The Best Episodes Directed by Walter Grauman

Crack in a Crystal Ball

#1 - Crack in a Crystal Ball

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 3

A scam artist posing as a psychic goes on TV to prove that he knows where Kimble will appear next-with a little help from an accomplice who is traveling with Kimble.

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2 votes
Landscape with Running Figures (2)

#2 - Landscape with Running Figures (2)

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 10

In the conclusion to Part 1 (from last week), Kimble accompanies a temporarily-blinded Mrs. Gerard to a place where she can phone her husband for help. Mrs. Gerard, who is as inquisitive as her husband, continues to pepper Kimble with questions about himself and his life. As she starts to put the pieces together, she realizes that this man may be Richard Kimble. She begins to form a plan to trap him.

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31 votes
Landscape with Running Figures (1)

#3 - Landscape with Running Figures (1)

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 9

In Part 1 of a 2-part story, Lt. Gerard and his wife are on a much-needed vacation. When Gerard rushes off to answer the call to duty, an angry Mrs. Gerard decides that enough is enough, and leaves town on the bus. Unbeknownst to her, Kimble is on the same bus. When the bus crashes, Kimble helps her get away from the wreck. Due to a head injury, she is suffering from temporary blindness and doesn't recognize Kimble. Kimble, unaware of who SHE really is, decides to accompany her to a phone where she can contact her husband. Along the way Mrs. Gerard starts asking questions, and is starting to form an image of Kimble, and is intrigued with what she learns. Will she discover his true identity before they reach their destination?

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31 votes
The End Is But the Beginning

#4 - The End Is But the Beginning

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 17

Kimble takes advantage of a deadly car accident as a way to try and convince Gerard that he is now dead.

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33 votes
The Purple Gang

#5 - The Purple Gang

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 7

Detroit, August 1932. The notorious Purple Gang-- long synonymous with terror in beer, booze, labor and prostitution-- gets into a new racket: kidnapping. They specialize in snatching other members of the underworld, since they can't go to the police for help. So far, they've kidnapped 9 hoods (the latest mug is Rocky Garver), for a total of 100 grand. The Purple Gang's leader is Eddie Fletcher, bank robber and murderer, who always wears gloves so he never leaves any fingerprints. Next on their list of gangsters to be kidnapped is Ian Tornek, who owns a novelty shop along with his brother-in-law Eric Vajda, who arrived from Europe 7 months ago. But Eliot Ness and his Untouchables also have their eye on Tornek: he's a Capone henchman, who makes a weekly pickup of narcotics every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the Railway Express Agency. So Ness and Lee Hobson and Enrico Rossi fly to Detroit. Fletcher's boys snatch Tornek just before his weekly pickup; they phone his wife Martha and dem

star 9.33
3 votes
Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue

#6 - Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 6

Kimble is working as a chauffeur for George Forster, a successful contractor who returns to his small Midwestern home town with big plans for the community. While Forster's homecoming is greeted by overall apathy and resentment, Kimble discovers that one of the townspeople is planning to kill Forster. Kimble must find out who it is before his secret is discovered

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4 votes

#7 - Nicky

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 3

Chicago. By the middle of 1933, Eliot Ness and his Untouchables had almost checked the manufacture and sale of whiskey in Chicago. But the biggest operator was still in business: Giuseppe Marconi a.k.a. Gus Marco. He was an apparently respectable owner of a garage of taxis by day; but he trafficked in bootleg booze by night, he had a huge distillery underground in which he processed stolen industrial alcohol. Gus Marco is pulling a big job tonight; one of his honest taxi drivers, Mario Bousso (Nicky's father), is going to drive one of the trucks because he needs the money for his 2 kids. Gus' cousin Mike Marconi will be riding with Mario. Gus Marco had schmeared the lone federal guard of a government warehouse; for $2,500 he was assisting in the heist. 2 of Marco's trucks pull into the warehouse. They siphon off thousands of gallons of pure alcohol, worth half a million dollars; they refill the government barrels with water. But Ness and his men raid the place. There is a huge

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4 votes
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1)

#8 - Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1)

The Fugitive Season 1 - Episode 22

On the run from the Nevada State Police, Kimble hitches a ride with Sister Veronica, a nun traveling to Sacramento where she plans to renounce her vows. After fixing her car when it breaks down, Kimble agrees to travel with Veronica only to the nearest train station. But Veronica belives Kimble to be her savior and insists that he tag along with her all the way to Sacramento.

star 8.43
61 votes
A Seat on the Fence

#9 - A Seat on the Fence

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 6

Chicago, late Summer 1932.  Eliot Ness and his men had stemmed the supply of narcotics coming into the Windy City from Asia and southern Europe.  Now the Underworld was using new ways to supply the city's 5,000 dope addicts.  The Syndicate was robbing drugstores, doctors' offices, wholesale drug houses-- any place which kept a supply of painkilling drugs.* Ness and his men investigate one such robbery: a clue is a note with a list of items to be stolen (morphine, cocaine, etc.)-- numbered with Roman Numerals, written by an educated man.  That man is Victor Bardo, one-time narcotics czar of all eastern Asia; he was imported by the Syndicate in 1931.  His headquarters are some offices behind a legit front: an arcade.  Crooked Dr. Hallet has just told him about a couple of nursing homes they can knock off.  However Dino Patrone (age 46), a contact man for narcotics in Europe, has fallen out of favor with Bardo-- he tells his hitman Willie Dasher to rub Patrone out when he gets back.  Ness

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3 votes
Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2)

#10 - Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2)

The Fugitive Season 1 - Episode 23

Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey to Sacramento, unaware that the Nevada State Police have put up a roadblock at the state line. While Kimble deals with a disgruntled ranch hand, named Chuck Mathers, whom suspects his true idenity, Sister Veronica accidently discovers Kimble's idenity through a TV news report. But she does not tell Kimble about her knowledge of who he really is.

star 8.31
61 votes
Curse of the Daanav

#11 - Curse of the Daanav

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 14

Seth's family is touched by an ancient curse attached to the history of a ruby.

star 8.25
39 votes
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The Rusty Heller Story

#12 - The Rusty Heller Story

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 1

Chicago, March 1931. Eliot Ness and his men were doing raid after raid on Capone's speakeasies and breweries; his empire was tottering. Who would take over? A big-time gangster from New York, Charlie ""Pops"" Felcher, had just arrived in Chicago, along with his crooked lawyer Archie Grayson. There's a big party being given for Felcher at Flora's nightclub; she hands Felcher a ribbon which is attached to a 6-foot-tall paper heart that has the words ""Pops, We Love You"" written on it-- Felcher pulls the ribbon, and on the other end, red-haired dancer Rusty Heller jumps out of the heart, she's dressed up like a kitty cat and wearing fishnet stockings. Meow! Just then, Ness and his men raid the place, they're looking for a hood named Augie Kleiner; they don't go away empty-handed, they find and arrest him. Archie Grayson doesn't go away empty-handed either, he starts an affair with Rusty Heller. Rusty and Grayson become a team. At the Club Mademoiselle, Rusty is using her feminine wil

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3 votes
The Organization

#13 - The Organization

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 15

Chicago.  November 9, 1932.  Al Capone was in prison, and Frank Nitti was running his Organization.  But other crime overlords were ready to take over; the biggest was Joe Kulak, from St. Louis.  Joe Kulak was called ""The Teacher"" because he had trained so many Underworld bigshots, and given them their start.  Eliot Ness and his men keep tabs on Kulak from the moment he arrives in the Windy City.  Kulak goes to the Westside Athletic Club, a front for crime boss Arnie Seeger.  In his office, Seegar talks to Kulak and lays out his plans for the whole country: gambling, whiskey, houses (of prostitution), dope.  Seegar figures to assign territories: Bouchard in New Orleans, Nicholson in K.C., Danny Kurtz (his lieutenant, sitting right next to him) for Pittsburgh... Kulak interrupts him, saying he already has Malone for Pittsburgh.  Kurtz loses his temper over being cut out; (so Seeger decides to have Kurtz rubbed out that night).  Seegar desperately wants Kulak to attend his upcoming meet

star 8.00
2 votes
90-Proof Dame

#14 - 90-Proof Dame

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 32

Chicago, April 1932. The city is ruled by underworld czars, one of the toughest of which is Nate Kester, former henchman for the Capone mob. To put up a pretense of legality, he owns and runs the Odeon Theatre, which specializes in Burlesque, but his real operation is bootleg booze. Kester has his boys drag in Henry Bogar, who has a 5-6 state territory selling imported brandy. Kester tells him that from now on he will carry his stuff-- cheap rotgut with forged ""de Bouverais"" cognac labels. Bogar tastes the stuff, and calls it slop; he says brandy drinkers will never buy it as long as the real stuff is available. So Kester decides to eliminate the competition, he destroys 200 cases of the good 90-proof stuff that Bogar has stashed in an old church. Next day, in retaliation, Bogar phones Ness and is about to blow the whistle on Kester: his booze, houses and dope operations. But Bogar is rubbed out by Kester before he can finish talking; luckily, Lee Hobson managed to have the call

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1 votes
Shear Madness

#15 - Shear Madness

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 20

Jessica’s cousin is left waiting at the church when her fiancée is murdered in a similar fashion to a murder 15 years ago for which her brother was blamed.

star 7.97
38 votes
The Wind Around the Tower

#16 - The Wind Around the Tower

Murder, She Wrote Season 9 - Episode 4

While they are visitors at an estate in Ireland, Jessica and friend Seas are convinced that their host's demise is not from natural causes.

star 7.93
45 votes
Game, Set, Murder

#17 - Game, Set, Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 - Episode 21

A domineering father forces a teenager to play beyond her desire and she suffers emotional problems.

star 7.93
27 votes
Family Secrets

#18 - Family Secrets

Murder, She Wrote Season 9 - Episode 2

Jessica's former student, a reporter, returns to Cabot Cove with new evidence on a 30-year-old scandal involving two of the founding families.

star 7.92
48 votes
Murder at a Discount

#19 - Murder at a Discount

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 - Episode 9

A man thinks he should get royalties from a book based on his case, written by Jessica.

star 7.84
37 votes
The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

#20 - The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane

Murder, She Wrote Season 7 - Episode 22

The brewery family is angry when they find out the writer acting as spokesperson for them has written an expose.

star 7.82
33 votes
Unauthorized Obituary

#21 - Unauthorized Obituary

Murder, She Wrote Season 8 - Episode 3

After Jane Dawson informs Jessica of her plans to write an unauthorized biography on her good friend Ellen Lombard, Ellen's husband Arthur comes under suspicion when Jane's sister and husband find her dead body electrocuted after a T.V. was dropped in her hot tub, and Arthur is seen leaving the house.

star 7.81
47 votes
The Search for Peter Kerry

#22 - The Search for Peter Kerry

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 11

A long missing heir turns up and trouble ensues.

star 7.77
43 votes
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The Murder Channel

#23 - The Murder Channel

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 - Episode 6

In a friend's apartment, Jessica and her friends are amused by and then puzzled by the strange drama unfolding on TV.

star 7.76
38 votes
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Murder Takes the Bus

#24 - Murder Takes the Bus

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 19

Bus trips are not always as relaxing as they should be. In this case, one passenger had a one-way ticket.

star 7.75
71 votes
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The Perfect Foil

#25 - The Perfect Foil

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 21

At the request of aunt Mildred, Jessica agrees to stop by New Orleans to check on cousin Cal while on her way to Houston. No sooner does Jessica get to New Orleans then she is tossed into a Mardi Gras party where the host ends up dead, and Cal is accused of the crime. While attempting to clear Cal's name and reputation, Jessica delves into the world of cheating poker players, cheating girlfriends and vengefilled police officers while trying to convince a local lieutenant that Cal is not capable of murder.

star 7.73
44 votes
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Terminal Connection

#26 - Terminal Connection

Murder, She Wrote Season 8 - Episode 7

Evidence points to the battered wife of a powerful businessman as his killer, but Jessica establishes that there is a ling list of suspects who wished him dead.

star 7.73
44 votes
To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee

#27 - To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee

Murder, She Wrote Season 8 - Episode 17

All of Jessica's intuitive and deductive skills are called into play when she sets out to clear a university colleague of a murder charge.

star 7.73
44 votes
Lines of Excellence

#28 - Lines of Excellence

Murder, She Wrote Season 8 - Episode 5

Teaching a computer class seems tame, but not when Jessica is one of the students.

star 7.72
43 votes
Unfinished Business

#29 - Unfinished Business

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 3

A retired policeman decides to re-examine an old case he never solved in which Seth was a strong suspect.

star 7.71
58 votes
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A Lady in the Lake

#30 - A Lady in the Lake

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 7

While spending time at a lake, Jessica sees what appears to be a struggle and a woman falling from a boat into the lake.

star 7.70
61 votes
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If A Body Meet A Body

#31 - If A Body Meet A Body

Murder, She Wrote Season 2 - Episode 18

Investigation of a claim that the deceased was murdered leads the police to discover that the wrong body is in the coffin.

star 7.69
59 votes
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Southern Double-Cross

#32 - Southern Double-Cross

Murder, She Wrote Season 12 - Episode 20

Jessica is booked for a seminar in Australia when she gets word that she may have claim to an inheritance in the area--land used for sheep grazing. The natives are not all happy with this.

star 7.69
26 votes
Mourning Among the Wisterias

#33 - Mourning Among the Wisterias

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 15

Jessica visits her old friend Eugene McClendon, who soon stands accused of the murder of an old friend, Jonathan Keeler. While helping clear Eugene's name, Jessica learns that her friend believes he is dying, and is surprised when he asks her to marry him so that she can look after his affairs once he's gone. Jessica agrees, but only so that they can expose Jonathan's true killer.

star 7.67
39 votes
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#34 - Miniature

The Twilight Zone Season 4 - Episode 8

A lonely man falls in love with a mini museum doll, which he believes is alive.

star 7.66
76 votes
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Night of the Headless Horseman

#35 - Night of the Headless Horseman

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 11

The 'headless' horseman rides again, but his costume becomes more realistic.

star 7.65
52 votes
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Angel of Death

#36 - Angel of Death

Murder, She Wrote Season 8 - Episode 20

While Jessica is in Carmel, California, consoling a well-known playwright haunted by his wife's suicide, another family member is murdered.

star 7.63
41 votes
We're Off To Kill the Wizard

#37 - We're Off To Kill the Wizard

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 8

Jessica is asked to help solve the "impossible" murder of a wealthy, and much disliked, amusement park owner.

star 7.62
77 votes
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The Legacy of Borbey House

#38 - The Legacy of Borbey House

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 - Episode 3

A new Victorian house owner is killed in the manner befitting a vampire -- a wooden stake in his chest.

star 7.62
42 votes
Final Curtain

#39 - Final Curtain

Murder, She Wrote Season 9 - Episode 11

The personal manager of a 'resting' actor dies just as his client returns to the stage.

star 7.60
42 votes
Family Doctor

#40 - Family Doctor

Murder, She Wrote Season 7 - Episode 11

In Boston, Jessica and Seth are captured by the angry son of one of Seth's patients who didn't survive.

star 7.57
51 votes
Lone Witness

#41 - Lone Witness

Murder, She Wrote Season 9 - Episode 19

A delivery boy says he was only a witness when he is found kneeling beside the victim.

star 7.56
36 votes
The Dissident

#42 - The Dissident

V Season 1 - Episode 8

A Visitor scientist develops an force field that is deployed around Los Angeles. The Resistance attempts to destroy it.

star 7.55
29 votes
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Coal Miner's Slaughter

#43 - Coal Miner's Slaughter

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 5

The coal miner's daughter thinks the mine owner is responsible for her father's death and someone takes action.

star 7.55
40 votes
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Trevor Hudson's Legacy

#44 - Trevor Hudson's Legacy

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 18

A small town editor in Montana threatens to claim in public that he is the real author of a dead man's manuscript.

star 7.54
41 votes
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The Corpse Flew First Class

#45 - The Corpse Flew First Class

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 12

Theft and murder of the courier occur on board a jet bound for London.

star 7.53
51 votes
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Portrait of a Thief

#46 - Portrait of a Thief

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 25

Chicago, 1931. Eliot Ness and his men had cracked the bootleg empire of Al Capone, by smashing his breweries and speakeasies.* But now, thousands of gallons of alcohol were coming into the city from an outside source. Ness meets with D.A. Beecher Asbury; it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out where the booze is coming from, they've found 5-gallon cans with ""Brawley Mills, Brawley, New York"" stamped on them. Chemical analysis showed the stuff is 190 proof, no doubt produced under U.S. Government permit-- but it contained no denaturant, so it is safe to drink. Ness goes to New York, and takes Enrico Rossi and Cam Allison with him. Ness meets with John Carvell, Federal D.A. in New York. They know Brawley Mills is making the alcohol legally, so now it's a matter of checking out 52 warehouses that store and ship the stuff; that takes 3 days. Rico finds out a lot of the alcohol is shipped by United Trucking Services; Ness says that's owned by Tommy Haynes, a crooked and powerfu

star 7.50
4 votes
The Mark of Cain

#47 - The Mark of Cain

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 5

Chicago, late Spring 1932. There is public protest about the increase in drug addiction. Charlie Sebastino has amalgamated all the small distributors into one big empire, setting himself up as emperor. Ness and his Untouchables had virtually shut down dope dealings, by nailing the big operators, but this network is run through small-time pushers. One of Charlie's pushers is a park worker known as Ragpicker; right now he's selling some heroin to 19-year-old Carol Royce. Later, Ness visits Carol in the hospital, where she is dying of an overdose; she identifies the Ragpicker, who works at the Williams Street Park. Carol dies. Ness tells the reporters to print the story. At a nightclub, Sticks is playing the drums. Charlie Sebastino is coming on to the beautiful nightclub singer. Ness and Rico and Lee Hobson barge in; Charlie's boy Puffy Oselle says to his boss, ""Sorry, I couldn't stop him."" Ness has a search warrant to look for the Ragpicker, but he's not there. Frank and Joe

star 7.50
4 votes
Prediction: Murder

#48 - Prediction: Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 8

A psychic's predictions have come true, convincing a rancher's daughter that the next one, a fatal fire, will happen.

star 7.50
38 votes
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A Little Night Work

#49 - A Little Night Work

Murder, She Wrote Season 5 - Episode 2

A senatorial hopeful is murdered and his wife's necklace stolen.

star 7.49
49 votes
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How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying

#50 - How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 14

Jessica is trying to learn to invest, but this wasn't the best day for it.

star 7.49
43 votes
The Case of the Wayward Wife

#51 - The Case of the Wayward Wife

Perry Mason Season 3 - Episode 13

Ben Sutton is listed as the author of a best-selling book describing his experiences in a Korean POW camp. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.

star 7.49
35 votes
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Kendo Killing

#52 - Kendo Killing

Murder, She Wrote Season 12 - Episode 12

Motorcycle racing in Osaka, Japan, puts a man's life in danger when he tries to wed a girl from a traditional Japanese family.

star 7.48
29 votes
It Runs in the Family

#53 - It Runs in the Family

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 6

Cousin Emma in London has a new problem when someone serves her lover poisoned herring.

star 7.48
44 votes
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Fear in a Desert City

#54 - Fear in a Desert City

The Fugitive Season 1 - Episode 1

Richard Kimble rides into Tucson, Arizona under the name James Lincoln. He checks into a hotel and finds a job as a bartender at the Branding Iron. He meets Monica Welles (Vera Miles), the piano player who escaped from her stalking jealous husband (Ed Welles) played by Brian Keith.

star 7.47
115 votes
Indian Giver

#55 - Indian Giver

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 10

A resident of Cabot Cove threatens the Native American who claims to own the land, and later is found dead.

star 7.47
38 votes
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The Return of Preston Giles

#56 - The Return of Preston Giles

Murder, She Wrote Season 7 - Episode 7

This time it is the company controller that seems to have been the victim of the previously convicted publisher.

star 7.47
49 votes
No Laughing Murder

#57 - No Laughing Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 18

After the engagement party for the offspring of two estranged comics, someone is found dead.

star 7.45
38 votes
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Obituary for a Dead Anchor

#58 - Obituary for a Dead Anchor

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 - Episode 9

Jessica reluctantly agrees to do an interview for an old friend, Paula Roman, but is surprised when Kevin Keats, a journalist who had been doing a series of stories on an art dealer who was really a drug dealer, shows up to do the interview, complete with cameras and crew. After Kevin is presumed dead when a boat Amos chartered for him explodes, Cabot Cove explodes with press and paparazzi, and the citizens blame Jessica for all the problems it causes, demanding that she solve the mystery. Unfortunately, once Keats is revealed to be alive and well, the real question is who the true target was.

star 7.44
59 votes
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Murder of the Month Club

#59 - Murder of the Month Club

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 - Episode 10

Murder, plagiarisim, and blackmail stalk those around Jessica on her promotional book tour.

star 7.44
32 votes

#60 - Roadkill

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 - Episode 19

A truck hijacker comes to the end of the road.

star 7.43
35 votes
The Case of the Garrulous Gambler

#61 - The Case of the Garrulous Gambler

Perry Mason Season 3 - Episode 3

Larry Benton is a hard luck guy. He gets in an argument in a poker game and knocks Mike Granger out cold. Then his "friends" inform him that Granger is dead. Unknown to Larry, the entire scenario is a scam to shake him down for money. Larry forges his brother's check for $5,000.00 but ring leader Johnny Clay tries to bleed him for an additional twenty grand. Johnny's greed proves to be his undoing as he ends up dead himself. Steve Benton tries to cover up Larry's involvement and ends up being charged with Clay's murder. Perry then tries to track down Mike Granger, the man Larry supposedly killed, in order to get to the bottom ot things. Writer: Ge

star 7.40
45 votes
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Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?

#62 - Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?

Murder, She Wrote Season 7 - Episode 14

A snoopy fan in Texas impersonates Jessica when she starts investigating a potential dog show scandal and Jessica is reported dead.

star 7.39
49 votes
Wheel of Death

#63 - Wheel of Death

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 - Episode 21

It is no sleight of hand when the crooked carnival magician is murdered.

star 7.37
30 votes
Doom with a View

#64 - Doom with a View

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 11

Grady gets into a spot again when he is found with the body of woman known from college days and now had been dating a frat brother who was married.

star 7.37
41 votes
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Murder on the Thirtieth Floor

#65 - Murder on the Thirtieth Floor

Murder, She Wrote Season 10 - Episode 15

Jessica is shocked to learn that her editor has taken a flying leap from his high-rise office.

star 7.36
36 votes
Twice Dead

#66 - Twice Dead

Murder, She Wrote Season 11 - Episode 15

When a brilliant scientist fakes his own death and is then murdered, Jessica sets the record strait when the wrong man is arrested.

star 7.35
31 votes
Murder to a Jazz Beat

#67 - Murder to a Jazz Beat

Murder, She Wrote Season 1 - Episode 13

While in New Orleans, Jessica must solve the mysterious murder of a famous musician who died while performing onstage.

star 7.29
53 votes
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Just Another Fish Story

#68 - Just Another Fish Story

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 19

Somebody put the maitre d' on ice. Jessica wonders if she has made a bad investment. When Jessica's nephew recommends that she invest in a trendy New York City restaurant, she makes the change from author to tycoon. But when the eatery becomes a crime scene, she finds herself in hell's kitchen.

star 7.28
36 votes
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A Very Good Year for Murder

#69 - A Very Good Year for Murder

Murder, She Wrote Season 4 - Episode 17

The Gambini family gathers to celebrate the 75th birthday of the patriarch and a murder.

star 7.27
33 votes
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One-Armed Bandits

#70 - One-Armed Bandits

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 17

Chicago, February 1932. Crime has been spreading all over, from the dark alleys of Cicero to the social atmosphere of the Gold Coast. Crooked attorney Paul Curtiz is attending a party being hosted by gangster overlord Augie Viale, king of the southside of Chicago. At the affair, Viale is openly paying off this guests with cash-- police commissioners, judges, lawyers, and businessmen; all of them ready to hand Chicago to Viale on a silver platter. There are also lots of women at these parties. However, Eliot Ness has the place under surveillance--one of his Untouchables, agent William Youngfellow, is working there as a waiter. The next day, he reports to Ness and his men. Viale's newest racket will be slot machines, One-Armed Bandits. While they are only nickel slots, it adds up-- to $15-million a year in St. Louis for the underworld; it would be twice as much in Chicago. Meanwhile, Frank Odine is just being released from the Illinois State Pen in Joliet, after doing 7 years, 6

star 7.25
4 votes
When the Fat Lady Sings

#71 - When the Fat Lady Sings

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 8

The backstage activities are more exciting than the opera as a famous tenor suffers a heart attack after a shooting.

star 7.15
33 votes
The Cage

#72 - The Cage

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 10

While working as a handyman in the predominantly Hispanic fishing village of Puerto Viejo, Kimble becomes aware that the area is beset with a plague epidemic and he's forced to call the state health inspector to have the entire area quarantined. But he soon finds himself trapped when the local doctor suspects his true identity and the irate villagers set out to find him.

star 7.06
32 votes
Always a Thief

#73 - Always a Thief

Murder, She Wrote Season 6 - Episode 19

Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton, who uses his skills as an ex-thief to solve crimes, returns to investigate a theft and two murders.

star 7.03
32 votes
The Larry Fay Story

#74 - The Larry Fay Story

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 9

New York, April 1931. Gangster Larry Fay, a former student of Al Capone, has his greasy fists firmly in the milk racket: he's organized milk companies into a monopoly. The price of milk was 10 cents a quart* (this was during the Depression when many people made 30 cents an hour); he increases the price 3 cents a quart-- with 2 cents going directly into Larry Fay's pockets. Stores that don't comply are wrecked, or have a hand grenade lobbed through the front window; milk companies get their milk trucks machine-gunned. Fay's partners in crime are Carl D. Arnold and nervous Fred Stegler. And so Eliot Ness and his Untouchables go on assignment to New York. When Wayne Owens, who owns a small but successful milk company, won't cooperate, Larry Fay and his hitman Frankie toss him into an elevator shaft-- from 10 stories up. Ness is on the case. Larry owns a swanky nightclub, the El Fay, and the entertainer is Sally Kansas, the toast of New York. Ness talks to Sally; she has no hard fe

star 7.00
5 votes
Murder Under Glass

#75 - Murder Under Glass

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 22

November 1932. FDR was moving to end Prohibition, and the crime syndicate was already shifting away from booze to narcotics. In the next few months, the narcotic supply is running low. February 20, 1933, Frank Nitti and his lieutenant Pete Konitz fly down to New Orleans, where the Mardi Gras will be taking place. Bouchard is busy having Sully fit his car with bulletproof glass. Later, Nitti is demanding a drug shipment from Bouchard. On being told the stuff is coming in the next day, Nitti flies back to Chicago, leaving Konitz in New Orleans to get the narcotics. The next day, Ness and his men arrive in New Orleans. That night, Bouchard tells Konitz that he is sending his ""two best men,"" Gil Haller and Hugger Davis, to pick up the heroin: a 3-pound shipment, worth several million dollars. But when they pick up the heroin, Gil shoots Hugger and steals the stuff. Then Gil goes back to Konitz and Bouchard with a phony story that he and Hugger were ""attacked by 5 or 6 guys"" who sto

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The King of Champagne

#76 - The King of Champagne

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 30

Chicago, the 3rd week of November 1932. Working on an anonymous tip, Eliot Ness and his men raid a warehouse; all the crates are filled with champagne bottles, it was a shipment for the New Year's celebrations. Ness has the landlord who owns the warehouse, Michel (french for Michael) Viton, arrested; but he's released. Birdie, a deaf-mute, takes Viton to his boss, Edmund Wald, a bottle manufacturer (he's also the one who tipped Ness, to get rid of the competition). Edmund Wald is secretly making champagne bottles; he also has a man in Indiana making a brew of spiced cider and sugar cane that can pass for champagne. Wald can get all the bogus champagne he needs for $2 a quart-bottle, and then he wants to sell it for $10 a bottle. Wald needs Viton for a capital investment: $100,000 to buy the bogus champagne, and $100,000 to have a bottle-corking machine smuggled in from Europe. Viton says they can steal the corking machine from the Industrial Museum; and Edmund will have to go to

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Murder in Malibu

#77 - Murder in Malibu

Columbo Season 9 - Episode 6

An ambitious womanizer, rejected by the romance novelist he planned to marry, ends the story she was writing with a gun and makes the murder look like robbery gone awry.

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The Underground Railway

#78 - The Underground Railway

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 12

The night of August 3, 1933, outside the Louisburg Federal Prison in Pennsylvania. After serving 2 years of a life sentence for his part in the holdup of a Federal Reserve bank shipment, Frank Halloway is busting out, climbing over the wall. When a fellow inmate breaks his leg from the jump from the high prison wall, ruthless Frank Halloway hops into the getaway car that was left there for him-- and runs over the hapless inmate. Halloway's share of the loot, which was never recovered by the police, comes to $250,000-- and it's being held by Ed Johnson in Los Angeles, who never got caught. At the Palace Ballroom, they are in hour 257 of a dance marathon; Mona just wants to win and collect her half of the $500 prize money, but gangster Daniel Oates has other plans for her-- he wants her to escort Frank Halloway to L.A., since a traveling couple would look less suspicious to the police than Halloway traveling by himself. Daniel fixes Halloway up with a car, driver's license, suits and

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Head of Fire - Feet of Clay

#79 - Head of Fire - Feet of Clay

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 27

Chicago.  (year?)* The jury had been out for 12 hours, on the case Ness had worked so hard on, trying to get a conviction for top mobster Johnny Fortunato. Now the newspaper reads: Fortunato got off, the chief witness was a ""suicide."" At 9 p.m., Ness decides to get some spaghetti at Socrates Eatery. Ness' old high school buddy, Frank Barber, drops in. They laugh and smile as they recount their glory days at Garfield High, when Barber was the star football quarterback, and Ness was his favorite receiver. Frank Barber is prosperous now, he owns the Chicago Sports Palace.  Ness and Barber go to the boxing matches, and Ness is shocked to learn that Johnny Fortunato is one of Barber's ""customers.""  Veteran boxer ""Pops"" Gantry is pummeling a green kid named Fabiano.  Ness comments to Barber about the 7 empty seats in the front row; Barber tells him Fortunato will show up for the 8th round, when Gantry takes a dive.  Right on cue, Fortunato marches in, with 3 boys on each side; Fortunato

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The Masterpiece

#80 - The Masterpiece

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 14

Chicago, December 1931. With Al Capone in prison, the bootlegging part of his empire was split in 2. One of Capone's lieutenants, Mayer Wartel, acquired the speakeasies; another lieutenant, Karl Positan, acquired the breweries and distilleries. In an attempt to take over the entire operation, Positan withholds his whiskey and beer; the number of speaks flourishing drops to an all-time Prohibition low. Eliot Ness and his men keep an eye on the situation. Nitti's plenty sore. As collector for Capone, Nitti has a meet with Mayer Wartel. Nitti snaps, ""Candy stores take in more!"" When Wartel says you can't operate speaks without booze, Nitti tells him, ""I don't want to hear no excuses. Excuses ain't money-- only money is money!"" Nitti makes it clear that Wartel's problem with Positan is his business, and he better take care of it and soon. Wartel sends ""Happy"" (so nicknamed because he never smiles) Levinsky and 10 of his boys armed with tommy guns to the Kayope Hotel where Positan

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The Antidote

#81 - The Antidote

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 20

Mid-October 1932. The nation's attention is on the election campaign between incumbent president Herbert Hoover and his opponent Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is crippled by polio.  With Prohibition still the law of the land, the government is looking for ways to denature alcohol, which legitimate manufactures need for industrial purposes (making perfumes, etc).  Should the alcohol fall into the wrong hands, if it was denatured, it would be useless to bootleggers. Eliot Ness and his Untouchables, along with top Federal agents from all over the country, attend an important meeting in Washington, DC.  The Speaker says that since the beginning of Prohibition, all alcohol produced under government license has had one of various denaturants added to it: pyridine, methanol, etc.  But the Underworld has always found a way to renature the alcohol. The Speaker is happy to announce that the government chemists in his Department have finally come up with a denaturant for which there is no Antidote

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The Iron Maiden

#82 - The Iron Maiden

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 13

An industrial accident traps Kimball and some government workers underground. A member of the trapped group wants to turn Kimball in as soon as they are rescued. To add to Richard's problems, Lt. Gerard is waiting above at the only exit.

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The Noise of Death

#83 - The Noise of Death

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 14

Chicago, March 31, 1933. Giuseppe ""Joe"" Bucco is at home when he gets a visit from his wife's cousin, Barbara Vittorini-- she says her husband Arturo has been missing for 3 days, and accuses Bucco of killing him. Bucco has his flunkie Abe Garfinkel take her home. Bucco knows about rub-out attempts, Guzik's boys once shot him 4 times, but he lived; Bucco swears to his wife Anna that he doesn't know where Arturo is. That night Ness and Flaherty go to the Vittorini restaurant for a raid. Mrs. Vittorini won't tell Ness anything about her missing husband; Ness knows that's Omertà, the Mafia code of silence. Inside, Ness finds crates filled with bottles of cheap whiskey. When Ness walks into the freezer room, he finds Arturo's body, tied up and hung on a meat hook. Barbara Vittorini breaks the code of silence, and tells him Joseph Bucco did it. Ness and his men pay Bucco a visit at one of his places. Although Bucco, in his 50s, gives the outward appearance of being a family man, he i

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The White Slavers

#84 - The White Slavers

The Untouchables Season 1 - Episode 22

March 31, 1934; Prohibition is over. Al Capone is still running things from Alcatraz, his new money-maker is ""white slavery"" which refers to prostitution; his main operation is run by a mean gangster named Mig Torrance. Right now, Eliot Ness is conducting his 7th raid since being assigned to closing down the houses. While all the other hookers are escaping through a trap door, one of them, young Mary Sage, lays on a bed-- dead from a drug overdose. She is being mourned by 21-year-old Ernie Torrance; despite being Mig Torrance's younger brother, Ernie is a nice guy. Next day, Ness is talking to some reporters, he wants them to print stories in their newspapers telling how hoods take out ads in magazines: phony acting schools promising to make young women movie stars, phony modeling agencies promising to make young women famous models-- then they get the women hooked on dope, and reeled into prostitution. By day, Ness raids these phony agencies; by night, Ness raids the cathouses. M

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Ring of Terror

#85 - Ring of Terror

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 24

Ring of Terror-- Boxing ring, that is. July 1931, the Chicago Sports Arena was like a hundred other boxing rings across America-- a place where young toughs from reform schools and rotting tenements, willing to sacrifice their blood, could try to rise above the oppression of poverty. But the young men with the boxing gloves only got a small amount of the money; the big payoffs went to the gangsters. Joey McGrath is an up-and-coming young fighter, 23 KOs in 25 fights, and the sports writers have him tagged as the next light-Heavyweight Champ. However, tonight, Joey is having such a bad boxing match that his manager, Barney Jarreau, smells a ""fix."" When Joey is being pummeled by ""Rocky"" Pearson in the 9th round, Barney throws in the towel. Joey collapses. After Joey dies, Barney confronts gangster Acropolis, who was up to something. Fights fall under the jurisdiction of the State Athletic Commission, but when the coroner finds morphine in the dead boxer's body, it becomes a job fo

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Globe of Death

#86 - Globe of Death

The Untouchables Season 4 - Episode 18

1933. Prohibition ends. But that doesn't mean the war on crime is over for Eliot Ness and his Untouchables. The syndicate has already moved on to a more profitable-- and more deadly-- source of income: narcotics. By September, Ness and his men had found and destroyed every major source of narcotics. By early October, the price of a bindle of heroin jumps from $20 to $50. Nitti and his boys want to take advantage of this seller's market. Nitti has a dope smuggler named Yang brought in from Shanghai. At the Montmartre Club, 5 lieutenants put their money on the table: elderly Tony, 350 Gs; Mike, 275; ailing Sam Weidman, 600; Kurt Koenig, 350; and Larry Bass, 425. Nitti quips, ""Two million bucks-- there ain't been that much dough on this table since we bought the Southside."" When Sam Weidman asks how can they be sure Yang will deliver, Nitti snaps, ""Whatta ya think we're dealin' with, some 2-bit punk?"" He walks over to a huge globe, a yard in diameter. ""He's got poppy fields in

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Ballad for a Ghost

#87 - Ballad for a Ghost

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 15

Kimble finds himself working with Hallie, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to his late wife. Hallie knows of the resemblance, and Kimble's danger is increased when Hallie's husband becomes jealous.

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