The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Butler


#1 - Elegy

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 8

1929.* Notorious gangster boss Charlie Radick is dying of leukemia; there'll be no mourning for him, the other overlords will be vying for his throne. All Radick wants to do is see his long-lost daughter before he dies. Ness visits Radick; Ness is afraid a gang war might break out, as rival gangs scramble to take over. Ness says, ""Turn over your books to me; names of the people in your organization, distribution points, contacts in City Hall."" Radick says while he was in prison, he left his daughter with a couple; 3 years ago she ran away. Radick tells Ness, ""Find Margaret, and I'll give you everything you ask for."" Ness never makes deals with hoods; but this time the gangster isn't asking for a break, or to plea bargain: he only wants Ness to find his daughter. Ness doesn't promise him anything, but he starts the search. Eliot Ness is getting help from Lt. Agatha Stewart and Frank-- they do some legwork, and find out Margaret Radick is now going by the name Margaret Wilson. T

star 10.00
1 votes
World's End

#2 - World's End

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 2

Kimble answers a classified ad from a certain Ellie Burnett, the daughter of his former defense attorney. They arrange to meet in Kansas City to discuss the information she received about a one-armed man from a private detective hired by her father. But Gerard sees the ad and knows who wrote it because he and Ellie's father were close friends and that Ellie may be in love with Kimble. While Gerard has Ellie investigated, she and Kimble find out that the one-armed man was killed in a fire only a week before. Kimble is devastated, but vows to confirm it. A little later, Ellie's private detective informs her that the one-armed man whom died in a fire was actually in prison at the time of Helen Kimble's murder. But Ellie withholds this news from Kimble and convinces him that they should leave the country, realizing that this may be her only chance at a life with him.

star 9.53
32 votes
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All the Scared Rabbits

#3 - All the Scared Rabbits

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 7

Kimble responds to a newspaper ad for a driver and is hired to drive a certain Peggy Franklin and her 10-year-old daughter, Nancy, to California. But Kimble doesn't realize that Peggy has abducted Nancy from her ex-husband, a pathologist named Dean Franklin. Nancy innocently removes a rabbit from Dean's research lab, unaware that the rabbit has meningitis. When Nancy contracts the sickness, Kimble risks keeping his secret safe to save Nancy before she dies.

star 9.00
4 votes
Corner of Hell

#4 - Corner of Hell

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 21

On the run from Gerard, Kimble stumbles onto private property belonging to a family of moonshiners. When Gerard gives chase on foot, he too is caught by the backwoods family, and is accused of attacking one of the girls in the family. Kimble has to decide whether or not to keep the family from killing Gerard.

star 8.84
32 votes
Man in a Chariot

#5 - Man in a Chariot

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 1

Kimble happens to watch a TV debate in which a once-renowned attorney, named G. Stanley Lazer, claims that he could reverse Kimble's criminal conviction if the case went back to trial. Lazer once a respected lawyer, had his license revoked after getting into a car accident years before while driving drunk in which his wife was killed. Lazer now spends his days teaching law at a small college in Harrisburg. Kimble travels to Pennsylvania and meets with Lazer and his assistant, Nancy Gilman, to enlist their help. To prove his theory, Lazer decides to conduct a mock trial with his students playing the prosecutor, defense lawyer, and jury in front of a live TV audience. But while the mock trial continues, Kimble becomes aware that Lazer is really putting himself on trial for his past misdeeds.

star 8.81
31 votes
Hill Street Station (Pilot)

#6 - Hill Street Station (Pilot)

Hill Street Blues Season 1 - Episode 1

Precinct Captain Furillo tries to defuse a hostage situation despite the advice of his gung-ho Emergency Action Team leader and the temperament of a self-absorbed gang leader; public defender Joyce Davenport tries to find a client who has been lost in the bureaucratic maze; Detective LaRue gets a lapful of coffee; Sgt. Esterhaus confides to Fay about his teenage sweetheart; Officers Hill and Renko are shot in the line of duty.

star 8.32
152 votes
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The Mind of Stefan Miklos

#7 - The Mind of Stefan Miklos

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 13

Walter Townsend is discovered to be a double-agent: the U.S. government has leaked false information to him to give to the enemy which will cause them embarassment if believed. However, Townsend's contact Simpson has discovered the information is false and reported to his superiors Townsend is a defector. Simpson's superiors know of his jealousy toward Townsend and send their best intelligence officer, Stefan Miklos, to discover the truth of the matter. The IMF must make Miklos believe the information is true and Simpson the liar. Rollin-as-Miklos gets Simpson out and then takes Simpson's place. The IMF sets a series of clues to make Miklos belief that Townsend truly is a traitor and preparing to defect, including tickets and a passport. However, Miklos spots a planted "clue" that convinces him the IMF are doing exactly what they are doing: framing Townsend! He identifies them and then receives the information from Rollin-as-Simpson and Jim when he's spotted Jim as one of the IMF opera

star 8.08
54 votes
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License to Steele

#8 - License to Steele

Remington Steele Season 1 - Episode 1

Private eye Laura Holt sees her fictional boss Remington Steele suddenly come to life as she is trying to protect a $2 million jewel shipment from assorted thieves.

star 8.04
190 votes
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Day of the Scorpion

#9 - Day of the Scorpion

The Virginian Season 4 - Episode 2

An Australian, Adam Tercell (John Anderson), has bought a local ranch and plans to graze sheep on open range, a strategy which would destroy it as grazing land for cattle, so the locals want to negotiate an area set aside for sheep. However, Tercell's bullying son, Abel (Jon Locke), refuses and even stockwhips a local rancher (Edward Faulkner) which brings him into conflict with the Virginian. Abel tries to bullwhip the Virginian and falls and is accidentally killed when he hits his head on a rock. Adam Tercell arrives in Medicine Bow and tries to get the Virginian charged with murder but is unsuccessful and things become complicated when Tercell's daughter Reagen (Maura McGivney) begins to fall in love with the Virginian. Events continue to escalate and eventually lead to a fateful confrontation between Adam Tercell, his estranged daughter, and the local ranchers.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Princess

#10 - The Princess

The Rifleman Season 4 - Episode 15

The Queen-to-be of France hides out in Northfork.

star 8.00
6 votes
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Hearts of Steele

#11 - Hearts of Steele

Remington Steele Season 1 - Episode 14

Steele and Laura pose as a battling couple while they investigate murder attempts against an aggressive divorce lawyer.

star 7.91
45 votes
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The Encounter

#12 - The Encounter

The Twilight Zone Season 5 - Episode 31

A World War II veteran and a Japanese-American gardener battle each other over a war that ended more than 20 years ago.

star 7.91
149 votes
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Can World War III be an Attitude?

#13 - Can World War III be an Attitude?

Hill Street Blues Season 1 - Episode 4

Furillo backs LaRue in the bribery case brought by Macafee; Hill and Renko bust a car thief who's a mechanical whiz; and Esterhaus sees Grace in a new light when they share a crisis at the station house when the Presidential visit is cancelled and gang revenge is feared.

star 7.84
77 votes
Broken Ballad

#14 - Broken Ballad

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 6

Adam tries to help a reformed gunman who wants only to live peacefully near Virginia City. Good story without a tidy ending. Pernell's first chance to sing on the series.

star 7.78
23 votes
The Second Oldest Profession

#15 - The Second Oldest Profession

Hill Street Blues Season 2 - Episode 4

Bates loses a junkie prostitute through an error in judgement; Hudson beats up his lawyer after his release on bail; Furillo and Joyce reconsider their separation; and Esterhaus ends his friendship with Mac.

star 7.78
32 votes
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The Enemy

#16 - The Enemy

The Invaders Season 2 - Episode 5

Despite Vincent's warnings, a nurse tries to help an injured alien survivor of a saucer crash.

star 7.78
9 votes
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The Informer

#17 - The Informer

Hogan's Heroes Season 1 - Episode 1

At Stalag 13, a German prisoner-of-war camp, Colonel Robert Hogan and his fellow cohorts are a subversive group with many hidden talents. However, a spy has been planted amongst the men by the Germans. And when he learns of the gang's subversive operations, "Hogan's Heroes" must act fast to discredit him.

star 7.77
738 votes
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Steele Belted

#18 - Steele Belted

Remington Steele Season 1 - Episode 6

A loser asks the agency to help him, but his alibi witness is found dead in Steele's apartment and his lawyer seems more interested in Laura than in the case.

star 7.76
139 votes
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Hi Diddle Riddle

#19 - Hi Diddle Riddle

Batman Season 1 - Episode 1

The Riddler leaves a clue at a Moldavian reception at the Gotham City World’s Fair. Batman and Robin are summoned and are on the villain’s trail. But he tricks them; the heroes think he’s committing a robbery with a handgun. In reality, the gun is a cigarette lighter (the answer to one of the Riddler’s riddles). Now, the villain is suing Batman, where he will be forced to reveal his true identity in court. The heroes, still convinced the Riddler is planning a major crime, travel to a discotheque. There, Batman is drugged by Molly, one of the Riddler’s confederates, while Robin is kidnapped. Robin appears to be in great danger as the episode ends.

star 7.72
779 votes
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Tempered Steele

#20 - Tempered Steele

Remington Steele Season 1 - Episode 2

Laura tackles a case of industrial espionage in a family-owned business while Steele enlists an old pal to help him install a burglar alarm.

star 7.69
164 votes
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Double Shock

#21 - Double Shock

Columbo Season 2 - Episode 8

A wealthy man is murdered; his twin nephews stand to inherit, but which one committed the crime?

star 7.69
355 votes
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Stroke of Genius

#22 - Stroke of Genius

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 20

Gary Keller, a promising art student, tests his new rifle by firing a random shot which instantly kills his mentor, the town minister, who happens to be driving on a road right in the line of fire. Kimble happens to be in the car after the minister gives a ride to the hitchhiking fugitive. The car crashes and Kimble hobbles away to attend to his injuries. A guilt ridden Gary wants to confess, but his father, Steve, refuses to let him do so and destroy his promising career. The police arrive on the scene and after spotting Kimble, they think he is the killer and notify Geard whom arrives in town to track him down. Meanwhile, Steve decides to take matters into his own hands by finding Kimble and hiding him so he does not implicate his son.

star 7.67
3 votes
Pilot (1)

#23 - Pilot (1)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 1

Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis and tries to get a job at the Daily Planet. The editor-in-chief, Perry White, is not impressed with his work from the Borneo Gazette, and therefore does not hire him. In his own time, Clark writes a story about an old theatre that is closing and Perry is blown away. He hires him on the spot. He is teamed up with with world-class journalist and egotist, Lois Lane to investigate a possible sabotage of the space program's Space Station Prometheus project.

star 7.67
343 votes
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The Ancient Warrior

#24 - The Ancient Warrior

Kung Fu Season 1 - Episode 15

Ancient Warrior, an aged Indian accompanied by Caine, seeks burial in his sacred, ancestral land. But the burial site is located dead center in a violent, Indian-hating town called Purgatory.

star 7.64
87 votes
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The Trial

#25 - The Trial

The Invaders Season 2 - Episode 6

A man seek's Vincent's aid after he is arrested and put on trial for murder after the incineration death of an alien.

star 7.60
10 votes
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Hold That Tiger

#26 - Hold That Tiger

Hogan's Heroes Season 1 - Episode 2

When Colonel Klink boasts that the Nazis' new Tiger Tank will lead the Germans the victory, Colonel Hogan devises a plan to get his hands on one of the vehicles, have it disassembled, send its blueprints to the Allies, and reassemble it --- right under Klink's nose.

star 7.58
596 votes
The Menagerie (1)

#27 - The Menagerie (1)

Star Trek Season 1 - Episode 11

Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line.

star 7.58
976 votes
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Signed, Steeled, & Delivered

#28 - Signed, Steeled, & Delivered

Remington Steele Season 1 - Episode 4

Laura and Steele spend the weekend trying to keep a CIA researcher alive and on time for his wedding.

star 7.58
86 votes
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Double Jeopardy

#29 - Double Jeopardy

Hill Street Blues Season 1 - Episode 5

Neal continues to investigate Macafee's life as a way of clearing LaRue; Belker and several others go undercover dressed as women to catch a rapist; Esterhaus broods over his two women; and Goldblume questions his ability after losing a jumper.

star 7.57
47 votes
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#30 - Chains

Kung Fu Season 1 - Episode 9

Caine is imprisoned at an army outpost, and escapes... chained to his hulking, mountain-man cellmate, and are persued by a relentless sergent. Who is determined to collect the reward offered for Caine's capture.

star 7.57
114 votes
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#31 - Pilot

Moonlighting Season 1 - Episode 1

After an embezzling accountant leaves her penniless, ex-model Maddie Hayes decides to sell the few failing businesses she still owns, among them a detective agency. But private eye David Addison wants to keeps his job, so he persuades a reluctant Maddie to form a partnership. Their first case gives them little to go on: Maddie gets a broken watch from a dying man.

star 7.57
421 votes
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The Menagerie (2)

#32 - The Menagerie (2)

Star Trek Season 1 - Episode 12

Spock's court-martial continues as he attempts to justify his abduction of Pike, the theft of the Enterprise, and his heading for a planet declared forbidden by Starfleet.

star 7.54
1080 votes
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Presidential Fever

#33 - Presidential Fever

Hill Street Blues Season 1 - Episode 2

Hill and Renko meet again for the first time since their shooting; Esterhaus tries to avoid Grace Gardner, the new police decorator; two transfer officers get themselves into trouble; Belker pursues rapists in the park; and Furillo must deal with Fay's demands for more money and an impending Presidential visit.

star 7.54
98 votes
The Dust Bowl Cousins

#34 - The Dust Bowl Cousins

The Waltons Season 1 - Episode 12

The Walton's distant cousins arrive on the mountain and immediately upset everyone's life by their shiftless dishonest ways.

star 7.53
36 votes
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Politics as Usual

#35 - Politics as Usual

Hill Street Blues Season 1 - Episode 3

Hill and Renko decide to split up as a team; LaRue is offered a bribe by a drug dealer who turns out to be a cop; Furillo tries to negotiate with the gangs to ensure a peaceful Presidential tour; Belker agrees to a blind date; and Fay is arrested in a hot tub.

star 7.48
82 votes
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Publish or Perish

#36 - Publish or Perish

Columbo Season 3 - Episode 5

A publisher hires a Vietnam vet to kill his star author and thus give himself an alibi before the writer can defect to another publisher.

star 7.46
412 votes
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The Late Inspector General

#37 - The Late Inspector General

Hogan's Heroes Season 1 - Episode 4

To prevent Colonel Klink from being transferred to the Russian front, Hogan and his men attempt to convince a visiting Inspector General that the Colonel is a cold, heartless disciplinarian. But their plan backfires when, as a result, Klink is promoted to a post in Berlin!

star 7.43
507 votes
Sun and Cloud Shadow

#38 - Sun and Cloud Shadow

Kung Fu Season 1 - Episode 8

Caine brokers a settlement between a landowner and Chinese miners, but the landowner adds an unacceptable condition to the deal. Meanwhile, a karate master intends to capture Caine.

star 7.41
106 votes
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Smack in the Middle

#39 - Smack in the Middle

Batman Season 1 - Episode 2

The Riddler fashions a mold of the face of the unconscious Robin. He contacts Batman with two more riddles. The Riddler tells Batman if he can solve the riddles, he’ll know where Robin is. At the same time, Molly dons a Robin costume and a mask. Her task is to trick Batman into taking her to the Batcave. She succeeds but Batman had seen her disguise (but not for the reason most male viewers would guess). Trying to flee Batman, she panics and falls into the Batcave’s atomic reactor. Batman rescues the real Robin but the Riddler escapes once more. Batman must solve additional riddles to find the villain’s target – the Moldavian pavilion at the world’s fair where an ancient mammoth – with jewels on the outside and priceless postage stamps inside – is on display.

star 7.38
557 votes
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Pilot (2)

#40 - Pilot (2)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 2

Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis and in his second try, he gets the job of reporter in the Daily Planet, one of the greatest newspapers in the world. In the work, he meets Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant and Lois Lane, a reporter with a strong genius, who doesn't like to work with partners. Perry send Lois and Clark to investigate alleged sabotage of the space program's Space Station Prometheus project. Lois and Clark also meet Lex Luthor, one of the world's richest and dangerous man. Lex is very impressed with Lois' beauty, but Clark feels that Lex is a person that they can't trust.

star 7.35
109 votes
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Kommandant of the Year

#41 - Kommandant of the Year

Hogan's Heroes Season 1 - Episode 3

A Secret rocket bomb developed by the Germans is being hidden at Stalag 13. When an Allied scientist is sent to photograph and sabotage the weapon, Hogan and his men plan a distraction ---- in the form of a bogus "Kommandant of the Year" ceremony for the clueless Colonel Klink.

star 7.32
525 votes
Happy Birthday, Adolf

#42 - Happy Birthday, Adolf

Hogan's Heroes Season 1 - Episode 17

The British plan to bomb a strategic German beach on Hitler's birthday, unaware that a major gun emplacement is at the site and the Allied planes will be sitting ducks. Hogan and his crew must figure out how to silence the guns in order for the air raid to be a success.

star 7.31
246 votes
Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced

#43 - Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced

The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 1 - Episode 5

Rob and Laura Recall how they met.

star 7.30
78 votes
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#44 - Panic

The Invaders Season 1 - Episode 14

The invaders and Vincent race to capture a wounded alien whose touch brings on freezing death.

star 7.30
10 votes
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Caesar and Me

#45 - Caesar and Me

The Twilight Zone Season 5 - Episode 28

A ventriloquist's dummy goads him into committing burglaries.

star 7.27
83 votes
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The Man of Steel Bars

#46 - The Man of Steel Bars

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 10

Metropolis is hit with a strong heat wave in the middle of winter, and people believe that Superman is the cause. Lex Luthor is ultimately behind the heat and wants to see Superman gone. Clark decides to leave Metropolis, but Lois finds out that the Luthor nuclear plant is to blame.

star 7.26
177 votes
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The Stone

#47 - The Stone

Kung Fu Season 1 - Episode 13

Caine encounters Isaac Montola, a freed slave from Brazil skilled in a fighting style he has never seen. When Caine intervenes in a fight to save Isaac's life, a precious stone is lost, setting off a chain of events involving a widow and her children, and the piano-playing groom-to-be,

star 7.25
104 votes
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The Penguin's a Jinx

#48 - The Penguin's a Jinx

Batman Season 1 - Episode 4

Bruce Wayne escapes the Penguin’s deathtrap and returns to the Batcave. What he doesn’t know is that one of the Penguin’s clues, an umbrella, has a listening device. As a result, the Penguin listens in as the Dynamic Duo debate what the clues mean and what caper the Penguin may attempt to pull. As a result, the Penguin kidnaps movie star Dawn Robbins.

star 7.14
287 votes
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Fine Feathered Finks

#49 - Fine Feathered Finks

Batman Season 1 - Episode 3

The Penguin plots to manipulate Batman into inadvertently devising capers for him.

star 7.11
358 votes
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Rats Like Cheese

#50 - Rats Like Cheese

Batman Season 1 - Episode 8

Vince, a temperamental physician at a Gotham City hospital (a takeoff on Ben Casey), saves Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo resume their pursuit of Mr. Freeze. Eventually, Batman substitutes himself for Paul Diamonte, a baseball player, Mr. Freeze has kidnapped. Robin, disobeying Batman’s orders to stay away, is also captured by the villain. Now, in his headquarters, Mr. Freeze is using his climate controls so that only Batman or Robin will have access to life-giving warmth.

star 6.98
228 votes
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Instant Freeze

#51 - Instant Freeze

Batman Season 1 - Episode 7

Mr. Freeze, thought to have perished, has returned and is seeking revenge on Batman. The villain is committing crimes involving diamonds, or “ice,” in one form or another. He freezes Batman and Robin, who look like goners.

star 6.87
264 votes
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Last Second of a Big Dream

#52 - Last Second of a Big Dream

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 30

Barry Craft figures he'll get some publicity by arranging to have Kimble captured at his wild-animal show.

star 6.00
2 votes
The Cooker in the Sky

#53 - The Cooker in the Sky

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 2

Joe Lassiter is the greatest inside man in the bootlegging racket. He and his sidekick, Nick Karabinos, have just arrived in Chicago by train; Lassiter traveled 1,000 miles because of a 250 grand deal: build a Ness-proof brewery. At the closed Bell Club (which Ness took apart last week), Lassiter meets with bootleg czar Louis Tully and his associates. 7 breweries have been wrecked by Ness and the Untouchables. Ness can always smell a brewery a mile away, because of the fumes they give off. So Joe Lassiter decides to build a brewery on the 6th story of a building-- the Cooker in the Sky; Lassiter leases the 6th story of an abandoned warehouse building. But Harry Gordon, who had been Tully's inside man, is worried for his job-- and his life. He tips Eliot Ness off to Lassiter's brewery. That night, Ness and Lee Hobson secretly check out the place; the brewery would be the largest ever constructed, when completed it'll be able to make 10,000 gallons of booze a day. Ness makes a ri

star 6.00
1 votes
The Eddie O'Gara Story

#54 - The Eddie O'Gara Story

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 7

Chicago. Right after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. (February 14, 1929.) Ness and his men are scouring Chicago, looking for Bugs Moran.  Ness says there used to be 2 gangs in town, now there's just one.  Ness figures if they get to Moran first, maybe he'll talk-- he might just be mad enough to give them the information they need. Someone else looking for Moran is Eddie O'Gara, a small-time hood who has been on the run for the past 3 years; he's decided to come home. Eddie's brother Vince, a trolley driver, isn't happy to see him; but Eddie's mom welcomes him back with open arms. Eddie finds Moran at his old hideout: a big storage room in the lakefront Midway.  But Moran is ready to blast him; O'Gara was a punk until Moran made him a highly-paid gangster, and 3 years ago Eddie double-crossed him.  Eddie fast-talks his way out of it.  Moran has lots of money, but no gang; Eddie can get him a new gang, but he'll need lots of money.  So they decide to work together-- but Moran warns

star 6.00
1 votes

#55 - Percentage

Hawaii Five-O Season 5 - Episode 21

A travel agent who operates gambling trips is killed in order to send a warning to others that the syndicates will not tolerate competition.

star 5.00
1 votes
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Line of Fire

#56 - Line of Fire

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 29

Chicago, January 1933. Danceland has a big sign, ""30 girls, open until 2 a.m."" Inside, customers mingle with the dime-a-dance girls. Hoofer Ellie Haskell says goodnight to the owner, Marty Pulaski; outside, she is immediately shot by a sniper on the roof of a building across the street-- the sniper is Herbie Pulaski, Marty's mentally disturbed brother. Lt. Roy Gunther is on the case, he questions Marty, who has 20% of the dancing racket. However, Marty is sure his main competitor, Vince Bogan who owns 80% of the dance racket, is responsible for the killing; Marty phones Bogan and threatens to rub him out. Back at Ness' office, Lt. Roy Gunther discusses the case with Eliot. Ness has to go to New York to testify before a grand jury, he'll be gone a week-- he puts Lee Hobson in charge. Marty has his brother Herbie drive him over to Bogan's place; inside, Marty shoots Bogan. Outside, when Herbie hears the shots, he reaches for his rifle in the trunk of the car-- and has a flashback

star 5.00
1 votes
The Floyd Gibbons Story

#57 - The Floyd Gibbons Story

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 11

Chicago, October 1932. Within minutes of the time the Globe's top reporter Carlton Edmunds was shot, Eliot Ness and his men are on the scene. Ostensibly it appears a stray bullet in a gunfight hit Edmunds; he was just a passerby in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Lee Hobson picks up 4-5 pieces of cotton batting-- the gunmen were firing blanks: except for the one bullet that hit Edmunds, who was 30 feet away. The ""gunfight"" was staged to fool the sole witness to the shooting: newsman Barney Rusch. Ness tells Barney that earlier, Edmunds had said he was working on a story about scrap metal-- a story that would tear this town wide open. Just then, a cross-country flight, from East coast to West, has a stopover in Chicago; reporter Floyd Gibbons gets out at the terminal to make some phone calls. Globe-trotting reporter Floyd Gibbons is a fast-talking, straight-shooting whirlwind of activity; not even losing his left eye in World War I slowed him down-- for more than the past do

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Search for a Dead Man

#58 - Search for a Dead Man

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 13

June 1929.* A body is dumped into Lake Michigan; when it's fished out 3-4 weeks later, on July 10, the Bureau of Missing Persons has a John Doe on its hands. And so, Lt. Agatha Stewart and her sidekick Frank Benson are on the case. At the City Morgue, all the coroner can tell about the decomposed body is the approximate age, 50, and that the deceased might have had a bad heart. Outside, Lt. Stewart runs into Eliot Ness, who came down to do an I.D. on a Joe Fuselli. (not the Joe Fuselli from ""The Scarface Mob."") The morgue will keep the body for 10 days. July 20, in Potter's Field, the John Doe is buried in the rain; there are no mourners, only Lt. Stewart and reporter Walter Rimer attend. But then a clue-- a huge wreath is delivered by O'Banion florists; the delivery man doesn't know who ordered it, so Lt. Stewart goes to the flower shop. It had been owned by the notorious gangster Dion O'Banion (1892-1924), until he was rubbed out 5 years ago by Johnny Torrio. Now, the shop is

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Jake Dance

#59 - Jake Dance

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 16

Late Summer 1930. It started in Wichita, Kansas: a staggering gait called the Jake Dance. (we see a man staggering along using a cane in each hand.) There are many different kinds of alcohol, but the only kind that is safe to drink is ethyl alcohol; many people had been drinking Ginger Jake, which is contaminated with methyl alcohol, also called ""wood alcky."" And people who drank a lot of it often suffered permanent loss of muscle coordination, and developed a staggering gait called the Jake Dance. Many died. In Wichita, 1% of the adult population was stricken. So the U.S. Health Department calls for its top guns: Associate Surgeon General Dr. Victor Garr (about age 50, with a lot of experience and a deep care for patients), and his assistant, Dr. Daniel Gifford (about age 30, inexperienced and has a habit of always doing things by the book). Right now, they are swamped with hundreds of patients in the hospital. Dr. Garr sees his sidekick going over some notes. Dr. Garr snaps

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