agent is convinced that Fellig is murdering the people, Scully has other (paranormal) theories.

star 7.85
452 votes
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Cost of Capital

#26 - Cost of Capital

Law & Order Season 16 - Episode 16

The case against a high powered executive accused of killing her lover rests on the executive's estranged husband and unstable teenage daughter.

star 7.85
65 votes
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A Thin Line

#27 - A Thin Line

Criminal Minds Season 7 - Episode 15

The BAU team investigates a series of brutal home invasions and murders in California's Inland Empire that appear to be gang-related, but their investigation may uncover a more sinister motivation.

star 7.84
498 votes
Hell On Wheels

#28 - Hell On Wheels

Into the West Season 1 - Episode 4

The race is on as the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads lay down track across the U.S. bringing east and west together. Jacob Wheeler's one son, Abe, joins the railroad crew, while his other son Jacob Jr. becomes a scout for the army. Jacob's daughter Margaret and her photographer husband are captured by the Cheyenne, but her Lakota heritage saves them and they are adopted by the tribe. When the village is attacked by overzealous U.S. soldiers, many are murdered. Witnessing the brutality, Margaret decides to stay with her Cheyenne family.

star 7.84
49 votes
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Blind Spot

#29 - Blind Spot

Justified Season 1 - Episode 7

Raylan foils an attempt on Ava's life and vows to find out who was behind it. Later, Raylan finds out that Ava may not have been the target.

star 7.81
874 votes
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#30 - Regrets

Warehouse 13 Season 1 - Episode 9

Pete and Myka visit a Florida prison to probe a spate of unexplained suicides. Meanwhile, Claudia changes a light bulb with the help of an artifact.

star 7.79
529 votes
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#31 - Pilot

Las Vegas Season 1 - Episode 1

Danny has a busy day coddling an oddball winner, trying to locate a missing high roller, and figuring out a cheater's MO. Big Ed finds his daughter sleeping with Danny.

star 7.79
200 votes
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Frederick Barnes

#32 - Frederick Barnes

The Blacklist Season 1 - Episode 7

Following a chemical attack on the subway, Liz and the team hunt a mad scientist.

star 7.79
3610 votes
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#33 - Jitters

Smallville Season 1 - Episode 8

An ex-LutherCorp employee insists that the spasmodic rages that sometimes grip him are the result of an incident that occurred on the plant's secret Level 3. But if there is a Level 3, why doesn't Lex know anything about it?

star 7.79
492 votes
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Sein und Zeit (1)

#34 - Sein und Zeit (1)

The X-Files Season 7 - Episode 10

A young girl inexplicably disappears from her home, and Mulder requests the case even though it is a full FBI matter, not just an X-File. When Mulder takes some outrageous leaps to convince the girl's parents that she will be found, Scully fears that Mulder is becoming too personally involved with the case because of his sister's abduction.

star 7.78
434 votes
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The Rival

#35 - The Rival

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 18

A Lois' ex-colleague is working for another newspaper who is strangely getting the major news before the Daily Planet and Lois gets jealous when she shows interest on Clark.

star 7.78
46 votes
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Day Four

#36 - Day Four

5ive Days to Midnight Season 1 - Episode 4

The closer the day of his death comes, the more J.T. gives in to his destiny. Only as Jesse finds his testament, he can convince him not to give up yet. J.T. has an idea how to stop his potential murderer from his plan: Eliminate their motives ! He´s trying to bribe Roy Bremmer with the valuable material the casse is made of - but Roy declines. Roy just wants Claudia back and is ready to kill for that !

star 7.77
30 votes
Whine, Whine, Whine

#37 - Whine, Whine, Whine

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 - Episode 21

Superman saves the life of a musician, but instead of ""thank you"", the musician wants to sue him because he ""broke"" his arm. Then, many people of Metropolis begins to fake injures caused by Superman. After finally give up of her love for Superman, Lois needs to choose who's the one she is going to be together with : Clark Kent or Dan Scardino.

star 7.76
46 votes
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Dr. Linus Creel

#38 - Dr. Linus Creel

The Blacklist Season 2 - Episode 4

Red thinks a dangerous sociopsychological experiment may be taking place when several previously nonviolent citizens become killers. Red has a complicated proposition for Naomi and her husband.

star 7.76
3040 votes
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Last Dance Before an Execution

#39 - Last Dance Before an Execution

Quantum Leap Season 3 - Episode 19

May 12, 1971: "Just think of someplace far away" is the advice Sam hears as he leaps into Jesus Ortega, a Cuban-American being strapped into an electric chair. A last second stay of execution gives Sam just forty-eight hours to either prove himself innocent or fulfill his mission so that he can leap before the Big Switch is pulled.

star 7.76
45 votes
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#40 - Arcadia

The X-Files Season 6 - Episode 15

On their first official case back on the X-Files, Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple at a prestigious planned community where several residents have recently disappeared after failing to comply with the rules and regulations.

star 7.75
469 votes
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What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

#41 - What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Las Vegas Season 1 - Episode 2

Danny's friend Greg is found murdered in the desert, reporter is hot on the trail of a naughty senator, and King Arthur is riding through the casino.

star 7.72
151 votes
Auntie Maimed

#42 - Auntie Maimed

NYPD Blue Season 3 - Episode 19

Sylvia is close to giving birth and Andy is on edge. When isn't he? Donna contemplates a California job offer. The nephew of the victim of a robbery-homicide is found holding the stolen goods. Andy and Bobby (with observations from Andy Jr.) work that case. Greg, James, Adrianne and Diane all work the robbery-homicide of a bouncer. James and Adrianne have another talk. Sylvia gives birth with only a little trouble. It is a boy and they name him Theo.

star 7.72
39 votes
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Add It Up

#43 - Add It Up

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 - Episode 18

Maggie introduces mood rooms as an alternative approach to medicine. Alex and DeLuca butt heads over an 11-year-old patient who tries to sabotage her own surgery. Jackson and Richard deal with a gender non-binary patient. Meanwhile, Teddy has a pregnancy scare that brings Owen and Koracick to odds.

star 7.71
845 votes
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Killin' Time

#44 - Killin' Time

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 5

June 18, 1958: Sam leaps into a tricky situation as an escaped killer holed up in a house with a mother and daughter as hostages. Escape isn't going to be easy for either Sam or his hostages, when the real killer breaks out of the waiting room, stranding Sam in the past, destined to die at the hands of a vengeful sheriff.

star 7.71
45 votes
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Day One

#45 - Day One

5ive Days to Midnight Season 1 - Episode 1

J.T. Neumeyer sits at his wife's grave with his daughter, Jesse, on the anniversary of her death. Out of nowhere, a mysterious briefcase appears. Inside, the details and newspaper clippings of J.T's murder, to happen at the stroke of midnight in five days. But things get much more complicated when his girlfriend, Claudia, used to be married to the one man that might be out to kill J.T.

star 7.70
34 votes
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (3)

#46 - The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (3)

The X-Files Season 7 - Episode 2

Scully frantically searches for a way to help her ailing partner without having anyone to turn to for help, while a catatonic Mulder's dreams lead him away from his mission and the X-Files to a place which he believes is a better life.

star 7.66
491 votes
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Cool Change

#47 - Cool Change

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 1 - Episode 2

A man is killed after winning a fortune and then dumping his girlfriend, so Grissom, Nick and newcomer to the CSI team, Sara Sidel, investigate the case. Warrick is up for suspension for leaving Holly at the crime scene by herself.

star 7.66
423 votes
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#48 - Captive

Law & Order Season 17 - Episode 20

Green and Cassady follow the leads when a young boy is found murdered to a suspected serial pedophile/murderer.

star 7.64
61 votes
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#49 - X-COPS

The X-Files Season 7 - Episode 12

A Los Angeles police officer who is being filmed for the show COPS is attacked by a strange monster and Mulder and Scully are investigating the case. Scully is wary of having their faces put on national television but Mulder welcomes the publicity.

star 7.64
453 votes
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A Wrenching Experience

#50 - A Wrenching Experience

NYPD Blue Season 4 - Episode 17

Bobby and Andy investigate a shooting that is related to the victim trying to leave a gang. Greg waits with anticipation of his dinner with Abby and her significant other. Jill and Diane investigate the death of a baby who appears to have been shaken to death by the baby-sitter. Greg and James look into a murder where they have a suspect who looks guilty despite the fact he claims to have an alibi. They try a get-tough philosophy for their interview but sometimes "TLC" is all you need to get a confession. Greg meets with Abby and her lover Kathy. Bobby and Diane go out for a movie and later Diane wants him to "show me the ring."

star 7.62
40 votes
A Draining Experience

#51 - A Draining Experience

NYPD Blue Season 4 - Episode 22

Bobby tells the FBI that he will talk to the lieutenant from IAB, if he does what they expect he might do, then Bobby is through with his part. Or so he thinks. After his interview, he begins to help Andy and Diane with their investigation of a homicide. The victim's psychiatrist thinks the father is the one they should be looking at. They think differently. A man from a magazine that wrote a bad story on the cops in New York, needs their help when his mugged trying to help someone in trouble. Greg and James help him out. Meanwhile, IAB brings Bobby up on charges and they suspend him from active duty. Later, Martens reports that he has also been suspended. Knowing that he was suspended from duty, Joey Salvo asks Bobby to do him another favor. Bobby goes out to meet Salvo, in the midst of their discussion there is gunfire and Salvo hits the ground. Andy tells Bobby he'd better get the hell out of there.

star 7.61
36 votes
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#52 - Sacrament

Millennium Season 1 - Episode 15

Frank Black's private and professional lives clash when his sister-in-law is abducted by a convicted sex offender at her child's baptism. Although Bletcher orders him to stay out of the investigation because he is too close to the case, he cannot help but become involved. However, even his extraordinary abilities might not be enough to find his brother's wife...

star 7.58
48 votes
Day Five

#53 - Day Five

5ive Days to Midnight Season 1 - Episode 5

J.T.´s preparations seem to be useless. Carl and Brad are both hunting him; one because he is convinced, that it would destroy the universe, if J.T. survives, the other because of greed. The biggest problem is, that Roy Bremmer has abducted Claudia and Jesse, to get the documents back that Claudia stole from him. Sikorski and J.T. rush to Bremmers Bar, where it will come to a showdown. But is Bremmer really the one who is going to kill J.T. ?

star 7.55
22 votes

#54 - Misbegotten

Law & Order Season 18 - Episode 3

The explosion of a package including scientific research injures a pregnant security guard, leading to the investigation of the scientist's experiments.

star 7.54
77 votes
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Illusions of Grandeur

#55 - Illusions of Grandeur

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 15

Lois and Clark need to find out the truth about the kidnapping of rich children who are disappearing in a magic box. A magician hypnotizes Superman and Lois, who is now in risk of life.

star 7.52
52 votes
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Peeping Tommy

#56 - Peeping Tommy

NYPD Blue Season 8 - Episode 11

Sipowicz spots something going down. He saves the victim and then pursues the suspects. Seeing one of the perps holding a gun he fires on their car shooting out the rear window, but the car gets away. When he returns to his own car, the victim (now his witness to the shooting) has disappeared. Russell and Sorenson begin an investigation into this shooting, as Sipowicz is required to stay back in the house when doubts are raised as to whether he shot at the right car. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy work a robbery and rape case and are joined by McDowell; Medavoy suspects that McDowell might be from IAB, since she only seems to show up when one of them is in a jam. Speaking of IAB, Martens stops by to see Fancy about the Sipowicz story, pressure from 1PP mounts and Sipowicz is asked to see the department shrink. Haywood and Jones discuss their date and the Sipowicz case, Haywood with some doubts and Jones in Sipowicz's corner. A wallet is found that leads to the witness in the shooting

star 7.51
37 votes
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Day Two

#57 - Day Two

5ive Days to Midnight Season 1 - Episode 2

As his death date comes closer, J.T. discovers more and more people that may have motives to kill him. Roy Bremmer has finally hunted down J.T, and threatens to kill him and Jessie if he doesn't hand over Claudia. Brad has become bankrupt and is desperate for some money. The mysterious briefcase of J.T.'s will be worth a lot of money, and Brad will do whatever it takes to get his hand on the case. J.T, Jessie and Claudia try to leave the city, but they are forced back into the arms of fate.

star 7.50
18 votes
Chip Off the Old Clark

#58 - Chip Off the Old Clark

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3 - Episode 8

Now engaged, Lois and Clark get relationship problems when a woman claims to have had a child of Superman. Clark tells Lois the kid isn't his, but when Lois is interviewing the woman, the kid pick up a sofa. In who will Lois believe now?

star 7.49
37 votes
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#59 - Unchained

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 10

November 2, 1956: Sam and a fellow convict named Boone are the defiant ones when Sam has to rescue his companion from a fifteen-year sentence on a chain gang.

star 7.49
43 votes
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Ordinary People

#60 - Ordinary People

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3 - Episode 2

Perry gives Lois and Clark some time off to spend more time together, to relief to pressure about marriage. But Spencer Spencer, a ""Love expert"" with a deformed body, has a plan to put Lois and Clark in danger to bring Superman to his hands, then he will be able to get Superman's body.

star 7.48
42 votes
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Operation Blackout

#61 - Operation Blackout

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 - Episode 6

Lois and Clark discover an terrorist operation to infiltrate the military Fort Truman and hijack a satellite. Now, they are targets of a supposely dead boyfriend of one of Lois' best school friends.

star 7.38
43 votes
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#62 - Gravedancing

Caprica Season 1 - Episode 4

Daniel preps himself to go on the popular Backtalk with Baxter Sarno to put a good spin on his daughter's role in the bombing tragedy, despite protests from Amanda who is unaware that Sam is waiting for his moment to carry out his brother's requested hit.

star 7.34
359 votes
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The Unexpected Arrival

#63 - The Unexpected Arrival

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 12

Simon provides Nola with a solution to her problems. Meanwhile, Karen is faced with an impossible decision regarding Nick, and Patrick finds himself in a compromising position.

star 7.15
27 votes
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A Song for the Soul

#64 - A Song for the Soul

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 15

April 7, 1963: As a backup singer in a black, amateur girl group Sam finds between the fifteen year-old lead singer and her father as he attempts to rescue the girl from a sleazy night club owner's clutches.

star 7.10
39 votes
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Down Rio Way

#65 - Down Rio Way

My Own Worst Enemy Season 1 - Episode 7

Edward confronts Alistair Trumbull as he continues to investigate his parents' death. In order to clear up a dangerous accident, Raymond must meddle with Tom and Mary's wedding. Henry is not happy when Jack buys himself a used car.

star 6.33
6 votes
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