The Best Episodes Directed by Alan J. Levi

Ghosts of War

#1 - Ghosts of War

RoboCop: The Series Season 1 - Episode 7

A gang of war venterans gains control of Neurobrain protesting their exposure to deadly toxins.

star 9.75
31 votes
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Sharks (2)

#2 - Sharks (2)

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 2

A nuclear submarine is commandeered for the purpose of piracy and extortion. Steve investigates and is captured. To escape he must eluded trained sharks.

star 9.20
17 votes
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#3 - Shanghaied

Tales of the Gold Monkey Season 1 - Episode 3

Corky is kidnapped by Princess Kogi's half brother to repair the engines of his slave ship.

star 9.14
7 votes
Sharks (1)

#4 - Sharks (1)

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 5 - Episode 1

Steve is captured while investigating the unusual power failure of a nuclear submarine.

star 8.92
20 votes
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Death and Taxes

#5 - Death and Taxes

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 6

It is almost the 4th of July, and Higgins heads to Maui for an annual writers conference, and Rick and T.C. take a trip away, leaving Thomas on the Estate to face the horror of his tax audit. But that's nothing compared to the terror yet to come when Magnum becomes the focus of a crazed, obsessed killer, who repeatedly phones him with cryptic nursery rhyme riddles of upcoming killings. At first he thinks it is a crank caller, but the full reality of the sitution hits home when a prostitute is murdered in circumstances reflecting the clues given, and the menacing calls continue, with the deranged killer boasting about his crimes and giving clues of the next one...

star 8.90
117 votes
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Deadly Ringer (2)

#6 - Deadly Ringer (2)

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 16

Following her prison escape, Jaime is unable to convince anyone, including Oscar, of her true identity. Back in Ojai, Lisa tries to become Jaime Sommers, but the drug she is using to produce super-strength is slowly poisoning her.

star 8.83
14 votes
African Connection

#7 - African Connection

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 6

In order to prevent a ruthless African dictator from remaining in power, Jaime must secretly switch a rigged computer element with one that will give fair results in an upcoming election.

star 8.69
9 votes
Provision 22

#8 - Provision 22

RoboCop: The Series Season 1 - Episode 9

Murphy is torn between upholding the law and helping his family after his wife is arrested for leading a protest against OCP's privatized welfare system.

star 8.66
31 votes
Riding with Death

#9 - Riding with Death

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 8 - Episode 14

Movie Plot: A 1970s movie about a secret government agent. On the SOL: Mike tries cooking / Servo does a tribute to the seventies. Thats the 70s AD, not the 1970s / Servo becomes a trucker / the Crew tries to inject characters into a movie. On the Camping Planet: Evil robots attack Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy. They ask the SOL for help, and Mike responds by blowing up the planet / once again, Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy have escaped destruction by taking off in the Widowmaker. Pearl demands medals for bravery. Stinger: Jim Stafford is happy. Original film made in 1976.

star 8.46
78 votes
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The House of Luthor

#10 - The House of Luthor

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 1 - Episode 22

Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack try to prove Luthor guilty of the Daily Planet arson and prevent his marriage to Lois.

star 8.39
132 votes
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Leaping of the Shrew

#11 - Leaping of the Shrew

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 3

September 27, 1956: It's Robinson Crusoe with a twist when Sam leaps into a Greek sailor stranded on a deserted island with a beautiful young rich woman who appears to be less than fond of both him and their stranded situation.

star 8.34
249 votes
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L.A. (2)

#12 - L.A. (2)

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 2

Conclusion of this feature-length / two-part story. Magnum and Cynthia became ever closer to each other as they investigate Marti's murder. Their search leads them to a drug trafficker, but their snooping around sees them almost killed. Back in Hawaii, T.C., with help from Rick and Higgins, continues to search for the missing Kenny, and get him out of the trouble he is in...

star 8.33
81 votes
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L.A. (1)

#13 - L.A. (1)

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 1

Thomas arrives in Los Angeles to deliver lawsuit papers to a small film company on behalf of Robin Masters, and during the trip befriends a stand-up comedienne. But when he finds her murdered in his hotel room, he investigates to find who is behind the killing. When he goes to deliver the subpoena to the film company, he strikes up a relationship with the attractive young attorney, and the pair work together to find the murderers... Meanwhile back in Hawaii, one of the players on T.C.'s baseball team is mixed up with some small time car thieves, who witnesses his friends being shot dead after stealing a car...

star 8.24
99 votes
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Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace

#14 - Buffalo Bill and Annie Play the Palace

Voyagers! Season 1 - Episode 12

First, the Voyagers help Albert Schweitzer in his efforts to bring medical aid to a dying African tribal chief. Then they arrive in 1887 to help Annie Oakley, who is with Buffalo Bill's circus that is in England to perform for Queen Victoria.

star 8.20
5 votes
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Nowhere to Run

#15 - Nowhere to Run

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 4

August 10, 1968: As a Marine captain whose legs were amputated after a mishap in Vietnam, Sam finds himself in a veteran's hospital, where he must prevent the suicide of a fellow patient who would rather be dead than face life paralyzed from the neck down. Making matters worse, his wife seems incapable of accepting the fact that she and Sam's host can still lead a normal life, in spite of his condition.

star 8.18
243 votes
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#16 - Embassy

JAG Season 4 - Episode 2

Harm and Mac use a party at the Sudanese Embassy as a cover for their investigation of a kidnapping, and they're literally caught by surprise when terrorists take the visiting dignitaries -- and Mac -- hostage. Meanwhile, Bud notices that Harriet seems to be suffering from more than just flu symptoms.

star 8.16
399 votes
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King of the Greenie Board (1)

#17 - King of the Greenie Board (1)

JAG Season 5 - Episode 1

While patrolling the Mediterranean near Yugoslavia and against the orders of Harm, his division commander, Lt. Buxton fires on what he believes is a Serbian armored car about to attack Kosovar refugees. As Buxton and his pals are celebrating his victory back aboard the aircraft carrier, however, the grave news arrives: those ""Serbs"" Buxton attacked and killed were, in fact, Russian peacekeepers, and Buxton made the mistake while under Harm's command. Mac prosecutes what appears to be an open-and-shut case of a Marine weapons expert accused of reckless endangerment.

star 8.14
395 votes
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True Callings

#18 - True Callings

JAG Season 5 - Episode 3

Harms fitness report is coming up and the realization that maybe it really is too late to be a fighter pilot. During a dangerous mission over hostile Serbian territory, Harm's wingman's plane is shot up and Harm performs top-gun maneuvers to keep the disabled plane aloft until it's over friendly territory. Meanwhile, with a new Gunny in the office, Bud & Tiner fall over themselves as they compete against each other in an online auction to purchase tickets to a concert, in order to impress the Admiral. They end up looking foolish when it is discovered that the Gunny got the same tickets for free.

star 8.13
344 votes
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Florida's Problem

#19 - Florida's Problem

Maude Season 1 - Episode 18

Florida is backed into a corner by her chauvinistic husband, Henry, who has picked up a second job and orders her to quit her housekeeping job at the Findlays home. Soon it begins to cause problems for Maude and Walter as Walter takes Henry's side and Maude takes Florida's.

star 8.11
9 votes
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The Good of the Service

#20 - The Good of the Service

JAG Season 3 - Episode 3

When a Marine colonel defies orders from superiors, as well as the State Department, and rescues his men who are being held and tortured by a Haitian warlord, he is court-martialed. Harm and Mac are assigned as prosecutors and are shocked when they find they must go head-to-head with Chegwidden. Bud must choose who to side with.

star 8.09
362 votes
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The Dad Who Came in from the Cold

#21 - The Dad Who Came in from the Cold

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3 - Episode 13

When Lois and Clark obtain a powerful, mysterious computer, Jimmy's secret agent father wants it back--at any cost.

star 8.07
73 votes
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Black on White

#22 - Black on White

Magnum, P.I. Season 3 - Episode 6

Higgins finds himself quarantined with Thomas in the guest house after Thomas' supposed exposure to 'African Hemorhragic Fever'. Unbeknown to Higgins, the enforced quarantine is actually a ruse organised by Magnum and a one of Higgins' former comrades, to try and protect him from Kenyan Mau Mau warriors who are seeking bloody revenge and one-by-one killing all members of Higgins' old Army regiment who, in the 1950s, were responsible for the destruction of a Mau Mau village...

star 8.05
212 votes
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The Jororo Kill

#23 - The Jororo Kill

Magnum, P.I. Season 2 - Episode 13

Magnum is caught in the crossfire of international politics and terrorism when a determined news correspondent that himself, T.C. and Rick met in Vietnam, arrives in Honolulu, asking his help in tracking down a master-of-disguise international assassin who is targeting a visiting Prime Minister of a small island republic. But as they try to locate the killer before the assassination attempt is made, Thomas begins to question the exact motives behind the reporter's extreme determination to get the story...

star 8.03
241 votes
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Mac's Back

#24 - Mac's Back

Magnum, P.I. Season 5 - Episode 3

Diane's suicide triggers memories of others that Magnum has loved who have been killed, sending him into a spiral of depression, with him fast becoming a drunken wreck. While driving through town, he catches a glimpse of a man in who looks exactly like his late friend Mac MacReynolds. Higgins, Rick and T.C. are concerned about the effect of Diane's suicide on Magnum, but Thomas is adamant that he isn't going around the bend and intends to prove to his friends and to himself that he's not going insane. But if Mac is dead, just who did Magnum see?

star 8.02
160 votes
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Blood Moon

#25 - Blood Moon

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 15

March 10, 1975: As an eccentric, possibly vampiric, artist just outside of London, Sam must bear with Al's superstitions, while trying to prevent the death of his host's young wife, at the hands of a couple who are taking a sacrificial ceremony in honor of the "blood moon."

star 7.95
207 votes
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Sister Jaime

#26 - Sister Jaime

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 8

Disguised as a nun, Jaime uncovers an international smuggling ring that's using a convent winery as a cover.

star 7.95
18 votes
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Camikazi Kid

#27 - Camikazi Kid

Quantum Leap Season 1 - Episode 8

June 6, 1961: As a high school nerd, Sam is required to prevent the marriage of his sister to an abusive drinker, with the wedding only three days away. By drag racing the prospective husband, beating him with a car that couldn't have won without nitrous oxide, Sam shows the groom's true tendencies.

star 7.95
360 votes
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Wedding Bell Blues

#28 - Wedding Bell Blues

JAG Season 3 - Episode 23

Bud has his hands full when his family arrive in town for his wedding. Big Bud throws a stag party at a boisterous strip club where Harm's dress whites end up on the body of a stripper.

star 7.95
321 votes
Wilderness of Mirrors

#29 - Wilderness of Mirrors

JAG Season 4 - Episode 21

Harm fears he's losing his mind when he begins to see and hear his deceased father. Worried that he may be going insane, Harm finally confers with his Navy psychiatrist girlfriend who tells him she's treating a Marine officer with similar symptoms and suggests that Harm isn't experiencing anything unusual for someone who's lost a loved one under stressful circumstances. But before Harm can come to terms with the visitations, he begins to suspect that there's something more sinister involved that could cost him more than just his sanity.

star 7.92
302 votes
Silent Service

#30 - Silent Service

JAG Season 4 - Episode 16

Harm and Mac find themselves too close for comfort when they are sent to investigate an international incident on a nuclear submarine. When Harm and Mac, who are already getting on each other's nerves, find themselves in the cramped quarters of the submarine, their relationship is stretched to the absolute limit. Their attempts to stay out of each other's way as much as possible are futile since they must work together to find out why the sub surfaced miles off course, sinking a Norwegian boat in the middle of a regatta. Initially, it seems that the incident was the result of reduced staffing due to a breakout of E-coli. However, as more health problems begin to arise aboard the sub, Harm and Mac suspect a more criminal element than disease.

star 7.92
344 votes
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#31 - Laura

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 18

Rick persuades Thomas to take a high-reward, supposedly simple missing person case, but the person paying for the case is actually New York City cop Michael Doheny, who has his own reasons for wanting to find the man in question. Doheny has come to Hawaii to track down those responsible for the rape and murder of his young grand-daughter on the night of his retirement dinner, a hunt in which he asks Magnum's help...

star 7.90
114 votes
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Smaller Than Life

#32 - Smaller Than Life

Magnum, P.I. Season 4 - Episode 3

Thomas's attempt to impress a new girlfriend by taking hang-gliding lessons lands him in the hospital with a broken shoulder; Rick bails out his childhood friend Waldo Norris on a breaking and entering charge, but Waldo insists that he's an insurance claims investigator trying to prove that a valuable figurine that was reported as stolen is still in the possession of its owners; after they get shot at by a man ransacking Waldo's hotel room, Rick does a little digging and discovers that his friend has been lying to him, and has also stolen one of Higgins's sketches by conning him into thinking that he's a representative of the Smithsonian; Waldo then confesses that he's really a CIA operative and the figurine contains sensitive information; after some further checking, Rick is able to verify his story, and Higgins and T.C. agree to help Waldo and Rick -- that is, until Thomas does even more checking and discovers that Waldo was fired from the CIA years before; Waldo then claims that he

star 7.87
175 votes
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The Last Page

#33 - The Last Page

Magnum, P.I. Season 2 - Episode 20

A Vietnam veteran, whom Thomas distantly knows from a mission they both served on during the war, hires him to supposedly find his missing girlfriend. But unbeknown to Thomas, the man actually has an ulterior motive, and is using him to track down an old adversary with whom he has an old score to settle over the death of an Army buddy...

star 7.87
233 votes
Traveling All-Stars

#34 - Traveling All-Stars

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 2

Loren convinces the town to pay a baseball team to visit for an exhibition game against the town's team. The two teams will share the ticket sales, but problems arise when it's discovered Loren didn't read the fine print.

star 7.87
30 votes
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A Little Help from My Friends

#35 - A Little Help from My Friends

ER Season 9 - Episode 11

When Pratt is witnessed bringing a gun into the emergency room, Carter feels compelled to defend him. However, Pratt's erratic behavior makes Carter reconsider. Meanwhile, Weaver hopes to keep her pregnancy a secret, but physical complications might compromise her plans. Lewis warily watches self-destructive patient Chip Mealy, who admits to molesting young boys. Romano warns guilt-stricken Kovac not to admit to a grieving mother that his miscalculation caused her son's death. Chen treats high school students who overdosed on Ritalin. And Gallant confronts the scheming young wife, Koko, of an aged, dying man.

star 7.86
189 votes
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Yeah, Baby

#36 - Yeah, Baby

JAG Season 4 - Episode 23

With Harm's eyesight fixed, Harm decides to go ahead and submit a request to be transferred to a fighter squadron. When Lt.Cmdr Parker finds his written request, she is upset at the prospect of Harm being gone for months at a time. Afterwards, Harm goes over to Mac's apartment who has Chloe spending the night with Mac before she is reunited with her real father. Harm informs Mac of the eye surgery and his plans. Mac is equally upset at the prospect of losing Harm. Mic shows up at Mac's apartment after Harm leaves attempting to court Mac's feelings. After Mic leaves, Chloe tells Mac that Brumby and Harm have a crush on her and begins teasing Mac: ""Harm & Mac, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g."" Admiral Chegwidden passes Harm's request to be transferred onto the SecNav. Not willing to do any favors for Harm, the SecNav is reluctant to intervene. But, when the SecNav considers that it will get Harm away from Washington and the Admiral will owe the SecNav a favor, he tells the Admira

star 7.85
283 votes
Things My Father Never Taught Me

#37 - Things My Father Never Taught Me

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 3 - Episode 20

Dr. Mike convinces Robert E to take a job fixing a train boiler, then finds out it is a dangerous job.

star 7.85
20 votes

#38 - Trapdoors

Simon & Simon Season 1 - Episode 3

A banks computer system is being accessed by a young computer whiz, who helps himself to a little spending money. One of the bank's officials wants to know how the boy does it, and hires the Simons to find out.

star 7.85
59 votes
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#39 - Shakedown

JAG Season 4 - Episode 18

Numerous power outages & a ruptured steam line injuring a sailor sends Mac & Harm to the aircraft carrier USS CORAL SEA. While there, they discover two civilian technical representatives onboard and their plan to steal over a million dollars in cash from the Disbursement Office vault; as well as their plan to smuggle it off the carrier. Adm. Chegwiggen helps a former juvenile delinquent who became a decorated SEAL face his leukemia.

star 7.85
342 votes
Act of Terror

#40 - Act of Terror

JAG Season 4 - Episode 6

Millions of viewers are turned into witnesses when they see a Marine guard shoot an arrested terrorist on live television, and its Harms job to defend him. With Mac on the prosecution, she and Harm are pitted against each other in what seems like an open and shut case of cold-blooded murder. But when Harm is replaced by a civilian attorney with a defense plan that doesnt add up and whose fees are being paid by a wealthy right wing industrialist, Percival Bertram. Harm decides to do some investigating of his own.

star 7.84
367 votes
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#41 - Sleeper

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 - Episode 8

As Dawn and Willow recover from their chaotic night at the Summers house, Buffy probes a series of grisly murders that may be the work of Spike.

star 7.82
813 votes
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#42 - Vanished

JAG Season 3 - Episode 6

When a fully armed and piloted Navy F-14 disappears during a storm, the JAG team is called in to investigate all possible scenarios, from pilot suicide and terrorism to the curse of the Bermuda Triangle and UFO interference.

star 7.80
434 votes
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The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse

#43 - The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse

JAG Season 3 - Episode 21

Members of the JAG team encounter resistance from Navajo tribal elders when they insist on DNA testing to verify that human remains are those of heroic Navajo ""code-talker"" Jimmy Blackhorse, missing since World War II.

star 7.80
351 votes
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And the Answer Is...

#44 - And the Answer Is...

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 - Episode 22

Superman's real identity is in danger of being exposed by a diary written by a man from the future. Clark finally asks Lois to marry him, but the question she asks is even bigger.

star 7.80
107 votes
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What Price Gloria?

#45 - What Price Gloria?

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 4

October 16, 1961: Sam is shocked when he learns he's leaped into a woman, Samantha Stormer. As a gorgeous secretary for an automobile company, Sam has to cope with sexual harassment by the boss, a suicide attempt by a roommate, and the effect his looks have on Al's lecherous tendencies.

star 7.76
272 votes
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The Court-Martial of Sandra Gilbert

#46 - The Court-Martial of Sandra Gilbert

JAG Season 3 - Episode 2

A top female helicopter pilot is accused of disobeying an order---to cease her affair with a married enlisted man, and a Congresswoman is determined to ensure the pilot's fair treatment as a potential court-martial looms.

star 7.75
329 votes
Seconds (3)

#47 - Seconds (3)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3 - Episode 17

Lex Luthor's final plan to gain Lois' love could mean death for Superman.

star 7.75
71 votes
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One Touch of Nature

#48 - One Touch of Nature

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 10

As the community prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, Dr. Mike and Sully become anxious with their inability to conceive. As the couple try to get used to the idea of not having a baby, Jake becomes depressed about being alone.

star 7.75
32 votes
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The Least Dangerous Game

#49 - The Least Dangerous Game

Simon & Simon Season 1 - Episode 5

Rick and AJ are hired to investigate the death of an animal keeper, they go undercover at the zoo but become very suspicious of their client, a wealthy benefactor.

star 7.73
15 votes
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The Ice Man Cometh

#50 - The Ice Man Cometh

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 16

When a charlatan passes through town selling shares in a nonexistent invention, nearly everyone in Colorado Springs buys into the scam.

star 7.73
22 votes
Beyond Repair

#51 - Beyond Repair

ER Season 8 - Episode 11

Abby has a horrible birthday, beginning with meeting her new squabbling neighbors. She treats a young woman hoping to get pregnant by taking fertility drugs, and discovers that Luka is going to Bosnia for two months as part of the Doctors Without Borders program. Her ex-husband tells her that he's getting remarried just before she sees Carter and Susan sharing a private moment. She takes care of a young boy abandoned in the ER after the death of his mother. Paul Sobricki is admitted with a head lac, and Abby unsuccessfully tries to keep Carter from seeing him. Abby's day ends with her sharing a beer with her neighbor. Carter has problems of his own: his mother is back in town, just getting in the way and refusing to admit to her mistakes. He also meets with Chen, who reveals that she has the evidence to take Weaver down in the Marfan's case. Weaver and Lopez are an item until Sandy discovers that Weaver has not widely come out yet. Mark finds cigarettes and condoms in Rachel's

star 7.72
252 votes
Hung Out to Dry

#52 - Hung Out to Dry

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 2

During a training exercise, a marine's parachute fails to open and he crashes into a parked car where two teenagers were making out. The NCIS team heads to the scene and has to determine if the marine's death was accidental or a murder.

star 7.71
2211 votes
The Immortals

#53 - The Immortals

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 4

The NCIS team investigates when a seaman's body is found at the bottom of the sea in his dress whites, with a ceremonial sword. They discover that he was addicted to a MMORPG. Now, the team must figure out how involved he was in the game and how far he would go to get revenge on his arch enemy, another sailor.

star 7.68
1952 votes
Full Engagement

#54 - Full Engagement

JAG Season 2 - Episode 8

Harm and Mac play a deadly game of hide-and-seek in the Appalachian mountains when they are tracked by backwoodsmen poachers who have just killed a game warden. While on their day off, Harm takes Mac for a flight in his vintage airplane, only to be forced to make an emergency landing in a mountain clearing because of mechanical problems. While in search of help, they unwittingly surprise a band of poachers who have just murdered a game warden and who are now determined to kill Harm and Mac. Their lives in jeopardy, Harm and Mac must utilize every evasive military maneuver they've ever learned in order to escape the murderers who are now hunting them.

star 7.66
402 votes
Going After Francesca

#55 - Going After Francesca

JAG Season 4 - Episode 4

After Admiral Ghegwiddens daughter, Francesca, is kidnapped in Italy, Chegwidden meets with his ex-wife, Marcella, and her husband, a wealthy Italian businessman, to get more background on Francesca's friends -- and enemies. Chegwidden learns that Francesca was seriously involved with the heir to a Mafia family -- a man Harm and Mac believe is responsible for the theft of Navy missiles for sale to Afghanistan. All intelligence points to the fact that Francesca is caught in the middle of this business deal gone awry, and it's up to Chegwidden and Harm to rescue her from the mob.

star 7.65
369 votes
Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

#56 - Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star

Columbo Season 10 - Episode 3

Lt. Columbo is pitted against an equally brilliant, nationally recognized criminal defence lawyer who murders his rock star girlfriend when he discovers she is seeing another man.

star 7.65
172 votes
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

#57 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

ER Season 9 - Episode 13

Carter's plan to help an ailing doctor leads to a dead-end — and a decision about his own career path. Pratt intervenes after a burglary lands Leon's pal in the ER, along with the cop his so-called friends shot. Kovac goes AWOL from his job after Weaver is unsympathetic to his depressive spiral. Alderman Bright returns, bearing financial gifts of gratitude for Weaver. Corday is caught off guard by hot-shot new surgeon, Dr. Dorset, and Romano risks his standing at County by overseeing an operation he is incapable of completing. Abby's brother Eric, now on his bipolar meds, visits and reconciles with her.

star 7.63
209 votes
The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (1)

#58 - The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (1)

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 - Episode 8

Baltar attempts to lure Galactica into range of a gigantic pulsar cannon. Adama becomes aware of the trap and sends in a team of commandos to destroy it.

star 7.62
551 votes
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Deadly Ringer (1)

#59 - Deadly Ringer (1)

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 15

A nightmare begins for Jaime when she regains consciousness in a prison cell after being switched with her surgically created look-alike, Lisa Galloway. Meanwhile, Lisa steals a top-secret experimental drug from Dr. Rudy Wells which produces bionic-like strength.

star 7.57
17 votes
Force Recon

#60 - Force Recon

JAG Season 2 - Episode 11

Harm goes undercover as a Marine gunnery sergeant to help Mac in her investigation of questionable Marine training methods and becomes a victim of unsafe maneuvers himself. While undercover, Harm learns that the tough-as-nails officer in charge of Force Recon training, Capt. Koonan, introduces unexpected problems into the training missions as a means of teaching the men to react quickly to surprises during combat. In addition to testing the Marines' mettle, the method also doubles their chances of returning safely from combat. However, in the mission in which Harm is involved, the method backfires dramatically, leaving five men trapped in a training maneuver destined for a disaster that even Capt. Koonan can't reverse, and it's up to Harm to get the trainees -- and himself -- out safely.

star 7.56
377 votes
A Place to Die

#61 - A Place to Die

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 12

Dr. Mike desperately attempts to find out why patients are dying mysteriously after having been treated in her clinic. As Dr. Mike searches for the answer to why a deadly and mysterious infection haunts her clinic, the townspeople begin to fear coming in for treatment. Unable to find out what is causing the deaths, Dr. Mike then makes a fateful decision that could mean destroying everything she has worked for through the years. Meanwhile, the attraction between Colleen and Andrew grows while she is home from college for a visit.

star 7.55
22 votes
The Big Blow

#62 - The Big Blow

Magnum, P.I. Season 3 - Episode 22

A hurricane battering the islands isn't enough to stop Robin Masters's spring equinox party, a lavish event attended by a close circle of friends, but the arrival of an about-to-give birth young woman and two ex-cons intent on grand larceny does. Further complicating matters is Robin's assertion that one of his guests is plotting to kill him that evening, and Thomas's plans to trap the culprit with the help of Rick and T.C. have been foiled by both the weather and the intruders.

star 7.54
169 votes

#63 - Trinity

JAG Season 2 - Episode 6

Harm & Mac are sent to Belfast, Ireland when the child of Navy Lieutenant Nivens suddenly turns up missing and a note left behind indicates it was taken by Lorcan Barnes of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who also happens to be the child's father. Arriving in Belfast, Harm & Mac are immediately at odds with the Royal Police, when they suggest ""negotiating"" with the IRA for return of the baby. Not finding much help, they go and search out the IRA on their own. Directed to a bar & told to ask for a particular type of beer. While playing darts, a man showing Mac the proper way to throw a dart whispers in her ear to go to an abandoned storefront. With the Royal Police tailing them, Harm and the baby's mother risk going to the storefront, while Mac boards a bus and leads the Police away from Harm. Once at the storefront, Harm is knocked unconscious and taken downstairs. He is then interoggated by a member of the IRA who we learn is Barnes. He doesn't believe the child has been kidnap

star 7.51
466 votes

#64 - Imposter

JAG Season 3 - Episode 20

A renegade government agent breaks into Harm's apartment and plans to murder the key witness in the trial at which Harm and Mac are currently prosecutors.

star 7.50
314 votes
Hell on Wheels

#65 - Hell on Wheels

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 11

Rushing to the railroad camp to battle an epidemic, Dr. Mike & Sully are shocked to find Matthew, heartbroken over the recent death of his fiancée, running the saloon there.

star 7.50
26 votes

#66 - Chinatown

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 - Episode 16

The death of a lieutenant commander appears to be suicide but the NCIS team uncovers evidence corresponding to murder. Also, Operational Psychologist Nate Getz joins Special Agent Kensi Blye in the field.

star 7.48
1923 votes

#67 - Thanksgiving

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 3 - Episode 10

Dr. Mike and Sully are traveling through dangerous Indian country when their stagecoach is robbed and they are abandoned. With them are a just married Kid Cole and Sister Ruth as they try and reach home for Thanksgiving. Evading hostile tribesmen is only the beginning.

star 7.48
29 votes
The Good Samaritan

#68 - The Good Samaritan

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 14

A navy dentist stops near the parked car to help a stranded motorist who pulls out a gun. The team investigates a murder with the help from a local sheriff, Charley, when they find out about a the similar murder of the Navy civilian employee in the was going through the nasty divorce,the wife is suspected but her alibi is perfect.

star 7.48
1545 votes

#69 - Malpractice

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 3

Dr. Mike is charged with malpractice and must stop treating patients during the lawsuit, leaving medical matters to the young and reluctant Dr. Cook.

star 7.45
22 votes
Florida Straits

#70 - Florida Straits

JAG Season 6 - Episode 3

When the captain of a U.S. Navy frigate rescues a young girl in Cuban waters and sets off the beginnings of an international incident, Harm and Bud's investigation leads them to Cuba and a meeting with Castro.

star 7.45
301 votes
Eye Spy

#71 - Eye Spy

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 11

When a Navy commander, who was a technical advisor to a civilian contractor for a Navy weapon, is found dead on the beach, the NCIS team investigates the murder using satellite technology.

star 7.42
1478 votes

#72 - Biofeedback

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 12

An OSI cryptographer's resentment of the organization's funding of his brother's biofeedback research drives him to sell his new top secret decoder on the black market.

star 7.41
18 votes
Ghosts of Christmas Past

#73 - Ghosts of Christmas Past

JAG Season 5 - Episode 11

On Christmas Eve, Harm pays his annual visit to the Vietnam Memorial to honor his father who was shot down on Christmas Eve, 1969. At the memorial, Harm meets a beautiful, but mysterious woman, who claims to have known Harm, Sr. She used to be a singer in a traveling USO tour and she met Harm's father shortly before his fateful flight. In an unusual casting twist, Harm stars as his father in this episode, and many familiar faces show up playing different roles.

star 7.41
328 votes

#74 - Legend

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 9

Dr. Mike, Sully and Matthew team up with a legendary marshal in order to nab the thieves who wounded Matthew during a bank robbery.

star 7.40
20 votes
A Weak Link

#75 - A Weak Link

NCIS Season 1 - Episode 22

Gibbs and his team investigate the death of a SEAL that occurred during a training exercise. As the investigation progresses, they come to suspect that the death was a murder rather than an accident.

star 7.39
1269 votes
The Dam

#76 - The Dam

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 14

In a case of mistaken motivation, a judge sends Sully to prison after he is spotted with criminals bent on stopping the construction of a dam.

star 7.38
21 votes
The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (2)

#77 - The Gun on Ice Planet Zero (2)

Battlestar Galactica Season 1 - Episode 9

Apollo and Starbuck lead a group of convicts on a possible suicide mission to destroy the cannon, which is located on an icy planet.

star 7.33
452 votes
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Angel of Mercy

#78 - Angel of Mercy

The Bionic Woman Season 1 - Episode 3

Jaime is sent to Costa Brava with helicopter pilot Jack Starkey to rescue the American ambassador. Starkey resents Jamie's presence because she is a female, but she soon proves herself to the pilot. The rescue becomes complicated when the ambassador's wife is trapped in a collapsed building, and they are joined by a local boy whose parents were killed.

star 7.33
75 votes
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Sweet Britches

#79 - Sweet Britches

Airwolf Season 2 - Episode 1

After an old Vietnam buddy of Hawke's is shot in the desert when trying to escape a corrupt Sheriff, Hawke gets a call from an inmate who had been in jail with the man to aleart him of the escape, and flies with Dominic in Airwolf to Pope County, Texas, to investigate. There, Hawke meets Highway Patrol Deputy Caitlin O'Shannessy, who had a run in with Sheriff Bogard prior to the killing; but Hawke's appearance on the scene sees him arrested by Bogard and released on a private game reserve, where gun-happy sportsmen pay big money to hunt big game – and Hawke is the latest bait...

star 7.32
208 votes
Uneasy Lies the Crown

#80 - Uneasy Lies the Crown

Columbo Season 9 - Episode 5

While investigating the death of a popular actor, Columbo must outwit a cunning dentist, who has set up his wife for a murder in order to keep up his image and expensive lifestyle.

star 7.31
242 votes
Echos from the Past

#81 - Echos from the Past

Airwolf Season 1 - Episode 7

Hawke meets a mercenary who claims to have information regarding his missing brother. When they part company, Hawke loses consciousness in his helicopter and crashes. When he comes to, he finds himself in a hospital. The medical staff inform him that he has been in a coma for the better part of a year. His friends, Archangel and Dom, were killed on a POW camp raid, but in the process, their heroism helped rescue Hawke's brother Saint John. Believing that his "mission" is over, Hawke reveals the location of Airwolf to his captors, then discovers that it has all been an elaborate ruse and he has inadvertantly turned over the super copter to a group of foreign conspirators.

star 7.28
140 votes

#82 - Avalon

Veritas: The Quest Season 1 - Episode 10

A 3000 year old celtic sarcophagus, found in the U.S. and containing a less than 100 year old mummy, leads Dr. Zond and Niko to investigate further. They cross paths with a celtic-druid-pagan society and their most holy day of the year is approaching.

star 7.24
37 votes
The Colonel's Wife

#83 - The Colonel's Wife

JAG Season 5 - Episode 8

Harm and Mac are sent to Panama to investigate the wife of a Marine officer, Olivia Dunston, suspected of smuggling drugs into the U.S. When faced with the evidence, Olivia feebly denies the allegations, leaving Mac thinking that she's guilty of the charges.

star 7.23
302 votes
Wall of Sound

#84 - Wall of Sound

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 - Episode 2

The city of Metropolis is in peril as a new criminal uses sound waves to render all of the citizens helpless, including Superman.

star 7.20
144 votes
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The Deadly Missiles

#85 - The Deadly Missiles

The Bionic Woman Season 1 - Episode 6

Jaime is sent to investigate her friend J.T. Conners after an unarmed missile is launched from his estate while the U.S. missile warning system was jammed.

star 7.20
81 votes
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Agents of Satan

#86 - Agents of Satan

Voyagers! Season 1 - Episode 4

Bogg and Jeff land in colonial Massachusetts. Their arrival is witnessed by a local who has them arrested as witches. Benjamin Franklin's mother is also under accusation, and if she dies, history changes. Jeff uses the Omni to prevent him and Bogg from being burned at the stake, but that puts them a couple of centuries forward and right in the middle of a seance being attended by skeptic Harry Houdini. Witnessing the ""supernatural"" with his own eyes, Houdini starts believing in ghosts, further altering history. The Voyagers Omni out, but return when Jeff determines they must convince Houdini they aren't ghosts. He and Bogg end up saving Houdini from being rescued alive, and put that part of history back on track. They then return to Massachusetts with one of Houdini's mirror illusions. Using it, they show that there are no such thing as ghosts and witches: only mechanical trickery. That ends the witch trials, and history is restored.

star 7.20
41 votes
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Terror in Times Square

#87 - Terror in Times Square

The Incredible Hulk Season 1 - Episode 4

David discovers a murder plot while working in a Time Square arcade, where the owner is being extorted to pay for protection.

star 7.19
92 votes
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Mike's Problem

#88 - Mike's Problem

All in the Family Season 2 - Episode 9

Mike's nervousness over his grades renders him temporarily impotent.

star 7.19
67 votes
Individual Responsibility

#89 - Individual Responsibility

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 2 - Episode 20

A payroll truck is hijacked, Perry is kidnapped and Superman doesn't even care.

star 7.19
133 votes
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#90 - Metamorphosis

The Incredible Hulk Season 3 - Episode 1

A rock star who sings for a Kiss-like group becomes suicidal after one of her fans is injured during a concert performance.

star 7.12
73 votes
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Mirror Image

#91 - Mirror Image

The Bionic Woman Season 1 - Episode 13

Lisa Galloway is transformed by plastic surgery into a double for Jaime, and successfully assumes her identity to obtain top-secret in information from Oscar Goldman's files.

star 7.09
51 votes
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Penultimate Questions

#92 - Penultimate Questions

Falcon Crest Season 1 - Episode 17

While Emma draws closer to revealing the truth about Jason's death to outsiders, Chase steadily draws closer to learning the truth through his investigation. No longer speculating over his father's mysterious death, Chase finally gathers enough concrete evidence to go to the D.A., who in turn, calls for a coroner's inquest into Jason's death. While Angela attempts to impede this, she is forced to testify. Following his release from the hospital, Douglas tries to help Emma and escorts her to the inquest. However, before she can testify, Douglas has a fatal seizure and dies. After witnessing this, Emma runs off while Angela blames Chase. Angela learns of Melissa's pregnancy following a disastrous honeymoon and assumes Lance to be the father, despite his denial.

star 7.08
36 votes

#93 - Freedom

Quantum Leap Season 2 - Episode 16

November 22, 1970: Rather than saving his grandfather's life, Sam has to escape from jail and elude the police long enough to get them both to the reservation, where the old man can die in peace, at home.

star 7.07
272 votes
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London Calling

#94 - London Calling

She Spies Season 2 - Episode 16

D.D. is forced to work undercover with a dashing MI-5 agent who has a special skill for annoying and charming her at the same time.

star 7.00
1 votes
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Road to Nashville

#95 - Road to Nashville

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 4

Jaime poses as a country singer to find a missing OSI agent, and to stop the passing of top-secret information.

star 7.00
14 votes
Escape to Love (aka A Matter of Love and Death)

#96 - Escape to Love (aka A Matter of Love and Death)

The Bionic Woman Season 3 - Episode 9

The son of an Iron Curtain scientist threatens to foul-up his own rescue when he falls in love with Jaime.

star 6.93
10 votes
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The Princess and the Petty Officer

#97 - The Princess and the Petty Officer

JAG Season 6 - Episode 6

Mac is assigned to represent an Arab princess not only at an INS hearing but also before an Islamic court, when the woman elopes with a Naval Petty Officer who is accused of smuggling her into the United States. When AJ talks to Dr. Walden about what happened to his car, she is appalled that AJ would accuse her son of impropriety & terminates their relationship. Danny Walden is quite smug to AJ that he had been able to break them up -- which will come to haunt him later. With his car still being held by the police, he is dismayed with driving a rental car. Harriet goes into labor 4 weeks early and a seemingly positive childbirth turns sour when it is discovered that the baby's head is pressing against the umbilical cord cutting off blood supply to the baby and her doctor (Dr. Gettis) is nowhere to be found. As another doctor steps in, Harriet is wheeled to the operating room in an attempt to save the baby. However, even after the arrival of Dr. Gettis, the medical staff was unable

star 6.90
365 votes
Once a Thief

#98 - Once a Thief

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 22

When a bumbling crook learns of Jaime's bionics, he blackmails her into helping him rob a bank.

star 6.87
11 votes
Little Prince

#99 - Little Prince

Miami Vice Season 1 - Episode 12

Crockett thinks that a wealthy industrialist's son nailed in a heroin bust could lead them to bigger connections in the supply network.

star 6.82
158 votes
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Remember Me

#100 - Remember Me

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 5 - Episode 8

A sick and ragged prospector wanders into town and Jake Slicker recognizes the man as his father, who abandoned him years before.

star 6.74
23 votes
Beyond the Call

#101 - Beyond the Call

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 18

Jaime tries to befriend a withdrawn girl who hasn't spoken since her mother's death. Meanwhile, the girl's father plans to steal a top-secret missile guidance system.

star 6.73
11 votes
The Truth About Holly

#102 - The Truth About Holly

Airwolf Season 2 - Episode 4

After Hawke rescues Dominic's niece Holly from a mobster's compound in Mexico, strange things start happening at Santini Air. At first, Hawke and Dominic assume that the mobster is trying to scare the girl, but, especially when Hawke turns down Holly's advances of romance, the incidents get worse... Meanwhile, Caitlin O'Shannessy arrives fresh from her escapade with Hawke against the corrupt Police of Pope County, and looks for work at Santini Air. He close relationship with Hawke somehow seems to fuel the incidents...

star 6.68
155 votes
Your Place or Mayan?

#103 - Your Place or Mayan?

Misfits of Science Season 1 - Episode 2

On behalf of a dead friend of Billy's, an archaeologist, the Misfits set out to prove the existence of buried Mayan treasure beneath Beverly Hills.

star 6.64
11 votes
The Night Demon (aka Daemon Creature)

#104 - The Night Demon (aka Daemon Creature)

The Bionic Woman Season 2 - Episode 20

While visiting the ranch of Indian lore expert Thomas Bearclaw, Jaime is haunted by a legendary Indian burial demon.

star 6.44
12 votes
Men in Pink

#105 - Men in Pink

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Season 4 - Episode 12

When Salmoneus and Autolycus were mistaken for the murderers of King Pholus, they disguised themselves as performers in the widow Twanky's all girl dance troupe. Autolycus promptly fell for the voluptuous Cupcake, while Salmoneus earned the unwanted affections of their pursuer, the late king's greedy brother Gekkus. Things got worse when the two men were forced to perform the Hootchi-Coochie-Jiggle-Wiggle in the buff, although Twanky was thrilled. The final showdown with Gekkus on stage was perceived by the audience as part of the show, Cupcake helped Autolycus and Salmoneus overcome Gekkus, who was hauled away as the king's killer.

star 6.13
51 votes