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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Network: ITV1

The adventures of Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, adapted for television over more than twenty years and covering every Poirot book and short story ever written. This enormous lifelong project starring David Suchet takes the eponymous detective from England to Egypt, from country estate to weekend lodge, from dinner party to train ride, with his good friend Captain Hastings at his side, solving some of the most celebrated murder mysteries ever conceived.

Curtain: Poirot's Last Case

#1 - Curtain: Poirot's Last Case

Season 13 - Episode 5

In the post-war climate of the late 1940s, an ailing Poirot reunites with his old friend Captain Hastings at Styles Court, the place where they had solved their first murder together almost thirty years previously. Styles is now a modest guest house run by an elderly couple, and Poirot knows that one of the guests staying there is a heartless serial killer. The suspects range from a chemist and his invalid wife, a dashing but untrustworthy major, a charming aristocrat, a melancholic middle-aged woman, an unobtrusive birdwatcher, and Hastings' own feisty daughter. With Hastings' assistance, an incapacitated Poirot tries to prevent another murder from occurring, knowing that his own end is nearing.

star 8.96
136 votes
The Clocks

#2 - The Clocks

Season 12 - Episode 4

Investigating a spy-ring Colin Race comes to Wilbraham Crescent, where he literally bumps into agency typist Sheila Webb, as she comes flying out of number 19, the home of blind ex-teacher Millicent Pebmarsh. Sheila has discovered the body of a man whose identity proves hard to confirm, surrounded by four clocks, stopped at the same time. Miss Pebmarsh does not know the man and did not ask for the services of Sheila, who is the initial chief suspect. However, as Poirot is brought in to assist Inspector Hardcastle in the case, and the murderer strikes again, Poirot comes to realise that the man was killed elsewhere and brought to Miss Pebmarsh's house. The neighbours claim to have seen nothing but Poirot believes one of them may have had a secret which was worth killing for and sets out to unmask them, as well as explaining the significance, if any, of the clocks. At the same time Colin solves his investigation but with mixed results.

star 8.50
109 votes
Directors: Charles Palmer
Writers: Stewart Harcourt
Murder on the Orient Express

#3 - Murder on the Orient Express

Season 12 - Episode 3

Poirot investigates the murder of a shady American business man stabbed in his compartment on the Orient Express, blocked by a blizzard in the Serbian mountains.

star 8.49
132 votes
Directors: Philip Martin
Writers: Stewart Harcourt
The Labours of Hercules

#4 - The Labours of Hercules

Season 13 - Episode 4

The sleuth falls victim to depression after failing to prevent the murder of a society girl by notorious art thief Marrascaud. His confidence shattered, Poirot eventually returns to work when a lonely chauffeur begs him to find his missing soulmate, the maid of a famous Russian dancer. The investigation takes him to the Swiss Alps, where, against all odds, he stumbles upon a hotel thought to be Marrascaud's hideout - leading to a very personal showdown.

star 8.48
149 votes
Directors: Andy Wilson
Death on the Nile

#5 - Death on the Nile

Season 9 - Episode 3

While on their honeymoon in Egypt, newlyweds Simon Doyle and Linnet Ridgeway are constantly harassed by Simon's ex-fiancée Jacqueline de Bellefort who feels her ex-best friend has stolen the love of her life. A holidaying Hercule Poirot counsels Jacqueline to put an end to her antics, fearing that all of this can only end in tragedy. When one of the passengers is killed while on a cruise down the Nile, Poirot must sift through an odd assortment of passengers, all of whom may have something to hide. There is Linnet's financial advisor from the US, her French maid who clearly has something to hide, the Austrian doctor who keeps mostly to himself and the left leaning philosopher who despises the rich.

star 8.29
155 votes
Directors: Andy Wilson
Writers: Agatha Christie, Kevin Elyot
The Big Four

#6 - The Big Four

Season 13 - Episode 2

As a deadly game of chess unfolds in the wake of World War II, Russian grandmaster Dr Ivan Savaranoff meets a shocking end, sending the public spiraling into panic, as suspicion is cast upon Peace Party stalwarts Abe Ryland and Madame Olivier. In one of his toughest challenges yet, Poirot must work out who the villains are from the good people, as a complex plot sees a host of international figures used like pawns by a gang of dangerous dissidents tagged "The Big Four." As the murders and disappearances stack up one by one, Poirot is joined in his investigations by his old friend Japp, the dogged journalist Tysoe, and struggling actress Flossie Monro, in an attempt to snare the killer and shatter "The Big Four" for good.

star 8.24
164 votes
Directors: Peter Lydon
Sad Cypress

#7 - Sad Cypress

Season 9 - Episode 2

Young Elinor Carlisle, engaged to marry the dashing Roddy Winter, finds herself charged with the fatal poisoning of Mary Gerrard, her rival in love. Poirot has the job of saving Elinor's skin, but unfortunately, the evidence against her is overwhelming. If Elinor has been framed, someone has been fiendishly clever.

star 8.22
145 votes
Directors: Dave Moore
Writers: Agatha Christie, David Pirie
Five Little Pigs

#8 - Five Little Pigs

Season 9 - Episode 1

Sixteen years earlier, Caroline Crale was charged with killing her husband, Amyas Crale, and no one doubted her guilt. The case was closed after she was duly tried, convicted and hanged. But then, in the present day, their daughter Lucy Crale returns from Canada after reading a letter written by Caroline before her death, in which she claims to be innocent. Anxious to know the truth, Lucy hires Poirot to solve the murder of her father sixteen years before. Poirot visits the five people present on the fateful day, all of whom may be possible suspects. The late Amyas was well known for having affairs with his models. Does Elsa Greer, his lover at the time of his death, hold the key to unravelling the case?

star 8.20
152 votes
Directors: Paul Unwin
Writers: Agatha Christie, Kevin Elyot
Cards on the Table

#9 - Cards on the Table

Season 10 - Episode 2

Hercule Poirot finds himself investigating the murder of his dinner host, Mr. Shaitana who was stabbed in the heart while his guests played bridge. There are 8 guests and Poirot finds himself in the company of three other investigators. The foursome interview each of the other guests in turn but make little headway until Poirot manages to reconstruct the various bridge hands played at the suspects' table. In doing so, he is able to identify one particular action that leads him to identify the killer.

star 8.19
137 votes
Directors: Sarah Harding
Writers: Agatha Christie, Nick Dear
The Mystery of the Blue Train

#10 - The Mystery of the Blue Train

Season 10 - Episode 1

After traveling on the Blue Train from Calais to Nice, Hercule Poirot is pressed into service to help solve the murder of heiress Ruth Kettering who is found savagely beaten in her compartment. She was the daughter of wealthy industrialist Rufus Van Alden and very much wanted a divorce. Both her husband and her lover were on the train but she had changed rooms with another passenger, Katherine Grey, so the question naturally arises as to whether she was the intended victim. Grey may also have had enemies as she had recently inherited a very large sum of money and greedy relatives had suddenly taken a interest in her. When an attempt is subsequently made on Grey's life, this appears to the case but Poirot methodically sifts through all of the clues to determine the motive and identify the killer.

star 8.15
150 votes
Directors: Hettie Mcdonald
Writers: Agatha Christie, Guy Andrews
Dead Man's Folly

#11 - Dead Man's Folly

Season 13 - Episode 3

Ariadne Oliver is asked to devise a murder hunt for a Devon fête, but her sense of foreboding summons Poirot to the scene. Her fears are realized when, during the fête, the girl playing her murder victim winds up well and truly murdered.

star 8.14
162 votes
Directors: Tom Vaughan
The A.B.C. Murders

#12 - The A.B.C. Murders

Season 4 - Episode 1

Three bodies are found. Beside each lies a copy of the ABC Railway Guide. The police are baffled. But the killer has made one mistake. He has challenged Hercule Poirot to unmask him.

star 8.11
167 votes
Directors: Andrew Grieve
Writers: Agatha Christie, Clive Exton
Lord Edgware Dies

#13 - Lord Edgware Dies

Season 7 - Episode 2

Lady Edgware, the well-known stage actress Jane Wilkinson has a dilemma in that her husband has consistently refused to give her a divorce. She asks Hercule Poirot to visit the man and see if there is any possibility of convincing him. Lord Edgware is nothing short of nasty treating all of those around him very badly. When he is found dead, there is no great surprise but there certainly a good number of suspects. The police believe Lady Edgware to be the culprit but she has a cast iron alibi having attended a private dinner over the time her husband was killed. There is also the man's nephew, who would inherit his fortune; his personal assistant, whom he treated very badly; and then there is the family butler who clearly has his own interests at heart.

star 8.09
137 votes
Directors: Brian Farnham
Writers: Agatha Christie, Anthony Horowitz
The Hollow

#14 - The Hollow

Season 9 - Episode 4

Poirot is spending a week-end with the Angkatells, at their country house called The Hollow. The good-looking Dr John Christow is also there, with his plain wife, but he is flirting (or perhaps more) with Henrietta Savernake, a young artist. Meanwhile, Lady Angkatell is match-making between Henrietta and Edward Angkatell, to the distress of Midge, who loves Edward. Then a game of murder turns into the real thing, when Christow is shot dead by the swimming pool. Gerda Christow is found holding the gun, but was she set up? Sir Henry Angkatell asks Poirot (how could he do anything else?) to find the killer, and it soon appears that several of the house party had motives for killing Christow, including Henrietta and Lady Angkatell... then the ballistic evidence comes in, and there is a big surprise. Poirot will surely outwit the murderer. Or will he?

star 8.07
130 votes
Directors: Simon Langton
Writers: Agatha Christie, Nick Dear
Three Act Tragedy

#15 - Three Act Tragedy

Season 12 - Episode 1

Poirot is attending a dinner party when one of the guests chokes to death on a cocktail. With no trace of poison, and no apparent motive, can it be murder?

star 8.06
137 votes
Directors: Ashley Pearce
Writers: Nick Dear
Elephants Can Remember

#16 - Elephants Can Remember

Season 13 - Episode 1

Poirot investigates a strange and gruesome murder of an elderly psychiatrist. Ariadne Oliver is pressed to try and uncover the truth behind two decade-old deaths. They soon find out that their separate investigations are linked and work together to try and solve the mystery.

star 8.05
183 votes
Directors: John Strickland
Evil under the Sun

#17 - Evil under the Sun

Season 8 - Episode 1

After collapsing in front of his 'rival' Japp, being rushed into hospital and diagnosed with a weight problem that could cause a heart problem, private society detective Hercule Poirot, who must recover and hopes to lose some weight, visits a seaside health farm on "Burgh Island", in Devon, which has about the best weather in Britain, accompanied by his British friend and assistant, major Hastings. For once he needs to keep far from mysteries, but a murder happens right there: the flirtatious heiress Arlena Stewart is found strangled on a secluded beach where she went sunbathing near a cove. As usual Poirot has screens several suspects such as Christine Redfern, whose husband, journalist Patrick Redfern, was flirting with Arlena in front of Christine while Arlena's husband Kenneth Marshall and 17-year-old step son Lionel Marshall resented her own flirtations with other men. Others had much to loose by Arlena's diva-bitching in professional life. A strange guest at the resort, Major Barry, rather grimly warns Poirot and Hastings to leave as the island isn't a safe place but refuses to explain why. The mystery unravels slowly as he struggles with the exact method of the killer(s?) and especially the timing of events, for both deliberate deception and chance complicated matters.

star 8.04
142 votes
Directors: Brian Farnham
Writers: Agatha Christie, Anthony Horowitz
Cat Among The Pigeons

#18 - Cat Among The Pigeons

Season 11 - Episode 2

Miss Bulstrode, the elderly headmistress of an English girls' school, is warned by a parent that she has recognized someone at the school from her days in the intelligence service. And then there is a murder, and Poirot is on hand to try to solve it. Poirot finds connections with a revolution in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Ramat and Prince Ali Yusuf's missing jewels.

star 8.04
131 votes
Directors: James Kent
Writers: Agatha Christie, Mark Gatiss
Taken at the Flood

#19 - Taken at the Flood

Season 10 - Episode 4

Hercule Poirot finds himself trying to solve the mystery of the Cloade family. Rosaleen is the young widow of Gordon Cloade who was killed in a gas explosion in his London home. Rosaleen has inherited her late husband's substantial fortune and she and her brother David Hunter are refusing to share it with other members of Gordon Cloade's family. There have been persistent rumors that Rosaleen's first husband, an intrepid explorer, is still alive and as such would nullify her marriage to Gordon. What Poirot learns however is of a far greater deception that will alter everyone's perception of what they believe to their reality.

star 8.03
126 votes
Directors: Andy Wilson
Writers: Agatha Christie, Guy Andrews
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

#20 - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Season 7 - Episode 1

Living quietly in the small village of King's Abbot, sleuth Hercule Poirot becomes involved in the murder of successful industrialist Roger Ackroyd. The number of potential killers is almost as great as the population of the village itself. As Poirot investigates he sees that there might be a connection to the suicide of a local woman, and the death the previous year of her husband.

star 8.01
137 votes
Directors: Andrew Grieve
Writers: Agatha Christie, Clive Exton
Third Girl

#21 - Third Girl

Season 11 - Episode 3

Three single girls share a London flat. The first works as a secretary; the second is an artist; the third, who comes to Poirot for help, disappears believing she is a murderer. There are rumours of revolvers, flick-knives and blood stains. But, without hard evidence, it will take all Poirot's tenacity to establish whether the third girl is guilty, innocent or insane.

star 8.00
131 votes
Directors: Dan Reed
Writers: Agatha Christie, Peter Flannery
Appointment with Death

#22 - Appointment with Death

Season 11 - Episode 4

On holiday in Jerusalem, Poirot hears about an archaeological expedition to Syria led by the eccentric Lord Boynton and his son Leonard, who believe they are on the track of the head of St John the Baptist. Drawn to visit the dig, Poirot meets Boynton's dominating, fabulously rich, American-born second wife. However, events are overtaken by the discovery of Lady Boynton's dead body and revelations about her fortune. Poirot is given the task of finding the killer. As ever, he has no shortage of suspects.

star 8.00
129 votes
Directors: Ashley Pearce
Writers: Guy Andrews, Agatha Christie
Dumb Witness

#23 - Dumb Witness

Season 6 - Episode 4

Poirot and Hastings are at Lake Windermere for an attempt on the world speed-boat record. Two sisters have premonitions of danger. Soon a rich elderly widow is hurt by falling down stairs, then later she is killed by poisoning with phosphorus. The "dumb witness" Poirot must fathom to solve the mystery is a dog.

star 7.99
142 votes
Directors: Edward Bennett
Writers: Agatha Christie, Douglas Watkinson
Murder in Mesopotamia

#24 - Murder in Mesopotamia

Season 8 - Episode 2

While accompanying his friend Hastings to a dig in Iraq, Hercule Poirot becomes involved in the murder of an archaeologist's wife. The victim, Mrs. Leidner, had been receiving threatening letters signed by her first husband, who was known to have been killed in a train wreck. Did he survive? Was it his younger brother who was avenging his memory? Did Miss Johnson get rid of her rival for her employer's affections? Did Richard Carey kill the woman he publically announces that he hates? Is the French priest really who he pretends to be? And how many deaths will occur before Poirot unmasks the murderer?

star 7.99
133 votes
Directors: Tom Clegg
Writers: Agatha Christie, Clive Exton
The Mysterious Affair at Styles

#25 - The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Season 2 - Episode 10

Recovering from the horrors of World War I, British Army officer Arthur Hastings hopes to find peace and quiet at a country manor in the English countryside. But when the matriarch dies during the night from strychnine poisoning, Hastings enlists the help of an old friend staying nearby with other war refugees to help solve the murder: former Belgian police detective Hercule Poirot.

star 7.98
133 votes
Directors: Ross Devenish