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Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Network: Bravo

Based on the best-selling “Girlfriends’ Guide” book series by Vicki Iovine, the series follows Abby, a self-help book author who hides the fact that she’s separated from her husband, as she starts to navigate her life as a single woman in her early 40s in Los Angeles. She finds herself seeking advice from her divorced friends, instead of her married ones which leads to some unexpected and life-changing experiences.

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Rule #59: Happily Ever After Is an Oxymoron

#1 - Rule #59: Happily Ever After Is an Oxymoron

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 23, 2016

Abby and the girlfriends help Delia cope after the fallout of Gordon's news. Jake returns from Latvia with a secret to tell Abby. Jo has to finally face her feelings about Scott. Phoebe makes a surprise announcement. Barbara eyes a new potential love interest.

star 8.06
159 votes
Rule #149: Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

#2 - Rule #149: Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired Jun 21, 2018

Abby and Jake fall into old confrontational patterns when Jake objects to Mike moving in with Abby; Albert plans a birthday party for Jo, which is disrupted by a visit from Jo's former mother-in-law; Phoebe finally introduces Tony to her friends.

star 7.98
64 votes
Rule #8: Timing Is Everything

#3 - Rule #8: Timing Is Everything

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Dec 15, 2015

Abby goes on a date with TV celebrity Dr. Harris to increase traffic to her new blog and please Barbara. Jake decides to tell Abby a secret he’s been keeping from her. Jo starts to Tinder date. Phoebe throws Delia an engagement party.

star 7.97
151 votes
Rule #63: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

#4 - Rule #63: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Season 5 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 5, 2018

Abby and Colette, Mike's ex-wife, clash over boundaries; Jo and Frumpkis deal with a family emergency; after Delia receives some discouraging news from her fertility doctor, she throws caution to the wind and gets more involved with Tony.

star 7.95
66 votes
Rule #101: Know When It's Time To Move On

#5 - Rule #101: Know When It's Time To Move On

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 24, 2015

As Abby gets ready to sign the divorce papers, Jo insists on throwing her a party, while Will wants to take her to Mexico; Jake wants to mark the end of his marriage in an unexpected way; the truth comes out about Phoebe and Kori's past.

star 7.88
126 votes
Writers: Marti Noxon
Rule #773: Step and Repeat

#6 - Rule #773: Step and Repeat

Season 5 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 14, 2018

At a red-carpet event, Abby and the girlfriends flash back to their struggles and victories over the past six months; Abby makes an impetuous offer to Mike; Barbara lets her guard down around her ex-husband, Leon.

star 7.87
82 votes
Rule #91: Run Toward What Scares You

#7 - Rule #91: Run Toward What Scares You

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 22, 2017

As Abby finishes her romance novel, she questions the future of her relationship with Mike; Barbara has second thoughts about quitting SheShe; Phoebe and JD's marriage faces a challenge during a debauched getaway at Gemma's mansion.

star 7.86
244 votes
Rule #876: Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

#8 - Rule #876: Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Feb 16, 2016

Delia's wedding arrives, but Abby is uninvited to the big event in the wake of a betrayal and the revelation of her affair. Abby focuses on finishing her book, yet Barbara discovers Abby is unraveling, and a race ensues to bring Abby and Delia together.

star 7.85
159 votes
Rule #225: What Happens in Bakersfield Stays in Bakersfield

#9 - Rule #225: What Happens in Bakersfield Stays in Bakersfield

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Feb 1, 2017

Stuck on a trip with her son's baseball team, Abby searches for inspiration for her novel. The rest of the girlfriends try to escape their problems with a weekend getaway, but Jo worries her alcoholic ex-husband will relapse, Delia runs into someone from her past, and Phoebe becomes entangled with billionaire playgirl, Gemma.

star 7.82
249 votes
Rule #36: If You Can't Stand the Heat, You're Cooked

#10 - Rule #36: If You Can't Stand the Heat, You're Cooked

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Feb 2, 2016

A heat wave bakes Los Angeles, and Abby feels even more heat when she's told her book needs a major overhaul. Meanwhile, Abby decides to put Dr. Harris through the "boyfriend test"; Phoebe stages an art show for her new flame; and Delia tries to make amends with Gordon.

star 7.80
164 votes
Rule #79: Labels Are For Canned Goods

#11 - Rule #79: Labels Are For Canned Goods

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Jan 19, 2016

Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Barbara (Retta) head to SplitCon, a convention dedicated to providing services for people who are breaking or broken up. Phoebe (Beau Garrett) gets introduced into the LA art scene by new beau Joaquin (Niall Matter). Jo (Alanna Ubach) fights Charlene (Megan Hilty) for control of her bakery and the attention of her daughter.

star 7.78
152 votes
Rule #118: Let Her Eat Cake

#12 - Rule #118: Let Her Eat Cake

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Feb 9, 2016

After collapsing after the birth of Becca's baby, Abby is ordered to stay at home and rest. The girlfriends throw Delia a surprise bachelorette party at a male strip club, a treat from Barbara. Phoebe deals with the fallout of her almost kiss with Ralf. Jo is having mixed feelings about Scott.

star 7.76
165 votes
Rule #97: It Takes Two to Stab Yourself in the Butt

#13 - Rule #97: It Takes Two to Stab Yourself in the Butt

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 28, 2018

Abby is determined to blend the Brady and McCarthy families, but Mike's new travel schedule causes some serious growing pains; Phoebe dips a toe back into the online dating pool; Delia moves forward with in vitro fertilization.

star 7.76
63 votes
Rule #930: Plan for New Plans

#14 - Rule #930: Plan for New Plans

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 14, 2017

Abby returns to Lady Parts to find nothing at her company is how she left it. A seven-day escrow forces Phoebe to confront the reality of downsizing. Delia and Jo face down the awkward Albert situation. Delia throws herself into running Paul's campaign for City Council. Abby goes behind Barbara's back in making a big decision for Lady Parts. A disaster is narrowly avoided at Abby's house when Abby's father is left alone.

star 7.75
179 votes
Rule #81: There's No Crying in Porn

#15 - Rule #81: There's No Crying in Porn

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Jan 26, 2016

Abby wants to define her relationship with Dr. Harris, but she faces resistance. Meanwhile, Abby reconnects with escort Carl in Los Angeles; artist DJ's creative process intrigues Phoebe; and Scott presses Jo to fight for what's hers.

star 7.73
144 votes
Rule #174: Never Trust Anyone Who Charges By The Hour

#16 - Rule #174: Never Trust Anyone Who Charges By The Hour

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Dec 9, 2014

Abby tries to recover from her major meltdown and focus on having a "good divorce" for the kids. Abby has to try and recover from her public breakdown and save the Girlfriends' Guide...brand. Abby and Jake attempt to have a "good divorce" for the sake of the kids. Meanwhile, Lyla's ex-husband exacts revenge for his DUI and Phoebe asks Abby out to dinner.

star 7.72
161 votes
Directors: Adam Brooks
Writers: Marti Noxon
Rule #218: There's No Crying in Baseball

#17 - Rule #218: There's No Crying in Baseball

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Feb 15, 2017

Reeling from the revelation about Coach Mike, Abby tries to get through the last game of the season without incident, but she and Jo are pulled into their daughters' drama; Phoebe worries about the new direction JD's art has taken.

star 7.71
235 votes
Rule #137: Move Your Car

#18 - Rule #137: Move Your Car

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 18, 2017

Struggling to keep herself busy after losing her job, Abby gets involved with her son's baseball team and butts heads with Coach Mike. Jo puts her ex-husband in rehab and dives into a relationship with Scott. To make up for lost alimony, Phoebe gets a job at an art gallery and promotes the work of husband JD. Delia loses a big client to a colleague.

star 7.71
257 votes
Rule #1: Keep the Toast Short

#19 - Rule #1: Keep the Toast Short

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired Jul 19, 2018

Abby must face the future and all its unknowns; Delia must decide how to handle her unexpected pregnancy; Jo must decide between Frumpkis and Albert; the girlfriends gather to celebrate Lilly's graduation. Series Finale

star 7.71
59 votes
Rule #23: Never Lie To The Kids

#20 - Rule #23: Never Lie To The Kids

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Dec 2, 2014

Advice author Abby McCarthy realizes she doesn't have all the answers as she struggles with her own divorce.

star 7.71
217 votes
Directors: Adam Brooks
Writers: Marti Noxon
Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again

#21 - Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Dec 22, 2015

Abby and Jake decide to define their relationship by spending a weekend at home without work, friends, and the kids. Phoebe reconnects with friends from her modeling days when she is offered a new campaign. Delia and fiancé Gordon go house hunting, but discover that they both want different things. Jo's daughter returns home after a visit with her father and new wife.

star 7.69
147 votes
Rule #99: Cook Naked

#22 - Rule #99: Cook Naked

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Feb 8, 2017

Abby hosts a party for the baseball team's parents while trying to keep her relationship with Coach Mike a secret. Also, Jo indulges Frumpkis' plan to score business for the bakery, and a contractor arrives to remodel Barbara's kitchen.

star 7.68
256 votes
Rule #10: Just Survive

#23 - Rule #10: Just Survive

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Aug 24, 2017

Abby and Barbara continue to clash over big financial decisions at Lady Parts. While Abby considers reconnecting with an old flame, she also cautions her daughter Lilly against becoming sexually active with new boyfriend Ethan. An errand for Gemma brings Phoebe to JD's door, where she's forced to reconsider her priorities. Delia and Paul take their working relationship to the next level. Jo attends a silent retreat and confronts Albert; the truth leaves her stunned.

star 7.67
207 votes
Rule #706: Let Them Eat Cupcakes

#24 - Rule #706: Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Aug 31, 2017

Abby hurries out of town to deal with a family emergency, leaving Barbara alone to make some difficult decisions. Tension between Jo and Delia builds as they hide their new discoveries from each other. Phoebe ponders some dispiriting lifestyle changes after she has trouble finding work. Abby and her mother clash as they deal with their stress in different ways. A harrowing twist of fate leaves Abby reeling.

star 7.67
205 votes
Rule #43: When One Door Opens, There's An Icy Draft

#25 - Rule #43: When One Door Opens, There's An Icy Draft

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 11, 2017

Abby deals with the professional fallout from her gigolo scandal while she and Jake care for Becca's abandoned baby. Delia confronts Albert about sabotaging her wedding. Jo considers dating her baker, Scott. Phoebe holds a ceremony to celebrate womanhood, but not all the girlfriends feel like celebrating.

star 7.65
265 votes