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Last Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

A relationship-advice guru, upon learning that her fiancé is cheating on her, decides to stay in a small town in Alaska, the most recent stop on her book tour. It's in this remote town, where the ratio of men to women is ten to one, she realizes she can truly learn about the subject she thought she knew so well -- how to find, and keep, a good man.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf (1)

#1 - The Girl Who Cried Wolf (1)

Season 2 - Episode 5

In the first of a two-part story, a heated fight between Marin and Jack is the result of an invasion of wild wolves in Elmo. Annie's mother arrives in town as a series of unfortunate events could ruin Patrick and Annie's wedding. Meanwhile, Ben's new hockey team causes problems and the church elders of Eric's church attempt to stand in the way of his relationship with Sara.

star 8.30
24 votes
Directors: Rick Wallace
Writers: Jenny Bicks, John Mankiewicz
I Wood If I Could

#2 - I Wood If I Could

Season 2 - Episode 4

Marin receives romantic gifts from both Jack and Stuart Maxson, her publisher. She also finds herself juggling dual roles as maid of honor and best man as well as party planner for their bachelor and bachelorette festivities. Meanwhile, Ben thinks about buying a professional hockey team.

star 8.24
25 votes
A Tale of Two Kidneys

#3 - A Tale of Two Kidneys

Season 2 - Episode 13

Upon Marin and Jack's return from New York , they discover Cash is in the hospital and needs a kidney transplant. Terri still feels guilty for Patrick's being struck by lightning because of the bobby pin he put in his hair at the wedding. Patrick continues to be upset with Celia for putting him in jail, and Celia is having issues with Dick's smothering ways. Meanwhile, Ben's sexy, young, new hockey player, Ivan, arrives in Elmo and is immediately enamored with Annie.

star 8.24
21 votes
Sweatering It Out

#4 - Sweatering It Out

Season 2 - Episode 8

Marin becomes concerned when she hasn't heard from Jack, and with good cause as she soon finds out. In his absence, she is wooed by two suitors, one with whom she has a history and another who is a complete surprise. Meanwhile, Sam and Jane attend a snowplow convention and develop an unusual living arrangement, and Sara's relationship with Eric begins to show promise.

star 8.20
26 votes
The Caribou in The Room

#5 - The Caribou in The Room

Season 1 - Episode 6

Marin wants to find out if you really can be friends after you've spelt together. She asks Jack to take her to Anchorage so she can get a dose of culture. Patrick begins to wonder if there is a problem in his relationship with Annie, because she always asks him to leave right after they've been intimate. Meanwhile, Ben gets tired of having to sneak around with Sara, and he asked Theresa to move out.

star 8.16
24 votes
Directors: Rick Wallace
Writers: Tim Davis
Ladies Frist

#6 - Ladies Frist

Season 1 - Episode 7

Marin is surprised not only by the birthday party that the people of Elmo are throwing her, but her younger sister shows up as well. Her sister immediately has the hots for Jack and wants to marry him. Marin is left feeling insecure by her sister, because all the attention is now on her. Buzz informs Patrick that he found a plane on the mountain while he was out flying. The plane belongs to Patrick's dad and it went down over 26 years ago. Patrick starts to wonder if it is possible that his father survived the crash somehow and is still out there. Sara is officially dating Ben now, and that makes Theresa mad.

star 8.09
23 votes
Directors: Tamra Davis
Writers: Cindy Chupack
Sonata in Three Parts

#7 - Sonata in Three Parts

Season 2 - Episode 10

Eager to remain positive after learning that Jack could be in peril, Marin focuses her energy on nursing Cash through his illness. Meanwhile, Patrick asks a young woman out on a date and Jerome's past life brings surprises to Annie. Eric's church group causes discord between Eric and Sara.

star 8.08
27 votes
Directors: Joanna Kerns
Writers: Cara DiPaolo
Bed, Bat & Beyond

#8 - Bed, Bat & Beyond

Season 1 - Episode 14

While Marin moves into her rustic mountain cabin and finds some unexpected visitors, Jane unintentionally neglects Sam ("PlowMan"). In the meantime, Sara fills in at the Chieftain while Theresa takes care of Ben. Patrick is concerned he will not be able to give Annie the wedding of her dreams, and Celia admits to dating her boss, Richard.

star 8.01
22 votes
Directors: Matthew Diamond
Writers: Tim Davis

#9 - Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

Relationship coach and best-selling author Marin Frist goes to a small town in Alaska for a conference about real love and the best ways to get married. After her own relationship falls apart, she finds herself stuck in a town full of the one thing she really doesn't really need -- available men.

star 8.00
35 votes
Directors: James Mangold
Writers: Jenny Bicks
The Menaissance

#10 - The Menaissance

Season 1 - Episode 9

After Jane leaks an excerpt from Marin's new book on men to The New Yorker magazine, Marin is forced to defend her career to Jack. Elmo receives a special guest singer-songwriter Jewel, whose car has broken down. She runs into her former bandmate, Theresa, in the Chieftain. Meanwhile, Celia and Patrick's new stepmother, Mai, face each other in an alpha showdown for the role of "top mom."

star 8.00
24 votes
Directors: Rick Wallace
Writers: Padma Atluri
The Indecent Proposal

#11 - The Indecent Proposal

Season 1 - Episode 17

While Jack and Lynn's relationship gets more complicated, Patrick decides that he wants Annie's father to agree to their marriage. Meanwhile, a new visitor, Cash, moves into Marin's cabin temporarily in exchange for repairing it.

star 8.00
21 votes
Directors: Sanaa Hamri
Writers: Jenny Bicks
Take It Like a Man

#12 - Take It Like a Man

Season 1 - Episode 15

Marin receives an invitation from Stuart to join him on an overnight ski trip. Jack accompanies Lynn to the doctor for a sonogram, and Patrick tells Annie that he once made a donation to a sperm bank. Jane and Sam ("Plow Guy") teach each other some of life's secrets, while Buzz meets someone from his past.

star 7.97
24 votes
Directors: Dean White
Writers: Chris Dingess
The Darkest Day

#13 - The Darkest Day

Season 1 - Episode 12

While Marin is waiting for Lynn to leave Elmo and Jack, Annie thinks that Patrick can't have a relationship until he can survive without his mother. Meanwhile, Celia gets a visit from her out-of-town boss, Sarah comes back to Elmo and gets a surprise when she sees Ben and Theresa back as a couple. Back in NY, Jane wonders if she wants to keep a long-distance relationship with Sam "Plow Guy."

star 7.97
24 votes
Directors: Rick Wallace
Writers: Cara DiPaolo
Sea Change

#14 - Sea Change

Season 2 - Episode 7

Marin finds a mysterious woman's phone number in Jack's belongings while he is away on a research ship. Celia suggests that Annie help Patrick remember his old life. Ben begins to put his hockey team ahead of his friends and family. Buzz and Mai offer dating advice to Jerome and Mary Alice.

star 7.96
26 votes
Directors: Jeff Melman
Writers: Anna Fricke
Nice Day For a Dry Wedding (2)

#15 - Nice Day For a Dry Wedding (2)

Season 2 - Episode 6

In this conclusion of a two-part story, dangerous and unforeseen events threaten Patrick and Annie's wedding. Marin invites Jack to be her date, and Jane flies in for the wedding only to see Sam with another woman.

star 7.96
24 votes
History Lessons

#16 - History Lessons

Season 1 - Episode 13

Marin volunteers to help at a rummage sale to deal with writer's block and her problems with Jack. She also gets an unexpected visit from Stuart Maxson, who wants to discuss the second chapter of her new book.

star 7.95
24 votes
Directors: Wendey Stanzler
Writers: Bruce Miller
Sink or Swim

#17 - Sink or Swim

Season 1 - Episode 4

Because Marin has been away from New York for awhile now, people there are beginning to forget her and are starting rumors she could be dead. When the Elmo town elder passes away, Elmo's sister city breaks its ties with the town just before the New Moon Festival, and Marin sees an opportunity to be useful by finding a new sister city for Elmos.

star 7.93
27 votes
Directors: Gail Mancuso
Writers: Anna Fricke
No Man is an Iceland

#18 - No Man is an Iceland

Season 2 - Episode 3

After Lynn's departure, the everyone assumes Marin and Jack will be reunited. Annie and Patrick are having problems planning their wedding, as Celia wonders about the future of her relationship with Dick after she learns he is younger than she is. Meanwhile, Mai's cousin, Lucy, pays a visit to Elmo. But when it's time for her to return to China, Mai wants her to stay. When George offers to marry her, he doesn't realize it could prevent someone else from taking his chance.

star 7.92
26 votes
Read Between the Minds

#19 - Read Between the Minds

Season 2 - Episode 12

Jack is feeling very amorous towards Marin, but she fears that it may be for the wrong reasons. After Patrick's adventure-seeking stunt, Celia throws him in jail and he takes full advantage of his "right to remain silent." Marin, Jack and Jerome are off to New York to celebrate Sam and Jane's wedding. And Sam is surprised when he learns the truth about Jane's parents.

star 7.91
19 votes
Get a Life

#20 - Get a Life

Season 2 - Episode 14

Morgan Fairchild guest-stars as herself when she arrives in Elmo to sing the national anthem at the opening game for Ben's hockey team, and then decides she wants to buy the rights to Marin's life to be made into a movie. Meanwhile, a kidney donor for Cash is found and Sara discovers Eric's band has a fan club.

star 7.89
19 votes
Directors: Joanna Kerns
Writers: Anna Fricke
Charity Case

#21 - Charity Case

Season 2 - Episode 9

Cash brings a shocking secret with him as he returns to Elmo, and Sara and Eric work together to rebuild his church. Buzz tries to help Patrick regain his memory, but his efforts result in disastrous consequences. Sam learns more about Jane's personality after she throws away one of his favorite shirts.

star 7.85
27 votes
Writers: David S. Rosenthal
New York Fiction (1)

#22 - New York Fiction (1)

Season 1 - Episode 10

When Marin goes back to New York during Thanksgiving week to meet with editors regarding publishing her new book, the emotions between her and Jack escalate. Although she is happy to be back in a more familiar environment, she misses her life back in Elmo.Meanwhile, Jack has decided it's time for him to make his move concerning his "friendship" with Marin, but an unexpected event changes his plans. Thanksgiving week is a headache for most of the Elmoians. Patrick must choose between spending Thanksgiving with Annie in New York or with his new family, and Ben is hoping Theresa will help him prepare for their annual Orphan Thanksgiving.

star 7.83
24 votes
Directors: Arvin Brown
Writers: Jenny Bicks
The Buddy System

#23 - The Buddy System

Season 1 - Episode 8

Marin tries to help Patrick and Buzz build their relationship, but things go haywire when Celia reveals they are actually related to one another. Marin and Annie need to unwind and go to a beauty salon. Sara begins to feel nervous about taking her EMS exam as she thinks about the future. Marin and Jack head out in search of friends who have been trapped by an avalanche caused by minor earthquake tremors.

star 7.82
27 votes
Directors: Matt Shakman
Writers: Chris Dingess
Chemical Reactions

#24 - Chemical Reactions

Season 2 - Episode 2

Marin gets lost in the woods while looking for a special root for a stew and is found by Jack, who is filming a documentary. Lynn becomes envious of the passion she sees in other couples and wants the same kind of affection in her own relationship. Meanwhile, Patrick wants to change his surname and Sara's ex-husband wants full custody of her son.

star 7.82
27 votes
Directors: Seith Mann
Writers: Padma Atluri
Kiss and Don't Tell

#25 - Kiss and Don't Tell

Season 2 - Episode 16

Marin wants Cash to recuperate in her home after he is released from the hospital. Patrick gets a job in New York with Jane's company as Jane pursues another client who also writes relationship books. Meanwhile, Mai moves in with Celia, and Buzz steps in for Patrick at the inn so he can earn enough money to pay off his gambling debts.

star 7.82
22 votes
Directors: Sandy Smolan
Writers: Chris Dingess