The BEST episodes written by Robert Swanson

The Trade-Off
6 votes

#1 - The Trade-Off

Kojak - Season 2 - Episode 24

Kojak arrests the ringleader (Mark Stevens) of a drug operation, whose gang kidnaps Captain McNeil's wife in order to trade her for the evidence they have against him.

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Death of a Friendship
5 votes

#2 - Death of a Friendship

Barnaby Jones - Season 7 - Episode 6

Jeff McKnight is kidnapped and his wealthy father Dan asks Barnaby to assist Paul Craig with the ransom payoff. When his friend Paul is killed after the delivery Barnaby feels guilty. He doesn't know that Paul faked his death to escape with the money and Ellie, Jeff's girl friend.

Murder, Murder On The Wall
10 votes

#3 - Murder, Murder On The Wall

Hart to Hart - Season 2 - Episode 1

When a bridegroom disappears abruptly and leaves his wife, who is an acquaintance of Jennifer's, to face a couple of thugs by herself, the Harts step in to help her.

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Hutchinson - Murder One (a.k.a. Hutchinson for Murder One)
5 votes

#4 - Hutchinson - Murder One (a.k.a. Hutchinson for Murder One)

Starsky & Hutch - Season 3 - Episode 19

Out of the blue, Hutch's estranged former wife Vanessa suddenly contacts him, attempting to rekindle their relationship. Hutch doesn't want to know, until Vanessa claims that she's ill with a cancerous tumour. But the next day, Vanessa is murdered in Hutch's apartment – and Hutch is the prime suspect. With two Internal Affairs agents investigating and seemingly convinced that Hutch is guilty, Starsky must help his partner trace the real culprits in order to clear his name...

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All Bets Off
3 votes

#5 - All Bets Off

McMillan and Wife - Season 6 - Episode 1

The wagers of sin. Mac is out to retrieve a set of diamonds swiped from his girl in Vegas.

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The Action
5 votes

#6 - The Action

Starsky & Hutch - Season 3 - Episode 13

Starsky and Hutch set out to bust an illegal gambling ring behind the brutal beating of a friend after he failed to pay off his debts. The duo end up playing for very high stakes as they infiltrate the illegal club, run from a mobile casino in the back of an 18-wheeled truck...

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Foxy Lady
5 votes

#7 - Foxy Lady

Starsky & Hutch - Season 3 - Episode 20

An attractive young woman is the only eye-witness to a man being killed for the suitcase he is carrying. As Starsky and Hutch investigate, the girl goes about using her manipulative charms to not only outwit both of them, but also the mobster behind the killing, in order to keep the hot cash inside the suitcase for herself...

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The Adventure of the Hardhearted Huckster
36 votes

#8 - The Adventure of the Hardhearted Huckster

Ellery Queen - Season 1 - Episode 21

Frank Flannigan probably wishes he'd taken a vacation as he's made to look foolish on the infant medium known as television. The plot concerns the murder of a nasty advertising executive for the Quick Silver Tobacco company which was thinking about sponsoring a radio show starring Flannigan.

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The Adventure of Colonel Nivin's Memoirs
50 votes

#9 - The Adventure of Colonel Nivin's Memoirs

Ellery Queen - Season 1 - Episode 7

A WW II spy, Colonel Alec Nivin, is on a book tour in New York concerning his memoirs in which he accuses a variety of people of war crimes and treasonous acts. Ellery's galpal, Jenny O'Brien, finds the erstwhile spy dead in his hotel room having been stabbed with an antique dagger. Everybody except Jenny is a suspect in this one.

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Witness for the Defense
177 votes

#10 - Witness for the Defense

Murder, She Wrote - Season 4 - Episode 3

Jessica goes to Quebec to testify at the trial of a friend who is accused of killing his wife and burning his house.

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Sudden Death
161 votes

#11 - Sudden Death

Murder, She Wrote - Season 1 - Episode 17

Jessica suddenly must learn all about football when she inherits an interest in a professional team.

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Reflections of the Mind
174 votes

#12 - Reflections of the Mind

Murder, She Wrote - Season 2 - Episode 6

Jessica decides to pay a visit to her long-time friend Francesca, only to learn that Francesca, who is now married to a much younger man, is convinced that she is being haunted by the ghost of her first husband, Ross. When her new husband, Scott, turns up dead, the investigation reveals that he had been poisoned, and suspicion turns to Francesca. Jessica, however, is determined to prove that her friend did not commit the crime, and begins looking into the mysterious re-appearances of her dead husband.

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The Perfect Foil
147 votes

#13 - The Perfect Foil

Murder, She Wrote - Season 2 - Episode 21

At the request of aunt Mildred, Jessica agrees to stop by New Orleans to check on cousin Cal while on her way to Houston. No sooner does Jessica get to New Orleans then she is tossed into a Mardi Gras party where the host ends up dead, and Cal is accused of the crime. While attempting to clear Cal's name and reputation, Jessica delves into the world of cheating poker players, cheating girlfriends and vengefilled police officers while trying to convince a local lieutenant that Cal is not capable of murder.

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Unauthorized Obituary
115 votes

#14 - Unauthorized Obituary

Murder, She Wrote - Season 8 - Episode 3

After Jane Dawson informs Jessica of her plans to write an unauthorized biography on her good friend Ellen Lombard, Ellen's husband Arthur comes under suspicion when Jane's sister and husband find her dead body electrocuted after a T.V. was dropped in her hot tub, and Arthur is seen leaving the house.

Thursday's Child
78 votes

#15 - Thursday's Child

Murder, She Wrote - Season 7 - Episode 19

A woman turns up claiming that Jessica's late husband was the father of her child and he is in deep trouble involving fraud in his construction company and murder.

Moving Violation
111 votes

#16 - Moving Violation

Murder, She Wrote - Season 7 - Episode 13

An influential father cuts no ice with Sheriff Metzger.

Angel of Death
105 votes

#17 - Angel of Death

Murder, She Wrote - Season 8 - Episode 20

While Jessica is in Carmel, California, consoling a well-known playwright haunted by his wife's suicide, another family member is murdered.

Double Exposure
102 votes

#18 - Double Exposure

Murder, She Wrote - Season 5 - Episode 19

In a strange case, Jessica bumps into an old friend who is supposed to be dead. His widow insists he is dead and Jessica hires Harry McGraw to investigate.

Terminal Connection
136 votes

#19 - Terminal Connection

Murder, She Wrote - Season 8 - Episode 7

Evidence points to the battered wife of a powerful businessman as his killer, but Jessica establishes that there is a ling list of suspects who wished him dead.

Mr. Penroy's Vacation
113 votes

#20 - Mr. Penroy's Vacation

Murder, She Wrote - Season 5 - Episode 3

The sisters used a new type of fertilizer to make their chrysanthemums best of show.

Footnote to Murder
168 votes

#21 - Footnote to Murder

Murder, She Wrote - Season 1 - Episode 18

An unpublished manuscript is stolen and its author murdered during an awards convention.

Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief
111 votes

#22 - Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief

Murder, She Wrote - Season 8 - Episode 15

No one wants to believe that Jessica found a body in her hotel suite in London and they don't want her to believe it, either.

Weave a Tangled Web
109 votes

#23 - Weave a Tangled Web

Murder, She Wrote - Season 5 - Episode 10

Things look bad when a married woman's keys are found by the body in a motel room and she can't explain why.

Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice
105 votes

#24 - Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice

Murder, She Wrote - Season 9 - Episode 7

Agent Michael Hagarty is arrested for the murder of his estranged daughter's crooked fiancee.

Test of Wills
132 votes

#25 - Test of Wills

Murder, She Wrote - Season 6 - Episode 9

A wealthy lumberman invites Jessica to his island retreat to discover which of his relatives is trying to kill him.

Deadly Misunderstanding
112 votes

#26 - Deadly Misunderstanding

Murder, She Wrote - Season 7 - Episode 2

A young reporter is persuaded to help a typist alter the evidence and move her husband's body.

How to Make a Killing without Really Trying
105 votes

#27 - How to Make a Killing without Really Trying

Murder, She Wrote - Season 6 - Episode 14

Jessica is trying to learn to invest, but this wasn't the best day for it.

Corned Beef and Carnage
153 votes

#28 - Corned Beef and Carnage

Murder, She Wrote - Season 3 - Episode 5

An adman handling the account of a fast-food chain is murdered and Jessica smells something funny.

J.B. as in Jailbird
139 votes

#29 - J.B. as in Jailbird

Murder, She Wrote - Season 5 - Episode 1

A colossal mix-up puts Jessica in jail as a suspect in a murder only she witnessed. British agent Hagarty returns.

Magnum on Ice
149 votes

#30 - Magnum on Ice

Murder, She Wrote - Season 3 - Episode 8

Jessica offers to help Thomas Magnum, who has been accused of killing a hitman with an unknown target.

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Birds of a Feather
304 votes

#31 - Birds of a Feather

Murder, She Wrote - Season 1 - Episode 3

Jessica heads to San Francisco for the wedding of her niece, Victoria Brandon, only to learn that Victoria is having second thoughts because she suspects that her fiancé, Howard, is having an affair. Although Jessica and Victoria are relieved to learn that Howard isn't cheating but rather dressing up as a woman to perform at a nightclub, the relief is short lived when Howard is arrested for murdering his boss, Al Drake, who had been refusing to pay him. The police are convinced that Drake was shot during Freddy York's act, which doesn't leave a lot of time, but Jessica is determined to prove Howard's innocence.

The Sicilian Encounter
127 votes

#32 - The Sicilian Encounter

Murder, She Wrote - Season 6 - Episode 22

Michael Hagarty is involved in a case in Sicily which has many twists and turns including the Mafia.

The Trap
3 votes

#33 - The Trap

Starsky & Hutch - Season 3 - Episode 16

A trip to buy Starsky's expensive new watch ends in chaos as the duo try to catch a tearaway tomboy shoplifter. Soon after, they respond to a call from Huggy after some thugs smashed up his bar demanding information about Hutch and unbeknown to any of them, the pair are being guided into a carefully laid ambush at a desolate farm, in a trap set by a ruthless criminal with an old score to settle with Hutch. Worse still, Joey, the young shoplifting girl, has stowed away in Starsky's car, and ends up trapped with the Detective duo in a barn that will soon be set ablaze...

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The Avenger
2 votes

#34 - The Avenger

Starsky & Hutch - Season 4 - Episode 7

The intrepid Detectives investigate a woman's claims that a jealous brief acquaintance from San Francisco has followed her to the city and is responsible for the vicious murders of a string of the her lovers. But there is a sinister twist to the case, and Starsky unknowingly places himself in great danger...

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School for Scandal
199 votes

#35 - School for Scandal

Murder, She Wrote - Season 2 - Episode 4

When Jessica is offered an honorary degree from Crenshaw University, she has no idea she's about to become embroiled in a murder. After the boyfriend of (in)famous writer Daphne Clover is found murdered, Jessica agrees to assist the chief of police, who has never had a murder case before, find out who the killer is. She soon has more on her plate than she bargained for when first Daphne's mother confesses, then Daphne herself confesses. Jessica realises the two women are simply trying to protect each other, and begins to look at the faculty at the university.

2 votes

#36 - Comeback

Vega$ - Season 2 - Episode 13

Mitch Costigian, Dan's Army buddy who's been away for sometime returns to town to perform at the hotel. He's also a newlywed. When he and Dan go to the hotel, his wife stays behind to fix things at the house. Later someone plants an explosive and blows the house up. Mitch is devastated. Later Dan learns that the explosive used is similar to what was used in Vietnam. So Dan thinks there may be a link to their time in Vietnam to what happened to Mitch's wife. Mitch is on a mission to find the one who killed his wife.

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Photo Finish
6 votes

#37 - Photo Finish

Starsky & Hutch - Season 4 - Episode 4

Starsky and Hutch brush shoulders with high-society, at an exclusive party that photographer friend Marcie has invited them to, but the event grinds to a halt when an artist is shot dead by an unknown assassin. Marcie has caught the shooting on camera, and the Detective duo confiscate the pictures for Police evidence as they begin some black-tie sleuthing on the champagne circuit. But Marcie is determined to use the valuable photos to break into big-time journalism, and quietly holds on to one to sell to the highest bidder – only for her life to now be endangered by the killer, who is determined to get their hands on the incriminating film...

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The Heavyweight
6 votes

#38 - The Heavyweight

Starsky & Hutch - Season 3 - Episode 14

The crime-busting partners meet a one-time boxing champ, now a dockland worker, who witnessed the murder of a Policeman arranged by a dockland racketeer. But the former champ's own life is endangered after he refuses to take a fall in a boxing fight for the vicious racketeer...

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