The Best Episodes Directed by Sandy Smolan

Broken Hearts

#1 - Broken Hearts

Chicago Hope Season 4 - Episode 12

Austin operates on a pregnant patient with a damaged heart and learns that she had taken the controversial diet pill Phen-phen. An accident reunites Watters and an old flame, the woman he had an affair with. Shutt has his first breakthrough. McNeil and Catera grow closer.

star 8.50
12 votes
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#2 - Home

Everwood Season 1 - Episode 23

As the day of Colin's (guest star Mike Erwin) surgery approaches and emotions run high, Andy takes Ephram and Delia on a road trip to his old medical school to consult with his mentor, Dr. Donald Douglas (guest star Philip Baker Hall). Back in Everwood, Colin kidnaps Amy and Bright in the middle of the night to surprise them with a special day of memories and hopes for the future.

star 8.37
200 votes
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Don't Fence Me In

#3 - Don't Fence Me In

The District Season 1 - Episode 21

An operation to catch a theft mob is set and Temple goes undercover as a pawn shop salesman who also works selling stolen objects. After entering a scheme for stolen credit cards and laptops, the agents make the arrest for the two brothers who were the heads of the gang. Meanwhile, McGregor investigates the origins of a stolen bracelet caught on Temple's pawn shop, which leads to a case of rape/murder from five years ago. McGregor is convinced the prime suspect is the murderer, but can't make an arrest until he tries to fly outside the country. Nick is still trying to develop a good relationship with the community member, but can't because she won't date white men. Nick tries to make something to please her and stops a demolition in the name of Mannion, who wasn't pleased to hear that and ends up giving Nick a warning about mixing personal life with work. And Queenie, the presidential dog, runs away and a psychic is called to help find her.

star 8.29
7 votes
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The Santa Wars

#4 - The Santa Wars

The District Season 1 - Episode 10

Jack is threatened by an ex-cop who was fired. Ella has to deal with Santas fighting over the hot spots of the city. Jack's suspicious that Nick is seeing his daughter behind his back, when he's in fact trying to work out a way to bring her to see him for Christmas as a surprise. McGregor and Parras continue with their secret affair. A US Senator is arrested for public drunkness and the deputy mayor has to negotiate with Nolan for it not to go public. Expensive video games are stolen and it is discovered the the store owner is behind it to get extra money.

star 8.25
12 votes
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Gun with the Wind

#5 - Gun with the Wind

Chicago Hope Season 5 - Episode 10

Wilkes must face the parents of a child brought into the ER when it becomes clear that Raymond was responsible for the child's injury. NASA starts interview Kate's colleagues. One of Aaron's patients is attracted to him.

star 8.14
7 votes

#6 - V-Fibbing

Chicago Hope Season 3 - Episode 10

Austin and Underhill both have to face the consequences when they tell the truth. McNeil contemplates surgery to prolong a jockey's career. Kronk lies to a teenage smoker with a cough.

star 8.10
10 votes
The Unbearable Lightness of Boring

#7 - The Unbearable Lightness of Boring

L.A. Law Season 3 - Episode 15

Kelsey and Markowitz are devastated when Harris changes her mind about the adoption; Melman decides to file for divorce; Rollins hires an attractive new summer intern; the lure of a potential high six figure income leads Perkins move the focus of her practice to representing drug dealers; Kuzak and Van Owen argue about their relationship; the partners quickly regret it when their criticism of Brackman's managerial style prompts him to resign as managing partner, and are greatly relieved when he agrees to their entreaties to return to the job.

star 8.00
3 votes
Russian Winter (a.k.a.The Russian Wars)

#8 - Russian Winter (a.k.a.The Russian Wars)

The District Season 2 - Episode 11

Mannion confronts his No. 1 enemy, Dimitri Putin, and learns who killed Det. Danny McGregor in this pivotal episode. A Russian woman, Erin Vratalov, comes aboard Mannion's boat claiming she needs protection from Putin. She tells Mannion that Putin ordered her husband, Yuri, to kill the chief. But when Danny died in the assassination attempt instead, Putin had Yuri murdered and is now after her. She also claims Yuri had a tape recording of Putin giving the order to murder Mannion, but she doesn't know where it's hidden. So begins Mannion's race to find the incriminating evidence, a search that leads ultimately to a volatile face-to-face encounter. (CBS)

star 8.00
6 votes
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The Perfect Day

#9 - The Perfect Day

Everwood Season 3 - Episode 13

Nina finds Andy and Amanda (Anne Heche) together causing her to question Andy and her friendship with him. Meanwhile, Ephram and Amy convince a reluctant Hannah to ditch school for the day and take Bright along for the ride as the recover from sending out college applications. Lastly, Harold and Edna are forced to work together despite their hostility toward each other when a medical emergency comes up at his office with the water pipes bursting.

star 7.93
162 votes
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Crash Course in Polite Conversations

#10 - Crash Course in Polite Conversations

One Tree Hill Season 1 - Episode 12

After Peyton receives the devastating news that her father is lost at sea, she and Lucas take an overnight trip to Hilton Head to identify a body that has washed ashore. Overcome with emotion, Peyton kisses Lucas. Meanwhile, an unexpected visit from Dan's parents leaves the Scott family in turmoil as numerous family secrets are revealed at Dan's birthday dinner.

star 7.88
684 votes
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Stand Alone By Me

#11 - Stand Alone By Me

October Road Season 2 - Episode 11

Nick, Phil, Owen and Eddie are shocked when they find out that their childhood crush, Angela Ferilli, is dead. They reminisce about the past they shared together and realize how much Angela affected their lives.

star 7.80
10 votes
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Kiss and Don't Tell

#12 - Kiss and Don't Tell

Men in Trees Season 2 - Episode 16

Marin wants Cash to recuperate in her home after he is released from the hospital. Patrick gets a job in New York with Jane's company as Jane pursues another client who also writes relationship books. Meanwhile, Mai moves in with Celia, and Buzz steps in for Patrick at the inn so he can earn enough money to pay off his gambling debts.

star 7.79
158 votes
Blind Faith

#13 - Blind Faith

Everwood Season 2 - Episode 6

Dr. Abbott suspects that Linda and Andy like each other more than they should, so he decides to set his sister up with more appropriate suitors. Meanwhile, Ephram finally has the courage to tell Amy how he really feels about their relationship, but he is confused by his feelings for Madison, who comes to the rescue when Ephram needs help to pass his driving test. Meanwhile, Andy tries to help the soon-to-be-remarried Reverend Keyes (guest-star Tim DeKay) cope with his impending blindness, but the minister would rather leave his fate to God than attempt a new treatment that might save his sight.

star 7.75
208 votes
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Two Gentlemen of Capeside

#14 - Two Gentlemen of Capeside

Dawson's Creek Season 4 - Episode 3

A hurricane that threatens Pacey and Jen forces Dawson and Joey to try to save their lives.

star 7.75
157 votes
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I Dream of Gene

#15 - I Dream of Gene

Weird Science Season 5 - Episode 1

Lisa wants someone else to talk to. Someone that understands her better. - So, she decides to look for other magic genies in the world. She meets one in Texas, Gene. Chett gets jealous and searches the teapot in which Gene lives. Chett finds the address of Gene's master and lets his master know where gene is. Later, after Lisa finds out, Chett realizes that he made a mistake. He tries to get Gene back, and Gene is finally free of being trapped in the clutches of his master. However, the second after he's free, he leaves Lisa for another woman.

star 7.71
38 votes
Three Parties

#16 - Three Parties

Brothers & Sisters Season 1 - Episode 18

Sarah accompanies Kitty to Senator McAllister's hometown to interview local residents for his upcoming election campaign, where she meets his high school sweetheart Alice. The pair meets up with some local high school seniors at a bar, and attends a party with them. Rebecca asks Justin to attend a house party with her, who ends with Justin getting a black eye; while Chad makes a surprising decision to come out that affects his relationship with Kevin in a negative way. Meanwhile, at the advice of her best friend, Nora asks her professor out on a date. And Kitty returns to L.A. with new insight on McAllister and admits that she's falling in love with him.

star 7.68
252 votes
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To Be Perfectly Honest

#17 - To Be Perfectly Honest

Jack & Jill Season 1 - Episode 10

Jill's suspicions are aroused when he sees Matt with another women, and he contemplates telling Jack. Meanwhile, Jill's tactless girlfriend offends Mikey.

star 7.67
3 votes
By Reason of Insanity

#18 - By Reason of Insanity

Diagnosis Murder Season 8 - Episode 4

Dr. Mark Sloan tries to save one of his former students, a schizophrenic, from a murder charge, but is challenged by the man's seemingly incoherent babbling.

star 7.63
38 votes
To Be or Not to Be ... (1)

#19 - To Be or Not to Be ... (1)

Dawson's Creek Season 2 - Episode 14

After a harsh teacher forces Jack to read a poem that makes everyone suspect that he is gay, Pacey stands up for his principles and runs the risk of being suspended.

star 7.62
142 votes
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The Bugmeister

#20 - The Bugmeister

Now and Again Season 1 - Episode 20

His wife having kicked him out Roger asks to stay with Lisa and Heather, who doesn't take long to get fed up with him living with them. She is going on a school trip to the museum, full of other old things, which does nothing to cheer her up. There she meets Dr. Bing, who looks after the insect section of the museum. Meanwhile Dr. Morris is trying to find out why virus carrying Mosquito's are appearing, before they should be out of hibernation, and are biting rich, prosperous businessman.

star 7.60
5 votes
Moon Cross

#21 - Moon Cross

Earth 2 Season 1 - Episode 11

It is a chilly morning in the high desert as the group begins work. They think winter is their worst enemy but they are wrong.

star 7.59
175 votes
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The Price of Fame

#22 - The Price of Fame

Everwood Season 1 - Episode 13

Much to resident thespian Dr. Abbot's chagrin, Andy begrudgingly auditions and is offered the lead in Everwood's production of ""The King and I."" As Dr. Brown struggles with his lines, Ephram struggles with his emotions when his intense feelings for Amy are complicated by Colin's (Mike Erwin) desire to be his friend.

star 7.58
209 votes
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The Shower

#23 - The Shower

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 25

Kirsten, Marissa. Neither is the hostess with the mostest. But they reluctantly host Julie's wedding shower just the same. Seth's get-acquainted lunch with Summer's dad is a FEMA-sized disaster.

star 7.53
346 votes
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The Big Kiss

#24 - The Big Kiss

Northern Exposure Season 2 - Episode 2

Ed's wish to know who his parents were summons up a 256-year-old Indian spirit named "One-Who-Waits" who offers to help him find out. Chris finds his voice has been stolen by a beautiful woman passing through town, and comes to believe in a folk cure he hears about-that he must sleep with the most beautiful woman in town, Maggie.

star 7.51
247 votes
Unfinished Business

#25 - Unfinished Business

Everwood Season 2 - Episode 17

Amy moves back home, but finds adjusting to her old life difficult, especially after her parents (Tom Amandes and Merrilyn Gann) discover she's taking birth control pills and her former friends give her the major cold shoulder. Elsewhere in Everwood, Ephram thinks Madison is going to break up with him and Andy testifies on behalf of Nina as she and her recently out-of-the-closet ex-husband (guest-star Dylan Walsh) battle for sole custody of their son.

star 7.49
194 votes
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#26 - Roots

Northern Exposure Season 3 - Episode 7

Joel's former fiancé Elaine, now a widow, comes to visit. Chris' half-brother Bernard returns just as Chris is having dreams of Africa. The reclusive Adam takes a job with Holling to pay his insurance premiums.

star 7.48
188 votes
The Third Wheel

#27 - The Third Wheel

The O.C. Season 1 - Episode 15

Ryan doesn't know much about Oliver, Marissa's therapy friend, but he knows he doesn't like him. Yet, Ryan still assists Oliver when he runs into trouble with the law at a Rooney concert.

star 7.46
371 votes
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Three's a Crowd

#28 - Three's a Crowd

Greek Season 2 - Episode 9

Rusty finds out a secret about Dale's high school friend and fellow Purity Pledge member, but is uncertain to tell Dale what he knows. Meanwhile, Ashleigh, as the new ZBZ president, finds herself in the middle of a battle between Casey and Frannie as they pursue the Omega Chi's for partnership for the coming school year.

star 7.42
241 votes
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The Price of Love

#29 - The Price of Love

Miss Match Season 1 - Episode 5

Kate's latest matchmaking client is a former call-girl who wants to leave that life behind, find real love, and start a real relationship. Meanwhile at the office, her next client is a wife who is suing her husband for being too stingy.

star 7.40
5 votes
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The Infidelity Tour

#30 - The Infidelity Tour

October Road Season 2 - Episode 3

Owen tries to deal with his wife's infidelity by sending Nick to learn more about it from Ikey. Sam struggles to accept the fact that his mother is getting married. Eddie has a secret that could ruin his upcoming business venture with Nick.

star 7.30
10 votes
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Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes

#31 - Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes

Northern Exposure Season 1 - Episode 6

A young man from Saskatchewan further rocks the already delicate relationship between Shelly and Holling. Ed suffers from writer's block and a lack of focus as he tries to begin work on his blockbuster movie. Maggie and Rick tiptoe around "Maggie's curse" when he shows symptoms of a serious medical problem.

star 7.25
294 votes
The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation

#32 - The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation

The Middleman (2008) Season 1 - Episode 10

To prevent the resurrection of every vampire that has ever lived, The Middleman and Wendy search for a possessed puppet that once belonged to Vlad the Impaler. Meanwhile, Noser pulls a disappearing act.

star 7.22
137 votes
Heal the Pain

#33 - Heal the Pain

Eli Stone Season 1 - Episode 7

Eli's new position at the law firm means that he does not have an office, secretary or the power to take cases. Eli takes the case of a 15 year old boy whose mother was killed due to a medical malpractice by Dr. Agon. Dr. Agon worked at the hospital where Nathan works, Eli will have to sue the hospital. Jordan, in the meanwhile, assigns Maggie to be be Eli's head and so Eli has no choice but to take instructions from her. Taylor, however, organizes a live performance by George Michael to square things up with Eli.

star 7.21
211 votes
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The Valentine's Day Massacre

#34 - The Valentine's Day Massacre

Dawson's Creek Season 3 - Episode 14

Pacey convinces Dawson and his friends to attend a crazy Valentine's Day party.

star 7.19
128 votes
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The New World

#35 - The New World

Ed Season 2 - Episode 7

Ed represents Dennis in a minor fender-bender case, but when the other party's lawyer asks for an exorbiant amount of money, Dennis insists they settle in order to close the case; Ed tries to resurrect the annual Thanksgiving Day parade; Nancy declares war on her fellow ""cookie moms"" when she is sabotaged while launching her own cookie line.

star 7.13
32 votes
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Sexual Politics

#36 - Sexual Politics

Brothers & Sisters Season 1 - Episode 12

Kevin meets a new love interest, but isn't sure about his sexual orientation. Nora and Kitty have been persuaded to use the services of an executive matchmaker with decidedly mixed results.

star 7.06
316 votes
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The Blame Game

#37 - The Blame Game

Ally McBeal Season 1 - Episode 13

Ally has a chance encounter with Glenn, the well-endowed artists' model, at a local Starbucks, and makes it very clear that she is irritated with him. On the legal side, John Cage takes on a wrongful death case that Fish is convinced will reap big bucks for the firm. Two adult siblings are suing an airline after their father is killed in a plane crash.

star 6.98
349 votes
One Hundred Tears Away

#38 - One Hundred Tears Away

Ally McBeal Season 1 - Episode 5

Ally is arrested for aggravated assault and attempted shoplifting. Renee bails her out, but word spreads quickly, and Ally is brought before the State Bar Review Board. A litany of her recent travails is read aloud, and Ally must contend with her unconventional past catching up with her.

star 6.97
350 votes
No Good Deed

#39 - No Good Deed

Diagnosis Murder Season 8 - Episode 19

Dr. Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder while near death but recants after he recovers.

star 6.78
9 votes
Life and Limb

#40 - Life and Limb

Mental Season 1 - Episode 12

A factory worker has a few fingers chopped off yet refuses to have surgery to reattach them. Meanwhile, Jack argues with his colleagues over Veronica being assigned his sister Becky's case of schizophrenia.

star 6.64
64 votes
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The Plane Mutiny

#41 - The Plane Mutiny

L.A. Law Season 3 - Episode 10

On his way to Chicago for an important new client pitch, Brackman takes on the airline that refuses to allow him to disembark in the middle of a four hour delay, and phones the firm to get a court order freeing him, which in turn gets him promptly arrested as soon as he sets foot in the terminal for using a cell phone on the plane; Sifuentes hires a beautiful private investigator who doesn't pull any punches in helping him track down an elusive witness; when the partners realize how much money Becker is making on the video, they demand a cut of his multi-million dollar profits; Van Owen is impressed by Sifuentes when they go up against each other in a murder-for-hire conspiracy case, and shocks him when she gives into a whim and shows the depth of her admiration; Brackman emerges victorious twice over when the charges against him are dismissed and he gets the new Chicago business; Melman gets something to think about when she learns how the million dollar profits of Becker's video will

star 6.50
2 votes
This Little Piggy

#42 - This Little Piggy

Picket Fences Season 4 - Episode 8

Animal-rights activist Kimberly is arrested for a felony. A woman's medical treatment is inhibited by her daughter's religious beliefs.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Jackal

#43 - The Jackal

The District Season 1 - Episode 8

The city is terrorized by a criminal who stalks elderly people, empties their bank accounts and then kills them; the Mayor comes clean about his sordid past; Ella is asked out on a date, but she's not sure if she should accept.

star 0.00
0 votes
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