The Best Episodes Directed by John Meredyth Lucas

Death Of a Very Small Killer

#1 - Death Of a Very Small Killer

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 25

Fleeing to Mexico, Kimble somehow contracts pnenmonia and seeks refuge at a local hospital where he is recognized by Dr. Howell, an ambitious American doctor whom is conducting reseach on menigitis. After Kimble recovers, Dr. Howell blackmails him into assisting with his research in exchange for protection from the local state police. While working with Howell's assistant, the attractive Reina Morales, Kimble soon discovers that several of the patients are being unwittingly infected and sacrificed for Howell's research purposes. Meanwhile, a persistent police sergeant, named Rodriguez, begins investigating Kimble's true idenity.

star 9.00
3 votes
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The Walls of Night

#2 - The Walls of Night

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 27

Kimble, working as a truck driver out of Portland, Oregon, becomes romantically involved with the radio dispatcher Barbara Wells, unaware that she is a convicted embezzler on loan through the state prison's work-release program. Distraught after her parole is denied for another six months, Barbara flees to Seattle where Kimble is staying and asks to take her to Canada with him. But when Kimble learns the truth, he decides to take her back to Seattle. Meanwhile, Barbara's parole officer, Art Meredith, soon stumbles upon Kimble's true idenity and decides to set a trap for him to bring both Kimble and Barbara back to Portland.

star 9.00
3 votes
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The Breaking of the Habit

#3 - The Breaking of the Habit

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 19

After fleeing a police roadblock where he gets shot in the leg, Kimble hops on a truck headed toward Sacramento where he meets Sister Veronica (the nun whom he drove from Nevada to Sacramento in the 'Angels Travel on Lonely Roads' episodes) whom is now the principal of the St. Mary Magdalene School for girls. Kimble asks Sister Veronica to drive him to Tarlton, where the one-armed man supposedly works as a numbers runner for a local racketeer. But a 'bad-girl' student recognizes Kimble and calls the police, forcing Kimble to hide on the roof of a building despite his injury. Meanwhile, Sister Veronica (whom is suffering from a brain tumor) learns that another delinquent student has run away, and is torn between driving after the girl or staying to help Kimble.

star 8.75
4 votes
Tears for All Who Love Her

#4 - Tears for All Who Love Her

Kojak Season 5 - Episode 8

Crocker (played by Kevin Dobson) falls for a woman (played by Jennifer Warren) while investigating the death of her mobster husband.

star 8.20
5 votes
Sweet Face of Danger

#5 - Sweet Face of Danger

Zorro (1957) Season 1 - Episode 17

A quiet day in the pueblo is abruptly changed when a stranger is killed by an arrow, apparently the victim of an Indian attack. Diego helps Sergeant Garcia inspect the body for clues and finds another mysterious eagle feather, this time on the fake Indian arrow. Other than that, there is no hint as to who the stranger was or why he was killed.

star 7.76
15 votes
The Ultimate Computer

#6 - The Ultimate Computer

Star Trek Season 2 - Episode 24

The Enterprise is used to test a new super-sophisticated computer, but it soon develops a mind of its own.

star 7.73
898 votes
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The Enterprise Incident

#7 - The Enterprise Incident

Star Trek Season 3 - Episode 2

An unusually tense and irritable Kirk orders his ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it is promptly surrounded. Beamed to a Romulan ship, Kirk lies about the intrusion, then attacks Spock, who responds with a Vulcan death grip. While the female Romulan commander courts Spock, a secret mission unfolds.

star 7.68
1063 votes
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Malice Domestic

#8 - Malice Domestic

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2 - Episode 20

A man begins to suspect that his wife is trying to poison him.

star 7.61
56 votes
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Death Stacks the Deck

#9 - Death Stacks the Deck

Zorro (1957) Season 1 - Episode 19

Ramon Santil has just inherited his father's ranch and holdings, and some bad news. The magistrado tells him there's a high tax that must be paid at once or he will lose the land, and Ramon doesn't have the money to pay it. In desperation, he sells all of his cattle to Carlos Urista, a recent arrival in town whom Diego suspects as another of the Eagle's men.

star 7.57
13 votes
The Betrayed

#10 - The Betrayed

The Invaders Season 1 - Episode 12

Vincent discovers a mysterious computer tape that could offer proof of the alien invasion.

star 7.47
15 votes
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The Housekeeper

#11 - The Housekeeper

Night Gallery Season 1 - Episode 5

A dabbler in black magic schemes to switch his rich wife's cold persona for a warm, loving soul.

star 7.43
97 votes
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The Cost of a Vacation

#12 - The Cost of a Vacation

Mannix Season 1 - Episode 6

A threatened suicide.

star 7.42
51 votes
Turn Every Stone

#13 - Turn Every Stone

Mannix Season 1 - Episode 12

A libel suit against a newspaper at the state capital involves politics and the mob.

star 7.35
42 votes
License to Kill - Limit Three People

#14 - License to Kill - Limit Three People

Mannix Season 1 - Episode 16

A psychopath's next victim might be his wife.

star 7.33
44 votes
The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher

#15 - The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher

Mannix Season 1 - Episode 4

A scientist goes missing with a new formula.

star 7.33
84 votes
Skid Marks on a Dry Run

#16 - Skid Marks on a Dry Run

Mannix Season 1 - Episode 2

Mannix is hired to find out any dirt on Govenor-elect Adam Pierson, and that's when the trouble starts: with his syndicate connections, people are dying fast.

star 7.30
89 votes

#17 - Jonathan

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2 - Episode 10

When his father dies a teenager suspects his stepmother, whom he's resented since the day she married his father.

star 7.23
62 votes
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#18 - Crackpot

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2 - Episode 15

When a car breaks down, a newlywed couple is helped by Mr. Moon, who turns nasty when his suits get dirty.

star 7.15
57 votes
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H+2+O = Death

#19 - H+2+O = Death

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 4 - Episode 6

Steve must infiltrate the deadly Omega spy ring as an underwater diving expert to thwart their theft of a device capable of separating the hydrogen and oxygen in water.

star 7.14
24 votes
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The Ivy Maze

#20 - The Ivy Maze

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 21

Fritz Simmons is a college professor doing research on sleep depervation. One of his patients is the one-armed man Fred Johnson, whom works as a groundskeeper at Wellington College. When Johnson begins talking in his sleep about having killed a woman, Fritz contacts Kimble. When Kimble arrives, he verifies that it is indeed Johnson, and he and Fritz realize that by recording Johnson's confession will prove Kimble's innocence. Meanwhile, Gerard has found out about the experiments from Fritz's wife Caroline, and believes that Kimble may be on the premises. Gerard's arrival at the facility leads to an incredible confrontation between himself, Kimble and the one-armed man.

star 7.10
29 votes
Zorro Fights His Father

#21 - Zorro Fights His Father

Zorro (1957) Season 1 - Episode 18

A peaceful protest by a group of peons upset with taxes turns violent when one of the Eagle's men throws a rock through the magistrado's window. Galindo uses this as an excuse to order severe measures against the peasants, a move that upsets Don Alejandro. The other landowners want to set up vigilante posses to punish the peons, but Alejandro argues on the side of reason.

star 7.05
18 votes
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The Hand of Borgus Weems

#22 - The Hand of Borgus Weems

Night Gallery Season 2 - Episode 3

A desperate man seeks out the help of a surgeon when he discovers an invading presence has control of his right hand.

star 6.84
61 votes
The Different Ones

#23 - The Different Ones

Night Gallery Season 2 - Episode 40

In a rigidly conformist future society, an anguished father agrees to send his deformed son to a distant planet.

star 6.80
19 votes
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The Funeral

#24 - The Funeral

Night Gallery Season 2 - Episode 44

A vampire plans his belated, lavish--and noisy--final obsequy.

star 6.79
11 votes
Elaan of Troyius

#25 - Elaan of Troyius

Star Trek Season 3 - Episode 13

The Enterprise must escort an alien princess to her marriage to seal an interplanetary alliance... but she becomes attracted to Kirk.

star 6.64
651 votes
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Up Above the World So High

#26 - Up Above the World So High

Planet of the Apes Season 1 - Episode 14

Burke and Virdon join forces with Leuric, a human attempting to fly by building himself a hang glider.

star 6.54
73 votes