The BEST Episodes of Star Trek

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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Network: NBC

Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, who is assisted by First Officer Mr. Spock, from the planet Vulcan, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy. With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen led by Khan Noonien Singh. Their mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The Trouble With Tribbles

#1 - The Trouble With Tribbles

Season 2 - Episode 15

Kirk must defuse a Klingon scheme to destroy a grain shipment... and cope with a seemingly benign creature known as a tribble, which reproduces at amazing speed.

star 8.24
383 votes
Directors: Joseph Pevney
Writers: David Gerrold
The City on the Edge of Forever

#2 - The City on the Edge of Forever

Season 1 - Episode 28

Kirk and Spock must travel into the past in order to correct a change that will alter history.

star 8.20
427 votes
Directors: Joseph Pevney
Writers: Harlan Ellison
The Enterprise Incident

#3 - The Enterprise Incident

Season 3 - Episode 2

An unusually tense and irritable Kirk orders his ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it is promptly surrounded. Beamed to a Romulan ship, Kirk lies about the intrusion, then attacks Spock, who responds with a Vulcan death grip. While the female Romulan commander courts Spock, a secret mission unfolds.

star 8.12
338 votes
Writers: D.C. Fontana
Amok Time

#4 - Amok Time

Season 2 - Episode 1

Spock must go to Vulcan in order to perform the Vulcan mating ritual.

star 8.11
441 votes
Directors: Joseph Pevney
Writers: Theodore Sturgeon
The Doomsday Machine

#5 - The Doomsday Machine

Season 2 - Episode 6

The Enterprise must stop an ancient doomsday weapon that is capable of destroying entire worlds... and has already totalled one Constellation-class cruiser.

star 8.09
406 votes
Directors: Marc Daniels
Writers: Norman Spinrad
Journey to Babel

#6 - Journey to Babel

Season 2 - Episode 10

Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel.

star 8.06
341 votes
Directors: Joseph Pevney
Writers: D.C. Fontana
Balance of Terror

#7 - Balance of Terror

Season 1 - Episode 14

Kirk pits the Enterprise against an invisible spaceship testing the Federation's defenses.

star 8.06
431 votes
Writers: Paul Schneider
Mirror, Mirror

#8 - Mirror, Mirror

Season 2 - Episode 4

Kirk and three of his officers are accidentally transported into a parallel "mirror" universe where violence, greed, and evil are commonplace.

star 8.05
436 votes
Directors: Marc Daniels
Writers: Jerome Bixby
The Ultimate Computer

#9 - The Ultimate Computer

Season 2 - Episode 24

The Enterprise is used to test a new super-sophisticated computer, but it soon develops a mind of its own.

star 7.96
312 votes
Writers: D.C. Fontana
A Taste of Armageddon

#10 - A Taste of Armageddon

Season 1 - Episode 23

The Enterprise arrives at a planet to establish diplomatic relations and finds itself in the middle of a "peaceful" war that threatens to destroy the ship.

star 7.96
358 votes
Writers: Gene L. Coon, Robert Hamner
Space Seed

#11 - Space Seed

Season 1 - Episode 22

The Enterprise picks up a crew of genetic supermen from the 20th century... and their leader, Khan, plans to create a new empire.

star 7.94
434 votes
Writers: Carey Wilbur, Gene L. Coon
The Tholian Web

#12 - The Tholian Web

Season 3 - Episode 9

Captain Kirk finds himself trapped between dimensions on a disintegrating starship. The Enterprise crew works against time to rescue him as the Tholians weave a destructive energy web around their ship.

star 7.86
288 votes
Writers: Judy Burns, Chet Richards
The Menagerie (1)

#13 - The Menagerie (1)

Season 1 - Episode 11

Spock kidnaps his former captain, the crippled Christopher Pike, and heads for a quarantined planet, putting his career and Kirk's life on the line.

star 7.79
454 votes
Writers: Gene Roddenberry
The Menagerie (2)

#14 - The Menagerie (2)

Season 1 - Episode 12

Spock's court-martial continues as he attempts to justify his abduction of Pike, the theft of the Enterprise, and his heading for a planet declared forbidden by Starfleet.

star 7.75
446 votes
Writers: Gene Roddenberry
Court Martial

#15 - Court Martial

Season 1 - Episode 20

Captain Kirk's career is at stake when he is put on trial for the loss of a crewman during an ion storm.

star 7.75
362 votes
Writers: Stephen W. Carabatsos, Don M. Mankiewicz
Tomorrow is Yesterday

#16 - Tomorrow is Yesterday

Season 1 - Episode 19

The Enterprise collides with a black hole and is thrown back to Earth in the 20th century, where they must find a way back and erase any trace of their presence. Matters become complicated when they rescue an Air Force pilot and cannot return him without changing history... but if he disappears that will change history as well.

star 7.73
409 votes
Writers: D.C. Fontana
The Devil in the Dark

#17 - The Devil in the Dark

Season 1 - Episode 25

Kirk investigates a series of grisly murders on a mining planet that are the work of a seemingly hostile alien creature.

star 7.63
350 votes
Directors: Joseph Pevney
Writers: Gene L. Coon
By Any Other Name

#18 - By Any Other Name

Season 2 - Episode 22

The Enterprise's command crew must thwart an invasion by aliens from another galaxy who plan to conquer this one.

star 7.61
283 votes
Writers: Jerome Bixby, D.C. Fontana
Return to Tomorrow

#19 - Return to Tomorrow

Season 2 - Episode 20

The Enterprise discovers three discorporeal intelligences who seek their help in gaining physical bodies... but one of them has plans of his own.

star 7.61
270 votes
Writers: Gene Roddenberry
Errand of Mercy

#20 - Errand of Mercy

Season 1 - Episode 26

The Federation and the Klingon Empire teeter on the brink of war as Kirk investigates Organia, a humble planet inhabited by pacifists that is unwittingly caught in the middle.

star 7.57
351 votes
Directors: John Newland
Writers: Gene L. Coon
Wink of an Eye

#21 - Wink of an Eye

Season 3 - Episode 11

Invisible to humans due to their time-accelerated state, a group of aliens invade the Enterprise and attempt to abduct members of the crew to serve as breeding stock for their dying planet.

star 7.56
262 votes
Writers: Arthur Heinemann
Operation -- Annihilate!

#22 - Operation -- Annihilate!

Season 1 - Episode 29

Kirk and the Enterprise must combat parasitic aliens.

star 7.55
329 votes
Writers: Stephen W. Carabatsos
The Changeling

#23 - The Changeling

Season 2 - Episode 3

The Enterprise encounters an ancient Earth probe bent on the sterilization of all life.

star 7.55
408 votes
Directors: Marc Daniels
Writers: John Meredyth Lucas
The Corbomite Maneuver

#24 - The Corbomite Maneuver

Season 1 - Episode 10

The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship that sets out to test them.

star 7.54
485 votes
Directors: Joseph Sargent
Writers: Jerry Sohl
The Naked Time

#25 - The Naked Time

Season 1 - Episode 4

A strange alien substance causes the crew to act out their deepest inhibitions, while the ship plummets out of orbit.

star 7.52
612 votes
Directors: Marc Daniels
Writers: John D.F. Black