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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Network: CBS

Explore the inner workings of the government agency that investigates all crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel, regardless of rank or position. Leading this team is NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a skilled investigator and interrogator who is smart, tough and willing to bend the rules to get the job done.

Family First

#1 - Family First

Season 13 - Episode 24 - Aired May 17, 2016

The NCIS, FBI and MI6 teams continue the international manhunt for a spy who's targeting current and former agents. Anthony DiNozzo receives life-changing news.

star 8.30
1,996 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Gary Glasberg, Scott A. Williams
Keep Going

#2 - Keep Going

Season 14 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 24, 2017

While investigating a hit and run, Palmer spots a man on a ledge and attempts to talk him down.

star 8.19
2,263 votes
Writers: Scott A. Williams
Till Death Do Us Part

#3 - Till Death Do Us Part

Season 9 - Episode 24 - Aired May 15, 2012

Terrorism shakes the foundations of the Navy and NCIS to such an extent that Gibbs and the team face surprises that will devastate them.

star 8.07
2,797 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Gary Glasberg

#4 - Twilight

Season 2 - Episode 23 - Aired May 24, 2005

A group of serial terrorists seek revenge and send Ari on an assignment to kill Gibbs. The NCIS team goes on a hunt after him, but when they discover that Ari has a bigger plan, it is already too late – the NCIS team will have to face the death of one of their team members.

star 8.04
1,362 votes
Writers: John C. Kelley

#5 - Pyramid

Season 8 - Episode 24 - Aired May 17, 2011

The lives of NCIS members are in jeopardy when they come face-to-face with the infamous Port-to-Port killer, on the eighth season finale of NCIS.

star 8.04
3,128 votes
Directors: Dennis Smith
Writers: Gary Glasberg
Damned If You Do

#6 - Damned If You Do

Season 10 - Episode 24 - Aired May 14, 2013

The international manhunt for Eli David's killer turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and the team, which questions their unconventional methods and threatens their future at the agency.

star 8.04
2,117 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Gary Glasberg

#7 - She

Season 16 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 12, 2019

After a malnourished and confused 9-year-old is found hiding in a storage unit, NCIS reopens an old missing persons case when the girl is believed to be the daughter of a Navy recruit who disappeared 10 years ago. Also, Bishop discovers notes that Special Agent Ziva David kept on the case long after NCIS officially stopped investigating.

star 8.02
1,000 votes
Directors: Mark Horowitz
Writers: Gina Lucita Monreal
House Divided

#8 - House Divided

Season 15 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 26, 2017

Two months after Gibbs and McGee were last seen fighting an elusive group of rebels in a Paraguay jungle, the NCIS team in D.C. tirelessly searches for their missing colleagues. Also, Vance and Torres are summoned to a congressional hearing regarding the fallout from the Paraguay mission

star 8.01
2,201 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Steven D. Binder
The Arizona

#9 - The Arizona

Season 17 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 14, 2020

The team tries to verify the identity of Joe Smith, who claims he served on the U.S.S. Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and wants to be buried there upon his death.

star 8.00
607 votes

#10 - Rendezvous

Season 14 - Episode 24 - Aired May 16, 2017

Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area in Paraguay, controlled by a group of violent rebels, in an attempt to locate a missing Navy SEAL who disappeared during an unsanctioned trip.

star 8.00
2,285 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Frank Cardea, George Schenck, Steven D. Binder
Judgement Day (1)

#11 - Judgement Day (1)

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired May 20, 2008

When a former NCIS agent is found dead, the entire team is put in danger as they hunt after the killer.

star 8.00
1,399 votes
Writers: David North, Steven D. Binder
Shabbat Shalom (1)

#12 - Shabbat Shalom (1)

Season 10 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 8, 2013

While the NCIS team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer, Ziva is taken aback by the sudden emotional visit by her father, who she hasn't seen in more than two years. While Ziva questions the purpose of her father's visit as the Director of Mossad, her father insists he is in the U.S. strictly to see his daughter for Shabbat dinner.

star 7.99
2,325 votes
Directors: Dennis Smith
Writers: Christopher J. Waild
Dead Letter

#13 - Dead Letter

Season 13 - Episode 23 - Aired May 10, 2016

The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU.

star 7.98
1,888 votes
Writers: Steven D. Binder

#14 - Heartland

Season 6 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 14, 2008

When a murder investigation leads the team to Gibbs' hometown, secrets about his past are revealed.

star 7.97
2,032 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Jesse Stern

#15 - Scope

Season 13 - Episode 18 - Aired Mar 15, 2016

The NCIS team re-examines an ambush on a group of Special Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple is attacked in the same area six months later. When Gibbs discovers he needs the account of the lone survivor, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, he tries to connect with the wounded warrior who is being treated for PTSD at Walter Reed Medical Center.

star 7.97
1,429 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Gary Glasberg, Gina Lucita Monreal
Spinning Wheel

#16 - Spinning Wheel

Season 13 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 15, 2015

After Ducky is attacked by a man claiming to have information about his half-brother who died decades ago, the NCIS team searches for the perpetrator, as Ducky recalls the final emotional days he had with his sibling. Also, with the holidays approaching, Bishop and Jake discuss the future of their relationship.

star 7.97
1,481 votes
Writers: Steven D. Binder

#17 - Homefront

Season 13 - Episode 22 - Aired May 3, 2016

When a 14-year-old foils a home invasion, Gibbs suspects the teenager is withholding pertinent details. Also, Director Vance and Senior FBI Agent Fornell travel to London as part of the ongoing escaped British spy case.

star 7.97
1,808 votes
Directors: Dennis Smith
Writers: Gina Lucita Monreal, Jennifer Corbett
Mona Lisa

#18 - Mona Lisa

Season 16 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 2, 2019

Torres relies on his team’s investigative skills after he wakes up on a dilapidated fishing boat, covered in blood and unable to remember the last 12 hours.

star 7.96
971 votes
Directors: Alrick Riley
Writers: Brendan Fehily, David J. North
Shiva (2)

#19 - Shiva (2)

Season 10 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 15, 2013

In the aftermath of an event that strikes close to home, the NCIS team unites to seek answers and demand justice in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues.

star 7.96
2,463 votes
Directors: Arvin Brown
Writers: Scott Williams
Honor Thy Father

#20 - Honor Thy Father

Season 11 - Episode 24 - Aired May 13, 2014

The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs travels to his childhood home following news of his father’s passing.

star 7.95
1,685 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Gary Glasberg, Gina Lucita Monreal
Rule Fifty-One

#21 - Rule Fifty-One

Season 7 - Episode 24 - Aired May 25, 2010

Gibbs heads to Mexico to face his demons and make a startling decision.

star 7.95
2,652 votes
Directors: Dennis Smith
Writers: Jesse Stern
Past, Present and Future

#22 - Past, Present and Future

Season 11 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 1, 2013

Determined to locate Ziva, Tony chases leads in Israel in search of her current whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gibbs and the team continue the hunt for Parsa and his growing terrorist ring.

star 7.94
2,297 votes
Writers: Gina Lucita Monreal, Scott Williams

#23 - Requiem

Season 5 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 6, 2007

Gibbs finds himself emotionally challenged when he agrees to investigate a crime connected to a friend of his daughter, who passed away years ago, and the investigation leads to a shocking conclusion.

star 7.93
1,651 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Shane Brennan
Something Blue

#24 - Something Blue

Season 14 - Episode 23 - Aired May 9, 2017

The stress of McGee and Delilah’s imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital. Also, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep.

star 7.93
2,139 votes
Writers: Jennifer Corbett, Scott Williams
Swan Song

#25 - Swan Song

Season 8 - Episode 23 - Aired May 10, 2011

After new evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down.

star 7.93
3,230 votes
Directors: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Jesse Stern