The Best Episodes Directed by Christopher Hibler

Have I Got a Steele for You

#1 - Have I Got a Steele for You

Remington Steele Season 3 - Episode 14

Mulch returns with a new business venture that his partner is using to swindle an investor.

star 8.88
7 votes
Coffee, Tea or Steele

#2 - Coffee, Tea or Steele

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 8

Laura and Steele fly the unfriendly skies to learn why the body of a hired killer turned up on the baggage carrousel of a luxury airline.

star 8.55
10 votes
Poltergeist III -- Dipesto Nothing

#3 - Poltergeist III -- Dipesto Nothing

Moonlighting Season 3 - Episode 10

Ms. Dipesto tries to solve a haunted house case refused by Dave and Maddie to show Bert Viola that she's just as good a detective as he is.

star 8.47
13 votes
Steele Searching (2)

#4 - Steele Searching (2)

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 2

Laura races with Scotland Yard to locate Steele, who has become involved in murder while searching for a man with a clue to his past. Steele masquerades as an assassin hired by Daniel Chalmers to kill the Earl of Claridge.

star 8.42
11 votes
Springtime for Steele

#5 - Springtime for Steele

Remington Steele Season 3 - Episode 15

The unexpected success of singer Rocky Sullivan threatens a little scheme cooked up by her managers and might get her killed.

star 8.38
7 votes
The Fatal Seduction (1)

#6 - The Fatal Seduction (1)

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 2

Matlock, Leanne and Cliff go to North Carolina to attend Billy's sister's funeral. While there, they end up getting involved in a pair of murders connected to two young women. As a way to catch them, Leanne sets up a trap using Cliff as bait.

star 8.33
9 votes
The Kidnapping (2)

#7 - The Kidnapping (2)

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 14

The FBI agent who was in charge of Billy's kidnapping case is now accused of killing another agent.

star 8.33
3 votes
Steele Hanging in There (2)

#8 - Steele Hanging in There (2)

Remington Steele Season 5 - Episode 4

Their phony marriage faces a real test when a woman from Steele's past shows up, pretending to be married to him and the archaeologist from Mexico returns, this time as an immigration officer. In London, Tony blackmails Steele into delivering a dangerous package, while Laura delves into Shannon's past.

star 8.30
10 votes
The Witness Killings (2)

#9 - The Witness Killings (2)

Matlock Season 6 - Episode 2

After a second young man dies under mysterious circumstances, Matlock continues to do his best to defend Russ Gifford, and tries to keep his animosity with the town at a minimum while Julie makes friends with the local women, and Conrad investigates the tattoo that ties the whole case together.

star 8.25
4 votes
The P.I.

#10 - The P.I.

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 19

A P.I.'s daughter shoots some photos that get the wrong man accused of murder.

star 8.14
7 votes
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Molten Steele

#11 - Molten Steele

Remington Steele Season 2 - Episode 18

Laura and Steele try to learn how and why a woman's name and phone number came to be printed in a steamy sex-magazine.

star 8.10
9 votes
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The Ambassador (1)

#12 - The Ambassador (1)

Matlock Season 3 - Episode 2

Anthony Stewart is charged with murdering Michael Russell, the husband of the woman he was sleeping with. Although Stewart, a visiting British ambassador, has diplomatic immunity, he refuses to use it, and wants to clean his name. Matlcok agrees to defend the young ambassador, but his case is almost over when Stewart is nearly killed in a hit and run.

star 8.09
23 votes
Sleep Talkin' Guy

#13 - Sleep Talkin' Guy

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 16

Dave uses information passed on to him from a prostitute with an important client who talks in his sleep to solve several big cases.

star 8.01
19 votes
The Investigation (2)

#14 - The Investigation (2)

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 18

Craig continues to turn away from his father as Matlock keeps trying to investigate the case. When the Gentry family is almost caught in the middle of a mob war with the Hernandez family, Matlock realises that someone on the inside is pulling the strings.

star 8.00
19 votes
Steele Hanging in There (1)

#15 - Steele Hanging in There (1)

Remington Steele Season 5 - Episode 3

Their phony marriage faces a real test when a woman from Steele's past shows up, pretending to be married to him and the archaeologist from Mexico returns, this time as an immigration officer. In London, Tony blackmails Steele into delivering a dangerous package, while Laura delves into Shannon's past.

star 8.00
9 votes
The Kidnapping (1)

#16 - The Kidnapping (1)

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 13

Abductors tries to kidnap Leanne but takes Billy instead and hold him for ransom.

star 8.00
5 votes
The Godfather

#17 - The Godfather

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 20

Matlock reluctantly agrees to host a reception for his goddaughter's wedding at Leanne's prompting, but when one of the best men is murdered after the bachelor party, Matlock agrees to defend the brother of the bride when he is accused of murder. The case is hindered by cheating lovers, a bad history between the victim and the accused, and an increasing number of houseguests at Matlock's home, none of which were invited.

star 8.00
7 votes
Star Light, Star Bright

#18 - Star Light, Star Bright

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 6

May 21, 1966: Sam leaps into a 79-year-old man whose son wants to have him committed when he claims to have seen UFO's. Sam is kept busy as he tries to keep the family together, prevent the future drug overdose of "his" grandson, and avoid the sinister plans of the military, all before the next anticipated UFO sighting.

star 7.98
43 votes
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North by North Dipesto

#19 - North by North Dipesto

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 12

A restless Ms. Dipesto gets a chance for danger and excitement when she gets a piece of paper from a mysterious man while attending a ball in Dave and Maddie's place.

star 7.95
19 votes
Steele on the Air

#20 - Steele on the Air

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 10

A traffic reporter dies while aloft in a helicopter and the two prime suspects are the disc jockeys, who were on the air at the time.

star 7.91
11 votes
The Accident

#21 - The Accident

Matlock Season 5 - Episode 21

Eugene Dobbs and Nolan Wheeler are the perfect combination -- Dobbs presents the cases, and Wheeler does all the legwork. After Dobbs is unable to keep the promises he makes to football coach John Kramer, Dobbs meets his maker one night at the office, with Kramer as the prime suspect. Matlock takes the case, in part to prove to Kramer that not all lawyers are schmucks like Dobbs, and in part because the list of people who want Dobbs dead is getting longer by the minute as Matlock and Conrad find an interesting link between Dobbs, the owner of a local water park, and Dobbs' wife.

star 7.87
23 votes
The Ambassador (2)

#22 - The Ambassador (2)

Matlock Season 3 - Episode 3

After Anthony Stewart is nearly killed in a hit and run, Matlock realises that the only way to clear him is to find Shelby Russell, the supposed witness whose claim put Stewart in the hot seat in the first place. He tracks her down via her mother, and tells her that if she doesn't take the stand, her lover will go down for Michael Russell's murder.

star 7.86
22 votes
Every Daughter's Father is a Virgin

#23 - Every Daughter's Father is a Virgin

Moonlighting Season 2 - Episode 14

Maddie worries about her parents' strange behavior, so Dave tails her father to see if he's having an affair.

star 7.84
19 votes
Senior Poll

#24 - Senior Poll

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 - Episode 25

Kelly stops attending her eating disorder group because the girls with more severe cases unnerve her. Kelly wins 'Most Beautiful' in the senior poll, while Dylan is ""Most Handsome."" Kelly suspects that everyone judges her entirely on her looks, and blows up at Dylan and Jackie. Dylan lets her read a section from his manuscript in which he describes his feelings for her. Brenda feels isolated from her classmates when she fails to win anything in the poll. She decides to apply to the University of Minnesota. Brandon and Steve take Jim and Cindy to a Lakers game because they can't get dates. They do not arrive until nearly halftime because of Brenda's big news and a traffic jam. Steve wins the chance to take a half court shot for $10,000, and makes the shot. He anonymously donates the money to the school to revive a summer camp for elementary school students. Music: 'Man on the Moon' by R.E.M., 'Humpin' Around' by Bobby Brown.

star 7.79
34 votes
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Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele

#25 - Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 9

The agency Christmas party is interrupted by three gun-wielding Santas who take everyone hostage and threaten to blow up the building.

star 7.78
9 votes

#26 - Violated

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 6 - Episode 7

Valerie accepts her marketing professor's invitation to a seminar. They have a drink afterwards, and the man tries to come on to her. He gives her a D on a midterm essay that he had seemed to like earlier, and Val suspects that he is punishing her. David and Susan encourage Valerie to file a complaint. Val backs down because she fears that the investigation will expose embarrassing information about her personal life. Meanwhile, Susan works on an exposé for the Condor. Several of Professor Haywood's past victims come forward, and he is forced to resign. Bruno delivers a letter from Dylan to Toni, and the couple eventually reunites. Marchette sees Toni and Dylan on campus together and becomes furious. Toni ignores her father's ultimatum and decides to move in with Dylan. Kelly cuts Colin loose after learning that he acts as Claudia's concubine in exchange for financial backing. Steve and Clare quarrel after booking a motel room; he mistakenly assumes that she is responsible for a set of handcuffs. Donna resists Ray's relentless attempts at a reconciliation. Music: 'B-A-B-Y' by Carla Thomas.

star 7.77
31 votes
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The Black Widow

#27 - The Black Widow

Matlock Season 3 - Episode 10

Seven years earlier Ken Wilson was sent to prison, convicted of murdering his wife, Ann. After he's released, he runs into his wife in Los Angeles, only now she's going by the name Kelly Manning. When she turns up dead, Ken Wilson is again arrested and charged with her murder. Ben is determined to prove that someone else killed the woman. Back in Atlanta, Les is thrilled about his new relationship with Bernice, a woman he met at Ray Templin's.

star 7.74
23 votes
The Therapist

#28 - The Therapist

Matlock Season 1 - Episode 21

Matlock is hired to defend a popular actor when he's accused of killing the man who ran the sex-therapy clinic where he was staying, ostensibly for releasing his name to the press. He's got a temporary thorn in his side, though, in the form of Cassie Phillips, a law student he once made an off-hand comment to about looking him up for a job...she took him a lot more seriously than he had intended.

star 7.74
19 votes
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#29 - Triangle

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 - Episode 11

Giles goes off to England to talk to the council about Glory. Meanwhile, Anya and the gang tend to the magic shop. While attempting a new spell to assist Buffy with her slaying, Willow is distracted by her and Anya's constant bickering and accidentally conjures a troll. Actually Anya turned the guy into a troll 1000 years ago when he dumped her and she was then offered the chance to become a vengeance demon. The big, dumb guy goes around smashing things with his hammer until the gang is able to stop him and send him off to troll land.

star 7.73
296 votes
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Woman of Steele

#30 - Woman of Steele

Remington Steele Season 2 - Episode 20

A woman from Steele's past arranges for the agency to handle the security on an exhibition at an art museum, and contacts Steele with a desperate plea for help.

star 7.71
7 votes
The Good Boy

#31 - The Good Boy

Matlock Season 4 - Episode 3

After her husband's death she never thought she'd love again, but it Bonnie soon found her future with Cal Ritter. The only problem is that her son, Tony Morgen, hates Cal. When Tony kills Cal and frames his mother for her murder, Matlock takes the case to prove that Bonnie is innocent, but to prove her innocence, he will have to destroy her son.

star 7.70
20 votes
The Cover Girl

#32 - The Cover Girl

Matlock Season 5 - Episode 10

Conrad is thrilled to introduce Matlock to his new girlfriend Carla Royce. When Carla's boss is murdered, Matlock defends the accused at her bequest.

star 7.69
16 votes
The Billionaire (1)

#33 - The Billionaire (1)

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 1

Matlock flies all the way the England to represent Eric Gordon, a man accused of murdering his wealthy businessman father. His sister Laura is convinced of his innocence, but brother Mitch isn't so sure.

star 7.67
30 votes
The Judge

#34 - The Judge

Matlock Season 1 - Episode 3

Ben Matlock accepts the pro bono case of Kevin Meredith, a young man accused of murdering his lover, whom Ben soon realises had a much more powerful lover.

star 7.66
71 votes
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The Investigation (1)

#35 - The Investigation (1)

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 17

Sam Gerard is a well-known mobster who is about to be exposed. His estranged son, Craig Gentry, is arrested for murder, but refuses to go to Sam for help, and instead, goes to Ben Matlock.

star 7.65
17 votes
Goodbye Norma Jean

#36 - Goodbye Norma Jean

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 18

April 4, 1960: As chauffeur to Marilyn Monroe, Sam must try to prevent Marilyn's tragic death. But when a well-meaning plan backfires, it could mean the end of Marilyn's career, even if her life is saved.

star 7.63
38 votes
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The Witness Killings (1)

#37 - The Witness Killings (1)

Matlock Season 6 - Episode 1

Matlock goes back to his hometown for a family reunion, but things turn sticky when a good friend of his nephew's son dies, and his rival is charged with murder. Not only that, but the whole town seems to hate Matlock, as many of them believe he thinks he's better than them because he's a big city lawyer.

star 7.63
16 votes
The Annihilator

#38 - The Annihilator

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 4

Matlock reluctantly agrees to represent a famous wrestler when he's accused of killing a long-time rival, but only when Cassie begs him to. The key witness in the case is a young girl who was a die-hard fan of the dead wrestler, but whose story might not be completely accurate.

star 7.59
29 votes
The Vacation (1)

#39 - The Vacation (1)

Matlock Season 7 - Episode 1

Matlock and Leanne head to the beach where Leanne reunites with three good friends from college, and Matlock reunites with someone from his past who just happens to be the brother of the woman whose heart Matlock 'broke' years earlier.

star 7.57
7 votes
A Tale of Two Sweeties

#40 - A Tale of Two Sweeties

Quantum Leap Season 5 - Episode 12

February 25, 1958: As a horse-playing, traveling brush salesman, Sam finds himself with two wives and two families. Although Ziggy predicts that Sam's mission is to choose between the two lives, the choice is made more difficult by the fact that there's only a 50/50 chance that he'll choose the right one. As if things weren't bad enough, Sam finds that his penniless host owes a pair of bookies some big bucks.

star 7.57
39 votes
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Temptation Eyes

#41 - Temptation Eyes

Quantum Leap Season 4 - Episode 13

February 1, 1985: A serial killer stalks San Francisco while Sam as Dillion Powell, a TV reporter, protects a beautiful psychic who's working on the case, from becoming the next victim. The young lady is very clear of sight, as Sam and Al soon discover.

star 7.57
43 votes
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The Obsession

#42 - The Obsession

Matlock Season 7 - Episode 14

Even from his hospital bed Matlock can't get the case of a TV star accused of killing a therapist out of his mind.

star 7.56
9 votes
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Destiny Rides Again

#43 - Destiny Rides Again

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 3 - Episode 12

Brenda runs into Rick at a video store, as he has transferred to UCLA. She goes out with him and continues to pretend that she is French. He is understanding when she finally reveals the truth. The SAT review board accuses Dylan of paying someone to take his test. He annoys Brenda by refusing to re-take the test. After Dylan confesses that he had a summer fling, Brenda suggests that they take a break from their relationship. He immediately visits Kelly to ask her out, and they kiss passionately. Steve learns that he tanked his SAT, and convinces computer expert Herbert to help him access the school's grade bank. They use the legacy key to break in, but have to flee when the security breach is detected. Brandon, Nikki, Donna and David are interviewed by Rosie O'Donnell at a televised AIDS benefit. Donna seeks her priest's advice about pre-marital sex. She tells David that she wants to wait at least another year. Andrea suffers two broken legs when she is struck by a hit-and-run driver. Music: 'I Wanna Love You' by Jade, 'Time to Be Lovers' by Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan, 'Needles and Pins' by the Searchers.

star 7.55
47 votes
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The Marriage Counselor

#44 - The Marriage Counselor

Matlock Season 6 - Episode 5

When a marriage counselor is murdered, the suspects include not only his fellow co-workers, but also the couples he was treating...apparently part of his treatment involved seducing the female half of the couples.

star 7.52
25 votes
The Play

#45 - The Play

Matlock Season 8 - Episode 1

After an actress in The Last Cry of the Hounds is murdered, Matlock agrees to represent the director of a local community play...on the condition that the director not cut him from the play.

star 7.50
12 votes
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The Assault

#46 - The Assault

Matlock Season 9 - Episode 14

On his birthday, Ben is mugged in the city. A young man comes to his rescue, and to return the favor, Ben represents the hero...who is accused of trying to kill his negligent landlord.

star 7.50
2 votes
The Blackmailer

#47 - The Blackmailer

Matlock Season 4 - Episode 23

Cartoonist Ron Winfield has kept Atlanta enthralled with his recent storyline in ""The Peach Pit"" involving an affair by Senator Peter Dolan. Just before the woman in the affair can be named in print, the strips disappear.

star 7.50
16 votes
The Magician

#48 - The Magician

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 22

After a night at the magic show with Julie, Matlock agrees to defend magician Daniel Fontaine when he's charged with the murder of his assistant / lover Sandy Farrell, a woman who was as devious as she was beautiful.

star 7.47
17 votes
The Debt

#49 - The Debt

Matlock Season 7 - Episode 12

When Leanne's ex-husband Peter is charged with the murder of his friend and boss, once the truth comes out about Peter's possible motive in the killing, Matlock despises his ex-son-in-law more than ever.

star 7.43
7 votes
The Brothers

#50 - The Brothers

Matlock Season 5 - Episode 9

Lowell Carr is a brilliant plastic surgeon. When his partner is found murdered after the two had a loud argument about dissolving their business, he is the immediate suspect...until Matlock meets his twin brother, Gary.

star 7.41
22 votes
Leap of Faith

#51 - Leap of Faith

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 6 - Episode 23

Brandon and Susan spend the weekend at her parents' house. Susan's mother asks Brandon very intrusive questions during dinner. Mrs. Keats expects Brandon to sleep in the guest room, but Susan sneaks him into her room during the night. Mrs. Keats catches Brandon in bed with Susan the next morning. She expresses her disappointment, and Susan shares her frustration at the expectations placed upon her since her sister's death. Kelly befriends Tara. Colin and Valerie's new relationship upsets David and Kelly. Val orders David to mind his own business. Colin's old dealer, Danny, tempts him with some cocaine. Colin agrees to drive him to a drug house in Torrance. When the police arrive, a panicked Colin drives off and leads them on a high-speed chase. The gang watches the chase unfold on television, and is shocked to see that Colin is the driver. Joe's older brother Hank comes to town and tries to discourage him from undergoing surgery. Donna suspects that Hank is jealous of Joe's potential to make the pros, as his own football career ended early due to injury. Steve tries to get Clare to warm up to his new motorcycle. Music: 'I Fought the Law' by the Bobby Fuller Four, 'A Lover's Concerto' by the Toys.

star 7.37
30 votes
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Loser Takes All

#52 - Loser Takes All

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 7 - Episode 9

Kelly takes great delight in telling Brandon about Valerie's pregnancy and abortion, and also shares her doubts about Val's story. Brandon goes to see Kenny, who portrays himself as an innocent victim caught in the web of an evil vixen. He tells Brandon that he paid Valerie $100,000 to stay away. Brandon threatens to throw Val out of the house unless she gives the money back. Valerie plans to move out, but returns the money following a talk with Tracy. She confesses to Brandon that she was never pregnant, and insists that she cannot live up to his moral expectations. Mel, worried by David's newfound wealth, asks Donna to keep an eye on him. David goes on a wild spending spree, and later shows up at Donna's apartment in the middle of the night after swimming in the ocean. David offers to help out the financially strapped Valerie by purchasing half of the club. They celebrate their deal by making out. Steve impresses Clare with his dedication as he trains for the crew race. His team barely loses, but Clare decides that she wants him back. Kelly comes clean with Mark about her past drug problem. Music: 'B-A-B-Y' by Carla Thomas.

star 7.35
37 votes
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Dead Air

#53 - Dead Air

Matlock Season 9 - Episode 9

When a radio personality is accused of murdering his on-air partner, Matlock comes to his defense and must discover who left the DJ DOA

star 7.33
3 votes
I Only Have Eyes for You

#54 - I Only Have Eyes for You

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 7 - Episode 27

Clare and Donna feel slighted as Kelly spends all her time with Brandon. Val takes her place at the girls' gymnastics viewing party. She spends the night in Kelly's room because they are all too drunk to drive, and reads her diary. Valerie creates a rift between the roommates by telling Donna and Clare that Kelly said bad things about them. Brandon tries to secure a magic wand from a puppet show host that Kelly liked as a child; she had asked her father to send a letter to the man when she was a little girl, but doesn't think he followed through. Brandon, Steve and David get arrested for auto theft when a disgruntled auto show employee lets them take an electric car for a spin. Brandon gets Kelly the wand, and the host also finds her father's letter. Everyone snubs Valerie, so she decides to create friction between Kelly and her dad by investing money with his firm.

star 7.30
30 votes
The Best Seller

#55 - The Best Seller

Matlock Season 4 - Episode 4

When Elizabeth, a friend of famous novelist Cynthia Slayton, is found dead after taking Cynthia's prescribed allergy medication, suspicion falls on Cynthia's long-suffering husband Philip, a friend of Julie's. While trying to clear his name, Julie realises that not everything is as it seems in the Slayton house.

star 7.25
20 votes
The Tabloid

#56 - The Tabloid

Matlock Season 9 - Episode 5

When a senatorial candidate is accused of killing a tabloid editor who disgraced her in print, Matlock comes to her defense.

star 7.20
5 votes
The Network

#57 - The Network

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 8

Network programming chief Paul J. Bartel is murdered, leaving Hollywood baffled as to the identity of the killer. Matlock comes to town to represent the television producer accused of killing him, and finds more than his fair share of suspects. It seems everyone had a motive to kill Paul J. Bartel!

star 7.20
25 votes
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The Lovelorn

#58 - The Lovelorn

Matlock Season 2 - Episode 20

Matlock agrees to defend a man who has been accused of murdering the relationship columnist whose response ended his relationship.

star 7.15
20 votes
The Formula

#59 - The Formula

Matlock Season 5 - Episode 18

Matlock receives a call in the middle of the night from a young man who once painted his house who claims he's been arrested for stealing the formula to cure baldness from a company who fired his friend and stole his work. Twenty-four hours later Ben gets another call from the same young man, who has been accused of murdering the man he claims he stole the formula for. The biggest problem is that none of what Jeff Duvall claims seems to be true; not only did Tim Crider not ask him to steal the formula, but he was never fired in the first place!

star 7.14
14 votes
Let's Steele a Plot

#60 - Let's Steele a Plot

Remington Steele Season 3 - Episode 11

Laura and Steele get lots of advice and help when they investigate the embezzlement of a mystery-writers guild's treasury.

star 7.13
8 votes
The Accused (1)

#61 - The Accused (1)

Matlock Season 9 - Episode 1

After a journalist claims to have killed a mobster in self-defense, Ben Matlock takes her case and tries to clear her name.

star 7.00
7 votes
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Aunt Bea's Pickles

#62 - Aunt Bea's Pickles

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 8 - Episode 25

During Valerie's surprise birthday party, Abby announces that she and Bill are engaged. Val and Kelly join forces in the hopes of getting their parents to call off the wedding. They eventually realize that Bill and Abby are happy and decide to support them. Bill disgusts Kelly by backing out of the wedding and leaving her to break the news to Abby. Valerie gives David further insight into her traumatic family history as she tells him that her father sexually abused her. Brandon receives a job offer from a major newspaper, but faces a dilemma when he learns that he is only being hired as a replacement for striking reporters. He returns to the Beat and suggests implementing a health plan for the overworked and underpaid Janet. Steve hesitates to introduce Jill to Ted; she decides that she really likes Steve and comes back to him. When Donna's dresses fail to sell, Noah tries to give her a confidence boost by buying the entire stock himself. She is angry when she uncovers the truth. Music

star 6.45
29 votes
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Dog's Best Friend

#63 - Dog's Best Friend

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 9 - Episode 24

David comforts a drunken and depressed Gina outside the After Dark, and she responds with a kiss. David and Dylan spend the weekend in Las Vegas, where Dylan has a one-night stand, but lets the woman believe that he wants to see her again. David, disgusted by Dylan's behavior, gives the woman their address when she inquires about a visit. She shows up just as Dylan and Gina are on the verge of getting back together. Dylan believes that David is in love with Gina and shouts that he can have her, unaware that she is standing outside. Dylan apologizes and tells Gina that she should find a man who is capable of a relationship. Kelly arranges some dental work for Gina; Mel notices decay that indicates that she is bulimic, but Gina denies her problem. Matt shows Noah a report that proves that Mr. Hunter was aware that a new partnership would harm the environment. A devastated Noah decides to help Matt prepare the case. They discover a memo that exonerates Noah's father, as he demanded that t

star 6.37
27 votes
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What's in a Name?

#64 - What's in a Name?

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 10 - Episode 10

Janet pulls through, but the baby suffers from lung problems. Doctors successfully intubate the child, and she is able to breathe on her own. Steve and Janet name their daughter Madeline. Donna confronts her father, who admits that Gina is his daughter. Felice has always known this, as Dr. Martin had a drunken one-night stand with her sister during the 1970s. Donna feels that her parents treated Gina unfairly by hiding the truth and failing to support her financially. She storms out during Thanksgiving dinner. Donna desperately wants to tell Gina that they are sisters. However, she holds off for the time being because she does not want to spoil Gina's memories of her late stepfather. Dylan convinces Kelly and her family to help with the charity Thanksgiving dinner he has organized. Matt accuses him of making a move on Kelly, so Dylan diminishes himself in her eyes by bailing out of his own event. Kelly tries to stop Jackie from trashing Mel in front of Erin.

star 6.35
20 votes
Brandon Leaves

#65 - Brandon Leaves

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 9 - Episode 5

Brandon announces that he has accepted a job with the Washington bureau of the New York Chronicle. Kelly and Donna prepare to open their store, Now Wear This. Brandon becomes unnerved by the realization that Kelly is getting on with her life, and feels threatened by Matt's presence. Kelly meets with Leah, who explains that she returned to Lenny after learning that she was pregnant, but left again when he threatened her life. Although Kelly insists that she doesn't need his help, Brandon writes a story about the custody case. Brandon decides that he wants to stay in Los Angeles, but Kelly urges him to take the job and pursue his dreams. The gang throws a surprise going-away party for Brandon. Before departing, he convinces his parents to let Steve, Val and Noah stay in the house. Donna turns to Matt for comfort as she and Noah drift further apart. Valerie seeks legal advice from Matt. She explains that the killing was an accident, but Matt warns that a jury may not agree. Abby tells Val

star 6.26
27 votes
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