The Best Episodes Directed by Dave Moore

The Blue Geranium

#1 - The Blue Geranium

Agatha Christie's Marple Season 5 - Episode 3

While visiting her friend Dermot in Little Ambrose, Miss Marple is drawn into investigating the apparently drowning of a recent acquaintance. Within a few days, a second occupant suspiciously dies from fright.

star 8.27
119 votes
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Sad Cypress

#2 - Sad Cypress

Agatha Christie's Poirot Season 9 - Episode 2

Young Elinor Carlisle, engaged to marry the dashing Roddy Winter, finds herself charged with the fatal poisoning of Mary Gerrard, her rival in love. Poirot has the job of saving Elinor's skin, but unfortunately, the evidence against her is overwhelming. If Elinor has been framed, someone has been fiendishly clever.

star 8.19
506 votes
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Le Morte d'Arthur

#3 - Le Morte d'Arthur

Merlin (2008) Season 1 - Episode 13

On a hunting trip, Arthur comes face to face with a creature of great power from the old religion. When Gaius informs them that it can only be killed by magic, Uther refuses to listen and sends out his knights to kill it. Arthur is fatally wounded and Merlin must go to the Isle of the Blessed to save him. But will he be able to pay the price?

star 7.96
1366 votes
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Episode 6

#4 - Episode 6

The Forsyte Saga (2002) Season 1 - Episode 6

Old Jolyon dies. To the astonishment of all, he has left Irene some money. Twelve years pass. Soames marries Annette, a French woman. Dartie is gambling recklessly and cavorting with prostitutes, embarrassing the family.

star 7.80
56 votes
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Lancelot and Guinevere

#5 - Lancelot and Guinevere

Merlin (2008) Season 2 - Episode 4

Gwen is mistaken for Morgana and kidnapped by the savage outlaw Hengist. Uther refuses to pay her ransom, so Arthur defies his father and heads out into dangerous enemy territory to fight for Gwen's freedom. Merlin suspects Arthur's devotion to Gwen is more than that of a prince to one of his subjects. How will Arthur react when he discovers Gwen is not alone in Hengist's castle? She and Lancelot have found each other again, and powerful feelings rekindle.

star 7.72
1540 votes
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#6 - Gwaine

Merlin (2008) Season 3 - Episode 4

Merlin and Arthur find themselves outnumbered in a bar fight but an enigmatic young man helps them win. The man’s name is Gwaine and he risks his own life to protect Arthur but during his act of bravery he is seriously wounded. The Prince decides to take him back to Camelot where he could make a recovery with Gaius' help. Gwaine immediately gets to work: drinking, flirting with the ladies and causing lots of trouble for Merlin who has been instructed to look after him. However, when two unscrupulous knights seem to plot to murder the Prince, will Merlin and Gwaine be able to stop them and save Arthur?

star 7.67
1842 votes
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Episode 5

#7 - Episode 5

The Forsyte Saga (2002) Season 1 - Episode 5

Irene leaves Soames for good, leaving behind everything, including her wedding ring. June and her father, young Jolyon, reunite. Soames is in a deep depression. Five years pass, and Helene (the French governess) has died. Old Jolyon meets Irene by chance and they become friends.

star 7.66
62 votes
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The Moment of Truth

#8 - The Moment of Truth

Merlin (2008) Season 1 - Episode 10

Merlin's home village of Ealdor is attacked by raiders led by the fearsome Kanen, but Uther will not do anything to help- to cross into Ealdor, which is outside of Camelot's boundaries, would constitute an act of war. Merlin leaves Camelot to help to defend his home- and is surprised to find help from Morgana, Gwen and Arthur. However, an old friend of Merlin forces the young sorcerer into making a difficult choice: will he use magic to save the village and thus reveal his secret to Arthur?

star 7.62
1372 votes
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The Castle of Fyrien

#9 - The Castle of Fyrien

Merlin (2008) Season 3 - Episode 7

Gwen faces an impossible dilemma when she is forced to choose between saving the life of Elyan, her estranged brother and only sibling or Arthur's, Camelot's prince and the love of her life. When one of them is certain to find death at the hands of Cenred, who will Gwen choose? Once again, loyalty, love and friendships are tested to the limit as Arthur, Merlin and Gwen are forced to put their minds together to try and find a way out of the cruel quandary. Morgana and Morgause, in turn, will do their best ruin their plans. Will good conquer evil or will Gwen end up losing someone she loves again?

star 7.62
2031 votes
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Beauty and the Beast (1)

#10 - Beauty and the Beast (1)

Merlin (2008) Season 2 - Episode 5

Lady Catrina and her strange servant Jonas arrive in Camelot, where they are welcome to stay by a most delighted king Uther, who becomes captivated by his latest guest. Arthur, on the contrary, far from sharing his father's enthusiasm and in the sight of the flirting going on, is pretty appalled with the situation. Merlin and Gaius have the feeling that she is not what she seems and their suspicions are proven true when Merlin discovers that Lady Catrina is a troll and that unfortunately, her intentions are far beyond the prize of a king's heart. Horrified, he reveals the truth to Arthur, who doesn't believe him. Merlin embarks in the task of proving the real nature of the woman while at the same time saving Uther from ruin and Camelot from fall. Will the young warlock be able to overcome the powerful magic of the troll before it's too late?

star 7.61
1643 votes
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The Changeling

#11 - The Changeling

Merlin (2008) Season 3 - Episode 6

Uther pressures Arthur into an arranged marriage with a visiting princess, Elena, though Merlin soon has reservations after discovering that Elena may not exactly be who she claims to be. As he tries to uncover the princess' dark secret, he learns that Elena's nanny is a Pixie. But what are their motivations? Who do they work for? And most important of all, what benefit do they get from her marriage to Arthur, the heir to the throne of Camelot? Will Merlin be able to get to the bottom of it all and prevent Arthur from making the biggest mistake of his life?

star 7.45
2090 votes
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Under Duress

#12 - Under Duress

The Bill Season 15 - Episode 11

Boulton and Rawton clash when a house fire reveals a sordid secret.

star 6.00
1 votes