The BEST episodes directed by Maurice Phillips

35 votes

#1 - Neurostim

Max Headroom - Season 2 - Episode 6

Zik-Zak introduces Neurostim, a device to directly stimulate the brain and bypass the need to use television for advertising.

Episode 4
135 votes

#2 - Episode 4

Lark Rise to Candleford - Season 2 - Episode 4

The death of Miss Ellison's father unites the communities of Lark Rise and Candleford.

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Dead Souls
85 votes

#3 - Dead Souls

Rebus - Season 1 - Episode 3

Rebus is confronted with baffling questions of pedophiles, child abuse, missing persons, a former sweetheart, fire bombs, mobs, a gay cross-dresser, and all amid the personal loss of an excellent friend and co-officer, to what? Suicide? Or murder? Detective Inspector John Rebus has his plate filled, again, with the evils of human misdeeds and personal trials. His emotions are drawn like a tight rope over the death of a man he most admired and respected, counterbalanced by the arrival on the scene of old friends seeking his assistance in finding their missing adolescent son. The old sparks catch fire with the woman he loved 20 years before, but he manages to keep all of the pressures of his work sorted out and resolves the multitude of issues facing him. But where will his reclaimed love leave him?

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Lower Than Bones
82 votes

#4 - Lower Than Bones

Afterlife - Season 1 - Episode 2

An eight-year-old girl goes missing and her distraught parents make an emotional televised appeal. The next day, when Alison says she has seen the child's ghost in the supermarket, the police are deeply suspicious - then they discover a drowned body.

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The British Grenadier
54 votes

#5 - The British Grenadier

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 4 - Episode 4

Dalziel gets a phone call from an old flame, Stella, who needs someone to talk too as her marriage is falling apart. She had a row with her husband, Frank and he believes she is unfaithful Dalziel goes round to the pub they own and gets confronted by the husband, who has a gun from his army days. He takes Dalziel and the other people in the pub hostage. Dalziel tries to keep everyone calm while Frank starts to crack under the stress.

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The Hanging Garden
90 votes

#6 - The Hanging Garden

Rebus - Season 1 - Episode 2

Drugs, gang warfare, bombings, prostitution and white slavery are just some of the activities which two gang leaders have in common. And Rebus hits the streets to sort out the conflicts and bring justice to the city. A pharmaceutical factory appears to be the major supply source of cocaine over which a gun battle is being planned by the upstart gang leader and his group of thugs. Rebus' old friend and workmate, DI Jack Morton is on an undercover assignment at the drugs plant when the attack is made, and he receives fatal gunshot wounds. Another victim of these criminals is a young mother, Candice, who was kidnapped from Cosovo to work as a prostitute, and time is of the essence if Rebus going to help her see her young son again. Sammy, Rebus' 19-year-old daughter, provides a safe-house for Candice. Then shortly after the young refugee moves in, Sammy becomes the victim of a hit-and-run accident and is in a coma in hospital. Her father is convinced that she was a deliberate target.

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An Advancement of Learning
65 votes

#7 - An Advancement of Learning

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 1 - Episode 2

Pascoe is back on familiar territory when he is called to Holm Coltram University, along with his straight-talking, mickey-taking boss, the formidable Detective Superintendent Andy Dalziel. But it is not the groves of academe that are calling to Dalziel, it is the lure of the unearthed body of a mystery middle-aged woman - buried underneath a statue commemorating the late head of the college. For Pascoe the discovery of the remains at the university gives him the chance to meet up once more with Ellie who is a lecturer there. The couple's relationship looks like it's ripe for renovation. The university campus becomes a temporary headquarters for Dalziel and Pascoe as they set up their office in the Principal's study. They soon learn that all is not as it seems at this seat of learning

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After the Funeral
548 votes

#8 - After the Funeral

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Season 10 - Episode 3

The day after Richard Abernethie's funeral, his niece is murdered as well.

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Double Dare (2)
128 votes

#9 - Double Dare (2)

Silent Witness - Season 11 - Episode 8

Nikki's reconstruction of the old crime scene delivered a devastating blow – doubts she had over the previous case were confirmed. When her father unwittingly leaked the story to the press, her professional integrity hung in the balance. Harry's investigation into the decomposing bodies of two teenage girls led him back to the Anna Holland case – and his findings ultimately exonerated Anna Holland. The hunt for Anna’s killer continued to draw blanks until the team received some shocking news. The badly burned woman in the hospital was not Carla, but Anna - which meant it was not Anna, but Carla who was murdered.

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Britannia Waives the Rules
40 votes

#10 - Britannia Waives the Rules

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 4 - Episode 1

Russia. A marble staircase. Oz descends in his dirty, worn white underpants to join the others over a morning cuppa. The house is magnificent - another job well done. It is payday, and after a celebratory vodka, the boys head outside for a final photo, where the house explodes behind them, leaving them penniless and with no way home. The lads head to the British Embassy, where Oz knows an old Geordie contact who tells the team about the existence of the Overseas Estates Development department which arranges for British workmen to travel round the world fixing up British Government property. The gang plan their letter of application on the way home: ""We are independent building contractors with a vast amount of experience. We recently reassembled the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in Arizona, which must count as one of the most famous erections in recent years."" Neville turns down the opportunity this time, but he is approached by a member of MI6, and is asked to work undercover.

Our Boys in Havana
43 votes

#11 - Our Boys in Havana

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 4 - Episode 2

Perhaps it's the heat, or the Cuban rum, or maybe it's just creeping middle-age but strange things are happening to TV's best-known gang of Geordie brickies. Neville, for instance, has turned into Newcastle's version of ""Our Man in Havana"", furtively sneaking around the place muttering the name of Heather to everyone in the hope of finding his ""contact"" in the British Embassy. Meanwhile Oz is giving flowers to a beautiful Cuban prima ballerina, and dear Barry is still having therapy by mobile phone.

Double Dare (1)
137 votes

#12 - Double Dare (1)

Silent Witness - Season 11 - Episode 7

Four years ago, Anna Holland and her boyfriend, Michael Drage, brutally stabbed a young mother to death in front of her children - or so the public believed. Nikki’s evidence proved that Anna didn’t take part, so she was only sentenced to four years instead of life. Then, on her release from prison, she herself was murdered. Nikki’s case was brought into the limelight again, but the only witness to the murder, Anna’s police protection officer Carla Masters, was in a coma recovering from horrific burns. When Anna’s mother confessed she had withheld evidence at the trial that could have suggested Anna was guilty, Nikki began to doubt herself.

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More Than Meets The Eye
119 votes

#13 - More Than Meets The Eye

Afterlife - Season 1 - Episode 1

When psychology lecturer and psychic mediums specialist Robert Bridge takes his students to a clairvoyance evening, he meets troubled psychic Alison Mundy. Sceptical about her abilities, Robert decides to study Alison and contemplates writing a book about her after sitting in on one of her readings. But he is completely thrown when Alison claims to see the spirit of his dead son Josh.

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Bones and Silence
77 votes

#14 - Bones and Silence

Dalziel and Pascoe - Season 3 - Episode 3

Andy Dalziel is sole witness to the murder of his neighbour but has a hard time finding the evidence to convict the man, Philip Swain, he is convinced is guilty.

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A Gift from Fidel
39 votes

#15 - A Gift from Fidel

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 4 - Episode 3

The lads are sent out into the Cuban countryside to collect an antique bath, a present from Castro to the British Ambassador. Sounds like an easy job, until Barry goes missing…

Apocalypse (2)
166 votes

#16 - Apocalypse (2)

Silent Witness - Season 11 - Episode 2

Harry was approached by the dead pilot’s father, Henry Markham, who was convinced that the helicopter was faulty, but that his son would take the blame. Political pressure sees the RAF washing their hands of the body. When Harry carried out the post mortem, he discovered that far from being the hero he thought he was defending, the pilot had been taking drugs to help tackle his insomnia following his experiences in Iraq. Harry had to tell the pilot’s father that as a result of his post mortem, his son would almost certainly be blamed for the crash. Later, a body was brought into the mortuary. The coroner suspected it was a case of pilot suicide. Harry opened the body bag: it was Henry Markham.

Apocalypse (1)
178 votes

#17 - Apocalypse (1)

Silent Witness - Season 11 - Episode 1

When a military helicopter crashed, Nikki and Harry were first on the scene. Harry was unable to save the dying pilot, and was shocked when the Ministry of Defence arrived and excluded him from the site. Worried that they might be concealing information, he climbed back onto the wrecked helicopter, and took photos – only to be arrested. When Leo arrived, he demanded Harry’s release, but Harry’s suspicions were realised when a government minister blamed the crash on the pilot, before a full investigation had taken place.

9 votes

#18 - Reunion

Murphy's Law (2001) - Season 1 - Episode 5

In the glittering world of London’s West End club scene the head of security of a well-known East End gang is found murdered. The prime suspect is another gang leader, Carl Tate. In order to prevent another "door wars", Murphy joins Carl's gang undercover, but when warfare escalates Annie is compelled to join ranks with Murphy on the doors of Carl's latest venture, X-Club.

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Deathwatch (1)
85 votes

#19 - Deathwatch (1)

Waking the Dead - Season 2 - Episode 3

Boyd and the team take on the task of infiltrating the dark underworld of London's gangland crime families when Harry Newman makes a deathbed confession to 12 "unauthorised killings". Dr Grace Foley is intrigued by this strange expression but Boyd and the rest of the team are tempted to dismiss it as the meanderings of a dying man. Until, that is, forensic psychologist Frankie Wharton discovers that Newman did not die of natural causes, but has been murdered. They soon realise there's a lot more to Newman than they imagined. Added to all that, there's a link to a famous fifties trial in which a gangster was hanged for killing two policemen.

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Deathwatch (2)
81 votes

#20 - Deathwatch (2)

Waking the Dead - Season 2 - Episode 4

The postliminary inquiries into Harry Newman's past and the identities of the possible twelve murder victims uncover a connection to the infamous trial and execution of a well known gangster.

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