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Zorro, which is Spanish for "fox", is the story of a masked rider who battles the unjust rulers of the pueblo of Los Angeles during the days of Spanish rule. His real identity is that of Don Diego de la Vega, the son of a wealthy landowner. Diego returns from his studies in Spain and discovers that Los Angeles is under the command of Capitan Monastario, a cruel man who relishes in the misuse of his power for personal gain. Knowing that he cannot hope to single-handedly defeat Monastario and his troops, Diego resorts to subterfuge. He adopts the secret identity of Zorro, a sinister figure dressed in black, and rides to fight Monastario's injustice.

Monastario Sets a Trap

#1 - Monastario Sets a Trap

Season 1 - Episode 7

Learning that a group of disgruntled landowners plan to seize the cuartel and free the political prisoners, Captain Monastario sets a trap to capture them, including Zorro's father Don Alejandro.

star 8.40
10 votes
Writers: Lowell S. Hawley
Death Stacks the Deck

#2 - Death Stacks the Deck

Season 1 - Episode 19

Ramon Santil has just inherited his father's ranch and holdings, and some bad news. The magistrado tells him there's a high tax that must be paid at once or he will lose the land, and Ramon doesn't have the money to pay it. In desperation, he sells all of his cattle to Carlos Urista, a recent arrival in town whom Diego suspects as another of the Eagle's men.

star 8.33
6 votes
The New Order

#3 - The New Order

Season 2 - Episode 6

Before he returns home, Sergeant Garcia angers Theresa, a tamale vendor, when he tries to carry out the orders of the acting governor. Luis Rico has decided that all of the vendors must be removed from the plaza despite their objections, and Diego promises Theresa he will try to help. She shows her appreciation with hugs and kisses, thereby angering her boyfriend, Joaquin Castenada, who was watching. Joaquin starts to say something to her but is knocked aside by Capitan Briones, leader of a band of soldiers named "Especials". The Especials have come to carry out Rico's orders and do not report to Garcia, who objects to their brutality. Joaquin tries to attack the soldiers but is stopped by Diego and Garcia, who know he would be killed. Briones arrests Theresa, and Bernardo must hit Joaquin with a mallet to keep him from sharing her fate. Diego tries to reason with Rico but he remains firm, for this is his first command and he wants an orderly city. He allows Diego to pay Theresa's fine and they head back to her stand. Joaquin has recovered and berates Diego for stopping him, but the Especials arrive again and the impetuous youth is arrested. Briones plans to beat him to death to teach the other peons a lesson and Zorro must free him. When darkness falls, Zorro sneaks into the fortress and tells Joaquin to insult the guards until they open his cell to discipline him. When they do, Zorro drops down on them and locks them inside, taking Joaquin into the hills to hide. The boy vows to return, and Zorro knows the matter is far from over.

star 8.25
4 votes
Directors: William Witney
Zorro's Secret Passage

#4 - Zorro's Secret Passage

Season 1 - Episode 2

It is a calm morning in Spanish California, and Sergeant Dimetrio Lopez Garcia is putting up posters, with another soldier, which are asking for reward money for Don Ignacio Torres and the now famous Zorro. After putting up all of the posters, Garcia reports to Captain Monastario, telling him all the posters have been put up. Though the Sergeant suggests that they wait for someone to capture Zorro and claim the reward, the Captain has other ideas. He says that the military will find Zorro themselves, so starting a campaign to search all around the pueblo. Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, Bernardo is shocked to find Diego in his room, when he slept outside of his door all night. Diego explains that, returning from his first ride as Zorro, he remembered a secret passage that he used to explore as a child, and takes the frightened Bernardo inside of it. It leads to a cave, where Tornado is staying, which leads out into the open. Diego tells Bernardo that soon ""You shall know it as well as

star 8.24
25 votes
Directors: Norman Foster
Writers: Antony Ellis
Zorro Springs a Trap

#5 - Zorro Springs a Trap

Season 1 - Episode 21

The fake Ortega and the magistrado announce they have captured Zorro, and a cart holding a masked man is dragged into the town square. A public unmasking will be held at noon, and Diego fears that an innocent man will be charged with Zorro's "crimes". He also realizes it may all be a trap, so when he dons his costume and rides into the square to free the prisoner, he watches carefully for soldiers.

star 8.22
9 votes
Bernardo Faces Death

#6 - Bernardo Faces Death

Season 1 - Episode 38

Another stranger arrives in the pueblo and travels to the de la Vega hacienda, intending to meet with the Eagle. Diego recognizes the visitor as Count Kolinko, an ambassador from an Eastern European country that has long been interested in controlling California. Since the Eagle has left for the pueblo, Diego manages to convince Kolinko that he is also part of the conspiracy. He almost succeeds in gaining necessary details of the plot.

star 8.20
10 votes
Zorro Rides to the Mission

#7 - Zorro Rides to the Mission

Season 1 - Episode 3

Finding that Don Torres is in hiding at the Mission, Monastario forces the local Indians into hard labor until the Padre agrees to surrender the fugitive.

star 8.17
24 votes
The Sergeant Regrets

#8 - The Sergeant Regrets

Season 1 - Episode 36

An emissary from a foreign power has arrived in the pueblo to discuss plans to help the Eagle in his rebellion. George Brighton, the agent, warns Varga that there must not be any open resistance. His government wants an obedient colony, not one torn apart by internal battles. Varga promises to deliver control as planned, but he continues to worry about Don Alejandro and the other landowners who have pledged their allegiance to the King.

star 8.17
6 votes
Horse of Another Color

#9 - Horse of Another Color

Season 2 - Episode 3

Lieutenant Rafael Santos is ambushed on his way to Monterey and left for dead when the ambushers take his identification and uniform. One of them, a killer named Anastacio, puts on the uniform and rides to Verdugo's, where Diego is discussing the investment deal. The real soldier is not dead, however, and his beautiful white horse stands guard by his side. Anastacio tries to drug Sergeant Garcia, hoping to steal his money belt, but the plan fails and the money is delivered to Diego. The Verdugos will take the money to San Francisco to invest it, with the fake Santos and Romero acting as guards. Diego and Bernardo then head back to Los Angeles. On the way, they discover the real Santos lying in the road. He tells them his name and faints, but they have learned enough to know the Verdugos are in trouble. Diego takes the soldier's horse and sets off after the merchant and his daughter, who have been attacked by the fake Santos. The bandit and Zorro engage in a sword fight and the masked man wins. He orders Anastacio to name the other thieves. Just then, Romero kills Anastacio, claiming he was too upset to think clearly. Zorro warns the travelers to be careful on their way home to Monterey, then rides off into the night.

star 8.17
6 votes
Directors: William Witney
Writers: Robert Bloomfield
The Practical Joker

#10 - The Practical Joker

Season 2 - Episode 10

Anna Maria Verdugo returns to Monterey from San Francisco and becomes the object of Ricardo del Amo's affection. This friend of Diego's is an incurable practical joker. Ricardo realizes that Diego is also attracted to Anna Maria and hopes to lessen the competition by having some fun at his friend's expense. Diego is shocked when a sorrowful Sergeant Garcia places him under arrest for being a horse thief, but when he asks the name of his accuser, he's even more surprised. Garcia's answer is "Julius Caesar", and Diego realizes Ricardo is behind the incident. He tells the sergeant and Garcia confronts Ricardo, who claims it was only a harmless prank. This and several other pranks make Garcia think Ricardo is pulling another joke when he claims to have overheard two men plotting to steal an army payroll. Bernardo has also overheard the men and tells Diego, who realizes Zorro must ride again. When he sees Garcia and Reyes tied up and the money gone, Zorro sets out after the robbers. He finds them and receives some unexpected help from Ricardo, who is riding nearby with Anna Maria. The two men defeat the robbers, but Ricardo discovers he has another rival when Anna Maria asks Zorro to escort her back to town.

star 8.14
7 votes
Directors: Charles Lamont
Presenting Senor Zorro

#11 - Presenting Senor Zorro

Season 1 - Episode 1

The story of the masked rider in Old California opens as Don Diego de la Vega is returning to California from Spain, where he has been studying for several years. He passes the time at sea by fencing with the ship's captain, who tells him that the Pueblo de Los Angeles is under the rule of a cruel dictator, Capitan Monastario. This helps Diego understand the meaning behind a vague letter his father sent, urging him to return home. Realizing that open opposition to Monastario and his troops would be fruitless, Diego decides to work in secrecy. He assumes the role of a foppish student more interested in books than in swordplay. To protect his true identity, Diego will become El Zorro - "The Fox". His servant Bernardo, a mute, also takes on a new role when he decides to pretend he is deaf, thus allowing him access to secrets he can share with Diego. Not long after they arrive in Los Angeles, the travelers are provided with proof of the capitan's cruelty. Don Torres, a neighbor of Diego's, is thrown into jail for treason, and others are jailed for taxes they cannot pay. Diego notes the injustices in silence before traveling to his father's hacienda. Diego's arrival first pleases then saddens his father, Don Alejandro. Diego decides not to endanger him with knowledge of his plans, and the older man's hurt at his son's seeming inaction provides even greater incentive for Diego to ride as Zorro. He takes Bernardo to a secret valley where a beautiful horse has been cared for while Diego was away. Tornado will remain hidden until Zorro is ready to appear. Zorro's first act is to save the life of Don Torres, whom Monastario plans to release and then kill, claiming the prisoner had escaped. Sneaking into the fort, Zorro cuts the saddle straps on the soldiers' horses so they can't interfere. He then frees Torres, who escapes while Zorro battles the capitan. With Monastario locked in one of his own cells, Zorro rides off without fear of the lancers while their leader, the bumbling Sergeant Garcia, fearfully frees his capitan. Zorro leaves a warning nailed to the gate of the fort, promising Monastario that he will avenge any future injustices.

star 8.11
53 votes
Adios, Senor Magistrado

#12 - Adios, Senor Magistrado

Season 1 - Episode 26

Capitan Toledano plans to interrogate two prisoners who were seized when the gunpowder was recovered. The prisoners warn Figueroa, one of the magistrado's men, that they will talk unless someone helps them escape. Instead, they are found dead in their cell the next morning. A doctor examines the bodies and suspects murder, but the magistrado announces that it was suicide.

star 8.11
9 votes
The Eagle's Flight

#13 - The Eagle's Flight

Season 1 - Episode 39

Bernardo, who is keeping watch over Varga, is disturbed to see Garcia leading a patrol of lancers out of the cuartel. Even more disturbing is the sight of several strangers who drift into the Eagle's headquarters. When he tries to look inside, the gates are locked, so he rushes to warn Diego of the threat.

star 8.11
9 votes
Zorro Saves a Friend

#14 - Zorro Saves a Friend

Season 1 - Episode 6

When Captain Monastario arrests the fugitive Torres' wife and daughter, hoping to catch Zorro trying to rescue them, he instead catches Don Diego's chief vacquero Benito, who is in love with the daughter Elena.

star 8.10
10 votes
Directors: Lewis R. Foster
Writers: John Meredyth Lucas
Agent Of The Eagle

#15 - Agent Of The Eagle

Season 1 - Episode 20

Don Alejandro tells Diego he's received a letter from a friend in the capital telling him that the new commandante, Capitan Juan Ortega, has the reputation of being an honest and fair man. When Ortega arrives, he doesn't act that way. He treats Sergeant Garcia with contempt and is openly arrogant toward the civilians. The reason for this is revealed when Ortega meets the magistrado and informs him that the real commandante has been ambushed and murdered, on orders of the Eagle.

star 8.10
10 votes
Zorro's Ride into Terror

#16 - Zorro's Ride into Terror

Season 1 - Episode 8

After Zorro hides his wounded father in the secret cave, as Don Diego he must divert Captain Monastario and his soldiers who are searching for the old man.

star 8.00
12 votes
Shadow of Doubt

#17 - Shadow of Doubt

Season 1 - Episode 14

No sooner does the honest new commandante arrive than he is assassinated by a mysterious stranger who frames an elderly beggar for the crime and appears to be part of a larger conspiracy.

star 8.00
6 votes
Writers: Lowell S. Hawley

#18 - Ambush

Season 2 - Episode 9

The broken truce has convinced Joaquin that Diego cannot be trusted and, that if not for Zorro, he would have been killed. When Diego and Bernardo ride to his camp to explain, the rebel leader orders his men to lock the visitors in leg irons until he can decide upon a suitable fate for them. Joaquin announces his plans to kill the governor the next day while he visits a local shrine. When he tries to ride there, however, Joaquin is accidentally captured by Sergeant Garcia. The sergeant takes Joaquin and Theresa to Rico and the corrupt official decides to use the rebel to help him gain control. He tells Briones to escort Joaquin to the shrine, where the murder will be carried out. If Joaquin refuses, Theresa will die. Zorro, having freed himself and Bernardo, stops Joaquin just as he is about to kill the governor. Hoping to make the two men settle their differences, Zorro puts them in leg irons and gives each of them the other man's key. He then rides to the jail to free Theresa, but Briones draws his sword and prepares for a fight. The governor and Joaquin arrive and order the battle stopped, for the truth has been told. Rico is shot while trying to escape and Briones is taken prisoner. The governor orders all charges against the rebels dropped and declares a fiesta to be held to celebrate the end of Rico's reign.

star 8.00
7 votes
Directors: Charles Barton
The Flaming Arrow

#19 - The Flaming Arrow

Season 2 - Episode 11

Ricardo asks for Diego's help in winning Anna Maria's heart, for he feels Zorro is too much competition for the two men to overcome. If they can make it seem that Zorro is seeing another woman, Anna Maria will scorn him, thus dropping the field of suitors to a more manageable size. Ricardo plans to accomplish this by dressing as Zorro and serenading Anna Maria's cousin, Milana del Carmen. Diego sees this as a chance to cure Ricardo of his fondness for practical jokes. He arranges for Garcia to arrest his friend, and charge him with all of Zorro's crimes. The sergeant realizes Ricardo cannot really be Zorro, for he saw the outlaw and Ricardo side-by-side when the payroll was robbed. Unfortunately for Ricardo, the commandante chooses not to believe this, for Ricardo has angered him with his jokes. Also, killing the notorious Zorro would be a help to his career, so he orders Ricardo hanged. Aghast at this turn of events, Diego realizes he must save his friend from death. He does this in dramatic fashion by shooting a flaming arrow through the noose, which drops Ricardo to the ground. Before he leaves, Zorro forces Ricardo into a watering trough and warns the shaken man that he will punish anyone who impersonates him. In return for his humiliation, Ricardo swears vengeance on Zorro.

star 8.00
7 votes
Directors: Charles Lamont
The Man from Spain

#20 - The Man from Spain

Season 2 - Episode 27

Another problem looms for Zorro when an arrogant stranger arrives in the pueblo and demands the help of Don Alejandro. Felipe Basilio has been sent by the Spanish government to sell bonds to the local citizens in order to help finance the Spanish war effort, but he gets off to a bad start by interrupting Sergeant Garcia's birthday party and throwing his pinata into the trash. Basilio also angers the townspeople by telling them they must buy the bonds, and a Capitan Mendoza arrives to enforce his order. The newcomers try to force Alejandro to persuade the peons, but they must resort to force when sales lag due to the unreasonable levies they have placed on their victims. One such person is the innkeeper, of whom they demand 250 pesos. Basilio is attracted to Moneta, the daughter of a wealthy landowner, and the two visitors temporarily delay their demands. Garcia draws Basilio's wrath by sneaking into the tavern to recover his pinata, and the visitor decides to make his strength known by placing the sergeant in the town stocks. Zorro avenges this humiliation by forcing Basilio to free Garcia, and then places him in the stocks instead.

star 8.00
2 votes
Writers: Robert Bloomfield
Zorro Takes a Dare

#21 - Zorro Takes a Dare

Season 2 - Episode 30

Humiliated by Zorro, Basilio gets his revenge by arresting Sergeant Garcia and hoisting him in the air in the public square outside the cuartel. A large sign dares Zorro to rescue Garcia, but Diego knows Basilio will have hidden lancers throughout the area. When night arrives, so does Zorro, using Bernardo to help create a diversion that draws the soldiers out of town. Bernardo lures Basilio out of his office by offering to take him to Zorro, but the waiting outlaw instead uses his rope to hang the politician upside down in the square. The lancers return to free Basilio and he rides to the de la Vega hacienda to arrest Bernardo. Basilio accidentally discovers one of the house's secret passages. As he begins to explore, he surprises Diego and knocks him unconscious. Having finally solved the mystery of Zorro, Basilio celebrates by donning the black costume and mask, then steps outside on the balcony to savor the moment. Capitan Mendoza, who is waiting outside on guard duty, sees the figure of the infamous outlaw and shoots Zorro dead. Much to his surprise, he discovers he has killed Basilio, thus unwittingly protecting Zorro's secret identity.

star 8.00
3 votes
Writers: Robert Bloomfield
The Fox and the Coyote

#22 - The Fox and the Coyote

Season 1 - Episode 25

Magistrado Galindo has smuggled a supply of weapons into the pueblo, intending to use them when the Eagle orders the overthrow of the government, but he has been unable to get a supply of gunpowder. The army has a large stockpile at the cuartel, and the magistrado decides to steal it for his use

star 7.86
7 votes
The Eagle Leaves the Nest

#23 - The Eagle Leaves the Nest

Season 1 - Episode 37

Diego overhears Varga telling his aide that the de la Vega hacienda is so comfortable he intends to make it his permanent headquarters. Knowing his father will soon return and would fight to the death to protect his home, Diego decides to try a risky plan to drive the Eagle out.

star 7.86
7 votes
Welcome to Monterey

#24 - Welcome to Monterey

Season 2 - Episode 1

The second season of Zorro opens with Don Diego and Bernardo visiting Monterey, California. They have been sent there by a group of Los Angeles investors to look over an import business. The visitors have barely arrived in town when two men burst into their room and demand the investors' money. Diego claims he doesn't have it and the men leave when the innkeeper investigates the disturbance. All they take is Diego's watch, but he suspects something more serious is wrong. Diego sets to work by visiting Señor Verdugo, owner of the business that's for sale. The merchant appears to be legitimate, but Diego tells him that several potential investors have been robbed on their way to Monterey so he must check before recommending the investment. He implies that the men who broke into his room are linked to Verdugo, thus angering the older man. Verdugo refutes his accusations by introducing Diego to Romero Serrano, a courier who has arrived safely from Santa Cruz. Diego also meets Anna Maria, Verdugo's daughter, who openly dislikes him for questioning her father's integrity. Later, Romero and Anna Maria see Bernardo carefully carrying a saddle bag into the inn, which makes them think Diego has brought the money after all. They accuse Diego and demand that he open the bag, but he refuses, for it contains his Zorro costume. Bernardo manages to confuse them, and switches the contents with some of Diego's clothes. Two men in the hotel lobby attract Bernardo's attention and he sees that one of them has Diego's watch. The servant tries to follow them but is taken prisoner, to be held hostage until Diego turns over the money. That night, Diego rides as Zorro and rescues his friend, barely escaping a shot fired by an unknown assailant. He returns the fire and wounds him, but the man escapes.

star 7.86
7 votes
Directors: William Witney
Writers: Lowell S. Hawley
Quintana Makes a Choice

#25 - Quintana Makes a Choice

Season 1 - Episode 29

Sergeant Garcia and the other soldiers are amazed one morning when every musket seems to misfire. When they check their gunpowder, they realize it has been replaced with charcoal. A search of the cuartel reveals that all of the gunpowder has been stolen, leaving the post defenseless.

star 7.83
6 votes