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Last Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Network: CBS

"Diagnosis Murder" follows the adventures of Dr. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke), an amiable and avuncular doctor who is also a genius at solving murders. Dr. Sloan is aided in his homicide investigations by his son, LAPD Lt. Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke), pathologist/medical examiner Dr. Amanda Bentley (Victoria Rowell), and ER resident Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter).

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The Blair Nurse Project

#1 - The Blair Nurse Project

Season 8 - Episode 22 - Aired May 11, 2001

When a filmmaker begins using Community General Hospital as the location for an eerie documentary, Dr. Sloan discovers it may be haunted.

star 9.47
36 votes
Directors: Barry Van Dyke
Writers: Barry Van Dyke, Carey Van Dyke
Witness to Murder

#2 - Witness to Murder

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Dec 15, 1995

Dr. Sloan takes in an abandoned young girl found at the scene of a murder, while Steve and Jesse go about tracking down the killer.

star 8.24
71 votes
Writers: Cynthia Deming, William Royce
Murder Two (1)

#3 - Murder Two (1)

Season 4 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 30, 1997

Jesse is arrested and charged with murder after a doctor testifying against Jesse in a malpractice suit is poisoned. Mark convinces his old friend, Ben Matlock, to defend Jesse.

star 8.08
12 votes
Writers: Gerald Sanoff, Joel Steiger
Obsession (1)

#4 - Obsession (1)

Season 5 - Episode 24 - Aired May 7, 1998

Dr. Sloan insists that a man he helped condemn to death for a series of bombings is guilty, even after a post-execution explosion.

star 8.06
36 votes
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Murder x 4

#5 - Murder x 4

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 3, 1998

Steve investigates a series of seemingly unconnected murders committed by terminally ill patients, to find the hidden thread.

star 8.06
36 votes
Directors: Frank Thackery
Writers: David Bennett Carren, J. Larry Carroll
Shanda's Song

#6 - Shanda's Song

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Jan 7, 1994

Dr. Sloan treats a famous singer,then takes her into his home as a homicidal closes in.

star 8.02
112 votes
Directors: Neema Barnette
Writers: Craig Volk
Delusions of Murder

#7 - Delusions of Murder

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Feb 27, 1997

A devious psychologist uses hypnotism to facilitate his criminal acts, including the murder of his wife.

star 8.00
7 votes
Writers: Erik Estrin, Michael Berlin
Obsession (2)

#8 - Obsession (2)

Season 5 - Episode 25 - Aired May 14, 1998

Three months after the execution of Lewis Sweeney, explosions are still rocking the LA area every four days. The unpopular Dr. Sloan continues his efforts to nail Carter Sweeney for the bombings.

star 8.00
32 votes
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Playing God

#9 - Playing God

Season 8 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 11, 2001

Dr. Mark Sloan seeks the murderer who killed a med student, drained his blood, and stored him in the Community General morgue.

star 8.00
33 votes
Writers: Burt Prelutsky
Vanishing Act (2)

#10 - Vanishing Act (2)

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 17, 1993

The same gang involved in the Schroeder murder kidnaps Mark's underworld friend, Gus Benedict. Jack and Mark try to save Benedict before time runs out.

star 7.99
135 votes
Writers: Bruce Franklin Singer
The Seven Deadly Sins

#11 - The Seven Deadly Sins

Season 7 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 18, 1999

Mark matches wits with a beautiful jewel thief who's being framed for murder.

star 7.97
39 votes
Writers: Chris Abbott, Steve Brown
Gangland (1)

#12 - Gangland (1)

Season 7 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 9, 1999

Mark's life becomes hectic when a look-alike gangster moves to LA and is caught up in a struggle for power.

star 7.95
39 votes
Directors: Victor Lobl
Writers: Terry Curtis Fox
Trash TV (1)

#13 - Trash TV (1)

Season 6 - Episode 19 - Aired Apr 29, 1999

The Community General doctors are dragged back into the world of network television when producer Jackson Burley revamps the pilot for Dr. Danger, the television program based on Dr. Sloan. Mark and Steve investigate when Danger's competition, a masked magician who reveals the profession's secrets, is murdered, possibly as a ratings ploy.

star 7.94
36 votes
Directors: Ron Satlof
Writers: Lee Goldberg
Malibu Fire

#14 - Malibu Fire

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 2, 1997

A Malibu Hills fire is the backdrop for rising tensions between the residents; a disgraced stockbroker, a naturalist, a worried father, and a land developer. A worried Dr. Sloan deals with his own parental fears when Steve helps fight the fire.

star 7.92
37 votes
Writers: Gerry Conway, Wayne Berwick
Rear Windows '98

#15 - Rear Windows '98

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 12, 1998

Amanda enlists Jesse's computer-nerd friends to find a killer, after she accidentally surfs across an on-line murder. Meanwhile, Jesse's girlfriend, Susan, comes down with a case of food poisoning after dining at Barbecue Bob's.

star 7.92
37 votes
Directors: Vince McEveety
Writers: Jacquelyn Blain
Sins Of The Father (2)

#16 - Sins Of The Father (2)

Season 8 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 9, 2001

Mark must find out why his dad left him as a child.

star 7.92
37 votes
Directors: Victor Lobl
Writers: Joel Steiger
Blood Ties

#17 - Blood Ties

Season 6 - Episode 21 - Aired May 6, 1999

Two female vice-officers uncover four corrupt female homicide cops who murder felons to harvest their organs for those more deserving.

star 7.91
34 votes
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste

#18 - A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Season 5 - Episode 11 - Aired Nov 20, 1997

A dead mime leads to an investigation of a crooked auto dealer. Randy Wolfe, a woman who's apparently an expert at everything, leads the investigation while continually annoying Steve.

star 7.89
38 votes
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die

#19 - All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die

Season 8 - Episode 8 - Aired Dec 7, 2000

Mark goes after a man who killed a groom on his wedding day.

star 7.89
35 votes
Directors: Bernie Kowalski
Writers: Terry Curtis Fox
Murder at Midterm

#20 - Murder at Midterm

Season 7 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 14, 1999

A fiendish med student sells prescription pads to a drug dealer and murders his partner when she becomes too needy. Mark plays Columbo to nail the murderer.

star 7.88
41 votes
Writers: Marc Cushman, Melody Fox
The Restless Remains

#21 - The Restless Remains

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Jan 14, 1994

Financier Robin westlin dies in Dr. Sloan's house, but when the paramedics at the scene, the body's gone. Everyone is certain the event was a figment of Mark's imagination. Dr. Sloan goes on a quest to validate his theory.

star 7.88
142 votes
Writers: Robert Schlitt
Murder at BBQ Bob's

#22 - Murder at BBQ Bob's

Season 7 - Episode 20 - Aired Apr 20, 2000

Steve teams with a Naval Investigator when the apparent suicide of a military officer turns into a cold-blooded murder.

star 7.88
8 votes
Directors: Victor Lobl
Writers: Paul Bishop
Murder, My Suite

#23 - Murder, My Suite

Season 6 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 28, 1999

Mark, Jesse, and Amanda are trapped in a hotel when it's quarantined after a deadly virus is released. They struggle to contain the virus, while at the same time trying to locate its origin. Meanwhile, a scheming seductress carries out her plan, using the virus as a diversion to rob a nearby bank vault.

star 7.87
39 votes
Writers: E.F. Wallengren
The Patient Detective

#24 - The Patient Detective

Season 8 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 9, 2000

Steve nearly dies in a car accident and think a murder happens. No one believes him.

star 7.87
38 votes
Directors: Victor Lobl
Writers: Stephen A. Miller
Resurrection (2)

#25 - Resurrection (2)

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 24, 1998

Carter and Caitlin kidnap Mark, forcing him to mastermind a 100 million-dollar theft. On the outside, Steve and Ron collaborate to find Mark. Meanwhile, Jesse and the Sloans buy a barbecue joint.

star 7.86
36 votes
Writers: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin