The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Berlinger

Life Forward

#1 - Life Forward

Titus Season 2 - Episode 16

Tommy tricks Erin and Christopher into attending a self-help seminar to obtain breakthroughs in their personal lives...but when Papa Titus finds out, he plans to break through a few things of his own.

star 8.60
15 votes
Camel Filters + Pheromones

#2 - Camel Filters + Pheromones

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 12

When Berta is forced to bring her granddaughter Prudence to work with her, the boys find themselves a little preoccupied with her.

star 8.14
682 votes
Sleepless in San Francisco

#3 - Sleepless in San Francisco

Dharma & Greg Season 4 - Episode 6

Abby turns a blind eye when Dharma goes the extra mile to help care for the new baby in the Finklestein family.

star 8.13
46 votes
Qualities and Difficulties

#4 - Qualities and Difficulties

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 18

Adam and Kristina find it difficult to talk to Max about his Asperger's Syndrome and come to Dr. Pelickan for guidance. Sarah revisits her relationship with Mark Cyr when she goes to him for help with her latest project. Elsewhere, Crosby attempts to mend his relationship with Jasmine, while Julia and Joel prepare to celebrate their eight-year anniversary.

star 8.07
154 votes
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The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee

#5 - The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 11

A southern African American football player and five other students refuse to play at a Tennessee college where the Confederate flag is hung. Luther Sachs the owner of CSC and alumnus of the college sides with the college, but Isaac disagrees and says so on the show. Casey goes on "The View" and takes credit for his wardrobe, which he doesn't deserve and this leads Dan and another staffer to teach him that the show is a team.

star 8.06
52 votes
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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

#6 - Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Titus Season 2 - Episode 10

Trouble's brewing when Titus' success at a custom-car show goes to his head, threatening his friendship with Tommy and Dave.

star 8.05
19 votes
Last Noelle

#7 - Last Noelle

Titus Season 2 - Episode 9

Titus attends the funeral of an ex-girlfriend, Noelle, and Erin forces him to confront his past with her.

star 8.05
21 votes
Dick Behaving Badly

#8 - Dick Behaving Badly

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 19

When the family accuses Dick of being ""whipped"" by Albright, Harry helps him become his own man. Sally and Tommy have a showdown with the game Monopoly.

star 8.01
136 votes
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Tommy's Girlfriend

#9 - Tommy's Girlfriend

Titus Season 2 - Episode 7

Tommy reintroduces himself to his crashing into her car and claiming Titus did it.

star 8.00
22 votes
Hotel Dick

#10 - Hotel Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 3

Aghast at the treatment of aliens in a hit science fiction movie, the Solomons attend a science fiction convention to try to set the record straight -- and Sally's first experience of hotels get her hooked on room service.

star 7.98
176 votes
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World's Greatest Dick

#11 - World's Greatest Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 2 - Episode 8

Fueling his own ego, Dick forces Tommy into a special school for gifted students; Sally is mistaken for a drag queen; Harry dabbles in magic.

star 7.97
158 votes
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The Surprise Party

#12 - The Surprise Party

Titus Season 2 - Episode 3

Ken's surprise party is anything but - it's moving day for his new girlfriend and he needs the family to help move her in.

star 7.95
22 votes
Eli's Coming

#13 - Eli's Coming

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 19

Dan's day is not shaping up to be a good one as Bobbi Bernstein returns to the broadcast, and he discovers Rebecca's husband hasn't quite reached ""ex"" status. Meanwhile, Casey and Dana's bickering escalates until news that Isaac has suffered a stroke reaches the staff.

star 7.91
46 votes
Mandatory Minimums

#14 - Mandatory Minimums

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 20

Andrea Wyatt insists that mandatory minimums be added to a new drug policy the staff is developing; C.J. makes a mistake and sets them back.

star 7.89
327 votes
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Charity Case

#15 - Charity Case

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 9

Cash brings a shocking secret with him as he returns to Elmo, and Sara and Eric work together to rebuild his church. Buzz tries to help Patrick regain his memory, but his efforts result in disastrous consequences. Sam learns more about Jane's personality after she throws away one of his favorite shirts.

star 7.88
26 votes
Napoleon's Battle Plan

#16 - Napoleon's Battle Plan

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 22

Gordon has proposed to Dana, and Casey is seething, but tells Dan he plans to ""take the high road' and follow Napoleon's Battle Plan: Show up and see what happens next. Dan reminds Casey that Napoleon lost at Waterloo and died in exile, and announces his intention to ""step in"". So Dan tells Natalie about Gordon's fling with Sally. Natalie runs straight to Dana, who confronts Gordon who, in turn, tells Dana about Casey's fling with Sally. Then Dana confronts Sally, who reveals she has been sleeping with Casey for months. Confused? You won't be on the tonight's episode of . . . oh wait, that's another show!

star 7.84
43 votes
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#17 - Sally

Sports Night Season 1 - Episode 16

When Casey has a one-night stand and does not tell anyone, the entire staff, led by Dan, prods him for details. After Gordon cancels a date with Dana, she questions the status and future of their relationship. Jewish Jeremy, panics when he is set to visit Natalie's parents for a Catholic holiday, he knows nothing of.

star 7.83
47 votes
The Reconcilliation

#18 - The Reconcilliation

Titus Season 2 - Episode 8

Juanita Titus comes to visit for a family visit with her new boyfriend, but Ken is less then happy to see her having a happy life.

star 7.83
18 votes
Cliff Gardner

#19 - Cliff Gardner

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 3

With Sam Donovan around stiffness ensues both on and off the set. Dana debates leaving the show, after she feels everyone is blaming her for the shows problems. Natalie tells her that if she goes she has to bring her, and Jeremy, and Dan, and Casey. The tension grows, when the network bosses demand that the staff meet with J.J. and his boys for some notes. Sam is offered Isaac's job but he turns it down, and tells them where to go, thus showing he does have feelings.

star 7.81
47 votes
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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife

#20 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 15

Dharma is the inspiration for her nerdy neighbor/admirer's new comic book heroine, the Blonde Tornado, a sexy, crime-fighting superwoman. While Dharma enjoys her newfound stardom, Greg's life whirls out of control after a newspaper photo of a burglary hails her as a real life hero and him as her cowardly sidekick.

star 7.80
40 votes
The Star Witness

#21 - The Star Witness

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 3

When Nick agrees to defend Letitia in the murder case of Dutch George, he is shocked to learn that his mother is on the prosecutor's witness list. Meanwhile, Jeremy plans a surprise concert for Nola; Patrick tries to clear his mind of his wife's death; and Brian heads to Brazil to kidnap Brian Jr.

star 7.75
33 votes
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Father Knows Dick

#22 - Father Knows Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 18

Dick decides the reason Harry's""odd"" is because he lacks a father, and sets out nurture the suddenly rebellious Harry -- who then learns that he has a""thing"" in his head, a communications device the others knew about all along. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Sally meets the hostile mother of her boyfriend.

star 7.75
176 votes
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#23 - Shane

Sports Night Season 2 - Episode 6

Natalie obsesses over the loss of hell. In a nod to real-life racist John Rocker, Casey interviews an old friend, Shane McArnold, who heaps disdain on his new home city of New York and all its inhabitants. Casey promises to ""fix it"" out of loyalty, but Dana knows it's good television and leaves it as is. Meanwhile, Dan's therapist Abby is opening up Dan's true feelings about his family, making him more and more dysfunctional.

star 7.75
40 votes
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Intensive Caring

#24 - Intensive Caring

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 1

The fifth season begins in the aftermath of last May's car crash, with both sets of parents arriving at the hospital and Dharma just out of surgery and groggy from anesthesia. The car accident has left Dharma with a fractured hip and temporarily confined to a wheelchair. Greg, who fared better with just a few minor cuts, mostly feels guilt, and tries to maintain a ""structured"" approach to Dharma's recovery which, unfortunately for her, doesn't allow for skipping physical therapy appointments in favor of wheelchair-tongue-depressor relay races down the hospital halls. For her part, Abby believes that crystals and chants around her daughter's bed might help. Larry calls it a ""healing ceremony""; Greg calls it ""voodoo.""

star 7.74
46 votes
The Dicks They Are A-Changin'

#25 - The Dicks They Are A-Changin'

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 14

Harry joins a CD club and finds the responsibilities of membership overwhelming. When Nina tells Dick that Stanford has no graduate records on him and Dick reacts defensively, Dr. Albright observes that it's virtually impossible to get a straight answer from Dick about his past. As Dr. Albright reminisces about her wild, rebellious times at Berkeley and Mrs. Dubcek contributes some colorful recollections, Dick chides Tommy that, as information officer, he failed to brief the crew on the crucial sixties decade. Dr. Albright becomes convinced that Dick is actually Manny Rosenberg, a sixties activist whom she knew briefly and who has been in hiding from the FBI for decades. Dick denies this but soon realizes that his presumed identity has somehow made him more attractive to Dr. Albright. Later, at Dr. Albright's apartment, Dick thinks that they'll at last be having sex, but Dr. Albright angrily reveals that she and Manny had an upsetting encounter that she still hasn't gotten over, and

star 7.73
181 votes
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Dick, Smoker

#26 - Dick, Smoker

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 5

While Sally does a slow burn at being the often-overruled second in command, Dick lights up his life by taking up smoking.

star 7.73
256 votes
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Try to Remember This Kind of September

#27 - Try to Remember This Kind of September

Dharma & Greg Season 5 - Episode 6

Dharma finds herself inadvertently trying to compete with a visiting childhood friend. Dharma and September grew up together in a commune, and September has remained loyal to her nonconformist ways, such as preparing a salad with greens that ""were growing in the cracks in the sidewalk"" and singing songs taught her by Nelson Mandela. Feeling guilty over how much her own life has changed, Dharma decides to get back to basics. First, she simplifies her wardrobe; then she wonders what else she and Greg can do without—like maybe electricity, or at least Greg's beloved television (just before the Superbowl). But what worries her most is a suspicion that September may have designs on Larry. And she's right—but they're not what she fears.

star 7.71
35 votes
Frozen Dick

#28 - Frozen Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 12

A snowstorm -- the Solomons' first -- spoils Dr. Albright's trip to Chicago, leaving her stranded in a truck stop with Dick.

star 7.70
192 votes
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Angry Dick

#29 - Angry Dick

3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1 - Episode 13

The Solomons learn about the give and take necessary to human friendships when they turn their anthropological gaze to the next-door neighbors.

star 7.69
186 votes
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Always a Godmother, Never a God

#30 - Always a Godmother, Never a God

Gilmore Girls Season 6 - Episode 4

After months of separation, Sookie tries to reconcile Rory and Lorelai by asking them to be the godmothers of her two children. However, they both end up fighting when Lorelai realizes that Rory didn't see fit to share her new cell phone number with her.

star 7.51
392 votes
Still Bill's Dad

#31 - Still Bill's Dad

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 14

While visiting from Florida, Bill's macho father, Al Miller, decides he wants to spend some quality time with his son so he makes plans to re-create a past bowhunting trip he took Bill on as a child to toughen the boy up. Brian, meanwhile, sharpens his math skills as he prepares to compete in the Math Olympics.

star 7.35
17 votes
Still Flirting

#32 - Still Flirting

Still Standing Season 2 - Episode 15

Judy discovers that ""boys night out"" consists of flirting with a waitress at the local restaurant. However, when Judy informs Bill that the pretty, young waitress is really an overworked, single mother, Bill accuses Judy of being jealous – until he learns of her flirtation with the mailman.

star 7.29
17 votes
The Bad Guy

#33 - The Bad Guy

Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 - Episode 13

Nick finds out his father is alive while Karen loses Simon's baby which she was pregnant with. Nick and Karen finally get together while Jeremy Proposes to Nola who is finally about to find her brother.

star 7.25
21 votes
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