The BEST episodes directed by Frank Thackery

Come Closer to Me
1 votes

#1 - Come Closer to Me

Jake and the Fatman - Season 5 - Episode 10

Jake goes undercover with a group of thieves to find out a hit man's next victim.

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The Trial (2)
21 votes

#2 - The Trial (2)

Matlock - Season 5 - Episode 19

Matlock manages to figure out what's going on, but his competition ices him out of the final round...or so it seems.

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All Through the Night
2 votes

#3 - All Through the Night

Jake and the Fatman - Season 5 - Episode 19

A psychiatrist convicted of patient abuse attempts to drive Neely to suicide for revenge.

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The Idol (1)
11 votes

#4 - The Idol (1)

Matlock - Season 8 - Episode 20

A lawyer who is a fan of Matlock's is accused of murdering a blackmailing P.I.

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The Target
4 votes

#5 - The Target

Matlock - Season 9 - Episode 12

An explosion at sea results in a judge's death, but Matlock fears he was the killer's real target

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The Diner
14 votes

#6 - The Diner

Matlock - Season 8 - Episode 4

Matlock takes Leanne to meet Martha Jordan, the wife of his very first client back in 1962. Stan Shaw was the cook at the local diner when he was accused of killing the local sheriff after a disagreement in the diner. Charlie Matlock pushed Ben, who had recently quit his job as a district attorney to take the case, but not everyone in town was happy with the Matlocks siding with the black cook accused of killing the white sheriff. Despite Cyrus Jordan's attempts to get the Matlocks to drop his case for their own safety, father and son were determined to prove that Cyrus never killed anyone.

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The Murder Game
10 votes

#7 - The Murder Game

Matlock - Season 8 - Episode 16

Matlock reluctantly agrees to spend the weekend as part of a murder mystery with Cliff, Leanne, and three people who each paid $10,000 for the privilege of matching wits with Ben Matlock. When the pretend victim turns up really dead, they know that one of the three paying visitors killed him. Leanne has her father keep the three suspects occupied with stories of previous cases while she and Cliff investigate.

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Murder x 4
38 votes

#8 - Murder x 4

Diagnosis Murder - Season 6 - Episode 10

Steve investigates a series of seemingly unconnected murders committed by terminally ill patients, to find the hidden thread.

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The Final Affair (1)
12 votes

#9 - The Final Affair (1)

Matlock - Season 7 - Episode 13

Matlock invites homeless man Lenny to live with him while trying to find out if the archbishop was meant to die in a plot including an ex-football player, his wife, her lover, and the mafia.

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Blind Man's Bluff
38 votes

#10 - Blind Man's Bluff

Diagnosis Murder - Season 8 - Episode 2

Young woman is in a car accident and goes blind, Mark must figure out who committed the murder.

The Juror
16 votes

#11 - The Juror

Matlock - Season 7 - Episode 7

Matlock is planning a birthday fishing trip with Leanne, but when he is called up for jury duty it puts a damper on their trip. Despite his convictions that no lawyer would want him on their jury, Matlock ends up being juror number six, and while everyone else on the jury wants to convict Travis Spaulding of the murder of his wife, Matlock alone thinks they need to take a closer look at the evidence before sentencing the man to death. Unfortunately, tempers flare in the jury room as the jurors soon become divided between guilty and not guilty.

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The Killer Within
38 votes

#12 - The Killer Within

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 6

A med student, surrogate daughter to Madison Wesley, is sent to a rehab program to kick drugs. Once there, she's wrongly accused of murdering a fellow patient. Mark sets his sights on bringing down the real culprit.

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The Scandal
6 votes

#13 - The Scandal

Matlock - Season 9 - Episode 2

Matlock's defense of an attorney who killed her boss gets complicated when he uncovers the law firm's history of sexual harassment.

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Man Overboard
41 votes

#14 - Man Overboard

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 12

Mark takes on a temporary assignment as physician on a cruise ship and sleuths to uncover the killer of a disagreeable man.

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The Revenge
12 votes

#15 - The Revenge

Matlock - Season 7 - Episode 10

Matlock witnesses a robbery at a convenience store, but when things start happening that make him look like he's losing it, including messing with his papers, sending him to the wrong parties, and submitting phony pictures of his hind end to the papers, Matlock begins to realise that someone is trying to set him up. He, Cliff and Conrad begin to go through some of his old cases, trying to figure out which recently released killer is out to get him, but everyone they think of seems to have an alibi.

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The Big Hurt
90 votes

#16 - The Big Hurt

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 6 - Episode 28

Tara makes a pass at Brandon and purposely overfeeds Kelly's fish. Kelly orders her to move out. Kelly snoops in Tara's suitcase and discovers that she had lied when she claimed not to know her parents' whereabouts. Kelly enrages Tara by calling her parents. Tara holds Kelly at gunpoint and forces her to go for a drive up the coast. Kelly tries to escape when they pull over, but Tara knocks her out. She ties up Kelly, hooks a hose up to the car, and plans to kill Kelly and herself through carbon monoxide poisoning. Kelly tricks Tara into untying her, then gets the gun away. Tara is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and her mother thanks Kelly for saving her life. The judge nixes the deal between Colin's lawyer and the district attorney. Citing the fact that he endangered lives with his hazardous driving, he sentences Colin to two years in prison. Carl, a prince and longtime friend of Clare's family, comes for a visit. He makes friends with Steve and tries to prove that he is not the brat that Clare remembers. Joe tries to convince Donna to tone down the racy content of the music video. David bows to Donna's wishes and makes the cuts, but they revert to the original version and obtain a contract to direct three more videos. Joe apologizes to Donna and admits that he is jealous of her relationship with David. Music: 'Strike the Match' by Powerman 5000.

Inheritance of Death
175 votes

#17 - Inheritance of Death

Diagnosis Murder - Season 1 - Episode 4

Mark's cousin, Jonathan Nash, bequeaths his million-dollar fortune to Community General Hospital. His three dastardly children are the main suspects after Nash dies suspiciously... before he has a chance to alter his will.

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138 votes

#18 - Lily

Diagnosis Murder - Season 1 - Episode 13

A prostitute, who tells Jack of her plans to blackmail her clients, is found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Dr. Sloan interviews her clients to discover the real cause of death.

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Never Say Die
39 votes

#19 - Never Say Die

Diagnosis Murder - Season 6 - Episode 18

Steve enlists troubled teenager (he sure looked older than a teenager) Tommy to work as community service at a boxing club after too many brushes with the law. Tommy tries to control his temper. Mark finds that the club's sports drink is drugged, promoting aggressive tendencies in many of the boxers.

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The Captain
59 votes

#20 - The Captain

Matlock - Season 3 - Episode 6

Captain Edward Hanna was once a fine, fine cop. Unfortunately, his actions over the years have netted him with the nickname 'The Mad Hatter'. When police officer Jim Shanley is found dead after spouting off about Hanna, sergeant Jerry Reese is charged with the crime. Everyone thinks he's guilty, especially Shanley's partner, Donna Dawson. In defending Reese, Matlock begins to realise that his old friend Hanna isn't the cop he used to be.

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The Red's Shoes
38 votes

#21 - The Red's Shoes

Diagnosis Murder - Season 8 - Episode 18

Dr. Sloan tries to Amanda when she becomes involved in an incident involving the Chinese government.

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The Buddies
50 votes

#22 - The Buddies

Matlock - Season 4 - Episode 11

After an old friend from college dies, Matlock has to investigate three college chums on the charge of murdering a hitchhiker thirty years earlier.

Write, She Murdered
69 votes

#23 - Write, She Murdered

Diagnosis Murder - Season 6 - Episode 7

When a best-selling mystery author comes down with writer's block, she commits a murder herself in the hopes of stimulating her creative juices. The delusional author has help from her fictional heroine, Danielle Slade.

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The Trial (1)
19 votes

#24 - The Trial (1)

Matlock - Season 5 - Episode 18

When assistant D.A. Howard Wright is murdered in his workshop, the attorney general approaches Matlock and asks him to take on the assignment of special prosecutor. With Michelle and Conrad's help, Matlock begins to investigate Wright's past, and realises the man was spending money that he could not have earned legitimately. In investigating names that Wright had left behind, Matlock finds himself embroiled in a lawsuit involving Maxwell Toys.

The Kidnapper
48 votes

#25 - The Kidnapper

Matlock - Season 4 - Episode 17

When Matlock is kidnapped, Michelle and Conrad go through Ben's old cases to try to figure out who is holding him hostage.

The Psychic
46 votes

#26 - The Psychic

Matlock - Season 3 - Episode 13

Matlock agrees to defend a psychic, Jennifer Holtz, who claims to have seen the murder before it ever took place.

The Genius
49 votes

#27 - The Genius

Matlock - Season 2 - Episode 20

When Matlock's nephew Irwin is charged with murder, Matlock investigates at a high-tech computer firm to clear his name.

Frontier Dad
39 votes

#28 - Frontier Dad

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 13

Steve goes undercover as a TV stunt man to discover who's trying to kill an abrasive young star.

An Education in Murder
40 votes

#29 - An Education in Murder

Diagnosis Murder - Season 5 - Episode 19

When a rash of deaths at a high school revolve around one 'helpful' young girl, Dr. Sloan risks his own life to uncover the murderer.

The Way We Weren't
56 votes

#30 - The Way We Weren't

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 8 - Episode 4

Brandon is heartbroken when Kelly is unable to remember their relationship. Kelly develops a crush on Noah, whose blood donation saved her life. Noah takes Kelly for a stroll on the beach, and she regains some of her memories. Brandon confronts Noah and warns him to stay away from Kelly. The identity of Kelly's shooter comes under scrutiny because the man Brandon picked out did not have gun residue on his hands. Brandon considers a job offer from the Seattle Times. Steve's career as a sports agent comes to an end after he nearly puts Charlotte's career in jeopardy with an illegal gift. Rush gives Steve his own business, a defunct newspaper. Steve wants Brandon to be his editor, but he initially turns him down. Brandon accepts Steve's offer so that he can write, yet remain close to Kelly. Donna panics when she loses her boss's beloved dog en route to the veterinarian. Valerie helps organize Donna when she has trouble keeping track of her clients. Donna decides to make Val her business p

The Scam (1)
6 votes

#31 - The Scam (1)

Matlock - Season 9 - Episode 15

Cliff gets entangled in the case of his old college buddy, a defense attorney being blackmailed to sabotage his current case. But when the blackmailer turns up dead and Cliff stands accused, it's Matlock to the rescue.

Beheading St. Valentine
25 votes

#32 - Beheading St. Valentine

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 9 - Episode 15

Although he loves Lauren and feels obligated to help her readjust to society, Matt expresses a desire to stay with Kelly. Kelly tries to maintain her relationship with Matt, but realizes she must bow out following a plea from Lauren. Donna becomes furious upon discovering old photos of Gina kissing Noah at the amusement park. She agrees to pose as David's girlfriend at a business function, where they keep up appearances by kissing for a photograph. They later kiss in David's truck. Donna feels guilty and forgives Noah; Gina drops hints suggesting that she slept with him. Steve discovers an irregular mole and fears that he may have skin cancer. He vows to turn his life around and apologizes for taking Janet for granted. She sleeps with him, but he returns to his old ways after tests come back negative. Dylan tries to keep his mind off drugs by having sex with Gina in public places. Gina lashes out at Dylan, as she feels that he is using her. Music: ""My Own Worst Enemy"" by Lit; ""Declarat