The Best Episodes of Murder, She Wrote

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Murder seems to follow Jessica Fletcher, a former English teacher and a mystery writer full of charm, zest-for-life, and personality; who happens to become "the investigator" when traveling around the country to promote a series of novels. Murder always occurs when she is present. Even in Cabot Cove!

Nan's Ghost (2)

#1 - Nan's Ghost (2)

Season 12 - Episode 7

Jessica is trapped in the rat-infested dungeon of an ancient Irish castle, but uses her ingenuity to get rescued and find the treasure and a murderer.

star 8.32
31 votes
Writers: Bruce Lansbury
Curse of the Daanav

#2 - Curse of the Daanav

Season 4 - Episode 14

Seth's family is touched by an ancient curse attached to the history of a ruby.

star 8.26
31 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Chris Manheim
School for Murder

#3 - School for Murder

Season 11 - Episode 19

It seems that there is more than schoolboy pranks going on between a Cabot Cove prep school and its rival.

star 8.24
25 votes
Writers: Robert Bean
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Nan's Ghost (1)

#4 - Nan's Ghost (1)

Season 12 - Episode 6

A spooky story set in an old Irish castle where legend has it that there is a ghost and a hidden treasure.

star 8.22
37 votes
Writers: Bruce Lansbury
The Mole

#5 - The Mole

Season 9 - Episode 3

Jessica is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped at the airport. When the woman she is mistaken for is killed, Jessica finds the murderer.

star 8.19
37 votes
Directors: Peter Salim
Writers: Tom Sawyer
The Szechuan Dragon

#6 - The Szechuan Dragon

Season 6 - Episode 21

Grady and his pregnant wife are tending Jessica's house in her absence when an old seaman is killed in her front room.

star 8.13
39 votes
Writers: Tom Sawyer
Murder at a Discount

#7 - Murder at a Discount

Season 10 - Episode 9

A man thinks he should get royalties from a book based on his case, written by Jessica.

star 8.10
30 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Rick Mittleman
Bite the Big Apple

#8 - Bite the Big Apple

Season 8 - Episode 1

Jessica heads off to New York to begin teaching and has difficulty finding an apartment. She finally gets one that she likes, only to learn that a murder recently took place in the apartment complex and that someone desperately wants something that is inside her apartment. She's relieved when Seth comes to New York to check up on her, and enlists his help in cracking the case.

star 8.08
50 votes
Writers: David Moessinger
Deadly Bidding

#9 - Deadly Bidding

Season 12 - Episode 9

Jessica agrees to go to New York to bid on a manuscript purportedly by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and while there, she gets mixed up in the murder of a local forger who had been involved in the theft of a priceless Degas painting two years earlier when she tries to help Charlie Garrett out of a jam.

star 8.07
29 votes
Writers: Tom Sawyer
The Dream Team

#10 - The Dream Team

Season 11 - Episode 18

The townspeople are concerned about a massive development on their shore and it is further complicated for Jessica since the firm employs her nephew, Grady.

star 8.04
23 votes
Writers: Tom Sawyer
The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

#11 - The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

Season 7 - Episode 22

The brewery family is angry when they find out the writer acting as spokesperson for them has written an expose.

star 8.03
30 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Tom Sawyer
Big Easy Murder

#12 - Big Easy Murder

Season 12 - Episode 4

Jessica travels to New Orleans to research a new novel, but gets caught up in a series of voodoo killings.

star 8.03
31 votes
Writers: Cynthia Deming, William Royce
Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

#13 - Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?

Season 4 - Episode 12

Somebody laced Mrs. Fletcher's chowder and Amos' brutish brother-in-law was in for the long sleep.

star 8.03
38 votes
Writers: Robert Van Scoyck
Shear Madness

#14 - Shear Madness

Season 6 - Episode 20

Jessica’s cousin is left waiting at the church when her fiancée is murdered in a similar fashion to a murder 15 years ago for which her brother was blamed.

star 8.00
35 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Chris Manheim
Game, Set, Murder

#15 - Game, Set, Murder

Season 11 - Episode 21

A domineering father forces a teenager to play beyond her desire and she suffers emotional problems.

star 8.00
24 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Philip John Taylor
A Murderous Muse

#16 - A Murderous Muse

Season 10 - Episode 20

The strict mentor of a piano prodigy is found dead.

star 8.00
27 votes
Writers: Bruce Lansbury
Mrs. Parker's Revenge

#17 - Mrs. Parker's Revenge

Season 12 - Episode 23

Jessica somehow gets tangled in a situation involving a deadly virus and an arms deal.

star 8.00
21 votes
Writers: Anne C. Collins
Trial by Error

#18 - Trial by Error

Season 2 - Episode 13

It's a bad day for the jurors when Jessica is the foreperson of the jury hearing the case of a man claiming self-defense in the death of an enraged husband.

star 8.00
58 votes
Writers: Paul Savage
If It's Thursday, It Must be Beverly

#19 - If It's Thursday, It Must be Beverly

Season 4 - Episode 7

When Deputy Martin becomes a widower by murder, the investigation turns up some surprising activity.

star 7.98
48 votes
Directors: Peter Crane
Writers: Wendy Graf, Lisa Storsky
The Wind Around the Tower

#20 - The Wind Around the Tower

Season 9 - Episode 4

While they are visitors at an estate in Ireland, Jessica and friend Seas are convinced that their host's demise is not from natural causes.

star 7.98
41 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: J. Michael Straczynski
Tainted Lady

#21 - Tainted Lady

Season 7 - Episode 21

The owner of a diner is accused of using too much 'spice' in the food, when someone finds arsenic.

star 7.97
35 votes
Writers: Robert Van Scoyck
Portrait of Death

#22 - Portrait of Death

Season 10 - Episode 13

A piece of sculpture does double duty as a murder weapon.

star 7.97
33 votes
Writers: Donald Ross
Home Care

#23 - Home Care

Season 12 - Episode 5

A nurse under a cloud comes to Cabot Cove. One of her patients is Jessica's best friend Maggie.

star 7.97
30 votes
Writers: Robert Van Scoyck
Family Secrets

#24 - Family Secrets

Season 9 - Episode 2

Jessica's former student, a reporter, returns to Cabot Cove with new evidence on a 30-year-old scandal involving two of the founding families.

star 7.96
45 votes
Directors: Walter Grauman
Writers: Robert Hamner
The Dark Side of the Door

#25 - The Dark Side of the Door

Season 12 - Episode 15

The victim of a childhood kidnapping sees more in the manuscript she is editing than coincidence would suggest.

star 7.95
22 votes
Writers: James L. Novack