The Best Episodes Directed by Arvin Brown

Nice Guys Finish Last

#1 - Nice Guys Finish Last

Ed Season 2 - Episode 15

Ed helps a wimpy lawyer negotiate with a trucking company that is disturbing Stuckeyville's peace by routing its rigs through town; Carol regrets asking Dennis to critique one of her short stories; Molly rebuffs Jim's attempts to explain his behavior.

star 8.62
5 votes
Vanished (1)

#2 - Vanished (1)

The Practice Season 6 - Episode 5

Bobby represents a couple, the Baldwins, who are haunted by the kidnapping of their son 18 years earlier. The Baldwins believe that a man named John Pierce, who is serving a prison sentence for molesting children, is the guilty culprit. At the time of the disappearance, Pierce was a suspect, but the police did not have enough evidence to charge him with the kidnapping. The Baldwins believe their son was murdered, and they just want to know the location of the body. They persuade Bobby to bring a civil lawsuit against John Pierce for the ""wrongful death"" of their son. They believe that under the threat of a lawsuit, which could jeopardize his parole, Pierce will tell them the location of their son's body. Bobby moves forward with the case, though on the witness stand, Pierce insists that he did not kidnap the boy. At the end of the episode, Bobby is approached by a young man who believes that he is the boy who was kidnapped years ago. Meanwhile, Jimmy still owes money to his bookie, Sid

star 8.61
31 votes
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#3 - Settling

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 16

Bobby is kidnapped by an irate former client who claims Bobby's incompetence in a manslaughter trial forced him to spend 12 years in prison.

star 8.50
38 votes
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Love and Honor

#4 - Love and Honor

The Practice Season 3 - Episode 10

Jimmy takes on Tommy Silva as he battles for the firm's future. He's forced to make unpopular decisions when both Ellenor and Eugene are ineffective witnesses.

star 8.38
32 votes
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Brothers' Keepers

#5 - Brothers' Keepers

The Practice Season 5 - Episode 7

Bobby defends a man on trial for allowing his wife to be murdered in an 'honor killing'; an ancient cultural ritual used to punish adulterous behavior. Eugene reluctantly aids incompetent attorney Harland Bassett yet again. Ellenor announces that she's pregnant, encountering some adversity.

star 8.34
38 votes
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#6 - Committed

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 8

Lindsay represents a serial murderer confined in an asylum when his case is up for review. Eugene's son is a prime suspect when his mother's lover is beaten to death in her bed.

star 8.31
39 votes
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The Boiler Room Job

#7 - The Boiler Room Job

Leverage Season 4 - Episode 8

When the LEVERAGE team goes up against a conman from a long lineage of greats, they must pull off the biggest con of their careers.

star 8.19
314 votes
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Summary Judgments

#8 - Summary Judgments

The Practice Season 5 - Episode 1

Bobby doesn't want a client to testify to avoid introducing an incriminating videotape. Helen and Richard Bay may have coached a witness in the same trial. Ellenor and Lindsay represent a parent whose three children have all contracted learning disabilities.

star 8.16
37 votes
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Free Dental

#9 - Free Dental

The Practice Season 4 - Episode 1

Bobby and Jimmy defend a dentist accused of murdering a frequent patient... but eventually discover he's hiding a sordid secret. Ellenor dines with George Vogelman.

star 8.15
39 votes
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285 South

#10 - 285 South

Roswell Season 1 - Episode 6

Micahel's monomaniacal urge to find the geodesic dome that's been stalking his dreams leads him to hijack Maria's car to Texas.

star 8.13
111 votes
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Shiva (2)

#11 - Shiva (2)

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 12

In the aftermath of an event that strikes close to home, the NCIS team unites to seek answers and demand justice in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues.

star 8.10
580 votes
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Devil's Triad

#12 - Devil's Triad

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 10

Complications arise when the NCIS team discovers a link between a murder victim and the current boyfriend of Gibbs and Agent Fornell’s ex-wife. Meanwhile, NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop adjusts to joining the NCIS team.

star 8.10
776 votes
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Silent Partner

#13 - Silent Partner

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 15

Brenda seeks help from a businessman, played by guest star Jason George (Grey's Anatomy), with old ties to the neighborhood where Turell Baylor was murdered.

star 8.08
177 votes
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Devil's Trifecta

#14 - Devil's Trifecta

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 9

Gibbs teams up with FBI Agent Fornell on a joint NCIS/FBI investigation after Fornell becomes the target of a shooting, but they face an unexpected twist in the case when their mutual ex-wife, Diane Sterling, gets involved. Meanwhile, rumors run wild among the group after Diane stays overnight at McGee’s.

star 8.06
563 votes
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The Making of a Trial Attorney

#15 - The Making of a Trial Attorney

The Practice Season 7 - Episode 14

A wrongful-imprisonment suit occupies Bobby, whose client spent 15 years in jail for a killing he didn't commit; a case involving a youth's soccer injury tests Claire's mettle in court.

star 8.04
24 votes
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Sins of The Father

#16 - Sins of The Father

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 10

After Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. is found in a car with a dead body in the trunk and no memory of the previous night, the NCIS team must figure out if he is capable of murder. Meanwhile, Tony is sidelined for this case and must go against orders to try and prove his father’s innocence.

star 8.03
489 votes
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#17 - Alleged

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 21

After a Navy officer is found dead on a rural road, the NCIS team must ascertain if the murder was the result of a bar fight or because he knew too much about an attack on a fellow female officer. Meanwhile, DiNozzo and McGee start a juice cleanse to purge their bodies of impurities.

star 8.02
727 votes
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Chasing Ghosts

#18 - Chasing Ghosts

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 20

When a Navy reservist returns home to find her husband missing and her living room covered in blood, she turns to the NCIS team to bring him home. Meanwhile, Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death.

star 7.95
637 votes
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The Best Policy

#19 - The Best Policy

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 7

An old friend asks Cal to look into the theft of the formula for a new drug after a knockoff surfaces and causes three deaths. Meanwhile, Gillian and Eli help the U.S. government negotiate the release of two Americans facing execution in Yemen for possession of marijuana.

star 7.93
540 votes
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The Namesake

#20 - The Namesake

NCIS Season 10 - Episode 5

A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire’s Ferrari and the investigation leads the NCIS team to discover a link to a man Gibbs was named after.

star 7.92
565 votes
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Another Day

#21 - Another Day

The Practice Season 2 - Episode 22

Bobby is called on to defend Joey Heric on murder charges once again. Lindsay goes up against her former professor, Anderson Pearson, when she represents a client who's addicted to cigarettes. Lindsay sues Pearson himself when she suspects his firm of burying damaging information. Ellenor defends Cruikshank against anti-tourism charges, earning hersely several trips to jail when she vehemently disagrees with the judge's decidedly biased position.

star 7.91
35 votes
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Corporal Punishment

#22 - Corporal Punishment

NCIS Season 5 - Episode 10

While trying to track down a delusional and violent Marine who thinks he's still in Iraq, the NCIS team will learn that the man has been the subject of a secret experiment - and it comes with a high price to pay.

star 7.91
360 votes
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The 10 Li'l Grifters Job

#23 - The 10 Li'l Grifters Job

Leverage Season 4 - Episode 2

When a mark is killed suddenly in the middle of a sting, the team must scramble to complete the con and find the killer…before Nate goes down for murder.

star 7.90
338 votes
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Murder 2.0

#24 - Murder 2.0

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 6

During the week of Halloween, a murderous psychopath taunts the team by using the Internet to leave clues to the next victim's identity.

star 7.90
392 votes
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Serving the King (1)

#25 - Serving the King (1)

The Closer Season 2 - Episode 14

Resulting from the showdown in the murder room, Brenda finds herself taking some involuntary time off. When she is asked to help a friend solve a murder that is linked to a terrorist group, Brenda works to find the killer and still keep it under wraps. Meanwhile, Commander Taylor jumps at the chance to break apart the PHD while Brenda is away.

star 7.88
158 votes
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Grave Doubts

#26 - Grave Doubts

The Closer Season 3 - Episode 2

The body of a long-dead murder victim is uncovered along with Lt. Provenza’s business card, setting off the squad’s search for his identity and killer. When the bullet is traced to a gang weapon that had been turned into the LAPD 15 years prior, Deputy Chief Johnson is forced to contend with political activist Father Jack.

star 7.88
178 votes
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Once a Crook

#27 - Once a Crook

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 5

DiNozzo returns to his Baltimore Police Department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the NCIS crime scene of a murdered petty officer.

star 7.87
731 votes
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She Works Hard for the Money

#28 - She Works Hard for the Money

Rizzoli & Isles Season 1 - Episode 4

After a student is gunned down in broad daylight, the investigation reveals she had more than a few secrets. Meanwhile, Jane’s mother Angela gets into a spat with her father over the car.

star 7.86
453 votes
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Rock and a Hard Place

#29 - Rock and a Hard Place

NCIS Season 11 - Episode 17

After a bomb detonates in the dressing room at a military charity concert, the NCIS team must determine if the target was a washed-up '80s rocker or if the bomb was part of a larger scheme. Meanwhile, Jimmy prepares for fatherhood.

star 7.85
716 votes
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#30 - Aftertaste

The Closer Season 2 - Episode 4

Brenda and the PHD investigate a high-profile case when a woman is brutally murdered at L.A.'s trendiest restaurant. On the home front, Brenda tries to keep a low profile as she closes in on her 40th birthday.

star 7.84
193 votes
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Broken Arrow

#31 - Broken Arrow

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 7

The team is surprised when Gibbs asks Tony's father to join them in a murder investigation.

star 7.84
446 votes
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The Penelope Papers

#32 - The Penelope Papers

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 3

The line between McGee's personal and professional life is blurred when NCIS uncovers a connection between his grandmother and the murder of a Navy Lieutenant.

star 7.83
536 votes
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New York Fiction (1)

#33 - New York Fiction (1)

Men in Trees Season 1 - Episode 10

When Marin goes back to New York during Thanksgiving week to meet with editors regarding publishing her new book, the emotions between her and Jack escalate. Although she is happy to be back in a more familiar environment, she misses her life back in Elmo.Meanwhile, Jack has decided it's time for him to make his move concerning his "friendship" with Marin, but an unexpected event changes his plans. Thanksgiving week is a headache for most of the Elmoians. Patrick must choose between spending Thanksgiving with Annie in New York or with his new family, and Ben is hoping Theresa will help him prepare for their annual Orphan Thanksgiving.

star 7.83
23 votes
The San Dominick

#34 - The San Dominick

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 5

During a joint Coast Guard and NCIS training exercise at sea, Gibbs and CGIS Agent Borin spot a deceased man overboard, who is discovered to be a missing crew member from a ship 60 nautical miles away. Upon boarding the ship for questioning, Gibbs finds himself on a vessel that has been commandeered by pirates. Diane Neal guest and Jim Beaver guest star.

star 7.80
797 votes
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A Kiss to Build a Dream On

#35 - A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Everwood Season 4 - Episode 1

The fourth season begins with a nice wedding of an unexpected couple and kiss at the airport for couple Bright and Hannah in Everwood. Nina finally chooses between the two men she loves - Andy and Jake while at Delia's behest. Amy develops a new friendship with college-age student Reid (guest-star Justin Bardoni) while waiting on her mother Rose at the hospital. Also, Amy and Rose find that Rose's cancer has driven them apart rather than brought them together. Bright flirts with a new girl who might become his roommate, but is more involved in knowing what girlfriend Hannah scribbled off the postcard that she sent to him. Lastly, Ephram makes an emotional return to Everwood just in time for an unexpected wedding.

star 7.80
35 votes
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The Tie That Binds

#36 - The Tie That Binds

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 10

After the NCIS team tracks evidence from the murder of a Navy captain to Ducky’s deceased mother, Ducky looks back and questions a pivotal life choice he made 37 years ago. Also, the team exchanges holiday gifts, and Gibbs spends Christmas dinner with Fornell.

star 7.79
2004 votes
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Flesh and Blood

#37 - Flesh and Blood

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 12

Gibbs is worried about Tony's ability to handle his job when Tony's father turns out to be linked to their newest investigation, an assassination attempt on a foreign prince.

star 7.79
374 votes
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#38 - Faith

NCIS Season 7 - Episode 10

When the enlisted son of retired Colonel-turned-preacher is found dead, the team believes he may be the victim of a hate crime. Meanwhile, Gibbs' father comes for a holiday visit.

star 7.79
400 votes
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The Missionary Position

#39 - The Missionary Position

NCIS Season 9 - Episode 20

Following the murder of a Marine, Tony and Ziva join Ziva’s longtime friend and mentor in Columbia in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain. Meanwhile, Jimmy Palmer decides who will be his best man.

star 7.79
488 votes
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Scared Straight

#40 - Scared Straight

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 7

When the lover of a controversial lesbian talk show host is found dead, Jordan and Woody lead the investigation. Garret and Lily go head to head when a cancer patient dies.

star 7.78
32 votes
Blood Relatives

#41 - Blood Relatives

Crossing Jordan Season 1 - Episode 12

A mother and her two young sons turn up murdered, with the only suspect being the husband. This case will do more than test Jordan’s skills are a pathologist, but also test her mentally as some memories come flooding back.

star 7.76
42 votes
Royals and Loyals

#42 - Royals and Loyals

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 4

The team hopes to avoid an international incident when an American officer is killed on a British ship.

star 7.76
476 votes
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Complex Guilt

#43 - Complex Guilt

Everwood Season 3 - Episode 11

Amanda decides to send her husband to a very nice treatment facility causing Andy to collapse as a result of stress and guilt over what has happened between him and Amanda. Meanwhile, Amy continues to give Ephram the cold shoulder for lying about Madison, Also Edna builds a writing room for Irv.

star 7.75
35 votes
Enemy Combatant

#44 - Enemy Combatant

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 8

After NCIS Agent Bishop is sent to Gitmo to gather evidence for a Navy chaplain murder case, she questions her previous work at the NSA. Also, Bishop’s brothers, John and Robert, visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and pester her co-workers to find out who she is dating.

star 7.74
2026 votes
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#45 - Bounce

NCIS Season 6 - Episode 16

A murder prompts the reopening of one of Tony's old investigations, leading Gibbs and DiNozzo to reverse roles to solve the case.

star 7.74
352 votes
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#46 - Recruited

NCIS Season 8 - Episode 12

A petty officer's recruitment session at a college fair comes to a fatal end, prompting the NCIS team, accompanied by Dr. Mallard's predecessor, to solve his murder.

star 7.73
441 votes
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Blood Brothers

#47 - Blood Brothers

NCIS Season 13 - Episode 10

The Secretary of Defense calls on NCIS to help a sailor who is battling leukemia to locate a donor for a bone marrow transplant, after two of his siblings are killed in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Bishop returns home to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.

star 7.73
1105 votes
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The Miracle Job

#48 - The Miracle Job

Leverage Season 1 - Episode 4

Nate's childhood best friend seeks the help of Leverage Consulting & Associates in preventing the demolition of his church... by stealing a miracle.

star 7.72
413 votes
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False Pretenses

#49 - False Pretenses

Major Crimes Season 2 - Episode 2

A complex murder-suicide case has the department reeling. Meanwhile, when Rusty receives a mysterious and threatening letter Emma demands that he be relocated. Torn between her desire to protect Rusty and professional duty to the case, Raydor is forced to seriously consider Emma’s request.

star 7.69
385 votes
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In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

#50 - In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

Private Practice Season 1 - Episode 6

Pete treats Charlotte's insomnia, Naomi goes on her first date since college and a patient asks Addison to conceal her fertility from her husband.

star 7.69
146 votes
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Fire and Ice

#51 - Fire and Ice

Crossing Jordan Season 2 - Episode 18

A methamphetamine lab explodes and takes the life of a young girl. Jordan tries to help the grieving mother and manages to tick off the D.A. Elsewhere, Lily and Bug work a case together.

star 7.67
36 votes
Last Looks

#52 - Last Looks

Everwood Season 2 - Episode 18

Against Andy's better judgment, ex-sweethearts Ephram and Madison decide it would be in Delia's best interest if Madison resumed her job as Delia's babysitter. Meanwhile, Amy contemplates going off her anti-depressant medication after Linda suggests she might be ready and Bright anxiously awaits his college acceptance letters.

star 7.67
39 votes
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Pay to Play

#53 - Pay to Play

NCIS Season 14 - Episode 9

The NCIS team investigates a series of escalating threats against congresswoman Jenna Flemming, while Director Vance oversees her temporary protection detail.

star 7.63
1955 votes
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Beauty Contest

#54 - Beauty Contest

Dawson's Creek Season 1 - Episode 12

Joey and Pacey enter a beauty competition; Jen regrets her breakup with Dawson.

star 7.62
74 votes
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In Search of Pygmies

#55 - In Search of Pygmies

Ally McBeal Season 3 - Episode 12

Ling defends a dear old friend who is asked to leave his retirement home because the director finds his exuberant imagination disruptive for other residents. While Ling tries to decide whether her friend truly believes in his make-believe world or just pretends to, he suffers from a hallucination that has fatal results. Meanwhile, Ally spots a potential cute guy and proceeds to go after him.

star 7.61
46 votes
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Dial M for Provenza

#56 - Dial M for Provenza

The Closer Season 4 - Episode 5

Provenza and Flynn lose the evidence in an attempted murder case when Provenza's car is stolen; Pope is not happy when Brenda is forced to free the suspect and gives her and the squad 48 hours to retrieve the car, the evidence and the suspect.

star 7.60
15 votes
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Fashion Police

#57 - Fashion Police

Shark Season 1 - Episode 6

Four Latino women are killed in a garment-factory fire and the police rule it an accident, but Martin leaks false information to the press to force the DA's office to investigate. Sebastian isn't happy about it and says the case can't be won, but he gets pumped up when he learns a rival is defending the fashion company his office is going after. The probe reveals the company supports sweatshops and may be liable for the fire. Also, Julie gets readmitted to school.

star 7.58
26 votes
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Healing Time

#58 - Healing Time

Hawthorne Season 1 - Episode 2

A patient with dementia believes Christina is his wife.

star 7.58
33 votes
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The Ecstasy and the Agony

#59 - The Ecstasy and the Agony

Major Crimes Season 1 - Episode 4

The unit joins forces with the FBI when a homicide case spins around the Israeli mob and an "intuitive life strategist." Elsewhere, Provenza displays his vulnerable side, and Rusty's first school day takes an unexpected turn.

star 7.51
402 votes
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The Gift of Life

#60 - The Gift of Life

Crossing Jordan Season 1 - Episode 20

In this episode we go back to 1995 when Jordan wonders if being a heart surgeon is the right of courier for her. But after a patient dies on the table because of Dr. McCaffrey's negligence Jordan realizes that the truth is always best to tell even if it hurts somebody. We also see how Jordan met Garrett and the importance of honesty.

star 7.51
36 votes
Batter Up

#61 - Batter Up

The Closer Season 1 - Episode 8

When a gay man is murdered, seemingly the latest victim of a string of hate crimes, Brenda must confront prejudices inside and out of the LAPD. But when the perpetrator of the crimes turns out to be something quite different than expected, and has an alibi for the latest murder, Brenda must dig deeper to discover if this crime is part of the string, or a crime of passion disguised as a hate crime. Meanwhile, Flynn and Taylor step up their efforts to undermine Brenda once again, but with unexpected effects, as the team begins to rally around Brenda. Provenza's quirks begin to emerge, and we meet Terrence Hynes, a County Coroner's Forensics Support worker with an odd sense of humor. On the home front, Brenda finds herself with some new charges when her (male) Kitty has kittens.

star 7.50
13 votes
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No Good Deed

#62 - No Good Deed

NCIS Season 12 - Episode 20

DiNozzo is partnered with his girlfriend ATF Special Agent Zoé Keates after evidence reveals that the murder weapon in an NCIS case was originally purchased for the controversial ATF sting operation “Operation Fast and Furious.” Also, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. returns to town for a special dinner to meet his son’s girlfriend.

star 7.45
800 votes
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It Happened Last Night

#63 - It Happened Last Night

NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 - Episode 5

The NCIS team is given a 22-hour deadline after the murder investigation of a Chief Warrant Officer who specialized in counterintelligence reveals his wife had been kidnapped and is being held for ransom. Meanwhile, Senior FBI Agent Fornell travels to the Big Easy to assist with the case. NCIS stars, Rocky Carroll and Joe Spano, guest star.

star 7.41
405 votes
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World's Without Love

#64 - World's Without Love

Ally McBeal Season 2 - Episode 6

Renee bumps into an old flame from high school and must decide if she wants to reignite the love of her life that happens to be married. Ally represents a Nun who lost her job because she broke her vows of celibacy. Stefan, the frog, re-appears but nearly dies in the process, leaving Cage sitting vigil over the comatose tree frog.

star 7.40
51 votes
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Neutral Corners

#65 - Neutral Corners

Ally McBeal Season 5 - Episode 3

Ally has a dream about Raymond and Glenn. She thinks it's a sign they'll lose the phone company case, and Glenn sees it as a secret attraction of Ally for him. After Raymond makes a 125,000 dollars offer for the phone company case, Ally decides to make an infomercial using Ling's TV show crew and Claire Otoms as the announcer. They threat to run the infomercial nationwide on primetime, and the threat of losing hundreds of millions of dollars scares Raymond's client. Cage & Fish settle for 15 million dollars, the biggest settlement ever, which makes Richard cry of happiness. Meanwhile, Ally is still divided with her feelings for Glenn and if she should date him or not. Glenn says he's not interested in her, and Raymond asks Glenn if he should date Ally. To make things even better, John decides to confess his feelings for Ally and is very disappointed when she says they will never be more than just very good friends.

star 7.33
39 votes
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Speed Bump

#66 - Speed Bump

The Closer Season 4 - Episode 2

Brenda and the team must determine if a murder was revenge or mere coincidence when a recently released murderer turns up dead, the victim of a hit-and-run. As usual, Brenda's personal life isn't much better: she must deal with a recently incapacitated Fritz.

star 7.30
14 votes
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The Claw is Our Master

#67 - The Claw is Our Master

Judging Amy Season 2 - Episode 11

Amy finds herself in the middle of a love triangle when she considers giving Tom Gillette a second chance while she continues to date Rob; Maxine investigates the case of a boy from a seemingly perfect family who is going deaf; Amy tries to adopt a dog.

star 7.00
4 votes