The Best Episodes Directed by Tony Wharmby

Paper War

#1 - Paper War

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 8

When Higgins unwittingly causes Magnum to wipe an expensive computer game loaned from T.C., and Thomas accidentally erases a chunk of Higgins' memoirs stored on the computer, a feud breaks out between the pair. Magnum is trying to break a major, crooked gambling ring that is operating on the islands, but it is none too easy while in the middle of the falling out with Higgins, which starts out with each trying to out-do the other with "eye-for-an-eye" practical jokes, and quickly develops into a particularly bitter battle of one-upmanship...

star 8.37
93 votes
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Family First

#2 - Family First

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 24

The NCIS, FBI and MI6 teams continue the international manhunt for a spy who's targeting current and former agents. Anthony DiNozzo receives life-changing news.

star 8.30
2024 votes
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The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

#3 - The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

The O.C. Season 2 - Episode 6

Friends, festivities, 8 days of gifts, another day with a whole lot of gifts. Seth's formula for the perfect Chrismukkah may come undone when Caleb's confession rocks the Cohen world.

star 8.21
342 votes
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The Adversaries

#4 - The Adversaries

JAG Season 4 - Episode 19

Bud's first case as a newly sworn in JAG attorney is to defend his father, a retired Navy Chief who's been accused of having been involved in defrauding the Navy when he was in charge of Ship's Stores. Though the two have been estranged, Bud feels a strong obligation to his father, who specifically requested him to be his attorney. Harm is the designated prosecutor, which spooks Bud, as he knows he's going up against the best.

star 8.20
339 votes
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Gypsy Eyes (2)

#5 - Gypsy Eyes (2)

JAG Season 4 - Episode 1

Having been shot at by Russian fighters, Mac & Harm are forced to eject from their plane, which then noses into the bottom of a very deep lake. The Russians announce to the world that Harm & Mac have been killed, which is broadcasted back to the USA by ZNN reporter Chuck DePalma. Webb tries to convince the Admiral that they have been killed, but when A.J. learns their bodies haven't been found, A.J. becomes irate and vows to go to Moscow himself to look for them. The SecNav orders A.J. not to go, who replies that the SecNav doesn't want to try & stop him. In Russia, A.J. meets with DePalma who tells A.J. that he doesn't believe the Russians, that certain things in their story don't add up. In the woods, a husband & wife gypsies come across Harm & Mac. They are disappointed when they learn that Harm & Mac are not American Spies as at least the spies have gold coins to give to Russians that help them. Mac states they don't have gold coins, but shows them a wad of US dollars and asks

star 8.19
372 votes
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Memories of Manon (1)

#6 - Memories of Manon (1)

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 15

Control's goddaughter is threatened with the death of her father, a Canadian agent, unless she can reveal his informant. Then with little time left, McCall tells Kostmayer of his personal reasons for wanting to save Yvette and her father.

star 8.14
13 votes
Till Death Do Us Part

#7 - Till Death Do Us Part

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 24

Terrorism shakes the foundations of the Navy and NCIS to such an extent that Gibbs and the team face surprises that will devastate them.

star 8.07
2822 votes
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To Russia with Love (1)

#8 - To Russia with Love (1)

JAG Season 3 - Episode 24

In 1980, several Russian soldiers guard a prisoner, Harmon Rabb, Sr. The KGB take a photo of the persons gathered there - a photo which has made its way to Harmon Rabb, Jr. in the present time.

star 8.05
339 votes
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Damned If You Do

#9 - Damned If You Do

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 24

The international manhunt for Eli David's killer turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and the team, which questions their unconventional methods and threatens their future at the agency.

star 8.03
2144 votes
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Callen, G

#10 - Callen, G

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 - Episode 24

Callen races against a ruthless adversary to locate a woman who knows the whereabouts of a forgotten fortune earmarked to fund a new war in the Middle East - and also holds the tantalizing key to his unknown past.

star 8.03
1939 votes
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Autumn Warrior

#11 - Autumn Warrior

Magnum, P.I. Season 7 - Episode 13

Survival expert Higgins goes on a survivalist trip on an island with a small group of young offenders as part of a programme aimed at improving their self-esteem. But he has to call upon his survival skills much more than expected when a planned escape by the boys doesn't go as intended and sees the leader of the trip shot dead, leaving Higgins being hunted down on the island by the three young convicts... Back on the Estate, Magnum, with Rick and T.C., plans to take advantage of Higgins' absence by holding a big party, but the get-together seems ill-fated from the start...

star 8.02
119 votes
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Angels 30

#12 - Angels 30

JAG Season 4 - Episode 7

When a fighter pilot claims he heard the voice of God tell him not to fire on an attacking Iraqi, Harm and Mac are sent in to investigate his claim. Despite the pilot's assertions that he heard God, Harm insists on finding a more ""military"" explanation. When Harm fails from the ground to discover the origination of the voice, he suggests that Rice duplicate his earlier mission to see what they can learn about the incident in the sky.

star 8.02
383 votes
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House Divided

#13 - House Divided

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 1

Two months after Gibbs and McGee were last seen fighting an elusive group of rebels in a Paraguay jungle, the NCIS team in D.C. tirelessly searches for their missing colleagues. Also, Vance and Torres are summoned to a congressional hearing regarding the fallout from the Paraguay mission

star 8.02
2239 votes
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#14 - Rendezvous

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 24

Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area in Paraguay, controlled by a group of violent rebels, in an attempt to locate a missing Navy SEAL who disappeared during an unsanctioned trip.

star 8.00
2313 votes
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Till Death Do Us Part

#15 - Till Death Do Us Part

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 - Episode 17

After months of planning, the NCIS family celebrates the wedding of Kensi and Deeks. Also, an old acquaintance, Anatoli Kirkin, pays Deeks a surprise visit on his wedding day and he isn’t alone.

star 8.00
703 votes
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#16 - Heartland

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 4

When a murder investigation leads the team to Gibbs' hometown, secrets about his past are revealed.

star 7.98
2054 votes
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#17 - Scope

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 18

The NCIS team re-examines an ambush on a group of Special Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple is attacked in the same area six months later. When Gibbs discovers he needs the account of the lone survivor, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, he tries to connect with the wounded warrior who is being treated for PTSD at Walter Reed Medical Center.

star 7.98
1457 votes
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Victor, Victrola

#18 - Victor, Victrola

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 7

Serena and Dan finally accept that they are crazy about each other. Jenny discovers a secret that her parents have been keeping from her. Blair is once again devastated by Nate's actions.

star 7.97
1188 votes
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Lange, H.

#19 - Lange, H.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 - Episode 1

The Special Projects team travels to Romania to search for Hetty, while delving into the history of the Comescu crime family, and their connection to Callen. Meanwhile, Eric and Nell discover that Lauren Hunter, the Office of Special Projects' Operations Manager, is a member of the Comescus.

star 7.97
2270 votes
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Honor Thy Father

#20 - Honor Thy Father

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 24

The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship that served as a secret detention site for indicted terrorists was accidental or an intentional diversion for an escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs travels to his childhood home following news of his father’s passing.

star 7.96
1710 votes
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#21 - Requiem

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 7

Gibbs finds himself emotionally challenged when he agrees to investigate a crime connected to a friend of his daughter, who passed away years ago, and the investigation leads to a shocking conclusion.

star 7.93
1681 votes
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Swan Song

#22 - Swan Song

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 23

After new evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port killer has infiltrated the agency, the NCIS teams chase every lead in a race to track him down.

star 7.93
3251 votes
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Life or Death

#23 - Life or Death

JAG Season 5 - Episode 13

Mac is assigned the personally distasteful task of representing a fellow Marine who is appealing his death sentence for the murder of three other Marines. She believes that the defendant, Kenneth Farmer, should receive the death penalty, but she must argue otherwise in court. Brumby, who doesn't believe in capital punishment, must argue in favor of it. However, in attempting to overturn the original guilty verdict, Mac must argue inadequate counsel by the corporal's previous lawyer: then-Commander A.J. Chegwiggen. The appeals court lets stand the original guilty verdict, but orders a new sentencing hearing. Mic is recalled by the Royal Australian Navy and must leave within 72 hours. As a result, Harm is assigned to replace Brumby at the new sentencing hearing. Despite Mac's arguments to the defense of Corporal Farmer that was not raised by then-Commander Chegwiggen, Corporal Farmer is again sentenced to death. Admiral Chegwiggen throws a goodbye party for Mic at the local bar. Ever

star 7.92
296 votes
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#24 - Daughters

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 24

Former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell pleads with Gibbs to do whatever is necessary to take down drug dealers and suppliers in the area after his daughter, Emily Fornell, is hospitalized from an opiate overdose. Gibbs is haunted by the personal aspects of the case and his history with vigilante justice.

star 7.92
1030 votes
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Into the Light (2)

#25 - Into the Light (2)

NCIS Season 17 - Episode 2

With their lives in danger, Gibbs and Ziva’s rogue investigation takes an unexpected turn when a possible terrorist plot is revealed.

star 7.91
1020 votes
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Double Back

#26 - Double Back

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 13

In an effort to find the terrorist Parsa, Gibbs and the NCIS team track down one of his cohorts using evidence from the drone attack. Meanwhile, an emotionally shaken McGee struggles with the ramifications of the incident.

star 7.88
2013 votes
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Zero Days

#27 - Zero Days

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 - Episode 18

The NCIS: LA team is called in to determine if the computer system that controls Russian missiles is at risk after Eric overhears his friend, a computer systems expert, being attacked during online game play. Meanwhile, Kensi is shocked when a familiar face from her past shows up in Afghanistan.

star 7.88
1272 votes
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School Lies

#28 - School Lies

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 12

Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and their class break into the school swimming pool for a night of fun, but when someone nearly drowns, the school threatens to expel the ones responsible for the break-in.

star 7.88
1031 votes
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#29 - Defenseless

JAG Season 3 - Episode 11

Harm's skills as a lawyer are challenged when he defends a female ensign who claims she murdered an officer because her ""instincts"" told her he meant to hurt her. The ensign claims that when the officer entered her apartment on false pretenses, she felt threatened by him and killed in self-defense. Though the defense is decidedly thin -- no weapon was even found on the man's body -- Mac and Harm decide to stick with the case and are determined to help the ensign remember forgotten details of the event.

star 7.88
346 votes
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People v. Mac

#30 - People v. Mac

JAG Season 4 - Episode 9

Mac is arrested and placed on trial for a major felony, along with her former commanding officer and mentor, Col. John Farrow. Conviction could result in long prison terms. Harm volunteers to defend her, but his efforts are thwarted by Farrow's defense attorney, JAG exchange officer, Australian Navy Commander Mic Brumby. Harm feels that neither defendant has come clean with the truth and he begins to search for evidence which is not forthcoming from either one. Ultimately, he learns that Mac and Farrow have each been trying to protect the other. The key witness in the case turns out to be a major surprise to both defendants.

star 7.87
400 votes
Stop the Bleeding

#31 - Stop the Bleeding

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 1

After being shot, Gibbs fights for his life aboard a Navy hospital ship, while DiNozzo and Joanna travel to Shanghai to try and take down the Calling.

star 7.87
1649 votes
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Nobody's Child

#32 - Nobody's Child

JAG Season 4 - Episode 17

When Harm views the body of the severely neglected, abused and abandoned young girl, he unexpectedly becomes emotionally involved and decides to call in the help of Teresa Coulter to help him identify the child and find her killer. After Teresa performs her own autopsy, she uncovers some clues to the girl's history that lead her, along with Harm and Mac, to the last place the child lived -- as well as to a recently released convicted child molester.

star 7.87
308 votes
Woman on the Verge

#33 - Woman on the Verge

Gossip Girl Season 1 - Episode 17

After Georgina reveals the true reason Serena left Manhattan, Serena falls back into her old habits. Meanwhile, Rufus is excited when his band is invited to perform at a Rolling Stone-sponsored concert.

star 7.86
1072 votes
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The Martin Baker Fan Club

#34 - The Martin Baker Fan Club

JAG Season 4 - Episode 5

Harm volunteers to defend a psychotic Vietnam vet accused of aiding the suicide of a fellow V.A. patient. While Harm argues in court that Roscoe Martin withheld the victims medication as a way to free him from the trancelike state in which it left him, the prosecution claims that the lack of medication is exactly what caused the mans death. Disappointed with the direction of the case, Roscoe feels that the cards are stacked against him and engineers an escape from the V.A. facility with three other patients. Their escape takes them to Harms apartment, and a negotiable situation turns deadly when guns are drawn and a SWAT team swoops in to help with what it sees as a hostage situation.

star 7.86
359 votes
The Perfect Storm

#35 - The Perfect Storm

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 5

Is Ryan shipping out? Sandy's mind-meld persuasion skills fail to convince him to stay. But where there's a will, there's another Cohen way. Charlotte now zeroes in on Julie; Summer outwits Taylor.

star 7.86
286 votes
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Date with Destiny

#36 - Date with Destiny

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 24

Sloane is adamant that a man who held her hostage and tortured her years ago in Afghanistan, and was believed to have been killed following her rescue, is alive and in D.C. Also, Vance and Gibbs fear Sloane is willing to risk everything to destroy this man.

star 7.85
1240 votes
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Internal Affairs

#37 - Internal Affairs

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 14

The dead body of La Grenouille finally surfaces and the entire NCIS is put under the investigation by the FBI, with Jenny as the prime suspect for his murder.

star 7.84
1597 votes
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The O.C. Confidential

#38 - The O.C. Confidential

The O.C. Season 2 - Episode 20

The evidence adds up. Trey is likely to do time for drug violations. But Sandy, Ryan and Marissa know he's innocent and develop a plan to catch the real culprit in the act. Seth meets a marketing...genius.

star 7.83
234 votes
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The Second Chance

#39 - The Second Chance

The O.C. Season 2 - Episode 11

Try try again. A cardiac crisis gives Caleb a new outlook. Seth and Summer struggle to deny their attraction. And if, as Sandy says, Rebecca is dead, why does Kirsten find her in Sandy's office? Uh-oh.

star 7.83
300 votes
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The Fallen Woman

#40 - The Fallen Woman

Life (2007) Season 1 - Episode 5

A woman is found wearing an angel costume dead. Crews and Reese must figure out if it was suicide or murder. They find out the victim might have been involved in a scam involving Russian brides. The big problem they face is that they can't get to the ringleader.

star 7.82
1055 votes
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#41 - Willoughby

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 11

NCIS searches for new leads after an undercover operation to apprehend a businessman who uses acts of terror to manipulate the stock market is compromised. Also, Bishop and Qasim find a break in the case together.

star 7.81
2195 votes
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Iron Curtain Rising

#42 - Iron Curtain Rising

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 - Episode 11

When a former Romanian Communist leader and suspected war criminal is discovered to be living in Los Angeles under a false identity, the NCIS: LA team must locate him before he disappears again.

star 7.81
1368 votes
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Reznikov, N.

#43 - Reznikov, N.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 - Episode 4

The NCIS: LA team finds themselves in danger while investigating a kidnapping case of a man claiming to be Callen’s father.

star 7.81
1467 votes
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#44 - Saviors

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 8

DiNozzo is reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Jeanne Benoit, when insurgents in Sudan attack a group of volunteer doctors, including her husband. DiNozzo and McGee travel to the crime scene for the joint murder and kidnapping case and join the search for the missing doctors.

star 7.81
1393 votes
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#45 - Humbug

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 - Episode 11

The team investigates a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen must steer clear of the crime scene after Hetty reveals his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Also, the team discusses their personal holiday travel plans.

star 7.81
979 votes
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I Do

#46 - I Do

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 4

The NCIS team must determine why a murdered Navy drone pilot was using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance, and whether the drone’s footage is linked to his death.

star 7.81
931 votes
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Destiny's Child

#47 - Destiny's Child

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 1

One month after Director Vance was kidnapped, Gibbs is assigned the role of acting director in his absence while the team searches worldwide for his whereabouts.

star 7.80
1232 votes
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The Rager

#48 - The Rager

The O.C. Season 2 - Episode 19

Marissa throws a birthday party for Trey - an event that may or may not smooth things between the two Atwood brothers. Julie gets cozy with Lance, her long-ago lover and recent extortionist.

star 7.79
206 votes
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Blue Christmas

#49 - Blue Christmas

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 11

A string of Christmas burglaries turns deadly and the evidence leads the NCIS team to Wade’s adopted son, Danny. Also, Lasalle and Brody tease Sonja about the high stakes of drawing Pride in the team’s Secret Santa holiday exchange.

star 7.79
880 votes
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Better Angels

#50 - Better Angels

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 7

After Gibbs leaves mid-case to help his father reconnect with a former war pilot, Tony and McGee argue over who should run lead on the team’s investigation into the murder of a Marine Sergeant.

star 7.79
1930 votes

#51 - Getaway

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 - Episode 18

After the U.S. Treasury Department is hacked, Nell and Eric go undercover inside a couple’s retreat to track a tech savvy husband and wife linked to the crime. Also, Digital Forensics Specialist Dave Flynn arrives from the NCIS Cyber Office in San Diego to run Ops while Eric and Nell are on assignment.

star 7.79
1654 votes
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The Man of The Year

#52 - The Man of The Year

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 24

Sandy's picture will be on the cover of Riviera. Or, if the DA has his way, on a mug shot. More troubles: Volchok blackmails Ryan into a crime, Kirsten is drinking, and Seth burns down his dad's office. Didn't mean to. Honest.

star 7.78
267 votes
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#53 - Voices

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 8

An NCIS person of interest in a bribery and fraud case is found murdered after a runner is led to his body by a strange voice. Also, McGee and Delilah disagree on whether to find out the baby’s sex or keep it a surprise.

star 7.78
1604 votes

#54 - Rogue

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 1

The NCIS team investigates a deadly car explosion in D.C. that connects to NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, who disappeared six months ago while on a deep undercover assignment in Argentina. Also, Gibbs asks NCIS Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn to shadow his team after rejecting eight agents she instructed and referred for the open position.

star 7.78
2621 votes

#55 - Krewe

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 21

While Pride listens in on a wiretap of Mayor Hamilton, the NCIS team investigates a train heist of hundreds of Navy weapons,

star 7.78
1272 votes
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Crossing the Line

#56 - Crossing the Line

JAG Season 2 - Episode 5

Harm and Mac investigate a female fighter pilot's charge of sexual harassment against her commanding officer. The pilot, Lt. Marilyn Isaaks, claims to have been grounded for pressing charges of sexual harassment against her commanding officer, Capt. Boone (guest star Terry O'Quinn). Capt. Boone claims he grounded her because she's a bad pilot. While Harm and Mac are called in to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations, congressional intervention forces Boone to schedule Isaaks for a training flight -- an action that Harm feels will have deadly consequences.

star 7.78
416 votes
Once Upon a Tim

#57 - Once Upon a Tim

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 14

McGee reluctantly visits his high school after the unique computer password he used as a teenager is linked to the murder of a department of defense contractor. The case escalates when an intruder breaks into McGee’s home in an attempt to steal his archaic high school computer.

star 7.78
1006 votes

#58 - Innocence

JAG Season 4 - Episode 3

Harm and Mac must don their diplomatic hats when they're dispatched to Tokyo to represent an ensign accused of raping a young Japanese girl. Once the trial begins, the disparities between Japanese and American courtroom procedures put Harm at odds with the ensign's Japanese defense attorney, in turn putting US/Japanese relations at an all-time low. When what began as the trial of an ensign turns into a trial of the United States Navy, Harm and Mac realize that in order to defend the ensign from life in a Japanese prison, they must actually solve the rape case on foreign soil.

star 7.78
336 votes
Chuck in Real Life

#59 - Chuck in Real Life

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 7

Blair seeks revenge against Vanessa. Serena rebels at Lily and Barts housewarming party. Dan and Jenny discover a secret that Nate has been hiding.

star 7.78
961 votes
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Engaged (2)

#60 - Engaged (2)

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 9

As the NCIS team continues its search for a missing Marine, Gibbs and Ziva travel to her last known whereabouts in Afghanistan. Tony reveals his deepest fears and Gibbs is forced to relive events from his past.

star 7.77
2874 votes
Crescent City (2)

#61 - Crescent City (2)

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 19

Gibbs and Special Agent Pride chase leads in New Orleans after evidence points to a copycat of the infamous Privileged Killer. Bishop sends DiNozzo a special souvenir from the Crescent City, as DiNozzo, McGee and the FBI continue to track political connections to the case from D.C.

star 7.76
1725 votes
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

#62 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 1

An explosion at a D.C. event that results in a casualty connected to the agency changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs and the NCIS team. Meanwhile, without badges, DiNozzo and McGee investigate the case as civilians, despite the case’s dangerous ties to each of them.

star 7.76
2397 votes
Deliverance (2)

#63 - Deliverance (2)

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 - Episode 10

Hetty and the NCIS team continue to search for an elusive book that has the attention of several foreign security agencies.

star 7.76
1978 votes

#64 - Risen

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 16

A new lead reveals details about a missing woman's sexual history.

star 7.76
113 votes
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Nature of the Beast

#65 - Nature of the Beast

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 1

Gibbs and the NCIS team have to find answers regarding Tony's months-long assignment when an NCIS agent is found dead.

star 7.76
3242 votes
Close to Home

#66 - Close to Home

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 8

The NCIS team places Mateo Diaz, a high school gang member turned informant, in protective custody while they investigate the murder of his junior reserve officers’ training corps instructor. Also, Pride needs his brother Jimmy Boyd’s help to gain Mateo’s trust.

star 7.76
568 votes
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#67 - Archangel

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 - Episode 13

The team looks for the person responsible when classified pentagon documents are uploaded to a blog site.

star 7.75
1923 votes
The Shape of Things to Come

#68 - The Shape of Things to Come

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 2

Senior year. But not for everyone. Marissa is expelled. Julie scrambles for cash, Sandy scrambles to make sense of Kirsten's rehab and, to top it all, Ryan loses his cool and gets himself expelled too.

star 7.75
236 votes
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Harm's Way

#69 - Harm's Way

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 - Episode 18

Sam resumes a former alias and boards a one-way flight to Yemen in hopes of tracking down a terrorist group's leader and rescuing the hostage son of a Saudi Prince.

star 7.75
2069 votes
The Asset

#70 - The Asset

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 3

Pride and his team join forces with FBI Director Isler after a Russian operative, who’s in the states to provide intelligence on sleeper agents, disappears after his Navy escort is murdered. Also, Tammy partners with former sleeper agent Eva Azarova to locate the missing operative who Eva has known since childhood.

star 7.75
1117 votes
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The Safe Harbor

#71 - The Safe Harbor

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 11

One semester to go. Wouldn't it go better if Marissa returned to Harbor High? Seth, Ryan, Summer and even Taylor campaign for her readmittance - and Johnny steps out of the way. For now.

star 7.75
282 votes
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The Last Days of Disco Stick

#72 - The Last Days of Disco Stick

Gossip Girl Season 3 - Episode 10

Hoping to impress the elitist theater kids at NYU, Blair sets her sights on landing a private concert. Dan and Olivia sign up to write and star in a school play. Serena turns to Nate to help her get through a difficult situation.

star 7.74
980 votes
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High Tide

#73 - High Tide

NCIS Season 15 - Episode 11

Torres and Bishop go undercover as a criminal couple available for hire, during an NCIS sting operation tracking illegal drug-running out of the Norfolk civilian marina.

star 7.73
1465 votes
Deadalive (2)

#74 - Deadalive (2)

The X-Files Season 8 - Episode 15

Shortly after Mulder is buried, Billy Miles is found very dead, but somehow comes back to life. Skinner and Scully put all their hopes into digging up Mulder.

star 7.73
938 votes
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Worst Nightmare

#75 - Worst Nightmare

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 2

The NCIS team has to find a young girl that was kidnapped, but their investigation turns into something else when her grandfather gets way too involved.

star 7.73
3078 votes
One More Chance

#76 - One More Chance

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 - Episode 22

Sam is convinced that the theft of software for a new unmanned aerial vehicle is connected with the disappearance of the lead engineer's 10-year-old daughter, a girl Sam once provided protection detail for in Saudi Arabia.

star 7.72
1204 votes
The Gold Standard

#77 - The Gold Standard

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 - Episode 9

The NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates the strange and brazen heist executed by gunmen in costumes that could directly impact the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, as Deeks testifies on a case, Granger insists on partnering up with a very reluctant Kensi.

star 7.72
1548 votes
Course Correction

#78 - Course Correction

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 - Episode 5

The team join forces with the FBI to investigate a plane crash in the bayou that left three sailors dead. Meanwhile, Sonja and Lasalle interview candidates for the open agent position.

star 7.72
1330 votes
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Dead Man's Blood

#79 - Dead Man's Blood

Supernatural Season 1 - Episode 20

To obtain a mystic gun capable of destroying the demon that killed their mother, Sam and Dean must team up with their father John and face off against vampires.

star 7.72
3089 votes

#80 - Perennial

NCIS Season 16 - Episode 19

Following an active shooter lockdown at a naval hospital, the NCIS team searches for a suspect who fled the scene. Also, someone from Sloane’s past was inside the hospital and is a key witness in the case.

star 7.70
972 votes
Treasure Hunt

#81 - Treasure Hunt

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 17

During the annual Contraband Days pirate festival, the NCIS team investigates the murder of a Navy captain who was searching for a valuable 200-year-old marble and gold fleur-de-lis.

star 7.70
768 votes
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Overdue and Presumed Lost

#82 - Overdue and Presumed Lost

JAG Season 5 - Episode 22

Harm and Chegwidden fight an attempt by a salvage hunter to excavate the remains of a submarine that disappeared in 1941, just before the attack of Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, Bud takes on the heavy burden of trying to keep an obese petty officer from being discharged for failing to lose weight.

star 7.69
331 votes
Knock Down

#83 - Knock Down

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 - Episode 20

NCIS assists the DOJ in the investigation of an arsonist who targets an FBI safe house that’s protecting a political activist seeking asylum. Eric deals with the aftermath of Nell leaving the team.

star 7.69
453 votes
The Dragon and the Fairy

#84 - The Dragon and the Fairy

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 - Episode 18

The NCIS: LA team investigates a shooting outside the Vietnamese Consulate just prior to an international conference at the venue that the Secretary of the Navy is scheduled to attend.

star 7.69
1904 votes
You Better Watch Out

#85 - You Better Watch Out

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 10

It’s Christmas time and Tony DiNozzo can’t decide if he’ll be naughty or nice when his dad, Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., comes to town for a visit. Meanwhile, the NCIS team is “following the money” in order to solve a murder investigation, and Abby is bursting with excitement over all the holiday festivities.

star 7.69
2259 votes
Chains of Command

#86 - Chains of Command

JAG Season 3 - Episode 16

Harm, Mac, and Bud investigate claims of sexual harassment aboard an aircraft carrier. Mac's boyfriend, Dalton Lowne, is the defendant's attorney, and Mac is shocked when she discovers that he has been copying information from her files. In order to solve the case, and combat Lowne's dirty tricks, Harm enlists the aid of Congresswoman Bobbi Latham. Justice is served, though many people's lives are changes as the result of Lowne's tactics.

star 7.69
379 votes
Extreme Prejudice

#87 - Extreme Prejudice

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 1

With NCIS headquarters damaged by the bomb, Gibbs goes on the hunt for Harper Dearing and to bring him down once and for all.

star 7.69
2977 votes

#88 - Honor

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 - Episode 7

The NCIS team must determine whether a dishonorably discharged Marine is the target of an international set-up or if he committed murder

star 7.69
1972 votes
The Witches of Gulfport

#89 - The Witches of Gulfport

JAG Season 5 - Episode 21

Mac goes undercover to help Harm investigate charges of sexual misconduct against Chief Petty Officer Merker who is the leader of the Wiccans, a local witches coven with many Navy members. The female seaman who brought the charges claims she was seduced when she fell under the man's spell, but Merker claims the sex was consensual. The Wiccan's attorney is sharp and claims his client is the unfortunate victim. However, Mac learns that another young woman suffered the same fate. He convinces her to testify and Merker is found guilty. Later, Mac learns that Mic Brumby was also thrown into a compromising position while undercover in the Royal Australian Navy.

star 7.68
321 votes
The Searchers

#90 - The Searchers

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 7

After investigating the murder of a retired Master Sergeant, the NCIS team uncovers a fraudulent charity that preys on those searching for missing military personnel. Meanwhile, Bishop agonizes over the results of her probation evaluation, and Tony contemplates adopting stray cat that followed him home.

star 7.68
1583 votes

#91 - Institutionalized

NCIS Season 17 - Episode 6

After a petty officer’s son is found murdered at his “welcome home from prison” party, evidence suggests Kasie’s lifelong best friend, Dante Brown, is the suspect.

star 7.68
834 votes
Dead Man Calling

#92 - Dead Man Calling

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 4

The NCIS team investigates the copycat murder of an unsolved case from 150 years ago that spawned a legendary New Orleans ghost story. Also, Gregorio is spooked when the case is connected to a recent séance and a local medium.

star 7.68
1111 votes
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Blind Side

#93 - Blind Side

JAG Season 3 - Episode 4

When an F-14 strikes a transmission line during a training exercise and the pilots are forced to eject, Mac and Harm are assigned to investigate the circumstances of the accident, but things don't add up for Harm, even after the pilot who struck the line admits to negligence. Mac is assigned to represent the pilot as Harm becomes at odds with the leader of the exercise, his former flight instructor and mentor.

star 7.67
424 votes

#94 - Neverland

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 24

NCIS feverishly investigates a global terrorist group that is recruiting teens via the Internet, following a deadly bombing overseas that results in an emotional and surprising loss for the team.

star 7.67
1179 votes
Second Line

#95 - Second Line

NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 - Episode 20

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a Navy Lieutenant during a French Quarter second line funeral procession, a New Orleans tradition that celebrates the recently deceased with a musical street parade.

star 7.66
989 votes
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Jet Lag

#96 - Jet Lag

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 13

While on the flight back from Paris, Tony and Ziva realize that their assignment to protect a government witness in an embezzlement case is in great danger when they learn that an assassin is located on the same flight.

star 7.66
2314 votes
Above and Beyond

#97 - Above and Beyond

JAG Season 3 - Episode 8

When Harm, Mac and Bud are ordered to run a routine background check on a Navy SEAL who is a candidate for the Medal of Honor, they uncover unsavory information that may make him unworthy. Lt. Rivers is up for a medal after he single-handedly rescues the undersecretary of state from fundamentalist terrorists. Harm and Mac, in their investigation, find Rivers, an African-American, to be a very tough, complex and uncommunicative individual who is totally devoted to his country and his duty. But his men paint a different picture of him as a gung-ho loner who doesn't care about the safety of his team and, in fact, botched the mission by leaving one of his men behind. Rivers finally agrees to open up to Harm -- but only if Harm can withstand arduous SEAL training for one day -- including the brutal manhandling required of the ""hostage interrogation.""

star 7.66
410 votes
The Watchers

#98 - The Watchers

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 - Episode 12

A new Assistant Director is assigned to oversee LA operations for NCIS, the team begins to wonder what his intentions really are.

star 7.66
2050 votes
Touch of Death (2)

#99 - Touch of Death (2)

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 - Episode 21

Part 2 of a crossover with Hawaii Five-0. The joint NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0 task force travel from Hawaii to Los Angeles, when the lead suspect in the case moves to the mainland with a deadly virus in tow. The crossover starts on Hawaii Five-0 S02E21: Pa Make Loa (1).

star 7.66
2392 votes
Lost in Translation

#100 - Lost in Translation

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 21

Gibbs and Bishop travel to Afghanistan after the murder of a Marine in D.C. is linked to a terror group holding another Marine hostage overseas. Also, DiNozzo is upset that McGee was chosen to be the new face of NCIS for all recruitment brochures,

star 7.66
1326 votes
Twenty Klicks

#101 - Twenty Klicks

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 1

Gibbs and McGee travel to Russia to safely escort home an NCIS computer engineer connected to classified intel, but their mission is compromised and they are forced to go off the grid while hunted by a Russian mercenary group. Meanwhile, the team in D.C. frantically uses every asset and inter-agency contact they have in an attempt to locate their missing team members.

star 7.65
1705 votes
In The Realm of the Basses

#102 - In The Realm of the Basses

Gossip Girl Season 2 - Episode 14

Chuck's uncle Jack arrives in the city. Blair focuses on being accepted into the most prestigious ladies club in the city and Jenny returns to Constance Billard.

star 7.65
976 votes
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Kill Screen

#103 - Kill Screen

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 16

The dismembered fingertips and teeth of a murdered Marine are discovered in the stolen purse of a pickpocketer, launching NCIS on a mission to find a cold-blooded killer.

star 7.65
3215 votes
Coming Home

#104 - Coming Home

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 10

When Luke Horton disappears after a class reunion, the team initiates a search for him, and learn that Luke was living a double life and was finally ready to come clean.

star 7.64
120 votes
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Three Words

#105 - Three Words

The X-Files Season 8 - Episode 16

Mulder's request for reassignment to the X-Files is denied by Kersh, who hopes that he will simply quit the FBI. When a census worker is killed on the White House lawn trying to get information to the President, Mulder gets in over his head trying to discover what the man knew.

star 7.62
920 votes
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Stargazer in a Puddle

#106 - Stargazer in a Puddle

Bones Season 2 - Episode 21

When Angela draws the face of an old woman to go with the decomposed skeleton of someone much younger, they soon learn the victim had Progeria, an aging disease. Booth and Brennan investigate to discover who would want to kill such a fragile person. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela's walk down the aisle doesn't go as planned.

star 7.62
2176 votes

#107 - Heroes

JAG Season 2 - Episode 4

Harm and Mac face off on opposite sides of the courtroom at the trial of a Navy Seal accused of murdering his closest friend during a mission against terrorists. Despite evidence to the contrary and the accused's unwillingness to cooperate, Mac, who is defending him, feels there's more to the story than meets the eye. Her fervor causes Harm, who is prosecuting the case, to dig deeper into the dead boy's personal life. It is Harm who discovers that it isn't a case of murder -- but, in fact, the victim begged his friend to kill him in order to keep a secret from his father, a strict former Navy petty officer.

star 7.61
438 votes
Silent Night

#108 - Silent Night

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 11

While stuck working on a case over Christmas, the team searches for a suspect presumed dead...and begins to discover some startling personal revelations.

star 7.61
1746 votes
Semper Fidelis

#109 - Semper Fidelis

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 24

After a security breach at the SecNav's residence leads to the death of an ICE agent, Gibbs and the team are forced to work with ICE and the FBI to find his killer. Meanwhile, Tony finally comes face-to-face with Michael Rivkin.

star 7.61
1809 votes
Fighting Shadows

#110 - Fighting Shadows

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 - Episode 18

When three FBI agents are killed in an explosion following a successful undercover sting operation, the team searches for the person behind the attack. Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi realize the team knows about their relationship, as Hetty pairs Kensi with Sam and Deeks with Callen during the investigation.

star 7.60
1053 votes
Clipped Wings

#111 - Clipped Wings

JAG Season 3 - Episode 22

Political pressures come into play after an F-14 pilot clips a ski helicopter during a NATO exercise over Italian airspace, killing six civilians. Harm and Mac are assigned to opposite sides in the case, but the Italian government wants to prosecute on its own.

star 7.60
378 votes
Second Chances

#112 - Second Chances

King & Maxwell Season 1 - Episode 2

When Michelle is questioned after an assassination attempt on a visiting diplomat she was once assigned to protect, Sean steps in as her lawyer. The two begin to investigate a possible high-level cover-up to help clear Michelle’s name.

star 7.60
467 votes
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#113 - Hereafter

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 15

On leave from NCIS while still grieving the loss of his wife and his kids’ mother, Director Vance discovers unexpected personal information that causes him to question everything.

star 7.60
2140 votes

#114 - 4-D

The X-Files Season 9 - Episode 4

During a stakeout of murderer Irwin Lukesh, Doggett sees Reyes attacked by Lukesh, but then we see Reyes and Doggett in her apartment, apparently both fine. Elsewhere at the same time, Doggett is shot and Lukesh identifies Reyes as the shooter. While Reyes is asked for her badge and gun by A.D. Follmer, and Doggett lies in hospital near death, the conflicting circumstances of the stakeout and Doggett's shooting do not add up and it becomes clear that Lukesh possesses the power to switch between parallel universes and alter the events in each.

star 7.60
991 votes
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Trust No 1

#115 - Trust No 1

The X-Files Season 9 - Episode 6

Scully is approached by a couple who claim their baby has the same abilities as William and have information about the super soldier program; however, they will only talk to Mulder, believing him the only person who can make the connections and uncover the truth. Scully is forced into an awkward situation when she has to decide whether to put Mulder's life in more danger even though she desperately wants to see him.

star 7.59
836 votes
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Special Delivery

#116 - Special Delivery

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 - Episode 4

The team investigates the murder of a Marine who had top-level security clearance, and the corpse is missing a hand.

star 7.58
2020 votes
The Titan on the Tracks

#117 - The Titan on the Tracks

Bones Season 2 - Episode 1

A train carrying a popular Senator is derailed by a car positioned on the tracks. Brennan works out why the dead body of a rich businessman was placed in the car, and the search continues for her father. The team has a new boss.

star 7.57
2414 votes
Legend (1)

#118 - Legend (1)

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 22

The body of a Marine leads Gibbs and McGee to the NCIS OSP division in Los Angeles, where a murder investigation quickly climbs to a matter of national security in which the two offices must work together to resolve. Meanwhile, Tony begins to snoop into Ziva's personal life.

star 7.57
1870 votes
Father's Day

#119 - Father's Day

JAG Season 3 - Episode 14

Due to frustration at being unable to wrest custody of his son from his drug addicted wife, Corporal Wetzel was distracted during a war game exercise and crashed a tank. Accused of dereliction of duty, Wetzel admits to being diverted on the job, but insists that Mac and Harm must keep him out of jail, since his arrest would certainly mean losing his son. Harm and Mac like Wetzel and understand that his frustration accounts for his poor judgment. But nobody's more surprised than they when Wetzel winds up in a tank in a stand-off with the military, questioning why he's being forced to choose between being a marine and being a father.

star 7.56
403 votes
The College Try

#120 - The College Try

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 22

Some go East, some stay West for freshmen orientation weekends. Ryan and Marissa arrive at Berkeley, and Summer and student/poseur Seth visit Brown. Familiar faces also surface. Anna is at Brown. And doesn't Theresa's baby look like...Ryan?

star 7.56
269 votes
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Life Before His Eyes

#121 - Life Before His Eyes

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 14

During a routine stop for his morning coffee, Gibbs finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun, forcing him to question choices he has made in the past and present

star 7.56
2779 votes

#122 - Obsession

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 21

DiNozzo finds himself increasingly captivated by a woman he's never met while investigating the murder of her brother.

star 7.55
2609 votes
To Sext or Not to Sext

#123 - To Sext or Not to Sext

90210 Season 2 - Episode 2

Naomi is still furious with Annie from prom night and contemplates sending out a sexually explicit text message of Annie as payback. Silver is convinced that she and Dixon can mend their broken relationship, but Naomi and Adrianna convince her to give him some much-needed space. Liam attempts to apologize to Naomi for what happened on prom night and denies sleeping with Annie, but refuses to reveal who he was with. Meanwhile, Liam and Dixon join the surf team, in an effort to keep Liam's stepfather from sending him off to military school. Adrianna helps Navid, now in charge of The Blaze News, land an interview with Teddy, but she is shocked with Navid's interviewing tactics. Ryan continues to pursue Jen , who continues to play hard-to-get.

star 7.55
390 votes
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King of the Fleas

#124 - King of the Fleas

JAG Season 3 - Episode 5

When a former Vietnam POW arrives at JAG headquarters to report a murder he's just committed, Harm confronts a very complex individual who may know something about his MIA father.

star 7.55
380 votes
Dead Body Politic

#125 - Dead Body Politic

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 - Episode 4

The NCIS: LA team investigates the tragic death of a U.S. senatorial candidate’s staffer who is run over crossing the street. The high-profile case becomes a matter of national security as the agents must determine whether it is an isolated tragic incident or a politically connected plot that might put others in danger.

star 7.55
1735 votes
Nothing Important Happened Today II (2)

#126 - Nothing Important Happened Today II (2)

The X-Files Season 9 - Episode 2

Doggett catches up with Shannon McMahon, the woman who the EPA official picked up. She claims to be a super solider and that the people she has killed were poisoning the water supply, and she wants Doggett to expose the truth.

star 7.54
884 votes
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The Disconnect

#127 - The Disconnect

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 9

Maybe Seth should accompany Summer to college. She's the one who (surprise!) aces the SAT. Another surprise: Sandy's right-hand man jeopardizes a Newport Group account by hanging out at a strip-club.

star 7.53
272 votes
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#128 - Predator

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 - Episode 3

The team is assigned to track down a missing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) after it is compromised during a training exercise killing a marine before it disappears.

star 7.53
1902 votes

#129 - Stakeout

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 12

The NCIS team goes on a stakeout in a warehouse to catch a suspected thief of a high-tech naval radar, but they accidentally end up witnessing a murder. Meanwhile, Ducky hides a secret from the rest of the team.

star 7.52
1523 votes
The Truth is Out There

#130 - The Truth is Out There

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 3

Jordan and Nigel are making a trip to the local Total-Mart and end up with a dead door greeter. The case takes an unusual turn when someone tries to steal the body.

star 7.51
216 votes
Code Blue

#131 - Code Blue

JAG Season 2 - Episode 13

Hospitalized with a knee injury, Harm is forced to take action when the Hamas, a terrorist Islamic Resistance group, takes the hospital hostage. An Israeli diplomat undergoing a heart transplant provides the Hamas terrorists with the perfect negotiating tool. They take over the operating room -- as well as the entire hospital -- and use the diplomat as leverage while demanding the release of one of their imprisoned leaders. Meanwhile, Mac is trapped in the hospital cafeteria trying to negotiate with two terrorists.

star 7.51
395 votes
Lost at Sea

#132 - Lost at Sea

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 4

When a helicopter crew is adrift at sea and later discovered on shore, the NCIS team must determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot. Meanwhile, Tony and McGee channel their inner “Maverick” and “Iceman,” a la “Top Gun,” and Ziva challenges them to a dare.

star 7.51
2598 votes
Last Man Standing

#133 - Last Man Standing

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 1

When a petty officer is found murdered, Gibbs learns about the mysterious connection between the disbanding of his team and the case.

star 7.51
1991 votes
The Hurt Locket

#134 - The Hurt Locket

Gossip Girl Season 3 - Episode 13

Nate and Serena decide to explore the boundaries of their friendship. Chuck is having problems forgetting about the woman he saw at his father’s grave. Jenny agrees to help Damien.

star 7.51
1251 votes
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Breaking Brig

#135 - Breaking Brig

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 3

The NCIS team investigates the crash of an armored transport bus carrying Naval brig detainees after four prisoners escape, including a black market broker who is one of the country's biggest national security threats. Meanwhile, Pride turns to Gibbs for assistance when a case file needed for the investigation is full of redactions. NCIS stars Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll guest star.

star 7.50
1045 votes
Burning Man

#136 - Burning Man

Night Stalker Season 1 - Episode 4

The FBI and a pompous reporter believe a copycat killer is responsible for a series of murders identical to those of a dead bio-terrorist who claimed that he could kill people with hellfire, but Kolchak suspects that the murders have a supernatural explanation.

star 7.50
18 votes
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Red (1)

#137 - Red (1)

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 - Episode 18

Callen and Sam fly to Idaho and join forces with NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live together and investigate crimes in various locations, when a murder weapon found there matches one used in a national security case in Los Angeles.

star 7.50
1609 votes
Tiger, Tiger

#138 - Tiger, Tiger

JAG Season 3 - Episode 18

When Harm takes young Josh on a weekend cruise for Navy families aboard a frigate, pleasure turns to fear when the ship is taken over by terrorists who intend to fire missiles at Cuba.

star 7.46
344 votes
Red (2)

#139 - Red (2)

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 4 - Episode 19

While the LA team chases leads digitally and locally, the Red team travels in their mobile trucks, nicknamed 'Laverne and Shirley', in a race to track down a cunning terrorist before he disappears.

star 7.45
1564 votes

#140 - Cracked

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 6

Abby becomes fixated on solving a murder; DiNozzo's latest fling leads to an interesting Halloween.

star 7.45
3027 votes

#141 - Reunion

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 2

The team discovers the bizarre death of a Marine and his two friends may be linked to their past, but its Gibbs who ends up taking a trip down memory lane.

star 7.42
2325 votes
The Boneless Bride in the River

#142 - The Boneless Bride in the River

Bones Season 2 - Episode 16

The team investigate the death of an Asian woman found without any bones left in her body.

star 7.42
2172 votes
Outlaws and In-Laws

#143 - Outlaws and In-Laws

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 6

A murder investigation prompts Gibbs and the team to play family counselor to his former mentor, Mike Franks, in the hopes of preventing a bloody international conflict.

star 7.42
2059 votes

#144 - Cadence

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 14

DiNozzo returns to the military academy he attended as a teenager after a murdered Marine and alumni of the school is found clutching the photo of a current student. Also, Bishop and her husband invite Gibbs and the team out for a special dinner.

star 7.41
1342 votes
Memories of Manon (2)

#145 - Memories of Manon (2)

The Equalizer Season 2 - Episode 16

Control's goddaughter is threatened with the death of her father, a Canadian agent, unless she can reveal his informant. Then with little time left, McCall tells Kostmayer of his personal reasons for wanting to save Yvette and her father.

star 7.38
13 votes
The Man on the Fairway

#146 - The Man on the Fairway

Bones Season 1 - Episode 14

Brennan and Zach investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and a woman. At the crash site, Brennan finds some bone fragments that do not belong to any of the passengers, but might belong to a man who has been missing for five years. Although ordered to work only on the diplomats, Brennan and her team go rogue to try to discover the identity of the extra bones.

star 7.37
2208 votes
Mother's Day

#147 - Mother's Day

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 16

Secrets arise when Gibbs former mother-in-law surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation.

star 7.37
2682 votes
Le Carnivale de la Mort

#148 - Le Carnivale de la Mort

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 15

After a Petty Officer is found murdered in the midst of Mardi Gras events, the NCIS team investigates what parades and parties led to his untimely death. Also, Pride must decide what aspects of his strained relationship with his father he is willing to share with his daughter.

star 7.36
798 votes
The Headless Witch in the Woods

#149 - The Headless Witch in the Woods

Bones Season 2 - Episode 10

While investigating the death of a film student who was working on a documentary about the legend of a headless witch, who haunted woods in the 1700's, Brennan develops a strong bond with the victim's brother.

star 7.35
2223 votes

#150 - Rogue

JAG Season 5 - Episode 7

As lowest ranking lawyer at JAG, Bud is assigned to accompany Raglan, a former special Forces operative who is hired by the Pentagon to test security at military bases. Raglan's current mission is to test the security around a U.S. nuclear attack submarine. But when Raglan goes too far and hijacks the sub with Bud on board, Harm is called in to chase the sub down by second guessing his old friend. The cat and mouse game becomes deadly, though, when it appears that Raglan has switched sides, demanding millions of dollars in ransom or he'll take aim on a U.S. target.

star 7.34
334 votes

#151 - Knockout

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 18

The death of a boxer leads Vance to borrow the NCIS team and start investigating his death, while Gibbs digs into Vance's past.

star 7.29
1752 votes
There's No Place Like Homecoming

#152 - There's No Place Like Homecoming

90210 Season 1 - Episode 8

After recuperating from her health scare, Adrianna returns and tries to make amends with Naomi, but her ex-BFF refuses to forgive her for the betrayal. Adrianna makes a surprising connection with Navid, who helps her through her situation. Meanwhile, Annie and Ethan finally take their rapidly growing romance to a new level during the school's homecoming dance, causing Naomi to feel jealous.

star 7.27
337 votes
Via Negativa

#153 - Via Negativa

The X-Files Season 8 - Episode 7

Working without Scully's input, Doggett and Skinner try to stop the mysterious murder spree of a drug-induced religious cult leader, and it becomes clear that the man can enter the dreams of the people he knows and can kill them in their sleep.

star 7.19
943 votes

#154 - Badlaa

The X-Files Season 8 - Episode 10

An Indian mystic whose son died in a chemical plant accident smuggles himself into the United States and takes his revenge on two families in suburban Washington, D.C.

star 7.16
839 votes
Cowboys and Cossacks

#155 - Cowboys and Cossacks

JAG Season 2 - Episode 14

Harm, Mac and Bud are assigned sea duty to be official observers during a joint war games exercise between U.S. and Russian naval forces, but the games take a deadly turn when the rival captains decide to make the battle real -- and Harm, Mac and Bud are trapped on board the warring ships. The captains are bitter enemies from Cold War days and have deemed this their final grudge match. Both are determined to make it a battle to the death, even if it means going down with their ships -- and taking everyone on board with them -- and it's up to Harm and Bud to defuse what could become World War III.

star 7.08
390 votes
Viking Bikers from Hell

#156 - Viking Bikers from Hell

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 22

A motorcycle gang seeks to avenge a drug-dealing comrade's death by killing off his former customers.

star 6.17
64 votes