The BEST episodes directed by Norman Foster

Zorro's Secret Passage
37 votes

#1 - Zorro's Secret Passage

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 2

It is a calm morning in Spanish California, and Sergeant Dimetrio Lopez Garcia is putting up posters, with another soldier, which are asking for reward money for Don Ignacio Torres and the now famous Zorro. After putting up all of the posters, Garcia reports to Captain Monastario, telling him all the posters have been put up. Though the Sergeant suggests that they wait for someone to capture Zorro and claim the reward, the Captain has other ideas. He says that the military will find Zorro themselves, so starting a campaign to search all around the pueblo. Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, Bernardo is shocked to find Diego in his room, when he slept outside of his door all night. Diego explains that, returning from his first ride as Zorro, he remembered a secret passage that he used to explore as a child, and takes the frightened Bernardo inside of it. It leads to a cave, where Tornado is staying, which leads out into the open. Diego tells Bernardo that soon ""You shall know it as well as

Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive
21 votes

#2 - Zorro, Luckiest Swordsman Alive

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 12

Faking Martinez's death, Captain Monastario again tries to use him to impersonate and disgrace Zorro by robbing a church, leaving Zorro confused as to who could be the impostor this time.

Double Trouble for Zorro
17 votes

#3 - Double Trouble for Zorro

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 11

Captain Monastario's latest plan is to discredit Zorro by having a prisoner who killed a man in a sword fight pose as the masked avenger and rob the local landowners at a dinner party.

The Preying Mantis
9 votes

#4 - The Preying Mantis

The Green Hornet - Season 1 - Episode 10

Organized crime's "Protection" Boss Duke Slate decides it's time to acquire the oriental businesses in town and uses Low Sing's gang to handle his influence. Low Sing, a martial arts professional, instructs his craft to his gang using the actions of a caged Preying Mantis, analogizing its intricate moves to proper Kung-Fu application. After a kidnapping, engineered by Low Sing, a challenge between Low Sing & Kato results in an interesting result.

Garcia's Secret Mission
18 votes

#5 - Garcia's Secret Mission

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 10

Captain Monastario orders Sergeant Garcia to pretend to have been dishonorably discharged, so that the people of the village will take him into their confidence and reveal Zorro's whereabouts.

The Fall of Monastario
17 votes

#6 - The Fall of Monastario

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 13

Captain Monastario finally realizes that Don Diego must be Zorro, and arrests him, but a Viceroy from the King of Spain who is visiting the pueblo turns out to be an old friend of Diego's, and this is just enough to allow Zorro to turn the tables and have Monastario discredited.

A Fair Trial
17 votes

#7 - A Fair Trial

Zorro (1957) - Season 1 - Episode 9

With his father Don Alejandro now charged with treason along with Don Torres, Zorro must see that the judge sent by the governor arrives to assure a fair trial.

Zelda the Great
201 votes

#8 - Zelda the Great

Batman - Season 1 - Episode 9

The Dynamic Duo arrange a trap for an elusive annual bank robber, but the female magician they’re hunting is on to them with a new scheme of her own.

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Batman Stands Pat
124 votes

#9 - Batman Stands Pat

Batman - Season 1 - Episode 14

Batman, thanks to superior breath control, is able to escape the plaster of Paris in which he was encased. Despite this, the Mad Hatter is still at large. Eventually, Batman and Robin again face off against the Mad Hatter at his criminal lair. Things look bad, but the Dyamic Duo manage to triumph.

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The Thirteenth Hat
125 votes

#10 - The Thirteenth Hat

Batman - Season 1 - Episode 13

Jervis Tetsch, aka the Mad Hatter, is abducting all the jurors who convicted him of a previous crime wave. He is also taking their hats. His final target is none other than Batman, who provided the key testimony in the Mad Hatter’s trial. Batman and Robin have the Mad Hatter and his gang cornered but the criminal mastermind manages to encase the Caped Crusader in plaster of Paris.

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A Death Worse Than Fate
173 votes

#11 - A Death Worse Than Fate

Batman - Season 1 - Episode 10

Told that her loot is genuine money after all, Zelda is forced to lure Batman and Robin into a possibly unsolvable deathtrap, with hitmen waiting outside to shoot them if they escape.

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