The BEST Episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Network: ABC (US)

A much more lavish version of the popular Superman television series which had first aired forty years earlier, Lois & Clark focused more on the Man of Steel's early adult years in Metropolis. With the unknowing help of Lois Lane, Clark Kent created Superman there in Metropolis after finding work at the world-famous Daily Planet newspaper, where he meets fellow reporter Lois Lane.

The House of Luthor

#1 - The House of Luthor

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired May 8, 1994

Clark, Perry, Jack and Jimmy begin to search for the truth about the downfall of the Daily Planet. They are sure that Lex is guilty. Lex gets some Kryptonite, captures Superman, and locks him in a cage with Kryptonite bars. The wedding is about to start, but Lois has doubts about what she really wants to do. Lois realizes that Clark is the man she loves. When the Archbishop asks if she takes Lex as her husband, she says she can't, and at that moment Perry interrupts the wedding with Inspector Henderson and they tell Lex they know he is a criminal. Lex escapes, and goes to the room where Superman is trapped, but Superman has escaped. Lois walks out of the building crying, and hugs Clark (he just escaped from the cage). Lex throws himself off the top of his building, but Clark can't save him because he is weak from Kryptonite exposure. The Daily Planet is bought a by a rich man, who promises to make it better than ever. Before Lois can tell Clark she loves him, Clark says that he was lyi

star 8.49
125 votes
Directors: Alan J. Levi
Writers: Daniel Levine, Deborah Joy LeVine
Tempus, Anyone?

#2 - Tempus, Anyone?

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 21, 1996

Tempus is back and now he kidnaps Lois and takes her to an alternate world, where there is more violence, Tempus is running to presidency against Perry, and Clark is engaged...with Lana Lang, his former girlfriend from Smallville. With the help of an older H.G. Wells, Lois tries to stop Tempus from killing Perry and go back to her world, but for this, she needs to teach the alternate Clark how to be Superman.

star 8.23
100 votes
Directors: Winrich Kolbe
Writers: John McNamara
The Family Hour

#3 - The Family Hour

Season 4 - Episode 22 - Aired Jun 14, 1997

Lois and Clark receive a special delivery : a baby cradle sent by Martha. She had decided to send it because of the conversation she had with Lois before (in Toy Story). While that, Dr. ""Fat Head"" Mensa is released from the prison, and now he has a big head and the power of realize things by his thoughts, then he kills a guard and an old ""friend"". Unfortunately, Clark arrives in the Daily Planet and tells Lois that they can't have children. After she cries, she decides to ask help for her father, and they tell him Clark's secret. Another old ""friend"" from Dr.Mensa is Misha, Sam's research assistant, but when Misha tells Mensa that he is developing a weapon which will allow him to bend everyone's will to his own, Mensa decides not to kill him. When Mensa leaves Sam and Misha's office, Misha is desperate because he lied about the weapon, and then he tries to find out what Sam is doing, but Sam doesn't tell him. The adoption counselor tells Lois and Clark that they cannot adopt a child.

star 8.18
61 votes
Directors: Robert Ginty
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
The Dad Who Came in from the Cold

#4 - The Dad Who Came in from the Cold

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 14, 1996

Jimmy's father appears in Metropolis and Jimmy introduces him to Clark, Lois and Perry. When Lois and Clark discover that he is a spy, they must tell the truth to Jimmy, but he doesn't believe them. Clark gets worried about the ""father"" subject...he doesn't know if he is going to be a good father because of his job.

star 8.13
69 votes
Directors: Alan J. Levi
Writers: David Simkins

#5 - Ghosts

Season 4 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 24, 1996

A con artist tries to scare Lois and Clark with fake hauntings in an attempt to buy their house. The ghost of a dead woman who lived on Lois and Clark's house years ago enters on Lois' body, and she wants to have Lois' life and Lois' husband.

star 8.10
61 votes
Directors: Robert Ginty
Writers: Michael Gleason
Lois and Clarks (2)

#6 - Lois and Clarks (2)

Season 4 - Episode 15 - Aired Mar 9, 1997

Lois needs to find a way to bring Clark back to this world, and she will count with the help of H.G. Wells and the Clark from the alternate world, but they need to act quickly, or the real Clark will disappear in time, forever.

star 7.94
84 votes
Directors: Chris Long
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
Big Girls Don't Fly

#7 - Big Girls Don't Fly

Season 3 - Episode 22 - Aired May 12, 1996

After being approved in Zara and Ching's tests, Superman learns that they want him to leave the Earth (and Lois) and go back with they to rule New Krypton, or the planet will be ruled by the evil Lord Nor, who has sent an assassin to kill Clark. When Clark defeats the assassin, he and Lois decide that he must go with Zara and Ching. Superman says goodbye to his parents, to Earth and to Lois, and leaves with Zara and Ching.

star 7.87
70 votes
Directors: Phil Sgriccia
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
Home Is Where the Hurt Is

#8 - Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 17, 1995

Lois and Clark's parents show up to spend Christmas with them. Mindy Church reorganizes the Intergang and creates a Kryptonian virus to make Superman die. Now and for the first time in his life Clark is sick, but this sickness can kill him, unless Sam Lane helps him with a risky recovering process.

star 7.87
100 votes
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
The Phoenix

#9 - The Phoenix

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 12, 1995

Lex is back from the dead by the hands of Dr. Gretchen Kelly, and now he wants to get Lois back and destroy Superman. Clark asks Lois out on a date, but, when she accepts, Perry sends them in a stakeout. Then, Lois and Clark call it the ""almost first date"".

star 7.84
157 votes
Writers: Paul Jackson, Tony Blake
And the Answer Is...

#10 - And the Answer Is...

Season 2 - Episode 22 - Aired May 21, 1995

Jace, a blackmailer, with Tempus' diary, finds out about Clark's identity and forces him to steal and do everything more that he wants...and one thing more (by Nigel's suggestion) kill Lois, or he kills Martha and Jonathan. Lois tells Clark the only way to save his parents is to freeze her, then she will look like a dead person, and he tells her this can be very dangerous to her life, but, even so, she tells him to freeze her. Superman gives Lois (appearly dead) to Jace and Nigel, then they lock Superman in the same place where his parents are locked in. Jace kills Nigel. After Superman finally saved his parents and himself, Lois still did not open her eyes, then, he begins to beg to her life and she finally opens it, slowly. After Clark realizes he almost lost Lois, he proposes to her.

star 7.83
102 votes
Directors: Alan J. Levi
Writers: Paul Jackson, Tony Blake
Through a Glass, Darkly

#11 - Through a Glass, Darkly

Season 3 - Episode 21 - Aired May 5, 1996

Superman is subjected to many tests of his powers by Zara and Ching, Kryptonians who need a new leader to the planet New Krypton. Lois and Clark discuss about buying a house.

star 7.79
72 votes
Directors: Chris Long
Writers: Chris Ruppenthal
Faster Than a Speeding Vixen (1)

#12 - Faster Than a Speeding Vixen (1)

Season 4 - Episode 17 - Aired Apr 12, 1997

The Daily Planet is purchased by Leslie Luckabee, a misterious young man from Australia, and at the same time, a super-powered woman named Vixen arrives in Metropolis to fight against the crime, but instead of give the criminals to the police, she kills them. In truth, Leslie Luckabee is Lex Luthor's son and with the help of the Troll/Mr. Smith, he's using Vixen to kill those who bought his father's companies.

star 7.78
55 votes
Directors: Neal Ahern
Writers: Brad Kern
Battleground Earth (2)

#13 - Battleground Earth (2)

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 29, 1996

Lord Nor accuses Clark of treason, and wants him on trial for the Kryptonian Law. Clark is sentenced guilty, and sentenced to death. Ching tells the tribunal that there is one law saying that Clark can have a duel with Nor, that saves his life. When they are dueling, Coronel Cash releases a Kryptonian gas to kill Nor and Superman, but, for Clark's luck, before the release of the gas, Nor's men appear. Then, they and Nor absorb most of the gas because they knocked out on Superman. After the defeat of Nor and his men, Zara and Ching leaves to rule New Krypton, and Clark makes a final proposal to Lois.

star 7.77
100 votes
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming

#14 - Metallo

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 1, 1995

Lucy Lane is working in Metropolis again, and now she has a new boyfriend named Johnny. He's turned into a cyborg body powered with kryptonite by the hands of two doctors. When Johnny finds out what he really is now, he tries to defeat Superman.

star 7.77
133 votes
Directors: James Bagdonas
Writers: Paul Jackson, Tony Blake
Oedipus Wrecks

#15 - Oedipus Wrecks

Season 3 - Episode 19 - Aired Mar 24, 1996

Lois is still in love with Deter, and even with her return to the Daily Planet, he doesn't tell her nothing about her relationship with Clark. Bad Brain Johnson's brother Herkimer has created a machine that makes people act very strangely, just to impress his mother. Clark can't hold himself and tells Lois that he loves her. Deter makes Lois believe that she must go with him to the south of France, and when Perry is ready to kick his ass, the Herkimer machine begins to work and Lois remembers her relationship with Superman only. When Deter and Lois try to stop Herkimer with the machine, they suffer effects from the machine, and in this confusion Lois finally remembers all her life, including her love for Clark.

star 7.75
96 votes
Writers: David Simkins

#16 - Seconds

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired Feb 25, 1996

Lois, still suffering from amnesia after striking her head while escaping from Lex, thinks that she's Wanda Detroit, a fictional character from a novel she was writing. At the end of the last episode she dumped Clark for Lex and left with him. Clark and the clone now become friends, while Lex plots to make sure Lois stays with him for good. Will Lois ever recover her memory of who she really is?

star 7.75
67 votes
Directors: Alan J. Levi
Writers: Corey Miller
Tempus Fugitive

#17 - Tempus Fugitive

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Mar 26, 1995

Lois and Clark need to travel to 1966 with the help of H.G. Wells and his time machine to prevent a villain from the future who wants to destroy the baby Superman. The villain tells Lois about Clark's most important secret...his secret identity!

star 7.74
139 votes
Directors: James Bagdonas
Writers: Jack Weinstein, Lee Hutson

#18 - Foundling

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired Feb 20, 1994

The globe from Clark's spaceship begins to give him some information regarding his past, but the globe is stolen for two kids before he can learn much. Lex Luthor buys the globe from Jack and begins to learn something about Superman, but not too much.

star 7.74
190 votes
Directors: Bill D'Elia
Writers: Daniel Levine
Brutal Youth

#19 - Brutal Youth

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 20, 1996

A scientist discovers a way to steal the youth of young people and transfer it to old people, and one of their victims is Jimmy, who becomes an old man. Lois and Clark must find a way to revert the process and give Jimmy his youth back, but then Lois finds out that Superman's lifetime is longer than hers. After resolve the youth problem, Lois and Clark buy a new house.

star 7.71
95 votes
Directors: David Grossman
Writers: Tim Minear
Whine, Whine, Whine

#20 - Whine, Whine, Whine

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Aired May 14, 1995

Superman saves the life of a musician, but instead of ""thank you"", the musician wants to sue him because he ""broke"" his arm. Then, many people of Metropolis begins to fake injures caused by Superman. After finally give up of her love for Superman, Lois needs to choose who's the one she is going to be together with : Clark Kent or Dan Scardino.

star 7.70
132 votes
Writers: John McNamara, Kathy McCormick
Lord of the Flys (1)

#21 - Lord of the Flys (1)

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 22, 1996

Clark is gone to New Krypton, but the evil Lord Nor comes to earth to take over the planet. First of all, he takes over Smallville, and his next target is Metropolis. Now, Clark must go back to Earth to stop him, but before that, he wants to see Lois. Lord Nor discovers about Clark being on earth and captures his parents.

star 7.69
98 votes
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
Soul Mates

#22 - Soul Mates

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 13, 1996

In their wedding night, Lois and Clark are interrupted by H.G. Wells, who says that before consumate their marriage, they must go back in time to destroy a curse, otherwise Lois will die from a disease.

star 7.69
93 votes
Writers: Brad Kern
We Have a Lot to Talk About

#23 - We Have a Lot to Talk About

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 17, 1995

Lois tells Clark she already realized that he is Superman. In a moment after the surprise, Lois and Clark have an arguement. She is mad at Clark because he didn't tell her his identity secret, and he gets mad at her because she's not sure yet about marriage and declined his proposal. Bill Church, now married with his nurse Mindy, wants to be a ""good guy"" and creates a security team to fight against the crime in Metropolis, but his wife and his son think he lost his mind. Martha tells Lois and Jonathan tells Clark the problems that they had before their marriage. Bill Jr. and Mindy succeed on their plan to put Bill Church on jail, (yeah, his own father..) but, in the time the police arrests Bill, they arrest Bill Jr. too. Mindy Church is now the head of the Intergang. Lois and Clark decide to wait more time until get married.

star 7.68
146 votes
Writers: John McNamara
Pilot (1)

#24 - Pilot (1)

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 12, 1993

Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis and tries to get a job at the Daily Planet. The editor-in-chief, Perry White, is not impressed with his work from the Borneo Gazette, and therefore does not hire him. In his own time, Clark writes a story about an old theatre that is closing and Perry is blown away. He hires him on the spot. He is teamed up with with world-class journalist and egotist, Lois Lane to investigate a possible sabotage of the space program's Space Station Prometheus project.

star 7.67
350 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Deborah Joy LeVine
Double Jeopardy

#25 - Double Jeopardy

Season 3 - Episode 16 - Aired Feb 18, 1996

At the end of the last episode Clark waits for Lois in bed on their wedding night while we learn that Lois Lane was replaced by a clone made using the frog enzyme. Meanwhile the real Lois is a prisoner of Lex Luthor. Will Clark catch on? What nefarious plan does Lex have up his sleeve? Will Lois escape and reunite with Clark?

star 7.66
58 votes
Directors: Chris Long
Writers: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming