The BEST Episodes of Batman

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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Network: ABC (US)

Wealthy entrepreneur Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson lead a double life: they are actually crime fighting duo Batman and Robin. A secret Batpole in the Wayne mansion leads to the Batcave, where Police Commissioner Gordon often calls with the latest emergency threatening Gotham City. Racing the the scene of the crime in the Batmobile, Batman and Robin must (with the help of their trusty Bat-utility-belt) thwart the efforts of a variety of master criminals, including The Riddler, The Joker, Catwoman, and The Penguin.

Hi Diddle Riddle

#1 - Hi Diddle Riddle

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 12, 1966

The Riddler leaves a clue at a Moldavian reception at the Gotham City World’s Fair. Batman and Robin are summoned and are on the villain’s trail. But he tricks them; the heroes think he’s committing a robbery with a handgun. In reality, the gun is a cigarette lighter (the answer to one of the Riddler’s riddles). Now, the villain is suing Batman, where he will be forced to reveal his true identity in court. The heroes, still convinced the Riddler is planning a major crime, travel to a discotheque. There, Batman is drugged by Molly, one of the Riddler’s confederates, while Robin is kidnapped. Robin appears to be in great danger as the episode ends.

star 7.72
789 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Hot Off the Griddle

#2 - Hot Off the Griddle

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 14, 1966

Catwoman makes her return known with a string of robberies. Hoping to lure her into a trap, Batman plants a news blurb giving the whereabouts of a rare canary, but Catwoman is tipped off and arrives prepared. Batman and Robin follow a lead to Catwoman’s hideout, the Pink Sandbox, but soon discover that this villain has been waiting for them.

star 7.51
172 votes
Directors: Don Weis
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
Tut's Case is Shut

#3 - Tut's Case is Shut

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Sep 29, 1966

Using resurrected scarab beetles, King Tut concocts an ancient mind control potion, abu raubu simbu tu. Chief O’Hara is the first under his spell, followed shortly by Commissioner Gordon, and when Batman himself is tricked into taking the drug, Tut’s plan to control all of Gotham City by tainting the water supply seems close to succeeding.

star 7.49
71 votes
Directors: Larry Peerce
Writers: Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis
Flop Goes the Joker

#4 - Flop Goes the Joker

Season 2 - Episode 58 - Aired Mar 23, 1967

The Joker persuades wealthy heiress Baby Jane Towser to join him in his artistic capers. Aided by his new accomplice, the Joker easily clears out a wing of the Gotham City Museum to make room for his latest “masterpiece” – pieces of a broken table. But the laughing criminal has plans for the priceless collection of paintings that once filled the room.

star 7.43
53 votes
Directors: George Waggner
Writers: Stanford Sherman
Smack in the Middle

#5 - Smack in the Middle

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 13, 1966

The Riddler fashions a mold of the face of the unconscious Robin. He contacts Batman with two more riddles. The Riddler tells Batman if he can solve the riddles, he’ll know where Robin is. At the same time, Molly dons a Robin costume and a mask. Her task is to trick Batman into taking her to the Batcave. She succeeds but Batman had seen her disguise (but not for the reason most male viewers would guess). Trying to flee Batman, she panics and falls into the Batcave’s atomic reactor. Batman rescues the real Robin but the Riddler escapes once more. Batman must solve additional riddles to find the villain’s target – the Moldavian pavilion at the world’s fair where an ancient mammoth – with jewels on the outside and priceless postage stamps inside – is on display.

star 7.38
567 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Green Ice

#6 - Green Ice

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Nov 9, 1966

Mr. Freeze is in town, and has begun a new cold wave of terror. He launches “Operation Hate Batman,” framing the Caped Crusader as taking a bribe and dressing his own henchmen as Batman and Robin. As the negative press mounts, Mr. Freeze works on his plan to turn the Dynamic Duo into human Frosty Freezies.

star 7.34
130 votes
Directors: George Waggner
Writers: Max Hodge
A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away

#7 - A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Feb 16, 1966

King Boris, who hails from a European country, comes to Gotham City for a visit. Upon his arrival, there is a disturbance, which includes a clue from the Riddler. Batman and Robin investigate and get on the Riddler’s trail. They are trapped by the criminal, who ties them to large wheels that will spin with ever-increasing speed until they are dead.

star 7.28
200 votes
Directors: Tom Gries
Writers: Fred De Gorter
The Joker is Wild

#8 - The Joker is Wild

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Jan 26, 1966

The Joker escapes from prison and begins another crime wave on Gotham City. After being foiled by Batman and Robin, thanks to Batman’s utility belt, the Joker decides to make his own utility belt. The Joker eventually traps Batman and Robin and, on live television, he intends to unmask them.

star 7.17
308 votes
Directors: Don Weis
Writers: Robert Dozier
Batman is Riled

#9 - Batman is Riled

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Jan 27, 1966

Batman avoids a public unmasking but is unable to bring in the Joker, thanks to the villain’s utility belt. Eventually, Batman and Robin are captured by the Joker’s gang. But the Joker doesn’t know a showdown with the Dynamic Duo awaits.

star 7.14
245 votes
Directors: Don Weis
Writers: Robert Dozier
Fine Feathered Finks

#10 - Fine Feathered Finks

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 19, 1966

The Penguin plots to manipulate Batman into inadvertently devising capers for him.

star 7.10
368 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Scat! Darn Catwoman

#11 - Scat! Darn Catwoman

Season 2 - Episode 41 - Aired Jan 25, 1967

Batman agrees to let the Catwoman drug him. But he appears to have a headache and the Catwoman permits him to take an aspirin. After the drug is administered, Batman appears to assist Catwoman on her crime wave. However, the police receive anonymous telephone calls that enable them to pick up members of Catwoman’s gang, including the drugged Robin. Meanwhile, the Gotham City police try to trace the hot line to the Batcave. Batman is there with Catwoman. He uses a device that foils the trace. Eventually, Batman reveals he hadn’t taken an aspirin but his universal drug antidote that prevented the drug from working. Catwoman tries to flee on top of a warehouse near the Gotham River. Batman is in pursuit and corners her. But, unwilling to go straight, she falls into the river. Has she lost her life, or just one of her nine lives?

star 7.10
92 votes
Directors: Oscar Rudolph
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
The Spell of Tut

#12 - The Spell of Tut

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Sep 28, 1966

King Tut has relapsed into his kingly ways, this time showing a marked interest in scarab beetles and apothecary potions. Robin infiltrates their hideout to discover their true intentions, relaying what he hears to Batman, but their plan is put in jeopardy when Robin’s presence is detected.

star 7.10
105 votes
Directors: Larry Peerce
Writers: Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis
The Penguin's a Jinx

#13 - The Penguin's a Jinx

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Jan 20, 1966

Bruce Wayne escapes the Penguin’s deathtrap and returns to the Batcave. What he doesn’t know is that one of the Penguin’s clues, an umbrella, has a listening device. As a result, the Penguin listens in as the Dynamic Duo debate what the clues mean and what caper the Penguin may attempt to pull. As a result, the Penguin kidnaps movie star Dawn Robbins.

star 7.09
297 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
The Bird's Last Jest

#14 - The Bird's Last Jest

Season 2 - Episode 28 - Aired Dec 8, 1966

Attempting to save Chief O’Hara from drowning inside a metal trunk, Batman and Robin find themselves under fire from the Penguin’s henchmen. Batman instructs Alfred to pose as famous forger Quill-Pen Quertch (complete with false fingerprints), but the Penguin recognizes Alfred as soon as he puts on his glasses. The evil Bird-man and his cronies then visit stately Wayne manor brandishing a giant Butler-pie.

star 7.09
92 votes
Directors: Murray Golden
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
The Purr-fect Crime

#15 - The Purr-fect Crime

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Mar 16, 1966

Catwoman initiates a series of thefts that cause Commissioner Gordon to summon Batman and Robin. But the importance of the crimes go beyond the taking of the objects involved. The Dynamic Duo eventually find Catwoman’s lair. But Robin is whisked away while Batman is given a choice between two doors. If he picks the right door, he’ll find Catwoman. If he picks the wrong one, he’ll face certain doom. The hero makes the wrong selection and is about to be attacked by a tiger.

star 7.07
127 votes
Directors: James Sheldon
Writers: Lee Orgel, Stanley Ralph Ross
The Cat and the Fiddle

#16 - The Cat and the Fiddle

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 15, 1966

Catwoman disguises herself as a wealthy recluse – Minerva Matthews – to exchange a quarter million dollars for two Stradivarius violins. Once the instruments are safely in her hands, the villain reveals her true identity and demands the cash back. But Catwoman is surprised to learn that her business partner – Zubin Zucchini – is also not who he appears to be.

star 7.06
111 votes
Directors: Don Weis
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
The Cat's Meow

#17 - The Cat's Meow

Season 2 - Episode 29 - Aired Dec 14, 1966

The Catwoman “steals” the voice of a television talk-show host in the middle of an interview with Bruce Wayne. She plants clues to suggest either the Joker, Riddler or Penguin may have committed the crime. In the meantime, she has fooled Commissioner Gordon into thinking she has gone straight. She makes her first mistake when she masquerades as Miss Klutz, a dance instructor visiting Wayne Manor. Allergic to dogwood, she sneezes and gives herself away. Her next target is to “steal” the voices of British singers Chad and Jeremy. Batman and Robin eventually track her to a dance studio, where a fight erupts. After it appears the Dynamic Duo has triumphed over Catwoman’s forces, she drugs them. The heroes are placed inside a chamber where the sounds of water dripping will be magnified many, many times and drive them insane.

star 7.05
92 votes
Directors: James B. Clark
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
Rats Like Cheese

#18 - Rats Like Cheese

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Feb 3, 1966

Vince, a temperamental physician at a Gotham City hospital (a takeoff on Ben Casey), saves Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo resume their pursuit of Mr. Freeze. Eventually, Batman substitutes himself for Paul Diamonte, a baseball player, Mr. Freeze has kidnapped. Robin, disobeying Batman’s orders to stay away, is also captured by the villain. Now, in his headquarters, Mr. Freeze is using his climate controls so that only Batman or Robin will have access to life-giving warmth.

star 7.00
239 votes
Directors: Robert Butler
Writers: Max Hodge
The Joker Goes to School

#19 - The Joker Goes to School

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Mar 2, 1966

At Woodrow Roosevelt High School, a vending machine gives out money. Dick Grayson is there to witness it. Batman learns the vending machines are operated by a company bought by the Joker after being released from prison. The Joker and his gang are aided by Susie, a cheerleader at the school. In the course of their investigation, Batman and Robin are captured and placed in electric chairs. If a “one armed bandit” comes up the wrong way, they’ll be electrocuted.

star 7.00
135 votes
Directors: Murray Golden
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.
When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play

#20 - When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Feb 17, 1966

Batman manages to escape the Riddler’s death trap. He and Robin decide to lay low until they can figure out the Riddler’s caper. Meanwhile, the Riddler frees King Boris, who brings a gift to a major monument in Gotham City. It turns out the Riddler has substituted a bomb for King Boris’s gift and he is demanding a ransom. The Riddler, though, overplays his hand, enabling Batman and Robin to capture the Riddler and his gang.

star 6.99
158 votes
Directors: Tom Gries
Writers: Fred De Gorter
The Bat's Kow Tow

#21 - The Bat's Kow Tow

Season 2 - Episode 30 - Aired Dec 15, 1966

Batman and Robin escape Catwoman’s trap by hitting the precise note needed to shatter the glass chamber in which they’re prisoners. They quickly get on the trail of Catwoman. The feminine feline criminal eventually “steals” the voices of Chad and Jeremy, Commissioner Gordon and talk-show host Allen Stephens. She blackmails the British government, which faces the lost of revenue from the taxes on Chad and Jeremy’s performances. Batman and Robin eventually capture Catwoman and her gang, but not before Batman and Catwoman express obvious affection for each other.

star 6.98
91 votes
Directors: James B. Clark
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
That Darn Catwoman

#22 - That Darn Catwoman

Season 2 - Episode 40 - Aired Jan 19, 1967

The Catwoman manages to drug Robin. The junior member of the Dynamic Duo is now the Catwoman’s mindless slave. Batman is on the trail of the sultry villain, but he’s hampered by the fact he can’t harm his partner. Eventually, Batman is trapped by the Catwoman. He’s in a giant trap and Robin is cutting the rope that will cause a giant mouse trap to snap on Batman. The Catwoman offers Batman a choice – die by Robin’s hand or agree to be subjected to the same drug.

star 6.98
89 votes
Directors: Oscar Rudolph
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross
Batman Sets the Pace

#23 - Batman Sets the Pace

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Apr 7, 1966

After an ingenious escape, Batman and Robin again pick up the trail of the Joker. The villain’s ultimate crime is designed not only to make him rich but to ruin Batman’s reputation.

star 6.98
135 votes
Writers: Francis M. Cockrell, Marian B. Cockrell
Dizzoner the Penguin

#24 - Dizzoner the Penguin

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Nov 3, 1966

After escaping the Penguin’s death trap, Batman still faces an uphill run to defeat the Penguin in the race for mayor of Gotham City. The Feathered Fiend uses every dirty trick he can think of to ruin Batman’s reputation. But the Penguin discovers opinion polls aren’t what they are cracked up to be. Still, Batman and Robin will need to subdue the villain before his plot can be put down once and for all.

star 6.97
95 votes
Directors: Oscar Rudolph
Writers: Stanford Sherman
Catwoman Goes to College

#25 - Catwoman Goes to College

Season 2 - Episode 49 - Aired Feb 22, 1967

Catwoman is released from prison, and claiming she wants to enrich her education, enrolls at Gotham City University. She dresses one of her own henchmen as the Caped Crusader in order to frame him for a robbery. With Batman in jail, she goes ahead with her plan for a mass sit-in at Chimes Square. Catwoman is more than surprised when Batman himself shows up at the event. However, his efforts to expose the villainess are futile, and she prepares to terminate him and Robin in front of the whole crowd.

star 6.96
86 votes
Directors: Robert Sparr
Writers: Stanley Ralph Ross