The Best Episodes of Dawson's Creek

Set in the fictional town of Capeside, MA, Dawson's Creek is the coming of age story of four friends on the verge of adulthood. Dawson, Joey, and Pacey are life long friends, whose lives start to rapidly change when a new girl, Jen, moves in next door to Dawson Leery and the foursome start high school. Along the way they are joined by two other newcomers to Capeside: Jack and Andie and, when they go to college, by Audrey. Often characterized by its intelligence, sharp wit, and SAT vocabulary, Dawson's Creek was created by Kevin Williamson. It was loosely based on his life, with each character incorporating a different aspect of himself.

All Good Things... (1)

#1 - All Good Things... (1)

Season 6 - Episode 23

(Part 1 of 2) Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside for a special wedding. Dawson has been living in Los Angeles producing his autobiographical television series 'The Creek' but has never forgotten the love of his life, Joey is a successful book editor living in New York with her boyfriend but comes home to realize she still loves her childhood sweethearts, Pacey is the owner of the new Ice House and still carries a torch for Joey, Jen is a single mom living with Grams and managing an art gallery in Soho, and Jack is a teacher at Capeside High and has fallen in love with Deputy Doug. Together all the secrets come out as tragedy and love becomes clear.

star 8.42
38 votes
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#2 - Detention

Season 1 - Episode 7

In what is said to be one of the best episodes, the gang, after committing various violations at school, gets stuck together for an 8 hour Saturday detention, where Dawson and Pacey turn against each another; and Joey offers a tearful partial explanation for her anger toward Jen.

star 8.41
66 votes
Directors: Allan Arkush
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#3 - Decisions

Season 1 - Episode 13

In the season finale, Dawson and Joey confront their true feelings. Joey, visits her father in prison, and debates leaving to go to France.

star 8.29
63 votes
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Stolen Kisses

#4 - Stolen Kisses

Season 3 - Episode 19

Dawson invites Joey, Andie and Pacey to spend Spring Break in the mountains at his aunt's home, but the trip is filled with tension as Joey and Pacey continue to battle about their feelings for each other and Andie becomes intrigued with the gang's childhood friend Will who is visiting. Meanwhile, back in town, Jen becomes surprisingly territorial when another woman flirts with Henry.

star 8.28
57 votes
Directors: Greg Prange
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Cinderella Story

#5 - Cinderella Story

Season 3 - Episode 17

When Joey turns to Pacey for rescuing after she flees Boston halfway through her visit with A.J., the two old friends may finally confront their growing feelings for each other. Meanwhile, to avoid suspension, Pacey becomes a mentor to a young boy and must contend with a little version of himself with a big attitude; and behind Gale's back, Dawson asks Mitch to help with the opening of her new restaurant.

star 8.25
52 votes
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The Scare

#6 - The Scare

Season 1 - Episode 11

In honor of Friday the 13th, Dawson, plans a séance for the gang, they are all spooked by reports of a serial killer heading towards Capeside.

star 8.15
34 votes
Directors: Rodman Flender
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The Long Goodbye

#7 - The Long Goodbye

Season 5 - Episode 4

Lifelong friends Dawson, Joey and Pacey put past grudges behind them in the wake of the tragic death of one of their fathers. Along with Jack, Jen and Grams, each tries to find the words and actions to comfort their friend.

star 8.12
34 votes
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#8 - Kiss

Season 1 - Episode 3

While working on the film class's movies, team player Dawson has a hard time being stuck in the background. Meanwhile as he plots to give Jen the "perfect kiss", Joey is swept away by a handsome stranger and Pacey tries to graduate to manhood.

star 8.00
65 votes
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#9 - Hurricane

Season 1 - Episode 5

When a major hurricane moves inland, all take refuge in the Leery home, where Dawson rages at Jen about her past, and Mitch storms out after learning of Gale's affair. That leaves a tormented Dawson to deal with their fallout. Meanwhile, Pacey ruins his brother's chances to get with Tamara at her beach house.

star 7.99
71 votes
Directors: Lou Antonio
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The Kiss

#10 - The Kiss

Season 2 - Episode 1

After their kiss, Dawson and Joey have doubts about the future of their relationship as Joey plans to go to France. Meanwhile, Pacey plays a trick on a new girl. But finds himself in the same situation.

star 7.98
61 votes
Directors: David Semel
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True Love

#11 - True Love

Season 3 - Episode 23

After an emotional day filled with love, tears and wedding vows, Joey ultimately must choose between her love for Dawson and her new feelings for Pacey. Across town, Grams talks about love and regret with Jen, while Jack and Andie make a decision to drive all night so that Jen can see Henry one last time.

star 7.95
46 votes
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#12 - Castaways

Season 6 - Episode 15

After agreeing to pose as Pacey's sister at a business party, Joey demands to be taken home. When Pacey makes a quick stop at a local K-Mart they are accidentally locked inside the store. They're forced to spend the night there and talk about their friendship and relationship, both past and future. After the night is over they are both left to ponder what the future has in store for them.

star 7.94
33 votes
Directors: Greg Prange
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#13 - Crossroads

Season 2 - Episode 2

Jack, Andie's brother scores a job at the Ice House, an entry in Joey's diary lands her in hot water with Dawson, who forgets Pacey's 16th Birthday. Meanwhile Abby begins to become a negative influence over lonely Jen.

star 7.94
47 votes
Directors: Dennie Gordon
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The All-Nighter

#14 - The All-Nighter

Season 2 - Episode 7

Facing the scariest English test of their lives the gang has an all night study session at wealthy, horny Chris Wolfe's house. At this all-nighter secrets are revealed and friendships are altered.

star 7.91
47 votes
Directors: David Semel
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Alternate Lifestyles

#15 - Alternate Lifestyles

Season 2 - Episode 3

An economics class project pairs Dawson and Jen as a husband and wife and Pacey and Andie as a married couple. Jen tries to use this project to get closer to Dawson and Pacey gets to know more about Andie's background. Joey learns that she has a chance of success while doing this project.

star 7.91
47 votes
Directors: David Semel
To Green, With Love

#16 - To Green, With Love

Season 3 - Episode 16

Joey relies on the support of Pacey and A.J. to rally the students in protest against the school superintendent after he forces Principal Green to resign for expelling the student who destroyed Joey's mural. Meanwhile, Dawson and Gale both go back to their respective places in back and in front of the camera to produce a piece about the ongoing school protest which ruffles more than a few feathers of the school board hierarchy.

star 7.91
43 votes
Directors: Kenneth Fink
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Full Moon Rising

#17 - Full Moon Rising

Season 2 - Episode 5

Parental problems cast a pall over Dawson and Joey's new romance. Pacey is troubled when he sees the McPhee's homelife.

star 7.89
46 votes
Directors: David Semel
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Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption

#18 - Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption

Season 6 - Episode 22

When Dawson gives up his dream of making his film, a strong-minded Joey rallies the old group back to Capeside to help Dawson begin production before pursuing her dream of traveling to Paris. Jen, Jack and Grams must say their goodbyes and leave for New York.

star 7.89
35 votes
Directors: Michael Lange
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The Dance

#19 - The Dance

Season 2 - Episode 6

Two tragedies rock Dawson's world. First he learns the awful truth about his parents marriage. Then at the Homecoming dance, he witnesses a heated moment between Joey and Jack, setting of a chain of events that shatter a lifelong friendship and a new found romance. The big night also gives Jen a chance to use Joey's mistakes to get with Dawson. Pacey tries to open his heart to Andie, but breaks hers.

star 7.88
50 votes
Directors: Lou Antonio
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#20 - Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

Film-buff Dawson finds his best friend, Joey, growing jealous of his attraction to a neighbor's granddaughter. Meanwhile, pal Pacey falls in love with a mystery woman, who is really a teacher at Capeside.

star 7.87
136 votes
Directors: Steve Miner
Northern Lights

#21 - Northern Lights

Season 3 - Episode 13

Dawson makes the radical move of dropping out of film class to spend some time re-evaluating his teenage years. Back at Potter's, Joey is torn between attending Pacey's opening night and her date with A.J., who has come to Capeside for the evening. At the play, Andie must take over as director when the faculty director takes ill; and Jen agrees to meet Henry, but she throws him another block by bringing Grams as her date.

star 7.86
43 votes
Directors: Jay Tobias
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#22 - Boyfriend

Season 1 - Episode 8

Dawson feels the heat when Jen is visited by an old boyfriend; Joey lets off a bit too much steam at a beach party and ends up in a sticky situation; and tensions between Mitch and Gale reach the boiling point as they attempt to rebuild their marriage.

star 7.86
56 votes
Directors: Michael Fields
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Parental Discretion Advised

#23 - Parental Discretion Advised

Season 2 - Episode 22

As the WB commercial says... "Children must pay for the sins of their fathers." Dawson sees Mr. Potter dealing drugs and he is unsure whether or not to tell Joey or leave things looking good. Mr. Witter has to stake out the Ice House because the Capeside police department believes that Mr. Potter is back to his usual tricks. When the gang is studying in the Ice House, one of Mr. Potter's customers lights it on fire, making Mr. Witter more suspicious and Dawson's conflict greater. Gale tells Mitch about her new job offer in Chicago and her discussion to go for it. Pacey becomes depressed and his achievement level decreases, now that Andie is gone, which his father teases him for. Finally Mr. Witter does realize her importance and that he has been a bad father. Jack becomes worried that Jen is suicidal when she doesn't immediately leave the burning Ice House. But later, Grams and Jen reconcile, causing Jen to move back in taking Jack also.

star 7.86
35 votes
Directors: Greg Prange
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Be Careful What You Wish For

#24 - Be Careful What You Wish For

Season 2 - Episode 16

On the eve of Dawson's sixteenth birthday, Pacey and Andie follow her therapist's advice and throw themselves into an unabashed night of recklessness and the blues. Meanwhile, back at the Leery house, Joey is organizing a surprise party for Dawson, but the longer the guest of honor is a no show, the more she is subject to surprises of her own; Jen and Ty face up to the their potentially irreconcilable differences; and Gale and Mitch come to decisions about how to raise their son in light of their separation.

star 7.84
45 votes
Directors: David Semel
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Double Date

#25 - Double Date

Season 1 - Episode 10

A double date finds Jen and Cliff joined by Dawson and a savvy sidekick who calls him on a plot to make Jen jealous. But it's Dawson turn to turn green when Pacey grows close to Joey working on a project.

star 7.84
64 votes
Directors: David Semel
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