The BEST episodes written by Gene L. Coon

Hills Are For Heroes (1)
1 votes

#1 - Hills Are For Heroes (1)

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 25

This two part Combat! episode is the story of the futility of war as viewed through the eyes of surviving infantrymen. An American division of troops is making an assault all along their lines. Lt. Hanley's platoon is ordered to take a strategic hill that overlooks a needed road, but it is protected by two concrete bunkers with machine guns. Saunders gets hit in the first assault while several other GIs are killed. Hanley finds it almost hopeless with Saunders wounded.

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Hills Are for Heroes (2)
2 votes

#2 - Hills Are for Heroes (2)

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 26

In part 2, things look bleak for the men of King Company, but Lt. Hanley's platoon gets the support of a tank to help take the hill. The tank is destroyed by a German bazooka. Now Hanley plans to use the tank as cover to attack the last German bunker.

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Incident of the Dogfaces
7 votes

#3 - Incident of the Dogfaces

Rawhide - Season 5 - Episode 7

Rowdy,Quince and Clay help out three soldiers being attacked by Indians. They were sent to break the treaty with Broken Bow.

Death and the Favored Few
12 votes

#4 - Death and the Favored Few

The Streets of San Francisco - Season 2 - Episode 23

Stone and Keller investigate the murder of a society publisher whose method was to coerce subscriptions from wealthy clients by blackmailing them. The investigation leads the detective to a wealthy woman and her daughter, who were among the ones being blackmailed and who still have secrets to hide.

The Saga of Waco Williams
6 votes

#5 - The Saga of Waco Williams

Maverick - Season 2 - Episode 21

Bret and his buddy Waco Williams (Wayde Preston) ride straight into trouble in Bent City, where they are suspected of being cattle rustlers.

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The Fifth Man
35 votes

#6 - The Fifth Man

Have Gun, Will Travel - Season 2 - Episode 36

Ben Talman, who has murdered 12 men, escaped from jail. He kills four men in Yucca Bend within one week. Paladin is hired to bring him in.

The Ape
12 votes

#7 - The Ape

Bonanza - Season 2 - Episode 14

Hoss becomes friends with dull-witted Arnie Gurnie, who is a brute of a man with the mentality of a child. His temper scares everybody, including the Cartwrights.

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Space Seed
1060 votes

#8 - Space Seed

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 22

The Enterprise picks up a crew of genetic supermen from the 20th century... and their leader, Khan, plans to create a new empire.

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A Taste of Armageddon
978 votes

#9 - A Taste of Armageddon

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 23

The Enterprise arrives at a planet to establish diplomatic relations and finds itself in the middle of a "peaceful" war that threatens to destroy the ship.

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The Ringer
3 votes

#10 - The Ringer

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 23

A suspicious Pvt. Adams (Mart Hulswit) slaps some dirt on his clean uniform and joins Saunders' squad. He earns Saunders' wrath and distrust by repeatedly disregarding orders. He behaves erratically, endangering the lives of the squad.

111 votes

#11 - Chains

Kung Fu - Season 1 - Episode 9

Caine is imprisoned at an army outpost, and escapes... chained to his hulking, mountain-man cellmate, and are persued by a relentless sergent. Who is determined to collect the reward offered for Caine's capture.

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The Devil in the Dark
909 votes

#12 - The Devil in the Dark

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 25

Kirk investigates a series of grisly murders on a mining planet that are the work of a seemingly hostile alien creature.

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Errand of Mercy
915 votes

#13 - Errand of Mercy

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 26

The Federation and the Klingon Empire teeter on the brink of war as Kirk investigates Organia, a humble planet inhabited by pacifists that is unwittingly caught in the middle.

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The Thunderhead Swindle
10 votes

#14 - The Thunderhead Swindle

Bonanza - Season 2 - Episode 30

With Virginia City on the verge of economic ruin, out of work miners put their hopes in word of a strike at a mine everbody believed was played out. Ben suspects the new owners have been stealing silver from an adjoining mine also thought dry, and resolves to prove it.

949 votes

#15 - Arena

Star Trek - Season 1 - Episode 18

When a mysterious alien race destroy an Earth colony, the Enterprise pursues but Kirk and the alien captain are forced to fight each other by powerful aliens.

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A Piece of the Action
811 votes

#16 - A Piece of the Action

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 17

The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition - the inhabitants mimic the culture of 1930's gangland Chicago.

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Who Mourns for Adonais?
925 votes

#17 - Who Mourns for Adonais?

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 2

The Enterprise encounters an alien who claims to be the Greek god Apollo.

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Spectre of the Gun
789 votes

#18 - Spectre of the Gun

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 6

When coming to an exaphobic isolationist planet, Captain Kirk and his landing party are punished for trepassing. They are sentenced to death in a surreal recreation of the Gunfight at the OK Corral with the landing on the losing side.

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The Night of the Freebooters
37 votes

#19 - The Night of the Freebooters

The Wild Wild West - Season 1 - Episode 25

Jim and Arte go undercover to infiltrate a renegade Army led by Thorwald Wolfe, who intends to conquer part of Mexico.

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Death on Sun Mountain
103 votes

#20 - Death on Sun Mountain

Bonanza - Season 1 - Episode 2

Greedy opportunist Mark Burdette and his accomplice Early Thorne stir up trouble between the Paiute tribe and the citizens of Virginia City. Ben discovers Burdette and Thorne are selling antelope beef to the miners and finds the price too high. He offers the miners beef at a more reasonable price. Burdette and Thorne retaliate by framing the Paiute's for attacks, by dressing as them and killing ranchers. Based on a factual accounting. Lorne Greene's first voice-over narration, and no landing constructed yet for the Ponderosa stairway.

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The Paiute War
98 votes

#21 - The Paiute War

Bonanza - Season 1 - Episode 4

Trader Mike Wilson attempts to escape punishment by the Paiute Indians after mistreating two of their women, by placing the blame on Adam. A fierce war between the Paiutes and the California militia follows, and the Paiutes seize Adam as hostage. Very impressive battle scenes in the this first mini-epic of the series. This episode did all it could to stage the real thing; 50 Indians were used and 50 cavalry actors and extras were used, and the production involved three days of shooting on location. This episode encompassed both the biggest cast and most costly stunts. This episode is based on the factual accounting that occured in May and June of 1860.

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854 votes

#22 - Metamorphosis

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 9

When their shuttle is diverted to a planetoid, Kirk meets one of the pioneers of space flight, Zefram Cochrane.

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The Apple
856 votes

#23 - The Apple

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 5

Kirk attempts to assist a primitive people that are ruled over by a computer named Vaal.

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Spock's Brain
968 votes

#24 - Spock's Brain

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 1

Kirk leads the Enterprise in pursuit of a mysterious alien woman after she beams aboard the bridge and steals Spock's brain.

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Bread and Circuses
694 votes

#25 - Bread and Circuses

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 25

The Enterprise investigates the disappearance of a merchant ship crew on a planet ruled by a twentieth-century incarnation of ancient Rome.

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A Private Little War
715 votes

#26 - A Private Little War

Star Trek - Season 2 - Episode 19

Kirk becomes involved in an arms race when the Klingons equip a native people with superior weaponry.

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The Regimental Line
2 votes

#27 - The Regimental Line

The Virginian - Season 9 - Episode 21

When an Army troop arrives looking for a group of marauding Indians who have gone on the warpath, both Colonel MacKenzie and Parker recognize one of the sergeants as a lancer from the British Army whom they believed to have been killed in India ten years ago - and who was supposed to have been leading MacKenzie's brother when he was captured and killed. The man deserts when he recognizes Parker, and MacKenzie goes out after him, with the Indians following behind.

The Showdown
3 votes

#28 - The Showdown

The Virginian - Season 3 - Episode 29

The Virginian arrives in Monolith, Arizona to buy cattle from the Landers family but finds himself in the middle of a feud between them and the city Marshall Frome and his brother. The Fromes seem overbearing but maybe with a reason

Zorro Rides Alone
0 votes

#29 - Zorro Rides Alone

Zorro (1957) - Season 2 - Episode 2

Diego continues his investigation into Señor Verdugo's business by riding to his house, where Verdugo greets him and Bernardo with his arm in a sling. Although Verdugo claims an old injury is bothering him, Diego suspects he may be the leader of the robbers, so he sets a trap. He tells Verdugo the money is being sent via the Guadalupe Trail and should be arriving shortly, but a servant overhears him. Unfortunately, Sergeant Garcia and Corporal Reyes, who have been sent with the money along the Camino Real, decide to take a shortcut and use the Guadalupe Trail. When Zorro and Bernardo arrive at the trail, hoping to catch the robbers, they're amazed to spot the soldiers riding into a trap they have inadvertently helped set. Zorro is unable to reach them in time, for Tornado had to be left home to avoid suspicion. The robbers take the money and order the soldiers to dig their own graves, but Zorro overpowers the guards and frees Garcia and Reyes. Just then, Verdugo arrives, apparently confirming Diego's theory that he is the mastermind. In reality, Verdugo has been lured there by his servant, who plans to kill him. Zorro saves the merchant, who explains that he sent his men there to help Garcia and didn't know that his servants were the robbers.

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Hate Me a Little
1 votes

#30 - Hate Me a Little

My Favorite Martian - Season 3 - Episode 9

Martin's benevolence-inducing light has an unusual effect on Brennan.