The Best Episodes Directed by Joanna Kerns

Sonata in Three Parts

#1 - Sonata in Three Parts

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 10

Eager to remain positive after learning that Jack could be in peril, Marin focuses her energy on nursing Cash through his illness. Meanwhile, Patrick asks a young woman out on a date and Jerome's past life brings surprises to Annie. Eric's church group causes discord between Eric and Sara.

star 8.27
216 votes
Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

#2 - Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

Chasing Life Season 1 - Episode 3

As things begin to heat up with Dominic, April second-guesses the status of their relationship when she learns he has a reputation as the office playboy. To help take her mind off of Dominic and to start facing the reality of her symptoms, she volunteers for an assignment at work about a supposed cancer-curing miracle juice and finds a confidant and support in the juice maker, Gerald. Meanwhile, Sara makes a surprise connection with one of her therapy patients and hosts an awkward dinner for her new boyfriend, Ben, to meet the family.

star 8.19
191 votes
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My Fallen Idol

#3 - My Fallen Idol

Scrubs Season 5 - Episode 21

Dr. Cox starts drinking after his decisions result in the death of three of his patients. The staff tries to cover for him at the hospital, while everyone tries to convince him how inspiring he is for them. Turk starts his new rotation with orthopedic surgery, but isn't so fond of his attending doctor's touchy-feely methods. Thus, J.D. and the Janitor attempt to help Turk find ways to bond with his new supervisor.

star 8.01
1692 votes
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Flashy Little Flashdancer

#4 - Flashy Little Flashdancer

The Goldbergs (2013) Season 5 - Episode 19

After seeing "Flashdance," Beverly decides to take up dance with the Frentas and is rejected when the family doesn't support her after telling them she is going to be in a recital. Meanwhile, when Emmy starts dating a cool guy, Adam thinks their friendship is in jeopardy, so he sets out to be cooler which backfires.

star 7.91
607 votes
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How Two-Faced Can You Get

#5 - How Two-Faced Can You Get

Dynasty (2017) Season 2 - Episode 17

Fallon’s acquisition of a new publishing company brings an unexpected person from her past into the fold. Blake is suspicious when a disgruntled Jeff shows up on the Atlantix doorstep, and Cristal fears her old family will seek revenge on her new one.

star 7.91
137 votes
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Dinner with the Goldbergs

#6 - Dinner with the Goldbergs

The Goldbergs (2013) Season 5 - Episode 12

Erica warns Geoff about going to dinner with her family, but he insists; by dinner's end, Geoff hits his breaking point.

star 7.90
729 votes
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The Woman in Question

#7 - The Woman in Question

Why Women Kill Season 2 - Episode 7

Newly widowed, Rita's elation is short-lived when Catherine questions her innocence in Carlo's death, much to Alma's delight. Dee introduces her parents to Vern at a dinner with multiple shocking revelations.

star 7.90
165 votes
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Things Unsaid

#8 - Things Unsaid

The Fosters (2013) Season 1 - Episode 13

When Callie’s probation officer learns of Callie and Brandon’s relationship, it poses serious consequences for both teens. Stef and Lena are forced to take more severe measures to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Stef returns to work, leaving Lena riddled with anxiety. Jesus bonds with his wrestling team but Lena’s reaction to a hazing tradition threatens to shake the hard-earned respect of his teammates. Kelsey’s jealousy over Mariana’s growing attraction to Chase leads Kelsey to expose some nasty secrets from Mariana’s past. Fearing Callie’s actions will get them both sent away from the Fosters’ home, Jude makes preparations.

star 7.88
151 votes
Vegas, Baby

#9 - Vegas, Baby

This Is Us Season 2 - Episode 16

Kate and Toby go to Las Vegas for their bachelor/bachelorette parties. Jack and Rebecca celebrate their anniversary.

star 7.87
1921 votes
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Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

#10 - Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 - Episode 17

Rebecca is hiding a big secret from Paula, which begins to affect their friendship. Josh and Greg switch roles when Josh makes a discovery that angers him, while Greg is happier than he has been in a long time

star 7.87
448 votes
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Holiday Spirit

#11 - Holiday Spirit

Ghost Whisperer Season 3 - Episode 10

Melinda is at the house of young boy named Riley and as they're hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree, Melinda tries to get him to open up about the strange things he has seen.

star 7.84
306 votes
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Crash Into Me

#12 - Crash Into Me

Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 - Episode 12

As the town prepares for CrashCon, Liz and Max attempt to piece together who may be behind a potentially deadly plan targeting the festival. Maria and Isobel take drastic measure to learn more about the night Mimi disappeared. Michael is forced to do someone else’s bidding.

star 7.80
258 votes
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Weekend of Living Dangerously

#13 - Weekend of Living Dangerously

The Lying Game Season 1 - Episode 19

Emma wants to find out what really happened on the reservation but Ethan is avoiding her and Sutton is looking to send her packing for good. Curious about his father’s possible link to Derek’s murder, Thayer starts to doubt Alec’s alibi and begins investigating Rebecca’s past. And, Kristin grows increasingly suspicious that Ted is not telling her the entire story when it comes to Justin’s mom.

star 7.80
259 votes
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The Truck Stops Here

#14 - The Truck Stops Here

Growing Pains Season 7 - Episode 20

Luke's father George visits the Seavers hoping that Luke has mellowed a little and would like to spend some time with him but Luke doesn't. He was about to leave when he collapses outside the door. He says that can't move, so they take him in. Jason and Ben offer to deliver his load, and they experience all sorts of chaos on the way. Mike thinks that George is faking his injury so that he could stay and Luke would have to talk to him. But the doctor tells Maggie who tells Mike that unless George stops driving trucks, he could become paralyzed. Mike talks to George and tells him to tell Luke but doesn't want Luke to pity him and doesn't anything else to do but be a trucker. Mike suggests that maybe he could open a truck stop. Luke finds George struggling to get up and they finally talk. The next day after Jason and Ben return, George tells them that he is giving up trucking and will open a truck stop and Luke's going with him. Luke says goodbye to the Seavers.

star 7.80
5 votes
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#15 - Quinceanera

The Fosters (2013) Season 1 - Episode 4

Mariana's quinceanera is coming up and Lena wants it to be the best. However, when a secret is revealed, it could end the party before it even starts. Lena's mom comes for a visit and Stef gives Brandon a pep talk on the rules of dating when he sees Talya and Callie getting more friendly.

star 7.80
183 votes
What Goes Up Must Come Down

#16 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 19

Daphne’s frustration with Jace comes to a head when Parker shares some upsetting news. Nikki confronts her mom about her dad’s history. Meanwhile, John continues to find ways to pay back Regina for saving his life, and Ty and Bay go camping.

star 7.80
340 votes
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Talk for Tat

#17 - Talk for Tat

Men in Trees Season 1 - Episode 5

As Elmo experiences a record heatwave, Marin realizes the energy bars she has been feeding the raccoon are making him sick. When she turns to Jack for help, she discovers something between them has changed.

star 7.79
191 votes

#18 - Empathy

The Good Doctor Season 2 - Episode 9

Dr. Neil Melendez, Dr. Morgan Reznick, and Dr. Claire Brown grapple with a patient's wish to perform an operation that would keep him from acting on his pedophilic urges. Dr. Shaun Murphy learns a lesson in empathy.

star 7.79
1783 votes
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George! George Glass!

#19 - George! George Glass!

The Goldbergs (2013) Season 4 - Episode 3

Erica and Adam both take the lead from TV’s “The Brady Bunch” and “George Glass” their crushes. Adam risks bodily harm in an intense game of paintball, and Erica might be embarrassed when her friends see through her fake college-aged boyfriend. Meanwhile, Murray’s stubbornness causes Beverly to miss seeing the Beach Boys at Live Aid,

star 7.78
1264 votes
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Ghost Bride

#20 - Ghost Bride

Ghost Whisperer Season 1 - Episode 10

A ghost of a bride who didn't make it through her wedding night is back with a vengeance haunting her husband's new fiancée to the point of her leaving him at the alter.

star 7.78
378 votes
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Whirly Girlie

#21 - Whirly Girlie

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 - Episode 2

With the events of New York behind them and back in Rosewood, the Liars are unsettled to still be living under a cloud of secrets. Aria is haunted by the recent past events, while Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to wrap their head around the new normal. Alison, on the other hand, is still sleeping with one eye open as she is forced to stay at home with her family — who she doesn’t trust. Meanwhile, Jason’s odd behavior and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ search for Jessica starts to raise eyebrows about her disappearance.

star 7.77
900 votes
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family first

#22 - family first

A Million Little Things Season 4 - Episode 1

Gary struggles in the aftermath of his encounter with Peter. Meanwhile, Regina and Rome put on a united front following the closure of Someday and the deportation of Tyrell’s mother. Sophie deals with mixed emotions surrounding her mother while Delilah faces a difficult decision. Eddie inches closer to finding out who caused the accident, and Maggie navigates a new career opportunity.

star 7.75
91 votes
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Han Ukkah Solo

#23 - Han Ukkah Solo

The Goldbergs (2013) Season 4 - Episode 10

After finding out there is only going to be one Hanukkah song in the Holiday Pageant, Beverly convinces Erica to create the perfect song to bring some excitement to the holiday. Erica sees her shot to break into the music business while Barry does his best to prove he too can be a hit maker with music. Meanwhile, Adam’s childlike wonder with movies and entertainment is called into question when things he loved as a child aren’t as good as he remembers.

star 7.74
1216 votes
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Girl Talk

#24 - Girl Talk

Fuller House Season 2 - Episode 7

Kimmy hatches a plan to get the girls' childhood band, Girl Talk, back together. A vengeful video making fun of Ramona goes viral.

star 7.73
668 votes
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Chapter Eleven

#25 - Chapter Eleven

Jane the Virgin Season 1 - Episode 11

When the nuns surprise Jane by offering her a permanent teaching position, she’s excited, but things become complicated when Rogelio offers Jane a writing internship at his telenovela. Alba encourages Xo to keep the promise she made to God about Rogelio. Michael is convinced of Rafael’s involvement with the mysterious Sin Rostro and disobeys his boss’ direct order to leave Rafael alone.

star 7.72
621 votes
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Tight Rope Walker

#26 - Tight Rope Walker

Switched at Birth Season 2 - Episode 8

Daphne feels torn when the deaf students at Carlton rally the school board to prevent even more hearing kids from attending through the pilot program. Meanwhile, Bay questions Regina's behavior, Daphne gets the lead in the play and Toby grows closer to Elisa.

star 7.72
319 votes
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Short Squeeze

#27 - Short Squeeze

FBI Season 3 - Episode 13

When the CEO of a major brokerage firm is shot and killed while surrounded by protesters, the team looks into who had the most to lose from his company’s perceived manipulations. Scola’s previous Wall Street career and the reasons he left come to light as the financial details of the case begin to unfold.

star 7.71
477 votes
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The Right Thing To Do

#28 - The Right Thing To Do

Judging Amy Season 3 - Episode 4

Amy must rule on the fate of conjoined twins; Jared proposes to Maxine before taking a job in China; Carole tries to push Vincent away after she learns the lump on her breast is malignant.

star 7.71
7 votes
Chapter Sixteen

#29 - Chapter Sixteen

Jane the Virgin Season 1 - Episode 16

Jane is feeling distant from Rafael so she focuses on her writing instead, but is stuck with a case of writers block. When Jane runs into Michael he mentions a romance writing workshop, and she thinks she has found the solution. Petra has a solution to finding a musical performer for the Mirabella’s Calle Ocho celebration, but it forces Rafael to ask Rogelio for help. Rogelio is struggling with his new character as a detective, so he gets the brilliant idea to shadow Michael for real cop experience. Xo has made a decision about her life with Rogelio which causes a rift between her and Alba.

star 7.70
572 votes
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Get Carried Away

#30 - Get Carried Away

The Baker and the Beauty Season 1 - Episode 3

Noa invites Daniel on a charity trip to Puerto Rico where things don't go as planned. Vanessa stays close to the Garcias and helps Mateo land his next gig as a DJ. Mari invites Natalie's crush to their house.

star 7.69
118 votes
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A Tangled Web

#31 - A Tangled Web

Fuller House Season 2 - Episode 8

While Jackson pet-sits for Lola, DJ works overtime to help Max ace a school project. Jimmy makes a music video for Stephanie's latest song.

star 7.69
620 votes
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

#32 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

One Tree Hill Season 2 - Episode 4

Brooke's new neighbor quickly makes his presence felt among the Tree Hill gang and even comes to Brooke's rescue when she is caught shoplifting. Nathan and Haley have their first post-wedding argument when he buys her a gift rather than a much-needed car. Lucas' attempt to help Dan with rehab ends in disaster when Dan reverts to his old ways. Peyton tries to organize an all-ages club and is tempted to try cocaine to seal the deal.

star 7.66
534 votes
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Poker? I Barely Know Her

#33 - Poker? I Barely Know Her

Psych Season 1 - Episode 14

Henry's friend refuses to report his son, Brandon, missing after the son steals 30,000 dollars. Shawn agrees to help locate the son, and finds out that Brandon has been involved in some underground poker. Meanwhile, O'hara tries to surprise Lassiter on his birthday.

star 7.65
1112 votes
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…Free As A Bird

#34 - …Free As A Bird

Light as a Feather Season 2 - Episode 2

McKenna and Alex start their court-ordered community service. Violet gives McKenna advice.

star 7.64
109 votes
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The Hero Returns

#35 - The Hero Returns

Army Wives Season 2 - Episode 5

Trevor returns home a hero but is conflicted about the praise being showered on him. Frank, still in Iraq, becomes increasingly worried about Denise's newfound independence, particularly her affinity for her new motorcycle. Denise's friendship with Getti continues to grow. Joan's backup during her maternity leave, Lt. Colonel Evan Connors, arrives on post.

star 7.64
143 votes
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…Lost As Eden

#36 - …Lost As Eden

Light as a Feather Season 2 - Episode 1

As McKenna’s life starts to spiral, she finds herself turning to an unlikely ally. The girls head to a party where Alex meets a mysterious woman.

star 7.64
116 votes
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Safety First

#37 - Safety First

Army Wives Season 4 - Episode 11

Everyone on post is on high alert as Fort Marshall is on its 99th day without a fatality. Joan finally goes to the doctor and learns what is causing her symptoms. Denise is moved to dispatch duty at work and enlists Pamela’s help to locate a caller in trouble. Trevor proves his leadership skills and gains the trust of the new men under his command, including Jeremy.

star 7.64
160 votes
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...Brave as a Lion

#38 - ...Brave as a Lion

Light as a Feather Season 2 - Episode 16

With the curse closing in, the girls must make a tough decision, and one faces a hard truth that could change everything.

star 7.63
49 votes
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#39 - Fire

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 10

Ben focuses all of his attention on studying as he prepares for his organic chemistry final. Felicity decides to follow his example and devote more time to her artwork. She seeks advice from Professor Cavallo on how to improve her work, and spends more time at the studio. Noel grudgingly takes his medication and continues to see a therapist. He considers starting his own graphics company. Felicity asks for Noel's advice about her art project. Noel decides to follow his therapist's recommendation and spend less time with Felicity. Ben grows angry with Trevor for inviting Elena to their study sessions, as they goof off all of the time. Felicity is working in the studio when the building catches on fire. She is unaware of this because the alarms do not sound, and becomes trapped. Noel extinguishes the flames near the door and pulls her outside. Ben and Trevor apologize for their argument and go to see Professor Hodges. They learn that Trevor passed the exam, while Ben scored 9

star 7.62
74 votes
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Graduation Day

#40 - Graduation Day

ER Season 13 - Episode 2

As their infant son's fate hangs in the balance, Luka and Abby struggle to make the right decisions and keep the faith. Maggie arrives, determined to help. The hospital board meets to fire Luka over the Clemente fiasco; when Weaver confesses that she, not Luka, was responsible, she is demoted to an ER attending. Sam's employer, Eliott, helps her forestall any police investigation of Steve's death. The ER struggles to get back to normal, as old staffers play new roles, and new personnel come on board.

star 7.62
116 votes
My First Thanksgiving with Josh!

#41 - My First Thanksgiving with Josh!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 - Episode 6

Rebecca scores an invite to the Chan family Thanksgiving festivities, where Josh’s parents fall in love with her much to Valencia’s dismay. Meanwhile, Greg struggles with taking care of his dad and wanting to pursue his dreams.

star 7.62
488 votes
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The Benefit of the Right Track

#42 - The Benefit of the Right Track

Friends With Benefits Season 1 - Episode 5

Sarah struggles to get off the "Booty Call Track" and onto the "Relationship Track" with paramedic Evan, while Ben works toward the opposite with a girl he met over the weekend. Back at the loft, Fitz, humiliated by Aaron's extravagant gift on their "Roommate-aversary," tries to take Aaron on a fun, low-cost night out.

star 7.61
554 votes
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There's Something About Mira

#43 - There's Something About Mira

Psych Season 2 - Episode 11

Shawn is shocked when he learns that Gus is married after Gus' wife unexpectedly shows up. She asks the men to take on a missing-persons case.

star 7.57
1309 votes
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...Quiet as a Tomb

#44 - ...Quiet as a Tomb

Light as a Feather Season 2 - Episode 15

McKenna pressures a friend to deliver on a deadly promise.

star 7.57
46 votes
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Get a Life

#45 - Get a Life

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 14

Morgan Fairchild guest-stars as herself when she arrives in Elmo to sing the national anthem at the opening game for Ben's hockey team, and then decides she wants to buy the rights to Marin's life to be made into a movie. Meanwhile, a kidney donor for Cash is found and Sara discovers Eric's band has a fan club.

star 7.55
128 votes
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Quintessence of Dust

#46 - Quintessence of Dust

ER Season 12 - Episode 14

An unexpected visitor -- Jodie's violent policeman husband Bobby, from whom she has filed for divorce -- puts Clemente in the middle of a domestic dispute that ends in Bobby shooting Jodie and Clemente. Kovač and Abby await important test results regarding their baby. Neela struggles with her surgical elective, and Ray tries to convince a homeless musician to accept help from his family. Jodie survives life-threatening surgery but is comatose, and her out-of-context remarks lead to Clemente being suspected in her shooting.

star 7.53
111 votes
Trick or Treat

#47 - Trick or Treat

Clueless Season 2 - Episode 6

Cher, Dionne, Amber, Sean and Murray are invited by Amber to attend an exclusive Hollywood Halloween party, which turns out to be a stage crew party instead.

star 7.50
2 votes
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The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here

#48 - The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here

Nashville (2012) Season 4 - Episode 4

Rock star Marcus Keen makes demands on Rayna as she struggles to tend to those around her. Layla and Jeff get into a lover’s quarrel. Jeff arranges for a journalist to shadow Juliette on tour, but after another emotional setback, she leans on pills and alcohol to get through her days, and Zoey returns to see Scarlett

star 7.50
514 votes
Shadow Boxer

#49 - Shadow Boxer

Ghost Whisperer Season 1 - Episode 11

The dead mother of a boxer requests Melinda to assist in getting her son back together with his father. The son is furious because his father caused him not to be able to spent time with his dying mother.

star 7.49
368 votes
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Charlotte’s Web

#50 - Charlotte’s Web

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 - Episode 12

As the girls are forced to stay in Rosewood, questions about the new mystery surface. A restless Aria starts to look suspicious as she heads back to Boston a little too quickly. But could Aria really be the one behind this? As Spencer, Emily and Hanna find themselves back in familiar territory, they aren't happy with going about solving this puzzle "the old way." Meanwhile, Emily continues to lie about her life in California and Alison keeps a close eye on her friends.

star 7.49
932 votes
Turn of the Shoe

#51 - Turn of the Shoe

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 - Episode 2

Mrs. DiLaurentis' presence in Rosewood continues to unnerve all those around her, especially when she gives Hanna a family parrot, whose gift for mimicry provides startling insight into Alison's last days. Tired of feeling defenseless against "A," Aria decides to learn self defense and is intrigued by her sexy instructor. Meanwhile, Toby shares a heartbreaking secret with Spencer, and Hanna makes an alarming discovery regarding her mom. And to complicate matters even further, "A" nearly kills the newest PLL — Mona.

star 7.49
1034 votes
Felicity Interrupted

#52 - Felicity Interrupted

Felicity Season 4 - Episode 21

Felicity tries to convince Noel that she wants to be with him. She finally tells him that she travelled through time for him. He becomes very worried about her mental health. Felicity again asks Meghan to undo the time travel spell. Meghan is still skeptical, but gives her a book. Ben decides to leave school and travel across the country with Julie. Noel shares his concerns about Felicity with Ben. Ben finds Felicity working on a spell. She confirms that she is a time traveller, and tries to prove it by telling him about his father's illness and Lauren. Ben and Noel determine that Felicity may be experiencing psychosis. She agrees to see a doctor, who places her in a psychiatric ward for observation. Felicity meets Zoe in the hospital. After she is able to provide details about Zoe's life without having previously met her, Felicity realizes that she is not crazy. She calls Ben, who still doesn't believe her. However, he then receives a call from Lauren about his father.

star 7.48
73 votes
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The Obstacle Course

#53 - The Obstacle Course

Ally McBeal Season 4 - Episode 18

Cassandra surprises John when she suddenly shows up at the office. She wants to continue the relationship they started in LA, but John doesn't want to go on seeing her, because they're 3.000 miles away and he's not completely over Melanie yet. Ally takes the case of a man who's being sued because he didn't reveal to his internet date that he was a dwarf. Larry is representing the woman suing, and the case ends up reflecting on their own relationship as Ally questions Larry if they would be together if she was 3 feet tall. Ling and Jackson take a case of a woman who's suing her old boyfriend for interrupting her wedding ceremony. Jackson reveals his true feelings towards Ling, who is confused and torn between him and Richard. Caught in the middle of this is Renee, who feels used by Jackson.

star 7.48
219 votes
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Single Fright Female

#54 - Single Fright Female

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 - Episode 11

Emily's relationship with Paige has been anything but easy, but she finally feels like their relationship is going in the right direction. So when Spencer comes to her with a sordid tale about Paige's history with Alison, Emily is not ready to heed her friend's warnings. With Spencer knowing Paige's violent past and this new information about a blood feud between Alison and Paige right before Alison disappeared, she can't stand by to let one of her best friends get close to a potential enemy. But will Spencer cross a line that Emily can't forgive in her attempt to prove to Emily who Paige really is? Meanwhile, Aria feels she has to help Ezra move on from his past if their relationship is to move forward, but what she finds may be more than she expected.

star 7.47
1252 votes
My Common Enemy

#55 - My Common Enemy

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 7

When J.D. finds Dan with Elliot, Turk tells him to use the hurt brother excuse to get them to break up, just like Turk uses his diabetes to get stuff from Carla. But then J.D. realizes he wasn't hurt at all... Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso unite to try and torment their common enemy: Dr. Clock.

star 7.47
1872 votes
not the plan

#56 - not the plan

A Million Little Things Season 4 - Episode 2

Gary takes steps forward with Darcy and continues to distance himself from anything involving Peter. Rome makes an effort to distract Regina from her job search, which may be looking up after all. Maggie adjusts to a new work environment, while Katherine entertains a new friend. Eddie makes progress in more ways than one.

star 7.45
86 votes
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Head Games

#57 - Head Games

Medium Season 3 - Episode 20

Allison is confused when her dreams of a man murdering his wife keep occurring, even after she helped Devalos convince the jury of the suspected killer's guilt. Through her troubles she manages to make a new friend named Debra. Meanwhile, Joe is frustrated by the therapy sessions that his job enrolled him in, and can't express his feelings to Allison because the recent hostage situation he was in is still greatly affecting him.

star 7.44
260 votes
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Serving Two Masters

#58 - Serving Two Masters

Private Practice Season 2 - Episode 6

Addison treats two pregnant women who unwittingly share the same husband; Violet confronts Charlotte about her liaison with Cooper; Dell reveals a special woman in his life.

star 7.40
403 votes
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Girl Death Mask (She Plays Alone)

#59 - Girl Death Mask (She Plays Alone)

Switched at Birth Season 3 - Episode 17

When John starts feeling a sense of built-up anxiety in Bay and Daphne, he suggests that a trip to Chicago to find Bay’s second cousin is a perfect opportunity for her to become more in touch with her roots and give Daphne a chance to tour prospective colleges. But the trip goes south when Daphne uses the opportunity to act out, and Bay discovers alarming news about Angelo’s family past. Meanwhile, Kathryn tries to kindle a spark between two love-seeking candidates looking for something missing in their lives.

star 7.39
209 votes
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Coming Home

#60 - Coming Home

Army Wives Season 3 - Episode 9

Michael and Emmalin spend some quality time together to rebuild their relationship. Claudia Joy escorts Haneen back home to the Middle East. Roxy is concerned that Finn is having difficulties in school.

star 7.38
96 votes
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Rise Up

#61 - Rise Up

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 - Episode 7

When the Chief makes an announcement that a solo surgery is up as an award, the residents are sent into a frenzy all trying to get an edge over one another. Meanwhile, Derek asks Bailey for advice after Cristina continues to interfere in his relationship with Meredith. Elsewhere, Erica uncovers a shocking connection between a resident and a patient.

star 7.37
1564 votes
Best Laid Plans

#62 - Best Laid Plans

Army Wives Season 3 - Episode 1

Roxy, Denise, Roland and Pamela offer their support to Claudia Joy and Michael, who are unable to leave for Brussels because of Emmalin's disappearance. Roxy struggles to take control of the bar away from Collin. Denise faces serious consequences as news of her affair spreads around the hospital. Overseas, Frank volunteers to lead a dangerous mission.

star 7.32
130 votes
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#63 - Tanner

Phil of the Future Season 1 - Episode 18

Phil is sent to second grade to work on his writing after he messes up on his cue cards for the news. Pim cheats on a test and her conscience bothers her.

star 7.29
7 votes
What History

#64 - What History

WHAT / IF Season 1 - Episode 6

Lisa leverages the limelight and helps Cassidy delve into Anne's history. Secrets come to light for Sean and Marcos while Ian goes to new extremes.

star 7.26
229 votes
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Chapter Fourteen

#65 - Chapter Fourteen

Boston Public Season 1 - Episode 14

Lauren finds Harry hasn't told his friend about her. Six teachers resign and Marla must teach a class she doesn't know how to. Scott wins a contest to be a guest conductor and asks Marilyn out when she is too nice to him. Steven and Harry look for a missing teacher.

star 7.21
48 votes
Advantage Sutton

#66 - Advantage Sutton

The Lying Game Season 2 - Episode 3

Rebecca advises Sutton to reclaim her life, leading Sutton to challenge Emma to a tennis match - winner gets to live as Sutton Mercer. Ethan is in danger of failing out of school, so Emma offers to tutor him, breaking plans with Thayer in the process. Laurel decides to ask out Jordan, but ends up bringing Mads along on their date. And new evidence comes to light that may exonerate Alec, or may further prove his guilt.

star 7.20
233 votes
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#67 - Adam

American Woman Season 1 - Episode 5

Bonnie struggles to connect with her daughters as her relationship with Adam grows, Greg confronts Kathleen about her diet pill use, and Diana learns a secret about Alan.

star 7.18
97 votes
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Dance Dance Revolution

#68 - Dance Dance Revolution

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 - Episode 4

Neveah urges the troupe to rise up against Ramon, while June battles her mother for emancipation. Bette tries a new tactic to score pills.

star 7.14
66 votes
All About Friends and Family

#69 - All About Friends and Family

Privileged Season 1 - Episode 5

Laurel gives Megan the task of chaperoning the twins' pool party, thus forcing her to cancel plans for a spa weekend with Jacob. Meanwhile, Charlie confesses to Marco that he is in love with Megan, and Megan is convinced by Rose to invite Lily to the pool party.

star 7.13
45 votes
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Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

#70 - Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 3

Joey accidentally sends an emotional email addressed to Dawson throughout the Worthington campus; Pacey's first week on the job gives him a hard lesson in corporate greed and ambition.

star 7.07
78 votes
The Dream Job

#71 - The Dream Job

Samantha Who? Season 2 - Episode 17

Sam becomes the head of the charity foundation for Winston Funk and hires Andrea as her vice president of legal affairs. She soon regrets this idea when Andrea shirks her duties in favor of planning her wedding.

star 7.04
212 votes
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Class Act

#72 - Class Act

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 - Episode 3

A fundraising gala sets the stage for drama, as Nabil stirs suspicion and Bette makes a scene. Tensions between Oren and Shane hit a breaking point.

star 6.99
74 votes
Dirty Laundry

#73 - Dirty Laundry

Army Wives Season 1 - Episode 10

Claudia Joy gets a visit from an old friend, Hannah. Hannah is going to testify in front of Congress about the death of her husband in Afghanistan, which may have been caused by friendly fire.

star 6.93
175 votes
Second Chances

#74 - Second Chances

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2 - Episode 12

While the Wildcats head to Salt Lake Slices to digest the excitement of opening night - and a pizza or two - Miss Jenn continues to experience tunnel vision over the Menkie Awards. Mr. Mazzara shows his softer side; Ricky reevaluates a party crasher; Gina speaks her truth; and Nini makes a life-altering call.

star 6.93
55 votes
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Troubled Water

#75 - Troubled Water

Ally McBeal Season 3 - Episode 5

"I have sought this, only dreamed thee..." The day before Thanksgiving, Billy goes completely crazy, driving Georgia to kiss "George" in the bar. Ally invites everyone over to her place for a holiday dinner that proves to be explosive, at the very least. Ally cannot take any more of this chaos and makes an emergency appointment with Tracey. Ally's other guests exit her apartment to finish dinner at Fish's place.

star 6.77
278 votes
Romancing the Joan

#76 - Romancing the Joan

Joan of Arcadia Season 2 - Episode 15

God wants Joan to do an extra credit assignment on Romantic poetry; Adam takes on a perky and cute assistant (special guest star Haylie Duff); Lucy gets a promotion; Helen takes a break from her Catholic studies; Kevin decides to get back into the dating game.

star 6.57
104 votes
Poetry in Notion

#77 - Poetry in Notion

Suddenly Susan Season 2 - Episode 20

Todd joins Susan at a poetry class to meet women---but his verses end up being better than hers; Vicki's new apartment may be haunted by a womanizing ghost.

star 2.00
1 votes
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Life is a Beach

#78 - Life is a Beach

Clueless Season 2 - Episode 17

The gang take a day off from studies and head to the beach. On the trip down they have a close brush with death. It starts them thinking about what they'd do if they only had one day left.

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0 votes
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