The Best Episodes Directed by William Witney

To Steal the Rising Sun

#1 - To Steal the Rising Sun

Tarzan (1966) Season 1 - Episode 24

An exiled chief returns to the jungle with three thieves and a plan to steal his former tribe's valuable ruby - using Tarzan as his unwitting accomplice.

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#2 - Survival

The High Chaparral Season 1 - Episode 18

John Cannon and Billy Blue are captured by Apaches far from home and made to face death from lack of water. John and Billy force a wounded Indian, Klosen, to lead them toward water but the Apache escapes. Buck and Manolito catch a glimpse of a war party wearing John's and Billy's hats but harsh desert winds make it impossible to track the missing pair. When John and Billy do find water, renegade Chief Soldado ties them to a rock to die of thirst.

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1 votes
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The Deceivers

#3 - The Deceivers

The High Chaparral Season 2 - Episode 9

Chio, an Apache half-breed and his renegades, capture Cannon's supply wagons. Just as food and ammunition for High Chaparral runs out, Chio is captured and brought to the ranch. Meanwhile, Manolito discovers Tina Granger near a burned out stage coach in an apparently unrelated incident. Tina, Chio's daughter, helps him to escape, but leaves her father when he vows to plunder the ranch to gain recognition. Feeling a loyalty to the Cannons who treated her well at the High Chaparral, she leads Buck and Manolito to the stolen supplies and joins them in a dash for the ranch pursued by Chio and his men.

star 10.00
1 votes
Man of Violence

#4 - Man of Violence

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 14

Trampas' Uncle Josh (Harry Shannon) is murdered during an holdup by Wismer (Leonard Nimoy) and Judson (William Bryant). On their trail, Trampas is eventually forced to illegally enter Apache territory where the two robbers had made a gold strike. He is joined on his quest by a guide who is after the gold (Michael Pate), a woman (Peggy McCay) who is looking for her husband who it turns out is Judson, and an army doctor who is attempting to escape court martial (DeForest Kelly).

star 9.00
2 votes
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Old Cowboy

#5 - Old Cowboy

The Virginian Season 3 - Episode 28

An older man, Murdoch (Franchot Tone), and his young grandson Willie (Billy Mumy), arrive at Medicine Bow on foot. Much to the Virginian's chagrin, Trampas feels sorry for Murdoch and offers him a job at Shiloh. Murdoch's ineptitude causes several problems, and he begins to resent his grandson's admiration for top cowboy Trampas. In the end, however, Murdoch more than proves his worth and gains the admiration of all, including his grandson.

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1 votes
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Beloved Outlaw

#6 - Beloved Outlaw

The Virginian Season 5 - Episode 11

A wild white stallion draws the attention of Elizabeth who convinces her grandfather to buy it. Against his wishes, she tames and breaks the stallion when Trampas is unable to. Her and the stallion become inseparable but a problem occurs.

star 9.00
1 votes
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Ride the Wind (2)

#7 - Ride the Wind (2)

Bonanza Season 7 - Episode 18

Conclusion to the previous-week's episode, where the Cartwrights provide needed assistance to the Pony Express.

star 8.50
4 votes
Welcome to Monterey

#8 - Welcome to Monterey

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 1

The second season of Zorro opens with Don Diego and Bernardo visiting Monterey, California. They have been sent there by a group of Los Angeles investors to look over an import business. The visitors have barely arrived in town when two men burst into their room and demand the investors' money. Diego claims he doesn't have it and the men leave when the innkeeper investigates the disturbance. All they take is Diego's watch, but he suspects something more serious is wrong. Diego sets to work by visiting Señor Verdugo, owner of the business that's for sale. The merchant appears to be legitimate, but Diego tells him that several potential investors have been robbed on their way to Monterey so he must check before recommending the investment. He implies that the men who broke into his room are linked to Verdugo, thus angering the older man. Verdugo refutes his accusations by introducing Diego to Romero Serrano, a courier who has arrived safely from Santa Cruz. Diego also meets Anna Maria, Verdugo's daughter, who openly dislikes him for questioning her father's integrity. Later, Romero and Anna Maria see Bernardo carefully carrying a saddle bag into the inn, which makes them think Diego has brought the money after all. They accuse Diego and demand that he open the bag, but he refuses, for it contains his Zorro costume. Bernardo manages to confuse them, and switches the contents with some of Diego's clothes. Two men in the hotel lobby attract Bernardo's attention and he sees that one of them has Diego's watch. The servant tries to follow them but is taken prisoner, to be held hostage until Diego turns over the money. That night, Diego rides as Zorro and rescues his friend, barely escaping a shot fired by an unknown assailant. He returns the fire and wounds him, but the man escapes.

star 8.40
13 votes
The New Order

#9 - The New Order

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 6

Before he returns home, Sergeant Garcia angers Theresa, a tamale vendor, when he tries to carry out the orders of the acting governor. Luis Rico has decided that all of the vendors must be removed from the plaza despite their objections, and Diego promises Theresa he will try to help. She shows her appreciation with hugs and kisses, thereby angering her boyfriend, Joaquin Castenada, who was watching. Joaquin starts to say something to her but is knocked aside by Capitan Briones, leader of a band of soldiers named "Especials". The Especials have come to carry out Rico's orders and do not report to Garcia, who objects to their brutality. Joaquin tries to attack the soldiers but is stopped by Diego and Garcia, who know he would be killed. Briones arrests Theresa, and Bernardo must hit Joaquin with a mallet to keep him from sharing her fate. Diego tries to reason with Rico but he remains firm, for this is his first command and he wants an orderly city. He allows Diego to pay Theresa's fine and they head back to her stand. Joaquin has recovered and berates Diego for stopping him, but the Especials arrive again and the impetuous youth is arrested. Briones plans to beat him to death to teach the other peons a lesson and Zorro must free him. When darkness falls, Zorro sneaks into the fortress and tells Joaquin to insult the guards until they open his cell to discipline him. When they do, Zorro drops down on them and locks them inside, taking Joaquin into the hills to hide. The boy vows to return, and Zorro knows the matter is far from over.

star 8.40
9 votes
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Big Image . . . Little Man

#10 - Big Image . . . Little Man

The Virginian Season 3 - Episode 7

Millionaire Paul Leland (Linden Chiles) treats everyone like dirt and ends up in the desert after getting shoved off a train by a disgruntled employee. He is found and taken on by the Virginian and Shiloh crew who are driving a herd of cattle to Seattle. Leland has several run-ins with the crew as well as former employees met along the way but in the end becomes a better man for his tribulations.

star 8.33
2 votes
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Final Escape

#11 - Final Escape

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 2 - Episode 18

A convicted bank robber John Perry is sentenced to 15 years hard labor in a state prison lumber camp. Determined to get out, James befriend an alcoholic inmate named Doc. Doc is in charge of the prison infirmary as well as burials for the dead. Doc makes an offer to John: if John will fincance an operation for Doc's granddaughter, he will get him out of prison. Doc's plan is to hide Perry inside the coffin of the next inmate who dies. The coffin will then be buried and dug up after the gravediggers and guards leave. Perry will then make his escape. All goes according to plan, until Doc fails to dig Perry up. Perry then learns why when the shroud slips from the face of the corpse sharing the coffin with him. Its Doc who died of a heart attack the night before.

star 8.33
12 votes
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Horse of Another Color

#12 - Horse of Another Color

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 3

Lieutenant Rafael Santos is ambushed on his way to Monterey and left for dead when the ambushers take his identification and uniform. One of them, a killer named Anastacio, puts on the uniform and rides to Verdugo's, where Diego is discussing the investment deal. The real soldier is not dead, however, and his beautiful white horse stands guard by his side. Anastacio tries to drug Sergeant Garcia, hoping to steal his money belt, but the plan fails and the money is delivered to Diego. The Verdugos will take the money to San Francisco to invest it, with the fake Santos and Romero acting as guards. Diego and Bernardo then head back to Los Angeles. On the way, they discover the real Santos lying in the road. He tells them his name and faints, but they have learned enough to know the Verdugos are in trouble. Diego takes the soldier's horse and sets off after the merchant and his daughter, who have been attacked by the fake Santos. The bandit and Zorro engage in a sword fight and the masked man wins. He orders Anastacio to name the other thieves. Just then, Romero kills Anastacio, claiming he was too upset to think clearly. Zorro warns the travelers to be careful on their way home to Monterey, then rides off into the night.

star 8.27
10 votes
Say Goodbye to All That

#13 - Say Goodbye to All That

The Virginian Season 1 - Episode 18

In self-defence, Trampas is forced to shoot Big John Belden (Charles McGraw), who took exception to Trampas dancing with his his son Martin's (Fabian) fiancee. John is left a paraplegic and he encourages his son to take revenge on Trampas for the family honor even though Martin is, in direct contrast to his father, very mild mannered. Trampas is afraid he will have to kill Martin but their feud is interrupted by an encounter with Moses, a fierce lengendary bear.

star 8.00
4 votes
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The Firing Wall

#14 - The Firing Wall

The High Chaparral Season 1 - Episode 16

Fernando Lamas guest-stars as a Mexican bandit turned revolutionary who captures and prepares to execute the Cannon Ranch hands to prove his power. Manolito is jailed by El Caudillo, the Mexican bandit, when Conchita lures the group across the border. Billy Blue Cannon is allowed to escape, and he returns with El Caudillo's old enemy, Don Sebastian, and the entire group, except ranch hand Pedro, then is jailed. Hope for escape fades when El Caudillo prepares to shoot the group before frightened villagers to prove his power and to force them to join his revolution to conquer Mexico.

star 8.00
2 votes
An Eye for an Eye

#15 - An Eye for an Eye

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 7

Joaquin and several followers begin a series of raids against the Especials, which culminates with the beating of Capitan Briones. The soldier issues a death order for Joaquin and sends his men after Theresa, intending to force her to reveal his hiding place. She asks Diego to hide her, and with Garcia's assistance, he protects her from the searchers. The situation deteriorates further when one of Joaquin's men is killed, which prompts his threat to kill two soldiers in return. Briones sees this as an opportunity to increase the size of his forces as well as to remove two irritants, Garcia and Reyes. He orders the two soldiers to patrol the town, wearing the white armband of the Especials, in the hope that Joaquin will choose them as his victims. The evil plan seems to work, as Joaquin sneaks into the city and sees the unsuspecting soldiers. Zorro, who has followed Joaquin, sees that the Especials are massed within the fortress, ready to attack as soon as they hear the men killed. He stops Joaquin to tell him of the trap, then fires two shots into the air. The Especials rush out, only to find the street deserted except for a confused Garcia and Reyes. Joaquin, unfortunately, still distrusts Zorro's motives.

star 7.85
11 votes
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The Devil's Children

#16 - The Devil's Children

The Virginian Season 1 - Episode 11

Uncontrollable 16 year old Tabby McCallum (Joan Freeman) is chastised by the Virginian for shooting a shiloh steer. In retaliation she tries to burn down the Shiloh barn but is accidentally shot by a Shiloh hand, Sam Hicks (Charles Aidman). Tabby's brother Bruce McCallum (Carl Reindell), who is from the same mould as Tabby, claims she was deliberately shot while her father, Tucker (Charles Bickford), thinks her boy friend, Dan Flood (Bert Brinckerhof), started the fire. The result is a spiralling series of events which eventually lead to murder.

star 7.80
4 votes
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Something Hurt, Something Wild

#17 - Something Hurt, Something Wild

Bonanza Season 8 - Episode 1

The Cartwrights' friendship with a neighboring rancher is threatened by his mentally unstable daughter.

star 7.76
15 votes
Spark of Revenge

#18 - Spark of Revenge

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 20

Los Angeles is suffering from a severe drought and tempers are fraying as crops and animals die from the lack of water. Most of the landowners are helping their neighbors by allowing them access to the few wells and springs that have not yet dried up. Don Hilario is an exception to this policy, though, for he fears his own crops will suffer. A neighbor, Miguel Roverto, a peasant with a small farm, begins to steal needed water. His orange trees are almost dead, and thus he ignores Hilario's warnings. The Alviso brothers, who work for Hilario, catch Roverto in the act and beat him severely, warning him never to return. Roverto's house is later burned to the ground and the angry man vows revenge on Hilario. When Hilario's home burns, suspicion naturally falls on the peasant. An inspection of the ruins yields Hilario's body, and Roverto's gun lying by his side. Zorro finds the hiding man, who tells him that the Alvisos took the musket when they caught him stealing water. Believing that Roverto was framed, Zorro decides to set a trap for the real killers. His plan works, and the brothers are caught and Roverto is cleared of both the murder and the fire. Roverto gets more good news when a sudden storm finally brings rain to the area.

star 7.75
7 votes
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Rendezvous at Sundown

#19 - Rendezvous at Sundown

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 5

The kidnappers send word that Anna Maria must meet them if she wants proof her father is still alive, but Diego warns her it is a trick. Romero argues that she must go, so she agrees to go with him, Garcia and Reyes. Don Alejandro arrives from Los Angeles and wants to ask the army to surround the area until the others convince him of the danger. That night Anna Maria meets with the kidnappers and tearfully greets her father. The masked men tell him to ride into town for the money while they hold his daughter hostage, then order Garcia and Reyes to stay behind. Verdugo leaves with Romero, whom Alejandro recognizes as a criminal thrown out of Los Angeles. Romero pulls out a knife and orders Verdugo to give him the money. Later, one of the kidnappers announces that Romero and a monk have returned with the money. To the thieves' surprise, they see that the monk is really Zorro, who uses Romero as a shield. Pablo kills his cohort in cold blood, forcing Zorro to engage the kidnappers with his sword. Aided by Garcia, he defeats them and sets Anna Maria free. With the robbers safely behind bars, the travelers prepare to head back to Los Angeles, where Diego has promised to deliver a love letter from Anna Maria to Zorro.

star 7.55
10 votes
The Gamble

#20 - The Gamble

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 27

In the town of Alkali, the Cartwrights are jailed on false charges of robbery and murder, but Joe escapes and returns with an army of Ponderosa hands.

star 7.45
17 votes
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The Pursued (2)

#21 - The Pursued (2)

Bonanza Season 8 - Episode 5

As the persecuted party awaits Ben and Hoss' return, Herber is shot and killed. Joe retaliates and shoots Herber's assassin.

star 7.42
10 votes
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The Iron Box

#22 - The Iron Box

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 15

It is time to send the tax money to the governor, and Sergeant Garcia has a plan to thwart any attempt to steal the funds during the long journey. He orders the town blacksmith to build a huge iron box that requires a special key to open it. The money will be placed in the box and the key sent to the governor by a separate route. Two men, Nava and Crispin, learn of the plan and decide to make a duplicate key which will enable them to steal the money if they can intercept the box. They enlist the help of Moneta, a barmaid, by asking her to flirt with the blacksmith's son in the hopes he will supply a key. This plan fails when the box is completed ahead of schedule and Garcia orders the key sent on its way. During the loading of the tax money, Garcia accidentally snaps the lock shut and it must somehow be opened if the box is to be used. The blacksmith fashions a duplicate key and opens the lock, which is then placed on the box. Having seen this turn of events, Nava and Crispin try to steal the duplicate key, but Bernardo manages to keep it from them. The bandits surprise the small party of guards escorting the box, but the soldiers toss it over a steep cliff, hoping it will be inaccessible to the thieves. Undaunted, Nava and Crispin kidnap the blacksmith and his son and order the blacksmith to construct a new key right there in the ravine. Zorro had followed one of the bandits out of Los Angeles and sees the thieves standing guard over the unwilling blacksmith. The element of surprise lets him overcome the two armed men, and the box and the blacksmith are saved.

star 7.40
8 votes
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The Deadly Ones

#23 - The Deadly Ones

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 10

The Ponderosa becomes a war zone when it is invaded by a detachment of Mexican mercenaries under General Diaz. The general is furious when one of his men, Forsythe, disobeys his orders to get a hostage peacefully, and instead shoots Little Joe in the back. Diaz forces Ben to lead his men over the back roads of the Ponderosa, so they can ambush a gold train led by Emperor Maximilian's men.

star 7.39
16 votes
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The Infernal Machine

#24 - The Infernal Machine

Bonanza Season 2 - Episode 29

Hoss believes in his friend's primitive version of the automobile in this lighthearted, yet sad episode. When the "car" uses up the last of its fuel, Hoss remarks, "Dadburn it, I still say it woulda worked".

star 7.35
18 votes
The Tax Collector

#25 - The Tax Collector

Bonanza Season 2 - Episode 22

The kindness Hoss extends to shiftless Jock Henry is not exactly repaid when Henry becomes an assistant assessor and raises the Ponderosa's annual tax bill from $375 to $1700.

star 7.33
10 votes
The Deserter

#26 - The Deserter

Bonanza Season 4 - Episode 5

An Indian-hating officer, Colonel Edward J. Dunwoody, comes to the Ponderosa looking for army deserter Bill Winters, who is a good friend of the Cartwrights. Bill happens to be his son and is married to an Indian. It seemed Bill deserted when he was ordered to massacre the Shoshone, by poisoning their food and water, genocide. The Shoshone find out and abduct Bill's father.

star 7.33
10 votes
The Long Night

#27 - The Long Night

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 32

Ben, Joe and Adam travel to Bowleg to pay the yearly taxes on the Ponderosa. After the transaction is completed, Ben and Joe ride over the summit to join the cattle drive. Adam is on his way to Genoa and is carrying a $10,000 bank draft his father has given him. A prison guard rides into town and announces two hombres have broke out and escaped who are holdup men and killers. Elmer Trace and his partner Poindexter were assisted by a guard in escaping prison and they betray him on the trail. Trace takes his clothes, horse and firearms, leaving Poindexter with only a rifle and rides off. Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Bowleg organizes a posse immediately.

star 7.33
13 votes
The Jackknife

#28 - The Jackknife

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 22

Adam gives a second chance to a family man he suspects is one of the rustlers who has been hitting the Ponderosa herds.

star 7.31
11 votes
Zorro Versus Cupid

#29 - Zorro Versus Cupid

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 18

Still hoping to strike it rich during his visit to Los Angeles, Estevan shows a great deal of interest in a young woman when he learns she comes from a wealthy family. Don Alejandro accuses Estevan of only being attracted to Margarita because of her money, but the suitor denies the charges, forcing Diego to dress as Zorro in an attempt to frighten Estevan away. Instead of convincing his uncle to give up his plan, Diego has unwittingly made Estevan furious at Zorro. Hoping to trap the outlaw, Estevan arranges for Corporal Reyes to dress as Margarita and ride in her carriage. Estevan then spreads word around town that he and "Margarita" will be enjoying a quiet ride near the lake that evening. He tells Sergeant Garcia to follow the carriage, so when Zorro next tries to embarrass Estevan, he can capture his masked foe. Zorro does stop the carriage and offers to help Margarita out, only to find it is really Corporal Reyes. He frees himself from Reye's grasp and turns to fight Estevan, who has approached with his sword drawn. Reyes runs to find Garcia, who is trying to escape a pursuing skunk. Zorro forces Estevan into the lake and the two soldiers quickly follow him in to avoid their striped pursuer.

star 7.22
7 votes
The Night of the Deadly Bed

#30 - The Night of the Deadly Bed

The Wild Wild West Season 1 - Episode 2

Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico and become the new Napoleon.

star 7.22
169 votes
The Night of Sudden Death

#31 - The Night of Sudden Death

The Wild Wild West Season 1 - Episode 4

Jim and Artie must find the mastermind and determine why a bomb was planted in the U.S. Mint.

star 7.19
99 votes
The Senorita Makes a Choice

#32 - The Senorita Makes a Choice

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 4

After the Verdugos return to Monterey, Anna Maria enters their home and discovers that her father is missing. Pablo, their former servant, tells her the old man is being held hostage and will be killed unless she hands over 45,000 pesos believed to be in the house. Diego and Bernardo arrive and Pablo slips away, warning Anna Maria that her father will be killed if she tells anyone of the kidnapping. Although she won't admit it, Diego discovers what has happened, and he asks the local commandante to send a guard to the Verdugo hacienda. This angers Romero, who claims it will endanger Verdugo's life, and he convinces Anna Maria to send Diego away. When he leaves, she finds the money hidden in a secret panel, and she gives it to Sergeant Garcia to deliver to the kidnappers. Zorro visits her that night and she tells him of her actions, prompting him to rush to Garcia's aid. The sergeant has been ambushed by the thieves, but Zorro tricks them and learns Verdugo is being held in the blacksmith's shop. While Zorro is fighting the blacksmith, Garcia lets Pablo sneak Verdugo past him, putting the merchant in mortal danger.

star 7.17
10 votes
Ride the Wind (1)

#33 - Ride the Wind (1)

Bonanza Season 7 - Episode 17

The Pony Express sets up office in Virginia and Joe is one of the first to join up. Ben also decides to invest in the fledgling enterprise. However, troubles soon plague the Pony Express with the Paiutes and a newspaper reporter, both trying to get their own agendas across.

star 7.14
4 votes
A Time Remembered

#34 - A Time Remembered

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 12

Accompanied by her secretary (Melinda Plowman), opera singer Elena (Yvonne DeCarlo) comes to Medicine Bow to perform. Judge Garth recognizes here as someone he knew years before and is clearly attracted to her. A man named Carl Elston arrives in town and is shot by Elena who claims he is a stranger who tried to force his attentions on her. However, Sheriff Abbott (Ross Elliott) discovers evidence that Elena knew Carl, and that he was her manager and husband. The Judge is forced to defend Elena in court and uncover the truth.

star 7.00
2 votes
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A Man Called Kane

#35 - A Man Called Kane

The Virginian Season 2 - Episode 30

Randy and Betsy explore a cave and find a number of gold coins and a human skeleton, a find which gets wide publicity in the newspapers. Kane (Jeremy Slate) shows up and begins working at Shiloh where he reveals to Randy that he is not only his long lost older brother but also that he is evading the law on charges he claims were false. The publicity also attracts a US Treasury agent, Duggan (Dick Foran), as the coins seem to be a small part of missing Confederate assets. A treasure hunt ensues in which Randy is ultimately forced to decide on his brother's fate.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Zorro Rides Alone

#36 - Zorro Rides Alone

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 2

Diego continues his investigation into Señor Verdugo's business by riding to his house, where Verdugo greets him and Bernardo with his arm in a sling. Although Verdugo claims an old injury is bothering him, Diego suspects he may be the leader of the robbers, so he sets a trap. He tells Verdugo the money is being sent via the Guadalupe Trail and should be arriving shortly, but a servant overhears him. Unfortunately, Sergeant Garcia and Corporal Reyes, who have been sent with the money along the Camino Real, decide to take a shortcut and use the Guadalupe Trail. When Zorro and Bernardo arrive at the trail, hoping to catch the robbers, they're amazed to spot the soldiers riding into a trap they have inadvertently helped set. Zorro is unable to reach them in time, for Tornado had to be left home to avoid suspicion. The robbers take the money and order the soldiers to dig their own graves, but Zorro overpowers the guards and frees Garcia and Reyes. Just then, Verdugo arrives, apparently confirming Diego's theory that he is the mastermind. In reality, Verdugo has been lured there by his servant, who plans to kill him. Zorro saves the merchant, who explains that he sent his men there to help Garcia and didn't know that his servants were the robbers.

star 7.00
12 votes
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The Gift

#37 - The Gift

Bonanza Season 2 - Episode 27

While crossing the desert to Yuma, Arizona with a white stallion intended as a birthday present for Ben, Joe runs into a pack of merciless comancheros. His companion, a former comanchero, Emiliano, who raised the horse, must get he and Joe through safely.

star 6.94
16 votes
The Pursued (1)

#38 - The Pursued (1)

Bonanza Season 8 - Episode 4

A Mormon with two wives is badgered by the town's people and then things get much worse.

star 6.93
12 votes
The Auld Sod

#39 - The Auld Sod

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 20

The Cartwrights pretend the Ponderosa belongs to the town lush, when his aging mother from Ireland arrives.

star 6.91
9 votes
The Burma Rarity

#40 - The Burma Rarity

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 5

In this comic episode involving a precious emerald and the sweet widow, Clemantine Hawkins who is attracted to Ben, turns the tables on a pair of land swindlers.

star 6.80
13 votes
The Runaways

#41 - The Runaways

Zorro (1957) Season 2 - Episode 14

Two indentured servants who wish to marry find that the law states they must have the permission of their masters. Buena, who works in the de la Vega hacienda, is told she is free to marry, but her boyfriend, Romaldo, is not so fortunate. One of his co-workers also wants to marry Buena so he convinces their boss that Romaldo plans to run away after the ceremony. In fact, Romaldo does run away, but he does so to find Buena so they can elope. Diego helps her convince Romaldo that it would be best to explain to Don Tomas, the other landowner, how he feels, and perhaps change his mind. Don Tomas refuses to listen and orders Romaldo confined to the ranch as punishment. Lazaro, the scheming co-worker, beats Romaldo and the youth runs away once more. Buena is tricked by Lazaro into coming to the Yorba ranch, where he tells her he is in love with her. Her rejection angers him and he pulls out a knife, forcing a watching Zorro to intervene. Diego had learned that Buena had snuck out and followed her, a lucky decision that saves her life. Zorro and Buena convince Don Tomas that Romaldo is an honorable man and they receive consent to wed. The two servants will continue to serve out their contracts, but now can do so as man and wife.

star 6.67
7 votes
Peace Officer

#42 - Peace Officer

Bonanza Season 7 - Episode 20

While Sheriff Coffee is in Saint Louis, the Morrisey bunch decides to work off excess energy by wrecking the saloon in a violent spree. When Deputy Bill Harris tries to arrest them, they hit him on the head with a whiskey bottle, accidentally killing him. All of them get away except Cliff, who is put in jail. He refuses to say the names or locations of his friends. Mayor Garrett holds an emergency meeting of the Virginia City town council. They hire legendary lawman Wes Dunn, as the temporary sheriff. He is a humorless man who is determined to restore order in town. He beats Cliff almost to death to find out where his friends are, but Cliff will not say anything. Meanwhile, Hoss finds Chuck, a wounded gang member. When he tries to take Chuck's gun away, he shoots Hoss. Joe goes with Dunn to find the other men. He thinks Dunn is a hero until he sees him murder one of the suspects in cold blood.

star 6.50
4 votes
Horse of a Different Hue

#43 - Horse of a Different Hue

Bonanza Season 8 - Episode 2

So the Cartwrights will not be killed, one of Ben's oldest friends must make sure Joe does not win a horse race.

star 6.42
10 votes
The Sure Thing

#44 - The Sure Thing

Bonanza Season 9 - Episode 9

A young girl's ownership of a beloved stallion is jeopardized by the "big plans" of her scheming father.

star 6.40
8 votes
The Lonely House

#45 - The Lonely House

Bonanza Season 3 - Episode 4

Little Joe pays a visit to the widow Lee Bolden, and brings her a bank draft for her husband's investments with Ben. Actually, the investments were losing propositions. Ben just wanted to help out his friend. During his visit, a wounded man stumbles into the house, and Joe recognizes him as Trock, who had just robbed the local bank. Lee Bolden was a nurse to her husband physician, and removes the bullet from Trock. Joe soon learns that Lee is in love with Trock, and that is the only thing standing between him and an early grave.

star 6.30
21 votes
Between Heaven and Earth

#46 - Between Heaven and Earth

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 9

When Joe and his friend Mitch go after a puma, Joe climbs a big peak and throws his gun up higher, intending to crawl up after it. But as he looks down, things begin to spin. He realises he can't go any higher, and he retreats down the hill. Needing to prove himself, Joe spars against Mitch.

star 6.00
1 votes
Incident at Diablo Crossing

#47 - Incident at Diablo Crossing

The Virginian Season 7 - Episode 22

Trampas is sent by stagecoach on a cattle buying trip. At a way station two soldiers and a payroll join the stage and they are told there may be Indian trouble ahead. When the coach stops for rest and water, Trampas finds Jason Adams standing in the river over the dead body of the ferry man from Diablo Crossing where the stage is headed. At Diablo Crossing they find the ferry destroyed and Bud McLister and Marcy McLister who are brother and sister. While repairing the ferry, Trooper Rankin takes a shine to Marcy, they are shot at, and the horses disappear followed by the payroll.

star 6.00
1 votes
The Stallion

#48 - The Stallion

The High Chaparral Season 2 - Episode 1

An Indian outbreak threatens to erupt when Billy Blue Cannon and an Apache boy fight over a wild horse. Chatto, son of an Apache chief, first discovers the prized stallion, but fails in his attempt to capture it. When Billy Blue successfully ropes the horse, Chatto becomes infuriated with Cannon and steals it back. Billy Blue retaliates and a feud begins. Chief Natchez approaches John Cannon and warns him of trouble if Chatto loses the horse. The two boys meet and fight while High Chaparral wranglers and Apache braves watch and prepare for battle.

star 6.00
2 votes
Sense of Duty

#49 - Sense of Duty

Bonanza Season 9 - Episode 2

Ben, Hoss and Little Joe help the Virginia City militia escort a renegade Indian, who believes he is the Almighty, through hostile Indian territory to prison.

star 5.92
11 votes
The Trap

#50 - The Trap

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 26

One of Joe's old girlfriends thinks he killed her husband so they could come together. Unfortunately, that is what her husband's twin brother also believes.

star 5.67
3 votes

#51 - Tommy

Bonanza Season 8 - Episode 14

The Cartwrights protect a woman and her deaf-mute little son from the boy's outlaw stepfather.

star 5.56
7 votes
A Man of the People

#52 - A Man of the People

The Virginian Season 3 - Episode 15

Trouble comes to Medicine Bow in the form of a number of settlers who camp on land they say has been promised to them but that Judge Garth and others traditionally have leased from the government for grazing cattle. The land settlement has been promoted by Congressman Matt Cosgrove (James Dunn) who had read law with the Judge 30 years before. The Judge knows the soil is no good for farming but is told government reports support the reverse. While the Judge and Cosgrove are at odds, Cosgrove's nephew, Army Lt. David O'Mara (Martin West), and Betsy Garth find each other more to their liking.

star 5.50
2 votes
The Lonely Runner

#53 - The Lonely Runner

Bonanza Season 7 - Episode 5

The Cartwrights' friend, Jim Acton, is in danger of losing his prized mare. He has sold a herd of wild horses to horse trader Sam Whipple, and Whipple takes him to court claiming the mare was part of that herd. Acton walks out on the court proceedings, and the judge awards the mare to Whipple. When Acton tries to make a deal with Whipple to buy her back, Whipple shoots at him. Jim kills Whipple in self defense and becomes a wanted man. The Cartwrights are sure he is innocent, but an overzealous deputy under Sheriff Coffee, has other intentions. Acton has only one wish: to run free like a wild horse.

star 5.43
5 votes
The Saga of Squaw Charlie

#54 - The Saga of Squaw Charlie

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 14

A peaceful Indian is framed for the kidnapping of a young girl, a stunt which ends in tragedy.

star 5.33
1 votes
The Wild One

#55 - The Wild One

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 3

Lafe Jessup doesn't really want to be married, and now he's about to be a father! The horse wrangler finds a fight with Hoss at his reluctance to perform his duties.

star 4.33
1 votes
Lothario Larkin

#56 - Lothario Larkin

Bonanza Season 6 - Episode 30

Ladies' man Lothario Larkin creates havoc whenever he hits Virginia City, so Roy Coffee orders him out of town. Naturally, Hoss takes him in.

star 4.00
1 votes
The Blue Stone of Heaven (1)

#57 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (1)

Tarzan (1966) Season 2 - Episode 4

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The Blue Stone of Heaven (2)

#58 - The Blue Stone of Heaven (2)

Tarzan (1966) Season 2 - Episode 5

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