The BEST episodes directed by Herb Wallerstein

The Diplomat
3 votes

#1 - The Diplomat

The Partridge Family - Season 4 - Episode 8

Shirley receives an unexpected invitation to dinner from Howard Lipton, the presidential ambassador and well-known ladies man. It seems he's visiting San Pueblo, on his way to talk in China, and he remembers her from a previous short meeting. On the big night, Lipton shows up two hours late for the date and then spends more than half the evening on the phone with world dignitaries. When Shirley gets a second request for a date, she turns him down, explaining that she really didn't have a very good time. Lipton's ego is crushed. The diplomat showers Shirley with gifts from around the world, trying to make her reconsider her decision. Shirley is being hounded by newspapermen and ostracized by her neighbors, but she refuses to give in unless Lipton visits her in person to ask for a date. When Lipton finally agrees, Shirley sets up the terms for the date – the ambassador must come and spend a quiet dinner in the Partridge home, with no interrupting phone calls. During the evening, Lipton c

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The Feminum Mystique (2)
76 votes

#2 - The Feminum Mystique (2)

Wonder Woman - Season 1 - Episode 6

When a clever spy gets information from Drusilla concerning her homeland, the Nazis launch a full assault on Paradise Island, capturing it and planning to use its secrets to conquer the world. In the end, Wonder Woman and Drusilla must come up with a plan to set everything right.

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55 votes

#3 - Chico

Mission: Impossible - Season 4 - Episode 17

Two halves of a microfilm add up to one dangerous list for the agents it will incriminate. But Barney plans to use a trained dog to retrieve it.

The Madonna Caper
71 votes

#4 - The Madonna Caper

The Six Million Dollar Man - Season 5 - Episode 17

While Steve helps a countess retrieve a microdot with important information hidden on a painting in a museum, she helps herself to a masterpiece and replaces it with a forgery. Oscar sends Steve to retrieve the painting from its buyer before a visiting art expert causes embarrassment by discovering the counterfeit currently on display.

A Likely Candidate
6 votes

#5 - A Likely Candidate

The Partridge Family - Season 3 - Episode 8

Keith is suddenly jolted out of his political apathy when Laurie takes him to a rally where Richard Lawrence, a candidate for Congressman, is speaking. Keith is so enthusiastic about the man that he decides to help Lawrence run his campaign. That night, Lawrence, who is handsome and charming besides being an excellent candidate, visits the Partridges to see if they will perform at a rally he is giving. All the kids notice that there is an immediate attraction between the politician and Shirley and, in fact, Richard invites their mother out to dinner that very night. Within a few days there is obviously a budding romance going on between Shirley and Richard, now known as """"Dick."""" But Keith feels insecure about this, afraid he is going to lose his mother. Shirley dispells her son's jealousy by explaining to him that there are some times when she feels very lonely and wants a man's companionship. Although Richard later loses the election, he flatters Shirley by saying that losing has its

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Tiger, Tiger!
32 votes

#6 - Tiger, Tiger!

The Brady Bunch - Season 1 - Episode 18

One afternoon, Bobby briefly leaves Tiger unattended and returns to find him missing. Soon a city wide search is on. Meanwhile, a string of burglaries in the neighborhood has Alice paranoid. Could the robbers have lured Tiger away in order to rob the Brady house?

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Wish Upon a Star
101 votes

#7 - Wish Upon a Star

Happy Days - Season 2 - Episode 7

Richie wins a date with a movie star, Cindy Shea, to a school dance, and Gloria breaks up with him because of circumstances surrounding it. Cindy, however, will only be able to meet up with Richie after the dance has started.

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Bedknobs and Drumsticks
3 votes

#8 - Bedknobs and Drumsticks

The Partridge Family - Season 3 - Episode 19

Reuben arranges for the Partridge family to make a TV commercial for Erwin Tully, owner of a large take-out chicken outfit. Up until now """"Uncle Erwin"""" has been making all his own commercials, very corny ones complete with chicken costumes. His sales have dropped and he feels he needs a new image. The family films the commercial -- the setting is a picnic; all the kids are playing and enjoying Uncle Erwin's chicken. Everyone is very pleased with the ad, everyone but Erwin! He feels something is missing – chicken suits! The Partrides are 100% against it but are forced by a contract to make another commercial. They try to make it as bad as possible, hoping Erwin won't like it and use the first one. He loves it. Erwin is going to preview his new commercial at a convention for all his franchise owners. Shirley realizes everyone there will hate the ad. So, when the conventioneers assume the commercial is a joke and ask for the """"real one,"""" Shirley saves the day by having the first ad read

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Formula 407
62 votes

#9 - Formula 407

Wonder Woman - Season 1 - Episode 12

Wonder Woman goes south of the border to recover a top secret formula stolen by the Nazis.

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The Tholian Web
809 votes

#10 - The Tholian Web

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 9

Captain Kirk finds himself trapped between dimensions on a disintegrating starship. The Enterprise crew works against time to rescue him as the Tholians weave a destructive energy web around their ship.

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Never Try to Outsmart a Genie
98 votes

#11 - Never Try to Outsmart a Genie

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 1 - Episode 19

Tony has to go on a three-week trip to Rome (which involves an ocean cruise to Europe) for business. Jeannie begs her master to let her come along, but Tony knows she'll only be in the way and orders her to stay home. Jeannie (certain that not only will danger befall Tony, but he'll meet and marry a beautiful woman he meets on the cruise) tries every trick to change Tony's plans. When the captain catches on (rather quickly, mind you), he decides to let her come along ... under the following condition: That she can come in her human form only if she can legally obtain a passport without using her magic. Of course, she can't get the needed passport, but doesn't find this out until she nearly gets another woman in serious trouble.

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The Deadly Dares
193 votes

#12 - The Deadly Dares

Happy Days - Season 1 - Episode 6

Richie and Potsie, in their never-ending effort to get girls, decide that they want to join a gang called the Demons. However, in order to be accepted, they have to perform several dares.

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Richie's Flip Side
86 votes

#13 - Richie's Flip Side

Happy Days - Season 2 - Episode 21

Richie is forced into being a disc jockey at a local radio station when one there suddenly quits. His boss informs him that he has the potential to become the next Wolfman Jack, and Richie begins to develop an inflated ego and neglect his friends.

The Feminum Mystique (1)
82 votes

#14 - The Feminum Mystique (1)

Wonder Woman - Season 1 - Episode 5

An espionage tale involving the Nazis stealing the prototype for America's first jet, the XPJ-1. For Wonder Woman it escalates into something far more horrible when her sister, Drusilla on a mission for Paradise Island's Queen, is kidnapped while in America.

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Blind Man's Bluff
13 votes

#15 - Blind Man's Bluff

Gunsmoke - Season 17 - Episode 22

Phoebe nurses a wounded man with amnesia back to health. But with his memory returning it could lead to even more danger for the confused man and heartache for the lonely Phoebe.

I Do, I Do
26 votes

#16 - I Do, I Do

Wonder Woman - Season 2 - Episode 8

Wonder Woman masquerades as a new bride honeymooning at a health spa to prevent a group of traitors from obtaining government secrets.

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The River (2)
13 votes

#17 - The River (2)

Gunsmoke - Season 18 - Episode 2

Matt is tracked, with bad intent, along a river gorge by a gang of villains while in custody of one of the gang and $24,000 of their money. Escaping the gang by jumping into the river, Matt is rescued by two kids, brother & sister on a raft, and floats downriver with adventures galore.

Ain't Loveth Grand?
4 votes

#18 - Ain't Loveth Grand?

The Partridge Family - Season 3 - Episode 10

Laurie meets a former neighbor at the local tennis courts. His name is Greg Houser and he's grown up to be quite a handsome fellow. Laurie eagerly agrees to see him that evening to talk over old times and to catch up on new times. When Greg arrives to take Laurie out, the entire family is surprised to see that Greg is wearing a clerical collar. Laurie feels very uncomfortable with Greg now that she knows his occupation. Greg finally puts her at ease. He does this so successfully that later in the evening Laurie tells Shirley she is in love with Greg. Talk of marriage is in the air. Shirley has told Laurie that she should take time to be sure of her feelings for Greg. Laurie promises to do this, but she is going through all the motions or being in love. Laurie's preoccupation with Greg causes her to leave out a few words in a note she leaves her mother. From the way the note reads, it appears that Laurie has eloped with Greg. Shirley rushes to the church and discovers that Laurie is mer

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Whom Gods Destroy
630 votes

#19 - Whom Gods Destroy

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 14

Kirk and Spock investigate an insane asylum where a former Starfleet captain is being held, only to discover that he has freed the inmates and is running the place.

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Turnabout Intruder
747 votes

#20 - Turnabout Intruder

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 24

The Enterprise is in danger when Janice Lester, one of Kirk's former lovers, steals his body.

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The Night of the Diva
32 votes

#21 - The Night of the Diva

The Wild Wild West - Season 4 - Episode 20

West meets up with Gordon who, urged by President Grant, has just arrived in New Orleans to escort a famous Italian diva and niece of the ambassador. Discovering that several divas had recently disappeared in New Orleans, the agents must rush to unravel a plot involving the secret Order of Lucia and reveal who, among their new acquaintances, is playing a role on and off the stage.

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That Which Survives
550 votes

#22 - That Which Survives

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 17

Kirk, McCoy, and Sulu are stranded on a barren planet where a mysterious woman attempts to kill them one at a time, while the Enterprise must travel halfway across the galaxy to rescue them.

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The River (1)
78 votes

#23 - The River (1)

Gunsmoke - Season 18 - Episode 1

Matt is tracked, with bad intent, along a river gorge by a gang of villains while in custody of one of the gang and $24,000 of their money. Escaping the gang by jumping into the river, Matt is rescued by two kids, brother & sister on a raft, and floats downriver with adventures galore.

P.S. Murry Christmas
47 votes

#24 - P.S. Murry Christmas

Gunsmoke - Season 17 - Episode 15

Handyman Titus Spangler rescues seven orphans from an overly stern headmistress, Emma Grundy, and winds up in Dodge City at Christmas time.

Ashes to Ashes
43 votes

#25 - Ashes to Ashes

Quincy, M.E. - Season 3 - Episode 17

A young woman dies in a bar, apparently of a heart attack. After the autopsy Quincy is sure that something is not quite as it seems and soon discovers some unsettling facts about her husband.

The Pluto File
61 votes

#26 - The Pluto File

Wonder Woman - Season 1 - Episode 8

Wonder Woman has her hands full when an Irish mercenary named Fallon steals an American-developed device that can control or eliminate earthquakes. To make matters worse, Fallon is also a carrier of the Bubonic Plague and, as such, threatens America on two levels.

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Walk a Deadly Wing
42 votes

#27 - Walk a Deadly Wing

The Six Million Dollar Man - Season 5 - Episode 12

Steve is assigned to gain the confidence of a scientist who has developed a weapon to capture soldiers non-violently, but refuses to hand over the plans to anyone for fear it could cause drastic results if used on a pilot in flight. As Steve begins to become his friend and acquire the weapon, the Russians inform the scientist they are holding his wife hostage and demand the device in trade for her safe return.

41 votes

#28 - Jubilee

Gunsmoke - Season 18 - Episode 14

A man neglects his family in favor of raising his prize possession: a race horse

Double Trouble
3 votes

#29 - Double Trouble

The Partridge Family - Season 4 - Episode 6

Keith tries to land a date for the beach party with Johanna, one of the prettiest girls in school, but she turns him down for a member of the basketball team. Laurie offers to get him a date with her friends Sally, who is not exactly Keith's ideal, but he reluctantly agrees. Later, Keith finds out Johanna's date fell through and he eagerly agrees to take her out. Now he's stuck with two dates. Keith confides his problem to Reuben who advises him to take out the sexy one, not the nice one. Later, Shirley and Laurie learn Keith has made two dates for the same evening and tell him he should break his date with Johanna. He tries, but he can't do it. Keith devises a plan. He pretends he has a cold and arranges for his friend Wally to take Sally out to a play. He thinks he's free and clear to go out to the beach with Johanna when Sally sows up with hot soup to nurse his cold. After she and Laurie give Keith a hard time at the beach with Johanna. She knew about the double date all along. Laur

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