The Best Episodes Directed by Robert Duncan Mcneill

Peer Group

#1 - Peer Group

Standoff Season 1 - Episode 9

Believing his sons have been tormented by school bullies and are planning a counterattack, a distraught father contacts the CNU after he finds notebooks and blueprints of his sons' school. Matt and Emily arrive too late to stop the boys, who have already kidnapped the bullies, and are torturing them and broadcasting it on the internet.

star 9.59
37 votes
Operation: Caught on Tape

#2 - Operation: Caught on Tape

The Knights of Prosperity Season 1 - Episode 6

For their plan, The Knights of Prosperity have to use Gary's family, but his ex-wife hasn't seen him in more than 15 years and is not happy to see him now, and he had never connected with his son.

star 9.00
2 votes
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Operation: Save Esperanza

#3 - Operation: Save Esperanza

The Knights of Prosperity Season 1 - Episode 7

Esperanza's former boyfriend tracks her down and arrives to claim his property and return with her to Colombia.

star 9.00
2 votes
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Chuck Versus the Ring

#4 - Chuck Versus the Ring

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 22

Ellie's big day finally arrives and Chuck must save her life and her wedding from being ruined by Ted Roark and FULCRUM.

star 8.61
4053 votes
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On the Last Night of Summer

#5 - On the Last Night of Summer

Summerland Season 1 - Episode 13

Relationships are reconsidered.Ava has doubts about getting serious with Simon while she still has feelings for Johnny.Susannah reconsiders quitting her partnership with Ava.Jay has second thoughts about Erika moving in with him when she wants to redecorate his place.Bradin is confused by Callie's hot and cold actions.Nikki suffers when she remembers her parents death.

star 8.50
8 votes
Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2

#6 - Chuck Versus the Ring: Part 2

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 19

Shaw returns to threaten everything that Chuck holds dear as his friends, family and the woman he loves are all put in mortal danger. Chuck has to find Shaw and stop him before his own world gets torn apart.

star 8.43
4558 votes
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Chuck Versus the Goodbye

#7 - Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Chuck Season 5 - Episode 13

In the series finale, Chuck enlists his family, friends and some unexpected allies as he races to stop Nicholas Quinn (recurring guest star ANGUS MACFADYEN) from destroying everything Chuck has built over the past five years. Recurring guest star LINDA HAMILTON appears as Mary Bartowski.

star 8.38
3074 votes
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Chuck Versus the Dream Job

#8 - Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 19

Chuck's life seems to be coming together, his long-absent father has returned and he landed his dream job. Unfortunately for Chuck, neither turns out to be quite what he expected.

star 8.23
3691 votes
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Red Sky

#9 - Red Sky

V (2009) Season 1 - Episode 12

A V soldier is still on the hunt for Val when her water breaks and her baby will soon be born. Meanwhile Erica, tired of being on the defensive, decides to go on the offensive and gets herself and Tyler invited up to the Mothership for a get-to-know-everyone-better dinner. But she has more than food on her mind; she's really there to find Anna's soldiers and destroy them. Meanwhile, after Father Jack asks Chad to help get a message to Joshua, he discovers that Anna's been using him.

star 8.09
6219 votes
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The Great Escapist

#10 - The Great Escapist

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 21

When Sam and Dean receive a distressing video message from Kevin Tran, they set about trying to uncover the Third Trial. The boys make a discovery that sends them to a casino in Colorado, to find a mysterious recluse who may be able to fill in the holes in Kevin’s research. Meanwhile, Crowley is on a winning streak. Castiel tries to elude Naomi and the angels hunting him.

star 8.09
3210 votes
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Is There a Doctor in the House?

#11 - Is There a Doctor in the House?

Everwood Season 1 - Episode 10

Delia and her grandmother (guest star Doris Belack) throw a festive birthday party for a grumpy Edna who hates this particular day of the year, but everyone winds up snowed in for the night when a big storm hits town. In the midst of it all, Bright collapses from a burst appendix and Drs. Brown and Abbott have to improvise an operating room before the infection spreads; while Andy and Ephram let months of tension and hurt feelings explode in front of everyone with a threat of Ephram moving back to New York with his grandparents.

star 8.07
239 votes
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Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger

#12 - Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 24

Before he can kiss the bride, Chuck must enlist his wedding party to take down Vivian Volkoff and stop her from destroying the big day. When he turns to Alexei Volkoff for help, the CIA sends its toughest agent, Clyde Decker, to stop them.

star 8.01
3915 votes
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#13 - Legacy

The Nine Season 1 - Episode 12

star 8.00
4 votes
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Life in a Glass House

#14 - Life in a Glass House

One Tree Hill Season 1 - Episode 7

On the night of Dan and Deb's annual basketball appreciation party stirs up old wounds and new feelings as Karen makes a new friend, Keith faces off with his younger brother once again and Lucas finally makes his move on Peyton. Also, Haley and Nathan grow closer until Brooke spreads a vicious rumor that leaves Haley devastated.

star 8.00
720 votes
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Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

#15 - Chuck Versus the Honeymooners

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 14

While in Europe, Sarah and Chuck realize they’re traveling on a train with Spanish spies. Even though they’re all alone, they decide to take on these rogue agents. Of course, this impromptu mission doesn’t go smoothly. Meanwhile, Beckman orders her newest “unlikely” spy team – John Casey and Morgan Grimes – to track down the missing couple.

star 7.98
4457 votes
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#16 - oMens

The Gifted Season 2 - Episode 16

Reeva prepares to carry out her plan for the Inner Circle, but not everyone is on the same page. Reed struggles to manage his powers and the family realizes that without enough of the serum, it's only a matter of time before he completely loses control. Frustrated and egged on by Benedict Ryan, Jace and the Purifiers are on the attack, but for Jace, things aren't as black and white as they once were.

star 7.98
1135 votes
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Heroes of Patience

#17 - Heroes of Patience

Resident Alien Season 1 - Episode 10

On the verge of completing his mission, Harry faces his own humanity.

star 7.97
1203 votes
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Thunder Away

#18 - Thunder Away

Suits Season 9 - Episode 9

Mike helps Harvey overcome a personal loss and an attempt to take down Faye grows more complicated than what was originally anticipated.

star 7.94
1297 votes
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Parting Shots

#19 - Parting Shots

White Collar Season 4 - Episode 4

While undercover, Neal romances a beautiful widow and is surprised when the con turns real and he begins to have feelings for her.

star 7.93
2484 votes
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Reaper Madness

#20 - Reaper Madness

Dead Like Me Season 1 - Episode 7

George is romantically drawn to a schizophrenic who seems able to see death as she does. When Rube grows concerned George might be revealing too much to the young man, he forbids her from seeing him anymore. but George persists, tempting chaos of biblical proportions!

star 7.92
802 votes
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#21 - Betrayal

The Resident Season 2 - Episode 17

The surgeons work together to save the life of the Raptor's old mentor, Abe, who is their only inside source to Quovadis. Unfortunately, when Nic and Conrad take on a patient needing the hospital's only viable ECMO machine, they must decide between saving the life of Abe or saving the life of their younger, more stable patient. Meanwhile, Marshall puts himself in serious danger to help take down Gordon Page once and for.

star 7.90
735 votes
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Rule #101: Know When It's Time To Move On

#22 - Rule #101: Know When It's Time To Move On

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 - Episode 13

As Abby gets ready to sign the divorce papers, Jo insists on throwing her a party, while Will wants to take her to Mexico; Jake wants to mark the end of his marriage in an unexpected way; the truth comes out about Phoebe and Kori's past.

star 7.88
126 votes
Chuck Versus the Truth

#23 - Chuck Versus the Truth

Chuck Season 1 - Episode 8

Chuck must learn to balance a real love life with his cover love life when he meets a charming young woman by the name of Lou. At the same time, his relationship with Sarah gets interesting when the duo must explain their sexual relations with Ellie and Captain Awesome on a double date. Meanwhile, there is trouble when someone is using truth poison in order to retrieve codes for nuclear facilities.

star 7.87
3647 votes
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Green Thumb

#24 - Green Thumb

The Mentalist Season 6 - Episode 10

The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane’s help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won’t help unless Lisbon is brought on board as well.

star 7.87
2827 votes
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Chuck Versus Santa Claus

#25 - Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 11

Christmas Eve does not go as planned when an amateur criminal on the run from the police crashes into the Buy More and takes Chuck, Ellie, Awesome and the rest of the Buy More gang hostage. In order to protect Chuck’s cover and the safety of the other hostages, Sarah and Casey secretly go in to the store to remove Chuck, but the mission quickly falls apart when Chuck refuses to leave his friends and family behind.

star 7.87
3550 votes
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ten years

#26 - ten years

A Million Little Things Season 2 - Episode 7

The gang gathers for Theo’s 10th birthday, which is also a significant milestone for Eddie. Meanwhile, Delilah, Eddie and Katherine are at an impasse about revealing the truth about Charlie; Rome and Regina try to keep Sophie from getting too close to PJ; and Maggie helps Gary make a difficult decision about his dog, Colin.

star 7.85
219 votes
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A Crowd of Demons

#27 - A Crowd of Demons

666 Park Avenue Season 1 - Episode 5

Olivia's lobby decorations bring to mind the bloody Halloween of 1929; the spirit from the suitcase targets Jane; Gavin receives text messages threatening Olivia; Brian questions Louise about Dr. Evans; something of Gavin's goes missing.

star 7.85
1143 votes
The Truth About Lying

#28 - The Truth About Lying

Blue Bloods Season 4 - Episode 4

Danny and Baez investigate the death of a teenage girl who appears to have been pushed in front of a subway car by a homeless man. Meanwhile, Frank is annoyed at having to meet with the newly appointed Inspector General who will now have oversight of NYPD policy.

star 7.83
860 votes
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We'll Always Have Paris

#29 - We'll Always Have Paris

Red Band Society Season 1 - Episode 12

The group copes with the loss of one of their own, which results in new hope for one of them. Love is in the air as Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday take things to a new level, however Dash's love interest could cost him his life. Shocking news leads to new hope and Emma and Kara start facing their family issues.

star 7.82
128 votes
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Cash of the Titans

#30 - Cash of the Titans

Breaking In Season 2 - Episode 11

Oz sells Contra, only to find that Veronica wants to take the company in a different direction.

star 7.82
192 votes
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#31 - Murmurations

666 Park Avenue Season 1 - Episode 2

Jane makes a terrifying discovery behind the walls of the Drake as she renovates Mr. Barlow's apartment; Henry decides whether to give Gavin inside information he has on one of his projects; lonely Danielle has a romantic tryst.

star 7.82
1537 votes
Someone to Watch Over Me

#32 - Someone to Watch Over Me

Star Trek: Voyager Season 5 - Episode 22

The Doctor tries to introduce Seven of Nine to the concept of dating. After a disastrous first date the Doctor personally guides her, but he soon realises that he is falling in love with her.

star 7.81
1744 votes
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Chuck Versus the Break-Up

#33 - Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 3

Bryce Larkin returns to town with news about Fulcrum. They have hired a wealthy software magnate named Von Hayes to decrypt information on a stolen chip containing a refresh to the Intersect with highly classified information. Bryce and Sarah have to pose as a married couple at Von Hayes' dining party to steal back the chip, while Chuck has to pose as a waiter. Meanwhile, Morgan has an encounter with the Mighty Jocks at the Buy More.

star 7.80
3437 votes
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Catch and Release

#34 - Catch and Release

Suburgatory Season 3 - Episode 8

Tessa asks for advice when Lisa decides to propose to Malik; George believes that Nora may be rude to her employees.

star 7.80
543 votes

#35 - Countdown

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 - Episode 23

With help from Xindi allies, the Enterprise crew attempts to stop the arming of the Weapon aimed toward Earth.

star 7.79
2057 votes
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Black-Winged Redbird

#36 - Black-Winged Redbird

The Mentalist Season 6 - Episode 2

Jane discovers an important clue to Red John’s methods as the team encounters four of the suspects while the CBI investigates the case of a software engineer whose car spontaneously exploded.

star 7.78
2853 votes
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#37 - Skin

Supernatural Season 1 - Episode 6

Sam’s friend, Zach, is accused of murder. Sam offers to help out by checking up on his sister, Rebecca. Rebecca claims her brother could not have committed the murder because he was with her at the time of the murder. But all the physical evidence points to Zach being at the scene of the crime. Could Zach have been at two places at the same time?

star 7.76
3725 votes
Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

#38 - Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 4

When Awesome is mistaken for a super spy by the evil Sydney Price, Chuck must become his handler and show him the spy ropes. While on a mission for The Ring, they meet the mysterious Daniel Shaw. Meanwhile, Morgan gets promoted to assistant manager and must deal with Jeff and Lester's latest hijinks.

star 7.76
4105 votes
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The Long Goodbye

#39 - The Long Goodbye

Dawson's Creek Season 5 - Episode 4

Lifelong friends Dawson, Joey and Pacey put past grudges behind them in the wake of the tragic death of one of their fathers. Along with Jack, Jen and Grams, each tries to find the words and actions to comfort their friend.

star 7.70
87 votes
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Silly People

#40 - Silly People

Desperate Housewives Season 2 - Episode 14

Tom tries hard to bond with his new boss and tries to get Lynette to help him out. Meanwhile, Susan gets some help from Edie and Karl on her situation of getting health insurance before her upcoming surgery. Gabrielle becomes very attached to a temporary Chinese immigrant housekeeper who is staying with Solis' after being rescued by another slave owner employer. Lastly, Bree tries to uncover more about the Applewhites by sneaking into their house to meet Caleb.

star 7.68
842 votes
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Chuck Versus the Final Exam

#41 - Chuck Versus the Final Exam

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 11

Chuck learns that his latest solo mission will be a final test to see if he is ready to be a spy. Chuck needs to put everything he has learned into action to avoid going back to his old life while Sarah and Shaw observe his every move.

star 7.68
4346 votes
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My Heart Belongs to Daddy

#42 - My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Desperate Housewives Season 2 - Episode 4

On one of Gabrielle's prison visits to see Carlos she creates a terrible riot, which lands Carlos in hot water. Also, Susan puts her feelings aside and joins Mike in searching for his son Zach. Lynette is surprised to find out that her son Parker has an imaginary friend. Lastly, George and Andrew both vie for Bree's attention as they both compete in making each other look bad in front of her, until one fight goes a little too far.

star 7.68
946 votes
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Lazarus: Part 1

#43 - Lazarus: Part 1

666 Park Avenue Season 1 - Episode 13

Jane is shocked when she learns what happened to her mother when they lived at the Drake years ago; Henry receives a warning; Gavin intervenes when Jane's father tries to save her.

star 7.67
664 votes
Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

#44 - Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

Chuck Season 3 - Episode 1

As the upgraded Intersect, Chuck trains to become a full-fledged spy but hits rock bottom when he flunks out of spy school and loses Sarah in the process. Meanwhile, Morgan comes home from Benihana School to help Chuck get over Sarah.

star 7.67
4265 votes
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The First Cut Is the Deepest

#45 - The First Cut Is the Deepest

One Tree Hill Season 1 - Episode 16

Nathan must decide which parent to live with after the divorce, but Dan decides to force his hand by threatening to reveal Deb's darkest secrets in court unless Nathan chooses him. Meanwhile, Lucas meets a beautiful stranger who starts his head spinning. Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow appears as herself and performs the song "The First Cut Is The Deepest" in Karen's Cafe.

star 7.66
628 votes
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Chuck Versus the Anniversary

#46 - Chuck Versus the Anniversary

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 1

Chuck and Morgan go on a rogue globe-spanning mission to find Chuck’s mom. Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey follow a trail to Russia as they investigate the mysterious Volkoff Industries and its operative, Marco. Back at home, Ellie delivers big news to her family.

star 7.66
5345 votes
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Tale of Two Cities

#47 - Tale of Two Cities

Blue Bloods Season 8 - Episode 16

Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man who was living a double life with two separate families, and Anthony tries to resist when Erin asks him to help investigate his old partner, whom she suspects of stealing drug money. Also, Frank deliberates between two candidates for the chief of transit position.

star 7.65
870 votes
Secret Services

#48 - Secret Services

Warehouse 13 Season 5 - Episode 2

Myka and Pete encounter two secret service agents that force them to question their own relationship, while Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister.

star 7.65
2014 votes
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Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

#49 - Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 8

Afraid that his latest setback is driving a wedge between him and Sarah, Chuck resolves to prove himself by going on a dangerous mission with the overeager Agent Rye. Meanwhile, Morgan and Casey scramble as the "Buy Morons" attempt to uncover the true identity of Greta.

star 7.64
4676 votes
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Still Life

#50 - Still Life

Medium Season 2 - Episode 9

Allison is lead to an art gallery where she encounters the art of a popular artist. While looking at some of his paintings, 3-dimensional images emerge that make her believe that the artist is somehow involved in a crime. Joe gets a job offer from a former co-worker. This episode originally aired with an introduction by Rod Serling and was partly in 3-D.

star 7.62
387 votes
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#51 - eMergence

The Gifted Season 2 - Episode 1

Reeva Payge purges the Inner Circle of those who disagree with her, leaving her completely in charge. Six months later, the Mutant Underground saves a girl from a Sentinel raid. Against the group's wishes, Eclipse and Caitlin meet with a criminal hacker to get info on the Inner Circle. Meanwhile, Polaris prepares for the birth of her baby.

star 7.61
1746 votes
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the dreaM

#52 - the dreaM

The Gifted Season 2 - Episode 8

In attempts to stabilize Reed's powers, Reed, Caitlin and Lauren meet with Dr. Risman, a doctor who treats patients with debilitating X genes. However, Lauren finds out Dr. Risman is not who she thought she was. Following the Inner Circle's bank ambush, Thunderbird and Blink continue to work together to chase them down. Meanwhile, Polaris reflects on her troubled relationship with her father and takes steps to protect Dawn from the Inner Circle.

star 7.60
1285 votes
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Rule #46: Keep The Holidays Low Key

#53 - Rule #46: Keep The Holidays Low Key

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 - Episode 11

Abby hosts an adult "Friendsgiving" dinner with her new boyfriend, but Abby and Jo suspect a spirit has joined the festivities when bizarre occurrences happen around the house. Elsewhere, Delia's father unexpectedly visits.

star 7.60
127 votes
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#54 - Unity

Star Trek: Voyager Season 3 - Episode 17

Stardate: 50614.2 During an away mission, Chakotay discovers a Federation hailing signature coming from an alien planet. After landing, he learns that all is not peaceful, and those helping him have not been entirely honest about their true origins.

star 7.60
1573 votes
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Cold Front

#55 - Cold Front

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1 - Episode 11

When the Enterprise comes in contact with an alien vessel transporting stargazers to observe a spectacular stellar event, Archer invites them aboard the ship not realizing that Silik, a Suliban enemy, is among them. Archer quickly realizes that Silik is engaged in a nefarious time-travelling mission and must stop him before he can tamper with the course of history.

star 7.60
2353 votes
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Seeing Red

#56 - Seeing Red

Salvation Season 1 - Episode 7

Grace and Darius slip off to Russia behind Harris’ back in an attempt to stop a potential nuclear conflict. Also, Liam seeks solace with Amanda.

star 7.59
2566 votes
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Chuck Versus the Sandworm

#57 - Chuck Versus the Sandworm

Chuck Season 1 - Episode 6

In this Halloween episode Chuck meets a Federal agent just like him: A computer whiz whose brain is important to national security. However, Chuck soon has a personal dilemma arise when he has to decide whether or not to turn the man over to Sarah and Casey or to help him escape his handlers.

star 7.59
3949 votes
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Silver Star

#58 - Silver Star

Las Vegas Season 2 - Episode 10

Ed and Mike piece together the clues of a possible kidnapping. Their efforts lead to a man with a criminal past and also force Mike to recall a terrible memory from his childhood. Meanwhile, Danny and Mary leave Las Vegas for a romantic trip to Los Angeles, amidst rumors that they will return as a married couple. Elsewhere, Delinda becomes enamored with The Polyphonic Spree, a unique musical group, and their leader Tim Delaughter (as himself). Vanessa Marcil and Marsha Thomason also star.

star 7.59
402 votes
All the World is Birthday Cake

#59 - All the World is Birthday Cake

The Orville Season 2 - Episode 5

The Orville makes First Contact and a new crew member joins the ship.

star 7.58
2575 votes
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Red, White and Blue

#60 - Red, White and Blue

The Mentalist Season 5 - Episode 17

A female Army medic who worked with soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder is found dead near a military base.

star 7.58
2968 votes

#61 - Pilot

Heartbeat Season 1 - Episode 1

When a new patient is in desperate need of a heart transplant, we are introduced to the life of world-renowned heart transplant surgeon Dr. Alexandra Panttiere. There is nothing conventional about Alex. She is as cutting edge and unorthodox in the OR as she is with the two men in her life. Her approach to medicine is without boundaries, as is her approach to everything else in her world, which is always full of surprises.

star 7.58
453 votes
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#62 - Secrets

Resident Alien Season 1 - Episode 3

Harry races to keep his secret safe as Asta is forced to face her own past.

star 7.57
1441 votes
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The Blaze of Glory

#63 - The Blaze of Glory

The O.C. Season 2 - Episode 16

$500,000 is still the going rate to keep Julie's porn past off the net. Meanwhile, Seth plays matchmaker, suggesting that Ryan help Marissa plan the school's spring bonfire. Someone's gonna get burned.

star 7.57
307 votes
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Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

#64 - Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 4

Chuck and Sarah try to become better communicators as they join Ellie and Awesome on a trip to Costa Gravas; a forbidden romance may put Morgan at odds with Col. John Casey.

star 7.56
4764 votes
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Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff

#65 - Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff

Chuck Season 4 - Episode 20

A bad day gets worse when Sarah throws Chuck a surprising relationship curveball as the CIA orders Vivian Volkoff assassinated. In order to prove Vivian's innocence, Chuck must put his trust in a dangerous ally her father Alexei Volkoff. Meanwhile, Ellie suspects that her mother is interfering with the search into her father's past.

star 7.56
4158 votes
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Body and Soul

#66 - Body and Soul

Star Trek: Voyager Season 7 - Episode 7

Stardate: 54283.3 - While in the Delta Flyer, the Doctor, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine come under attack for transporting a hologram through Lokirrim space - an act which is strictly forbidden. To hide the doctor, Seven of Nine downloads him into her cybernetic implants shortly before they are taken to a Lokirrim holding cell. On board Voyager, Tuvok enters Pon Farr.

star 7.56
2003 votes
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#67 - Homesick

Resident Alien Season 1 - Episode 2

In his first week at the clinic, Harry struggles to diagnose a strange feeling: human emotion.

star 7.55
1555 votes
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A Good Day to Dog Hard

#68 - A Good Day to Dog Hard

Turner & Hooch Season 1 - Episode 2

Scott and Hooch babysit a diplomat's daughter and wind up saving the Olympic Committee.

star 7.53
146 votes

#69 - Pilot

Samantha Who? Season 1 - Episode 1

Wretched with amnesia after an accident, Samantha attempts to discover her life again. After being the victim of a hit and run, Sam awakens to the shock of everyone that she doesn't remember any of them, not even her parents who were standing over her bedside.

star 7.53
383 votes
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Command Performance

#70 - Command Performance

The Orville Season 1 - Episode 2

When Ed and Kelly are tricked by a hologram of a ship in distress and find themselves prisoners in a replica of their former home, Alara must step up in her first command of the Orville and attempt a heroic rescue. Meanwhile, Bortus and Klyden receive some happy, yet unexpected news.

star 7.51
6406 votes
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Road to Smell Dorado

#71 - Road to Smell Dorado

Turner & Hooch Season 1 - Episode 5

Scott, Hooch and Xavier get stuck searching for a fugitive in the quirky small town of El Dorado.

star 7.50
110 votes

#72 - Hurry

Dead Like Me Season 2 - Episode 5

Happy Time has a time-and-motion analyst in and Delores wants George to be on full alert. Daisy goes speed dating to take a soul from a man. Mason tracks a friend to reap him, while George and Roxy's reaps have very different reactions to their demise. Meanwhile, Rube queues patiently for a letter - which breaks his heart.

star 7.49
720 votes
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The Breach

#73 - The Breach

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2 - Episode 21

When militants take over a world, the Enterprise crew move to evacuate Denobulan geologists that are deep underground. Meanwhile, Phlox has to save a dying Antaran that refuses treatment due to the history of their races.

star 7.47
1911 votes
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#74 - Twilight

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 - Episode 8

A spatial distortion leaves Archer unable to form any new long-term memories. Years in the future, he wakes up one morning and is stunned to learn the outcome of the human-Xindi conflict.

star 7.44
1932 votes
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A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Sandwich

#75 - A Hero Ain't Nothing But A Sandwich

Las Vegas Season 5 - Episode 1

The Montecito staff members along with the Las Vegas police have their hands full as they try to discover who killed Mary's father while investigating the recent hotel robbery. A mysterious cowboy pays the tax debts of the Montecito and becomes the new owner.

star 7.44
250 votes
Rule #32: F-You, Rob Frumpkis

#76 - Rule #32: F-You, Rob Frumpkis

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 - Episode 9

Abby is asked to write an article about her dating experiences and must go on a whirlwind two-day dating spree. Meanwhile, Jo's daughter arrives from New York, and Delia worries that her affair with Gordon Beech will come back to haunt her.

star 7.43
128 votes
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Chuck Versus the Helicopter

#77 - Chuck Versus the Helicopter

Chuck Season 1 - Episode 2

As Chuck is beginning to adapt to his new life as a spy, a doctor who could possibly "cure" Chuck is murdered. Chuck then begins a high-speed fight for his life, all while trying to decide which of his two new colleagues might be out to get him. Meanwhile, Chuck's sister Ellie invites Sarah to dinner to meet the family.

star 7.43
4711 votes
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Chuck Versus the Zoom

#78 - Chuck Versus the Zoom

Chuck Season 5 - Episode 1

In the fifth series premiere, without the Intersect in his head or the support of the CIA, the world of espionage is a much more dangerous place for Chuck Bartowski and his team of freelance spies. To start, Carmichael Industries takes on a slick, rich thief named Jean Claude (guest star MARK HAMILL - Star Wars), and a conniving investor, Roger Bale (guest star CRAIG KILBORN - The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn), who has stolen money from some of the world's most dangerous people. Meanwhile, Morgan helps Chuck with a special surprise for Sarah. Back in the Buy More, Jeff and Lester have taken things to another level with their latest scheme.

star 7.42
3570 votes
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The Undertow

#79 - The Undertow

The O.C. Season 3 - Episode 18

Trouble's at the door. It's Jess, Trey's sometime girlfriend, and she's coming on to Ryan like Little Miss Vulnerable. Seth and Summer discover a, uh, wheelbarrow. And all those burning Volchok-Marissa glances ignite a bonfire.

star 7.41
285 votes
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Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

#80 - Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Chuck Season 2 - Episode 12

Chuck foils a plan to kill Tyler Martin, an international rock star. Chuck's night out with Tyler leads to trouble. Morgan holds a contest among his fellow employees.

star 7.39
3198 votes
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Down and Dirty

#81 - Down and Dirty

Las Vegas Season 3 - Episode 11

A televised national poker tour comes to the Montecito. At the same time, Casey, not knowing what APAC means, lets the Porn industry host a convention at the Montecito. Additionally, to make up for this bad publicity, Casey orders a commercial to be done at the Montecito, with Ed as the face of the casino.

star 7.11
266 votes
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Day Out of Days

#82 - Day Out of Days

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 11

Back in LA, Dawson is asked by the studio to direct re-shoots but is conflicted about being disloyal to his mentor. Meanwhile, Joey hasn't heard from Eddie since Christmas and finds his apartment empty; Pacey starts skipping work to spend time with Emma; Jen's insecurities as a peer counselor are compounded when C.J. is assigned to train her.

star 7.09
79 votes
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The Song Remains the Same (2)

#83 - The Song Remains the Same (2)

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 2

Dawson & Joey's reunion leads to an evening of truth and intimacy, which is ruined when Dawson receives a phone call from another woman. Pacey gets a job interview that could change his life. Sparks fly between Jen and CJ, a handsome new peer counselor she meets at school.

star 7.07
80 votes
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Rule #426: Fantasyland: A Great Place To Visit

#84 - Rule #426: Fantasyland: A Great Place To Visit

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 - Episode 4

Abby starts to date Nate, a married dad with whom she had an emotional affair during her marriage. Max and Ford are honored at the Family Equality Gala and given an award by LGBT activist Adele Northrop.

star 7.02
133 votes
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Instant Karma!

#85 - Instant Karma!

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 4

Dawson finds himself in an awkward situation when he is put between Joey and the intoxicated leading lady of his film. Audrey allows herself to be taken in by another man's charm.

star 6.96
50 votes
Sacred Ground

#86 - Sacred Ground

Star Trek: Voyager Season 3 - Episode 7

Stardate: 50063.2 Captain Janeway has to undergo a rigorous ritual in order to save Kes' life when she is knocked unconscious.

star 6.96
1469 votes
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

#87 - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Dawson's Creek Season 5 - Episode 20

Charlie's band lands a deal for a tour and Charlie asks Joey to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave college in the middle of the semester. Charlie then decides to quit the band and stay with her, which freaks Joey, who thinks they're jumping too many steps. She breaks up with him so he can go with his band on tour. Meanwhile, Oliver and Dawson finally get to NY to meet with an agent, but Oliver ruins the meeting. Dawson threats to end their partnership and begs for another chance. Civilization is sold and Alex Pearls takes over as the new manager. She promotes Pacey as head chef and fires Audrey. Pacey tries to get Audrey her job back, but all he gets is an inadvertent kiss from Alex.

star 6.90
74 votes

#88 - Catch-22

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 20

Pacey learns he has lost Dawson's money in the stock market. Back at school, Eddie surprises Joey with a trip to Europe for the summer, but a fiery conversation about how differently they live their lives leaves both of them questioning their future together.

star 6.85
77 votes
Rock Bottom

#89 - Rock Bottom

Dawson's Creek Season 6 - Episode 13

Joey convinces Eddie to cross the country to take Audrey to rehab; Dawson discovers that directing in Hollywood will be more difficult than he thought.

star 6.81
81 votes