The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Berlinger

What's Eating You?

#1 - What's Eating You?

Empty Nest Season 3 - Episode 22

Harry forces Barbara to spend a week at home with him and Carol, away from the stress of police work, when a physical reveals she has a pre-ulcerous condition. But as the week progresses, Harry and Carol find it is they who are creating stress for Barbara. Laverne tries to track down a case of Harry's favorite bandages, which have been discontinued.

star 9.33
3 votes
Secrets and Lies

#2 - Secrets and Lies

The Bernie Mac Show Season 1 - Episode 19

Bernie takes Jordan to a Clippers' game but tells Wanda that Jordan has had an asthma attack and had to go to the hospital. Wanda tries to help Jordan 'feel better'. He feels guilty and asks Bernie if he can admit his wrongdoing. Bernie explains that it is occasionaly ok to lie, but Jordan takes it to a whole new level. He manipulates his sisters, aunt, school, and even Bernie. When the family has dinner a slew of lies are admitted by everyone in the family.

star 8.70
43 votes
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Handle Your Business

#3 - Handle Your Business

The Bernie Mac Show Season 1 - Episode 13

Bernie is booked on a popular morning radio show, and he gets himself into trouble with the whole family when he draws from his private life to bring comedy to the public airwaves.

star 8.70
46 votes
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The Reconcilliation

#4 - The Reconcilliation

Titus Season 2 - Episode 8

Juanita Titus comes to visit for a family visit with her new boyfriend, but Ken is less then happy to see her having a happy life.

star 8.52
46 votes
Family Reunion

#5 - Family Reunion

The Bernie Mac Show Season 3 - Episode 8

Bernie and Wanda host a Mac family reunion barbecue for about 50 of Bernie's extended relatives who invade L.A. for the weekend. At first, Bernie is excited and looks forward to bonding with his relatives and strengthening their family ties, but when his Aunt Sis starts to pester him about co-hosting a cooking show with her on the Food Network, cousin Lou starts to harass him, and his older brother Carl questions the way he and Wanda are raising the children, Bernie starts to question why he agreed to host the reunion in the first place. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Shonte, a distant cousin by marriage, flirt with each other until Bernie informs them that they are more closely related than they thought.

star 8.33
6 votes
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Window of Opportunity

#6 - Window of Opportunity

Ed Season 1 - Episode 19

Ed is dismayed when a couple decides to marry at Stuckeybowl simply because the man bowled a strike. In court he helps a man get a restraining order against his overzealous brother who is trying to help him stick to his diet; Warren fears that he's missed his chance with Donna.

star 8.30
87 votes
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Taking the Lead

#7 - Taking the Lead

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 19

The First Annual Elmo Talent Show begins as Marin receives a large check for her latest book. Sam's frugality annoys Jane when he decides to drive to Elmo from New York Patrick redoubles his efforts to win back Annie.

star 8.24
213 votes
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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

#8 - Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Titus Season 2 - Episode 10

Trouble's brewing when Titus' success at a custom-car show goes to his head, threatening his friendship with Tommy and Dave.

star 8.04
47 votes
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The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee

#9 - The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 11

A southern African American football player and five other students refuse to play at a Tennessee college where the Confederate flag is hung. Luther Sachs the owner of CSC and alumnus of the college sides with the college, but Isaac disagrees and says so on the show. Casey goes on "The View" and takes credit for his wardrobe, which he doesn't deserve and this leads Dan and another staffer to teach him that the show is a team.

star 8.02
162 votes
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Cold Hearts

#10 - Cold Hearts

Chicago Hope Season 6 - Episode 17

Shutt and Simon invent a procedure and use it to save the life of a girl. McNeil treat a wrestler who's been using steroids.

star 8.00
5 votes
The Other End of the Telescope

#11 - The Other End of the Telescope

Once and Again Season 2 - Episode 14

Tensions between Benny (a busboy) and Giancarlo (the chef) at Jake's restaurant boil over. Jake separates the two and tells Benny to go home. He returns with a gun to confront Giancarlo. But he isn't there and can't be reached, so Benny holds everybody hostage. Over the course of the night, Tiffany hands Jake some surprising news, Grace and Spencer (who's there for his grandma's 75th birthday) become closer, and Lily realizes her feelings for Rick and accepts his proposal. At the restaurant, at the end of the night, Benny lets everyone go... and then puts the gun to his head...

star 8.00
3 votes
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Charity Case

#12 - Charity Case

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 9

Cash brings a shocking secret with him as he returns to Elmo, and Sara and Eric work together to rebuild his church. Buzz tries to help Patrick regain his memory, but his efforts result in disastrous consequences. Sam learns more about Jane's personality after she throws away one of his favorite shirts.

star 7.98
189 votes
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Napoleon's Battle Plan

#13 - Napoleon's Battle Plan

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 22

Gordon has proposed to Dana, and Casey is seething, but tells Dan he plans to ""take the high road' and follow Napoleon's Battle Plan: Show up and see what happens next. Dan reminds Casey that Napoleon lost at Waterloo and died in exile, and announces his intention to ""step in"". So Dan tells Natalie about Gordon's fling with Sally. Natalie runs straight to Dana, who confronts Gordon who, in turn, tells Dana about Casey's fling with Sally. Then Dana confronts Sally, who reveals she has been sleeping with Casey for months. Confused? You won't be on the tonight's episode of . . . oh wait, that's another show!

star 7.95
125 votes
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18th and Potomac

#14 - 18th and Potomac

The West Wing Season 2 - Episode 21

The staff prepares for the worst as they make arrangements for the public announcement of the President's condition; Sam and Babish grill Abbey about her medical treatment of the President's MS; a crisis erupts in Haiti; Josh deals with two Democratic senators who won't support the administration's suit against tobacco companies; Mrs. Landingham buys her first new car, with tragic consequences.

star 7.95
878 votes
Qualities and Difficulties

#15 - Qualities and Difficulties

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 18

Adam and Kristina find it difficult to talk to Max about his Asperger's Syndrome and come to Dr. Pelickan for guidance. Sarah revisits her relationship with Mark Cyr when she goes to him for help with her latest project. Elsewhere, Crosby attempts to mend his relationship with Jasmine, while Julia and Joel prepare to celebrate their eight-year anniversary.

star 7.89
492 votes
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The Star Witness

#16 - The Star Witness

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 3

When Nick agrees to defend Letitia in the murder case of Dutch George, he is shocked to learn that his mother is on the prosecutor's witness list. Meanwhile, Jeremy plans a surprise concert for Nola; Patrick tries to clear his mind of his wife's death; and Brian heads to Brazil to kidnap Brian Jr.

star 7.86
336 votes
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World's Greatest Dick

#17 - World's Greatest Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 8

Fueling his own ego, Dick forces Tommy into a special school for gifted students; Sally is mistaken for a drag queen; Harry dabbles in magic.

star 7.84
539 votes
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Happy Thanksgiving

#18 - Happy Thanksgiving

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 10

Adam fears his future, and he is torn between his job and family after surprising news from Gordon. While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Camille and Amber share a bonding moment. Meanwhile, Drew feels uncomfortable about his mom, bringing Gordon to dinner. Crosby tries to impress his future mother-in-law. Elsewhere, Julia tries to embrace her domestic side by making pies for dinner, but snaps at Sydney.

star 7.83
530 votes
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Camel Filters + Pheromones

#19 - Camel Filters + Pheromones

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 12

When Berta is forced to bring her granddaughter Prudence to work with her, the boys find themselves a little preoccupied with her.

star 7.82
2927 votes

#20 - Sally

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 16

When Casey has a one-night stand and does not tell anyone, the entire staff, led by Dan, prods him for details. After Gordon cancels a date with Dana, she questions the status and future of their relationship. Jewish Jeremy, panics when he is set to visit Natalie's parents for a Catholic holiday, he knows nothing of.

star 7.82
155 votes
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Dharma and the Horse She Rode In On

#21 - Dharma and the Horse She Rode In On

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 15

It's Dharma's birthday, but the surprise she gets isn't what Greg was planning. First his parents take them on a mock foxhunt, and the uncontrollably wild stallion at the stables becomes meek as a lamb as she as he meets Dharma (who nicknames him ""Steve""). Groom Joaquin swears it's because the horse has fallen madly in love with Dharma -- and sure enough Steve starts showing up unexpectedly (and inexplicably) at the apartment. Meanwhile, Greg's old flame Barbara (guest Coyle reprises her role from episode five) is assigned to work with him on a case with an overnight deadline, but has to go home to deal with a plumbing emergency, so Greg accompanies her, and over several hours of hard work they both fall asleep. When Dharma gets back from returning Steve to the stables, it's 3:00 am and Greg is missing, so she calls Pete, who assumes the worst and swears that Greg is passed out drunk on his floor. When Greg is late leaving work for Dharma's party and still has to stop off at the jewele

star 7.81
143 votes
Richie's Song

#22 - Richie's Song

The King of Queens Season 1 - Episode 4

Doug can't figure out why Carrie refuses to go on a double date with Richie and his wife, Marie.

star 7.80
1147 votes
Jolly Old St. Dick

#23 - Jolly Old St. Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 12

The Solomons experience their first Christmas. Dick is disillusioned but finally gets the Christmas spirit. Sally gets a job wrapping presents at the mall. Harry takes a job as a mall Santa's assistant and discovers that he isn't the real Santa. Tommy tries to find the perfect present for August. Albright gets drunk on rum balls.

star 7.75
557 votes
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Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space

#24 - Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 4

Relationships are in jeopardy: Sally and Mr. Randall are fighting, and Dick suggests that sex will solve their problem; Harry goes on a video blind date; and August tests Tommy's loyalty.

star 7.75
463 votes
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Previously on Dharma & Greg

#25 - Previously on Dharma & Greg

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 12

Greg proposing to another woman? Dharma bringing another man home to meet the folks? This landmark flashback episode takes place six months prior to the series pilot and shows Dharma and Greg's lives before they met and married on their first date. Share in Kitty's chagrin as Greg breaks up with his debutante fiancée, and join Larry as he watches Dharma leave a great guy who ""refuses to get a job.""

star 7.74
70 votes
Dick's First Birthday

#26 - Dick's First Birthday

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 3

Dick confronts the harsh realities of middle age when he's introduced to the earthly concept of birthdays - and it dawns on him that he's getting old.

star 7.74
644 votes
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Proud Dick

#27 - Proud Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 13

Because of his pride over a parking space, Dick quits his job at the university and gets one at Rusty's Burgers. Harry loses his memory and becomes paranoid thinking aliens are taking over the world.

star 7.73
497 votes
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Even Grandmas Get the Blues

#28 - Even Grandmas Get the Blues

The Golden Girls Season 6 - Episode 20

While babysitting for her granddaughter, a man mistakes Blanche as being the baby's mother and Blanche does nothing to set him straight. Meanwhile, Sophia gets ready for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, a celebration of mothers and daughters but Dorothy wants no part of it.

star 7.73
215 votes
Dick Jokes

#29 - Dick Jokes

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 11

A jealous Dick decides to show Mary how funny he is after she asks another professor to emcee a college fund-raiser she's organizing. Meanwhile, Harry loses his beloved coat, and Sally builds a shelf to hold her shoes, providing lots of unnoticed slapstick humor.

star 7.73
486 votes
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Dharma Does Dallas

#30 - Dharma Does Dallas

Dharma & Greg Season 4 - Episode 15

Dharma gets to know Greg's dysfunctional cousins and in-laws just in time to keep Edward from making a huge mistake in choosing his successor as head of the firm.

star 7.73
131 votes
Fat City

#31 - Fat City

The King of Queens Season 1 - Episode 2

Stunned by an old photograph of Carrie's mother, Doug convinces Carrie to go on a diet and must pretend he is going on one too.

star 7.73
1302 votes
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A-Tisket, A-Tasket

#32 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Gilmore Girls Season 2 - Episode 13

The annual Stars Hollow charity picnic basket lunch auction sparks controversies among couples throughout town; Jess outbids Dean for Rory's basket, causing Dean and Rory to quarrel.

star 7.72
981 votes
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Mandatory Minimums

#33 - Mandatory Minimums

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 20

Andrea Wyatt insists that mandatory minimums be added to a new drug policy the staff is developing; C.J. makes a mistake and sets them back.

star 7.71
926 votes
Lonely Dick

#34 - Lonely Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 7

Dick's one lonely guy when Dr. Albright goes on vacation; Sally and Harry are lured by skin-care products that promise eternal youth.

star 7.70
596 votes
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Why Shant This Be Love

#35 - Why Shant This Be Love

Glory Daze Season 1 - Episode 5

While the boys prepare for the upcoming intramural flag football tournament, the Omega Sigs are brought to the brink of war against the Zeta Rhos over a series of pranks. Joel finds it increasingly difficult to juggle his many commitments, especially as he starts working for the campus’ landscaping service.

star 7.70
97 votes
The Curse of Zoey

#36 - The Curse of Zoey

Cybill Season 1 - Episode 8

Maryann insists that it's no coincidence that Cybill's luck improved when Zoey moves out - especially after a psychic senses a ""negative energy"" in the house.

star 7.69
13 votes
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Sleepless in San Francisco

#37 - Sleepless in San Francisco

Dharma & Greg Season 4 - Episode 6

Abby turns a blind eye when Dharma goes the extra mile to help care for the new baby in the Finklestein family.

star 7.68
82 votes
Angry Dick

#38 - Angry Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 13

The Solomons learn about the give and take necessary to human friendships when they turn their anthropological gaze to the next-door neighbors.

star 7.68
493 votes
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Boxing Dharma

#39 - Boxing Dharma

Dharma & Greg Season 4 - Episode 9

Dharma regretfully taps into her hidden anger and a penchant for boxing when a woman challenges her to a barroom brawl. Meanwhile, Larry takes his familial relationship with the boss for granted.

star 7.66
83 votes
Tommy's Girlfriend

#40 - Tommy's Girlfriend

Titus Season 2 - Episode 7

Tommy reintroduces himself to his crashing into her car and claiming Titus did it.

star 7.66
77 votes
Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus

#41 - Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 4

Sally's exploration of the life style of a young adult woman proceeds: Dick assigns her to go out on a date and, not surprisingly, the guy turns out to be a jerk.

star 7.66
616 votes
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Dick Behaving Badly

#42 - Dick Behaving Badly

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 19

When the family accuses Dick of being "whipped" by Albright, Harry helps him become his own man. Sally and Tommy have a showdown with the game Monopoly.

star 7.66
484 votes
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Last Noelle

#43 - Last Noelle

Titus Season 2 - Episode 9

Titus attends the funeral of an ex-girlfriend, Noelle, and Erin forces him to confront his past with her.

star 7.66
76 votes
Dick the Vote

#44 - Dick the Vote

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 6

When Harry runs for city councilman, Dick discovers the complexity of the democratic system and struggles to make the right vote.

star 7.65
490 votes
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Dick Like Me

#45 - Dick Like Me

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 16

The Solomons discover that everyone on Earth has roots but them. During a chat with Tommy's teacher Mr. Randell, Dick learns that the teenage isn't "fitting in" at school. "Of course I'm not fitting in," snaps Tommy, "to fit in, you have to be something." The question is, what to be? Dick grabs an anthropology book for the answer. "It's loaded with every possible genre of human," he marvels. "It's like a catalogue. We can take our pick." Dick picks the Italians because, according to a swooning Dr. Albright, they're the sexist people on the planet. Meanwhile, Sally's swooning, too -- for Mr. Randell.

star 7.65
481 votes
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Dick, Smoker

#46 - Dick, Smoker

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 5

While Sally does a slow burn at being the often-overruled second in command, Dick lights up his life by taking up smoking.

star 7.64
656 votes
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Eli's Coming

#47 - Eli's Coming

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 19

Dan's day is not shaping up to be a good one as Bobbi Bernstein returns to the broadcast, and he discovers Rebecca's husband hasn't quite reached ""ex"" status. Meanwhile, Casey and Dana's bickering escalates until news that Isaac has suffered a stroke reaches the staff.

star 7.64
155 votes
Virgin, Mother, Crone

#48 - Virgin, Mother, Crone

Cybill Season 1 - Episode 1

Cybill dates a stranger she meet in a traffic jam, but is thrown off balance by being told she is too old to get good parts, that her older daughter is expecting a baby, and that her younger daughter is dating a college man by lying about her age.

star 7.63
27 votes
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#49 - Shane

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 6

Natalie obsesses over the loss of hell. In a nod to real-life racist John Rocker, Casey interviews an old friend, Shane McArnold, who heaps disdain on his new home city of New York and all its inhabitants. Casey promises to ""fix it"" out of loyalty, but Dana knows it's good television and leaves it as is. Meanwhile, Dan's therapist Abby is opening up Dan's true feelings about his family, making him more and more dysfunctional.

star 7.62
173 votes
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See Dick Continue to Run (2)

#50 - See Dick Continue to Run (2)

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 2

With the help of the other aliens, Dick escapes from the box and vanquishes Evil Dick, who is escorted back to his planet by Dennis Rodman, revealed as another alien.

star 7.62
483 votes
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Life Forward

#51 - Life Forward

Titus Season 2 - Episode 16

Tommy tricks Erin and Christopher into attending a self-help seminar to obtain breakthroughs in their personal lives...but when Papa Titus finds out, he plans to break through a few things of his own.

star 7.60
43 votes
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When Something Wicked This Way Comes

#52 - When Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 2

Rumors abound that a "ratings guy" is being brought in to raise the show from its third place status. To Dana's suprise, Isaac announces the rumors are true. Dana has an "epiphany" that she and Casey should date other people for six months. Dan is invited to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, and in his efforts to impress the First Lady, confuses secular with non-secular in a conversation about schools. This causes him no end of distress, and he proceeds to obsess about it to Casey.

star 7.60
182 votes
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Hotel Dick

#53 - Hotel Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 3

Aghast at the treatment of aliens in a hit science fiction movie, the Solomons attend a science fiction convention to try to set the record straight -- and Sally's first experience of hotels get her hooked on room service.

star 7.60
506 votes
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I Brake for Dick

#54 - I Brake for Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 18

Consumed with guilt after running over a chipmunk, Dick becomes an animal rights activist, forcing his views on Albright and the family. Tommy writes a letter to an advice columnist after neglecting to ask August to the Spring Dance.

star 7.60
457 votes
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Much Ado About Dick

#55 - Much Ado About Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 5

When Albright is afraid to be seen with Dick in public as a couple, the Solomons discover the human obsession with what other people think. In the end, Dick and Albright come out with their relationship at a faculty party. Meanwhile, sparks once again fly when Sally runs into Officer Don and decides she is going to be a cop, but Dick forbids it; and Tommy is frustrated by not having transportation.

star 7.60
521 votes
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Frozen Dick

#56 - Frozen Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 12

A snowstorm -- the Solomons' first -- spoils Dr. Albright's trip to Chicago, leaving her stranded in a truck stop with Dick.

star 7.57
532 votes
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Father Knows Dick

#57 - Father Knows Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 18

Dick decides the reason Harry's"odd" is because he lacks a father, and sets out nurture the suddenly rebellious Harry -- who then learns that he has a"thing" in his head, a communications device the others knew about all along. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Sally meets the hostile mother of her boyfriend.

star 7.56
506 votes
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The Bad Guy

#58 - The Bad Guy

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 13

Nick finds out his father is alive while Karen loses Simon's baby which she was pregnant with. Nick and Karen finally get together while Jeremy Proposes to Nola who is finally about to find her brother.

star 7.53
216 votes
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Fourth and Dick

#59 - Fourth and Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 7

During Pendleton's Homecoming weekend, Dick learns firsthand the importance people place in competition. Tommy has a crush on his Glee Club teacher. Sally makes Nina her best friend. Harry gets a job as a security officer.

star 7.53
575 votes
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#60 - Smoky

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 12

Certain employees try to position themselves for a promotion when rumors of Isaac's leaving start to circulate.

star 7.53
157 votes
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Green-Eyed Dick

#61 - Green-Eyed Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 6

Dick discovers the emotion of jealousy when Dr. Albright's old boyfriend returns to visit on a promotional tour of the novel he dedicated to her; Harry adopts a stray dog.

star 7.52
541 votes
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Cliff Gardner

#62 - Cliff Gardner

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 3

With Sam Donovan around stiffness ensues both on and off the set. Dana debates leaving the show, after she feels everyone is blaming her for the shows problems. Natalie tells her that if she goes she has to bring her, and Jeremy, and Dan, and Casey. The tension grows, when the network bosses demand that the staff meet with J.J. and his boys for some notes. Sam is offered Isaac's job but he turns it down, and tells them where to go, thus showing he does have feelings.

star 7.52
181 votes
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My Mother The Alien

#63 - My Mother The Alien

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 9

Mrs. Dubcek asks the aliens to baby-sit her infant nephew. Dick discovers he's not very good at taking care of things when he kills Albright's fish.

star 7.51
504 votes
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Love, Honor & Ole!

#64 - Love, Honor & Ole!

Dharma & Greg Season 4 - Episode 2

Dharma tries to reconnect with her old life by planning a wild road trip to Mexico with her friends. When Greg decides to go along for the ride, Dharma's friends are less than pleased. Meanwhile, Larry lands a job as a night security guard with Edward's company in order to get medical insurance for the baby.

star 7.51
133 votes
Selfish Dick

#65 - Selfish Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 19

The ever-present influence of television turns the Solomons' first trip to a hospital into a madcap exercise in fantasy versus reality. After Mrs. Dubcek cuts her finger, and the sight of blood leave Sally unconscious, Harry and Tommy rush them to the hospital, where the smell of sterile corridors and the gleam of surgical scrubs remind the aliens of the exciting work of their favorite TV doctors -- work that they practice on several unsuspecting patients. Meanwhile, Dick has work issues of his own when Dr. Albright finally gets her long-coveted private office.

star 7.51
588 votes
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I Enjoy Being A Dick

#66 - I Enjoy Being A Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 15

Dick dons a dress to infiltrate Dr. Albright's women-only study group; Sally and Harry get jobs at a pancake restaurant.

star 7.50
492 votes
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See Dick Continue to Run (1)

#67 - See Dick Continue to Run (1)

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 1

While Dick is trapped in the basement, Evil Dick begins a plan to impregnate all women in Ohio.

star 7.50
454 votes
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The Last Temptation of Cybill

#68 - The Last Temptation of Cybill

Cybill Season 1 - Episode 11

Cybill and Ira's second chance at romance faces a Herculean challenge when handsome young actor Rick takes his love-scene rehearsals with Cybill very seriously. Meanwhile, Maryann buys a telescope to gaze at the stars - movie stars.

star 7.50
6 votes
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#69 - Ab-Dick-ted

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 9

Dick receives a roundabout lesson in family values from Dr. Albright's loopy brother, who claims to have been abducted by aliens.

star 7.50
607 votes
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Assault With A Deadly Dick

#70 - Assault With A Deadly Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 17

The Solomons' faith in human nature is shaken when they fall victim to crime ("This planet is in a bad neighborhood," sighs Sally). Meanwhile, Dick makes Tommy join the school basketball team.

star 7.49
523 votes
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Truth or Dick

#71 - Truth or Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 10

Dick discovers the consequences of unvarnished truth when he repeats some of Dr. Albright's unflattering comments at an academic committee meeting.

star 7.48
604 votes
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Guilty as Dick

#72 - Guilty as Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 15

While doing a favor for Dr. Albright, Dick sprains his ankle and discovers the power of guilt. Harry, desiring his own room, moves into a tree house. Tommy uses Sally to sell chocolate for a school fund-raiser.

star 7.47
434 votes
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Same Old Song and Dick

#73 - Same Old Song and Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 17

When Dick attempts to get the magic back in his relationship, he learns it was never missing - their rut is really comfort. Sally and Harry switch jobs. Sally discovers Harry's job is more difficult that it appears, while Harry finds himself enjoying the housework and having a purpose. Tommy finds, to his delight, that August is not perfect.

star 7.47
465 votes
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The Big Sleep-Over

#74 - The Big Sleep-Over

Cybill Season 1 - Episode 12

The arrival of Zoe's rocket-scientist boyfriend Greg launches a series of squabbles; Cybill takes off for Nevada to rescue a flighty Maryann from marriage.

star 7.45
11 votes
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The Surprise Party

#75 - The Surprise Party

Titus Season 2 - Episode 3

Ken's surprise party is anything but - it's moving day for his new girlfriend and he needs the family to help move her in.

star 7.45
104 votes
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The Dicks They Are A-Changin'

#76 - The Dicks They Are A-Changin'

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 14

Harry joins a CD club and finds the responsibilities of membership overwhelming. When Nina tells Dick that Stanford has no graduate records on him and Dick reacts defensively, Dr. Albright observes that it's virtually impossible to get a straight answer from Dick about his past. As Dr. Albright reminisces about her wild, rebellious times at Berkeley and Mrs. Dubcek contributes some colorful recollections, Dick chides Tommy that, as information officer, he failed to brief the crew on the crucial sixties decade. Dr. Albright becomes convinced that Dick is actually Manny Rosenberg, a sixties activist whom she knew briefly and who has been in hiding from the FBI for decades. Dick denies this but soon realizes that his presumed identity has somehow made him more attractive to Dr. Albright. Later, at Dr. Albright's apartment, Dick thinks that they'll at last be having sex, but Dr. Albright angrily reveals that she and Manny had an upsetting encounter that she still hasn't gotten over, and

star 7.45
511 votes
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#77 - Celebrities

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 15

The staff prepares for a game of "Celebrities". Jeremy, feeling left out, goes to the bar and makes a new friend, then panics when he realizes who she is. Isaac, despite his vast knowledge of American popular theatre, cannot recall the lyrics of "How Are Things In Glocca Morra".

star 7.45
179 votes
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Post Nasal Dick

#78 - Post Nasal Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 2

Tommy's "make-out session" has an unintended consequence: he catches a bug and the crew gets its first taste of human illness. Martha Stewart has a cameo curing Harry with her apple cobbler.

star 7.44
735 votes
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Romeo & Juliet & Dick

#79 - Romeo & Juliet & Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 14

When Tommy asks Dick to direct his high school production of "Romeo and Juliet", Dick takes the role a little too seriously. Tommy works as the prop guy and when Mrs. Dubcek drinks Juliet's sleeping potion, Harry impersonates her and entertains her friends. Sally tries to get Officer Don to fix Albright's parking tickets and learns that he can't really do it.

star 7.44
457 votes
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Ten Wickets

#80 - Ten Wickets

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 21

Jeremy can't figure out how to report a great story no-one understands. Natalie doesn't accept Jeremy's attempts to break up with her. Rebecca gives Dan her decision. Dana starts losing things and Casey doesn't want to stop the Jerry Falwell jokes.

star 7.43
181 votes
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The Punishment Light

#81 - The Punishment Light

Weeds Season 1 - Episode 8

Uncle Andy acts foolish at a ceremony for Judah. Shane gets in trouble again. Celia and Dean duke it out. Nancy finds out who it is that has been "delivering" pennies onto her car and fountain and she deals with them. Andy and Doug team up to bring more trouble into Nancy's home while trying to flush out the infestation of a rat. Nancy turns down an interested single father. And Uncle Andy exposes too much of himself yet again.

star 7.43
2065 votes
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Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor

#82 - Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 11

While at the movies, the brothers bump into Judith and her new boyfriend. Seeing that Judith has changed her look, and the fact that Jake doesn't think Alan is as cool as Judith; prompts Alan to realize that if he wants to get back into the dating scene, he's going to have to change his look as well.

star 7.42
2880 votes

#83 - Kafelnikov

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 5

Jeremy tells Dana that there is no reason to hire people to prepare for the expected Y2K computer problems; he has made the computers Y2K compatible. To prove this, Jeremy, rigs the computer to say that it is December 31, 1999 and hold a Y2K test to prove that there will be no computer problems when the studio rolls into 2000. The results are total darkness. Dan picks up a therapist in a bar, who invites him out on a date... or does she really just think he needs some therapy?

star 7.40
176 votes
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The Sword of Orion

#84 - The Sword of Orion

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 18

Hit hard by the news of his parents' impending divorce, Jeremy pushes himself to solve the mystery of a yachting disaster. This will be his first feature length story. Meanwhile, romance is in the air when Rebecca agrees to watch a baseball game with Dan.

star 7.40
156 votes
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#85 - Holidaze

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 - Episode 10

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's pass, Miranda gets a visit from her father, William who disapproves of her choices in life. Mark and Lexie cope with an arrival of a woman from his past. Thatcher questions the Chief's recent behavior as Meredith comes to his defense.

star 7.39
2014 votes
The Art of Dick

#86 - The Art of Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 11

While Dick and Harry take up painting (Harry takes to it; Dick doesn't), Sally takes over the school bake sale with the gusto of Gen. Patton.

star 7.38
531 votes
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Play Lady Play

#87 - Play Lady Play

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 4

Dharma agrees to play drums for a friend's teenage garage band. Meanwhile, she helps Greg through his crisis by purposefully invoking arguments with him.

star 7.37
116 votes
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Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

#88 - Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 10

Sally begins to chafe at her role as the female when Dick invites Mrs. Dubcek and her daughter Vicki for Thanksgiving dinner; but Harry and Vicki hit it off atop the dinner table. Meanwhile, it becomes a true American holiday when Tommy fights with Dick and runs away to a pool hall.

star 7.37
507 votes
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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife

#89 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 15

Dharma is the inspiration for her nerdy neighbor/admirer's new comic book heroine, the Blonde Tornado, a sexy, crime-fighting superwoman. While Dharma enjoys her newfound stardom, Greg's life whirls out of control after a newspaper photo of a burglary hails her as a real life hero and him as her cowardly sidekick.

star 7.36
77 votes
Sarah Like Puny Alan

#90 - Sarah Like Puny Alan

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 13

Charlie finally gets a chance for a double date with a hot neighbor, who is out for revenge on her cheating husband, and her sister who's a hot soap opera actress, and needs Alan to come along. The problem is that Alan gets sick from Jake, so Charlie takes them to a steam room to help Alan get rid of his flu symptoms. This backfires, as Charlie also gets sick, but he has no intentions of canceling the date.

star 7.35
2839 votes
I Did It for You, Kitty

#91 - I Did It for You, Kitty

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 5

Faced with Kitty's midlife crisis, Dharma decides to help her fulfill her lifelong dream of winning a beauty pageant.

star 7.34
172 votes
Always a Godmother, Never a God

#92 - Always a Godmother, Never a God

Gilmore Girls Season 6 - Episode 4

After months of separation, Sookie tries to reconcile Rory and Lorelai by asking them to be the godmothers of her two children. However, they both end up fighting when Lorelai realizes that Rory didn't see fit to share her new cell phone number with her.

star 7.33
922 votes

#93 - Dickmalion

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 20

When Albright fails to get "in" with Rutherford's high society, Dick ends up making the cut, but discovers it's not what it's cracked up to be; Sally and Harry try wrestling; to impress a girl, Tommy becomes a punk at school.

star 7.31
424 votes
Intensive Caring

#94 - Intensive Caring

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 1

The fifth season begins in the aftermath of last May's car crash, with both sets of parents arriving at the hospital and Dharma just out of surgery and groggy from anesthesia. The car accident has left Dharma with a fractured hip and temporarily confined to a wheelchair. Greg, who fared better with just a few minor cuts, mostly feels guilt, and tries to maintain a ""structured"" approach to Dharma's recovery which, unfortunately for her, doesn't allow for skipping physical therapy appointments in favor of wheelchair-tongue-depressor relay races down the hospital halls. For her part, Abby believes that crystals and chants around her daughter's bed might help. Larry calls it a ""healing ceremony""; Greg calls it ""voodoo.""

star 7.29
108 votes
Body & Soul & Dick

#95 - Body & Soul & Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 8

When an obnoxious professor dies during a party in his honor, Dick finds the will specifies that he must deliver a "forthright and honest" eulogy about the universally despised academic. Meanwhile, Tommy neglects his female pal August to hit it off with an "easy" cheerleader.

star 7.26
587 votes
See Jeff Jump, Jump, Jeff, Jump!

#96 - See Jeff Jump, Jump, Jeff, Jump!

Cybill Season 1 - Episode 7

Cybill's efforts to end Jeff's overextended stay above her garage stall out when her ex gets fired from his job as her stunt double when he confesses he is afraid to do the required scene. A desperate Cybill tracks down Jeff 's mentor, Stitch Sullivan, in hopes that he will be able to help Jeff overcome his fears. Stitch reminds Jeff of the one and only reason any guy becomes a stunt man: ""world class Hollywood nookie."" Almost instantly Jeff is back on the job. However, Jeff has another case of the jitters on his next job, a film directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Cybill tries to lend Jeff some moral support. When that doesn't work, she starts telling him everything she hated about him when they were married. Within seconds, Jeff jumps off the balcony, completing the stunt in perfect form. The director is thrilled; that is, until he learns that none of the cameramen got it on film because Maryann had the whole crew engrossed in the proceedings of ""the trial of the century"" on the monitor.

star 7.18
11 votes
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Try to Remember This Kind of September

#97 - Try to Remember This Kind of September

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 6

Dharma finds herself inadvertently trying to compete with a visiting childhood friend. Dharma and September grew up together in a commune, and September has remained loyal to her nonconformist ways, such as preparing a salad with greens that ""were growing in the cracks in the sidewalk"" and singing songs taught her by Nelson Mandela. Feeling guilty over how much her own life has changed, Dharma decides to get back to basics. First, she simplifies her wardrobe; then she wonders what else she and Greg can do without—like maybe electricity, or at least Greg's beloved television (just before the Superbowl). But what worries her most is a suspicion that September may have designs on Larry. And she's right—but they're not what she fears.

star 7.18
97 votes
Still Flirting

#98 - Still Flirting

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 15

Judy discovers that ""boys night out"" consists of flirting with a waitress at the local restaurant. However, when Judy informs Bill that the pretty, young waitress is really an overworked, single mother, Bill accuses Judy of being jealous – until he learns of her flirtation with the mailman.

star 7.08
111 votes
Still Bill's Dad

#99 - Still Bill's Dad

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 14

While visiting from Florida, Bill's macho father, Al Miller, decides he wants to spend some quality time with his son so he makes plans to re-create a past bowhunting trip he took Bill on as a child to toughen the boy up. Brian, meanwhile, sharpens his math skills as he prepares to compete in the Math Olympics.

star 7.02
111 votes
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See Dharma Run

#100 - See Dharma Run

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 16

After a dehumanizing experience with bureaucratic red tape, Dharma is inspired to run for office, and thanks to a pair of wacky opponents and a hefty campaign contribution from Edward, she may have a real shot. Meanwhile, Pete and Jane find a shocking way to fight the alone-on-Valentine's-Day blues.

star 6.30
148 votes