The Best Episodes of The Goldbergs (2013)

Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up, and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year old Adam these were his wonder years and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are a loving family like any other, just with a lot more yelling.

Livin' on a Prayer

#1 - Livin' on a Prayer

Season 1 - Episode 23

When Murray's high school free throw record is broken, he attends a banquet as the guest of honor; Barry decides to throw a party.

star 8.25
525 votes
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Barry Goldberg's Day Off

#2 - Barry Goldberg's Day Off

Season 2 - Episode 14

Barry fakes being sick in order to have an epic adventure like the one in the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," except things don't go as planned and turn from bad to worse when Pops and Adam get involved.

star 8.11
512 votes
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Graduation Day

#3 - Graduation Day

Season 4 - Episode 24

As graduation quickly approaches, Erica can't wait to leave home, until she realizes how much Beverly's love means to her; Barry's plans for him and Lainey fail; Dana makes an unexpected visit just as Adam and Jackie make their relationship official.

star 8.02
871 votes
Directors: Kevin Smith
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You're Not Invited

#4 - You're Not Invited

Season 1 - Episode 20

Adam is excited for his birthday party, but Barry thinks he should change the theme; Murray and Pops are captivated by the opening of Al Capone's safe.

star 7.97
571 votes
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#5 - Kara-Te

Season 1 - Episode 11

Barry signs up for a holiday talent show at the school, but karate isn't approved as a talent; Pops coerces Erica into performing in the show.

star 7.95
651 votes
Directors: Seth Gordon
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The Dirty Dancing Dance

#6 - The Dirty Dancing Dance

Season 3 - Episode 17

Beverly helps Erica plan a "Dirty Dancing" themed dance at school, only to turn on Erica when she realizes it may be inappropriate. Meanwhile, Murray tries to learn dancing with Adam with little luck.

star 7.94
648 votes
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Have a Summer

#7 - Have a Summer

Season 3 - Episode 24

Adam and his soon-to-be freshman pals live in fear of the hazing they expect to get from the senior class, but then Adam body slams his way to earning their respect in the Season 3 finale. In other happenings, Erica and her friends decide what to put in a time capsule.

star 7.93
779 votes
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You Opened the Door

#8 - You Opened the Door

Season 1 - Episode 14

Beverly insists on chaperoning when Dana and Adam go to their first school dance together; Murray decides to talk about the birds and the bees with Barry.

star 7.93
592 votes
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Big Orange

#9 - Big Orange

Season 3 - Episode 23

Barry's favorite shirt is hated by Beverly and Lainey, so they hatch a plan together to destroy it. Once his shirt goes missing, Barry asks Adam and Erica to investigate. Meanwhile, Murray decides to tear down the family tree house, leaving Adam distraught.

star 7.93
784 votes
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A Night To Remember

#10 - A Night To Remember

Season 4 - Episode 19

Barry puts together some romantic gestures for Lainey; Erica and Geoff attempt to go to prom together, but it doesn't go as planned; Adam is flattered when a nerdy but cute junior asks him out, but he gets scared when Beverly gets involved.

star 7.92
1,045 votes
Directors: Lew Schneider
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A Wrestler Named Goldberg

#11 - A Wrestler Named Goldberg

Season 1 - Episode 22

When Beverly learns that Barry lied about joining the wrestling team, she takes matters into her own hands; Erica flakes on a promise to take Adam to the premiere of "Return of the Jedi.

star 7.92
549 votes
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The Age of Darkness

#12 - The Age of Darkness

Season 1 - Episode 21

When Erica cannot be consoled after her boyfriend dumps her, Murray steps in to help; Barry becomes obsessed with a new arcade game.

star 7.91
555 votes
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Goldbergs Feel Hard

#13 - Goldbergs Feel Hard

Season 2 - Episode 24

Beverly and Murray react as Erica readies to head out of town for the summer, while Barry becomes the school mascot.

star 7.90
507 votes
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Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook

#14 - Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook

Season 4 - Episode 6

Adam uses Murray's revelation of love for action movies to ask him for the money to film his own action film; the production is put in jeopardy when Barry goes missing while playing lead and an unlikely replacement actor is brought in.

star 7.89
1,076 votes
Directors: Lew Schneider
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The Kremps

#15 - The Kremps

Season 1 - Episode 8

Beverly invites the Kremps -- the all-American and seemingly perfect new neighbors -- over for a barbecue.

star 7.89
666 votes
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The Kara-te Kid

#16 - The Kara-te Kid

Season 4 - Episode 16

Adam and the other Adam Goldberg are inspired to settle their long-running feud with a karate match inspired by "The Karate Kid"; Barry and Adam ask Uncle Marvin for help training, but just end up cleaning his apartment.

star 7.89
1,103 votes
Directors: Anton Cropper
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Goldbergs Never Say Die!

#17 - Goldbergs Never Say Die!

Season 1 - Episode 16

Inspired by "The Goonies," Adam recruits Barry, Emma and some friends to search for some missing family jewelry.

star 7.87
598 votes
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Smother's Day

#18 - Smother's Day

Season 3 - Episode 22

Beverly is upset on Mother's Day when she receives an obviously last-minute gift of "mom coupons."

star 7.87
772 votes
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Love Is a Mix Tape

#19 - Love Is a Mix Tape

Season 2 - Episode 1

Beverly intercepts the mix tape Adam made for Dana, thinking he made it for her; Barry shows off his new fake I.D., which is quickly confiscated.

star 7.87
630 votes
Directors: Seth Gordon
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The Spencer's Gift

#20 - The Spencer's Gift

Season 4 - Episode 14

When both Barry and Erica gets jobs working at Spencer’s Gifts, Erica gets jealous at how good of an employee Barry is. Meanwhile, Muray is thrilled that two of his children have jobs, so he insists that Adam gets one, despite Beverly’s adamancy that he should focus on filmmaking,

star 7.86
1,053 votes
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The Ring

#21 - The Ring

Season 1 - Episode 5

Adam, Erica and Barry learn about Murray's romantic past while cleaning out the garage; Adam falls for his neighbor.

star 7.85
719 votes
Directors: Seth Gordon
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Fonzie Scheme

#22 - Fonzie Scheme

Season 4 - Episode 21

Murray is recognized as one of the top businessmen in Jenkintown, Pa.; Beverly is dismayed when she finds out that Murray doesn't have any discernible hobbies, which leads her to help him find some; Barry schemes to steal golf carts.

star 7.85
996 votes
Directors: Jude Weng
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For Your Own Good

#23 - For Your Own Good

Season 1 - Episode 18

Murray retaliates when Beverly swaps out his favorite easy chair with something new; Barry tries to rescue Adam when he is bullied on the school bus.

star 7.85
599 votes
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O Captain! My Captain!

#24 - O Captain! My Captain!

Season 4 - Episode 11

Barry is mortified by Beverly, who, inspired by Mr. Keating from "Dead Poets Society," attempts to inspire his classmates as the substitute chemistry teacher. Meanwhile, Adam asks Erica for advice on how to be a better friend to Emmy.

star 7.84
1,001 votes
Directors: Richie Keen
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#25 - Deadheads

Season 4 - Episode 17

Barry feels threatened when school deadhead Matt starts hanging out with the JTP and soon finds himself kicked out of the group when he becomes too controlling.

star 7.83
1,052 votes
Directors: Jason Blount
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