The Best Episodes Directed by John Strickland


#1 - Breach

Line of Duty Season 3 - Episode 6

DS Steve Arnott is arrested on suspicion of murder but continues to protest his innocence. Does DC Kate Fleming's undercover operation hold the key to Steve's guilt and the identity of the Caddy?

star 8.60
1353 votes
Royal Hunting Ground

#2 - Royal Hunting Ground

Line of Duty Season 4 - Episode 6

While Nick Huntley faces lengthy questioning, AC-12 remain convinced of Roz's involvement.

star 8.32
1147 votes
The List

#3 - The List

Line of Duty Season 3 - Episode 5

AC-12's loyalties are divided when DS Steve Arnott comes under scrutiny from his colleagues. With his career in jeopardy, Arnott turns to an unlikely source for help.

star 8.29
1304 votes
Episode 6

#4 - Episode 6

Bodyguard (2018) Season 1 - Episode 6

Principal Protection Officer David Budd has made a major breakthrough in the investigation into the attack on the home secretary, but his enquiries have put him in mortal danger. With the clock ticking and no-one left who believes him, David attempts to prove his innocence. But the evidence against him begins to stack up.

star 8.21
1527 votes
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Episode 4

#5 - Episode 4

Line of Duty Season 5 - Episode 4

Tensions rise in the OCG following the events at Eastfield. With troubling questions hanging over the identity of ‘H’, suspicions mount at AC-12.

star 8.15
489 votes
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In the Trap

#6 - In the Trap

Line of Duty Season 4 - Episode 3

As AC-12 wrestle with the new forensic evidence casting doubt over Tim Ifield, Kate is approached by another woman claiming to have been assaulted by Michael Farmer. While Steve fumes over this contradictory testimony, Kate uses her newfound respect to inveigle herself with the Trapdoor team. Meanwhile, Steve challenges Roz's husband Nick to vouch for his wife's whereabouts on the night Tim Ifield went missing. With Nick proving evasive, Steve senses a whole new angle on the investigation.

star 8.14
1242 votes
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Eye of the Beholder

#7 - Eye of the Beholder

Hustle Season 2 - Episode 6

Mickey's got a plan and this one is like no other. They're going to steal the Crown Jewels. Will he be able to get the others to join him on such a dangerous mission?

star 8.12
115 votes
Old Acquaintance

#8 - Old Acquaintance

Hustle Season 2 - Episode 5

When Stacie claps eyes on her estranged husband Jake who left her five years ago taking everything she owned with him, she's certain he is to be the gang's next mark. Having graduated from the short con world to the professional poker circuit, he's good and he won't be an easy target. But the team swears to exact revenge on him for Stacie. Is Stacie really prepared to leave her friends for love? Or has she really got another card up her sleeve....?

star 8.10
117 votes
Hide and Seek

#9 - Hide and Seek

Bedlam Season 1 - Episode 4

Jed and Ryan investigate when six-year-old Ella sees an unknown child calling out to her from a darkened corridor, and Kate continues to experience more nightmares.

star 8.09
44 votes
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Episode 2

#10 - Episode 2

Line of Duty Season 5 - Episode 2

Kate and Steve attempt to track down a lead. A fresh police leak enables another audacious raid. Steve’s attempts to gather information put him in a dangerous situation.

star 8.09
504 votes
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Lying Nest

#11 - Lying Nest

Line of Duty Season 4 - Episode 5

DCI Roz Huntley struggles to allay her husband's suspicions. AC-12 find a new angle to pursue their case against her.

star 8.09
1157 votes
Case One (2)

#12 - Case One (2)

Whitechapel Season 3 - Episode 2

The police drama set in London's East End continues with the second of a two-part story. A second mass murder occurs with no signs of an obvious break-in and no forensic evidence for Chandler and the team to use. The crimes begin to take on an almost supernatural edge and local residents wonder how they can sleep soundly in their beds when doors and locks offer no protection from whoever is responsible.

star 8.06
170 votes
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Elephants Can Remember

#13 - Elephants Can Remember

Agatha Christie's Poirot Season 13 - Episode 1

Poirot investigates a strange and gruesome murder of an elderly psychiatrist. Ariadne Oliver is pressed to try and uncover the truth behind two decade-old deaths. They soon find out that their separate investigations are linked and work together to try and solve the mystery.

star 8.05
185 votes
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Moral Superiority

#14 - Moral Superiority

Line of Duty Season 4 - Episode 4

Roz's husband Nick is brought in for questioning by AC-12. But while Nick denies any involvement in Steve's attack, his suspicions about Roz mount. Meanwhile, AC-12 discover new anomalies in the forensic evidence and issue DCI Roz Huntley with a second Reg 15 notice. AC-12's case appears watertight until Roz starts dismantling their evidence with inside information of her own.

star 8.02
1218 votes
Episode 1

#15 - Episode 1

Line of Duty Season 5 - Episode 1

Following the deadly hijack of a police convoy, AC-12 target a ruthless organised crime group known to have links with corrupt officers.

star 8.01
535 votes
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Episode 3

#16 - Episode 3

Line of Duty Season 5 - Episode 3

Corbett’s most daring plan yet requires McQueen to exploit links with corrupt police officers. AC-12 make a shocking discovery.

star 8.00
520 votes
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A Murder is Announced

#17 - A Murder is Announced

Agatha Christie's Marple Season 1 - Episode 4

The villagers of Chipping Cleghorn are summoned by a newspaper notice to the house of Letitia Blacklock, anticipating a murder game. But things become too real when someone is shot dead.

star 8.00
79 votes
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The Secret of Chimneys

#18 - The Secret of Chimneys

Agatha Christie's Marple Season 5 - Episode 2

Miss Marple finds herself spending the weekend at Chimneys, the stately home of Lord Caterham whose late wife was her cousin. The weekend has a diplomatic air to it as the Austrian Count Ludwig von Stainach is also there to negotiate a trade agreement with the British that will give the British access to iron ore. An important person goes missing, and Marple's search leads to a decades-old murder that might be connected to a mysterious diamond theft.

star 8.00
66 votes
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Negative Pressure

#19 - Negative Pressure

Line of Duty Season 3 - Episode 4

Fresh testimony launches AC-12 back on the trail of the Caddy, a corrupt officer with links to organised crime. But new disturbing evidence suggests the Caddy may reside within AC-12.

star 7.95
1281 votes
Episode 5

#20 - Episode 5

Bodyguard (2018) Season 1 - Episode 5

David investigates Julia's political manoeuvring and finds his fears about a conspiracy at the heart of government could be justified. However, doubts are raised about his psychological health as allegations about his professional conduct come to light.

star 7.93
1536 votes
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Case One (1)

#21 - Case One (1)

Whitechapel Season 3 - Episode 1

DI Chandler and DS Miles investigate the slaughter of four people at a tailor's fortified workshop. Ed Buchan, retained by Chandler as the team's historical adviser, believes that the huge archive at Whitechapel station will provide the necessary insight into this baffling crime.

star 7.91
187 votes
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Episode 4

#22 - Episode 4

Bodyguard (2018) Season 1 - Episode 4

Struggling to come to terms with the traumatic events of the last 24 hours, the home secretary's bodyguard David Budd himself falls under suspicion.

star 7.84
1539 votes
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Episode 3

#23 - Episode 3

Mr Selfridge Season 1 - Episode 3

Harry and Ellen are enjoying their new love affair and dance into the night at an apartment that Harry has got Ellen. She ends up talking about her father and reveals that her real name is Joyce. Agnes's nasty drunk father called Reg has been fired from his job and he ends up losing his temper with his daughter, hitting her across the face.

star 7.83
166 votes
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An Ordinary Man

#24 - An Ordinary Man

The Musketeers Season 2 - Episode 2

D'Artagnan must protect King Louis when a notorious criminal kidnaps them both.

star 7.81
323 votes
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Episode 4

#25 - Episode 4

Mr Selfridge Season 1 - Episode 4

Harry scores something of a coup when prima ballerina Anna Pavlova agrees to pay Selfridges a visit. However, Agnes's job looks to be under threat when a violent Reg reaches breaking point and gatecrashes the event - and things only get worse when Ellen invites herself along. Meanwhile, one of the department store's most loyal employees is caught stealing, a formidable new head of fashion arrives and Rose reveals her true identity to Roddy.

star 7.80
144 votes
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Keep Your Friends Close

#26 - Keep Your Friends Close

The Musketeers Season 2 - Episode 1

The Musketeers must rescue a French general from an impenetrable Spanish prison.

star 7.71
339 votes
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#27 - Driven

Bedlam Season 1 - Episode 2

Leah suffers with some spooky experiences. Kate finds out that Leah is harbouring a dark secret.

star 7.71
67 votes
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#28 - Cohabitants

Bedlam Season 1 - Episode 1

After a former lunatic asylum is converted into new luxury apartments the spirits of the former inmates return to haunt the new residents after they move in.

star 7.60
92 votes
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Twelve Days

#29 - Twelve Days

Troy: Fall of a City Season 1 - Episode 7

King Priam takes his life into his hands to visit Achilles. A truce is agreed, but will it hold? Helen faces a personal crisis as her relationship with Paris comes under strain.

star 7.56
178 votes
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#30 - Offering

Troy: Fall of a City Season 1 - Episode 8

The Trojans are stunned to discover that all that remains of the Greek army in Troy is an offering to the gods in the form of a wooden horse. They believe the war may finally be over, and celebrations begin. But perhaps too soon.

star 7.55
163 votes
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Circle the Wagons

#31 - Circle the Wagons

Big Love Season 2 - Episode 9

Bill seeks his wives' advice regarding the video poker business. Barb tries to reconcile things between Sarah and Heather. Meanwhile, Lois seeks revenge on Frank.

star 7.54
46 votes
Episode Three

#32 - Episode Three

The Fixer Season 1 - Episode 3

Lenny is alerted to the recent arrival of a notorious Albanian gangster Tarek Sokoli. Sokoli wants to put down roots in his new homeland and that includes running drugs and prostitution rackets. Rather than have him killed, Lenny instructs Mercer, Rose and Calum to scare him away - to send the message to any others planning on setting up in London that their attempts will fail. He wants them to work as a team. Calum frees the prostitutes that Sokoli’s crew had illegally shipped in by returning their passports. However, after one of the liberated girls is killed, and a heroin importer is murdered by Sokoli’s lieutenant after Mercer convinced him against doing business with the Albanians, the unit begin to realise that simply executing Sokoli would have created far less bloodshed.

star 7.34
33 votes
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Episode Four

#33 - Episode Four

The Fixer Season 1 - Episode 4

Calum has made Mercer some tea. Problem is that it’s burned and totally lacking in nutritonal value. So off they go to the supermarket. Calum is amazed Mercer knows so much about cooking. Lenny appears and Mercer's heart sinks. He gives Mercer his next assignment. He must kill a violent criminal just acquitted of the murder of a young woman, Marie Greene. His name is Scott Glover. Mercer finds him at a hotel and prepares to kill him in the gentleman’s toilets. But his plan is fraught with problems. One of which is that a dogged and brave reporter knows more than he should about the case.

star 7.14
31 votes
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#34 - Kosovo

The Philanthropist Season 1 - Episode 5

Teddy meets his ex-wife Julia and tells her about his journey to Kosovo where he tried to get Serbians and Albanians to work together, but learned that the hatred runs deep.

star 6.57
7 votes
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Give and Take

#35 - Give and Take

The Bill Season 9 - Episode 99

W.P.C. Polly Page sees W.D.S. Sally Johnson from Stafford Row plant drugs on a known dealer.

star 6.00
1 votes